No Yogi in the history of the world has effected such a world-wide spiritual awakening in his own lifetime as His Holiness Sri Swami Sivananda has done. Nor even the founders of the various religions extant in the world today, have during their life time, been able to capture the hearts of such a large number of people in all parts of the globe. Under Sri Swamiji’s guidance, hundreds of western disciples of Sri Swamiji have made remarkable progress in the Path of Yoga.

What does the Western seeker feel about Yogi Sivananda and His Divine Life Message? What are the benefits that he has derived from Sri Swamiji’s teachings? What does he think of the value of Sri Swamiji’s Message of Love, Goodwill and Harmony in the modern world? All these are answered in the numerous articles from the pen of Sri Swamiji’s western seeker-disciples, included in this volume.




A rare collection of heartfelt and sincere

Tributes to H.H. Sri Swami Sivananda

by his Disciples in Europe and America.

Published by The Yoga-Vedanta Forest University, P.O. Sivananda Nagar, Rishikesh, Himalayas, India.

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Published by

Sri Swami Chidananda


The Yoga-Vedanta Forest University

First Edition: 1956 [1,000 Copies}

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May the Lord’s Choicest Blessings be upon Her!

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The Yoga Vedanta Forest University Press, 24

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Himalayas (India).











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GNANA YOGA, BA SWAMI SIVANANDA (Translated in Mondi Lingua) 306









No Yogi in the history of the world has effected such a world-wide awakening in his own life-time as His Holiness Sri Swami Sivananda has done. Nor even has the founders of the various religions extant in the world today had, during their life-time, been able to capture the hearts of such a large number of people in all parts of the globe.

The westerner who loves precise instructions and practical methods, finds them in Sri Swamiji’s teachings. The westerner is sincere and the Master (Sivananda) is a seer. Under Sri Swamiji’s guidance, hundreds of western disciples of Sri Swamiji have made remarkable progress on the Path of Yoga.

Moreover, Sri Swamiji’s soul-awakening and hopegiving teachings reached Europe and America at a time when the western world was groping in the darkness of materialistic influences. The two wars had wrought havoc and brought untold miseries. It was at this time that the brilliant sun of Sivananda shone in the lives of the westerners and brought them life, light and joy. The sincerity, earnestness and tremendous will-power of the occidental seekers after truth found the proper guide in Sri Swami Sivananda in whose teachings they discovered the Saving Message, a Message that would save them further misleading materialistic propaganda. And, what did the western seeker feel about the Yogi Sivananda and His Divine Life Message? What were the benefits he derived from Sri Swamiji’s teachings? What does he think of the value of Sri Swamiji’s Massage of Love, Goodwill and Harmony in the modern world? All these are answered in the numerous articles from the pen of Sri Swamiji’s western seeker-disciples, included in this volume.

It is earnestly hoped that the sincere and eloquent tributes paid to the sage will convince the leaders of all nations that spiritual education of mankind alone is the key to world-peace and humanweal. May His blessings be upon mankind!

1st March, 1956



It is wrong to say: “East is East, West is West and the Twain shall never meet.” East and West are the two Feet of the One God. Mankind is One Family. All beings are children of One Divine Father.

In the hearts of all dwells that One Supreme Truth. Towards that Ultimate Goal, all the peoples of the Orient and the Occident are marching.

Vedanta boldly proclaims the Unity of the universe. Practising Yoga, the seeker in the East marches forward hand-in-hand with the seeker in the East, towards that Grand Goal-Self-realisation. Yoga unites all; Vedanta unites the East and the West.

The religion of Vedanta, the religion of the heart, the religion of Love, alone can unite the peoples of the world in a common enduring bond of brotherhood.

May all seekers practise Yoga and realise the allprevading Divinity, that is the Transcendental Unity!

Swami Sivananda





SIVANANDA, I love you

I am always dreaming of you.

No matter what you do,

I cannot forget you.

Sometimes, I wish that I had never met you.

And yet if I should lose you,

It would mean my very life to me.

Of all the Lords that ever lived,

I’d choose you To rule me:


[Sure by a group of western Disciples who stayed at the Sivanandashram during the beginning of 1956.)


Sri Swami Sivananda-Radha, Montreal (Melody A. Hellman)

Gurudev Guru-Gurudev

My beloved angelic Master,

Keep me in the chamber of your heart,

The only place where I am happy:




Continente and oceans far far away

I sing your name and call your Soul, blow il

Let your ears be open for my cry of

And call me back and call me back.




When my eyes dry-my tears ended,

Clouds will come and rain will fall,

Clouds will come hiding sun and moon.

Leaves and flowers will bend their heads berats




And all will join me in my sorrow,

As long as there is separation,

Till my Soul can take rest in your’s,

Till my heart is closed in your’s,

And my cry is absorbed in your voice.





(Sri Hildegard Mischler, Munich, Germany)

How shall I thank you Swamiji for your great kindness? My heart is full of joy. What has happened to me since I received the wonderful book, “The Towering Saint of the Himalayas” made sacred by your signature? A flood of warmth seized my heart that made it jump and sing with delight. Now I begin to realise that true happiness is created by the breath of pure love. For days already I am in high spirits, always thinking of you day and night.

I kneel in deepest gratitude before the Lord, who has finally quenched the thirst of my soul with this comforting draught. I was longing for a kind word, a kind gesture from someone resting in God who could make me understand that the Lord knows and understands me and that He is aware of my needs. For years I have prayed in loneliness, prayed from the bottom of my heart that I may find the way to God. It was a long, hard trial. But now the Lord sends me strength and comfort through the loving affection of holy men.

Now I feel a real inner relationship with you, Ο beloved Himalayan Yogin. It was not like this before. I valued and honoured you very much indeed, but I kept a distance out of sensible considerations. Now your atmosphere is surrounding me and you are very near all of a sudden. I am deeply moved. It will take me some time to understand the sudden change which surprised me and made me very happy.

I will always be ready to take in every word, every sign, anything I am allowed to receive from you. Each moment which I shall be honoured to be under your affectionate spiritual leadership, shall be hallowed and sacred. I shall always thank you for it with all my heart.

I think the happiness which you gave me, is at the same time a trial for me to remain faithful to my great unknown Master who is related to my life so mysteriously. I shall have to remain faithful to him.

You will know best how far you may enter into my life. I am weak and your power is immense and overwhelming. I know how much I still depend on visible physical signs, letters, books, pictures. How I longed for these things! And finally I get all this from you, from your hands. How I love them!

In my significant dreams, which started when I was 24 years old, I regarded as a most remarkable sign the sight of a Holy Group leading me, which appeared several times at great intervals. They were an Indian Master accompanied by four other holy men, whose faces I never saw. I once saw them, dressed in gowns of brocade ascend higher spheres on four radiant rainbows-into Eternity. Are you one of them? Perhaps this is his ‘visible direction’.

O very revered Sivanandaji, I leave these myste rious events to be solved by your sublime knowledge. May I tell you about two short dreams, which had something to do with you? In my first dream I saw you wearing your coat, standing in a bright room. You were giving an order to a young Indian with an impressive gesture of your left arm. This view only lasted a few seconds, but it was very distinctive. I woke up immediately and was surprised to see you in a dream. It might have been at the same time when you so kindly chose the collection of books for me.

On the 15th August again a short view: I received a small parcel from you by Air Mail. I opened it and then saw a lovely bunch of a big, bright-yellow Primuly auriculy, which were picked high up in the holy regions of the Himalayas. I called out to my family who where near me: Olook-I got flowers from Sivananda! Auricula from the Himalayas. My heart was filled with joy and very happily I put the flowers, which were still dewy-fresh and bright. I enjoyed this lovely sight and awoke.

I am so happy about Sri Sivananda Margarita’s letters and I am so pleased that this lovely volume bears the picture which I love most of all. Every night I lay my hands on it and on your signature. Then I feel very happy past all sorrows and my thoughts immediately turn to God. It is still very difficult and tedious for me to translate the English language. I had nearly forgotten everything I learnt at school. But this book lets the language come to life. Its contents are so sublime, a solemn song of her soul. Every word moves me. Never before have I read anything like this. The heart of Sivananda Margarita is really pure. Her great ability to love, her perfect humility and complete surrender to you, ber Divine Guru, impresses me more than I can explain. I admire her immense power, awakened by the mind of her beloved Master to be so very active for you and to do her best. May the Lord bless her. Evad idpim

You have given me the best I could be presented with at the present moment and this certain choice out of the numerous scripts you have, shows me how well you know me and how sure you are regarding what I need. That gives me a feeling of safety and makes me happy. It will be enough for a long time.

I know I shall profit very much by those wonderfuf letters. They are a solemn preparation for the Holy communion which I shall celebrate in the future with my Master. Moreover they provide an untearable chain between you and me, you the Towering Saint of the Himalayas.

I can only thank you in expressing my honest intention and determination to find the way to God and not to rest until I have reached the aim of lifeSelf-realization.

With all good wishes of my heart, Prem and Om, I remain in deep affectionate respects and adoration at your feet.


Sri Mary.

Buenos Aires

Thanks to the Lord and all blessings to my Divina Guru that he was so immensely pleased to write to me a few lines.

Believe me my adored Holy Master, I suffered tremendously this time, thinking I have lost you. I would be like a boat without the boataman. I need Thy blessings, thy spiritual power and Love. You are Christ-like. You never get tired in remembering your disciple. You are my Lord; you teach me and I follow.N

Edt What would my life be, without my Gurudev, my sweet Master, but just a desert. I have no interest in anything except in my Great Master. May God turn everything in a happy way so that I can sit at your Lotus-Feet and listen to your awaat Voice, touch your Holy Hand like Mrs. Hellman and be filled with Thy Divine power and graca in my Soul and Spirit. May I be so happy to be for ever in connection with my Sri Gurudev.

I have a small photo of yours which I carry every day to my job. You are my daily Angel in my daily life.


Mrs. Geva Silva (Ceylon)

Jasus Christ has been compared with Swami Sivananda and found to be similar to each other in several ways but one cannot help but note that BUDDHA and SIVANANDAJI have very much more common with each other-in fact they are remarkably similar in many ways. When one reads of Sivananda’s great love for humanity, his wonderful compassion not only towards his loved ones but towards his enemies as well one recalls to one’s mind the sublime Buddha whose whole Religion from beginning to end bespeaks of COMPASSION towards all LIVING CREATURES human Or otherwise. SIVANANDA’S Religion from the very start till the end bespeaks, the same loving kindness towards one’s neighbour and one’s self and towards dumb animals. Both BUDDHA and SIVANANDA advise human beings not to destroy life even in the most insignificant living insect and to refrain from killing or even harming harmful reptiles and the like such as cobras, snakes, and scorpoins, but to drive them away unharmed. Once we are told the BUDDHA saw some children poking fun at a snakə and gently chided these children and asked them to leave the poor reptile alone-such is the attitude the Blessed one adopted towards helpless though harmful creatures. Both these great saints loved dumb animals pleaded on their behalf. They appealed to human beings to give up the inhuman practice of inflicting pain on unfortunate animals by slaughtering cattle for human consumption. Flesh-eating was stated by both these saints to be highly injurious to one’s health, and one’s Morals for they believed that eating meat in any form made one callous and restless. Therefore they appealed many a time to the higher natures of Man to give up carnivorous food and take to a vegetarian diet which would bring about better health and higher thinking. They both spoke highly of plain living and high thinking, which always go hand in hand.

Now although the BUDDHA COMES of a very noble family, he strongly abhorred the Caste System which was much more evident in those days. SIVANANDA too definitely does not believe in caste distinctions. BUDDHA was an Indian, so is SIVANANDA SIVANANDA too belonged to a very orthodox noble Hindu family. Both were able to lead luxurious lives, if they cared to but both sacrificed a great deal and renounced worldly pleasures in search of everlasting peace and happiness not for themselves alone but for the world at large. Their golden Motto was SERVICE to others, first, and they both believed that Service to one’s neighbour brought about happiness to oneself, and how very right they are? Both these saints disapprove strongly of the use of liquor even in moderation and cautiously advise everyone not to fall a victim to the drinking habit saying that its use brings about untold misery. Budriha and Sivananda observed many rigid practices and sall-mortification to realize their respective goals. Buddha we are told meditated in the Himalayas and it is this very place SIVANANDAJI has chosen to build his ASHRAM. The peace and quiet of these mountains afford much spiritual inspiration and is just the atmosphere for meditation end God-realisation.

I feel Sivananda and Buddha must be very close to each other treading on the same sacred soil that Buddha’s hallowed footsteps trod on many many years ago. Surely the Buddha must have left some. Thing of his best in these peaceful mountains which speak silently to us. Several saintly persons have inhabited this sacred place and many great persons have sprung up from this holy place no wonder all these beautiful ideas which Swamiji expresses so wonderfully must have sprung up from the Himalayan mountains. Perhaps these mountains whisper to him and fill him with sublime thoughts-who can say? Surely the Divine Beings cannot help but choose to stay in a place like this a sort of heaven on earth.

The faces of Buddha and Sivananda are human yet Superhuman. When I say Superhuman that although there is nothing extraordinary about them that they could not be called Divine looking. Yet although they have human faces they have the type of face ordinary human beings do not have. Nobility, refinement, peace and kindness have all carved themselves on the laces of these two Beings, but the serenity of the brow, the spiritual light in their eyes, the soft inner radiance have all helped to transfigure these two faces and put a touch of divinity into their otherwise human faces. They both have the type of face that draws people to them as if to a magnet.

Then we see that Sivananda too adopts the same cross-legged Asanas Lord Buddha while meditating.

BUDDHA proclaimed 2,500, years ago that the next BUDDHA to be born would be MAITRI whose name means KINDNESS and people believe that SIVANANDA is MAITRIBUDDHA. Could we find a greater Being in the length and breadth of the wide world who is better than Sivananda? -most certainly not. Mostly everyone believes this gracious seer to be the Noblest living Being of the Modern age. He loves his enemies, and does good to those who hate him and prays for them. He is both Buddha-like and Christ-like in this respect.

May the Buddhas of the present, past and future ages, bless this Noble saint of the Himalayas and may he live to be the coming Maitri Buddha is my fervent wish.



My bread and wine, my guide, my comforter, my beloved Mother who has soothed the distress of my Soul, my beloved Father, who has given me so much, sight, hearing, health, wisdom: Wisdom that has weaned me from the sense objects of the world, how false, how trumpery, after the sight of Thy Glory; the stars, the moon, the sun, the roaring ocean, or gentle flow of the river, the mighty peaks of the mountains or foliaged valleys, the illimitable differences that were, have immerged into One mighty Power, energizing the world.

Tears fall, not the tears of yesterday, as of a knife twisted in my heart that I once felt in hurt pride and suffering, self-inflicted wounds by my love of the world. These tears have a different quality, they taste of faith, joy, fullness, contentment, compassion, bewilderment of the treasures of heaven that have been unleashed in bounteous love, they are flavoured with remorse and repentance that I dallyed so long in ‘that’ that was false glitter and finite in the Infinite.

You who are inspiration and Holy love showing Thy Self in true likeness, praying in thy holy name, that I may live in the conformity with Thy ‘Will’.

Siva, please forgive me, losing myself in devotion, I did not mention, yesterday, I received Philosophy and teachings of Sri Swami Sivananda in Twenty-two Lessons. Thank you, for the inscription in your handwriting, Siva; you fill my hungry heart with love,

-Sri Rita Wales, Sydney


(Sri M.K. Satyanarayana Rao, Mysore)

One who sees Swami Sivananda, who is the Chancellor of the Yoga-Vedanta Forest University, will not be in a position to know his greatness. This is due to his simplicity of behaviour, free mixing with all people irrespective of age, colour or knowledge, and his taking part in all kinds of activities.

There is also another reason why it is difficult to appreciate the greatness of saints like Swamiji. It is said that the minds of great souls are some times harder than diamonds, but some times softer than flowers. This contradiction in their behaviour is baffling to human intellect.


(Sri Indrajit Sharma, M.A.)

The west was very weary and mammon-ridden when Sri Swami Sivananda came to its help. Far across the oceans, far beyond the hills and dales, a life-giving message of Yoga and Vedanta has travelled with a great velocity and has pierced through the layers of ignorance and has established its own rule in those far-flung parts of the Globe.

What Swamiji’s illustrious predecessors like Swami Vivekananda and Swami Ram Tirtha, achieved by sojourning on the continent, Swamiji has achieved by setting at his riverside humble cottage at Ananda Kutir. He has produced a spiritual awakening, supreme commotion in the West. His mission and message have flown as if by the help of unseen wings to these distant parts of the West.

A number of devout souls in Europe like Sri Harry Dikman of Latvia, Germany, Mrs. Anna Plaudisa of Riga (Latvia), Louis Brinkfort of Copenhagen, Sri Atkinson of England, Aldo Lavagnini of Mexico, Miss Edith Enna and so many other highly educated and cultured gentlemen and ladies of Europe are ceaselessly engaged in spreading the Divine Life, Gospel of Truth, Love, Selfless Service, purity as preached by the great Swamiji. The translated articles of Swamiji are published in various continental languages in several papers and periodicals in order to give a further fillip to his sacred mission.

Many of these people have opened branches of the Divine Life Society and conduct classes on Yoga. Yoga Asans and Pranayama are practised by these devotees. Swamiji’s books like ‘Kundailini Yoga’, ‘Yogic Home Exercises’, ‘Hatha Yoga’, ‘Yoga Asana’, ‘Raja Yoga’, ‘Triple Yoga’, ‘Concentration and Meditation’ have found a very favourable reception amongst the westerners. They believe in the efficiency of his books, because they regard Swamiji as a supreme authority on Yoga who has lived various experiences. People of the West are known for their quick grasp of difficult subjects and keen appreciation of beautiful and marvellous things. The same characteristic they have displayed in regard to Swamiji’s teachings. They have grasped the inherent undertone underlying his great teachings, and appreciate his writings as they are full of high moral beauties and excellence. They regard Swamiji’s writings as sweet ennobling poetry.

The most wonderful thing of all is that these people whose faith and confidence shares the lukewarm faith of any of us, have never set their eyes on the Swamiji, and they look upon him as a quiding star in the spiritual firmament of the Orient. The Occident salutes this spiritual sun of Orient shining upon all equally with equal lustre. Swamiji’s leachings are convincing the people of the West of the futility of war and sublimity of Peace. I am sure with a greater and more wide spread of dissemination of his teachings, the West will come to its senses, and realise in practice, that glories of peace are no less renowned than glories of war. Divine Life message is spreading in the West by co-operated efforts of many ardent seekers of Truth. Yoga and Vedanta can save the West from the night-mare of war.

Teachings of Swamiji are very much appreciated by the people of the world because of their universal application, lucidity and directness.

Swamiji intends to bring about a spiritual union between the East and West by fostering. Unity of hearts and commonness of objects and homogeneity of interests. His mission is to make people change into gods and this earth into paradise, by spiritual perfections and moral integration. He wants to love all, embrace all and see the Lord in all

Seeing the skill, ingenuity, genius and dexterity whith which Swamiji comprehends the hearts of the West and so guides his devotees and disciples in carrying on the activities of the Divine Life Society, one would sometimes feel as if Swamiji has spent a major portion of his life amongst the westerners. But the fact remains that since Swamiji returned from Malaya States, he has not gone beyond the sacred shores of India, though to ceylon he went in 1951 during the course of his All-India Tour.

This very paradoxical phenomenon is stressed and confirmed by Dr. Oscar C.Plaus Ph.D., D.Litt., Hamburg, Germany, when he writes: When the Sage of Ananda Kutir wrote to me, he knew about our plight in Central Europe. Although living far away in the country of awe-inspiring loftiness of the Himalayas he wrote about our problems, as if he had been living with us in Europe all his life.”

About the Universality of his mission Dr. W. Luftig M.D., England, writes, “The practical application of the teachings of His Holiness fills life with inner harmony, unruffled peace and blissful joy and makes the path of Self-realisation ever joyous and delightful.”

Today Swamiji has become a powerful force in world’s spiritual awakening. Sri Swamiji’s message to the citizens of London runs, “You are a people of quick grasp and ready, keen appreciation of the beauty and greatness of things. Now is the time for you all to manifest in yourselves that true spirit, and give a lead to the rest of Europe, where the spirit of religion is almost extinct. How very momentary and unreliable the life is, you have realised vividly during the dark violent days of war. Things of abiding worth are spiritual and not material; strive, therefore, to perfect yourself, endeavour for the Reality through the Yogic way of life and become disseminators of the Divine Light, Bliss and Peace. Enrich yourselves now with Divine Wealth.”

Nothing appeals greater than the example of practical living. Preachers and teachers and ous propagandists are steadily on the increase, because religion provides a vast scope and expansive field for the play of hypocrisy and charlatanry. The world needs practical men who can enthuse and inspire the masses by their own personal examples.

Swami Sivananda in this respect too fulfils our expectations of a perfect master, who is a synthetic product of all intelligence and wisdom of both East and West.

It is because of the benevolent nature of Swamiji that he has been able to achieve so much by securing close co-operation and sincerest sympathies of all people. Swami Sivananda’s various books have been translated into various European languages and published for the guidance of those who are in search of Upanishadic and Vedic wisdom of the East. No sacrifice is greater than to take pains to spread the gospel of Love and Truth. No gift is higher than the dissemination of Knowledge of God.

Sri Swami Sivananda’s sincere love for the people of the West and his close intimacy with them have won for him the love, veneration and confidence of Europeans.

Swamiji’s recent publication entitled “Yoga for the West” has been written with the practical aim of bringing home to the people of West the lessons in Yoga and Vedanta in an easy and telling manner.

Any great work can be done with due co-operaion, love and faith on both sides. There must be response and counter response. Swamiji knows the value of co-operation. He gets work even fro the mostsindolent person by tactful persuation and lovable etiquette. Swamiji first praises the qualities of his disciple. He would first make him understand his real worth. Then step by step like a master psychologist, he would lead the aspirants to transcendental realms of spiritual bliss and moral beauties.

He appreciates the qualities of the people in West. He knows that they are people of high character, sound habits and great industry. He believes in their capabilities to practise Yoga. It is a gratifying feature to note that many of his devotees have become pastmasters in this sacred science of the East.

Swamiji’s books have made their way and found very honourable place in the hearts of Yoga a practitioners in the West. This fact can be ascertained and verified from the following remark made by one Sri Vishnu B.Sc., LL.B., Columbia University, America who writes: “I am a Yoga-lecturer in Columbia University. I travelled the whole of Europe and America and demonstrated Yoga Asans, etc. Whereever I went I saw people possessing a copy of Swami Sivananda’s book ‘YOGIC HOME EXERCISES’ in their hands. They all revere and adore Swami Sivananda. They asked me ‘Have you seen Swami Sivananda? I told them I am his disciple. I drew inspiration from his ‘Yoga Asans’ and started my Yoga Asan Cultural campaign.

Thus the great work of Swamiji goes with marvellous success. Sincerity and honesty of purpose and earnestness in the execution of his mission have yielded great success.

Just enjoy this feast of literary brilliance sehd by Swami Chidananda a foremost disciple of Swami Sivananda on the strained conditions and ideological conflicts of the West. He writes in his book ‘Light Fountain’ that “Now watch with keen eyes, with forceful insight, the portraits of every messenger of God One by One. Jesus, the daffodil of the West, Mohammed the Oasis of the middle East and what about the far East, our Mother-land? Time as if disgusted with the satan-swollen heterodoxy of the West, it seems, appealed with a deep sigh of disapproval to God Almighty to sprinkle a few weeds in the ancient lea of Greece and Rome from which sprang swords of heated Hedonisom, Eudemonism, materialism, rationalism, daggered by a few philosophers to bring about their own ruin without leaving any substantial mission of their lives. How pitiable are they who have rendered themselves incapable of climbing the palm tree, the sayings of Jesus, without a branch to cling to, nor an offshoot to rest assured of cherished growth! How pitilessly were his twelve branches massacred by heathens!”

He has attracted the attention and captivated the hearts of some of the highly cultured and evolved geniuses of the West, who would invariably help in the propagation of his mission and message. These people interpret to the people in Europe the inherent sublimities of Eastern Religion of Upanishads and Vedas.

During the birth-day and other sacred occasions connected with the life and work of Swamiji, profuse tributes pour forth from all parts of the Globe, praying for the health and long life of Saint Sivananda.

Again I would like to quote from Light Fountain by Swami Chidananda in the guise of Prism, “Harassed by the high priests of hatred and menaced by the malevolent might of modern Militerism, the devotion and aspiration of the faithful few, was in danger of being devoured by diabolical doctrines that are everywhere rampant in Europe since a decade and a half. It was being hemmed in and threatened by these Asuric forces like Sita in a city of the Rakshasas. From far across the seas Swamiji’s message has come to them and like the spot of Divine Arson the Puranic hero perpetrated, it has burnt up all fear and faint-heartedness, incinerating false beliefs and queer ideas regarding the science of Yoga and the charlatanry that was quite being practised in its name.”

At such a crucial period in the history of Europe, Swamiji appeared on the scene of Europe’s drama and he has given necessary impetus and Inspiration to not a few.

To-day Swamiji exercises a tremendously great humanising and steadying and liberalising influence in the West.




Sivananda Hatha Yoga Sutras




The Meaning & Place of Hatha Yoga

  1. Now then an enquiry into Hatha Yoga.

  2. Hatha Yoga means the Yoga of union between Ha and Tha.

  3. Ha means the sun. The means the moon.

  4. Prana is known by the name of the sun.

  5. Apana is known by the name of the moon.

  6. Therefore Hatha Yoga is the union of the Prana and the Apana.

  7. Hatha Yoga deals with a system of Yogic Exercises of the Indian Rishis and Yogins of yore based on scientific principles.

  8. Hatha Yoga is only an auxiliary to Raja Yoga.

  9. Raja Yoga begins where Hatha Yoga ends.


Importance of Hatha Yoga

  1. Hatha Yoga is a perfectly practical system of Self-culture.

  2. Hatha Yoga is a Divine Blessing for attaining good health

  3. Body and mind are the instruments which the practice of Hatha Yoga keeps sound, strong and full of energy.

  4. Hatha Yoga imparts to every practitioner fine health, longevity, strength, vim and vitality.

  5. Hatha Yoga is a great help to the practice of Raja Yoga.

  6. It remov removes Tamas (inertia) and Rajas (restlessness of the mind and the body).

  7. It gives one easy mastery overy the turbulent senses.


Qualifications of Yogic Student

  1. A student of Hatha Yoga should possess humility, the spirit of selfless service, dispassion, serenity, self-restraint, faith, devotion, honesty truthfulness, non-violence, cosmic love, purity and courage.

  2. A Yogic student should take Mithaharamoderate diet. He shoul take food half stomachful, fill a quarter with water and keep the quarter free for expansion of gas and propitiating the Lord.

  3. Brahmacharya (celibaey) is essential for the practice of Hatha Yoga. ACAI

  4. Keep the mind fully occupied. This is the best panacea for maintaining Brahmacharya.

  5. By continence, devotion to Guru, and steady practice fer a long time success comes in Yoga after a long time.


Preliminary Instructisons

  1. Salute to Lord Ganesh and Guru. Recite Guru Strtras before you Stavt the practice.

  2. He who is addicted to sensual pleasures, who is arrogant, dishonest, untruthful and who disrespects the Guru is not fit for the practice of Yoga.

  3. Unless you are prepared to give up all you have for the service of the Lord and mankind you are not fit for the spiritual path or the path of Yoga.

  4. Be regular in your practice. This is most important.

  5. Cultivate discrimination, dispassion and a keen desire for attaining emancipation.

  6. At the conclusion of practice, offer your Sadhana to the Lord as Iswararpana.

  7. Learn the Asans, Pranayam and Kriya from a Hatha Yogi Guru. Books also will help you.

  8. Recite the Names of the Lord when you practise Asans and Pranayam.




The Various Poses

  1. Any steady, comfortable pose is Asana.

  2. Sisrhasan, Oordhva Padmasan are topsyturvy poses.

  3. Paschimottanasan, Yoga Mudra, Maha Mudra, Padahasthasan are forward bending exercises.

  4. Dhanurasan, Bhujangasan, Chakrasan, Matsyasan and Supra Vajrasan are backward bending exercises.

  5. Ardhamatsyendrasan, and Poorna Matsyendrasan are spinal twists.

  6. Mayurasan, Salabhasan, Nauli Kriya and Uddiyana Bandha are abdominal exercises.

  7. Padmasan, Siddhasan, Sukhasan are meditative posee. Swastikasan and

  8. Trikonasana is a sideway bending pose.

  9. Savasan is the final relaxing pose.


Aids to Practice of Asans

  1. Practise Yoga Asans and Pranayama on an empty stomach in the early morning.

  2. Practise for 5 or 10 minutes a day, but never miss a day’s practice.

  3. If you are tired, do Savasan for a few minutes.

  4. In Savasan do Japa and meditation. Relax the the body and mind completely.

  5. There must be joy, invigoration, exhilaration of spirit after the practice.


Benefits of Asans

  1. Practice of Asans removes diseases and makes the body light, firm and steady.

  2. Halasan, Ardha-matsyendrasan and Sarvang Asan make the spine elastic and make you young.

  3. The body comes under your control.

  4. Paschimotanasan reduces fat.

  5. Bhujang, Salabh, Dhanur remove constipation.

  6. Paschimotanasan, Vajrasan and Mayurasan help your digestion.

  7. Develop thyroid through Sarvangasan.

  8. Sirshasan, Sarvangasan and Gorakshasan help to maintain Brahmacharya, and make you an Oordvareta Yogi.




The Principle of Energy

  1. The Source for Prana is God.

  2. Prana is the universal principle of energy or vital force.

  3. Breath is the external manifestation of the gross Prana.

  4. The seat of Prana is heart.

  5. Prana is the vital force. It vibrates and moves the mind.

  6. The excess of Prana is stored up in the brain and nervous centres.

  7. He who knows Prana knows the Vedas.


The Control of Prana

  1. Pranayama is the control of Prana and the vital forces of the body. MAGIUD JARBиза

  2. A correct habit of breathing must be established by the regular practice of Pranayama.

  3. Practise Pranayama in a well-ventilated room or upstairs or on the bank of a river or garden. Avoid chill draughts.

  4. Do Japa and meditation to begin with at 4 a. M. Then practise Asans and Pranayama.

  5. If you want to attain success in Pranayama you must have steadiness in Asana. Sunatadis

  6. Sit on Kusa grass, deer-skin and cloth placed one over the other.

  7. Repeat Om mentally during Kumbhak or retention of breath.

  8. In the beginning for a few days do only Purak (inhalation) and Rechak (exhalation).

  9. After some time combine Kumbhak (retention) also.


Eight Kinds of Pranayama & their results

  1. The practice of Pranayama makes the mind fit for concentration.

  2. Pranayama sharpens the intellect, develops memory, brain-power and the power of concen. Tration.


  1. Pranayama removes all diseases and increases the digestive fire and awakens Kundalini Sakti.

  2. Kumbhak or longevity. Retention of breath bestows




Obstacles in Yoga

  1. Disease, langour, doubt, carelessness, the tendency to go after sensual enjoyments, instability, mistaken notions, missing the point are the obstacles in Yoga.

  2. Laziness and fickleness of mind are the two great obstacles in Yoga.

  3. Too much sleep makes a man lethargic. Dull and

  4. Sleep for 6 hours is quite sufficient for every individual.

  5. If you have ill-feelings towards anyone, remove them.

  6. Light, Sattwic (pure) diet, Pranayama, Asans, will remove laziness.


Important Instructions

  1. Do not spoil your health in the name of Tapasya.

  2. There is no bond equal in strength to Maya, and no power greater than Yoga to destroy that bond.

  3. Drink a little milk at the end, of the practice.

  4. Wait for one hour for bath.

  5. Be moderate in eating and sleeping.

  6. Abandon hot curries, chutnies, too much Condiments, onions and garlic.

  7. Avoid too much of salt, chillies, tamarind, Garlic, onions, meat, etc.

  8. Take milk, ghee, butter, honey, wheat-bread, barley, fruits and vegetables.

  9. Avoid overwork.


Transmutation of Energy

  1. The whole body and all its functions are manifestations of Shakti.

  2. When anger is controlled it will be transmuted into an energy which can move the whole world.

  3. When sex-energy is sublimated as Ojas, it supplies abundant energy.

  4. Be sincere, be earnest, be zealous; you will soon become a great Yogi.

  5. Be patient and persevering.

  6. Do not take stimulants and narcotics. Draw energy, vitality, inspiration from Pranayama.


  1. Loss of patience is loss of vital power.

  2. Silence is one great art of conversation.

  3. Every man is a saint potentially.

  4. Keep company with the saints. You will become one of them.

  5. So much to do, so little done.

  6. Argue not with heat and clamour. Argue softly and sweetly.

  7. Compassion is the best quality in man.

  8. A seeker must draw very near to his Guru or Preceptor in his heart and open up a channel between himself and Guru. He will get much inner help from his preceptor.

  9. If the seeker is regular and vigorous in his Sadhana, he will experience a series of progressive spiritual awakenings.

  10. Look within. Be alert. Hear the Voice of God from within. Every prompting of the Divine within should meet at once with a cordial welcome and response.

  11. Man’s tendency is to exaggerate his importance. This is distinctly separative and destructive to real Knowledge and spiritual progress.

  12. A timid man cannot practise Ahimsa. Ahimsa is the quality of the brave.

  13. You are never alone. God is within you.

  14. Freedom of detachment is freedom from attachment.

  15. Detachment is the freeing of ourselves from that to which we have been attached.

  16. Only the detached are free.

  17. One can be attached to his body, his wife, his children, his property, to his country, to his mental ideas, to the manifold forms.

  18. When your will becomes one with the Divine Will, you shall no longer be attached.

  19. Religious education has certainly the most important place in a man’s life.

  20. The function of a school or college is to prepare the student to face life boldly.

  21. The Future is not in the hands of fate, but in you alone.

  22. Divine Love is the sunshine in which the devotee grows.

  23. True renunciation is of the mind.

  24. Wish happiness for others. Rejoice in the happiness of others. Wish well for others. Sacrifice yourself for the good of all.

  25. Ahimsa is the highest religion, best discipline, and greatest Yoga.

  26. Ahimsa is not a mere theory, but a principle for daily practice in politics, in international relations, in administrations, and in domestic affairs and in our dealings with all sentient beings, human or sub-human.

  27. The practice of Ahimsa alone can bring peace to the world, and prosperity to humanity, and godhead nearer to Man, and save civilisation,

  28. Ahimsa can lift us from fear and relieve us from distress, and lead us to freedom.

  29. All life is one. Therefore never hurt anyone. Life is divine gift. Have reverence for life.

  30. Return good for evil, Conquer hatred by love and give life for death.

  31. Practice of Ahimsa is the panacea for all evils.

  32. Ahimsa or the Practice of cosmic love is the main contributory cause to the building up of human civilisation and culture.

  33. Ahimsa is the only foundation on which human relations and social institutions can be built firmly.

  34. Ahimsa is the very first, foremost and the most important virtue indispensable for being initiated into Yoga and higher spiritual pursuits.

  35. Love is God’s Essence.

  36. Power is God’s attribute.

  37. God’s love is greater than His power.

  38. A good man makes no noise over his good action.

  39. Listen to the five elements and they shall teach thee.

  40. Be just and righteous. You will enjoy peace.

  41. This world is the property of every individual in it.

  42. Eternal Bliss or Everlasting Happiness comes from within. It is the result of Spiritual unfoldment or Self-Realisation.

  43. Practise Yoga and develop the inward perceptions that release and perfect your higher ideals.

  44. Yoga qives you mastery over circumstances and enriches your daily living.

  45. Disciplined thinking and feeling will give you strength and peace and help you in the attainment of God-Realisation.

  46. Illumination is as natural as life itself.

  47. Develop awareness and thoughtfulness.

  48. The practice of Yoga will strengthen your character and help you to gain mastery over any circumstances by facing them fairly and solving them honestly.

  49. Understand and realise the Unity of Life and the Unity of Consciousness and the Unity of Existence.

  50. Be patient, and in all things be kind.



(Prof. Jean Herbert, Geneva University.)

[Lecture delivered at Sivanandashram on 16.3.56]

I have not come to India to teach or to speak. I have come to India to listen and to learn, because I feel that India, which has already taught so very much to the world through many centuries, which has given so much of her wealth of every kind to the rest of the world, still has much more to give. Her message has so far permeated only very small sections of the outside world. For the last quarter of a century I have made it my work to come periodically to India to sit at the feet of her sages and her saints to receive what little of their teaching I was capable of receiving. I know it was a very, very small fraction indeed, but still I have done my best to carry that over to countries of the West by translating and publishing that sayings, writings, and teachings of the great sages and saints of India. Now I believe that the time has come to bring over still more, to Europe more particularly, and this is why I have again come to India, and I hope, with God’s grace to come many more times to try to receive a little more of the teachings of India and to take it back.

This is the first time I have the great privilege of coming so high up the Ganges valley, to Rishikesh, and also of sitting at the feet of the great Master, the great saint, who was so kind as to admit me in his presence, Swami Sivananda Saraswati. The Swami I have known for many many years through correspondence, and I have read a great number of his writings which he has been so kind to send me very frequently. I should just like to mention one or two points which have impressed me and which have inpressed many people in Europe, who like me, had not the privilege of seeing him before.

First of all, the fact, which was confirmed to me today again-is that he has not remained in the realm of the Abstract or even of intellectual and spiritual teaching, but that at the same time he has put into practice one of his great maxims ‘Do good,’ and I see with infinite pleasure today that the Ashram, although not rolling in wealth, as far as I can see, still manages to feed hundreds of people every day. I again heard the story today of the work that Swamiji has done for the lepers in this part of India, and many other instances. Now, so far to my knowledge, the great saints and the great sages of India in most cases have done either of the two. Either they have given abstract spiritual teaching, or they have rather refrained from that and gone into social, practical work. Often it was the Master who gave spiritual teachings to his disciples and the next generation after him went in to social work, building hospitals, dispensaries, schools, giving famine and flood relief etc. Apparently one of the teachings which we can take from Swami Sivananda is that both can be combined, and this is extremely important for us Europeans, who attach so much importance, rightly or wrongly, to the visible, tangible, practical effects of the teaching.

Another point that has struck me about the teachings of Swamiji is the great insistence with which he speaks and writes, of the ethical basis of Yoga. I might say, the elementary starting-point. Now in this West many people are attracted by Yoga, and I must say, the most vulgar forms of Yoga, the cheapest and the most dangerous. I believe if I could teach people a Yoga that would enable them to sit on a bed of nails, I should have thousands of people coming to learn it, but when you come to speak of high philosophy, people are not so much interested. And also, like many people in India too (because that exists also in this country), they think that they can learn Yoga in one or other of its forms, straightaway, totally ignoring the ethical prerequisites. One of the books I have published in French and German is Swami Vivekananda’s Raja Yoga, in which, as you know, he takes up all the eight points of Raja Yoga in their regular order. But most people, I am sorry to say, just skip the chapters referring to the first to two points, Yama and Niyama, because they think that they know all about it, and this is nothing new for them. They want to go straight to what is new, what is interesting to them, and the result is that many of them start practising Asana, Pranayama and all the rest, often with the most disastrous results, I have known personally a great number of people, and when I say a great number, it runs into several dozens, who have become insane or whose health was totally ruined by such practices of Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga, because they ignored the ethical prerequisites. This is the reason why I am exteremely glad that Swami Sivananda dealt at great length on these and with such insistence, emphasising the essential, basic, simple, self-evident truths with which one must start any Yoga. I have met many people in Europe who have come under his influence through his writings, and possibly through correspondence, and I have so far not known of such cases of people losing either their mental or bodily health, and I know how extremely difficult it is to correspond with a Master whom you have never seen, who lives on the other side of the world. This much I can say of what I have seen about the resulta of the teachings of Swami Sivananda in Europe, in the West.

I should not presume to say more, because anything else you know far better than I do. But just to sum up, as far as I have been able to judge, his influence has always been very good, exceptionally good, and only good, on all the people who have come into contact with him through his writings, who have followed his teachings and who have accepted him as their Guru.


  1. Honorific Senator of the Institute of Humaniste of the French Republic.

  2. National Secretary for India, of the Movimento Artistico Nazionale.

  3. General Consul for the Territory of India, of the Gruppi Dannenziani.

  4. Honorific Academical Senator of the Universitas Biosophica.

  5. Doctor of Laws of International Free Protestant Episcopal University, London.

  6. Chevalier Grand Officer of the Order Equestre De La Croix D’Emeraude, Paris.

  7. Diplome D’Honneur of L’Alliance Universelle, Algeria.

  8. Benefactor of Humanity L’Alliance Universelle.

  9. Diplomo of the Universala Akademio de la Regadi Kosmo-Astrosofia, Trieste.

  10. Komandoro of the Universala Ordeno de Antaras, Trieste.

  11. Baron Cross of Honour of Ordo Equestris Militaris Avatar, London.

  12. Honorary Member of the Pythagorean Society.

  13. Doctor of Philosophy of the Avatar International University, London.

  14. Diploma of the Universal Academy of the Royal Kosmoastrosophy, Trieste.

  15. Honorific Diploma of the Universal Alliance Movement, Bougie

  16. Professorie Ordinis Scientiarum of the Institute International de Recherches scientifiques, Paris. VAGADA JAMOITAЙЯПТИ!

  17. Doctoris Ordinis Scientiarum of the Institut Intermational de Recherches Scientifiques, Paris.

  18. Dipiloma de Honneur of the International de Recherches Scientifiques.

  19. Miembro de Honor y Merito of the Sciedad de la Vida Divina, Cuba.

  20. Rector Emeritus of the Universidad Hindu, Cubana.

  21. World Delegate of the Instituto de cultura Americana Tolosa of Argentina.

  22. Diploma d’onore a merito of the Academia Universalls Amoris, Trieste

  23. Distinguished Fellow of the Columbus Association, Trieste.

  24. Credencial de Honor of the Order Idealista de Confraternidad Mundial of Argentina.501 GA

  25. Diploma de Honneur of the Institut Mondial de Recherches Geophysiques and Sociologiques, Brussells.

  26. Doctor of the Academia Studiorum Minerva,

  27. Permanent Fellow of the Non-Violence International League, British Guiana.

  28. Associate in Commercial Arts of the Yankton Business College, Yankton, South Dakota.

  29. Doctorem Philosophiae of the International Academy London.



Anno D. Millesimo octingentesimo octogesmo conditus et adiunctus ut congregatio omnium litterarum studio deditarum, adhaesus Universitatibus et Institutis doctrinae in Europa, America et Asia

In nomine Domini salutem dico


Consilium, auctoritate decretis nostris nobis delata, agentes, reputando naturam, statum et condicionem


Hoc scito ei titulum et dignitatem

DOCTOREM PHILOSOPHIAE tribuimus Rogatione praefecti et sodalium

In actis urbis Londini consignatus

A.D. 1956-Id.Martii

Nostra nominis subscriptione testamur et signo nostro, decretum hoc Sd.

Sri Harry Dikwac.

Mr. And Mrs. Muddiman, with Sri Swami Sivananda. (On the reverze)Left) Sri Yogi Satchidananda of Ceylon, and supporters of the Divine Life Mission in Ceylon, with Sri Swamiji Mahara). (Right) A devotee from Japan.


Sri Yogiraj Harry Dikman.

(Shri Yogiraj Harry Dikman was the President of the Latvian Branch of the Divine Life Society. He is himself an Advanced Raja Yogi and has taught Yoga to several European Sadhakas. He is a zealous Yogapropagandist and always keeps his Knowlodge of Yoga bright by keeping himself in constant touch with several Indian Yogis. He has translated Sri Swami Sivanandaji’s Kundalini Yoga and Ten Upanishads into Latvian. He used to conduct Sadhana classes on the beach in Europe and has rendered inestimable service to the cause of spread of Yoga-knowledge in the West. He is one of the most regular correspondents of Sri Swamiji Maharaj and has received from Swamiji practical instructions on every step in Raja Yoga. Sri H.D.’s Major work on Sri Swami Sivanunda’s life and works awaits Publication-Publishers.)

About six decades ago in South India was born Kuppuswami Iyer who was destined to become a world figure, a Saviour of mankind, Swami Sivananda. He was born in a very pious family. In this respect he shared the rare privilege enjoyed by almost all great spiritual luminaries. Lord Buddha, Jesus Christ, Sri Krishna and Sri Ramakrishna all took their birth in very pious families. This facilitates to blossom the hidden parental spiritual tendencies.

In some books we read that Siva, or Swami Sivananda, was a Yoga Brashta. This statement may be very encouraging to Yogic aspirants, showing that one must not despair, that even if one does not reach the acme of spiritual evolution, he may, in the next incarnation, become like the glorious Siva himself. This is also what Sri Krishna teaches in the Srimad Bhagavad Gita. But I for myself find it hard to believe that Sri Siva was a Yoga Bhrashta in his previous life. In my opinion he had already reached perfection in his last incarnation and returned to this earth simply to assist struggling Sadhakas and render every kind of help to the suffering humanity.

It seems me this is also the opinion of H. H. Sri Swami Pranavananda. Says the Swamiji in his article “Lamp of Wisdom”: “The evolution in him is inborn. His birth is for the fulfilment of preplanned mission of God on earth. His knowledge and wisdom are not driven to finding out Eternal Peace but are already fully saturated with it”. (Vide Uttara Yogi p. 95)

Kuppuswami Iyer joined the medical profession. For a kind-hearted man it gives ample scope to exercise many noble virtues e. G. Compassion, endurance, love, kindness, patience etc.

Dr. Kuppuswami Iyer made no difference in his treatment of rich and poor, of high and low.

It still lingers in our memory how the Doctor spent a sleepless night in a very poor pariah woman’s house and left the patient only in the early dawn, after she had a safe delivery. And again, how after he had become a Swami, he ran several miles to hand over a bottle of medicine to a Sadhu who had some ailment and had left Sri Sivanandashram in the early dawn.

The student life of the great Swami was marked by utmost concentration. No dissipation, no relaxation.

As a doctor, he lived for about ten years in Malaya. He was not only loved by his patients but also held in high esteem by English physicians.

Malaya proved a place of enticing enchantment for many young Indians. Not so for Dr. Kuppuswami Iyer. The spiritual Samskaras were never subdued, or overpowered in him. If any free time was to be found in his busy life, the Doctor organised Kirtan parties where he played on harmonium and sung his soul enchanting divine songs.

When a new publication on Yoga or Vedanta appeared, the doctor immediately purchased it. He had deposited a sum of money with his publishers in order that every new book on Yoga and Vedanta be reserved for him.

The first thing he did after embracing Sannyasa was to establish a free dispensary for the benefit of pilgrims to Badrinarayan, as well as for the sick Sadhus and Mahatmas of Rishikesh.

The first two years were spent by the Swami in selfless service, i. E, in Karma Yoga. It is noteworthy that the secular life, or the previous stages or Ashramas, served as a training school for the last and highest Ashrama viz., Sannyasa. Was this not the aim and the ideal of the ancient Rishis who formulated the four Ashramas, too?

Unfortunately for a great majority of people the Grihastha Ashrama and the secular life prove seductive and only a very small minority can escape the meshes of Maya.

Having had many painful experiences in this world of ours, many embrace the life of Sannyasa in order to avoid further miseries and to get peace of mind and a resting place for the soul.

In the case of our glorious Siva it seems that the embracing of Sannyasa was quite natural, owing to an inner goading of the ripe soul of the great Swami !

While in his previous Ashrama the Swami lived like a lotus in water, where the stormy waters of mundane life could not cleave his ever blessed soul !

His Guruji initiated him into the mysteries of the “Tat Twarm Asi” Mahayakhya and left him. So his stay with the Guru Deva was but brief.

Siva started rigorous Sadhana standing in the early dawn in the cool waters of Ganga for hours, chanting sacred Mantras.

In some of the biographical works about the Swami ji we find the short notice that he performed for a brief period intense Hatha and Raja Yogic Sadhanas thus obtaining full control over the body and attaining absolute control of the generally unsteady and unruly mind.

This marvellous mind control is evident in his writing ability, for even famous poets, philosophers and writers have often to wait till the mind will be in a fit condition to produce a good piece of literary work. Not so is it with Sri Siva. His mind is always on a fit condition, This is a wonder, a marvel indeed. He is the most prolific writer to day. Siva has published a hundred books on Vedanta, Bhakti and Karma, Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga, on Health and Long Life, on Tantra Shastra, Brahma Sutras and the Gita etc, etc, Besides this Siva is contributing his articles to many Indian periodicals and maintaining a big correspondence with his students all over the world. We must not forget that the Swami has many other activities, too, besides his literary work, i. E., maintaining a free dispensary, attending to the patients, giving interviews to visitors, personal training of Yogic aspirants etc. Etc. That his mind must be always under his control is self-evident.ad

We are sorry that no one has till now disclosed the romance of Siva’s Life, i. E., who taught Sri Siva

Raja Yoga, what were his Sadhanas, reactions etc. It seems the Swami does not like to be lost in past reveries. The essence of his experiences we do find, however, in the two very valuable volumes viz., Mind Its Mysteries and Control. But the Swami is not only a great Raja Yogi and Karma Yogi. He is a brilliant Gyani and a great Bhakta also. His work like Vedanta in Daily Life and Practice of Vedanta show his vast erudition.

The “Essence of Bhakti Yoga” is a wonderful work, it gives the rationale of Bhakti in a scientific way and yet does not hurt the finest sentiments of a Bhakta as might be the case in some works that are trying to present religion in a scientific way. The explanation of this lies in the fact that Sri Siva is himself a Bhakta of the highest order. So it seems Sri Siva is in love with all forms of Sadhana with all kinds of Yogas. He does not classify Yoga into a lower and higher, as many do. For he knows fully well that the so-called lower Yoga is a step to the higher one and in many cases a sine qua non for the aspiring Sadhaka. It is no wonder that Swami Siva has written the most exhaustive treatise on Yoga-Asanas and the Science of Pranayama.

In a book bearing the title “Hatha Yoga” Siva bas shown that there is no difference in adopting any kind of Yoga either by Westerners or Indians, i, e., that the idea that Hatha Yoga would be unsuitable, or even impossible for Europeans is an erroneous one.

Prof. Param Singh had complained that modern India seems to be unfit for Raja Yoga. If we judge by the standard of written books on this subject now-a-days he might be right. For except Sri Siva no one has written a worthwhile commentary on Patanjali’s Yoga Darshana since the time of Vivekananda, in English. There are a few commentaries in Sanskrit like “Bhasvti” by Sri Swami Hariharananda Aranya, the text and commentary by Swami Abhayannada Saraswati of Benares and Swami Satyananda of Barisli in Hindi. These Sanskrit and vernacular works are worthwhile indeed but only Sri Swami Siva has written now-a-days an easy comprehensible commentary from the practical standpoint on the Sutras of Maharshi Patanjali in English language. As regards Siva’s writings on Vedanta so they are works par excellence on the subject. Siva is a great Vedantic philospher and scholar. He is wellversed in all schools of Indian philosophy.

But it would be a great error to look upon Siva as merely on a Pandit, he is a true Jnani, a selfrealised Sage. Sarvam khalvidam Brahma is his realisation. All is Brahman for Siva. The leper, the sick, the down-trodden all are Brahman in his vision. In him there is no difference between Gyana and Bhakti.

Siva does not like one-sided development. He teaches synthetic Yoga by example and precept. He is the greatest exponent of Integral Yoga to day.

There are many great souls who have recognised the need of integral or synthetic Yoga now-a-days e. G. Sri. Aurobindo Ghose, Dr. Hari Prasad Shastri etc.

Many advocates of Purna Yoga will be satisfied if the student will adopt what is generally known as Yoga Traya ie. A combination of Karma, Bhakti and Gyana. But Siva embodies in his own person and practice Karma, Hatha, Mantra, Laya, Bhakti, Raja and Gyana Yogas, Such is his vision of synthetic Yoga. A glorious and noble ideal indeed.

Every youth of Bharata Varsha and every sincere European student ought to follow Sri Siva’s example and become in time a full blown Poorna Yogi!

Unlike many Hatha Yogins who regard their science too holy to be offered to unworthy ones Sri Siva like other great Vedantis is eager to preach the methods of realisation to every one, making no distinction realising that every one is in the innermost core of his being nothing but Brahman.

In order to spiritualise the world quickly and render the greatest possible help Swami Siva founded in 1936 the now famous Divine Life Society. The Sivananda Publication League is publishing and preserving his invaluable works on all Yogas and various other subjects also.

Sri Phelps Stokes of Amrica-a great disciple of Sri Swami Sivananda.

Sri A. Ramaswami of Johore Bahru, Malayaan ardent devotee of Sri Swamiji Maharaj.

Since the times of Akbar the Great many great souls like Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Swami Vivekananda have tried to unite the diverse religious faiths. This is a task which only God-chosen people can undertake with some hope of success. At present Sri Siva has laid the foundation of All-World Religions Federation.

In order to establish peace and harmony among the various sects of Hindus and renunciates the great Swami has founded the All World Sadhus Federation. Manysided and manifold are Sri Siva’s activities. In him we do see the most selfless worker, the greatest Karma Yogi and perfect Poorna Yogi of modern India. His teachings have since long crossed the boundaries of his motherland and reached his faithful students all over the globe in America, Europe, Africa and Australia. Such is the glory of our modern Jagad-Guru !

May he live long and inspire us all towards a nobler, holier and happier life. May his blessings be upon us all !!!

Om Sri Sadgurave Namaha.


Sri Yogiraj Harry Dikman.

Sri 108 Swami Sivananda Saraswati who on the 8th September, 1947, completes his Oth year of earthly existence in his latest incarnation, can be called in the most literal sense, a World-Teacher, because his teachings have spread not only all over India but in Europe, America and Africa also.

In my opinion, two causes are responsible for his popularity. Firstly, the Swami uses all possible means to broadcast his message. In this respect he is quite modern. The other cause is his burning desire to spiritulise the greatest possible number of Truth-seekers in a short span of time.

Even then, the result would not have been so stupendous as we see it today, if this desire to serve humanity had not been coupled with some other rare qualities viz., an extra-ordinary working capacity, good organising ability, kindness and love for the suffering humanity—all these coupled with utter unselfishness of an unprecedented type.

A casual reader might think this is but an exaggetation, mere words used to extol, of course, a great personage on the occasion of his Diamond Jubilee. To this, I reply: No, not so. On the contrary, these are but feeble attempts to discover the secret of an unparalleled success in the history of religious teachings and preachings.

Now what are his teachings? Like Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa, Swami Sivananda does not advocate any new set of dogmas or doctrines, but his philosophy is the living embodiment of Sanatana Dharma in all its aspects.

And what the Swami had practised at Swargashram during his years of hard Tapashcharya, and what he lives now-a-days, he preaches by his example, by word and through his books. All his literary works are the practice and self-realisation. Therefore, they bear one and all the stamp of practicality and are so much appreciated by the Western students of Yoga and of Indian Philosophy. There is no hairsplittnig philosophy in his works, though he is a Master of Philosophy and possesses a deep and profound knowledge of the various schools of Indian thought as is evident if one studies his “Vedanta in Daily Life”. If one would ask in what the Swami’s teachings consist, I would answer in two words: it is Purna Yoga the Yoga of Synthesis; it is the Yoga taught in the Bhagavad Gita.

There is now a days in India another great soul who also is a votary of Purna Yoga I mean Sri Aurobindo Ghose of Pondicherry. The two have been introdueced to the Western world by the French authors: Jean Herbert and Romain Rolland. Yet there is in some aspects a slight difference in the mode of approach of these two sages.

With Sri Aurobindo, the Purna Yoga is chiefly the triple Yoga viz., Karma, Bhakti and Janana. He is in sympathy with Patanjali’s Raja Yoga too but seems to dislike or under-estimate the Hatha Yoga.

Sri Swami Sivananda on the other hand, has paid his tribute to the Hatha Vidya too. Indeed Swami Sivananda has written the most comprehensive books on Yoga Asanas, Yogic Home Exercises, Science of Pranayama and Hatha Yoga are his further works which treat with Hath Vidya.

Swami Sivananda depicts in Hatha Yoga means of regeneration of the youth of India. He knows the great value of Hatha Yogic excercises as a means for attaining perfect Brahmacharya. He is a great advocate of Brahmacharya. He understands the paramount importance of Brahmacharya, as a means of national regeneration and as a sine-qua-non of spiritual culture.

How could he, though being a Kevala Advaitin himself, dismiss the Hatha Yoga on the grounds just mentioned ?

The Swami was a good sportsman in his youth and therefore, can appraise the real worth of physical exerciss. Yet we must not confound Hatha Yoga with mere physical culture. The difference between Hatha Yoga and mere physical culture is clearly set out by the Swami in his several works. “Physical exercises draw the Prana out,” writes the Swami “but Yoga Asanas the Prana in”. Further Asanas, Bandhas and Mudras awaken the Kundalini Shakti. Ordinary physical exercises do not awaken the Kundalini Shakti even though done for several decades most strenuously.

Sri Swami Sivananda is a Karma Yogin of the superior type like Mahatma Gandhi, though the Swami’s field of activity is the whole world of ours, where men are living and searching after God, Soul or Truth.

The Swami is a Jnani of a superior kind both by antecedency, tradition and Self-realization as well. He is the linear-descedent of the famous South Indian Sage, Sri Appayya Diskhitar. As a Swami his lineage runs to Sri Sankaracharya.

Unlike other Jnanis who are selfcentered and have shun all contacts with the world, Swami Sivananda has adopted every possible means, which modern civilisation can afford, to broadcast his message of Purna Yoga his message of love, peace, good-will and sacrifice.

Indeed, it is the desire of the Swami that every seeker after Truth should learn his message, not only those who can afford to pay for a trip to India or have an opportunity to visit his Himalayan Ashrama.

He helps not only the deserving men or his worthy disciples, but gives his replies and spiritual instructions to one and all, be he young or old, man or woman.. He replies directly to every inquirer. No doubt, an aspirant is greatly encouraged to get the needed advice on spiritual practice, to get the solution of knotty problem from the Master himself.”

Surely, no one has taken such a lively interest in the spiritual welfare of foreign students as Swami Sivananda. It is chiefly for this reason that the Swami uses the English language instead of Indian vernaculars.

One of his greatest works “Practical Lessons on Yoga” is written specially to meet the needs of Western students of Yoga. Being engaged in multifarious activities, such as writing books, editing the “Divine Life” magazine taking, care of the various Ashram activities like the Publication League, Free Dispensary, Ayurvedic Pharmacy, Primary School etc., he gives personal advice by means of letters to his students in all parts of the world. One simply wonders how it is physically possible for a very busy man like our Swamiji to attend to this vast correspondence, since he hast housands of disciples, admirers and various other inquirers. One of the Swami’s biographers has mentioned that one disciple has collected more than one thousand letters written by the Swami to him alone during a course of about 16 years, Yet, he remembers the spiritual needs and developments of his numerous disciples even after many years. It is simply a wonder how he is able to accomplish this superhuman task.

He is a miracle with more practical value for humanity than the exhibition of miraculous psychic powers such as thought-reading etc., though in my opinion the Swami possesses the Siddhis too, but he manifest them so unostentatiously that one knows not what really happened a miracle or a coincidence. The Swami’s object is to help humanity.

But being men, as we are, we want to have a peep into the mysteries of this Grand Personality. Where is the secret of his superhuman working ability? Where lies the secret of his successful life, both as a doctor in Malaya and a spiritual awakener in India? And what is the secret of his astounding memory ?

I shall try to lift a little the veil according to my limited capacities and understandings.

First of all the superhuman tasks performed by the genius in the Swami were not physically possible without the strictest economy of time. His life runs according to a well regulated daily routine. The Swami earnestly entreats also all his students, disciples and followers to keep a diary and have a well-regulated daily routine.

The success as a doctor in Malaya was chiefly to be attributed to the following causes.

While a student, he studied his lessons with onepointed mind. Even on those days, he kept a note book with him, where he jotted down every important thought expressed by his professors. Holidays too were utilise by him for hospital work, and not for recreation,

No wonder then that he became quite proficient in the midical line. As a doctor he worked whole-heartedly to alleviate the pain and sufferings to which the humanity is heir to.s

When free from his duties as a physician, he arranged for Kirtans, enacted dramas from the great Hindu Epics, Mahabharata and Ramayana, and took interest in healthy sports too. He had no time for deleterious pleasures hunting of the inferior kind.

Having been brought up in a spiritual family and leading his kind of life just mentioned, he was able to lead a chaste life while living in the world. And chastity or Brahmacharyas, is the basis of a successful life, both secular and spiritnl. Swami Vivekananda too at tributed his wonderful memory to the practice of Brahmacharya, May be, this is also the reason why unlike other great saints and sages Swami Sivananda advocates hath yoga. Sri Kuvalaynanda has beutifully elucidated in a scientific treatise in his “Yoga Mimansa” the physiological value of serveral Yogic Kriyas,, such as Nauli, Uddiyana, Aswini Mudra, Mudra, Mahamudra, for attaining Brahmacharrya. Sri Swami Sivananda eulogises Sirsh, Sarvanga and siddhasanans besides the process mentioned above for mantaining and getting established in perfect Brahmacharya.

As to the manner how Sadhanas should be performed the Swami says: “Sadhana should not be merely a routine, There must be earnestness to see God face to face and drink the nectar of immortality through Samadhi and to entertain the Pure Advaita Bhavana always,”

The gist of Siva’s teachings is: Purify your heart though Niskamya Karma Yoga or Seva, concentrate meditate, do Japa and study Gita, Upanishads, practice Yama and Niyama.

A special feature in Siva’s method of training his disciples is that he trains them according to the path they are most inclined to. For instance, he will not force everyone to follow the path of Jnana though he himself is a Jnani of a superior order.

Again he makes changes in Sadhanas to suit the needs of the disciples’ spiritual evolution. Sometimes one is advised to engage himself in active life of work, at some other stage of his development, to shut up for sometime and plunge in deep, undisturbed meditation.

Here indeed lies the secret of his method of successful training, and among other causes this is also one of the reasons why the Swami has so many followers and disciples.

In order to achieve quick results in the Adhyatmic field. Siva advises us to evolve a daily programme, to keep a spiritnal dairy and make spiritual resolves and astly, to be earnest and systematic in our Sadhana.

Having finished this short analysis of the personality of the great Swami let us proceed now with self-analysis of our most sacred Teacher, Spiritual Guide and Master and by means of self-analysis find out our weekness sor Doshas and destroy them by means of suitable Sadhanas which we can easily find in Sri Swamiji Maharaj’s various books and thus remodel our lives for our own benefit, for the benefit of our fellowmen too and for the glory of Siva our present day’s World-Teacher.

May Swami Sivananda Mahraj live long and shed his spiritual lustre gained by hard Tapasya, on us all. May his spiritual instructions continue to pour into the world for the benefit and spiritual uplift of mankind. May we all rejoice on the blessed day of 8th September, 1947, the birthday of Lord Sri Krishna and the day of the Diamond Jubilee of His Holiness Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswatiji Maharaj.


Yogiraj Sri H. Dikman

The present writer was a humble worker of a European Centre of the Divine Life Society and was associated with the founder President Sri Swami Siwanandaji Maharaj almost from the very first days of the foundation of the Divine Life Society in India. But it was only five years I could serve the public in Latvia, being the servant of the greatest Karma Yogin of modern times. But in these few years a great work was done in Latvia.

Regular classes on different kinds of Yoga such as Hatha, Raja, Kundalini and Jnana Yogas with practical demonstrations of Uddiyana, Nauli, Asanas, Bandhas, Mudras held in the Latvia branch of Divine Life Society. Several people suffering from diseases which could not be cured by medical skill, were completely cured by adopting Yogic Kriyas. But not only physical diseases did people get releaved. Many were cured from ignorance and get faith in the existence of God and Soul.

To the intelligentia was given ample proof of the raison-d’tre of the Science of Yoga. This was possible in such a short span of time chiefly because of the keen interested unceasing assistance we got from Sri Swamiji Maharaj. Were it not for the constant supply of spiritual instructions, letters and books, we could have only a few members at all for the general public wants, of course, always something new.

And it was really once, that for sometime we did not get some new literature, and out of necessity I had to recapitulate several items in my weekly lectures held at our Branch. And I was told by my co-workers that the public evidenced their discontent on this account. Fortunately this did not last for long and we received a lot of books from Sri Swamiji.so that I could say to my nearest co-workers and friends: “Now we are saved, for we have precious spiritual food to sustain us for a considerable period.”

When Sri Swamiji asked me to start the local branch of the Divine Life Society he wrote.

You will do immense good for yourself as well as for others.” When I asked my friend A. Biezals to help me in this missionary work, we could hardly believe that much good would arise from our work, because we ourselves, and especially myself, were only students of Yoga. And not adepts of this Science, secondly we had to start the work in a country which was prejudiced against this noble culture. And now I must attest that Sri Swamiji’s utterance became true from every point of view. It proved prophetic also on many other occasions too. Sri Swamiji’s prophesies became true. A case of distant healing is noteworthy to be mentioned here, A lady who suffered for several years from a disease which the doctors could not cure was in a very short time restored to health simply by waking up early in the morning at 4 a. M. And being attuned to Sri Swamiji’s healing vibrations which Swamiji Maharaj had promised to sent her.

While I myself took active part in the Divine Life Society, I could hardly notice the constant progress of Sri Swamiji’s work. When in 1940 Latvia was occupied by the Bolshevik military forces, our work had to cease, and our vast literature on Yoga and Vedanta in all languages was confiscated. Postal communication too came to an end.

When now after six years of enforced silence I could through God’s Grace again come in contact with India’s saints, sages and Yogis, I was naturally much interested and very keen to know how far has progessed Sri Swamiji Maharaj’s work. And I was greatly surprised and joyed to find that Swamiji Maharaj has in the meantime written quite a lot of books on various topics besides Yoga and Vedant, etc.

Having been out of contact with India for six years I longed to have a feast on Indian Wisdom, but since no money remittances from Germany (the country where the present writer is temporarily living) are accepted by the Post or Banks, I asked Sri Swamiji to send me a few pamphlets, but the Swami in his infinite grace and benevolence sent me two big books, viz., Samadhi Yoga and Sage of Ananda Kutir.

At first I wondered why there are five biographis published about our beloved Master. But a little reflection was sufficient to give the answer. The genius of Sri Swamiji is so many sided that even talented writer could not do full justice in a single volume to the Brahma Rishi of Himalayas. And if we examine the titles of Life and Saying Series we note, that one bears the title Saint Sivananda; another, Sivananda the Yogi of Himalayas; a third, Sage of Ananda Kutir, etc. So evidently one writer has emphasised the Bhakta, the other Yogi and third the Jnani in the complex charactor of our Perfect Master. Regarding the books written in the last six years by Sri Swamiji we find, that Swamiji Maharaj has written not only on Vedic Yoga but also on Tantric Yoga viz., Ananda Lahari. This work has interested many aspirants in the West and it is really a matter for congratulation that such a great authority as Sri Swami ji has published it. It is interesting to note that Swamiji has written books on the two great Indian epics Mahabharata and Ramayana and the classical text on Vedanta and Yoga, viz, Yoga-vasishta Besides these we find books on the Religion of Sri Krishna (Srimad Bhagved Gita, Sangita Bhagvad, etc) and Lord Siva and His worship. The last mentioned will be of interest to the Western student since it contains the Shakti Yoga Philosophy; and some might be intrested in the Philosophy of symbols, a topic which is treated in a special Chapter in the book Lord Siva and His Worship. Sri Swamiji has also written as we see books on medicine viz., Family Doctor and Health and Long Life


Yogiraj Sri Harry Dikman.

Professor Yung, the famous psychologist of Switzerland, has rightly pointed out that we must distinguish between the individual and his personality. The personality is the mask of the individual. The individual shines through the person, but the light of the Purusha is, in most cases obstructed by the illusory sheaths that make up the personality, Hence it is that, as Swami Abhedananda said, the apparent man often seems to disguise himself rather reveal the real man in him. It is like the white light passing through the prism. The white ray reflacted through the prism may manifest different colours, but if we ga. Ther them all together we get the pure white light again. As long as we are not able to collect all the different component colours, we are not in a position to produce the original white colour. Similarly, so long as we have not achieved an integral development of our entire being, the Real Man, the Purusha, is partly manifested through our personality. But the Inner Self, the Atman, can powerfully magnetise man’s personality; even through his physical life the Self manifests itself in all its aspects. This is the statement of Sri Ramana, the Sage of Tiruvannamalai, in the Ramana Gita. That is why Sri Krishna so emphatically stressed the need of Purna Yoga which, includes Karma, Bhakti, Raja and Jnana Yogas as its component parts.

Sri Yogi Shuddhananda Bharati advises us to ‘be centered in.” And Yogi Sri Aurobindo says “Bring the psychic being in front” Both are steps for the same process of spiritual unfoldment. The bee gathers honey in silence Even so the devotees must seek within, first of all for the realization of his Self and afterwards to make the Real or the Divine shine more and more brightly through his personality. This is what we should all aim at. Some succeed in spiritualising some parts of their being. But Sri Siva and Sri Aurobindo have most forcibly stressed the need of an integral development of our essential nature as promulgated by Sri Krishna, the Yogeshwara, in the Holy Gita.

We admire great personalities who have perfectly developed some aspects of their essential nature; for; it is, indeed, very rare to meet a superman of real integral development. A rare example we have in Sri Siva, who is still living among us and whose life is a blessing to hundereds and thousands of aspirants all over the globe.

It is because of this integral development of his Divine Nature that many aspirants with lop-sided views cannot comprehend the real nature of Siva. They are unab), cestimate the integrity of Siva and want to evaluate him by their own narrow standards. So one says that Siva is only a Kirtanist and not a Vedantin, because he pours out thrilling songs in praise of the Lord Others say that Siva is only a Karma Yogi, because he is actively engaged in selfless service for the welfare of humanity! Another says, that Siva is a mere Hatha Yogin, because he performs Asans and Pranayamas with perfect accuracy and mastery over them.

All these expressions do not characterise the real Siva at all; they only prove that one-sided, biased and prejudiced minds cannot properly understand or judge a saint, a sage or a Yogi of real integral development. In the case of Sri Siva, not only is the ‘psychic being brought in front, but a perfect integral development of the entire being has been achieved. His personality has become so transparent that it actually allows the inner spirit to shine through it. The mind, the astral and the physical body are magnetised and divinised by the powerful soul of Sri Siva, so that they could no longer bar the reflection of the Immortal Soul, which resides within the Lotus of the Heart and which is omnipresent at the same time. It is really difficult to speak of a personality when it is transformed by the Inner Reality.

Anyway, the inner Reality uses the Divinely transformed inner instrument (Antah-karana) and the body as well. Further, the activities of a Jivanmukta when manifested in the outer world are bound to assume some forms, and it is in this respect that we can say a few words about the great personality of Sri Sivă, being fully aware that words are finite and that the finite can never express the Infinite, and Siva is infinity Itself.

We have said that Sri Siva’s is an integral develop But for analytical purposes we have to take one ment. Aspect after another for our study.

The first thing that strikes a European student of Yoga, and especially those now living in Germany, is the Swami’s readiness to serve all inquirers with his spiritual advice and books, notwithstanding the fact that people from here have got no possibilities to remit any money outside, Sri Siva, being fully aware of this condition, has undertaken the burden and the sacrifice on himself and is supplying his valuable boots free to his associates and devotees in Germany.

When the present writer objected to His Holiness that it was rather embarrassing to accept more books without paying atleast their price—not to speak of their inner value, which is certainly priceless-the Swamiji’s answer was simple: “Don’t worry about the cost of the books; the Divine work must be continued at all cost”

What a large magnanimous heart our Swamiji Maharaj has! Could you find another man at the present day who will be as kind loving and helpful as Siva? This is his Seva his Bhakti and Jnana too. What is the use of speaking about love, when the heart is dry and every act of extending a helping hand and every attempt at sacrifice is thwarted by the so-called rational voice of the little personality, the ego-self? And how many can boast of having conquered it ? If there were only a few among our statesmen who had conquered the ego and who possessed a heart like that of Sri Siva, what a great difference will there be in our life on this earth; how many worries, miseries, and bloodsheds would have been avoided! No doubt the service of Siva itself may be styled as Karma Yoga but what is it that promts him to do such acts of pure love, knowing fully well that it is a sacrifice which can bring no material remuneration in return? It is nothing but real love. But how and from what did this Divine Love arise, which knows no limits of the ego-centric self? The limited understanding of the present writer would not have been able to solve this enigmatic question, had it not been for the illuminating article of H. H. Sri Swami Tapovanji in the Diamond Jubilee Volume of Sri Siva, when the Swami lifts the veil of this mystery by declaring that it is Sri Siva’s Sarcatma Bhava,

And what is the nature of this Sarvatma Bhava? It is nothing but the highest Advaitic realisation. It is the seeing of the Lord in every creature, it is the perfect vision unobstructed by the false glamour of Maya. It is pure Jnana and Para Bhakti in one. It is the culminating point where Bhakti and Jnana meet together and where it is difficult, nay impossible, to distinguish whether it is Bhakti or Jnana. So in the very life of Sri Siva we have an exemplary proof of the Shastraic statement that Para Bhakti and pure Jnana are but one and not different.


Yogiraj Sri Harry Dikman

No one spiritual teacher has so many disciples, followers and admirers as has Siva to-day. This is due to his unique personality

Owing to the modern system of education which imparts only intellectual knowledge without moral training, the majority of people are now-a-days unfit for a real Yogic or Vedantic discipline. Even more, the very education received by the upper classes makes them physically weak and emotionally supersensitive especially as regards their own dear ego.

It is therefore that many so-called educated men with university degrees are unable to pay the necessary obeisance to the Guru as prescribed in the ancient Shastras

The service of the lotus feet of a Guru is neccessary in order to effect the neccessary internal change and regeneration of the Asuric nature, to assimilate the lofty and sublime teachings of the Upanishads and realise the supreme truth of one’s own being.

Most of the University-bred people cannot stand these tests, even the test of waiting. But even for these people Sri Siva has a compassionate heart. He prostrates first. He advises to offer the visitor good food, knowing quite well that the seeker is not accustomed to the rigid discipline of a monastic life

Further Sri Siva gives his Upadesha at once. He knows the value of time. In this point Siva is quite different from other Gurus. So a great many persons who would otherwise have to wait for one more human incarnation at least, are at once set on the spiritual path by this unique loving and compassionate divine Guru—Sri Siva!

Another most important point why Sri Siva has so many disciples and followers all over the globe is that he does not offer one and the same method of Sadhana to all enquirers alike, as is the case of others who were themselves followers of a single method of Self-realisation only.

If the student happens to be of the same trend of mind as his Guru, then it is alright, but otherwise the as pirant will not be able to profit much by the instructions of the Preceptor even though these instructions might be valuable effective or students of different types Having had personal experience in various forms of Yoga sadhawas Siva is able to render help and give advice to Sadhakas of different temperaments and capacities. Well has it been said by Sri Muruga Das B. A., “people only talk of synthetic Yoga. They do not put it in practice. But there is a man who practises whatever he preaches One may combine service and Bhakti, or Bhaki and Vedanta. But here is a man who practises Karma, Hatha, Raja, Bhakti, Yoga and Vedanta. In his daily life, This is a new thing” (vide Uttara Yogi, Himalayas P. 75).

The following few lines of the same author beautifully characterise the unique personality of Swami Sivananda: “No one has kept such a huge correspondence with all sorts of people of the whole world: children, school boys, college boys, girls, women, Zoroastrians, Christians, Mohammedans, Germans, Latvians. Bulgarians, Amricans, Englishmen etc. Two books “Inspiring letters” and “Light Power, Wisdom” (collections of Siva’s choicest letters) have already been published. His letters in the Divine Life Magazine form the “Treasure of Teachings”. Three such other books are ready for publication. Each aspirant-correspondent has sufficient matter for a volume” (Ibid). 6

Siva is a World Teacher or World Saviour in the truest sense or in the most literal sense of the word. For even children, school boys and the fallen ones can approach Siva. And Siva most lovingly encourages them to mend their ways, advising them to ignore the weaknesses and faults as not belonging to the real part of them and to fix their attention on the indwelling presence, the Atman, who is purity and perfection itself. It is very interesting to note how Sri Siva teaches aspirants. His approach is individual. Beginners are mostly taught Karma Yoga in order to purify their minds, to develop virtues and to possess an active temperament. People whose minds have become pure and tranquil are shut in lonely Kutirs for long. Protracted meditations. As regards the Ashram work everybody is placed in his right place e. G., a cook in the kitchen, a typist in the office etc. But people get also alround training there. Everyone is taught first aid. Sri Siva is an Ashtavadhani. He can do several things perfectly at the same time. This requires perfect Pratyahara (abstraction) and Dharana (concentration). Sri Siva educates his co-workers on similar lines. The typist or office worker is placed in a room where people constantly come in and go out. They must learn to detach their mir.ds from the noise and tumult and keep it firmly fixed on the work. Even a question addressed to them should not throw them out of balance but they should be able to resume their work at once.

For Siva there is no difference whether his disciple is an Indian, European or American.

The present writer has received a similar Upadesha from Sri Siva: “Make a firm habit of practising Pratyahara several times during your daily activities. Do delibrate Pratyahara amidst the din and distractions and try to keep the mind steadily fixed on your work. Also just before you commence Dhyana withdraw yourself completely. Turn the mind fully inward and commence meditation,”

Siva generally advises people to meditate three times daily. His holiness advice to the present writer was: “You may have four meditations, two long sittings, early dawn and eventide and two short periods of Dhyan, one sometime at midday and the other at night before retiring.” This shows that Sri Siva’s teachings and advices are given to suit individual requirements and capacities. Siva himself notwithstanding his multifarious activities meditates five times daily, not to say of short periods during intervals at work.

One great Yogi in French India has shut himself in solitude for several decades and preaches Samuchaya doctrine i e., work and meditation; but people generally either work and do not meditate, or meditate and withdraw completely from activity and do not participate in the affairs of the world. This shows how difficult it is to lead a well balanced life. Sri Siva is himself the best example of Samuchaya doctrine and what more-he has been able to train several of his disciples on these lines and very successfully too.

It is most interesting to note how Siva rectifies defects and weaknesses in the character of his disciples. At first he elaborately describes the positive virtues of his disciples and praises them highly, then in the course of his narrative he touches also the weak points of his character but in a way that it will not hurt the feelings of the aspirant. Then he most lovingly encourages him to root them out and gives practical instructions how best to accomplish the task.

Sri S. R. Padayachie (of South Africa), a devotee of Sri Swami Sivananda.

(On the reverse): An Australian disciple of Sri Swami Sivananda-Miss Ellen Cable.

This is unique and quite different from the ways of other spiritual guides or Gurus. This is no doubt another reason why Siva has so many disciples now-a-days. Again I must reiterate that the modern education has made many a man too supersensitive, especially as regards their own personal ego. Siva knows it too well and in his infinite Grace does not close the doors of heaven even to these spoiled children of God, but as a loving father or kind-hearted doctor, finds a remedy for them also. It is note-worthy for even the most tolerant of Guru have been stern and hard as regards disciplining their Chelas.

We have pointed out that a beginner is generally taught Karma Yoga and an advanced disciple is often shut up in the solitude for long and protacted Dhyana. But if the latter becomes Tamasic he is at once advised to participate in active duties of life such as serving the sick or other beneficient works.

As regards Mantra Diksha one is given to repeat Panchakshara Mantra of Lord Siva, another Dwadasakshara Mantra of Sri Krishna and still another is given to repeat the pure Pranava Mantra. In this respect Swami Siva is like Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa who, actually realised the unity of religions. This extremely laudable trait in Sri Siva’s character has expressed itself also in establishing the All-Word Religions Federation. But while Sri Ramakrishana exemplified the indrawn ascetic and Swami Vivekananda had to play the active part of the missionary work, Sri Swami Siva expresses in his person both the characters of Sri Paramahamsa Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda, for he is devout, kind and loving like the former and untiringly active and dynamic like the latter.


Yogiraj Sri Harry Dikman.

Siva, the indivisible spirit, had in order to help the suffering mankind to assune a body, a mind, senses, Prana etc., in a word, the personality of Sri Swami Sivananda.

Now let us have a peep into the general activities of this great personality i. E., what are the media used by the modern Rishi in order to spread his message to the world at large.

So early as 1936 Swami Sivananda laid the foundation of the Divine Life Society (Divya Jeevan Sangha) in order to spread the message of Divine Life all over the globe. This he did after having completed a life of rigorous Sadhana, most intense Tapasya and all round Yogic Sadhana.

As a bee smells the odour of honey from a long distance, so true Sadhakas felt the odour of the Self-realised Soul of the Great Mahatma, Swami Sivananda, who resided at that time in Swarga Ashrama. The Swami then did not accept anybody as a disciple but he gave every inquirer the needed spiritual instructions, saying that they themselves should practise Sadhanas. But seeing that the world is thirsty for spiritual knowledge, that the Western world is eagerly swallowing every bit of knowledge that falls from the table of Yoga Vidya, the heart of Siva melted and he founded an institution whose aim is to spread spiritual knowledge far and wide and whose principles are broad and universal. It expounds, in a rational and scientific manner the, Yoga of Synthesis.

Now the great Swami accepts disciples and he has over 200 Brahmachari and Sannyasi disciples. New aspirants are admitted, trained and initiated. After having attained realisation and spiritual maturity some are sent for lecturing tours. The Swami himself too had lecturing tours for a decade of years. Students are trained at Ananda Kutir under the direct guidance of Sri Siva. A word from the Master or a mere Darshan is enough to change one’s life and induce him to stick to the spiritual path. They all get inner strength to resist the temptations of Maya. The students get all the necessary training for being fit messengers of the Life Divine. They are taught the art of delivering lectures, they are taught to perform Asanas, Bandhas, Mudras and Pranayamas; they are taught how to conduct Bhajan and Sankirtan. They are taught the Philosophy of Advaita Vedanta and are made proficient in other schools of Indian Phi’osophy also. Further the disciples are taught first aid and some useful medical knowledge too. Since the spoken world, though very powerful indeed if uttered by a man of Self-Realisation, is slowly fading away and forgotten in the bustle and din of the city-life, the students who make propaganda tours are supplied with pamphlets for free distribution. So the Divine Life Society had to open a special section for these free publications. Numerous free publications have reached Germany now as they had formerly reached Latvia, a country which had made contact with the Swamiji since the very foundation of the Divine Life Society A closely related section is the correspondance section. Students and even casual inquirers from all corners of the world get clear and graded instructions on Yoga Sadhana, and solution of difficult philosophical problems. This is a boon to European Sadhakas; for now they can receive advanced lessons on Yoga, they get help and guidance when some difficulty arises as regards their Yogic Sadhana. This is indeed a great help wh.ch the Swami has given to the world. This testifies his broadmindedness tolerance and universal love, all based on the unique realization of “Sarvam Khalu idam Brahma”. It is the natural results of Sarvatma Bhay. Yet till now we had never seen such a full manifestation of Divine Love and Gyana Yajna.

Some authorities on Mantra Yoga have stressed the importance of correct pronunciation of a sacred Mantra. Many Western students are bewildered on this account for there seems no possibility to learn it, because books alone can hardly teach the same. One has to hear the Mantra uttered by a Yegi or a Pandita who knows the Mantra. But only a small minority of the Western Sadhaks can afford a trip to India.

But even here the great Swami has found a very simple method how to render help in this case too. It is by using gramophone records. The Swami had to go over Calcutta and Bombay to take over 20 records of Kirtan, inspired songs, short lectures, spiritual instructions etc. So everyone can hear his master’s voice at home and have Sat Sangh with his Guruji Maharaj even though he may be living in Europe or Africa or Australia.

Among these records we may find the OM chantting and the Maha Mantra also. The first Mantra is generally preferred by European Sadhakas and the last one was used by the Ladies section of the Divine Life Society in Latvia.

For the welfare of Yatris, village folk and Sannyasis Sri Siva has opened a free charitable dispensary. Allopathic, Homeopathic and Ayurvedic medicines are supplied to the sick and ailing patients. Disciples are trained in first aid and nursing the sick,

For the children of the locality and neighbouring villages Sri Siva started a Primary school in 1942. Much improvement has been made in a short period. The staff and the inmates of the Ashram take special care in. Training the students and teaching them lessons on religious lines.

For conducting the Yajnas for the perity of the world the Vishwa Kalyana constructed, peace and proYajna Shala was

For the use of the inmates of the Ashrama and visitors, the Divine Life Society has a library which contains many valuable books from the pen of famous authors of the East and West on Bhakti, Yoga, Vedanta and all Religions in different languages. Regular Pujas are performed in the Vishwanoth Mandir with Vedic rites The Viswanath Mandir has become a popular and powerful spiritual centre which benefits various devotees in all parts of the world and for all visitors and pilgrims.

In order to preserve for posterity all writings and works of Sri Siva, the Sivananda Publication League was started.

The Divine Life Magazine published by the Divine Life Society and edited by Sri Sivaprem contains many articles from the pen of Sri Siva and his diciples. Instructions on Vedanta, Yoga, Bhakti, and translations from Vivekachudamani and Brahma Sutras are found therein.

Inspiring letters, advice to Sadhakas, questions and answers, books reviews are some of the items to be found in this monthly

In order to establish the unity of all religions Siva founded the All-World Religions’ Federation.

The dark forces which have brought untold miseries and calamities in this world of ours have tried to root out religion. In Soviet Russia Churches are converted into Cinemas and stables. In Nazi Germany too. Clergymen were persecuted.

But Sri Siva wants all religions strengthen by the bond of unity and fellow-feeling. Swami Sivananda says:

All religions are essentially one. They are paths to the temple of Divinity. The essentials are the same nonessentials only differ. Respect all Prophets, all religions Never enter into religious debate. Develop broad tolerance and roam about happily.”

Two years after the foundation of the All-World Religions Federation, Siva founded the All-World Sadhus Federation. It aims at bringing about the unification of all holy men, monks, Sannyasins, Fakirs, Bhikshus etc. All over the world.

The renunciates are the very back bone of religion On their strength stands the force of a religion.

The revival of true religion, spiritual education, real uplift work, spreading of unity and harmony between man and man can be done more effectively by Sadhus and Sannyasins. Therefore, the paramount necessity that Sadhus themselves should unite and live in harmony.

Dr. Boss and Dr. Norrell, famous psychologists, and Sri Lila Vlachou, a noted masseur, with Swami Sivananda at the Ashram.

Two disciples from France, along with Sri Lila Vlachou and Sri Tun Hla and Sri Swami Sivananda.


Yogiraj Sri Harry Dikman.

We will now make an attempt to penetrate behind the mystery of how it is possible for him to manage all these institutions and at the same time to write books, keep a vast correspondence and watch the spiritual development of his many disciples and numerous admirers all over the globe. We have noted already that the motive power behind this tremendous work is real Vedantic realisation i. E., Sarvatma Bhav. In the Swami we see the embodiment of practical Vedanta, not dry lip-Vedanta of a merely learned Pandit.

Just as in the case of Lord Buddha, Lord Jesus or Sri Sankaracharya we see that a genuine dynamic work can be done and is done by these supermen only, who have transcended the limits of the narrow ego and who have tapped the source of all powers.

Many of Siva’s devotees and admirers would like to know whether he possesses what is generally called Yogic Siddhis. Siva like all great and Self-realised souls does not make any spectacular manifestation of them.

But I may mention two cases of curing diseases by His blessing.

The one was a lady disciple of Sri Siva in Riga, Latvia, who suffered from a disease which our doctors could not heal. Siva gave some simple advice and asked her to meditate in Brahma-Muhurta. The disease dis appeared in a very short time.

A similar case was with the present writer. He suffered for several years from Hernia. A physician whom he consulted said that in some very rare case the rupture can heal in cases of children but never in adults. On my mentioning the trouble to Sri Siva, His Holiness gave simple instructions viz Sarvangasana and Garudasana and His own blessings. The disease disppeared in a very short time. Two medical examinations could not disclose this ailment any more. I must here note that I had even before practised Sarvangasana but it did not give me a permanent cure, but with the Swamiji’s blessings the disease was cured miraculously.

But let us come back to Siva’s extraordinary working ability. Even a small fraction of his work would keep an ordinary individual fully occupied.

In order to be able to give proper advice and lead the spiritual inquirers, Siva must possess an extraordinary memory. That Siva does remember the need and the state of spiritual development of his disciples and devotees has been attested by many foreign correspondents.

Further even talented authors who have earned a world-wide fame are not always able to produce a masterpiece of work, their minds rebel at times for days, weeks, even months to get the needed inspiration. But Siva is always inspired! This is a marvel!

But the scientific mind will not rest content with these statements, though they are undeniable facts. It will ask how to explain this extraordinary working capacity.

Siva has tried to the best of his abiility to explain this mystery and what more, he sincerely wishes that we too should walk in his foot-steps and become supermen or to be more correct we should become God-men like him.

To go back to our questions regarding Siva’s phenomenal memory and extraordinary working ability we find in his works statements which tally with those of Swami Vivekananda that Brahmacharya or sexual, abstinence is the key to an excellent memory,

As to the second phenomenon ie., his ability to produce inspired thoughts at every given moment, this is but the result of a perfect mastery over his mind. It proves that unlike ordinary man even so called eduacted one’s not excluded, whose minds behave only so often like undisciplined, spoiled children, his mind is like an obedient servant ever ready and willing to obey the behests of its lawful master.

This shows that Siva has successfully mastered the the kingly science of Raja Yoga.

But may I ask, dear reader, how is it possible to the Swami to work ceaselessly for so long a time, how does this tremendous work not exhaust his forces ?

Yes, this is a very serious question indeed. In the biography of Swami Rama Tirtha we find that he had exhausted himself by his work in America,

The secret of an indefatigable dynamic activity is explained in several of Siva’s books, e.g. “Sure Ways for Success in Life and God-realisation” “Concentration and Meditation” “Yogic Home Excercises” etc.

First of all we must learn not to dissipate our forces. This is easier said than done, Energy leaks out through six important rat-holes which are: the hole of reproductive organ, the hole of the mouth, the four holes in the mind viz., the hole through which the energy leaks from unnecessary worry, from unnecessary fear of an imaginary description, from excessive anger and through lustful and idle thoughts.

This important question regarding the conservation of energy is elaborately treated by Siva in Ch. V of his book “Sure Ways for Success in Life and God-Realisation” and it is really worth the while to pay attention to what the Swami advises his aspirants to in order to shut these rat holes, But it is not enough to merely conserve the energys. One must know the art of how to apply it in the most efficient manner to accomplish a given task.

We must be able to fully concentrate our mind on the subject at hand in order to produce the best kind of work. To be able to do this one must have the power to detach the mind from all objects of distraction and put it entirely on the task before him and keep it there for a long time without interruption; in other words one must be a master of Pratyahara, Dharana and Dhayana. Need I say that Sri Siva is a master of all these Yoga Angas ?

And lastly we must have a routine or a plan of work It is no wonder that the Swami who knows the value of time hammers time and again on this important point.

In this connection it would be interesting to note what is Siva’s daily routine.

It is briefly described by Sri Swami Omkarananda, thus.

Siva gets up at 3 a. M.

And meditates for three hour.

He practises Asanas, Pranayama for an hour.

He writes articles,

And attends to correspondence.

He gives interview to the visitors,

At 10 a. M. And 5 p. M.

He teaches Asans and Pranayamas

He serves the visitors.

He distributes work to the inmates;

He visits the dispensary and attends to the patients,

He visits the school and trains children in Kirtan and lectures,

He visits the temple and worships;

He meditates on the Ganges bank in the evening.

He conducts the evening class,

Meditates and retires at 11 p.m.

He is always in Sahaja Samadhi though he is working. (vide: “The Story of An Eminent Yogi”, p. 90)*

But the more I write the more I feel that I have only touched very imperfectly some aspects of Sri Siva, the perfect embodiment of Synthetic Yoga.

I will finish this article with a few words of Sri Swami Venkatesananda a very close disciple of the Master: “Siva is rooted in the Self. Nothing can upset him. On his strength the whole Ashrama derives its strength.

Siva can never displease a man He can never speak a harsh word even to his own disciples. Siva allows people to grow according to their own inclinations and capacities. No doubt he points out the defects of his disciples. Even if their behaviour is highly deplorable Siva never loses temper nor uses abusive language. Even to one who wishes to harm Siva is mild and kind. It is impossible to find an equal to Siva in this respect,”

Siva’s attitude towards evil is one of indifference, The maximum provocation can at best make him silent. That is all Nothing more. He sympathises with him who is at fault. He prays for him He understands the weak points of his disciples and forgives them all He expects better behaviour and improvement from them next time. He fully believes in the saying ‘To err is human, to forgive Divine. ‘

Siva never expects any praise, prostration or worship, but he praises prostrates and serves all. He never expects honour but always gives it. This is a wonderful trait ingrained in Siva.

Siva will praise the good in you but will never condemn your fault. He wishes to convert you to goodness without touching the dark side. He believes that by gradually developing the good the dark side will be completely eclipsed one day or other by the mysterious power of the good in him by the grace of God.

Siva is a cosmic friend. He helps all in their difficulties. For a marriage he is ready with his message. He is ready to cement any difference that may arise between friends, father and son. Husband and wife. Partners in business, workers in the Ashram. He is ready to help you at all times and in all possible ways, “

For Brahmacharis his advice is ‘Give up luxuries Think not of sexual pleasures Never move with the other sex very freely. Even if you have to serve them keep up the Divine Bhav while serving and get away from them the moment the service is over. Never enact the mental drama of sex indulgence. This will lead you to the deep abyss of destruction. Be moderate in your enjoyments. Keep yourself ever busy. Do not give room for suspicion. Ever introspect. Be vigilant. Then alone you can keep up your vow’.

His dynamism is simply marvellous. His capacity to work is astounding His desire to serve humanity is dumbfounding. How shall I describe Siva? The more I want to say about him the more remains to be said. Over a dozen authors have attempted to describe, but all of them have failed miserably. Language is imperfect. Life is short to put into practice or make the world understand his real worth.”

Never perhaps in history has the world seen such a loving and benevolent Guru as His Holiness 108 Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswati.

May his blessings be upon all of us !

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Shri Yogiraj Harry Dikman

Now, Siva’s name is rapidly becoming popular in India, Europe, Africa and America. The popularity outside his own motherland is rapidly spreading after the foundation of the Divine Life Society.

Branches in India and Europe are rapidly increasing in number. The Indian philosophical systems have proved on sound reasoning that every effect has its cause and is nothing but the outcome of this very cause. It is therefore natural that we ask, what is the reason of Sri Swamiji’s unprecedented success and influence.

My Hindu brothers aptly call him the Beaconlight of Rishikesh and probably this is the best definition It is because of his great wisdom that truth-thirsting souls are drawn to him.

It is because of his knowledge of Yogic Kriyas that Yogic students, especially from the West try to quench their thirst for Yoga Vidya at Sri Swamiji’s Lotus feet. India has long enough dazzled the West with the light of Vedanta and the best minds of Europe like Prof. Max Muller, Dr. Deussen, Arthur Schopenhaur, Ralph Emerson and Prof. Hopkins of America have paid their tribute to the Vedanta Philosophy. The classical Upanishads and the Gita have nowadays been translated in almost all European languages. The message of Vedanta especially in its dynamic form as propounded by Swami Vivekananda bad a great appeal for the West. Firstly, because the life in the doctrine of sin as stressed in the dogma of the Churchianity (I do not say Christianity) has been felt as something for eign to the soul awakening dogma and one is really relieved when one hears the Vedantie dictum “Tat Twam Asi” or “Soham”, “Sivoham or “Aham Brahmasmi”.

But philosophy does not necessarily mould one’s. Behaviour. One may develop a double personality i. E one may think noble thougts but when the senses are attracted by objects one may lose his self-control and give up his good resolves. This is the case with a great majority of people in the West. Now what is needed is a scientific system which would be able to remould the entire human being, to effect not only the intellect but change and remould the mind and the vital and completely subjugate the senses. Such a system is known as Yoga. And if the Indian genius would have produced nothing but Yoga it would still be the greatest and noblest achievement that humanity could boast of for a philosopher’s stone can change only a base metal, but Yoga can change the weak, the depressed, the sinful, into a strong pure Immortal Self.

Now a European seeker after Truth and selfdevelopment can hardly get any good treatise on prac tical Yoga in Europe. There is a lot of misleading literature and only a few worthwhile works.

Even if an aspirant is happy enough to get these latest ones, he is still faced with the following difficulties the first and foremost is the exact technique of the differ ent Kriyas whether they are Asanas, Mudras and Pranayama or Pratyahara, Dharana and Dhyana; next comes the daily routine viz, how long to perform every exercise and in what order. Even then the Sadhaka still doubts whether he is progressing or not and is haunted by various doubts and weaknesses. Now shri Swamiji comes and extends graciously his helping hand as a friend, father and Guru. He has foreseen all the above difficulties of the Western students and seeing that the only way under present condition is to completely abandon all egoistic thought (which the Swamiji, I am sure had burnt long ago. During his long years of Tapascharya on the banks of the holy Ganga in order to selflessly share the fruits of his long continued Yoga Sadhana) and seeing the difficulties of the European aspirants the most merciful Siva has written valuable books on Yoga, has published the letters from and his answers to aspirants since many doubts are similar to many Yogie aspirants and one simply wonders how it is humanly possible for him to go through the many enquiries from students all over the world and to answer their letters and correct the spiritual diaries from thousands of disciples.

It is for this that we can call Him a World Teacher, a Jagut Guru. Hail, Hail to such an exalted soul, the Lord of compassion, the all merciful Siva

It is the Divine plan that when a Jagat Guru appears, simultaneously with him appear some Mukta Purushas, who help to enact the Divine Leela.

To such great souls I would humbly request to merve the lotus feet of our Lord Siva relieving him as far as possible from the burden of multifarious works; for what a disciple can do the Master must be relieved of in order to enable him to do a greater work. And lastly only a few words to my European brothers:

Let us not only say Siva is great, Siva is merciful but pot in practice what Siva says and Siva will be more Jileumed”.


Yogi Raj Harry Dickman

Swami Sivananda is the greatest spiritual person ality now living in this world of ours. I have not seen Swamiji personally, but his love I am feeling and seeing almost every day.

An acquaintance of mine Mr. Zosgne was suffering from an ulcer in his left lung near the heart. He was suffering from a long time. He was in a German Hospital and the physicians had pronounced the case as hopelesa. His devoted wife with tears in her eyes, in utter despair and despondency, approached me and painfully said, “It is only you who can help me.”

I answered, “It is only one who could help you”, and spoke about Swami Sivananda, a great Sage and a Yogi. I told her, when she implored me to write to Swamiji that if the letter reached His Holiness in time, her husband would be saved.

The physicians were of the opinion that the patient would not be able to endure an operation; and indeed the Camp’s physician was certain about it. Another physician with whom I had a talk told me that the operation would be very difficult and there was little chance of success I wrote to Swamiji, and, lo, a miracle was wrought. By the Grace and Special Blessings of His Holiness the patient had undergone a very serious surgical operation without the slightest danger and with full success. The Patient is now enjoying good health; he is hale and hearty and resumed his job This is a wonder, a marvel and nothing short of the impossible made possible. The noble couple are indebted to Swamiji for his Gracious blessings and spiritual help. They do not know English and so are unable to express their gratitude directly.

Shri Ramakrishna Parmahamsa once said, “Let one speak of love no more, let one manifest it in deeds. How great and compassionate is Swami Sivananda. The love of this Master and spiritual Guide is unbounded. I am so happy to note His Holiness’ divine powers.



This Branch held a conference at the closing of the season. Colonel A. Kmenis made in a masterly way the conference a very interesting one. He delivered thrilling lectures. His speech induced other members also to speak. Many told interesting stories of how they were drawn to and became members of the Yogic Section of the Divine Life Society. Mr. Harry Dikman, the President of Branch, delivered lectures on Hatha Yoga and a series of an introduction inte Jnana Yoga. Regarding the lives of great Mahatmas he delivered a lecture on the life and teac ings of Sri Swami Sivananda. Brothers A. Baiezais delivered a lecture on the philosophly of Ramana Maharashi. He also delivered a series of lectures on Jnana Yoga and two lectures on Pranayama. The spiritual awakeing in Riga is all due to the indefatigable efforts of Mr. Harry Dikman and his colleagues, Brothers A Baiezais, A Dolphy and others.


Shri Yogi Raj Harry Dickman

Sri Swami Sivanandaji’s recent publication viz. MOKSHA GITA is a valuable contribution in the field of Vedantic literature.

In the short laconic verses which resemble the Sutras of the early Sutrakaras, we find a mine of superb Adhyatmic knowledge and wisdom. Even a student of the Swamiji’s most excellent works, like “Vedanta In Daily life” and “Practice of Vedanta” will find the MOKSHA GITA excelling by shining pearls of wisdom not to be found elsewhere.

The practical side of Sadhana too is treated in a new way though not diverging from the ancient path as chalked out and trod by the Vaidic Rishies of Yore.

The search after Truth, the Nature of Maya, the Nature of mind, the Nature of Avidya, the nature of the Universe, the Process of Sadhana, the Five Sheaths, the state of Jivanmukti, Brahma Upadesh, the Process of Sadhana and Realisalion of the Self are some of the chief topics the book deals with.

The Sutras of the Swami Sivananda are masterly well commented by Siva’s illustrious disciple Krisha nanda.

May this book find a wide circulation among earnest seekers after Liberation (Moksha).

Rev. Ralph Richard Kaithahn and his daughter, with Sri Swami Sivananda.

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Shri Yogiraj Harry Dickman

The small booklet of Swami Sivananda entitled “Siva Ratri”. How sublime and beautiful! How masterly he has dealt with the theme. It has roused my feelings for and devotion to Lord Siva. How enlightening is His Holiness’ explanation that Siva is God in the unseen transcendental form (if that can be called a form at all) and that Krishna is the Lord in the visible form. There are very interesting chapters in this booklet. I have read Swamiji’s “Essence of Bhakti Yoga” with great interest. It throws many interesting points on concentration and therefore will be of interest to Raja Yogins too.

I am so happy to see Swamiji’s “Brahma Sutras”, not only because I have in my possession one of the mest authoritative texts of Vedanta but even more so for His Holiness has written commentaries on Pras thanatraya and is following the tradition of ancient Rishis. I am overjoyed at the nectarine instructions that His Holiness’ letters contain. It is a wonder how he accomplishes multifarious works.

I sincerely believe that nowadays there is no more selfless man (if I dare to call his Holiness, a man for he has by far transcended the limitations which we find in beings called human) than he is, the Lord of is, my heart! Lord of

The second part of Brahma Sutras contains many interesting topics viz., the mode of departure of the soul of an ignorant man, of a knower of Saguna Brahman and that of a fully realised soul, a knower of Nirguna Para Bahman. This and many more other topics one rarely finds in other treatises on Vedanta.



Shri Yogiraj Harry Dickman.

The institution of Sannyasa or Renuuciation is a very old one. We find a mention of it in the Hindu epics. But most probably it is even older than the time of Mahabharata and Ramayana. In the Atharva Veda we find the Sirovratam the head-vow. This refers to the ceremony in which the head is shaven while one embraces the order of Sannyasa.

According to Shri Sankaracharya, Sannyasa in necessary for attaining Self-realisation. The Sannyasi can devote the whole time to scriptural study and religious meditation. He is a whole-timed sadhak. He can avoid the temptations of the world its multifarious attractions and distractions. And

The Sadhu community is a heterogeneous and complex one. There are various cults and secs. There are Dasa Nama Sannyasins who are followers of Sri Sankaracharya, Sri Ramakrishna Mission Sannyasins, the Sat Sangis, Kabhir Panthis, Dadu Panthis, Vairagis, Gorakhnath sects, Nirmalas, Niranjana Akada Sannyasins, Nagas and others.

The Ramakrishna Mission Sannyasins are well known in the West also. The followers of Yogada Sat Sanga are becoming popular in America now-a-days. The illustrious Sannyasi Sri Siva is becoming famous in all parts of the world. Such is the glory of Sannyasa

The monks’orders in Christendom have some resemblance of the order of Sannyasa. They too are orders of renunciation.

Notwithstanding these facts there are men both in the East and West who doubt the necessity of this holy order and some of them would like to see it abolished altogether.

I do not mean here the charvakas and Prakritivadins of East and the materialists and communists of the West. These are men with brutish instincts, deep sunken in the mire of delusion. Their only God is mammon, they offer their worship to nothing but brutal force. But I mean here some religious reformers and their followers in the West and some one-sided and biased Karma Vadins of East.

These people ask the silly question: “What will happen to the world if all people would embrace Sannyasa; will it not perish, will not then all humanity become extinct?” It is obvious that these people are deluded; by their own preconceived ideas the mind has played its tricks on them.

We could equally well put the question: “What will happen to the world if all men become doctors, lawyers, professors or soldiers”? We all know that will never be, just as it is quite impossible that all people would suddenly become Sannyasins.

But why not to put the diametrically opposite question, viz., What will happen to the world, if all people would become wordly, if all Sannyasins, Sadhus, Mahatmas, Yogis and Jnanis would be wiped out, all monasteries destroyed, all churches and temples closed, when even in the jungles and caves then would not be even a single saint or Sage? What will then happen to humanity? Who will then check the ego-centred activities and animals instincts, who will then show the way out of darkness, who will then come forward and preach to the masses the gospel of love and compassion and prevent each one from trying to kick his neighbour down in wild competition ?.

Yea, then a monstrous disaster will encounter this world of ours in no time. Men would not only become beasts, but owing to their intelligence and unscrupulous egotism would far exceed the most ferocious Bengal tiger. That this is no exaggeration has been seen by what happen ed when religion was abolished both in Soviet Russia and by their worthy rivals, the Nazis in Germany

So, after a little deliberation and discrimination we must come to the conclusion that the Sannyasa-ashrma is a real necessity if humanity is to evolve towards its noral and spiritual destination.

Martin Luther the great reformer of the church as formerly a Catholic monk. The followers of Luther and other Protestant churches and sects have no monasteries now, simply because Martin Luther witnessed some immoral practices which had crept into the monasteries. And indeed is it not like a blasphemy that the monks of several Roman Catholic orders eke their liveihood by producing and selling intoxicating liquors? The fact that these famous beverages bear on the etiquette initials having devotional meaning make them not less intoxicating.

It is realy a shame that these monks are the seducers of wordly people. I have not heard that such thing happen or practised in Hindu Monasteries. Further sexual vices were also observed in some European Monasteries. These were probably the chief reasons why Martin Luther a sincere and god-fearing monk left the monastry. And even now-a-days the various denominations and sects of the Protestant church have no monasteries.

But if we ask the question, how many really saintly figures have been produced by those cults or churches which have orders of monks and nuns and by those that have them not, we must admit that their number is by for greater than former than in the latter.

It is quite evident that the monasteries notwithstanding all their shortcomings have facilitated the growth and development of spirituality. The reason is not far to seek. In the monastery the monk is detached from wordly influences, his life is dedicated to the service of the Lord. He can spend his whole time in prayer and meditation. The worldly obligations do not bind him.

As to the negative sides observed in the monasteries in Europe viz., fabrication of alcoholic beverages and sexual vices we have to say the following. In the first case there is no excuse in the case of the monasteries. The monasteries must set a good example, before the man of the world and execute its livelihood by honest means, That this has happened means that there were either black sheep in the flock or the leaders of the monastery were not the proper persons themselves. It is a sad thing that some people have resorted to the hermitages with other motives but seeking God and Truth.

As regards the sexual practices sometimes noticed behind the walls of the monasteries we should at first ask do these things not happen in the world too? If so why to blame the monasteries alone? In monasteries live both Saints and sinners. The latter are struggling to attain to sainthood. The sex-instinct is one of the strongest and most compelling instinct implanted by nature in man and it is not easy to conquer it. However a really saintly leader should be able to help a real aspirant. We know from the life of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa that he actually relieved from the trouble one of his direct disciples. Sri Sai Baba did the same. The Hindu Mutts and Ashrams are in this respect more fortunate than the Christian monasteries. The latter have only fasting and prayer and a simple austere life as their only spiritual practices. They may help in many but not in all cases. The results thereof are the shortcomings referred above.

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A group of Greecian tourists with Swami Sivananda. On the extreme left is Sri Lila Vlachou of Greece.

Foreign disciples of Swami Sivananda with Sri Swamiji, in the Divine Life Society’s Garden.

Spiritual Sadhana is an uphill work. You must have tremendous patience perseverance.

The Hindu hermitages headed by and practical Yogis know about the learned Swamis scientific yogic technique of how to handle the problems and how to transmute the sex energy into spiritual power called ojas. They tackle the problems of sex both mentally and physically. The physiological approach so minutely elaborated in the treatises on the science of Hatha Yoga is unknown in the Western monasteries. This knowledge would be a rare blessing in many cases not only in the Western monasteries but in Western schools and colleges also.


Thanks to the Lord that many eminent European schools like Dr. C. Young of Switzerland have highly eulogised the science of Hindu Yoga. It is hoped that in near future the knowledge of Yoga will penetrate the masses here also. Really the European public evince a great deal of interest towards this ancient science, when only a true teacher appears. Unfortunately, when a real teacher graced Europe, his stay was but brief.

A vast misleading literature written by unreliable authors has done much harm, especially by creating disbelief and doubt in critically-minded men.

We do not know whether the Founder-President of the Divine Life Society His Holiness Sri Swami Sivananda ji Maharaj has any plans to send some of nis trained disciples to Europe or not. If he were intent to do so, it would be a blessing to us. It would do much in spreading the message of Yoga in the West. The disciple, however, must be ready for sacrifice in the form of encountering difficulties. The work in Europe will be far more difficult than in America, for America is rich and there it is easier to establish a Society. Secondly the representative must be well versed in the theory and practice of Yoga. Mere philosophy and Kirtans would not be enough to pave the road with bricks of success in this country where materialism and scepticism has had its way for a long time. But if for some reason or other this were not in the future plans of the Swami ji Maharaj we ought to be grateful for the vast literature written by him on the science and art of yoga, and allied subjects. Thanks to Siva this ancient holy science is no more a mystery, its tenets and practices are now available to everybody who will but sacrifice a little time for the study of the rare works of the Swami ji.

There are some men of an active temperament who think that men who put on the garb of a Sannyasis are lost to the world, that they become useless to society.

We might ask a counter-question viz.. how many grihastis are there who can be said to be of real service to humanity? Does every worldly man prove to be of a real welfare and benefit to mankind? Does a college or University student during his college career make any contribution to the welfare of humanity at large? Certainly not, this life period viewed from the purely utilitarian stand-point seems useless. Only one who has finished his studies and assumes a post, his life may be of some social value. Even so no one can deny the necessity of spending some years in seclusion for a would-be saint or sage. The year spent in a silent cave or a jungle hermitage in deep communion with the Divine Self or Para Brahman can in no way be called useless.

We all know fully well that the Swami had his Tapascharya extending over a decade of years in Himalayas. Afterwards he emerged as the dynamic Yogi whc astonished the world with his intense activity in various fields of science, Religion and Philosophy. What worldly man could in such a short span of time write such a great number of books on different topics, establish a Society with twelve departments, lay foundation and organise the All World Religions Federation, teach hundreds of disciples orally and thousands by correspondance, supervise the constructive works of Viswanath Mandir, the Bhajan Hall, Yoga Sadhana Kutirs, Kaivalya Guha, Yoga Museum etc., This is quite impossible for a grihasti whose time and energy is divided between his work and his wife and children.

A sannyasi and only a sannyasi can be selfless worker, offering his whole being, his whole time in service of the Lord in the form of men.

How could Siva a penniless Sannyasi build an Ashram, a Mandir, publish books? This seems a wonder. It is because of Siva’s utter selflessness. People instinctively feel that the money offered would never be used for selfish end but for some high ideals only. Money pours to those who have conquered the desire for it. This has been beautifully explained by Swami Vivekananda in his commentaries on Patanjalis Yoga Sutras and it is actually verified in the glorious life of the Himalayan Saint Siva.

May people understand the glory of Sannyas and pay their homage and tribute to this Maha Tyagi and Sannyasi!

On this sacred day of Sri 108 Swami Sivananda Sannyasa Silver Jubilee I offer my humble tribute to the lotus feet of the Saint, Sage and Yogi adoring the sacred Himalayas from where he is spreading Light, Love and Wisdom to all world. I join in the chorus of those devotees who pray for his long life W

May Siva’s blessings be upon us all !



(A lecture by Yogi Raj Sri Harry Dickman)

We have assembled here to day to celebrate the 52nd Birthday of one of the greatest spiritual luminaries now living among us, I mean the Paramahamsa Sri 108 Swami Sivananda Saraswati. I shall not speak much about his Poorva Ashrama, since you all know sufficiently well about it, and secondly our chief interest is concentrated about Sri Swamiji’s spiritual work in his recently established Divya Jiven Sangha which has taken deep roots not only in Indian soil but also in Europe as well.

Only one thing I would like to mention regarding Mahatmaji’s Purva Ashrama life : that His Holiness was a famous Physician Dr. Kuppusway lyer. We often hear people saying: “I underwent a serious operation, were not the physician a friend of mine, or a colleague from the University, I would be since long dead. Thanks to the constant vigilance, I was saved from the clutches of death.” This clearly shows that most physicians are more interested for money than for the welfare of their patients. Not so was it with Dr. Kuppuswami lyer. In serious cases he kept vigils at the bed of serious ailing. Patients: he himself administrated medicines and food. And this not only when the patient was his acquaintance: no, every man’s life was dear to him. No wonder that he cured cases pronounced as hopeless by other physi cians, but still the more it is wonder to find now-a-days such a rare soul who speaks little of love but whose very life is a constant self-sacrifice and uninterrupted emanation of Divine Love. Early Dr. Kuppuswami Iyer renounced the world and took Sannyasa, taking his lieneage from Sri Sankaracharya’s famous disciple Sri Sureshwaracharya.

In our country there exist for some years a Yoga Society whose aim is to teach the practical side of Yoga. Secondly the aim of the Society is to teach the real technique of Yoga as taught by Indian Gurus and not any American or European adaptation or pseudo Yogism.

We here became acquinted with His Holiness Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj and his writings quite recently. But this contact produced marvellous changes in the activities of the “Yoga Society”. The Society was in reality regarding her activities and lectures as a Branch of Siva’s “Divya Jivan” of Rishikesh. At once Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj captured the greatest number of the Yoga students of our Society. The reasons are not for to seek. The Leaders of the Society are equally, if not more, grateful to Sri Swamiji. There had been taught several Yogic Kriyas to the members. There is a revival of Hatha Yoga in modern India. The Leaders of the Society have trained the students in the fundamentals of Hatha Yoga. The results were laudable indeed.

At this stage the writing of Sri Swamiji such as ‘Yoga Asans’ ‘Kundalini Yoga’ and ‘Science of Pranayama’ were indeed god-sent. Again there was a demand for mind culture and Adhyatmic Yoga. Here again Siva’s ‘Practice of Yoga’ and his unique interpretation and method of teaching of Raja Yoga as evinced in his ‘Mind’ Its Mysteries and Control”, and “Raja Yoga”, supplied our need In short the Yoga Society of Latvia through the teachings of Siva received a strong impetous and is looking forward boldly for grand achievements regarding mental, ethical and spiritual culture.

We know quite well the eagerness of our public for books on Yoga, their constant demands for something more, for something higher, for more practical isntructions Many a time I have heard people saying “I would like to practice Yoga, but since the literature available is so meagre, I do not dare to do so since the knowledge we can get from the few books published here on Yoga is too scanty.”. Some others say: “I dare not to mpractise Yoga withont a Guru.” There is much truth in these statements. Books on Yoga are few and those dealing with the practice of Yoga still less. Such is or rather was the state of affairs. Such was our plight. But just as in days of yore Lord Siva came to save the Devas from their plight by drinking the poison, so now-a days Sri Swamiji comes to our rescue, to save us, to extend his helping hand, with His divine smile and encouraging word, lifting up the depressed, imparting stren-gth to the weak, and wisdom to the ignorant.

Renounce the World and realise the Self.Sivananda.

Europe badly needs works on Yoga, which would supply the traditional technique. Here again Siva’s books supplied the long felt need. Several Swamis have visited America and taught the technique of Yoga. Unfortunately the Swamis do not like to stay in Europe. Again books, excellent as they may be, raise questions in the mind of the Sadhak. Siva came as a Divine Friend to help us in our difficulties. There are Swamis who think that it is but natural that a Sadhak is troubled by questions and on this ground deem it to be unprofitable to extend a helping hand. There are Yogis who are interested in great masses and would be indifferent if a single individual approached them with his difficulties.

Oh! How different is Siva in these matters. The most merciful Swami Sivanandaji has offered free his deep knowledge He has sent advices to many European Sadhaks He has given instructions to various students in Europe on how to remove the diseases of body, mind and soul. It is a wonder of wonders how Siva can accomplish this especially if one remembers that Siva has great many followers in India, that he writes in many Indian monthlies and weeklies. We here simply wonder how it is humanly possible to write so many books, to train students in all directions, to conduct Kirtans and public lectures and to serve the sick and the poor. Yes, the world needs Siddha Jnanis, and Siva is such a one!

One striking feature in Siva’s instructions to his aspirants is that he gives what the aspirant wants. It is not so with other saints. They often impart the instructions dealing with the path they themselves like. Siva is quite different. He gives instructions on Hatha Yoga for Hatha Yogins, advice on Raja Yoga for aspirants of Raja Yoga and Upadesh for Bhaktas and Jnana for the advanced students.

It is a well known truism that a nation perishes if it loses purity. The ancient Lativans were famous for their purity. Even before war time Brahmacharya was strictly observed by the unmarried. During the war time the foreign invaders gave very bad example of licentious living. I do not hope to restore this ideal to its former pristine glory. Yes, I shall do what I can: I shall work without thinking much of the results. There are several eminent scholars in Europe who have written voluminous works on the importance of Brahmacharya. Yet they do not give instructions as to how to maintain or keep up Brahmacharya. Now the mode of living is quite different owing to foreign influence. Sincere efforts are made by the Government of Latvia to infuse the ancient Latvian spirit. This is good no doubt, one thing is quite obvious, it will save from a greater downfall. But if one wants to keep up Brahmacharya in our present condition one must know well the science of Yoga and its various parts such as Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and a knowledge of Hatha Yogic Kriyas such as Uddiyana, Nauli, Bandhas, Sirshasana and Sarvangasana. The Hatha Yoga Sadhanas have already been taught here: the public was quite enthusiastic in receiving them and men of high status practise Hatha Yoga as a means for ethical culture and moral uplift.

Now the members of the Yoga Society of Latvia want to progress furthur and at this stage Sri Swami Sivanandaji’s works: “Raja Yoga” “Practice of Yoga” (two volumes.) Mind Its Mysteries and Control: and Vedanta in Daily Life” are really god sent. We have now stuff for study and practice quite sufficient for some years.

SWAMI SIVANANDA WITH DR. AUDREY KARGE RE who visited the Sage’s Ashram at Rishikesh.

Sri Swamiji says: What the world needs is Siddha Jnanis or Yoga Jnanis” The import of this short statement can hardly be grasped by a causal reader. Let all my intimate co-workers know sufficiently well how true this is. There are now-a-days several Mutts and Ashramas where learned Swamis generously impart the teachings of Vedanta to every earnest seeker be a Hindu European or American. If we look back at the humble work done here at Riga, we note that at first we stressed Vedanta and later Yoga. The reason is not far to seek. First, we have to impart a correct notion about the real nature of Soul-the true man. We had first to get rid of the notion that man is a born sinner, a worm crawling on earth and the remedy was the Vedantic Mahavakyas: “Tat Twam Asi” “Soham,” Sivoham”. The European reader eagerly and gladly receives such Vedantic teachings. Of course it is more agreeable to believe that the soul is divine and strong, and not a wretched, miserable being.

But to do real Vedantic Sadhana is a difficult thing and few Europeans are Adhikarins for it. I just agree with Major Brown who states in his book “Yoga Explained” for a small minority (in Europe) Vedanta is advised but for the vast majority Hatha Yoga should be prescribed.

In the “Yoga Paracharak” I wrote a similar statement that for Europeans no other system can hold equal admiration as Raja Yoga and Hatha Yoga. As regards Hatha Yoga several admirable attempts are being made by worthy students of Hatha Marga to show the raison d’etre of Hatha Yoga. Unfortunately they left their work unfinished. Thanks to Sri Swamiji who pushed the work still further. Swami Sivanandaji has written the most complete book on “Yoga Asanas” containing about 90 Yogic poses. Further the European student can hardly get a book on the practice of Raja Yoga. Swami Sivanandaji’s book “Raja Yoga” will be highly appreciated by the European seekers after Truth.

It is indeed quite uncommon to find a Sat Guru who is able to teach with the same love and sympathy, Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga as Bhakti and Jnana Yogas.

And yet how badly the world needs such Gurus. Thanks to the Lord who sent us such a Sat Guru and our love and gratitude may we lay at His Lotus feet !

There are Swamis working in the West but they are specialists in Vedanta and Bhakti Yoga. When one approaches them with intricate questions on Raja Yoga they rather mislead the inquirer. Thanks to the Lord that we have even in these days a spiritual giant who is well versed in Hatha, Raja, Bhakti, Karma and Jnana Yogas. Even this would not be of much avail if the Paramahamsaji would be indifferent to his European disciples; but Sri Swamiji takes as loving care of his European disciples by correspondence, pamphlets, books, etc., just as his Indian disciples. Indeed we Europeans till now had not such opportunity to study Yoga. In this connection I would like to draw attention to Sri Swamiji’s recent work “Practical lessons on Yoga”. The work is dedicated to Western as well as Eastern students of Yoga. There, however, the Swamiji has taken special care of European students, their interests etc. What is note-worthy is that the system of exercise remains the same for Eastern as well as Western students and on page 116, the revered Swamiji emphatically declares that Hatha Yoga is suited to Europeans no less than to our Hindu brothers. No one need entertain any more prejudice against Yoga Asanas and other Yogic Kriyas. No one can complain in Europe now-a-days that he cannot practise Yoga, The Yoga Sutras are now available and a most living Yogi Raj will give you advice. In this connection I would like to mention two books “Inspiring Letters” and “Conversation on Yoga” which emody the answers on knotty prob lems pertaining to various Yoga Margas.

I feel that my words are too feeble to describe even to a very small extent the greatness and glory of the Maha Purusha adorning the sacred precincts of “Ananda Kutir” Rishikesh, in Himalays, and the only excuse for the attempt a thing which exceeds my power and strength is the sole wish to draw the attention of earnest seekers of Truth to a source where they will be able to quench their thirst, a source where they will be able to dissolve their egos and obtain the precious jewels of Atma, a Divine source of knowledge. If one wants in these days to know something about the kingly Yoga as taught by Patanjali Maharishi I can but advise again go to none else but Sri Swami Sivananda Swaraswati Maharaj | And if one has already studied the works of Swami Vivekananda and Swami Ram Tirtha and wants to know the intricacies of Vedanta, he will simply be delighted to study Sri Swami Sivananadaji’s “Fractice of Vedanta” and “Vedanta in Daily Life” We here pray that the Lord may grant long life to our blessed Guruji His Holiness Sri 108 Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj that we may have time enough to quench our spiritual thirst.

GLORY to such exalted souls! May the blessings of Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj be on all of us.




(Srimati Anna Plaudis Latvia)

(Srimati Anna Plaudis was a great philanthropic Divine Life worker in Latvia and was the very soul of the Society’s Branch there, She was the first Sadhaka in Europe who had a keen longing for making direct contacts with Siva or his disciples at least and learn Yoga by personal instruction. She had invited Siva’s disciples, and, to equip them with a knowledge of Latvian, had sent a set of gramophone-records in the languagepublishers.

Last year it was a pleasant duty for me to express my heartfelt wishes for the health and happiness of Swami Sivananda in connection with his 52nd Birthday celebrations.

To-day I have to stress the fact that his life and teachings have really become a guide and inspiration to many persons Days come and go, and are all alike. We have made the habit of living mechanically. Our lives are closely interlaced with the lives of the few persons we see constantly. It seems that we are prisoners, fettered to our property and wealth. We grumble over every trifle, and cling to the earth. There are so many s uper-educated people now-a-days who believe in nothing. They do not think of placing their animal passions subservient to the will of their higher mind and to strugg le for the ascendency. Emotions, passion and desires overpower the divine portion of our natures. The higher intellect and intution assume the retreat.

No vision of truth or no vision of God is possible without annihilating the ego.


In our onward sweep towards darkness and crime, inertia and indifference, evil and destruction, we do not always notice the opposite power that suggests perfection and divinity. Count Leo Tolstoy, the great Russian writer, said that the sole purpose of his life was to be better. And all his life was sacrificed to find out the “Invisible Presence.”

This “Invisible Presence” is known by many names: Energy, the Good, Absolute, the Ultimate Principle, the Great Spiritual Law, God, etc; But the scientist, the moralist, the metaphysician, and the Indian Sage agree upon the fact that this “Invisible Presence” governs and regulates the whole universe.

Truth seems to be the same everywhere. All western and oriental religions seem to enjoin everyone to have faith in the “Invisible Presence”.

Swami Sivananda is among those who are filled with longing to serve the “Invisible Presence”. Although an educated man, his heart was not set on worldly treasures, but rather on those which neither moth nor rust could destroy. His life is one of hard work and effort, and still filled with a sweet sense of peace. And perfect peace seems to rise from his books, especially those that tell of the burning desire to start life anew. These commonsense and sober ideas for the spiritual uplift of men are really great. They throw certain guiding hints not only for orientals, but they disclose the affinity between India and some western countries.

Even some Latvians have realized the value and significance of the essential fact that the Vedic religion contains a pristine purity. The Vedas are a considerable help in bringing out the true reality throwing aside false notions. Some of Swami Sivananda’s books are interestting because they cover certain vital points in successful living. In our country they are much appreciated for the simplicity of style and depth of thought. Out of these books come strength and hope to the readers.

A nice point in Sri Swami Sivananda’s character is that he does not fret over the future or the past, and it is a matter for rejoicing, he does not object that conversion to Christianity are becoming common in his motherland. Some Latvians worship Swami Sivananda as a Guru, and though the teachings of Vedas is not dominant in Europe, it has sunk in the heart of some Europeans. It seems that westerners and orientals begin to penetrate each other fusing the two ways of life, thereby restoring to the humanity a natural-and healthful life, of Siva-The Master of Successful Livingo-operation.

In Latvian minds at any rate this kind of co-operation evolves. Perhaps that is because the Latvian and Hindu spiritual structure still remains fairly intact. There will be no wholesomeness for higher intellect and spirituality till we sit down again to real co-operation and the concentration of all energies on meeting our real needs.

There are excellent passages in Sri Sivananda’s books concerning these needs. There is much clear and enthusisastic writing. The all-important question is considered. The books are worth reading for the good in them. And they could be strongly recommended to the reader, whether a Hindu or Foreigner.

Swamiji’s letters give us great satisfaction. I am sure that his heartfelt sympathy and his instructions will remove our doubts on different spiritual subjects and on different points.

His books will clear our understanding of the fundamental points of Yoga and will enable us to enter into the depths of his teachings.

I should like to charge with his wrirings and ideas whole Riga and Latvia.

May the Almighty bless our Swamiji with a long life.


(Mrs Anna Dolfij)

(Srimati Anna Dolfij was the President of the Latvian Branch of the Divine Life Society-Ladies’ Section, She was in a great measure responsible for the spread of Siva’s Message in Latvia. She and the other members of the Section worshipped Lord Krishna with the same devotion they had to Lord Jesus, repeated the Dwadasakshara, Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya. They were Indians at heart).

We have gathered this assembly for a festive purpose. We are celebrating a birthday with such marks of honour and congratulation as are due from devotees to a spiritual teacher and adviser.

No one of the ladies present here has ever seen or met the person in question. The knowledge we have got is derived through the medium of written letters and books in which he has laid down various means for disciplining the mind and cultivating a strong faith in God.

Jesus Christ said: “From his deeds shall ye know him”.

Even so our great teacher, His Holiness Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj, the Hindu Sages. Prophets, great Masters and Yogís did not consider that humanity was prepared to understand the striving of their spririt. But we read in the Bible that the light will come about the evening time. And now we have every reason to belive that His Holiness Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj and other great Yogis have received some intuitive message not to consider any longer that ordinary human beings are unprepared for a spiritual soul-contact with them. They try to test the efficacy of faith upon their devotees by fighting ignorance and emancipating the soul. Their ideas have become permanent teaching not only for Eastern but also for Western mind.

Saturated with real consciousness and guided by wisdom, His Holiness Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj forms and creates groups of disciples who can learn the mysteries of nature and human life.


Thou, who at the feet of Himalayas, In the heat of the burning sunbeam, Meditateth and pondereth deeply Over the salvation of the people from Calamity, welcome! Glory and Praise To thee, Sivananda, shall be given !

In the clear stream of holy Ganges Guru, our master, draws strength To bestow felicity upon mankind.

One and all praise Sivananda. And we sing his praises. From the depth of our heart! He, whose name is the great Yogi, Noble scion of the ancient Hindus, He is endeavouring to share with foreign nations, The blessing of God Almighty. Praised be therefore Sivananda ! Let us extol his name !




(Sri Yogiraj Louis Brinkfort, kopenhagen).

(Sri Yogiraj Louis Brinkfort is a great spiritual organiser and leader in Denmark. He is the fittest and most effective channel through which Siva’s Yoga-Message has flooded Denmark to-day. He has electrified the entire country with his powerful spiritual current and has brought hundreds of aspirants into personal contact with Siva, his master. Several Yoga Schools have been established in Denmark through his inspiration. He is himself a great Yogi of very wide reputation and conducts classes and lecture-tours throughout Northern Europe. He has written a beautiful book on “Hatha Yoga” in Danish.)

When I came to know of the beloved Maharaj Swami Sivananda, I wrote to him concerning my state of health which was then not very best. The connection with Swami Sivananda has been and is of great value to me. Sri Sivananda knows the secret of giving hope and ameliorating one’s negative state of health and as well as of keeping whatever has already been gained while all the time there is continued improvement. Such hope I know he has given to thousands of people, no matter what race or religion they belong to ! And this again clearly demonstrates that the slogan; East is East and West is West and the twain shall never meet” is untrue and mischiveous.

Although the world’s situation looks very dark, I have the privilege of feeling the cheerful and good vibration emanating from the hearty and light-bringing personality-Swami Sivananda.

My dear friends, workers in the common cause of finding the good in every person. Please do not think that I am a Yogi. My spiritual carriage is a slow coaeh. But quite often our beloved Maharaj Swami Sivananda gives my carriage a push forward and behold! I feel it roll on for good strength every time.

The science of Yoga, as outlined in Swami Sivananda’s books, scriptures, pamphlets and his very patient letters to me, have had such immense significance for me that with my humble knowledge I have been able to help a number of people both psychically and physically.

Thanks to God! Through the help of Swami Sivananda, I have been instrumental in curing a girl, 11 years old, of blindness. She could, during the period of 8 years, hardly distinguish anything unless she wore very strong e eglasses. Another cure happened to be of a man suffering from a stroke which paralysed one side of his face and affected one of his legs. This man after treatment overcame both disabilities. As a doctor of medicine also, I have been able to help. A person had been suffering for four years from dreadful dorsal pains which drove him to norcotics. After the treatment he came to me at one of my lectures and thanked me saying that the pains had ceased entirely.

I am indeed pleased to be able to say that several inhabitants of the three Scandinavian countries have been helped through the ability given to me by the Almighty and also through the help of Swami Sivananda. I humbly and heartily thank our dear Swami Sivananda for all his hearty goodness. May the Almighty bless him.

Mr. Cameron of Canada with Sri Swami Sivananda.

The German Consulin New Delhi is greeted by Swami Sivananda at the Ashram.


(Srimati Yogiraj Edith Enna, Copenhagen)

(Srimati Yogiraj Edith Enna is, among the women of Denmark, where Sri Louis Brinkfort is among the men. She conducts a Yoga-School for Women. She accompanies Sri Louis Brinkfort on his lecture-tours. To her Siva is both father and Guru. She, too, is an advanced Yogi with great healing powers. She has spread the Message of Yoga through the various Journals and newspapers of Denmark, and her contributions have been widely appreciated in Europe.)

What Swami Sivananada has meant to me can scaresly be expressed in words. He came into my life as a revelation, a messenger from a world, which I knew only by name. He made a light in my heart, and I think I can honour him best in working, by putting my best ability, for the cause to which he has devoted his life.

I am so happy for all his kindly encouraging thoughts. So much I wanted to say to him, but I cannot find words. In his book “Yoga in Daily Life”, he has written a prayer to the Guru, I repeat this prayer every-day sending my thoughts to him, filled with deep gratitude and humility. The confidence he shows to me,

I shall ever strive to be worthy of.

Swamiji’s inspiring letters give detailed answers to all my questions. I have studied his book “Concentration and Meditation” thoroughly and, thereby, discovered how imperfect human nature is, and how it takes a long time before one reaches the goal of Yoga, control of Mind, contact with Divinity and Self-realization. I strive and hope to be a worthy disciple of his, one day.

I love him, my adorable Master, for all he has sent to me as well as to the whole world, concerning his wonderful healing and inspiring thoughts. Every time I receive a letter from him, I feel a wonderful strength and power, and feel that by being in constant contact with him, I will attain the goal more quickly.

He is so good to me that I cannot say how happy and thankful I feel each time I get a bidding from him. Now, I know that all help I need he has already sent me and that it depends upon myself to receive it. The Holy ash which he has sent to me has brought a wonderful peace of mind. It has been a great delight to me to give his Prasad to sisters who needed a helping hand. I have good results with my pupils and patients too. In two cases where I practically called for his help, the patients clearly saw him in a vision and in one case the patient saw him with a lighted candle in his hand, as if he wanted to show her the path.

May the Almighty bless him for all his goodness !

Sri and Srimati Dhanum Maistry of South Africa with Sri Swami Sivananda.

WhatsApp Image 2024-06-21 at 11.46.04 AM.jpeg

Dr. Werther of Australia, Sri Hans of Germany, with Swami Sivananda.


(Srimati Signe Aagaard, Copenhagen)

The influence of Swami Sivananda on me is very strong. I intensely feel his presence, and it gives me hope, courage and joy. What a strange and happy experience it is, that I being thousands of miles away from him have the sensation of his being near me.

The more I read about his teachings, the more I admire and love him. I shall certainly try to follow his advice in detaching myself from worldly ties and to offer my entire being to God Almighty. That is exactly what I clearly want.

The Swamiji is a very holy man and a great healer, and so I did approach him first to ask for his blessings and to take me into his holy thoughts and prayers, so that my heart may be embedded with peace and love. Often I have gone to him in my thoughts, longing for his blessings.

I think Swami Sivananda is one of those great spirits who decended from heaven to earth when man had forgotten his duties towards God, his Father. When I regard this great religious preacher, who as a power-ful river on its wandering towards its goal, is blessing to the surrounding world, I am filled with dumb admiration. From his abode in the Himalayas, he is transmitting his message over the world, and pouring forth his energy for the spritual uplift of humanity. I have from those for off hills felt his cosmic love and force which goes to my soul. His love overpowers me. This great teacher’s kindness and charming simplicity goes to the heart.

India must be a very holy land, since it gives birth to men like Swamiji. No wonder, India is proud of all the holy men it has produced. I sent him a copy of “History of Denmark” in the hope that by reading about the beautiful little country which is mine, Swamiji would give it his blessings and love. The world of to day needs men like Swamiji to lead it from delusion and sin to the right path of righteousness. We ought all, without regard to our religious position, stand shoulder to shoulder in the struggle against the evil which is trying to rule the world.

I am deeply touched by Swamiji’s affectionate and comforting letters. I am thankful that I did get to know him. It gives me a feeling of confidence that I am in his thoughts and that he is helping me on my way towards God, Swamiji has been to me a teacher and a guide. Without him I would have probably not reached this goal which I have reached now. How shall I thank him!

But I am far from the Final Goal, far from that Perfection of which Christ and Swamiji speak. I must work and pray to God and all His saints to help me on this way of mine. I count upon Swamiji teacher to guide me. My beloved

It is with great joy that I send my homage to His Holiness, the wise and lovable teacher, who disseminates the Holy Message of God, whose voice is heard all over the world and whose kind words give solace and divine encouragement to numerous afflicted souls. He is a saviour of humanity and speaks with remarkable power and authority whatever he has to say. I might cite a remarkable passage in “The Yoga-Vedanta Forest University Weekly” for it is so joyous and encouraging. He says: “The Lord is impartial; He is no one’s monopoly. He is equally benevolent to all His children and the entire creation contains His children only, and all things are equally distributed by Him to all alike. He has given us freewill to worship Him as we choose.” What a limitless love and I adore Swamiji for this Great Utterance of his, Why does not man know this? Why are we brought up to believe the one way we know of is the only right one?

My heart is filled with love and admiration for this unique Divine Personality, gentle and, at the same time, serene, to whom all beings are dear and for whose emancipation and enlightenment he has dedicated his I read his Magazine “The Divine Life” with great pleasure and profit. His book “Essence of Bhakti Yoga” has awakened in me a great longing for union with God. Swamiji has given us very much through his writings, and we can never adequately thank him for that. His “Worlds Religions” will enlarge and unrich our spirit. I have never read anything written by Swamiji without gaining from them.

Swamiji’s blessings and good wishes mean very much to me. I sometimes have the feeling of his powerful Presence. I pray to the Lord that He may grant Swamiji many more years to serve among us as a beacon light in the dark and a fountain in the desert.


(Mrs. Alice Fargenesen, Copenhagen)

Swamiji’s excellent Hatha Yoga system which I have learnt through his disciple living here in Denmark, has been of marvellous help to me. I suffered from very bad nerves and tension in all muscles. I consulted several nerve specialists, but found none who could help me. After one and a half years I got into touch with Mrs. Henny Busch, who taught ine Hatha Yoga system and after this I feel very well and have enjoyed its curative effects. After these very good results I got interested in learning Hatha Yoga system and began therefore a course of training under Mrs. Edith Enna, I have now finished my course with an examination by Mrs; Edith Enna and Mr. Louis Brinkfort. After my experience of the very good effect that the system has on mental and physical development and especially on diseases I want to help others with the Hatha Yoga system.


(Sri M. H. V., Linstov Denmark,)

Some days ago, myself as well as some of my good friends who are also interested in Swami Sivananda’s publications and thoughts, carefully studied his books “Essence of Yoga”, “Mind, Its mysteries and Control” and a few issues of his journal, the “Divine Life”. We all agree to most of the Society’s divine thoughts, its ideas and intentions, especially we find the idea in “All World Religions Federation” very beautiful and necessary in the efforts of making a better world for our mankind.

In the Scandinavian countries people know only ery little about the Divine Life Society and Its “All World Religions Federation”, their purposes and work and only very few know something about Yoga. Our mutual friend Mr. Louis Brinkfort, a member of the Divine Life Society, has, indeed, done very much here to spread the knowledge of Yoga. Now and then, it is read in Danish or foreign European newspapers that the thought of Yoga is advancing in the civilized southern and Western Europe.

I should think it would be a very good idea, if a Yoga Commission from India or from the Divine Life

Society’s Yoga Vedanta Forest University could once visit the Western and Scandinavian countries of Europe arranging meetings for the public and talking about the purposes of All World Religion Federations and Yoga.

In Denmark, I must confess, religion does not seem to have the same position in our daily life as in mother India. But nevertheless I should think the thoughts behind A. W. R. F. Would find many adherents and devotees in our country as well as other European countries, if the Society could find the right way to lay out the problems in Europe, according to the special mentality here.

May God bless Swami Sivananda and his divine work!


(Sri Gunnar Lauri sen, Copenhagen.)

Many bands unite the Hindoo-Aryans and the Scandinavian-Aryans, not only the blood-relations, as it only its something external, but also in a way an internal connexion in religion. For those who:n God gave power to see behind the Veil of Maya there is a universal likeness betwixt gods as, in the plural it always means different aspects of the “Only One” of whom we all are reflections aiming at perfect likeness. You might say: aim at perfect likeness with thy God; then you will approach him, nearer and nearer, become God-like, and become God-one with. Our great Scandinavian reformer, Gruntvig, saw evidence that our ancient Scandinavian gods were different aspects of the only One, but coloured of the individual evolution of the age and its Karma. Many people of to-day appear to disregard these ancient gods, who “live” to-day, namely in national character and peculiar features. Thus has also Western people looked with indifference, scorn and contempt upon the many Hindoo-gods, as their philosophical training have been so insufficient that they can’t see that God must have many faces, like a precious stone or gem with the many facets, a jewel glorious, brilliant, radiant on all sides. It is just like that my God not fettered to the world of manifestations, but their God, too, is real. They are just so near him, as they who perceive him as an abstract idea or principle, may be as a mathematical equation as Spinoza did. For some God is Bhakti and the Saviour. He is the Messiah: Christ and (or?) Krishna, as is an aspect of their God. Therefore have they got so many followers and devotees, because they better can believe than acknowledge, they want a redeemer. The distinction between belief and acknowledgment respectively. Is: intuitive-and analytical

The Hindu-religion, and philosophy’s invincibility lies in its logical consequence, particular in the composition of the Sankhya-Yoga philosophy, which gives anybody possibility of Self realization. So many did tell us that we shall believe, that we shall do this or that, or we must not do this or that, but nobdy tell us why whynot, and how to do it. Man is like a wavering straw, one wind is blowing him hither, another thither, each wind seems to be right and true in the blast of the moment. Nobody, who lives but a quarter of century, can avoid to think upon, that soon shall he make up his life’s account. What was its purpose and goal ? What lies on the other side? Altogether, on the whole what is the meaning? Many attempts on shocking naive solutions occur. Thus, that we are “created (by the birth)” but that we thereafter shall “live (exist) eternally” The Absolute may be your God, which western people can’t grasp, but for the Hindus is inevitable, a matter of course, which can be the reason that their religion has outlived the other more or less dying religions. I can still as. Certain that surprising fact that their religion becomes more and more “living” as the centuries uncoils. For instance as every philosophically trained Europeans are bound to admit the logic in the Hindu-trilogy: Brahma, Vishnu and Siva as respectively the Creator, the Preserver, and the Destructor or Transformator, and in connoxion, Isvara as the pure aspect. Why? Because we cannot at once comprehend they many sides of God, who is all Are we, for instance, capable of understanding that God have got to be both Avidya and Vidya? If he only was Vidya, then must necessary Avidya lie outside him, and he thus not be all-which is unimaginable. I understand it like this, that Avidya and Vidya in connection is Jhana. In connection is the three aspects: Brahman Vishnu and Siva-Isvara, complimentary, summarizing the dualistic conceptions: creation-preservation (maintenance) and destruction (dissolution) or conversion, as in co-operation is evolution.

You see your God’s image in the mirror of your evolutinary progress. Since there is many stages of development there must be many interpretations of Godconsequently many aspects of God. Somebody may perhaps only realize a personal God, as yet are they illogically and inconsequential in that explanation is obvious for anybody with but a minimum of philosophi. Cal training. There is neither head nor tail with that, or properly there is trunk and tail but no head. We can’t imagine us an eternity in one end and a discontinuationnamely the creation-in the other. We are obliged to presuppose that all what is has always been and must always be.

European philosophers have been familiar with ideas that man must have a goal. Thus Nietzsche: Man is a bridge, a crossing, man is something to conquer”. Nothing is coming so near Yoga’s “Self-Realization”. Man must pass under the yoke-which is an Yoga-which is conquest of the external and internal nature-command and self-realization, or he is bound to wavering hithher and thither with the philosophic winds, which only offer a theoretic possibility. No other philosophy, has ever offered man such variable system as do the SankhyaYoga philosophy, where anybody, regardless of temperament, can develop himself with an actual goal in view, self-realization On background of man’s progress through all steps in the evolution can these be considered as accomplished, realised. Left behind, as temporary goal, is man’s realization Self-realization is realization of the common denominator of the whole evolution to man and so onward. The image of God is the image of of the “Self” as that arises on that evolutionary phase of the personality; As there are changes sometimes in same incarnation, and therefore has the different races and periods different faces of God.

Along with “God’s Face” incarnate in the different races and periods particular characteristic represensatives of “God’s Face in that Age”. These “Representatives” have the greatest likeness with “God’s Face in that Age”. Therefore is Christ the 2000-years-old aspect Buddha and Krishna in the far older, incredible and unimaginable aspects.

A modern prophet to-daymust disregard tradition of “olden times”, ignore “patina” and “pastice” etc., or he is in imposter or an “anacronism”, imitation, and not a representative of God’s face to-day. But his internal qualities must be the same irrespective and notwithstanding the epoch, he must consecrate his life to God, as his external ego is eliminated, he must express God’s Face, which is eternal. His life becomes therefore not “man’s life”, exposed to every blast, but an object of art constructed with purpose.

Sri Savitri Lyn Styn with Sri Swami Sivananda (On the reverse): Swamiji with Mr. Whyte.

Many Europeans, even the most modern and advanced, believe in the prejudice of how a prophet is to be. He must have got for that purpose a suitable “prophet costume”-preferably some thousand years old“thunder and lighting” from a rock and with the “Tables of the Law” in the hands, as there radiate rays from his forehead or the head must be surrounded of a halo. Alas Moses himself was acceptable modern for his time. These people may be staggered in case they hear about a prophet who operates a type writer, has secretariat and a post-office of his own? But such a prophet is modern and up-to-date, and according to abovementioned “analysis” synonymous with genuine and the only true. Such a prophet has arisen in our time and his name is Sivanandaji.

We are to be the holy Order of the Swamis thankfulness very much, since the very first announcer of Yoga in the Western Countries was a Swami, namely Vivekananda, at the religion-congress in Washington in the nineties and lectures on Yoga in New York and London at the same time.

And now the very greatest announcer-the prophet of Ananda Kutir-a medical man who had to become a Healer of Souls, venounced the external world, became a Swami and later the teacher of thousands of Yogaaspirants with a world-wide reputation.

I was myself a sceptic, was looking in doubt on the large modern propaganda-apparatus of his until-I saw, what? I saw a picture of the Swamiji-he was in a modern European greatcoat, but otherwise with bare feet. And their I saw, that he was not the external but the internal. That-after European perception-queer and extraodinary dressing, which would have been ridiculous on any other man, could not camuflage Siva;on the contrary he stood there unaffected and on my heart with his humaness or was that on the contrary with something more than human ?

I had to become one of the many links, here, through his great work the Divine Life Society, serve him and thereby his grand mission for all people in the world.

Prostrations and Salutations to the Maharishi of Ananda Kutir-and love to thy holy heart-my beloved Guru.



(Sri Gunnar Lauridsen Copenhagen).


Thou did st SERVE me well my beloved

Master-but how can I serve thee in return? Thou do not want anything-thou want nothing by Thyself.

Thou are thyself all in all.

What can I do? I so sincerely wish that I could serve thee in return.

I know I Thyself: I sure know how to please

I will serve-serve – serve I wish to serve all and all.


Thou did st LOVE me dearly my beloved Master.

-But how can my humble love please thee?

Thou do surely want love-as sure as thou want thyself.

Thou art thyself love itself.

What can I do? I so dearly desire that I could please with my humble love.

I know I sure know how to love Thyself:

I will love-love-love-I will love Thyself in all and all !


Thou did-st MEDITATE Thyself my beloved Master.

But how can I with bewildered chitt?

Thou art Hethou art I am He We are he together,

In Thyself did I find Him and myself. How can I return thee that sacred honour ?

I know !. I sure to know how to be thy blessed Self:

I will meditate-meditate-meditate-thou art He I am He-we are He all of us!

REALISE Thou did st REALISE thy own blessed Self my Master

whom we prostrate How can I ever hope to return what thou did to us all?

I will realise-realise-realise-my beloved Master in Myself.

Prof. E A. Burtt and Mrs Burtt at the Forest University where the Professor delivered a series of lectures on Western Philosophy.

Mrs. Sylvia Hellmann and Miss Sylvia Hock with Swami Sivananda at the Ashram where they stayed for six months in 1955-56.




(Sh. Yogiraj Boris Sacharow. Berlin)

(Mr. Boris Sacharow is philosopher and author of several books on Yoga. He has a good knowledge of Sanskrit, Bengali and Hindi. He is a practical Yogi. He has translated some of Sri Sankara’s works.)

On this auspicious day may we add our humble praises and congratulations to his Holiness, the beloved Swamiji! There will certainly be said plenty on this occasion and the glorious personality of our President resplendent of the excellence of thousands of suns will receive an added appreciation and love by all the members. It can hardly leave anything more to say; yet there is one point which is worth mentioning, viz., the endless adaptability and consideration on the part of every single member which is above all praised.

It will be known that the mind is only capable of doing one thing at a time. Still Swamiji performs over a hundred and one things simultaneously he is answering the queries of any and every member of the numerous Branches of the Divine Life Society throughout the world, each member getting a plain and to-the-point solution of his troubles. Sri Swamiji Maharaj sent to me two letters recently, the out-going numbers being 4926 & 4950. So, more than twenty five letters were sent on a single day ! Besides this he conducts various activities: he writes excellent books second to no others in the whole world; he is engaged in Sankirtan movement, lecturing etc., Is there any psychic power more striking than this performance of such multifarious activities in service of the humanity, nay the whole world at large. Hail, hail to our Beloved Guruji and may he dwell many, many a summer still upon our earth lifting, the veil of ignorance !


(Dr. Oscar C. Pfaus. Ph. D., D. Litt.)

When Cicero took the issue with the problem of peace or war by writing to Atticus: “I prefer the most unjust peace to the justest war that was ever waged”, he expressed the sincere desire of the majority of the war-weary people of his turbulent time. But the great Roman orator failed to suggest the remedies with which the evil of war, the curse of mankind, could be successfully eliminated.

Sri Swami Sivananda gave us this remedy. His definitions of peace and war are eternal truths; as pure and sparkling as the wisdom contained in the Upanishads.

When the Sage of Ananda Kutir wrote to me he knew about our plights in Central Europe, although living far away in the country of the awe-inspiring loftiness of the Himalaya, he wrote about our problems as if he would have been living with us in Europe all his life. His whole heart was in the words he conveyed to me; and on reading them I knew that one had spoken, to whose mind the barriers of time and space are nonexistent.

How wonderfully did he define our situation and our maladies when I “ when he said: JART

Knows A true seeker of truth knows no despair”.

With faith in the Lord, let us learn to stand up and face life as it is, and strive forward away from the self-made prison house. The weakness and cruelties which the Europe of to-day is accused of have been the lot of all nations at all times down the History. These are not going to be cured by any number of revolutions or organizations of the few. No charter, no declaration, no constitution, can bring about over-night a perfect world of harmony, peace and plenty. World salvation depends upon the individual salvation; the world perfection is achieved through the individual perfection. Perfect thyself; thou hast perfected the world”.

A generation of Christs, Buddhas and Vivekanandas alone can materialise the dream world of perfection. And this kind of a perfect world by supermen is possible; and the present-day agonizing cruelties are the great darkness before the dawn. It is a necessary schooling through which generations must pass in order to realise the futility of their endeavours, the hollowness of their achievement, the finiteness of their gains and the sorrowness of their joys”.

The All-merciful Lord is manifesting only His extreme kindness in whipping us through such gruesome periods of history. If we are made to weep it is because our animalism can melt away the easier and the earlier only through such a painful operation”.

Never despair. Despair when it sneaks into a heart is a warning that the light of faith has blown off. In faith, patience and religious industry, through steady practice, eliminate all weaknesses and passions from your heart. Where animalism ended, Divinity has come”.

I was deeply moved by this eternal wisdom, by this willingness to guide, to befriend, and to help, I took up the wonderful copy of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita with which he had blessed me, and reading the 7 1st verse of the Second Discourse:

The man attains peace who abandoning all desfres moves about,

Without longing, without the sense of mine and without egoism”. I realised that Swami Sivananda has spoken not to me alone, but to us all, and that the voice of faith must be heard.


(Sri Tanis Palape)

India’s beacon-light of wisdom has attracted the foremost distinguished philosophers of ancient Greeks as the source of last Truth of their wisdom. What is the highest knowledge for every man to be found there? It [is the knowledge of himsel,f it is the permanent law behind all phenomena.

Within this knowledge all contradictions are solved, all sufferings abated.

The highest spiritual culture of India would be lost to the coming generation but for some great souls. After their hard struggles for years on the path of enlightenment they helped others in reaching the same state of purity in words and deeds, and gave them strength joy and happiness in performing their tasks.

I should say: “Knock at the hearts of great personalities, Swamis of India, and it will be opened to you. You will find then not only the greatness of wisdom, but also that of the heart. The highest wisdom and feeling of the presence of God will be taught to you and you will be guided by a loving hand and feel this blessin.g”

Those who have been in touch with the Master of Ancient Wisdom, His Holiness Swami Sivananda Saraswathi, have found in his person also a friend, willing always to help with his advices.

And it is his holy example which induces many to become a follower, Sannyasin, Sage.

All Honour to the Friend of Mankind His Holiness Swami Sivananda Saraswathi.


(Sri Winfried Eggert, Nuremberge, Germany).

During the time I had to spend in an American camp as a prisoner-of-war, prolonged pondering about eschatological questions and practical ways and means of aspiring after a non-materilistic goal of life worthy of human existence had led me away from the interpretation by the Protestant belief of my forefathers towards ideas closely related to realizations of the theopantistic Hindu philosophy. The drastic influence of six years of murder and hatred for the sake of destructive idols had implanted in me an intense desire to find a sphere of Absolute Standards not only to be seen, but rather to be lived.

About three years ago, Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj had first become known to me by the word of one of His advanced disciples, Mr. Boris Sacharow, who upon my desire has initiated me into the practice of Yoga.

From that time Swami Sivanandaji has shone to me as an ever more brilliant guiding star in every phase of my life. He has cleared all my doubts, he has coordinated my conception of values and of the goal of life, he has given my course a revolutionary influence. For all this to express here my boundless gratitude to Him is but a small return at the Master’s feet.

The spotless life of Swami Sivanandaji, his noble spiritual equal vision of all creation, wide enough not to ignore any social plight or human problems one can hardly find in Europeans His illuminating personality captures every human being who has the precious opportunity of coming in literary or personal contact with this Guru, who is one of the greatest exponents of Hindu religion of our times, representing India’s ideal as depicted in the Bhagaved Gita, a living Manifestation of the Absolute. This master and Mahatma Gandhiji, I have chosen to be the models of my life, sent to liberate humanity from bestiality and materialistic decay and to show them the path to righteousness, spirituality, peace, and Divine Bliss

The Swami’s book “Practical Lessons in Yoga” has given me a clear overall picture of the Yogic science. By his scientific treatment of the subject, while even the layman is able to understand well the most intricate problems and will at the same time enjoy reading the beautiful and smooth aphoristic style, Swami Sivanandaji satisfies even exacting minds.

His books are all the more priceless here in Europe, since authentic literature In addition, a very large percentage of books available treat the difficult subjects quite insufficiently, nay, in a highly distorted and exoteric way, thus leading the reader astray instead of enlightening him. Especially in the West, the need for authentic informative and instructive literature, and for authentic translations, is despairingly pressing. I honestly urge all seekers after Truth and particularly my brothers and sisters in Germany, who are struggling hard to detect light in the materialistic and gloomy prospect of the present, to look for true Divine Guidance of this extolled Guru. Many students have been frustrated at the mostly narrow and dogmatic teachings of Christianity: they all can derive immeasurable wealth and wisdom-light from the Swami’s truly orthodox interpretations of the Old Divine Hindu teachings. A wholly practical putting-to-action of godly Realizations only can lead us from miserable uncertainty to Absolute Standards, from bestiality to friendly understanding, from war to peace and social harmony based on love; this is the essence of Swamiji’s teachings. The importance for the West is to shift the accent from mere intellectual perception of the indifferent scientific spirit to the attitude of “living these Laws”, in other ing to doing. Cosmic Laws in more practical words, from see-

For our doctors, Swami Sivanandaji is a model, particularly as regards conception of man as a physical and piritual unit. Medical craftsmansh exercised in the scientific spirit will never do. A doctor must be a minister and physician at the same time, a servant to the sick and poor, his approach being from the Divine But the latter is true in every field of human endeavour and in each and every one we can safely subject ourselv to Swami Sivanandji’s Yogic Guruship. Following the Master’s instructions on the unique Yogic physical culture means gaining unbelievable energies and perlect health, as I have myself experienced. If there is a nationwide practice of the Asanas it would no doubt greatly improve the people’s state of health.

Lastly the Swami’s generous efforts to help us also materially by sending books and magazines free, when compensation cannot be made, became evident to me when without request I received two large packages of his books which have satisfied finally my hunger for authentic sources.

At Swamiji’s 65th birthday, I join His disciples in Germany in prostration, extending our heartiest congratulations to our Guru, grateful for what He has been doing unto us and praying that God may grant him many years to come, in order that Divine Love and Service more powerful than anything else may never perish from the earth.


(Mrs. Hilde Friebel M.A.)

(Mrs, Hilde Friebel took her M. A. Degree from the University of Leipzig, worked for a period of twenty five years, as a member of the Board of National Education there, and is now the President of the Dippoldiswalde Branch of the Divine Life Society)

I feel like a bird in the Holy hands of Swami Sivananda. When I think of him, time and space vanish and I meet him on the spiritual plane. My heart trembles with a superior joy at, and my soul is quite overwhelmed by his extreme kindness. Saint Sivananda is the beloved gardener in the Divine Garden of the Lord of us all-God. If every one were to practise and live the true Christian Love as this divine gardener is doing on the banks of the sacred Ganges, paradise would be at our hands.

Finding Swami Sivananda’s mission to be of very great importance to humanity, I adore him. This Prophet of the New Age owes our reverence for his excessive selfless service. His wonderful divine mission awakens the Divine impulse in human hearts, so that the fire of joy and the rays of hope may sparkle in all, dan make them as Perfect as God is in Heaven.

Spiritual life, to one living in the materialistic atmosphere of the West is not so easy as one may presume. Only Swamiji’s thoughts can save us from the malefic influences of materialism. Only the patience and the faith of a great Saint can do the needful to us in these times of unbelief. As President of the young Dippoldiswalde Branch of the Divine Life Society, I often have the opportunity of contacting a good number of ladies who are highly interested in Yoga, they hav read books on this subject and are trying to live upto the spiritual principles.

Saint Sivananda is a God-gifted teacher and a poet. What I am doing is only to transform his poetical thoughts into my life, I realised Swamiji’s sentence in his letter to me, that “worldings and philosophers move towards diametrically opposite poles” and am living upto the ideal of a true philosopher. I abide by his advice found on the page 171 of his inspiring book, “Mind, Its Mysteries and Control” Part I. As a seeker after Truth, I am quite in harmony with his ideas.

We celebrate every birthday of Swamiji, as an event of joy and thanksgiving, and sing. “Let us rejoice, for God has sent us from Heaven the rich, the best. The Ideal gift in the form of Swami Sivananda. Let us rejoice in receiving Sivananda’s God-inspired thoughts As Atman resxides in him, he radiates Atmic forces. As he is happy in God, we feel blessed and gay”.

May God bless Swamiji ever and ever. May he enjoy good health and long life to fulfil his mission of dissemination of spiritual knowledge, the divine knowledge of the fundamental truths.


(Mos. Hilde Friebel, M. A.,)

We have a Guru who is true,

Helping us though he is far.

We daily feel that he for us

Is fixed by God like a guiding star.

We see his pictures, read his books,

Find out by vision’s Law

What he is teaching, what he lives,

What he a saint-man saw.

We have a Guru who waits our time,

Who bides us to we did reveal

What we experience, what heal.

For worldly fear to

What matters time, what matters space,

What matters sex ог rасе ?

Our Guru is like a. Gardener,

Knowing the Bliss of God’s Grace.

Our Guru knows, for he is fit

To realise God’s touch.

With personal touch he answers us

All questions ever SO much.


(Mrs. Hilde Friebel, M. A.)

Mother India, to thee sent the Lord

In a hard and woeful time.

When mankind suffers and sorely sighs,

A well-tuned heart lives and to chime,

God lives and loves!

God lives and loves! He makes us feel

The charm of His personality,

We know by our Guru’s zeal

The truth of blessing and harmony:

With him God helps us on!

God helps us on!

We are protected well,

With love we are cared for

God Guru Sivananda Saint

Leads us life’s other shore

God bless him more and more!

Our saint is I am a a gardener of souls,

I am a fighter for Truth.

Now let me tell him what I found,

Which little I will full choose.

I studied his old-Indian trees.

Spiritually I trees. Saw.

The deep connection between us

The Aryawarta Law

May God bless you!


Srimathi Hilde Friebel

[Sri Hilde Friebel, M. A., of Unwapy of Leipzig has served in public office of Saxony for a period of twenty five years as a member of the board of national education. She is an M.A. from Saxony University. She is the president of the Divine Life Society branch of Saxony.)

You are a gardener of souls.

I am a fighter for Truth.

Now let me tell you what I found,

Which title I willful choose.

I studied your old-Indian tales,

Spiritually I saw.

The deep connection between us:

The Aryawarta Law.

May God bless you!

Mother India, to thee sent the

Lord In a hard and woeful time

When mankind suffers and sorely sighs

A well tuned heart to chime:

GOD lives and loves!

God lives and loves! He makes us feel

The charm of personality,

We know by our Guru’s zeal

The truth of blissful harmony:

With him God helps us onl

God helps us on! We are protected well,

With love we are cared for.

Our Guru Sivnanda Saint

Leads us to life’s other shore:

God bless him more and more!

O you dear Guru! O Saint Sivanandaji Maharaj! O you beloved gardener in the DIVINE GARDEN of God the Lord of us all. I thank you ever so much for all your kindness and spiritual help. All your doing is wonderfully harmonising with true Christianity. Your activity shows that we should practise selfless service as they do it in the DIVINE GARDEN OF HIMAWAT. Live CHRISTIAN LOVE as the DIVINE GARDENER demonstrates it daily on the banks of Holy Ganges


(Srimati Hilde Friebel, M.A., Germany)

Sri Swami Sivananda comforts me like a mother. More and more, I know that I belong to him. Selfless service is my daily bread and from the translationwork of his books, I am drinking the nectar of God -consciousness

I am just about to finish the translation of “Sivananda Gita”. I could not do this penetrating work without heartfelt gratitude to God that Swamiji has been able to present humanity with such a plastic, soul-stirring example of a God-blessed life. I meditated much during these weeks about the thirty years of his Sanyas-life in the lap of mother Ganga and Father Himalayas. Really Sivananda Gita and its explanation by Sri Swami Sadananda is worth to be loved and thought of and---what is most---be freely followed as it is expressed by St. Mathew: “Take up my yoke (Yoga) upon you and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your soul, for my yoke (Yoga) is easy, and my burden is light.” What an example in the sense of Christ does Swamiji give! Could only people understand this token of a blissful time! He has not only lived but lived at the end of this dark Kali Age.

Let me mention only one point: the explanations which are given by him about fasting. Since I translate Sivananda Gita I took to fasting, living on milk and milk-products and vegetable which I cultivate in a small garden. My experience is quite wonderful: no fatique no pain, no fear, no disharmony! Swamiji is not a mere preacher or teacher in general ---his cause or mission is God planned. Yoga will be the best weapon in the troublesome time that is about to come. Those who learn to practise Yoga, as he is teaching it, will be saved This is my firm belief. And therefore I thank him so much.

Satsang with Mahatmas is my only comfort, and I think Swami ji ever so much for enabling me to understand his noble activity in the religious field. The Parliament of Religions was a real necessity seen from our point of view. Really, Swamiji is a safeguard for the people of the world, and I hope they will believe in this wisdom before it is too late. Materialism is a cruel error of man. We have learned this by hard experience.

I feel now as if I were Swamiji well-tested Secretary. I like to read his inspiring books. It is not difficult to compose the sonnets, his style is poetical, indeed, and I hear his words like music in my ears and what is more in my heart.

The Yoga-Vedanta Dictionary of Swami Sivananda is a wonderful help. I am collecting all the Sanskrit words from all the books of Swamiji and then I will be quite at home in the wonderful garden of his noble ideas propagated by his books. I have arrang. Ed a card-board box with different firm leaves where I put the Yogic and Vedantic Sanskrit terms which he has explained in such a marvellous way.

I cannot tell how happy I was to get Swamiji’s Bhagavad Gita. And, Sivananda Gita I like more and more. Verily, Swamiji’s life is a wondertul example of all the true teachings of Bhagavad Gita as will as the Sermon on the Mount.

I have all the wonderful books he has sent me: Brahma Vidya Vilas, which is a pleasure to read. Sivananda, Apostle of Peace and Love by Swami Paramananda which I admire as a token of soul-stirring Guru Bhakti and as an example for God-blessed practical idealism. Gita Essence for Childeren which in its kind is quite marvellous. I appreciate the book: Philosophy and Teachings of Swami Sivananda and God as Mother also,

My adorations and admirations and prostrations to Swamiji. I pray to him to think of me as a Chela who tries her best to understand him and his Godplanned mission.

Externally the distance between Swamiji and me is very far indeed; however, I feel closely connected with him and his noble Mission Our life which we lead under the severe misintelligence of a materialistic Government, is developing by all the rigidities to the bliss of Vairagya. By translating Sivananda Gita, I come in touch with Swamiji all the more and I forget the distance. It is as if he was here in this garret, nodding at me and giving me his kind Prasad.

This wonder of Swamiji’s letter-writing is divine. It is real Bhakti Yoga. Correspondence is Nishkamya Karma Yoga. There remains a close spiritual connection between him and his staff of divine souls. I live as if I were with Swamiji. I cling to him with all the fibres of my heart.

The translation of Daily Meditations reveals the music of Swamiji’s style more and more. Dear Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswati, he is dear to my heart.

Blessed be who explains to us the subtle inner working. Blessed be our beloved Sat Guru Saint Sivanandaji Saraswati, in whom all his disciples recognize a wonderful preceptor: a BRAHMASHROTRI, who knows well all the scriptures, and a BRAHMANISHTA, who is established in the Self.

Verily, he has the heart of a mother and the patience of the Earth.


(Srimati Holde Friebel, MA)

Time and space lost their importance when I dived into the atmosphere of Sri Swami Sivananda’s dynamic books. Really, I worked hard, studying and practising his teachings. Who can know better the necessity of silent diligence but Swamiji? After all this silent endeavour I feel such a wonderful uplift now that I long to tell what I have found out!

I know by experience that I am answering the questions of many to whom I have spoken of Sri Swamiji’s ideal teachings and who go back quite satisfied with me and thoroughly grasping the value of Swamiji’s mission, especially in regard to the AllWorld Religions’ Federation and the All-World Sadhus Federation. I shall continue to serve humanity in this manner. I always speak of Swami Sivananda and of his merciful humanitarian activities; of his love for alleviating the suffering of humanity, and of his generosity.

I feel Divine Life is flourishing within me. I try to assimilate more and more Swamiji’s admirable idea of creating an institution that will carry on the torch of knowledge from generation to generation.

Nowadays there are only a few who understand the spiritua needs of mankind. Swami Sivananda is one of them. Therefore is he called the world teacher and spiritual leader of mankind. It was the greatest good fortune of humanity that he went through the hard spiritual discipline, disregarding all difficulties and trials. The more I study his books the more do I understand the dynamic force, animating and inspiring him.

Swamiji’s book “Lord Siva and His Worship” gives a wonderful personal impression of his noble and divine conception of the Eternal Laws. All the books of Swamiji contain the glorious idea that human life is akin to gardening. Swamiji is an artist in composing poems and essays. The best help, however, I got by his inspiring book “Lord Siva and His Worship.”

It is quite true that while I am studying the books of my revered Guru, I naturally get filled with his Divine peraonality. This establishes a permanent unity between myself and the great Guru Sivananda. Swami Sivananda is the gardener of my heart, the prophet of the New Age, and the superintendent of the Lord’s Divine Grden, to whom the Lord has said:

Well done...... thou hast been faithful over a few things; I will make thee ruler over many things, enter thou into the joy of the Lord.”

Limits sink back and time and space are conquered by holy ecstasy; and I meet Swami Sivananda on the spiritual plane. He has sent me quite a number of books; and I appreciate them all, especially his flowers of Divine Ecstasy “Pushpanjili”. Swami Sivananda is quite right when he says: “Worldlings and philosophers move in diametrically opposite poles.” I realised this truth and freely renounced all as I have to prove what Swamiji has written in his inspiring book “Mind: Its Mysteries and Control.”

Every day I do what I think Swamiji would be fond ofl As a seeker after truth I am quite in harmony with his ideas.

Will you know my life best prize?

Will you learn what makes you wise?

Will you listen to my praise?

Will you sing with me his grace?

Siva-the Enlightened.

Siva-the Enlightened.

Who has rendered help in need?

Who is our best friend by kind of deed

Who has unlocked the heart’s fixed ground ?

Who is bestowing true care all round?

Siva-the Enlightened.

Siva-the Enlightened.

My Guru!

I saw you smiling in my dream

And felt you were quite near.

I opened willingly my heart

And was without all fear.


(Srimathi Hilde Friebel)

The Branches of the Divine Life Society are sparkling in benevolence, celebrating in grand style, the 68th Birthday of H. H. Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj, who embraces all these Branches with his kindful grace. May he live long, radiating his merciful love to all mankind.

Our Branch too, was very busy in the celebration of the 68th Birthday of our beloved Gurudev, in a manner befitting its self-given name of “NachiketasBranch”.

One of our friends, a poor pained widow, who recovered from a deadly sick-bed by using the methods of Nature-Cure taught by Sri Swami Sivananda has been regarded as a wonderful example for the truth dwelling in these practical hints of Self-realisation.

The soul-stirring voice of Sri Swami Sivananda was speaking to us well; we heard the record entitled: “Advice to Students” and “Song of 18 ities”. Later on I spoke on the most valuable Upanishads and translated Kathopanishad given to us as Upanishad Drama composed by Swami Sivananda. All the friends were highly interested, recognising the truth of this masterpiece of Divine literature with regard to our own lives.

The 68th Birthday Massage of Sri Swami Sivananda was handed over to me yesterday. I translated it immediately and now I am going to copy this translation in order to send a copy to each friend. When I studied the translation of the “Songs of Rig-Veda” (by a Professor) I had the feeling of being with Sivananda who is so skilful in explaining the spiritual Truths.

I lost fear totally for I learnt to overcome this world; I am quite quiet. The feeling of being backed up by Swamiji is increasing from day to day. His fatherly care and motherly love are always felt by me and I feel and experience daily that energy is growing;

Like a radiating fire it flows through my Self, and I am able to keep quite in touch with him. How much hould I like to get a letter written by him! Meditating I sometime imagine how the shortest letter, which he could write, would look like. I found out that this shortest letter would only consist of a single word: LOVE! Love is not taken in its abstract meaning, but in its essential active sense: BE GOOD, DO GOOD. What a grand letter it would be-this is the shortest letter of the world!

Having been blessed so much by Swamiji’s kind mental protection I feel much joy and gratitude which is vibrating through my whole being trying to meet him in the spiritual plane. I found out what will please him most. Really. As he says, Brahma Vidya is the most wonderful Science. Let me refer to the passage in his amazing book “Brahma Vidya Vilas” which I like to read and to enact one play or the other one day. Verily I admire Sivananda’s wonderful ability of directing our gaze into the darkest corners of our own inner personality, One of these plays is YOGOTHERAPY. I studied it today. The style in which this play is written delights me and the thought which are so charmingly expressed impressed me deeply. The passages are worth to be meditated upon.

Dear Gurudev, this will be my daily hour of Satsang with you. There I am prostrating and revering you as your disciples will do. With a joyful heart I am sitting among you all. From your books I know that you like Kirtan. My voice will join with your voice and all the other voices will come with us very high in singing Maha Mantra Kirtan.

Methinks there is much to say in connection with the benefits have derived from Swamiji’s teachings, practised and well appreciated by me.


(Srimati, Hilde Friebel. M.A. Baxony. Germany)

Dedicated to ourspiritual Guide and Gurudev-our Master Sri Sivanandaji Maharaj, Ananda Kulir Rishikesh Himalayas


We have a Guru who is true,

Helping us though he is far.

We daily feel that he for us Is fixed by GOD like a star.

We see his pictures, read his books

Find out by vision’s law.

What he is teaching, what he lives,

What he a saintly man-saw.

To him we open without fear

Our hearts-willing, immune.

To him in rythmical waves we sing

Our gratefulness bearing GOD’S tune.


We have a Guru who waits our time,

Who bids us to reveal What we experience,

what we did Ill worldly fear to heal.

What matters time, what matters space

What matters sex or race?

Our Guru is like a gardener

Knowing the Bliss of GOD’S touch.

Our Guru knows, for he is fit

To realise GOD’S touch.

With personal touch he answers us

All questions ever so much.


(Srin ati Hilda Friebel, Germany)

O friend, find Wisdom-Light by Poetry! Thy feeling heart be well-touched by GOD’s speech. Revere each Master-Guru who will teach Experienced Truth with kind ability. The problems of thy life get fairly solved When Ye learn fighting against idleness, When plainly Ye GOD-CONSCIOUSNESS confess By spirit’s qualities wisely evolved. Take care! Awake! Inherit what Ye got! Evolve! Expand! Blissfully live and growLet all your actions peaceful tensions show. Will! Fairly will! Fear not! Grieve not! Saint Sivananda cleverly reveals DIVINE LIFE’S COMFORT which GOD’s Bliss unseals.


My Co-disciples of Saint Sivananda I greet you all-ye lovers, ye beloved; For ye are lovers as ye are beloved! Ye are embarrassed by Sat-Chit-Ananda. To be embedded in unchanging Truth Brings such a happiness, gives such delight That fearlessly Ye risk whatever fight Ye, firmly grounded in Brahmanic Truth!

We gratefully surround the Saintly man Whose life is dedicated to be demonstration That there is possible soul’s liberation; Who shows by love wherefore life’s pulses ran! I became truthful disciple Of a Master. Yogi (+) fair, Whose love interest for mankind I by your language share.


Accept my sincere heartfelt congratulation on your birthday. You have a wonderful mission: you are able to awake the Divine impulse in human hearts that sparks of joy and rays of hope may begin to fulfil their God like work there. May God bless ever and ever.

I am reading Swamiji’s “Hindu Fasts and Festivals” “Siva Lilas”

2. I am trying to keep up a daily spiritual diary.

3. My health is improving by regular Asans and Pranayam.

4. I continue to read your wonderful Indian tales and legends.

5. I am thinking of you and your co-workers with a tender and thankful heart.

6. I try to disseminate this elevating spiritual knowledge.

On the September we will sing together the following which we transformed with regards to your Holiness: “Let us rejoice, that rich ideal gifts are sent to us from heaven, that Saint Sivananda tells what God has inspired him to. As Atma-Jnana resides in him, he radiates Atmic force. As he is happy in God, we may feel blessed and gay.”

All your chelas greeting you

Wish you the best of best!

May GOD bless you and your works

Which GOD’S Grace manifest!

-Hilde Friebel


-Frau Lieselotte Hachmann, Amelingausen.

Since long Iam in close connection with friends in India, I am greatly interested in everything concerning your beautiful and great country and all my love belongs to India As I am convinced there are many people in Germany, who also cherish a similar desire to become friends with people in India but have little opportunity to do so, I am going to found a circle to promote friendship between India and Germany. Its object is to improve the knowledge about India-I sometimes feel ashamed how distorted it is to achieve mutual understanding, the base on which all mental agreement flourishes.

Closely bound to it is my desire to broadcast the echo of the call of peace which comes with great intensity from India, Swami Sivananda’s message given on the occasion of the first Delhi State Divine Life Conference has reached my hands too. Later on I shall have the great joy to read one of the books entitled SIVANANDA: APOSTLE OF PEACE AND LOVE

If ever Swamiji intends to visit Germany I should like so very much to meet him personally, as his words have a special appeal to my heart.


For weeks ago, while meditating upon AUM SIVA AUM, my inner voice inspired me to get in touch with you. As an evolved aspirant I have dared to knock at the door of your Ashram. You can’t imagine how happy I am to see it open and to hear your hearty words of welcome. A vote of thanks to Heaven for your touching letter of 25th April. Be Sure, your kind lines are a climax in my life. I feel an overwhelming stream of strength in my veins since you have written these significant words: I SEND YOU MY PRAYER. Each day I send you my true will with all my heart, praying our dear Lord for your long and Bound life. It is your goodness that now let my heart swell and my head raise with an inner song that vibrates in well-being throughout my body. You are strengthening my modest power of healing with a vital force that I can easily transform into pure magnetism for so many people who are under my massage treatment with so good results. There is no doubt: I grow stronger and my step is light. Certainly, ‘Samadhana’ is the greatest of our key-notes. Forgive me if I forget this fact for a moment and let me shout with Joy-having had for ten long years such a heap of worry: “Many many thanks that you have under stood and heard my cry for help.”

In the holy silence of meditation, I often close my eyes and then at Trikute begin to build up your kind personality until your whole form is perfectly visualised glowing with life and vitality and casting your guiding mental power amidst my seeking Higher Self in spite of space and distance. Throughout all the day or during the night the voice from the Himalayas is speaking to me and my heart is eager for the message of unfoldment and the sacred Gospel of self-Rea lisation. Let me pray day after day to our good Lord to send his guardian-angel and to bless your efforts towards world peace.


We have received your noble message of allincluding kindness. What you say are not simple words, but one feels immediately that here speaks a man quite out of his innermost experience. We convey to you our respectful thanks.

We thank you also for the two books EASY STEPS TO YOGA and PATH TO GOD-REALIZATION. That you signed one of the books with a dedication for us, makes us exceedingly happy and honours us in a high degree.

We have already begun to study with great joy EASY STEPS TO YOGA and are delighted to find deep religious thinking presented in a most simple way. Your source is the Veda-our source the Buddha-Dhamma! Both teach that we are eternal. And there are many things we can learn from you!

In one of the next numbers of our “Yana” I shall bring an extract of your writings, so that many of our readers can hear your words.

-M. Keller-Grimm


For many months I have felt urged to write to you and to express my gratitude to you for the spiritual quidence and the Divine wealth you have given me through your books.

Two and a half years ago, I was initiated into Yogic practices by your disciple Mr. Boris Saoharhw, and since then I have applied myself ever inrceasingly to the study of Hinduism. First under the direct instruction of Mr. Sacharow in Bayreuth, later by your books I have done Asanas (as a physical basis for the higher Yoga) and have mastered all 84 Asanas in order to prove to me and to others what I have again and again argued that Yogic poses can be performed successfully not by Indians alone.

Guruji, you are my sole authentic source of knowledge. For months I have been copying your books whenever I got hold of one from Mr. Boris. Just now I am about to copy the Book: “Yogic Home Exercises,” which opens up new prospects and gives new advices. I know you are able to help us. My wife and I, nay all Germany needs you. Several friends of mine have been benefited by the Divine lore I have imparted to them from your work.

It has been a great desire of mine to translate and disseminate in Germany your books.

Guruji, I take great pains to follow all your instruct. Ons closely and it is a great help and privilege for me to call myself your disciple.

-Mr. Winfried Eggert, Nuernber,


(Sri Horst Engles, Wolfsburg)

Dearest Guruji, Sivananda Maharaj,

After long preparations we have started a Wolfsburg Branch of the Diving Life Society with your kind permission of 20th November 1949. There are about ten members at present and some more wil join later. We have all bought the book “Indische Korperertucht gung” (Hatha Yoga) by Yogi Raj Boris Sacharow. The members do regular Asana, Pranayama and Dharana. Amongst our friends are two doctors and a healer. We meet regularly and I will translate into German articles of “Divine Life” and chapters of your books “Essance of Yogi” and Vedanta Jyoti”. We will also start studying the Bhagawat Gita.

The members are members of the Protestant and the Catholic Church or do not belong to any church. They know each other since several years. Some of them are friends of Dr. H.H. Von Veltheim.


(Baron Hans-Hasso von Veltheim, J.Ph., Solingon)

It was an unexpected and great joy when I received the other day a copy of Swami Sivananda’s magazine “THE DIVINE LIFE”, with heartiest and deepest thanks.

I regard myself as one of Swamiji’s personal friends, disciples, and admirers for I know what an extremely devoting, loving, and thus successful activity, all over the world, he has developed during the past twenty-five years. How much and with what a great right he has now merited the world-wide honours that are bestowed upon him! May Swamiji celebrate also your Golden Jublee of Sanyasa in mental and physical vigour and activity!

I was surprised that Swami Sivananda found my present exile-address.

Very strongly I feel, at this time of my deep distress, the spiritual ties between Swami Sivananda my venerated Guru, and our dearest Mother India on the one hand and me on the other. Although continen’s and oceans are b lween us, I feel Swamiji is very near to me, and his power and strength give me hope and fortitude to continue my med tut ons in this Europe of sorrows and worries. Believe me, I am more than homesick for Mother India and for the peaceful surroundings of Ananda Kutir and beloved Rishikesh where I spent unforgettable days and hours of happiness and blessings.


The admirers, devotees and disciples had another proof of the greatness of His Holiness Mahamandaleshwar Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswati as is evident from the following report which was splashed in all the newspapers last month.

Mrs. Charlotte Valenski Heller, a German, left and reached Bombay recently on her way to the Divine Life Society’s head-quarters at Ananda Kutir, Rishikesh. Mrs. Heller, has not so far seen or heard of Swami Sivanand! But from February of 1951 onwards, she stated, a mysterious voice had been repeatedly suggesting to her to go over to Ananda Kutir and to be with Swami Sivananda so that she could fully study and understand the purpose of life on this earth and the life here after under Swami Sivananda’s guidance. This voice was heard daily till she left her place on the journey, she declared.

Mrs Heller, who is a publisher, has written several articles on this mysterious voice and the call of Swami Sivananda. She said that she would write on Yoga after initiation into it by His Holiness and intensive study under his inspiring guidance.

My Magazine of India,” Madras


51-year-old German lady Frau Charlotte WalinskiHeller whom a mysterious voice directed to proceed to India has today arrived at her destination-Sivanandashram at Rishikesh. She literally jumped in joy at the sight of Sri Swami Sivananda, the Founder of the Divine Life Society. Frau Heller was certain that it was Swami Sivananda’s voice that she heard at Nurenberg.

With eyes half closed in ecstasy she told the Swami “Sival Your name is rising all over Germany. To a people who believed in nothing other than this world, your teachings have, brought spiritual awakening, peace, hope and solace.” She prayed to Swami Sıvananda to be accepted as his disciple and was sure that she could learn a lot from him. She proposes to stay at the Ashram of the Swami for at least six months to learn and practise Yoga.

The German lady is a writer and publisher. “The Hindustan Times”, New Delhi.


A German Lady’s Spiritual Experiences

The aeroplane, radio and television have brought us very near the super-physical plane in which the ancient Yogis of India roamed at will. In their case, however, the intricate machinery that makes flight in the air possible, and that enables us to catch the sound or light-waves that float in the air, was available within themselves.

We have often read in the lives of the great Yogis of the past that they were able to perform miracles. In the life of Lord Jesus (Whose Birthday we celebrated last week) we read that he was able to do what was considered impossible.

It is not a legendary belief or a blind faith of the credulous rustic. But, it is a fact even today that by an inner process of training the vital power in man and his mind, he can acquire such a command over tha elements that he can bring about phenomena that would astound even the scientist who is familiar with the mechanism of the atomic bomb, the rocket and the television. The mysterious vision that Frau Charlotte Walinski-Heller saw and the Voice that she heard have brought this ancient truth again to the forefront.

During the course of an interview when journalists asked her a number of searching questions, Frau Walinski declared that she had actually seen “the greatest living Yogi” Sri Swami Sivananda in a vivid vision on Christmas eve in 1951. Even today she recalls that ecstatic experience with an inner joy and obvious reverence that is well portrayed on her face which assumes a natural expression of glowing happiness as she describes the great experience. It was that mystic experience that has revolutionised her life itself and compelled her to dedicate her life to the Divine Life Cause.

Notwithstanding her Western upbringing and education, she is implicit in her faith and explicit in her conviction that this Yogi who had thus revolutionised her life “is a very near incarnation of God, if not God Himself and if the fact that he is God militates against the prevailing notions of God and His Incarnation.”

Frau Walinski who has led the normal life of a pious Catholic all her fifty years of life is a well educated intelligent German lady and is certain that she is intellectually too strong to be influenced psychically. She has wonderful business acumen and has had an eventful career as an executive in a publishing house. Her husband is a police official; and they have two sons. The children have inherited the piety of the parents and have perhaps been greatly influenced by their mother’s spiritual experience during the past few years. One of her sons has, after she left for India, written to Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj to accept him as Gurudev’s monk-disciple; the younger son is in the words of Frau inski “a great spiritual child who knows all the messages that I have received from Siva.”

Throughout the past few years this pious family had been practically guided in their day-to-day life by Gurudev in a mysterious manner. “Every morning Siva wakes me up,” says Mrs. Walinski. ‘He has solved many difficulties in our life. And I am sure that he will work through me in the future and help me serve humanity.”

What is most significant is the fact that the Voice often corroborated by Gurudev’s own letters -has invariably urged her to work, work. “Work in the home as a wife and mother; work in the office and do your duty; and serve humanity, too. In the manner you best can,” has been the invariable command. And, Frau Walinsky has implicitly obeyed, working, throughout the day at home and in the office and till late into the night on her own books and translations of Gurudev’s works in German.

In August this year she had a Vision in which Gurudev asked her: “Will you be a good disciple?” and she replied: “Yes” Then the Voice commanded her to proceed to India. On the 7th August she saw the vision and on the 19th September she received Gurudev’s letter whose contents had been revealed to her beforehand. She was convinced beyond doubt that her visions and the messages she had been receiving from the Voice were absolutely real. During the moments of her meditation arose an inward feeling in her that really and truly mankind is one family and the whole world is knit in One Supreme Spirit, and that the spiritually awakened can speak with one another across continents with the ease with which people talk to each other from two neighbouring rooms.

When she had thus determined to come to India, the problems arose of the passage money and the husband’s reaction. “Siva said everything would be all right,” says Mrs. Walinski, “and in a few days a good friend turned up who said he would finance the trip, and my husband voluntarily came forward to do all he could to materialise my spiritual ambition.” So, she is in India, at the feet of the Master.

Soon after her arrival Gurudev gave her MantraDiksha. She attends all the Satsang at the Ashram. She likes to sit at Gurudev’s feet in Indian-fashion and refuses to occupy a chair. From the next day of her arrival at the Ashram, she dresses herself in a sai. The ease with which she has effected the change-over makes one feel that she must have been an Indian in a past birth! Perhaps a disciple of Gurudev even then.

Frau Walinski is the author of a series of five books in German entitled “Holi Day for the Soul” which are being published by “Oppel Verlag, Furthi. Bayern, Hirschenstrasse 8”-the first one is expected to have been out by this time.

-Forest Univera ty IF cekly,


(Sri Sivananda Sarada formerly Frau Charlotte Walinski-Heller-Nurnberg)

It is the Rishis who have always preserved the truth about God and His universal creation for mankind. It is the sages and prophets of every age who make known to us the spiritual heritage.

It is the divine men who lovingly caring for us prove by their personal sacrifices that much more than human goodness is required of those wishing to rise to divinity.

But you, divine SIVA, teach all of us, what may be called man’s perfection. You have become one of the world’s teachers. Let us follow Your footsteps!”

This and still more I wrote to the venerable Master Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswati at Rishikesh in Himalayas on the occasion of his 67th birthday, 8th September, 1953.

When I posted that letter in July last year, I did not know that only a few months later I would sit at the feet of my Guru.

It was Swami Sivananda Saraswati who had trained me since 1951 on a purely spiritual level, and it is Siva who spiritually leads me nearer to Selfrealisation.

How far we can and will advance mentally and spiritually depends on our self-training. It is everybody’s personal work. Nobody can do it for us, not even a great Yogi, who makes every attempt to assist mankind in getting rid of the limitations of the coarse physical body and the density of matter.

Never have we to ask what others achieve, but always to investigate the results of our own doings. Our Guru teaches us to conceive by way of life practice, what we are able to accomplish ourselves. Explaining our fate he gives us evidence of our deficiencies in cognition, and leads us on from insight to inner transmutation, from good achievements to better ones. This is the essence of that fellowship between master and disciple for which the great Yogi Sivananda finds worth while to sacrifice himself.

Masters of wisdom will inspire us, who have been called by them, to perform actions corresponding to their experience, philosophy and world-view. And we shall follow their call, once it has, at an ecstatic moment, become conscious to us.

What will ensue from such discipleship, is quite unknown to us. Perhaps we ere even obliged not to reflect on the result of our doings whether we shall be successful or not. For whatever comes into being, comes, as it were, of its own accord, though by our activity Whether wə fəal induced to act by our will or by a superior one which we cannot judge of.... action is ours in any case. And to the great Yogi, whose spiritual leadership we cannot doubt, we shall submit. From him we can always learn, even if many things are not from the first conceivable to us. Never will he abuse our devotion, but always understand our love and return his.


Too often we are of opinion that our thoughts are produced by ourselves. So we remain unconscious of the fact that essential cognition and understanding is the work of inspiration within us. We decide on action without discerning them as being based on intuition. How little do we know about work that is exclusively ours! As receivers of that cosmic energy which a great Yogi disposes of in quite an unimaginable manner, we have to deal reasonably with everything that is transmitted to us and formed in our minds. This is not always an easy thing. For as a profuseness of spiritual wave-lengths and energies, we are almost overwhelmed by an influence which is invisible but not imperceptible to us. On challenges of a superior will we act as well or badly as we can. The man of spiritual firmness will not so often look for the strong leadership of a master, as he who still lives in inner struggles. But it is an existence of wonderful blessing to be the disciple of a great Yogi. He knows when his help is wanted.

In order not to allow any perturbation to sciss in him or through him, man is today most earnestly obligad to follow and even to surrender to the prudent guidance of those who are competent to train him spiritually.

Wherever a man haars the call to let others partake of his wisdom, the waters of spiritual cogaition spring forth from the ground. The river of life, which contains the truth, reaches us, waters the ready soil of our minds, and goes on flowing to others. But how easily might we be drowned in the mighty flood of spiritual waters! For everybody recommends owa doctrine. Everybody claims to have discovered the most valuable. To every person that has no sense of tolerance, only his own method and ideas seem to be interesting and acceptable.

The great Yogi, irrespective of the name he bears, prevents him who is still deficent in cognition, from inconsiderable actions. His disciple lives under the shelter of high spiritual values which the master acquires by his work.

For even the masters have to work for their own perfection. There is no standstill within the universal processes. Development is life. Life is change and transmutation.

The great Yogi knows why he by a hard and marcilass self-training, reduces himself so as to part with the transitory, the worthless and the unstable As an impersonal being he rises like a rock in the midst of an ocean of wandering thoughts, providing a firm foothold for his disciples The masters of genuine greatness look upon their work, as if it were not theirs. They teach their disciples how to gain equal faculties. By taking an impersonal standpoint one will overcome all impediments more easily.

This is the important lesson I learnt with Swami

Sivananda Saraswati. I saw that he refused to identify himself either with his mind and body, as if they were not his. But I also observed, how much kind. Ness, love and help he offers to the ripening disciple, since he knows very well how difficult it is to follow the inner way for him, who still wants a full knowledge of himself.

To Sivananda nothing but the realisation of Divinity is of importance. Nearer and nearer to it he leads his disciple, with whom he feels closely connected.


The masters are personalities presisting in themselves who live in permanent connection with Brahma, Atma, the Absolute, Unchanging All-BeingGod. They realise in themselves the loving powers of Christ. So they endeavour to evaluate their wisdom, knowledge and cognition for mankind, without asking for a proper reward. There is not even any financial claim from their side on the contrary, they give away all they have in utmost self-denial, only to build up a social work, which is to be a centre for all who seek God.

With our small power of apprehension we are unable to judge a great Yogi. Great masters give themselves their own rules. They will act according to their insight into universal truths. We are still seriously impeded to judge the result of our own doings at the moment of actions. The masters of Truth, however, know how the present is being formed out of the past, the future out of the present, and how every event will melt into one great effect, when the egoistic self is overcome and man’s spirit reaches the union with the Divine Being.

To make this conceivable to us, the masters of wisdom literally take our hands. Considerately they conduct us from one point of view to the next, always testing our own power. They show us the prospect to the invariable realm of immortality, speaking of Moksha and Nirvana, in order to make us understand the necessity of self-development.

Swami Sivananda Saraswati has written more than 165 books to show from the view-points of all human sciences the necessity for mankind to come to broader spiritual concepts. Day by day this untiringly thinking and restlessly working genius goes on pondering over the most practicable ways for those who aspire to perfection.

To Sivananda we are indebted for his giving full publicity to Indian occult sciences. The master is of opinion that every rational inhabitant of this planet may claim to be enlightened by occult training.

Under such guidance, the disciples live in constant transmutation. They open their Chakras, i e., their heart and senses as the centres of perception, to the ethereal flow trasmitted to them. And they use their spiritual gifts to raise their faculties. The decisive factor is our achievement for we go from change to change

Under the leadership of a great Yogi like Swami Sivananda Saraswati, our own cognition serves the purpose of self-perfection. What Siva will and can achieve, is not impossible to others who have climbed up to the same spiritual level. Nevertheless, Swami Sivananda is especially blessed by, and connected with the Divinity and has a wonderful method of teaching, which mainly consists in spiritual telepathy.

In the training for self-perfection—which even the great Yogi Siva had to undergo for more than 30 years in its hardest form, living in a small hermitage on the left bank of the river Ganges near his Ashram of today we come to experience ourselves, and are obliged to serve mankind untiringly. According to our destiny we shall be called one day.

Meanwhile we are growing up and ripening in spirituality. A disciple will. However, not in the least be equal to the spiritual greatness of his Guru. To know this is happiness, for it implies permanent guidance by the wise counsellor. I am glad to be able to say: “I am an instrument in the holy hands of my master.” And I know that the great Yogi was pleased with this attitude when I showed it to him. Even if we take the greatest efforts to do excellent work by our creative power, we are not sure whether we have given evidence of ourselves. Human ambition, therefore, is always wrong, whereas it is right in every respect to surrender to the Guru. It is proper that the fruits of our doings should be placed at the holy lotus-feet of our master. For the great Yogi works through us. By his presence we are blessed, enriched and inspired to follow him, who knows how to lead us.

The goal of spiritual development must not become sveiled to our eyes by the mist ofignorance. We can see them clearly in the light of the divine sun radiating from the Guru. It is our own task to discern realities from appearances, and to be thankful to the masters of wisdom and truth for the opportunity of learning from them again and again. It is only by working in such a community of souls and spirits that we grow up to experience of a divine omnipresence. Ent

These are the facts which we learn to see by meeting a great Yogi. It is wastage of time to think on the whole compass of achievements a great Yogi can perform. In any case he will always teach us as much as we want in order to see, how far we still are from perfection.

Without talking much about the esoteric events, Sivananda, the world’s teacher, makes himself known to his disciples by scripts, kirtans, prayers. The most blissful experience is involved in wordless dialogue the great master is used to hold with such disciples who fully entrust themselves to him.

What the master wishes to show or tell us, we shall always come to know, though often not before some days have passed. This must not trouble us, because we have to be devoted to our own work without examining its results. For we perform our actions for their own sake. Always we shall look upon them as small achievements, if we know that we advance from one station of cognition to another, because then our actions will change in favour of highest development. What has passed by, is like clothes, put off, or powers already forgotton off; it has left us and we do not wish to keep it, since wonderful new things are shown to us again and again. The source of all Being pours incessantly, and we feel the irresistible force of the spirit that serves the universal truth. Insight and wisdom supersede the immaturity of the disciple.

The great Yogi remains equal to any demands of his disciples even if they should fill the world. In his working with them he is assisted by similar spiritual powers residing any where on earth or in the universe.

He whom we choose for a master, will lead us. This is my personal experience. What had seemed to me singularly important some months before, when I had no idea of a great master’s personality, changed completely into something untenably unbearable, unimportant, when I came into personal contact with the great Yogi Swami Sivananda. The master took one bandage after the other from my eyes, which had been inclined to look at the beauties rather than at the duties of life, not to mention the necessity of a self-training which might imply resignation.

We learn to understand, that sensation, hope and wishes are common property, that events must never overwhelm us, and that our thoughts are the real treasure we own.

Our thoughts, which we are often accustomed to disregard, are the energy building up or destroying our world. We are dynamic beings, in ceaseless motion, attracting others or pushing them off Our minds become narrower or broader. From the egoistic centre we advance to a divine one, which we must not be conscious of as being ours alone.


The master teaches us to test and adopt or reject thoughts, to meditate in order to dive into ourselves, great many seekers Swami Sivananda has become a symbol. As a Yogi he can find the right way of spiritual guidance for the seeker. Thus his Sivananda -Ashram has developed into a kind of manger of Bethlehem. From all parts of the world, especially India, men come four or send their thoughts to the “Great Yogi” as to a shrine of Divinity.

The Sivananda-Ashram situated on the holy river Ganges near Rishikesh at the spurs of the Himalayas, has become a place of pilgrimage, where the great thoughts of the Swami are born, formed, and sent out to every continent, by letters as well as by spiritual transmission.

Siva always knows what he is doing. Siva leads All his intentions are good. Us.

If monkeys come to take the morsel from the mouth of a hungry person, or to carry away his spectacles, if a Swami of the Ashram must dispense with food on the day he has been late at table, if the wild animals of the Ashram running about at liberty take away a few clothes, if visitors coming from far must wait hours and hours for a short personal meeting with Sivananda-the venerable—everything makes people to develop patience and tranquillity. For this is the will of Sivananda: “To bear insult. To adjust and adapt.”


At first I was not so ready to submit completely and unconditionally to the superiority of such a spiritual government. I was unwilling to acknowledge and recognise the divine in Sivananda, trying, therefore, to recollect the human being in Swamt Sivananda so intensely that it prevented me from receiving the strong impression of the great spirit behind it. Thus I took refuge on an island of self-reflection. But again and again Sivananda took me with his superior greatness and his control of the material things. By his unchangeable love he gained a complete victory over me, though I never disavowed my standpoint and my Christran creed. For this is the very greatness of Siva that he sees His Self in everybody. In the eyes of the great Yogi no religion leads to separation As a world teacher he finds the eternal truth in the essence of every religion. The result is that every believer returns, by his love of God, to the origin of all being without changing his creed; he finds a God who is not hidden behind the creatures but can be met with in all of them.

Under Swami Sivananda’s guidance I met with the spirit of God everywhere. The master made me know India as well as mankind, his Ashram and the monks in it. I was welcomed as though I were a long-desired guest, who had a right of domicile not in the Ashram only but in India as a whole.

Siva introduced me to his visitors, drawing their attention to me, as if this were quite natural. Again and again he told the people who gathered from all parts of the country and overseas: “This is the German lady, I called her and she has come here.”

During the first period of my stay with him I was very pleased with so much attention being Faid to me. Though I did not find the reason of this act in myself but in the spiritual power and greatness of the Yogi, who wished me to enjoy all privileges quite undeserved. But a few days later I had got rid of such outward things. Was it the influence of my master, who taught me not to long for them, but to penetrate into, the inner world?

In any case Sivananda had given evidence of his spiritual power enabling him to teach me over a distance of 5000 miles at Nurnburg. Now I desired still more of him. I looked for initiation and a guidance nobody else could offer me. It was the great Yogi who examined me, and it was he to whom I could testify, when taking leave of him, that he gives all he can, only to help me and to make me happy. Everybody who submits to the leadership of a master can have the experience I had, provided he finds the Guru of his life. Telepathic training will become a matter of self-evidence, if there is only sufficient faculty of reception in the partner’s mind. The good will alone is not enough. To provide a basis for such communication, a preparatory work already begun in former lives must be accomplished. Many links form a chain, and man has to forge them into a regal ring, which will be returned to him by his Gure, when the divine will commands. Genuine discipleship must be deserved.

My case will not remain unparalleled in the future nor is it an exceptional one at present. But I am writing this in order that the public may learn more about the relationship between master and disciple. “I am your Guru from life to life, Sarada,” -When Siva told me so, I became still more cons-

Cious of what it meant to entrust oneself to him. What an immense responsibility is taken over by a wise man, and what responsibility towards him is taken by a disciple!

I give my love and my life to a great Yogi, who lives in perfect self-control for mankind’s sake, and must proceed on his spiritual way in inner solitude in order to avoid being engaged by any power except Divinity, His goal is to increase his faculties to the highest possible standard by subduing his visible ego.

Swami Sivananda Saraswati is to be esteemed, honoured, and acknowledged by everybody including those norrow-minded people who still think that their will is almighty and their opinion is the only right one.

The spiritual leaders feel that they are held responsible by an authority ranging high above all that human minds can imagine.

The members of the divine family on earth have to find one another, and to unite for mutual assis tance and the service of the truth. Everything good centres round the masters. In them we find the embodiment of our ideals. They show clearly that spiritual greatness and human perfection attainable are

A great Yogi no longer lives for himself. As he is getting more and more rid of his own karma, he takes upon himself the fate of others in order to lead them to mastership. For also the master wants co-workers and assistants. He who lives in uninterrupted connection with Brahma, as Swami Sivananda himself told me wishes to let all those who apply to him, participate in his permanent blissfulness. This is the invariable state of lasting joy.


(Sri Sivananda-Sarada, Nurnberg)

The Yogi is able to regulate his strength in advance, according to neccessity. No longer does he feel heat or cold as contrary sensations. He is hot and cold, ice and sunshine at the same time. He discloses himself and retires, devotes himself to a company and withdraws entirely. For him nobody decides but himself. He communicates with others or keeps silent. Never will he suffer himself to be sounded out, examined and explained. As a mystery he moves among all men, quite different from them though he remains one of them as long as he lives on earth.

No longer does he experience his own life-he gives it away in selfless, untiring work for the benefit of the whole world.

In this way he praises God who fills the universe with splendour and might, with power, life, love and abundance. All these live in a great Yogi, who only serves though he seems to rule.

Whoever has once experienced the mysteriously elevating wave of prayer in a circle of venerators of the Guru Sivananda, and has listened to the melodious voice of the master in singing his kirtans (Indian hymns of prayer), will never forget the spiritual teacher. For he knows what it means to him to sit, literally and figuratively, at the feet of his Guru. Then the lotus has opened in the spiritual seeker, and he observas its growth and immortal beauty in himself.aparat dari Y

The sober intellect of Westerners perceiving the attitude that the disciples of a great Yogi have-without his command-passes a condemnatory sentence or forms a negative opinion; but let me ask them to consider the striking fact that ministers and other leading personalities as well as men of genius when approaching Swami Sivananda Saraswati, showed no reluctance to pay to him deepest reverence by lying down and touching the ground or the feet of Siva with their foreheads. This we are used to explain with the term “Hindu custom “.

But does not such a ceremony, which has been preserved and handed down in India from ancient times to the present, serve as evidence that Swami Sivananda’s personality includes more than a human being’s?

I have given up trying to explain or analyse Sivananda, my adored Guru. During the five months I lived in personal contact with him, I learnt to see in the master the good genius protecting me. And from a sincere heart I wish that everybody might have such an experience, which transforms everything. More and more we are drawn off by it from the material world, though Swami Sivananda teaches us, especially by his own example to serve this world without thinking of ourselves or hoping for a personal reward.

This is shown in perfection by a great Yogi.

A disciple has to solve the tasks set to him. So I have to take steps to realise the mission I was entrusted with by Sivananda It will always be a work done in communion with him and his followers for the common benefit.


Institutions such as schools, churches and others, aim at illuminating souls and spirits, have the intention and the task to act as masters. This always means practical work done unselfishly and untiringly for the good of mankind.

If, in addition, the blessing of a great Yogi rests on such a work, it will always be done successfully.

If, however, a failure is met with, the disciple should investigate his own fault. As long as the master does not relieve him of the task, it must by no means be given up. We who serve the Guru by our work, become more and more unimportant in our own eyes. We forget happenings which mean great event to others. Mysterious occurrences are natural things, by which we are educated. Taken as natural things, by which we are educated.

Guided by a great Yogi lice Swami Sivananda we learn to forget the transitory world and to disregard it for the sake of imperishable values which we serve.

Besides the great genius Siva I shall never forget the monks of the Ashram, who are my brothers and the people of India who welcomed me with so much love. Mother India unfolded he: strong arms also to me-sunburnt arms reflecting ethereal light and unimaginable warmth.

Into these motherly arms embracing Indian country and people with divine love, I threw myself in the passionate desire to become one of this mother’s children. And I think, I have also succeeded in making others happy.

For I have become certain not only of the blessing and affection of my great Yogi and his disciples, but also of his teaching, which however invisible, incomprehensible and inconceivable, instructed and informed me so that I could advance. In this training I learnt that our work and activity can mean everything to us.

The subject itself, however, prevents us from going now into details about training and teaching method as such. We, who deliberately follow the spiritual path, learn to resign more and more and to speak less and less of ourselves, We try to advance more and more in modesty, humility, but also in dignity, to accept everything as it happens, to evaluate it for self-perfection, to show understanding to everybody, which will make us understand ourselves better and better.

Prays for the welfare of the world, spiritual progress of Sadhakas, and peace of all souls.


Mrs. Charlotte Walinski-Heller’s speech at the YogaVedanta Forest University on the 17th Dec, 1953.

O ye all human beings, listen again to the ancient wisdom!

Since long it has been proclaimed from time to time that the Everlasting, Infinite, all-embracing Spirit descends on one man and he becomes superior to all in the universe. The Lord has manifested through Him; He is a monk, a Swami, and is just like us. He shares His abundance with those who need it urgently. His name is Sivananda. We are subject to the nature’s laws on this physical plane, but the creative word arises through Sivananda and it leads us all to the Divine. His individual ‘I’ has been extinguished, but his heart is still throbbing with love for mankind.

We are the architects of our own destiny; we must learn and evolve. And this Saint lives here to speak to us, to lead us. Let us follow Him. Let us profit by His discoveries. The Divine Life shows us the way. The Sage Siva lives for us.

We recite our prayers; but it is no use unless we live in accordance with our prayers, unless our actions themselves form our prayers. Everything depends upon our actions. A realisation of this factor shows that the fire of aspiration has been kindled in us; let us thank Swami Sivananda for that. The Sage is standing before us. He shines like a Star, leading the sages from Orient. He is smiling, knowing much more than we do. Now He is silent. With blessing gestures, he opens the door and the gate to liberation. Now He becomes a child of God. We thank Him who has thought and spoken for us, and realised so well the word of God. In Swami Sivananda many people see their Spiritual Guide. His teachings will be enshrined in the hearts of many souls. Our thanks to the Lord.

In this short message I have endeavoured but to express my gratitude to Siva for the spiritual guidance I have received from him as his disciple. I pray to you all wholeheartedly, join hands with Siva in his work for universal peace and prosperity.



OH Lord grant me the access to thy table,

Sumptuously arrayed with dishes and flasks of wine, to enable

Me, thy grace, relish in Broad and taste thy

Love in wine, Much more than fountain of youth, bestower of bliss.

May be I the Partaker of this joy, I must not miss.

One Idea of it takes me to God,

Rest in my own Self, one with all.

The cosmic, all pervading spirit I behold, wherever I gaze,

No room for Maya and time any more;

Eternity and me have met at last.

My own Self is the Inner Light

Which forms the centre, around which

Can I describe

A circle with radius Infinite, my Lord,

Then You I become, living you I work ceaselessly

Dead to all, dynamic to them who try to behold

Me in Absolute, Rendering help to desirous of tasting thy Bread and wine,

I offer it most heartily, willingly and happily to all;

Ye, come forward, thou art welcome to my abode.

This is my wish,

Grant it to me

I ask thee a gift;


My Lord

English Translation by; Sivananda-Pushpa.



(Extract from Indian Information Service, Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. Of India-Transmission dated 21st December, 1953.)

Frau Charlotte Walinski-Heller fiftyone-year-old German woman whom mysterious voice directed to Sivananda-Ashram has reached Rishikesh according to Times of India news service.

She was overwhelmed with joy when she saw Swami Sivananda, founder of Divine Life Society. Frau Heller was certain that it was Swami Sivananda’s voice that she heard at Nurenberg.

She told Swami, “Your name is ringing all over Germany. To all people who believed in nothing other than this world, your teachings have brought spiritual awakening, peace, hope and solace”

She requested Swami to accept her as his disciple. She proposes to stay at Ashram for atleast six months to learn and practise Yoga.


Spiritual power is a might. This might come through a grand will. For the Divine Life family this will is personified in the Father of the Divine Life Society, Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswati We have not only to love this father; we have to serve him. We have to give him our best.

He has been giving his best for us. His holy wish is our law, our Divine Command. His intuition is the reason which enables us to do good work always. His inspiration is the oil; we are all dynamic machines to generate a grand spiritual power, to bring about a spiritual awakening everywhere, to help, to serve, to love, and to live for our brothers and sisters on this earth for the Divine Life Family.

Here in Sivananda Ashram is the earth home of our Guru Father. Here we live in personal contact with him. We can speak to him. We can meet him. We can listen to him. We can hear his lectures. We can see him. But, we must work alone. We must think alone. Our Guru can give us our life plan; but we have to work it out alone.

That is our life’s duty; and our Guru is manifest in our work, guiding us with his philosophy, with his sage knowledge. Let us do our duty. Swami Sivananda will bless our work. This itself is success for us. And, success in this great work of spiritual awakening comes in the form of intellectual power, soul-richness and growth of the inner Spirit.

Here in Sivananda Ashram all persons are working with this attitude of mind. Many biographies have been written about Swami Sivananda; and every person sees his own ideal in Siva. To find the reality you must yourself come to Sivananda Nagar Ashram and discover it yourself, and know who Swami Sivananda Saraswati, your Guru is in reality.

I can only say this for myself. He is the best spiritual leader in the whole world. His teachings impart the knowledge that is most essential for the intellectual understanding of the spiritual aspirant. All that Siva is teaching us is this; Be good; do good; be pure; serve, love meditate and realise. All that you can do is to put this into daily practice. Your work is all important; You are important; dissolve your individual personality in the great work. And you will attain to what is most important; You will know that the Guru is ever blessing you and that his blessings flow through you as the divine work. This is the Supreme Blessing of the Lord. This is the secret of communing with Brahman, realising Brahman. This is the way of rising to be in tune with the Infinite, Absolute.

More than that we cannot do. In our love for Guru is everything included. In it is the success of our work, our life; and our spiritual awakening into the Consciousness of our Self, and thus shine as the light for the whole world, resisting peace and bliss. We need only the blessings of our Guru so that we can always do good work in this world, here in Sivananda Ashram or elsewhere, wherever we may stay. The Guru is always with us everywhere.

May Lord bless Swami Sivananda Saraswaii who is blessing us.



In the steamer “Asia” my wife Charlotte has started, following your call for the goal which is of so eminent importance for her spiritual growth. She was able to conquer all resistences, which confronted her journey and she hopes to receive the individual schooling by you personally at Rishikesh, SO that she will be capable of performing the new spiritual change in Europe, for which people here in Europe are waiting for her to return from India. She is convinced out of her deepest believing heart that You only, highly respected Swami Sivanand Saraswati, are the teacher, her Guru, determined by Karma.

I have submitted to the longing of her heart and given her the permission to undertake this big voyage accompanied by a trustworthy man. I entrust to you my dearest of earth and I hope positively that all the sacrifices we have made are blessed.

May God bless you, your selected followers and the whole great, very ancient and cultured nation of India, which has presented to the world such a big and immense quantity of spiritual treasures. This India is, of course, the country of my yearning also.

Mr. Bruno Walinski, Nurnberg.


(Dr. Oscar C. Pfaua, Hamburg)

Sri Swami Sivananda has through his unselfish actions as a philosopher and teacher, and as a healer and as one of the world’s greatest exponents of naturopathic science not only earned the love and respect of all those in his magnificent country who had the happiness to come in personal contact with him, but he has also earned the admiration and sincere attachment of countless foreign friends among whom are many eminent men of science and of public affairs.

Sri Swami Sivananda’s name is as hallowed to many as the names of his Eminence Said Hibat-udDin Sharestani, the beloved leader of Islam and friend and protector of justice and of racial equality, and of the Hon. Yonosuke Nakano, the reverenced founder and great spiritual leader of Ananaikyo, are hallowed to their friends and followers.

Their actions are guided by divinity, and their love for suffering mankind is the most beautiful expression of human understanding and sympathy with which the world of our time is ever blessed.

The Sixtyseventh birthday of Sri Swami Sivananda is a day of joy and gratitude for all his friends and disciples. Heartfelt joy that he is with as in this world, and gratitude for the untold good which this great and universally beloved and respected man has bestowed on our mutual cause of peace, goodwill and true God-realisation.


(Dr. Oscar U. Pjaus, Ph. D., D. Litt., Germany)

A student of philosophy, having had the inspiration to devote his time to a careful study of Sri Swami Sivananda’s great teachings, cannot agree with the title of Alexis Carrel’s speculative work “Man, the Unknown”.

It is true, Western philosophers are still inclined to regard Man, of whose chemical composition and material value they have an excellent knowledge but of whose innermost life they know very little nothing at all, as the mysterious being whose actions offer hardly any solution but only ever increasing problems. And even Carrel had to come to the, by no means new, conclusion that “The brutal materialism of our civilization not only opposes the soaring of intelligence, but also crushes the gentle, the weak, the lonely, those who love beauty, who look for other things than money, whose sensibility does not stand the struggle of modern life.”

But one experiencing the invigorating, peacegiving blessing of Sri Swami Sivananda’s magnificent spiritual guidance realize that the modern civilization proclaimed as “ours” is after all only the civilization of those organized few who succeeded for the time being to force their doctrines of soulless selfish, Western materialism upon a world which was too friendly, too unsuspecting, to be able to oppose the coldblooded tactics of false promises, of unnerving “Western comfort and progress”, of the greedy accumulation of riches, of deadly industrial competitions called struggles for survival, and of other civilized vices with which the advent of “our

Modern civilization” was joyfully introduced. How weak and worthless this complicated, needlessly feared superstructure of modern civilization and culture really is, is shown by the fact that is now shaking its very foundations, and that it has

Far more enemies than it has friends.

Only for a camparatively short time “our modern civilization” was able to be a total ruler of the destinies of all nations. But as soon as it dropped its modern Western camouflage to show its true color, to become the purposed instrument of religious fanatics, of “colonizators”, of industrial magnates, of master racial classifications, of wars and of the “necessary occasional decimation” of the helpless masses, its utter hollowness was realized, and the desire of all peoples for a return to nature, to true God-realization, increased and became more urgent every day.

Man is imperishable. He is God-conscious and good and despite his civilization-made helpless dependency he is yearning for a liberation from the dreadful yoke.

Swami Sivananda knew the innermost desires

Of Man when he wrote to me: “Faith, devotion, self-restraint, one pointedness of mind, purity of heart, and intensive desire for liberation, and meditation are the immediate factors of liberation. One who is endowed with these qualities attains Immertality and Knowledge.”

To his great mind man is not unknown, and to his divine conception of life Man offers no problems but only solutions. He regards his fellow-men as his beloved brothers and sisters, as his own good Self, and not as the marketable values of an industrialized modern civilization.

Millions hope and pray that the arrival of the sixtysixth birthday of Sri Swami Sivananda will bring us all the beginning of the long awaited new era of peace, goodwill and social justice. And our beloved Swami will bring us this liberation!

It was his destiny to be born to bring freedom to a suffering mankind, to do honour to Mother India, to glorify the name of the Creator by coming to us as our own guide and friend, as the bright star in the darkness of our time.


(Dr. Oscar C. Pfaus, D. Litt.)

His Eminence Said Hinat-ud-Din Sharestani and the Hon Yonosuke Nakano have spoken very highly of Sri Swami Sivananda in letters addressed to me, and I know that they admire and respect the great Sage of the Himalayas and light of truth Seekers.

Only a short time ago the Universal Brotherhood Mission from Japan, composed of the Hon. Shin Nagami, President of the Good Will Movement Ananai-Kyo, in Shimizu city, Japan, and of the Hon. Kansuke Nakano, son of the Hon. Yonosuke Nakaho; Founder of the Ananai Kyo, came to Hamburg. Germany to establish direct and personal contact with the European friends of the international Japanese organisation.

The first greeting which the Japanese Ananaienvoys extended to me on their arrival in Hamburg were words of friendly and enthusiastic remembrance of Sri Swami Sivananda.

We come from India, and we have seen the Swami. It was a most wondrous and happy experience for us to be in Rishikesh and to be with this great and good man!”

The Japanese friends spoke of Sivananda in the highest terms and with a sincere admiration, and I am glad that there is so much understanding between Swamiji’s and the leaders of Ananai-Kyo.

These words of my Japanese visitors and friends made me realise that their mission was a blessed one. Before coming to Europe they visited Rishikesh to bring greetings from Japan to India, and they arrived in Europe to bring us also the greetings of Sri Swami Sivananda.

The world tour of the Ananai envoys of peace and Goodwill was a complete success. But before parting from Hamburg they expressed their desire to see India once more on their way back to Japan, and doing so they will bring our greeting and good wishes to the great sage of the Himalayas.


(Dr. Oscar. C. Pfaus.)

With the publication of the “Life of Sivananda in Pictures the Yoga-Vedanta Forest University Press has given us all a most remarkable and truly inspiring account of Siva’s exalted personality, of his surroundings, of his great mission, and of his world wide contacts.

It is a perfect and most timely review of events and activities which are of more importance and value to truth-seekers than all the tens of thousands of political happenings which come and go and are forgotten as soon as they have fulfilled their real purpose of showing the utter hollowness of their existence.

The publication was thought to be a gift to those of Sivananda’s friends who appreciate the guidance of his great intellect, and who gratefully realize that that their own lives would have been so much poorer without the appearance and blessings of the sage of the Himalayas. They received the pictorial account of Sivananda’s life with happiness and sincere thanks, and they will treasure it not only as a wonderful gift of friendship from our Gurudev but also as a touching blessing for this new year.

But the booklet brought not only Sivananda and his lovable country nearer to us, it gave us also a pictorial review of many of his faithful friends and disciples Some of the American, near Eastern and European admirers of Sivananda’s mission are well known to me through their unselfish and sincere work, and it was with great joy that I looked at the excellent photos of noble and most active friends like Sri Banerjee, S. Reymond Dunn, G. Craig Smith, Harry Dikman, Prof. Novicky, Sri B. B. Desai, Dr Spiegelberg, Dri. Otakar Pachachak, Dr. R. E. Dichhoff and others, not to mention the welcome photos of many of the Indian friends who have given us all great examples of human fellowship and faith.

It was and is good to see them all thus pictured in a masterful book.

The preface written by the Hon. N. C. Ghosh is an excellent and most timely introduction to the work itself. It was written by one who not only fully understands the problems which confront us today, but who has also remarkable comprehension of the power which will in time solve them all.

Sri Swami Paramananda’s thoughtful description of Ananda Kutir must have been given to us as a friendly invitation to follow the call which has come to us from the Himalayas to see the Abode of Bliss and to receive the blessings of Sivananda. I shall come, my Gurudev, and I know that peace will be with me.

The sage besomes one with all among Europeans he behaves like a European-thus winning their heart and radiating a sense of unity.\


(Dr. Oscar C. Pfaus, D. Litt,)

Swami Sivananda’s good letters have brought me the blessings of much peace of mind, contemplation and happiness.

Almost hopelessly materialistic are the ways of the West. Yet I think that his spiritual instructions particularly his Guide to Sadhaks may be successfully adopted in our falling Western world if those who adhere to his divine principles of goodess, of peace, of universal brotherhood realize that we need friendly guidance.

There is so much fear, racial and national guidance, and love of revenge in Europe, especialy in misguided Germany, that we who wish to see the light cannot hope to achieve success unless Sivananda’s spirit and his guidance are with us constantly and with increasing strength. I have faith in him and although I too am by necessity a product of Western thinking and development my blood relationship binds me closer to India, the good mother of us all, and to Indian philosophy I realize that the new age of purity and of goodness and of blessed peace will come to us from there. I study Sivananda’s works with the utmost interest as soon as each book arrives. I feel that his kind words have come to me at the right hour. To be sure, at this moment I have the strange feeling that he is with me, because I seem

To forget time and space, and my mind seems to urge me on and on to find the gate beyond the “barrier”. It is a strange and yet wonderful feeling, but I explain it with the thought that his blessing has reached me.

I just received the two wonderful books “The Commemoration Volume”, ‘The Diamond Jubilee Volume” and “The Women’s Light and Guide.” It is a treasured gift. I shall study them with the utmost interest, and with reverence, and I shall concentrate my mind on the wish that the light of Swaniji’s blessed guidance may also come to me.

Sivananda’s beautiful words:

Friends free yourselves from egoism, attachment,

Discipline your mind and senses through detachment,

Identify not with the body illusory, Have balance of mind in pleasure and misery.”

Have a special meaning for us who live in the land of fear, hatred, revenge and unhappy hopelessness. May his words and blessings reach us all, give us peace and freedom from fear, give us the happiness of understanding we always long for but which we never had, because we never saw the light.


(Dr. Oscar C. Pfaus, D.Lill.)

It was a delightful experience for me to read announcement about Sivananda in the General Welfare Reports. His message of peace and goodwill touched me deeply, for I too know that the blessing of mankind will once more come out of India, as it did before.

Now imagine my joy and pleasant surprise as on opening a parcel from Rishikesh I discovered the wonderful copy of Swami Sivananda Yoga-Vedanta Dictionary; it is indeed a priceless gift, Sivananda has fulfilled my wish without my asking for it, thus knowing that I needed the guidance of this great book. The other books of Swamiji are just as valuable to me. I atonce started reading “Essence of Yoga” which is an extraordinary book and is full of wisdom and divine reasoning. The advice concerning Branch activities and other instructions contained in Sivananda’s marvellous book “Light Divine” is deeply appreciated and highly welcome. He thinks just of everything, and although I am fully aware of his divine powers I cannot help wondering that he finds the time to even bother with us who are so far away, and who have nothing to offer him but our respect and love.

The kind of activity I am engaged would enable me to lay a real foundation for our Divine Life Society activities in Germany, and all over Europe. The study of Sivananda’s own divine philosophy has given me new hope and much new energy during the past few months, and right now I feel like a reborn man.


(Engineer Julius Ranz)

That was the title of a lecture SWAMI SIVANANDA SARADA-Walinski-Heller, the master-chela of the greatest Yogi who lives and works now in India, Sivananda Saraswati, held in Graz, Land Styria, on 7th December, 1954, in the crowded Festival hall of the Federal Trade-School on the Ortweinplatz.

Alter a short greeting and carefully chosen musical introduction the disciple of the great Yogi started her speech which proved to be a unique lecture because of its marvellous construction. She depicted in very impressive words the path of her evolution and her wonderful adventures up to the present day and won all the hearts of her attentive audience.

Another musical performance terminated her speech which was crowned by the great message of her sublime teacher and master directed to the people of the Occident, but valid for all mankind of the earth.

The dignified end of the lecture was the reproduction of a record with Shiva’s voice, never heard before in Austria, with a religious song, thanks to the excellent messenger of this spiritual regeneration.

For two hours the audience enjoyed a true and beneficent peace of the soul, but without losing contact with the earth. According to God’s will this heart-folt peace should reign always everywhere one arth.



Christmas Message: Out of a deeply felt sense of thankfulness I dare to write these few lines. I am convinced that many Germans reading Swami Sivananda’s message addressed to all Europeans will heartily welcome it. We all hope that the day of peace may come for all the nations. May God bless Sivananda’s work and the peaceful nation of India. His message ought to be placed in the hands of each European so that everybody could act and control his daily activities according to Sivananda’s directions It is my sincerest wish to see the Forest University and get acquainted with Sivananda’s work in his Hospital to enable me to disseminate his teachings in Germany.

I read all his publications with great interest. Many things are quite new to me and sometimes I am quite discouraged that my progress ress is so slow but there is always something that makes me study Sivananda’s works again and again. I feel a growing inner stillness and I am grateful to the Yogi for this first success. A few sentences or a few passages of Sivananda’s works are giving me a new impulse and spiritual refreshment. I always carry one or the other of his books with me to read during leisure-hours. I feel so grateful to him and feel happy that I have found such a Guru. His valuable teachings wilı gene. Rate a great force in me that will influence my surroundings. His ideas and methods give me help and assistance. His world-embracing universal prayer has also become my prayer.

Sivananda’s Hatha Yoga and Concentration and Meditation are my daily reading and direct my spiritual training agents. The first-mentioned book, wonderful as it is, is not easy to read for Europeans. It demands an intensive study. I was happy to find my countryman whose spiritual inclinations go the same way. I never forget to mention Sivananda’s name and his books. I must try hard to follow his rules especially with respect to concentration.



I cannot thank you enough for sending me your valuable books. They are so very interesting that I could not leave them until I read them well.

How sweet and kind of you to send us more books to help us see the pathway to God and Self-realisation. Your books give us great peace of mind and courage to face all difficulties calmly.

A letter from you, is for our family a holiday, a day of joy and happiness. Our son Rolf-Dieter is now sitting in the Vajra Asana daily for hours and tries to walk with his knees. When his mother is sorrowful, then he will say “next year when the uncle (Sivananda) from the Himalayas is coming, I will be sound and walking.” Your kind letter immensely pleased him. He tells us, uncle Sivananda will bless him (like he does in the picture of the “Biography of Swami Sivananda”) and then he will be sound and healthy like other boys. He will never forget you. When I am out of town (with the automobile) and mother is anxious. Then he will say: “Uncle Sivananda closes his eyes and sees papa and will guide him all the way home safely.”

May be, I have the opportunity to visit you once, or see you here in Germany, it would be greatest delight sitting at your Lotus-feet and hearing your voice.



I know your name and address from a little booklet about “Dhyana Yoga”, which I got from Mr. Boris Secharow in Berlin in 1941. I am acquainted with him since 1940 and have helped him in his work, he was doing in Berlin.

I am so happy to have got all the monthly volumes of the “Divine Life.” It is such a great consolation to get these Magazines. Even if I do not know Sanskrit, I read all articles with great interest and try to translate them for those of my acquaintances who are interested in them.

I am quite sure that your work will grow more and more in course of time and will give happiness to the people all over the world.



I have received three messages from you and was highly pleased. Especially the Christmas number of the Forest University Weekly struck me. It contains profound knowledge of Christian dogma. It is a fine pamphlet in which the different beliefs are presented side by side.

Your articles are increasing in their high beauty and vastness of view. People call you a saint, even a God incarnation. I feel something radiating from you, that is truly great and wonderful.



I, the executor of many of the prescribed exercises in your Book, “Hatha Yoga,” prove, that you have given man a considerable Instrument with the instruction and the assurance, that you have lived them through before you put them before a pupil.

Without personal contact with you I would say, You are a great man, This practical psychology displayed in your book “Concentration and Med tation” which I have just finished reading the third time, will serve as a basic introduction to students in this country.


A Message for the 8th of September, 1954.

On the 8th of September, 1887, H. H. Sri Swami Sivananda Sarasvati was born at Pattamadai on the Kanadiankal near Madras. Millions of people in India, Africa, Australia, Asia, and Europs are celebrating today the Birthday of Swamiji and offer him their respect and devotion with orations and divine service.

All over the world, it is true, he is known as the great Yogi, the kind sage, the friend of the poor, the physician and helper of the sick, the fearless fighter for peace, the creator of the world-wide Divine Life Society, the founder of the Yoga-Vedanta Forest University, the ideal educator and organiser of schools, the well-known writer and poet, the inspiring speaker and the charming singer. Yet only a few hours of his devotion and care he is extending to all who turn to Him. Here, in the quiet of Ananda Kutir, the great Wonder of His daily working for thousands and thousands is accomplished. He takes upon him the suffering of this world and leads the seeking souls on to the path of Self-realisation. His life is divine service, devotion, and self-sacrifice. In these tempestuous times we all look to Him, to the shining example, the noble friend of all men, the great soul, and the enlightened Sanyasin.

Thus we too express to H. H. Swami Sivananda Sarasvati today, on his 67th Birthday, our special greetings and heartfelt wishes for good od health, health, a long life, and a peaceful future.

May His blessing and His Help come to all of us, so that we may attain perfection and Selfrealisation.

Yoga-Vedanta Academy Heinrich Schwab President


(Sri Heinrich Schwab, Editor “Yoga” and Proprietor, Sivananda Press, Germany)

We know very well, that His Holiness Sri Swami Sivananda is working with the highest unselfish motive. His holy life is sacrifice and service for all people of the world. The Society needs help from all to build up the great Institutions and Sivanandanagar. All his works must be made available from one source. We will be glad to keep here a stock of your publications always We desire no advantage personally. We will also work with His Holiness for the enlightenment of mankind We are sure that in a few years many Branches of the Divine Life Society will be established in Germany, Austria and Swiss. We beg your help and blessing for this work.

We have the intention to publish a complete series of the works of His Holiness. We have His Holiness’ permission to reprint these articles from His Journals; this we are sure, is most important in the situation predominant in Germany. We have a lot of adherents eager for wisdom and knowledge of a more sublime kind. We have the intention to publish a periodical Yoga-journal in close COoperation with His Holiness. We have this image always before our eyes to find an institution of Yoga knowledge in the black Forest in Germany Swami Sivananda and His Mission near Switzerland. With the help of his blessings we are sure to gain the souls of many a seeker for wisdom and insight in Germany and Switzerland.

We are acquainted with His Holiness’s blessed influence on German people and it is just for that reason we strive for the profound propagation of the knowledge among the German readers...

I shall ever re main grateful to His Holiness very very much for his help and confidence and for his inspiring letter. We will popularise. His works through our Branches in Canada, Swiss, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland We will serve His Holiness with all our power day and night so that all men may listen to His Holy Voice We will do anything for His Holiness.

Hearty, sincere thanks for His Holy Benediction and His Eternal Grace. With His spiritual assistance, I hope to publish shortly in German language the first Magazine of the Divine Life Society in Germany. Entitled “Yoga.”


(Sri Upasika-Franziska Steinhausen, Berlin)

Many newspapers and journals have brought to us reports and many beautiful things about Sivananda, the Sage of Rishikesh.

It is quite wonderful to think what streams of love radiate from the great sage. All men, to whatever nation, race or caste they may belong, perceive his extraordinary kindness. His spiritual power of enlightening and teaching even persons who live at a great distance from him is astonishing. If the Saint has once established a mental relation to a person who appealed to him for assistance, this person will very soon perceive the result in his life. Everyone, who turns to the Saint may be convinced of this fact.

The Saint corresponds with me since a year. During this time I was blessed to receive much love and much strength from him. His great kindness as a physician and as a spiritual teacher is known beyond the frontiers of India. The Saint ever rejoices over the keen interest which the seeking souls coming to him, show for the science of Yoga. The Saint leads pupils all over the world by corresponding with them.

I receive every month a Journal “Divine Life”. The writings in it direct Sivananda’s followers how to live a Divine Life amidst their daily duties, if they show the readiness for it. The condition is; daily meditations some minutes to half an hour and still longer. Without meditation no spiritual realisation is possible. The Saint writes in his book Concentration and Meditation” published in 1952, in the German language:-

There are no hindrances for a man of serious resoluteness and will power”. All his books breathe the high call “Serve the helpless!”

And thus the Saint is giving his compassion and care quite especially to the most poor on Earth, to the lepers.

Ever again the Saint proclaims in his letters that it means great happiness for him to convey God’s blessings and to bring spiritual progress to all aspiring souls. Chiefly the three books which are already published in German are used by the students: Concentration and Meditation”, “Hatha Yoga” and “The Triple Yoga”.

The Saint gives an example by his life how to live a holy life without becoming a hermit. It is really possible normally to fulfil our daily duties, which the destiny has charged us with, and yet live a Divine Life All his writings explain how to bring about this. He who has the will power to do without his former way of life and who seriously strives to attain perfection will gain the victory. He will be strengthened in it by contemplation. Ha directs hiu glance inwards and thus he learns, who he is in truth.

All great enlightened souls have ever asked themselves “Who am I?” And they ever got the answer in the silence, locking inwards. There we receive the answers to all our questions and also the power to get down to all these questions. The Saint will help us to gain this power, if we really are longing for it.

I bow in deep reverence and gratitude to such a spiritual power-source, to him who gives his very life to all beings to serve them in love. Perhaps wa all shall once enjoy the happiness of seeing and hearing the holy Swami Sivananda when he will visit Germany, and I hope Berlin too. My personal relation with the Saint granted me many telepathic experienceв.

The Mercy of God granted to me the association of some enlightened souls, and I can’t do enough to thank for it. For these enlightened souls gave my life its relief contents, other-wise it would be dull and flat. They taught me to serve all beings without distinction. Now I meet God in the form of all creatures.

In this moment my soul greets that elevated spirit who radiates his love from Rishikesh to the whole earth. And I desire all of you the blessings of the Yogi May all souls get enlightenment!


A Swiss friend of mine told me about your most wonderful work, your journals and lectures and I take the liberty of asking you whether there would be any chance of seeing you in Germany, possibly in Berlin? The presence of enlightened souls means everything for the poor struggling souls who are longing for right and Truth Your Venerable nearness and presence is radiating the strong con. Fidence and patience which we human beings are so much in want of and are searching for.



In the year 1952 I bought your book “Concentration and Meditation”, and I was happy to know your name, your picture and your words In my Yoga course I try to get help from your books and words. Beginning in Hatha Yoga, I lead the disciples to concentrate and meditate according to your instructions. We are very happy to have your monthly review of Yoga, and we return hearty thanks to you.

In the end of each Yoga-lesson we think of your Holiness, and we beg for your benediction. We thank God, that He has given an incarnation of his wisdom in your person and I will help to realise your words and will for peace. In great reverence and with the supplication for the benediction of your Holiness for my disciples, myself and my family.

-Dr. E:W. Dicke, GERMANY...



Mr. Sacharow often spoke to me of his venerated Guru the great saint and Sage Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswati Maharaj, and gave me some of his books to read. The first one was “Sathre Dharma”. I copied out passages which were like light suddenly breaking into my darkness Then I read “Practical Lessons on Yoga” and copied nearly all of it. I learned how to concentrate, how to meditate. I realised that my late husband lives. The convic. Tion came to me, that the reason for my being left behind in this world must be some task I have to fulfil, apart from our common Karma, I learned to say ‘Thy wil be done” and found peace.

I send Swami Sivananda my most deep-felt congratulations and devotest wishes for his health and long life and the materialisation of all his wonderful projects and glorious ideas for helping humanity. Swamiji’s articles in Divine Life are my light and guide.

Living in a Rajasic and Tamasic malaise as it seems to be my Karma, Swamiji’s teachings in the Divine Life Magazine are my greatest treasure and the Light emanating from His pictures brings peace, harmony and bliss. Words cannot describe it; I am sending up my most fervent wishes for Swamiji’s good health and ever growing glory.



For a time I felt too shy to write to Sri Swamiji: for, I doubted my worthiness to approach this Master of mine. However, I experienced a sort of inner compulsion to write to him. I wrote! Now, I cannot tell you how happy I was when I received a reply how all the gloom fell off from me. Since then, I have had the great privilege of getting letters from Sri Swamiji. They are my greatest treasures. I am guided and illumined by them. Some portions of these letters I repeat as Mantras. And books are like sun breaking Swamiji’s letters through the dark clouds: They have done what I was so desperately longing forI mean lifting up my inner spirit.

My Master’s permission to lay my spiritual problems before him at any time is my refuge. His words are giving me courage to face obstacles and failures. His leaflets are interesting and illumining. His “Divine Life” magazine is a great help and & wonderful Satsang for me.

Whenever I do Pranayama, Sri Swamiji’s Picture appears before me and I feel as if I were drawing spiritual strength from him. Whenever I feel discouraged I fix my thoughts on him. Very often now In my meditation I see Swamiji, and a wave of joy and peace comes over me; and I feel irresistibly drawn to concentrate on him. He is my supreme refuge



My visit to Jrdia was a necessity. I feel happy to-day, I have solved all problems and have the all. Round view of Indian spirituality and its practical way I needed as well as to quench the India-thrist in common. Really the different Ashrams, great and small and institutions I saw, the saints and philosophers I met, all pointed out that the very last thing necessary in the spiritual realms is to transcend the mind that never can grasp the spiritual goal, by killing it, by purifying and ematying from it all I-ness, body and mind-consciousness and waiting humbly to be filled with Pure Consciousness of Vedanta after. Complete surrender to the Lord, Who alone exists. So it is no theoritical construction but a deep experience, if I say to-day. There is no different God no different Truth, no different way, neither in East nor in the West, if only the seekers leave dogmatism and ritualism and start to realize the Truth practically. We can only go to the way by scientific efforts for self-purification and there Westerners can learn a lot from Yoga, if they only understand that once they have to throw away everything, even the mind, and then he could expand. Our part is the negative way of killing and His part is the positive one of granting the Pure Consciousness. I learnt these wonderful lessons from my Guru Swami Sivanande.

After my return to Germany with great joy I received his wonderful books. I did not feel the icecold wind of the Ashram here but I hear the daily prayer always: Adorable Lord and the Kirtans in the daily Sat-sang. I see the Ganges, the mountains, the Ashram and the company of the Mahatmas I feel glad to remember the happy events experienced in Rishikesh Truth isso simple, nothing exists but God whatever I recognize is He, in every face I can see the Lord. I strive hard to follow Swami Sivananda’s teachings and progress step by step. Often when I try to dive deep into the ocean of meditation I find myself thrown back to the sands of the daily life or more to the rocks of past and future For days I do not live in Germany at all. I have thought of Sivananda-Ashram.



You are standing on the other side of the river,

Siva my Guru.

I am waiting.

You are shining on the other side of the planet, Siva my Guru.

I am working.

You can go over the bridge, crossing my way,

Siva my Guru.

I am hoping.

Never, can I forget your words,

Siva, my Guru.

I am your humble disciple.



May we express our heart felt wishes of a long and still more prosperous life to beloved Guruji Maharaj. It is really a blessing to mankind that the glorious personalities of Yogis and Sannyasins dwall on our earth. But it is still more exhilarating to ba aware of the persence of such a brilliant personality as our Swamiji, King among men, Indra among Yogis, and to congratulate him on the 68th birth day of his extremely fruitful life.

The Yogis are generally believed to live in some other world, so entirely superior to and different from, our mental existence, this very vale of tears and misery we are in. A layman, having wrought his way towards spiritual superiority is apt to neglect human sorrows, tears and smiles. On the other hand you cannot possibly disentangle yourself from the bondage of Samsara being busily engaged in worldly joys and miseries. But this is not the case with our Swamiji. As a glorious Sannyasi he is extremely unattached and yet, having been a practical doctor of so many years past, he is deeply comprehensive of our needs bodily and spiritual ailments. It is a rare privilege to be backed up by a Yogic Guru at all, but to be guarded by a medical expert at that is certainly a boon.

We thank our Divine Mother for this and pray unto Her to bestow upon our Guruji Her choicest blessings and grant him. A still more vigorous longevity.


(Experiences of a German devotee, concerning the allpervading Power and Presence of Her Master Suami Sivananda)


From an invisible source, I heard a voice in my room. That experience began my contact with the mighty Yogi of the India of the Himalayas. And this was not all.

For, on the Christmas of the year nineteen hundred and fifty one, the Yogi Sivananda granted me the strange experience of his vision. I saw the Indian Sage as clearly, as vividly, as palpably аз I see now his picture facing my writing table. Not even a fortnight passed by after this experience, I was handed by my husband a cover from the Yoga Vedanta Forest University of the Himalayan Yogi.

The cover brought me a small autographed photograph of the Master. This picture has become my life’s companion; wherever I go, it accompanies me. My contact with the Master strengthened itself as much in thought and spicit as through my correspondence with the Yogi. My interest in the master grew and gathered strength. In thought and spirit, I experienced the communion with the Divine Presence of the Master, everywhere. For full three years I was trained invisibly from a distance of five thousand miles, until I was taken to His holy Ashram in India, where I saw the Yogi in flesh and blood.

At the Ashram I felt quite at home, and was always in touch with the Divine Presence of the Master whether I was in his immediate physical proximity or not. For, the Master is to me an omnipresent being. Everything in the Ashram powerfully suggested to me his Divine Presence. In the limpid waters of the Ganges, in the majestic mountains environing the Ashram, in the colourfully attired visitors who came to see, to adore, and to receive a new life from the Master, in all these I saw Sivananda.

Every one at the Ashram, including myself, was very happy. I used to sit close to the Master and observe how deeply absorbed he was in the rapturous meditative moods, and yet to all appearances engage himself in dozens of works at the same time. Nothing escaped his eyes and ear and hands, and yet be observed in a deep meditation on his own inner spiritual Self. My personal experiences with the divine Master have proved to me that he is a great Sage, a Yogi, a mystic, the prophet of the new age

The physical presence of the Master was as wonderful as is his invisible presence. The master poured into me happiness and peace. I am happy because I am endowed by the Master with a knowledge of real happiness. Sivananda is the universal Master who is surrounded and adored by everybody

To come in contact with the disciples and devotees of Sivananda is a matter of inexhaustible joy for me. No disciple of the great Yogi remains without receiving, in hundred ways, the richest blessing and grace of the Master. At the night time the help of the Master, somehow, comes to us. His divine Presence always protects and guides us. I am absolutely certain that a Guru like Swami Sivananda is always with his disciple, wherever they be. What counts with the Master is our contact with him in thought and spirit. All that a disciple of the Master is to do is to put aside his own egoistic nature and be receptive to the flow of the Grace of the Master. The Master has his own special methods of testing the disciples. Every disciple at the Ashram, has implicit faith in the Master; they willingly surrender themselves to the Master. The Yogi and Mystic Sivananda will always guide and help me. The Master’s Ashram at Rishikesh has become my inner world: it provides me spiritual nourishment and shelter May the Divine Master enlighten and bless all!



(Srimathi Holde Friebel, M.A.)

Bliss it is to live with you Always willing and contented, By OM-PRANA being blended With your lucid prayer’s Grace, Dear Sri Swami Sivanandaji ! Thankfully I am now hearing Voice that tends only that rearing Dormant faculties in praise Of the Lord! What runs astray Purring in the righteous way: Serving soul to keep from woe, Leading mind to fullest blow, Asking questions, answering, Making joy in heart’s core ring, Showing Sun in Brother’s face, Pointing out, that surest place Will be found near your side. Verily, you are my guide, Dear Sri Swami Sivanandaji | Satsang is intensive union. Om-breath instilled in the All, Prana streaming through all Pranas, Untired inspiration’s call; Stream of music, highest beauty, Qualities’ best quality;

Crown of Life-high transformation Essence of integrity.

Deum meumet Deum VestrumMy God being your God Love in love Mind’s equilibrium, Filledness experienced. Being centred in God AlmightyLiving fountain of lasting youth Is a bliss beyond shy secret That in ignorants only brews. True discipleship enables Heart and head and hand to do What Sat Guru truly wages To be done as God being due. Nothing can be ever hidden From your intuitional eye, For you find by trend of vision Transcendental harmony, Unfold is to you that blossom Being called “Blossom of Life”, Indo-German Well-room-wisdom Blessing those who try to dive. Brethren, sisters, be invitadTake a dip, come out enlightened! “Waves of Bliss surround us all Look within I Good Voice will lead you Nobody will miss the call, Sat Guru is bidding welcomel At his feet sit, learn OM-Wisdom. Piously breathe ‘OM’ and feel That obedience by free will Warrents true self-master Perfect equanimity, To feel sure in Guru’s presence Your aim and longing be ATMAGYANA-BRAHMISTHITI Golden Opportunity! Happy Mankind’s Unity |


(Dr. Oscar C. Piaus, Ph.D., D. Litt)

September 8th, 1951, brings us the blessed celebration of the sixty-fifth birthday of Sri Swami Sivanandaji. It brings to our mind.

Sixty-five years of divine service to mankind Sixty-five years of hope and blessing for us all Sixty-five years of universal brotherly love.

We, friends of the Divine Life Society, who are conscious of his wonderful mission of peace, realise that the All-Merciful Lord is manifesting His extreme goodness through his action of love, of friendship and of understanding, through his own blessed self.

And, we pray that the Lord may bless us all with the precious gift of bestowing on Sri Swamiji a long life to remain with us in this life for many, many years to come, to be our beloved friend and guide, and our own and forever

Vigour, forgiveness, fortitude, purity, absence of hatred, absence of pride-these belong to the one born for a divine state.” We find them in abundance in the Swami.


(Srimathi Hilde Friebel, M.A., Germany.)

What I received from you, O My preceptor, Is science of the soul, deeply explained What shall I, in return, give unto you? O could I come and worship at your fest | The flowers, which I silently collected Are of such special form and subtle shape. That I can only point them out by pictures, And some of them I bring before you now. As if I placed the fragrance of my soul, The full blown blossoms of my meditation, And all my longing for Self-realisation Before the altar of your knowing heart. I feel quite sure; you are a spiritual guide For mankind and for each aspiring soul, Imparting blissfully the wisdom of the Self. How can I thank you, venerable Master? Innumerable are the deep Impressions My heart receives by studying your books. There are they all, united in long a row! Welcomed with joy and eagerly defended | Cared for in tidy form, dearly beloved | All well-known friends; ready to greet me daily. I keep good company with them and try To find out essence of each noble strain Of thinking, having passed through head and heart Of your Holiness. You are in touch With all the godly beauty of holy ‘OM’ PRANAVA Om, the essence of all life | Om Root of the entire universe | Om-praying, all your actions culminate In wisdom Immortal Bliss abides in you! All good and peace is ever within youl I feel, as if by chanting, ‘OM’, myself Would perfectly surrender in such silence, Proclaiming consciousness of the one whole, Being the fountain of felicity, Delightful happiness, Ocean of Joy, The innermost centre within every self, This deep impression, that I win by now. Was slumbering silently in me unknown Since the beginning of my earthly life Even as child I felt a secret trend From the Unseen God likewise interwoven Into my being, present witness Hel My father’s mother and father himself Kept praying me at dinner and at night. When I was sent to bed-and later on, Continuing in prayer, I met no harm.

The time of childhood passing by, I learned Fairly to think and deeply to reflect. The wonders of the world were taught to me However, always in the course of time I had a strange and overflowing feeling Of being hurt and wounded in my self, When somebody attached thy godly law Innate I tried to keep quite clear an attitudel Defending Truth of God, My soul felt free

Fearlessness dawned and like an inborn trend I felt God-consciousness. Thus Divine Life Was growing in me as I grew myself. Experiencing fact of intuition I bore unviolated godly shield Living unhurt in God’s kindly protection. Discipleship with your Holiness

Began, when flood of woe badly increased Tormenting soul with ungodly pretensions. To cling to Truth I learned by hard confession. I learned to pray intensively! I earned Life-essence by protecting Truth. I found my Guru in utmost distress! And now my heart is seeking for a name To give expression to my thankfulness. There is such intense Bhav, knowledge of Grace

Pure sattwic feeling, not to be disturbed In spite of contradictive circumstances. This human breast scarcely can bear the joy That streams incessantly, free circulation, Transforming body to God-blessed a dome. My guru was embedding me in ‘OM’.

O could all human beings be like you!

Your life and mission must be understood As an example for Om-breath in function O Gurudevi I studied your books!

The best I found was your praying soul By secret touch an inmost wondrous air Began to tune-vibrating through my self.

I feel no longer body-bound nor alone. Something is there, silently to fulfil A transformation concerning inward life. Practising PRANAYAM I won dear ‘OM’ The Mantra with high healing qualities. And I found out, that our German soul Will understand you best by praying ‘OM’ For feeling, chanting godly Truth Is inborn faculty of German simple folk! A pious painter gave impression clear Of what is going on by praying ‘OM’ ‘OM-praying?’ you will ask, let tell you then: The German word for Om sounds “Fromm”

Being an adjective for children’s use. The situation of first picture corresponds With your explanation of the Pranic Aura As given in your book ‘The modern Man’. I like to meditate just on such pictures, That show the pious attitude of simple men, With whom I am living now Be-craftsmen them, Elderly women or children full of joy. When I am speaking of your Om blessed life They understand, touched by the heart-sound “Fromm”

Their faces are enlightened, PRANAVA Btreams,

A silent wonder, from their eyes to me. The other picture shows a forgery, Where blacksmith work is done by skillful mon. They bear an attitude of pious kind

While working hard, their laces bean, Their foreheads sparkle, quite intense a fire Is to be seen along their skull. A light Is flowing forward, and their eyes are bright, Such men are good example for the proverb; “ORA ET LABORA”-Live in the Bliss of OM I hope these pictures tell you, what I feel.

Is Christ not to be seen in human faces? Is your face not telling ever so much? I see the PRANA-SUN clearly embedded On the most sacred place of your face; Just in the middle of your head. I bow Before such wonder. Om-blessed are you! I fell as having reached quite new a shore | “Incript vita nova” a new life began To radiate increasing Bliss to me. I was revealing to you all my troubles. Sravana, Manana, Nidhidhyasan I practised, concentrated on the heart The knot of my heart broke, all doubts are solved.

My soul confides in your Guruship. Thereby I found firm anchor for my life. I had no stand a test of magic power. And in this need of soul I got released. By understanding wisdom of Upanishads. Believing, breathing, chanting, praying Om I found the fundamental Truth according To the word: “Teneo quia teneor”. Your kindly help supported me by Om.

True friend to the lonely, Help-mate to the poor Swamiji Sivar andaji Stills in, who endure. Hopa in hopeless hour, Safeguard in despair, Swamiji Sivanandaji Trusts in God’s repair.

(lat: repatriare)

(Hilde Friekel Germany


(Master Rolf-Dieter Lendle, Germany)

I am a little boy, born on the same day when you have your birthday. You will be sixty-four and I will be seven years old. I was born on the 8th of September, 1944,

Please, dear uncle Swami Sivananda, let us have your help; my parents and I pray to God and with the help of God, I will be a healthy boy.

Now, Socrates or Shakespeare, or Keats or Cicero, Or, Homer or Confucius, or Edgar Allan Pов, Might write a nicer greeting to wish you Birthday cheer.

But even they could never be any more sincere. Many Happy Returns |



The darkness disampears and the Light of the Better World is blessing me with the consciousness of the One Reality in us It enters my being because Swani Sivananda sent it to me, because he knew that I wanted to find it. I belong to him. Swamiji’s friendly approval of whatever I am able to do gives me so much happiness and peace of mind I feel I am getting closer to him every day.

I am especially interested in the practice of Raja Yoga. It strangely appeals to me, and I feel that I am being blessed with Swami Sivananda’s friendly and guiding thoughts It makes me very happy and contented, and I realise, that I have not searched and prayed in vain.

I realise that Swami Sivananda is my friend and protector and I am deaply moved and happy. Somehow. Our ways always come together again and again, and it has to be so, because one who has once made his contact and received his blessing will always feel closely attached to him It is a true sign of the bliss which awaits us beyond the gates of this insignilicant earthly life I shall always be with my beloved Master, Swami Sivananda a das ever before I shall try to do my best to make others acqualated with his great, good and noble mind. May the Lo.d bless us all with his continued guidance and with his immortal love

I enjoy reading Swamiji’s books. I love them; and as my wife and children are not able as yet to speak and to read English I explain the texts to them, and they like Swamiji’s wisdom as much as I do. I shall interest many of my foreign friends in Swamiji’s work. Mrs. Valery Botthby Colonna is an ardent admirer of Swamiji’s great work and a sincere friend of the cause. Mrs. Colonna is acquainted with and has become deeply interested in Swamiji’s teachings. She knows that with Swamiji’s thoughts and blessings she will have success in her life.

Swamiji’s philosophy blesses me with the solution to all the problems of life. His kindness brings me the friendship I have always prayed for. I admire Swamiji deeply, and I have been proud and happy in the conviction that I have had friendship and trust. His friendly hand gives me the courage to master fear and to carry on with my works.

Swamiji came to me for the first time when I read his Message that he had sent me for the purpose of bringing the warm light of friendship into the utter darkness and despair of my friendless existence. He stood behind me as I wrote my answer to his letter. I looked up and realised that I was no longer alone and then I knew that his thoughts conquered distance, to inspire me with faith. He has done so because he has realised that I needed an understand

Ing friend. It is the country of my forefathers—India—for which my homesick heart was aching; and it was given to Swami Sivananda to tell me that I, too, am not forgotten.

Swamiji has made me very very happy and I realise with a joyful heart that he knows of my most ardent desire to attain the knowledge which will enable me to be even closer to him.

I have received a set of his books. I thank Swamiji from the bottom of my heart for the interest he has shown in me and for the love he extends to his humble disciple in Germany. I reassure the books and I am happy to have them. I delight in reading his books. They are a source of joy and consolation for me, and being an ardent and interested reader, I find true happiness in the marvellous literature af Swami Sivananda.

I was overjoyed to see the marvellous copies of “Principal Upanishads” and the great “Bhagavad Gita”. By bestowing on me the gifts of these precious volumes, Swamiji has fulfilled my secret wish and my heart is glad to have received so much love. “Sivananda, Mystic Sage and Yoga, “Swananda, the Perfect Master” are excellent reference books and shall be read with love and interest. How great is the poetry of the Upanishads and of the Gita! I have had glimpses of them before and I always loved their wisdom and beauty, but the great volumes Swamiji has sent me, containing the Notes and Comments, gave me the light I was longing for.

The books “Yoga for the West” and “Amrita Gita” are very timely publications which will do much to support our modest efforts on behalf of more extensive propagation of Swami Sivananda’s sublime teachings in Europe and America. We were greatly in need of such precise books.

Swamiji’s precious book “Practe of Nature Cure” is one of the most comprehensive and instructive works I ever had the blessed opportunity to read It is a book of wisdom, of service and of love, and as such it has no equal, and it could not have been written by another author. It is a wonderful Sivanandacreation and I love it with all my heart.

I am in contact with several naturopathic societies and institutions in mainly America and Germany, but their publications, although frequently very learned, lack that which Swamiji’s books so freely give... unselfish love for mankind. Swamiji’s books are not only books of instruction and guidance, but at the same time, divine revelations.

My humble literary contributions στι Swami Sivananda are but slight and insignificant tokens of my admiration and love for Swamiji, but the words come from the bottom of my heart and this excuses whatever faults the simple articles may have.

If I dare to write on Swami Sivananda it would only be to express my gratitude to him, on my hushand’s behalf and on my own, with all my heart for everything he has given us, for the great and wonderful message that is broadcast through all his hooks that guide us on the path to Self-realisation. We are lucky indeed that we know of several books written by Swami Sivananda leading us to our goal. We are deeply impressed by them. We pray to Swami Sivananda to count on us as two human beings who want to develop their inner faculties by taking advantage of his immense experience and enlightenment. -SRI SYBILLA von SCHOEN


That poem in THE DIVINE LIFE of December 1954, SONG OF A JIVANMUKTA is wonderful. It touched me with magic thrill and it expressed my innermost secret and silent thoughts.

Divine Swami Sivananda, help me to reach the same unpolluted, crystal heights as a Jivanmukta. Do not leave me in darkness I shall think of myself as useless and born in vain if I do not reach my goal in this life.

I am very much longing to hear from you. Send me your sunrays again and burst the sombre skies of my mind. I need your sun-rays now.

-Bodil Becher, EUROPE



Swami Sivananda’s letters give me immense joy. I study his books sentence by sentence, I prefer these original books to all translations for the former are written by Swamiji in his own language, and while studying them I have a feeling as if he himself speaks to me. We all are thrilled and filled with joy that we shall meet Swami Sivananda personally. May the Lord help that his Global Tour might become a success.

I am striving for spiritual progress. I should try to save money for a voyage to Rishikesh to become a pupil in the Yoga-Vedanta Forest University, for I think the company of saints would help much to gain the aim. It was Swami Sivananda who showed me the Spiritual Path when I lay in the Hospital with tuberculosis and multiple sclerosis I think that the presence of a Guru is worthier than any book in the world. We crave for Swamiji’s personal contact. We are convinced that everything he does is correct and nothing in the world can prevent us from believing his spiritual instructions

I was so glad when I got Swami Sivananda’s books on the last day of the old year. They are of great help to me, specially the book “Easy Steps to Yoga” It gives me wonderfully clear instructions as to Yoga-practice. Till now I meditated on the Chakra between the eye-brows, sometimes on the splendour in the moon, the glory in the stars or the beauty in the sky I have also tried meditating on Swami Sivananda himself.

I am looking forward with great joy to Swamiji’s visit to Nurnberg. May Lord bless him and make his tour a great success



I am studying the books Swami Sivananda has sent me. How can I express my gratitude to him for the way he leads me and teaches me? I know that in the present chaotic and disturbed world, we must direct all our efforts for the establishment of peace and happiness. It is a matter of great joy and significance as well that those who listen to Swami Sivananda’s message of Divine Life will understand this great need and act accordingly I, too, understad Swamiji’s message of Divine Life, of Freedom and of Peace.

I grasp Swamiji’s definition of God. I love his “Song of Eighteen Itses”. His message to be simple and harmonious in thought, feeling, diet and dress is wonderful. I will spread his message of love and brotherhood. Therefore, I wish to be a member of the Divine Life Society. It is a source of great joy for me a Dutch grafologiat and psychologist to have the honour of correspondig and honouring the gra phologist and psychologist. Swami Sivananda



I was deeply moved to read Sri Swami Sivananda’s words, which gave me courage and filled me with strength for my spiritual work I was also thankful to receive his books, with his autographed blessings, which are of great value to me. May God preserve him for a long time, as he is the saviour and well. Wisher of all peoples.

During the short period that has lapsed, since I came in contact with Swamiji, I have gained in a wonderful manner, direct spiritual knowledge which has been of great significance in my development. I study Swamiji’s books intensely especially his “Essays in Philosophy” and his “Self-realisation.”

Guruji writes in Spiritual Awakener No. 63: “Still the mind, annihilate the Vasanas, cut the attachments kill the ego, eradicata likes and dislikes,” These words of simple truth, to put into practice, demand the real serious work and the strong will to advance in the spiritual path.

Sri Swami Sivananda, my deeply revered Guru. Has by his radiance and transmission of wisdom and spiritual strength, led me surely and unfailingly on the spiritual path and has formed a deep connection which enables me to accept the knowledge of his wisdom and to serve him for the benefit of humanity. Swami Sivananda in the greatest wise man and saint in the world today and his birthday is a day of rejoicing and hope for all people, seeking the Truth, in order that ha may lead us to Truth

During a deep meditation, I spor taneously had an inspiration which awakened in me the remembrance of a report in the newspaper “Europe-Morgen” in which a small article appeared dealing with the Sivananda Sanatorium. I have continuous urge to express the wish to be able to learn, work and serve in this wonderful Sanatorium.

Swami Sivananda’s presence on earth is a comfort and revelation of all peoples of good-will.


If I could only pour out all my immense gratitude and Prem towards Swami Sivananda, for his letters, photographs, the precious books and all that which is not tangible and which is yet a matter of daily, even hourly, inner experience; oh, if it were only possible for me to express the feelings of my heart!

The Prasad that Swami Sivananda sends me is a wonderful help in meditation.

In December I despatched 200 copies of Swami Sivananda’s Christmas Message, far and near, and also 150 copies of his Universal Prayer A clergyman here reacted spontaneously and enthusiastically; so did a highly cultured lady, musician and writer of religious-social literature and a deep lover of Gandhi Others, too, expressed their joy and gratitude.

I have started a lending Library with Swami Sivananda’s books. Since I came in contact with Swamiji, tranquillity, bliss and peace are daily realities. I am ever his and ever ready to render unlimited service for his cause


Revered Swami Sivananda!

The late of men is destined through birth and devolvation. The life of men is submitted to the sentiments of different sufferings and pleasures. The human spirit has created powerful things that are killing the souls of men everywhere. The spirituous emptiness of the civilized world especi ally of the youth is fri jhtful. Crimes are increasing and the youth is in demoralization. It is not to be surprised that the youth is following the aim of the modern time and is succumbing to the offered seductions. The demoralization of the youth pro duces more criminals. The common sense, the justice, the humanity and the kindness are the main pillars of the human life. The youth of to-day is foddered with much science and the care of the soul is neglected. Right type of education and dissemination of knowledge alone can save the youth of to-day. Through the elevation of the soul put in motion of good facts could be reached much early and the vision of the world could be changed.

I apply to your Divine Spirit, to Your human kind. Ness and to Your Science. I believe on the occult powers of Nature. In effecting a little circle for understanding and friendship between men and peoples everywhere in the world without the distinction of nationality, religion, race class and intelligence, in the universal spirit of brotherhood and in the name and intrest of the public, I beg you to give me Your Spiritual assistance, Your Divine Inspiration to help me. I like very much to be Your scholar and a follower. Highest elevated Master, give me some wise perceptions. I am sure, You could improve the situation, when You like. I would be happy to speak to you when You visit Germany this summer. Please give us the honour and visit me as our dear quest in our modest house in a little village.

-Sri FRANZ ANTONI, Frankfurt-Germany



Swami Sivananda’s wonderful books are very valuable for us because there exists no good literature about Yoga in Germany. I study the Bhagavad Gita every day and with the help of Swami Sivananda’s commentary I begin to grasp the essential truth.

My friends and I meet regularly and meditate together. In my youth-group I have taught the basic principles of Yoga, and the boys have started with the exercises that Swami Sivananda recommends. We are all very busy in our various professions, but Yoga as taught by Swami Sivananda, is the bedrock on which we stand firm in spite of the strain of Western life.

We are all grateful to Swami Sivananda for everything that he has done for us. All the books, booklets, pamphlets and papers which he sends us, bring light into my house and cut the veil of ignorance and glamour. Swami Sivananda’s teachings have proved to be sound, whenever a crisis has occurred in life; and his practical hints have made me strong and healthy. I know that he is able to communicate with us on the spiritual plane, without the obstacles of time and space.

I have always watched with a keen interest the progress of Swami Sivananda’s Mission; and I pray that he may continue to be successful in his service of humanity, and that I would be able one day to go to Ananda Kutir, to enjoy the light of his presence,



At the outset I send my greetings and my deepest respects to Swami Sivananda.

I had read a good deal of esoteric literature, theosophical writings, and different philosophies. But I could not systematise my efforts and I did not know which way it is best to go. Problems arise within me and here we have nobody to talk them over seriously.

With Swami Sivananda’s books, however, training is easier. I believe in Swami Sivananda and have often written to him to bless my efforts and send me his thought-currents of encouragement and guidance. Therefore, I add my words of thanks, to those that have come from his disciples and followers all over the world, for all that he has done for this world through his message and through his work.

Swami Sivananda’s interest and promise to help me has filled with deep gratitude and endless veneration to him. It gave me a feeling that I was elevated to bright realm of harmony. Just about Christmas time, a parcel of his books arrived from him, containing his precious greetings. This was just the thing I needed most. I hope one day he will see me sitting devoutly at his feet.

I was deeply moved when I received Swami Sivananda’s good wishes for the New Year. I have no words to express my gratitude to him; but speaking of the change effected in myself, I feel that a veil has been removed within me. Sometime ago I had a vision of Swami Sivananda in a wonderful bright light. His books for which I am indebted to himare now my inseparable friends and they take away from my daily work which is so full of responsibility, all disappointment and depression.



I am always deeply interested in Swami Sivananda’s teaching; therefore, I feel extremely sorry because I do not know the English language. I very much appreciate the German edition of his “Concentration and Meditation.”

The Holy Christmas Number of the “Forest University Weekly” issued by Swami Sivananda deeply touched my heart; all his ideas and activities are close to my heart.

His letters to me are a sacred spiritual gift from him to me,



People grope in the dark without the knowledge of the Lord. What good is it for a desperate man to know merely that there lives a God somewhere, if he does not experience Him, if he means to be forsaken by Him.

In this helpless state of man, it is a great grace of the Lord, that He sends spiritual leaders into the world, ever and ever again, who show us where and how we can find Him, who teach us the knowledge of His true Nature, who make known to us who God is. Therefore we thank God, that He has sent the Master Swami Sivananda to lead us nearer to the knowledge of the Lord with writings and works.

Good wishes to Swami Sivananda and all Gurus and teachers of the world! Good wishes to you all, who bear harm, for you shall be comforted and consoled. May you hear what Swami Sivananda teaches you of God.



The vision that I had three days ago was thus, and I had it after my meditation.

I met Swami Sivananda on a lonely mountainside. It seemed to be autumn. Around him there were sitting, seven Swamis. In the middle was a mirror. On it was a dancing flame. Swami Sivananda got into the flame. Then the flame changed into water. I found myself in a big pool of water, swimming around, from right to left.

Then I got out following Swami Sivananda by another route. I went into another cave. There I saw twelve monks meditating. Swami Sivananda entered this circle. Standing in the centre and lifting his arms, he said: “Thus we join together; so that we might realise the Unity again.” I felt it was a sublime act. Then we were on the mountainside again.

Swami Sivananda always came to me with the

Smell of herbs. He gave me a stick with the two ends carved. “Use it rightly said he and vanished. Political pressure is rapidly bringing on a crisis. We would like to build a party of Non-violent People on the Indian pattern, here. For this we need the direction and guidance of Swami Sivananda Wa should get the necessary training and discipline in his Ashram.



On the 28th May, 1953, His Holiness Sri Swami Sivananda wrote his first letter to me. Now I have had a full year full of Om and Prem, for which I must thank His Holiness. My life has become so rich and blessed. I can never forget what his Holiness has done for me and my family.

Every day since then I have baan thinking of His Holiness, with thankfulness. I am always working, reading or meditating. I am happy and in good health.

The Holy Christmas Numbers of the Yoga-Vedanta Forest University Weekly, and the Divine Life are beautiful. The sweet odour of the Holy Himalayas and the holy Ganga come always with the little books; and the desire to go to His Holiness is becoming very strong in me. I do not look for any other goal than to stay one day with His Holiness. My soul is always near my Guru. The peace of Ananda Kutir and the greatness of my Master touch me in my meditation. I bathe in this ocean of love and limitless beauty.

Swami Sivananda’s teachings are wonderful. In several magazines and newspapers I could read something about His Holiness. It is a wonderful idea that even Europeans are allowed to stay with the adorable Guruji.

I am Swami Sivananda’s disciple. On my spiritual path I meat with no difficulties. I have found all that I needed in his wonderful books.

The beautiful “Divine Life” magazine arrived in time. It contained a beautiful picture of Swami Sivananda; and so I could celebrate His Holiness’s birthday with his picture surrounded with flowers. All day long on the Birthday I prayed to the Lord for his health and long life. What a delightful day: when Swami Sivananda was sent to Mother Earth to help and quide Man. Mankind needs him. His work is so noble that it is necessary that he should live very very long for the spiritual uplift of his devotees and disciples.



Beloved Master, Swami Sivananda! I got your inspiring letter, with great joy. Your holy work is already well known in many circles in Germany.

I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for all your hospitality shown to me while I was at the Ashram and the guidance you gave me. I shall stick to the way of real renunciation till I reach the Goal, however distant it may appear to be.



Swami Sivananda’s eyes look so bright and full of goodness and purity. There is no anger in them, nor falsehood His Holiness is really the fountainsource of light, power and wisdom, as Swami Omkarananda writes.

My sister and I are reading his books “Triple Yoga”, and “Concentration and Meditation” and the Yoga” Journal. We have read these books with the greatest interest and had found in them the truth, which we had searched for everywhere.

My heart is so full of gratitude to the Lord and to Swami Sivananda for all the help I receive sister, too, is deeply grateful to Swamiji. My

I thank the Lord for all the good. I thank Swami Sivananda for his love, for his teachings and for his help. I thank him for the Word. He is over real refuge. In deep veneration I bow down on my knees before him.

May the Lord bless Swami Sivananda and help him do the great Mission that He has given the Swami.



I greet the Beloved Holy Soul, the World Teacher, Maha-Guru Sri Swami Sivananda Paramahamsa Maharaj.

If there is a Guru for me, this little Jiva, then there can be but one teacher, Sivananda. Daily I am reading his wonderful books. I have achieved considerable progress in purification of heart, Japa and meditation. I am trying to serve the people whenever I can.

The Grace of Maha-Guru Sri Swami Sivanandaji begins to flow into me more steadily It is a stream of mercy. It seems as though he has revealed the grandeur of the Inner Soul. My prayer is that he should make me a member of the Sanyas Order of Sri Sankaracharya and initiate me even by telepathy into the Order of Sanyasa or Brahmacharya and make me a Swami or Sadhu. I know that we cannot serve two Masters God and the World of illusion. We must retire into seclusion. We need Peace, Patience and Sadhana. I shall make the necessary preparations to leave the world of illusions, for studying Yoga and Vedanta at the Yoga-Vedanta Forest University at Rishikesh, the famous town at the feet of the Himalayas. I am sure to evolve within a short lime by the grace and help of Swami Sivananda, the World-Teacher. Thus will I reciprocate all the love and interest that Sivananda has showered upon me



I am now so much engrossed in the contemplation of the Adorable Immortal Solf of the Sivananda that I feel it is impossible to pen the deep spiritual experiences that I have had recently. I have been blessed in my heart. I repeat OM with all my breath regularly all day long. It is valuable and wholesome and life-giving when Kumbhak is done in a pious attitude. Swami Sivananda has very beautifully and cleverly explained all this in the latest edition of ‘Practice of Yoga”. It is througn these experiences that I have understood the inner significance of the great Mantra: “Acharyavan Purusho Veda” (He knows, who has a Master).

During all our Christmas prayers I prayed to God to bestow on His Holiness, His Grace, to enable him to fulfil the task undertaken by him, viz, of bringing about the everlasting friendship of the East and the West Mankind has great need for such divine menof-God as Swami Sivananda is. He possesses the confidence and the love of all seekers after Truth, all over the globe. The entire humanity is grateful to Swami Sivananda for his protection.

A poor woman recovered from severe illness, by adopting the nature-cure methods taught by Swami Sivananda. This is regarded by people here as a wonderful example of the practical benefits derived from Yoga.

Even more wonderful was the recovery of my husband aged 78, from illness. At that time I could feel that Swami Sivananda was praying for us-my husband and myself.

I have often felt that Swami Sivananda is with us. Especially I was studying the translation of the RigVeda. I had the feeling that Swami Sivananda was with me; he is so skilful in explaining the spiritual truths hidden in the scriptures.

I always feel that Swami Sivananda is backing me up in my Sadhana. Thus have I learnt to overcome worldliness. His fatherly care and motherly love are growing; and like a radiant fire, it flows through me and thus I am able to keep in constant communion with him.

How eagerly I long for his letters! I meditate constantly on Swami Sivananda’s short letter: ‘Serve. Love. Be good. Do good.”what a grand letter it is, this shortest letter in the world, from Swami Sivananda!

I have been hearing some “Voices”. Last week I had a strange experience. The voice that I constantly hear since the begining of October last, I have often felt was Swami Sivanada’s voice. Now we are sure for now I have heard the same voice the gramophone record of Swami Sivananda’s speech “Advice to Students” and the mysterious voices were the same as Sivanand’s. Swami Sivananda’s voice is soul. Stirring when he speaks to us through the Gramophone Records of “Advice to Students” and “Song of Ities”.

Dissemination of wisdom is the greatest need of the hour. In this the method of activity adopted by Swami Sivananda is the best one, to serve humanity; all others are only destructive criticism, without practice, without settiing an example. I revere Swami Sivananda more and more and after having studied Immanuel Kant and Plato. Swami Sivananda leads us along the right way; this I have found after much practice of his teachings.

I have many reasons to be thankful to Swami Sivananda. I have been benefited in several respects. I am grateful to him for the patience with which he has cured me of my heart disease and liver. I thank him for the precious gifts of his book. We are all indebted to him for the Branches of the Divine Life Society all over the world, which are sparkling in benevolence. Swami Sivananda embraces all the Branches of the Society with his kind Grace. May Swami Sivananda live long, radiating His Love and Grace to mankind!

My prayer to Swami Sivanande



Revered Gurudev, Beloved Master,

This favour let me ask Let the first boon of Nachiketas be applied to us. Don’t think that we are lazy. Believe that the second boon, the Nachiketas fire, is burning in our hearts constantly. The third boon I will understand from the core of my heart. I trust that many of your aspirants will be in the Nachiketas state like me. How dearly I love them all..

I got a flower-wonderful In shape and fragrance, safe and sane I love it deeply in my heart And thus it blossomed not in vain.

Having been blessed so much by your kind mental protection, I feel much joy and gratitude which is vibrating through my whole being, trying to meet you in the spiritual plane. Gurudev, this letter will be my Sat-sang with you. With a joyful heart I am sitting among you all. I know that you like Kirtans My voice will join with your voice in singing the Maha Mantran: “Hare Rama”. And then you will ask me to sing a song, telling you some. Thing about my life. I look at your Photo in the Brahma Vidya Vilas, I admire and worship the beauteous eyes I revere you so much that the vibrations of the tenderly moved hearts can be felt in such a distance. The truth is seen in this picture. Mind has got aura, Tejas, brilliance. My husband says: Swami Sivananda knows quite well why he is spreading his Gospel of Divine Love just to the heart of Germany. We must try to make people understand the value of his teachings.” Once you wrote that you have the impression that “Ananda Kutir” is here at Dippoldiswalde as well and your kind letter in October told me the following truth: “Though you are far away from the Himalays, yet I find you are in my Ashram with me, with all your thoughts concentrated on my writings.”



From such a great distance, Sri Swami Sivananda is able to see my way of life clearly. I feel that he is ever near at hand when I need help. I know his good wishes are always with me; and it is very good to feel so, for it gives me more security in my life. I will never forget his words; “Your real name is Vyasa the Immortal Self.”

Sivananda’s letters are great blessings for me. They help me in the right way at the right time. They are among my most important possessions.

I heartily congratulate Swamiji on his great work. I have learnt a lot from his books. And, the Journal Yoga of Leibensweiser-Verlag publishing his articles is very good, too. All my good thoughts are always with Swami Sivananda and with all his disciples at Rishikesh



I have begged and prayed to Swami Sivananda to quide me long the right way and bless me with health so that I may accomplish success in my endeavours. I wrote to him ‘You have cured a a lady in Helvetia (Switzerland) and now I pray for your help. Holy Swami Sivananda Saraswati! In spirit I prostrate at your holy feet, kissing them, entreating you for healing. Holy Swami Sivananda, let me feel your healing power and rays Show mercy on me.”

Lo, the miracle! Often have I stood under Holy Swami Sivananda’s light. I am overwhelmed by his kindness in sending me the spiritual powers during my daily prayers. If I am sorry, I shed tears; and I find again hope by feeling his powers and presence. I feel his powers sometimes on the cheek, shoulders, and hands. Sometimes all over the body! During meditation I see yellow and violet light. I have much improved in my health. This is all due to Swami Sivananda’s spiritual waves. Every day now I pray to him for the gift of Knowledge to illumine my heart. I am sure I can realise-but only by his health.

I will often read Swami Sivananda’s good words to take comfort from them. His letters are fine; and all in my house are glad when I receive them.

We are all indebted to him for his wonderful gift of books. Now I will meditate regularly at five o’clock in the morning, the hour at which I often feel Holy Swami Sivananda’s power and presence.

I remembered swami Sivananda especially on his Birthday. In our thoughts we wished him many happy returns of the Day. May the blessings and grace of God, the Almighty, be with His Holiness.



Everyone of Swami Sivananda’s inspiring and impressive letters makes me feel blessed and my little being swims for many days and weeks in the holy vibrations of love. My gratitude flows unceasingly towards His Holiness,

Blessed Master Sivananda! In the same selfsurrendering way as I love God, do I love you; because you and God mean the same to me. My blessed beloved! I need you and you know that I need you. That is wonderful.

Many thanks for the book “Sivananda, the Modern World-Prophet”. The dedication written with your beloved hand makes me feel glad.

O my Beloved Holiness! No words can ever tell you what you mean to me. I can never stop to feel grateful because you exist, because your Sri Swam! Sivananda.

Swamiji with Sri Tun Hla of Burma.

Burmese translation of Swamiji’s article by Sri Tun Hla.



Swami Sivananda’s love and blessings are infinite I can hardly comprehend the magnitude of his iufinite insight. How can a human being express gratitude when he receives such radiations of joy and blessing.

I have obtained Swami Sivananda’s wonderful book “Concentration and Meditation”. The greatness of Sivananda flowed towards me in the form of that book. The book quickly translated and fulfilled all my desires. I sent my love and gratitude to my Gurudeva. I fall again and again prostrate on the earth. I pray that I must always have the contact of Swami Sivananda’s feet. I pray to the Lord to give him perfect health and long life.

It is my great joy and bliss to think of Swamiji, to receive his English books and to feel his guiding pre ence. I progress is my Sadhana. Sometimes at 4 a.m. I see some lights, visions and I also hear Awamiji’s voice, in mind tones. I am very happy and joyful and feel a thrill all over my body.

I receive the Divine Life Magazine, so very kindly sent to me by Sivananda. I am very blissful through all this and I am especially deeply stirred by a perusal of the book “Life of Sivananda in Pictures.” How wonderful are they all! This book and “Sivananda. Apostle of Peace and Love” are great treasures. My daily spiritual practice begins with the help of the book “Concentration and Meditation.” I then get some spiritual experiences. I feel better breath, better heath and better peace I bow to the feet of Swami Sivananda, with a heart full of gratitude and joy. I lay all my wishes, my joys, my thanks, my longings and defects at his holy feet.


Dear Venerable Guruji,

Many thanks for your kind letter. A letter from you, dear Swamiji is always a sun beam of the far Himalayas, which sinks into our hearts inextinguishably. Now we can see that hundreds and thousands of your disciples and admirers feel the same and express it in their letters to you. Human language is too poor to express the feelings and the bliss we derive in words. With your approval and aissistance and blessings, I will venture to issue a book to demonstrate to doctors and healing practitioners how ailments can be cured through Yogic Exercises and get Health, Harmony and Peace. In a meeting of over 65 doctors, I screened your films. The magnificent body exercises, the harmonious movement and the tranquallity radiated from the film. Left a permanent impression on the spectators. With your blessings, I will be successful more and more.

-Sri Carl Lendle, Germany.



I am glad to receive Swami Sivananda’s Christmas Greetings and the good wishes for the New Year. Once again, I behold that his letter brings me peace, strength and a peculiar sense of inner security. Swami Sivananda’s letters guide me and this thought gives me that strength, quiet and security.

It gives me great joy to look at the nice photo of Swamiji printed in the books; I have often desired to have a photo of Swamiji. Often the image of Swami Sivananda arises within me, especially when I have to solve important problems. I direct them to Swami Sivananda; and invariably and certainly I experience a tremendous quiet within me.

I follow Swamiji’s advice and study his books “Concentration and Meditation”. I try to do Yogaexercises. Last week I learnt that there are several Ashrams here in Germany; but I do not want to follow anybody except Swami Sivananda. Thanks to the Lord that He has made me Sivananda’s pupil, that He determined Sivananda to be my Guru; and I thank Sivananda for the guidance I have received from him. May the Lord help me to find my Self, so that I can use Swami Sivananda’s supreme words “Thy Own Self” which bribge the seeming distance between Bonnx and Rishikesh.



I wish to express my high esteem for a man who has led an exemplary life, has left behind himself a great many good things, and so has gained the qualifications for achieving greater things now and in future. He is Sri Swami Sivananda. From the photos I know that he has a powerful body and an ever-blissful face. From the Magazines that issue from Ananda Kutir, I have a glimpse of his mighty work. Here, in Europe, we have no such man; therefore it is necessary for us all the more to look up to Swami Sivananda.

It is Swami Sivanands’s influence that has induced me to rise at 5 a. M. And to begin every day with two hours of Sadhana. In our climate this is a hard task; but since Swami Sivananda says it, I will do it. There are many difficulties to overcome in life and I need some uplifting courage. It is only the image of Swamiji that gives me the strength.

I love to show my pupils here some words from Swami Sivananda. We have, therefore, published many articles from the pen of Swamiji and his disciples in THE WHITE FLAG. We have many contributions from Indian authors; but they all lack that vigorous spirit of Swami Sivananda, that amalgamation of ancient wisdom and modern teaching. This synthesis is necessary to convince people of today.

The Magazine “Divine Life” is our best source of Indian Thought. It is Life indeed! It is by far the best we have ever seen of modern Indian philosophy, with a practical outlook. As it corresponds to our thought and heart fully, we make use of it freely in our magazine “The White Flag”.

Swami Sivananda’s valuable books gave me some hitherto unknown truths. What I would have previously thought preposterous, I now publish, giving it the dignified authority of Swami Sivananda. The pictorial “Life of Sivananda” shows us Swamiji’s life and work in the simple and spiritual powerful surroundings in which he lives. I am engaged in sucking all the honey out of the books that Swami Sivananda has so kindly sent me and preparing the essence of it for publication in the WHITE FLAG. This way Swami Sivananda has given me work for a long time! I have come to love Swamiji in the most reverent way.

The friendly way in which Swami Sivananda has answered my letters and has sent me a number of his books evokes in my heart a sense of inexpressible thankfulness. One of his recent letters came just when I lay ill and it astonished me and filled me with a sort of humour and inner strength. For, I thought I was above illness. The result wasand it is a matter of great joy to me that even in that utmost bodily pain I never lost the serenity of mind. His letter had given me strength and fortified my resolution.



I want to stay in Swami Sivananda’s Ashram at Rishikesh for the rest of my life. I have always loved India. When I was a little girl of four years, living in Norway, my mother used to tell me that India was on “the other side of the earth.” I felt a magic thrill and resolved to dig a hole into the earth and through it to go to India! With a table-spoon, I began to dig the earth in the street in which I lived, for many hours and on many days. One day an angry policeman disturbed me in my busy work and asked me: “Why do you spoil the road?” I did not tell him the reason. He drove me away and then sent a workman who filled the hole I had so enthusiastically dug. I cried and no one could console me. Now you can understand how much I desired to live in the holy land of India.

The year 1954 is soon ringing out now. It was a sacred year, because I got in touch with Swami Sivananda that year. For all time to come I shall remain grateful to Swami Sivananda, because he wrote to me. 1954 looks like a year out of the fairy tales, because Sivananda wrote to me during that year!

It is always a holy day of my life, on which I write a letter to Swami Sivananda. The notes of my heart sound an octave higher when I tune my thoughts with His Holiness’s. So, all my days are holy, because I always think of him.

My love for Swami Sivananda is ever growing. When I look at the stars in the sky, I think that they represent his aura In every flower I see the beauty of his soul. It is nourishment to my soul to love him thus. Beloved Sivananda! Please pray for my small son. Please pray for him that he may get sound health and that he may develop mentally and spiritrally. He is my only child and I love him so much. I have borne him with the one aim that he should become a Sanyasin-disciple of yours and a devotee of God.

When I receive a letter from Swami Sivananda I am in a different world altogether. It sounds like a leaf from a fairy tale. Sometimes during the day I begin to wonder if it is true that I get letters from Swami Sivananda; the fear rises within me that it might merely have been a dream or fancy. Then I go into my living room to read Swami Sivananda’s letters once again; and then I am convinced that they are really true and not my imagination.

It would be wonderful to have the gramophone records of Swamiji’s voice. For a long time I have devoutly desired to hear his voice. Since my soul is not developed enough to hear his voice within myself, I want to hear his gramophone records. When I am listening to the cosmic sounds, Swami Sivananda is behind my thoughts.

I was thinking that I was lonely on this earth until I found Swamiji. It is the Grace of God that I found him. I love India. I love the great and peerless Indian philosophy and spirituality. Blessed Swami Sivananda! You are the essence and the soul of my beloved India. May your greatness radiate through my limited being! May the silverbells and the unceasing rush of enternity float my dream-sleep of life nearer to you. May I, by the Grace of God some day be granted the boon of meeting you!

Many thanks for your big parcel of many interest ing books. I am so glad to know that you remember me and that I am not so lonely as I sometimes think I am. I meditate on the word: “I am that Immortal Self”. I get many visions also. What a wonderful meaning that sentence has. I will die with that sentence on my lips. I am getting a letter from Sri Hilde Friebel, your student. She is indeed very sweet and lovely and I love her. What a charming soul.

-Mrs. Bodil Becker.

Your kind letter. Thanks. My only possibility to learn English is now to read books or brochures of Divine Life Society as there are some written by you and your professors there. I say my deepest thanks for your words, especially those which assure me, that you will help me and guide my steps. I like to meet you soon. I will tread the way of Yoga as soon as I get your directions.

-Fritz Klein Jelin, Germany.


Here is what the people of Germany feel about the spiritual Light that guides them on their path to peace, happiness and prosperity-the Light of Swami Sivananda’s teachings.

Harry Dikman As to the Hernia about which I complained some months ago, it has disappeared. It is a miracle. It is surely your Holiness’s grace and blessings.

Hanna Hermann: Since I am in contact with Ananda Kutir, I have been greatly helped in my aspirations and spiritual life. My heart is overflowing with gratitude to God and to you. We all so sorely need you. May God grant you physical immortality.

Audrey Kargere: Saw Alex Markey yesterday also Mehar Baba. But nowhere has been blended and made wonderful the way you are doing it.

Franke Dellus: I know that you have much more power than I have and than I aspire to.

George Schuster: Since I heard of Swami Sivananda as the greatest Yogi of our day, I seek from him guidance for contacting the Infinite. Only a Self-realised Man like Swamiji can help another. I approach Swami Sivananda in devotion to help me progress towards the Divine.

Sri Werner Schwarz: People here enthusiastically say so much about Your Divine Wisdom and your selfless work for the sullering mankind everywhere in the world.

Kurt Kamma: I thank you for your kind interest in my life It raises hopes in me that one day I shall shake off all that prevented me from striving for cognition upto now.

May God bless you and protect your life and keep you on this earth for a long time to come so that you can leave behind a great number of those who will go the way to the light.

Olga Alilitres: I really cannot find the words to thank you for all your kind attention.

Uwe Todt: I cannot write how happy I was when receiving your letter. That you are willing to take me as your student is more than I can dream. Now it is sure that I have found my Guru. My soul is as thirsty for truth as is the desert for water. If I can stay with you, then you will never find a European scholar who serves you with higher devotion and reverence than I will do All that I possess, all my soul all my physical energies, I consecrate to you, and I will not stay until I have reached the goal.

Swamiji’s ‘Concentration and Meditation’ was a very suitable book for me

Frau E. Fischer Koch: Several persons around me asked me to implore you, that you may be kind enough to put your thoughts for the seriously diseased Mrs. Freese, to help her to health again. We all have the trust in your help and doing so. Sometime ago I asked you to do the same for Mr. Iranschanr

And I am sure you helped him, as he is now in better health again.

Margarete Faube: My dear Master! You are a wisdom man who knows more than I. Had you been with us in our meditation in the midday, Thursday the 11th of March? Have you opened the door? Many thanks for your kindness.

Sri Franx Antoni (Secretary) Sri Karl Allgeier (President) World Club “Universum”: We admire Your Divine Service for the evolution of the souls ard Your human efforts for world peace. The activ ities of the Divine Life Society are to us the proof hat we are on the right line with our thoughts and efforts.

Leules K: Dear Sivananda, how near you are and dear you are to this one so far away! As a ray of sunshine you are to me in this city where there is practically no mercy or pity; and except for that book you sent me, I would have no company at all.

Gerlind Beshlein: You have given me new hope and new courage. You are helping me more than I can think of thank you.

Gerhardt Rampfel: Very honourable and adorable Master and Guru, May the holy Lord Brahma give you many more birthdays to stay on this earth to bring light and guidance to millions of spiritual aspirants.

Clara Schuff: I would have felt very unhappy if I had not heard anything about you, the great Yogi, whom I think of day and night. I came to know that you prayed for me and I thank you very much for the honour, which you showed me with your prayers Earl Ernst Lange: Divine salutations to you, great Brother in Spirit, in the eternal Light which unites us all. We all here in the HOME OF LOVE are very happy to be strengthened and encouraged by the holy callings and messages you have sent us. Thy divine World purified the heart. It is truly cheering and kindles Love within.

The World is being blessed by you and we want to take part in everything you give for the sake of Unity.

Your work is our work, your Love our Love, your Light our light, your Life our life.

Mrs. Irmgard Kaupiach V. Reppert Munchen, Germany: I think your Holiness for the strength and help you gave me. Through personal and telepathic contact with you I am longing for the life and method of the Yogi. Now I am 57. All my efforts till this date were merely preparatory to the work you will put me. People in Germany mostly suffer from fear and hope to get enlightenment through you light and power. I think you for the hope and power you are giving me for becoming your disciple.

Mrs. Sri Regina Chappuis “I was in Geneve on the 4th April. The speech of Mrs. Schneider obtained plain success, greatly It was not she who spoke, but you. What a wonderful work. It was the first time that I heard your powerful voice. I felt as lucky as one would be and I am sure the whole assembly felt that way too.”


Extracts from a few letters that were received when it was announced that Swami Sivananda may visit Europe

Irmgora Geb ga Schuitz: With great interest we have heard that you intend coming to Germany. Having studied several books of yours, i.e., ‘Concentration and Meditation’, etc., we shall be happy to see the Author. Being the translator and collaborator of the WHITE FLAG and of the new magazine, FRIEDE, I have already translated articles from the DIVINE LIFE. Now I am reading your ‘Path to God-Realisation with great interest, appreciating it very much.

De Cornet: My latest news are, that you want to see Europe. If you do so, God bless you for that idea, and you will visit Munich also. So I beg of you to come to my home. Never did I regret to have lost all my own in the Russian Zone, but I do so today, than I cannot invite you stay in my little home.

I am so very glad to see you you cannot imagine how glad I am.

Mary Rottger: Highly respected Swami Guruji! You are with God, by God and for God! Swamiji, thousands of thanks for your kind letter, your good wishes, prayers and good thoughts.

Highly honoured Guruji! Thousand thanks for your excellent writings which I received from Mr. Henrich Schwab. I was studying it carefully and seek to make all to my own, as far as possible.

May I beg for an answer, highly honoured Master: “When will you come to Germany?” Here you are longed for. For all of us, it was a great disappointment to hear that the journey was postponed.

You are a physician and a priest-doctor. Here unfortunately they are missing you.

Heim Der Liebe: From your work proceed great blessings that come to us through your beautiful publication For that I thank you so much. Your books are supporting our work which is not easy to fulfil in Europe.

It would be such a great joy for us, worshipped Master, when you would be able to send us a pupil and follower who will teach us and help us realise the Divine Life, which represents to us a model. I wish so much to come to you over to India, may be just for a time to be near you and to be in the company of those who love you. I ask you again to meet us when you come over Germany. We invite you again most heartily.

Sri Gerda Weiss: I am waiting for your visit to Germany, or I should go on foot to India to sit with you for a few minutes. First I want to see you for a moment and to see Holy India, my Heart, my Love.

Anneliese Kluever: I am seriously sick. I feel only you can help me. All my thoughts are going with this letter and with a silent prayer and thankful-ness to Swami Sivanananda who shows the path for leading a Divine Life. If I am fortunate, I will come to India.

Sri Alice Adler: Please pray for us and help us with your divine spirit, to become well again and to overcome all hindrances and to reach the holy and divine Himalayas. Please help me and my daughter Alexandra to come out to you to Himalayas.

Divo A. Ayaovi: It is a grace for me to communicate with you, a Saint. Thanks to Synthese I can aspire to discover the precious treasure, of which you are the incarnation, and of which your messages speak In fact my desire is to go the path of Selfrealization. How to do? With firm will I have decided to become one of your numberless disciples. My burning desire is to find in your Ashram my abode some day. What a peace of heart and spirit I feel into my soul, only to think at this moment, that I shall be once in the refuge of your beneficent shadow. This is the manner I think the best, to develop myself for collaborating consciously with the Divine Plan.



(Extracts from a few of the numerous letters from Sri Swami Sivananda’s Western disciples)

Harry Dikman: Thy kind letter with invaluable instructions on Yoga Sadhana filled my heart with immense delight and a sense of deep gratitude.

Miss Emni Zettler: Your wonderful and very instructive letter Thanks with all my heart. I remember your advice every moment to be established in the path of virtues. I thank you so much for giving me the knowledge of Yoga.

Sri Heinz Braun: I thank you very much for your letter. It was the most beautiful one I ever received. I also thank you with a full heart, that you will guide me, and it will be my important work to get Selfrealisation.

Helmut Hutz I thank you very much for your esteemed letter and for your kind words and promise that you will guide me in the spiritual path. It was a great joy for me to hold your letter in my hands. To receive your books is a great joy to me. Highly joyful to correspond with you. I feel

Alfred Lay: With great joy I have received your friendly letter, thank you. Great love is shining in each sentence of your letter. I admire this love and I would be glad to win love like that. I can report of a progress. Strength was given to me. I am healthy once more and life has again a real value.

Quakers with Sri Swami Sivananda.

An American Devotee takes part in the worship offered to Satguru Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj.

Edmund Seifert: Highly Honoured Master! Your letter filled me with happiness more than I can ever tell you in words. I am thankful to Him and you.

Fraeulein Erna Hillebrand: I was very glad about your kind letter and thank you for that very much. A connection with you, my dear Master, will give me further strength on the Path. Much I know about Yoga. But your works are more original than those of European authors. Yours are of an authenticity which makes me enthusiastic about them. My thoughts are often by you and in Ananda Kutir.

Kurt Hermenn: I received thy letter with great joy. There is no greater event for me than to receive a letter from you.

Fritz Weselin: A few days ago, I received your lovely letter and my heart was full of joy. I was not thinking that I will get an answer immediately. Accept my hearty thanks. My confidence in you gives me strength to hope that I can have again my health on body, spirit soul and that I find the way to God again.

St. Pascual Jose Pagella: I have received the Jotter that you were kind enough to send me. I have Aad an immense satisfaction when I got your news from that far away country.

Carl Lendle: Dear Swamji, On Nov. 6th, I will show your reel in Stuttgart to a circle of 60 to 70 medical doctors and healing practitioners and will give an introduction in the form of a lecture about “Hath Yoga”. I always intended to pamphlet about Hatha Yoga and to provide it with designs or pictures, especially about treatments of ailments with Hatha Yoga Asans. And now I see from your letter that you want me to do the same.

Sri Kurt Hermann: Your letters have filled me with endless joy. Now I know that you care for my spiritual future. Now all my search and striving have come to an end. I concentrate on you and this gives me great joy. When I make you as the centre of my meditation, there I find an inexplicable Light. You and my thoughts are no more. It is Shanti. It is wonderful. God will give me strength, equanimity and perseverance that I can follow your instructions.

Hans Franke: Your orders I will carry out carefully. I have no other Ishta Devata. I concentrate on your picture.

Sri Mrs. Sybilla von Schoen: How to thank you, how to find the right words to say, how much I am grateful you have been answering me so soon.

Bertha K. Haysfonbec: I was so surprised and glad to receive your letter. I can reach the grade of wisdom with the help of your spiritual powers.

Sri Elvy Lundmark: Thanks for your beatiful letter. It is wonderful and I got so surprised and thankful to receive this during the Happy Christmas, dear Guruji.

Wefner Voitel: Filled with huge gratitude, I received your kind letter. I am very glad to learn that you will help me and guide me in spiritual path.

Prof. Ernst I. Haldana: The Congress at Sorranto (Italy) was a great success. A great applause followed your wonderful message to the Congress.



Mrs. I. P. Reimann: The contemplation on your Photo gives me great inspiration and peace of mind.

Heinz Braun: Swami Sivananda’s books and magazines are really wonderful. I thank you also very much for the exceedingly charming picture, which will be helpful to me.

Dr. Hans Hinrich von Schoen: I thank you very much for your kind letter containing a picture of you which we enjoyed very much. It gives us daily inspiration.

Sri Mrs. Steuernagel-Scheidt: I am pleased to read your kind letter. Thanks very much. I will come to India. First of all I will learn Engilish more fluently. I thank you for your kindness. I have patience and belief to make progress by and by. In 1948-1949, I just remember, I had a vision at night. I saw you physically in a white clothing. You were in a big Hall, teahching a lot of people. And now your picture I see. This is absolutely the photo of the Vision I had.

Rita Issberner-Haldane: Your picture is before my eyes, I send to you my hearty greetings. Fervently I wish your goodness will send out many streams all over the world helping all, who are open in their soul and call for the light. The light is the Guru in all of us. May God bless you, Divine Father!

Irma Leidig: I have felt very happy to be in touch with you. Your picture is hanging in my room and almost every night I am thinking of you and honestly feeling veneration and admiration. I have found in you everything I dreamt of for 25 years and that all the more, since I know that you live in Jesus-Christ. I did not expect that in the Oriental atmosphere. You are representing the Synthese of all religions.


Lilo v. Payess: With the first “DIVINE LIFE” sunshine came in our house. May I thank you very heartily for all the light and strength your words gave me.

I do feel that the way you show us is the only way for me to go and to become useful in this world.

Y. Palape: Thank you very much for your kindness in sending me a parcel of books. A short time ago I received “The Divine Life” from August 1947. Like children, I feel highly pleased to receive gifts though I am forty three years old. Your thoughts expressed under the title “Divine Life for Children” are very attractive for me, because you show God not as a dogma but as a reality. Dear Swami in the heart of my hearts I love you,.........., but I am feeling your greatness and thankful for your kindness.

Curt Geis: Thank you very much for sending me “The Divine Life” regularly. Your periodical always found my deep interest. One really has to appreciate your work and efforts.


What a tremendous transforming Sri Swami Sivananda’s books have on the people of the West is revealed in the following extracts from the students of Sivananda Literature. Many books have been translated into the German and French languages and this has enabled Sri Swami Sivananda’s teachings reach the largest circle of readers on the continent.

Carl Lendle: We are going through your sacred and valuable books, and we appreciate the precious gems contained therein. Your books deal with all spiritual topics. They are written in a simple, elegant and forcible style. They captivate us and make us yearn more and more. Rolf-Dieter was full of joy as he discovered his picture in the book “the Life of Sivananda”. He is pleased with every letter from his dear uncle Sivananda.

B. Houser: While reading your book about concentration and meditation I have found a great help on my way of Yoga.

Karl Weisensee: I thank you very much for the books and the letter you have kindly sent to me. I have by now got a little part translated therefrom. I find your philosophy of Life and God to be identical with that of mine.

A Erich Hanemann: I have your two books Concentration and meditation, and Kundalini Yoga in German language. I have very great joy. The very first reading gave me good inspiration and guidance.

Sri A. Erich Hanemann: Your and Meditation: and Kundalini Yoga: Concentration The very first reading gave me a good satisfaction. Give me some special instructions. Every day I think of you. I wish you the best for your life in the Ashram.

Frich Fackler: I got the book written by you, KUNDALINI YOGA: It is a very interesting book and I read it very often. I also make the exercises described in it.

Friedrich Wegner Bei Hetnze: Your books and pamphlets containing spiritual instructions we need; they are very necessary; for, without being instructed by them, to practice Yoga is very dangerous.

Winfried Eggert: My wife and I are happy to acknowledge receipt of your generous transmission of two parcels containing Swamiji’s books, as well as of the monthly ‘Wisdom Light’. Many many thanks for all. R

Permit me to assure you that the precious volume will be of great benefit to myself and to other followers after Truththe more since authentic literature can hardly be obtained here in Germany and that I shall make strong efforts to spread Master’s Message by words and deeds.

Guido Auster: Oriental Department of this Librazy thanks for the gift of your publications which form a welcome addition to our collection on Indian religion and philosophy.

Jamshed Musserwanjee: Pujya Swamiji, your divine treasure gift of books reached me here yesterday and I am very grateful to you for your kindness and blessings. You are a Light-House to humanity and I bow down in gratitude to him who has sent you to this world for a great mission of guiding the world’s human beings on the path of righteousness.

I do long to be with you and I hope to come to you in this year or early next year.

Frau E Fischer-Koch: I practise Yoga after studying your books. I have taken up your prayer with my daily God-service I want to tell you also that your books are very precious to me and that I shall study them further and deeply. Thank you for all that I have learnt till now.

H Baldenecker: Also thank you very much for the two books and the pamphlet. They are always a great help to me.

B Houser: Dear Swami Sivananda while reading your book, CONCENTRATION AND MEDITATION I have found a great help on my way of Yoga.

I have received your precious letter of the 6th May and also received the registered parcel containing your publications which I am enjoying to the utmost I have now received some idea of what Yoga really means. I have interpreted your letter to our friends of the weekly classes, as they do not know English very well. They all were much impressed about your words.

Sri Eliner Hackbarth: I thank you very much for your kind letter. I join the prayer Movement of the Divine Life Society. I am learning a lot from your valuable teachings which are available in German language from the Editor, YOGA.

Gerhardt Rampfel: I bought your book YOGA; it gave me inspiration. You are the holy Lord come to help men in darkness, and lead them to Light. With best regards from your spiritual disciple.

Ursula Grobe: I have read some of your books in their German translation. These books are a real source of inspiration and help for me; they occupy my mind and enrich my spiritual life. My intention is to start at Tubingen famous for its Univesity and its spiritual tradition, a house for propagation of Sivananda’s philosophy and ideas of peace and universal understanding.

Maria Leifmer: Swamiji’s books are full of practical teachings.

Dr. Hermann Flath: I have particularly studied a great deal of your scriptures. I am deeply impressed by your sublime manner of explaining the most intricate problems.

Franz Antoni: Through your kind inspiration I could create a fundamental and significant peacepamphlet. Dear Enlightened Master, your article on religion to humanity is given first place in this pamphlet.

Franz Antoni: I thank Swamiji for the books of spiritual inspiration.

Sri Peter Siegwarth: Dear Great Guru, A very good Yoga book is yours: Concentration and Meditation in German language.

Karl Ernst Lange: Highly blessed Swami, deerly heart-felt thanks for your works-God-Realisation, Shakespeare on Sivananda and so on. In God I feel myself cordially united with you and with the pupils in the HOME OF LOVE.

Audit Schmitt: I was lucky enough to buy some books on Yoga, among them two written by you. “concentration and Meditation” and “Kundalini Yoga” and derived hopes and much benefit.

Schultz, (Ganga Mayi): We are so happy that you appreciate our magazine FRIEDE. We shall do our best to spread the ideas of Indian wisdom to work for the welfare of the world and to unite the West and the East. Your inspiring book ‘Concentration and Meditation’ belongs to my favourite books. To translate your articles for our FRIEDE is a joy.

Water Johannes Kamm, Heidelberg, Germany: My dear friend Hans Hasso von Velheim who had visited you in India and from whom I got your address, greets you very heartily.

Willy Bohme: Many thanks for your kindness. I am very much obliged to you for the book”Kundalini Yoga”. Who would have dreamt of that.

Prof. S. Sharma, Ph. D. I have been an old reader of your light-giving literature and have been always drawing plenty of inspiration from your writings.

Sri A. V. Sundaresan: Your parcels of books and periodicals and the latest Magazine contain. Ing your benevolent insertion of the Yoga Centre at Partille, Gothenburg. I was very proud to read it. Always eager to read words from your holy pen.

Emil Cohorna: Reading your mangnificent book “Concentration and Meditation” in German language my wife and myself, feel irresistible impulse to approach you, sublime Master, thus to gain the spiritual union with you. Already your singular work

Aroused our mighty spiritual elevation. Adele Kaiser: Thank you very much for the parcel, with the interesting books. It was for me a great joy, because I have not heard from you for a

Long time.

Sri Ume Todt, By a fluke I got a German TransJation of your work: Kundalini Yoga. I read it with great enthusiasm. As I did not have a Guru, I made only slow progress. Now with your lessons, I hope to have quicker progress by following your book. I pray for your blessings.

Dr. Oscar C. Pfaus: It is a blessing to get your OWL communications, and I am happy that despite the intensity of your divine work you find the time to send loving answers to even the most isignificant among your friends and disciples.c

The last publication I received was a copy of Sivananda His Mission and Message which I read with the utmost interest and pleasure. I am happy that you did me the honour to publish my own modest contribution in this excellent book. Your letters and publications have been my only consolation and help. I promise you, and I shall always be faithful to you and to your great divine work.

Annemarie Mauer: I thank you with all my heart for your kindness and it is ever so nice of you that you gave me your signature in your ‘Dawn of Divine Life’ and in ‘Swami Sivananda and the Modern Man’.

Mr. Boris Scharow: I am very much delighted to peruse your books Kundalini Yoga, Raja Yoga and Yoga Asanas. I have read many a book on Yoga but nowhere could I find so nice and scientific a combination of the theory and practice. I dare say I now have rather a full understanding of the matter, viz., Sadhana.

Sri Irene Heinzelmann: Your wonderful letter and packets with your valuable books I have received with the greatest joy. I thank you with all my heart for all the kindness and love. The writings and pictures show me all that I am interested in. The book God-Realisation with the dedication of your Holy Hand, is for me the New Year Message and the awakening Call of the Himalayas. If I see the landscape of the Himalayas, Your Holiness and the other great Swamis, I am happy to know this fountain of Wisdom, Happiness and Peace. Daily I feel in meditation the Divine Light and the power from you. My thanks for you: ever I follow your guidance.

My parents, my sister and my little son also think of you with a great adoration. If I think of you, I feel the great Divine Love from you.

Sri Alma Baumgarten: Kindly accept my warmest appreciation for your valuable books. I translated the UNIVERSAL PRAYER in the first page of Easy Steps to Yoga. I was deeply touched by your wonderful peace. It pervades and enlightens the Garden of my heart. Sri Lange of the Home of Love gave me your instructive book “Easy Steps to Yoga”, which is written in a simple and clear language. Now I possess your Concentration and Meditation highly recomended by Sri K. E. Lange. My highest, appreciation, love and my prayers for you.

Sri Adele Kaiser: Thanks very much for your kind letter. I have your ‘Concentration and Medita. Tion’ for the last two years. I say daily your common prayer. It was always my wish to have a Guide and I know that I must have one and I am happy to have You as my Teacher. I will do all that you say.



The School is uuder the competent leadership and guidance of Sri Hans Georg Weidner, who has been for many years an ardent of Yoga, and who is now one of Germany’s most able and respected exponents of the teachings of the Divine Life Society. He regards Sri Swami Sivananda as the greatest spiritual guide and healer of our time, and he is happy that the universally beloved sage of the Himalayas, has been so kind to take over the protection of the School. Sri Hans Georg Weidner is grateful for the interest which Sri Swami Sivananda has for his activities, and he is happy that he has been inspired for his work by the Divine blessings of Siva.

The Sivananda Yoga School will be a non-profit Institution. The School will be supported solely by voluntary contributions of students and friends and all special studies will be free of any charge.

The aim of the Sivananda Yoga School in Germany is to bring the wisdom of India’s great Sage nearer to those in Europe who realise magnificence of his philosophy and the life giving influence of his spiritual guidance. With the foundation of the School in German, an important step will be made toward a Western recognition of the Divine Life Society as an authoritative movement for the final establish. Ment of an international brotherhood of goodwill, mutual understanding, peace and true God-realisations,

The official organ of the School of the German language Bulletin: “LICHTHORT,” a publication of much value which enjoys an excellent reputation among its European readers and which is now having a circulation in many countries. Dr. Gustav Friherr V. Hirschheydt and Sri Dr. Oscar C. Pfaus, our Hamburg Chapter of the Divine Life Society are co-operating with Sri Hans Weidner and welcome the foundation of the Sivananda Yoga School. Sri Weidner will be pleased to hear from all those who are interested in the Divine Cause and help the students of Yoga. Address:-

-Sri Hans George Weidner, Wingert St. 46, Mannheim-Neckarau, West Germany.


EUROPE-Other Countries


(During her stay at the Sivanandashram, Rishikesh, Dr. Maryse Choicyn eminent psychologist of Paris and Editor of the French, Journal Psyche, placed before H. H. Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj, a set of pictures used in psychological tests, and requested Sri Swamiji to record his reactions to the pictures. Given below are Sri Swamiji’s reactions to the pictures and Dr. Maryse Cioicy then gave her estimation which follows of Sri Swamiji’s personality hased on these).



(Sri Swami Sivananda)

I have first arranged the pictures supplied to me in a sort of an order so as to enable me to read a continuous thought in the entire set. I have taken the figures as entirely symbolic and have ignored the difficulty of the person whose “lite runs through all the pictures is variously represented in various pictures.

The story opens with Picture 13.B. Look at this tiny tot and he already looks at you, and what a searching look for such a young child! He is engaged in a piercing analysis of the things that he sees. He is neither concerned with the “sweets” that his mother would give him if he goes into the house, nor with the games that he could play with his friends if he ran out of the house. He is sitting at the threshold! He delights to watch. He takes an

Objective, dispassionate interest in the things of this world. The very picture of what I would call in the words of the Bhagavad Gita, “Yogabhrashta”. He is bora with such a high degree of spiritual tendencies (acquired through intense spiritual practices in past incarnations) that he is born serene, born dispas. Sionate and born discriminating. He is ever thought. Ful (not morose) and never led away by the false glitter of the toys of the world. He loves seclusion a trait that distinguishes the spiritual aspirant.

In the picture 12.M we see the young man fast asleep. He has a vision In that vision he sees the guiding spirit (the spirit of a great saint undoubtedly) spiritually “awakening” him Mark the aura that emanates from the body of the spirit. What does this guiding spirit tell him?

Wefnd that in picture No 15 “Child!” says the Guru, for the guiding spirit is none other than the aspirant’s first invisible Guru ‘trust not this world of fleering pleasures. Maya will try to delude you. Yield not to her temptations Remind yourself every morning of the Wisdom of Yudhisthira: ‘Day in and day out millions of human being pass away from this world, millions enter the abode of the Lord of Death; yet those who live imagine that they will ever live here and that their body alone would be immortal What greater wonder, what greater foolish ness, can there be! Earth is a vast tomb in which millions upon million lie buried! You are wandering in this cemetery with your hands tied by several chains delusion, likes and dislikes, egoism, hunger, thirst, desire. Wake up now You are not meant to be enslaved thus by Maya. Practise Sadhana. Realise the immortal Nature of your Atman”.

Now look at 3.BM. The young man suddenly wakes up He is perplexed He feels dizzy for a few moments. There is an upsurge of emotion in his heart All the miseries of earthly existence seem to oppress him on all sides He sobs like a child for the miseries of the entire humanity. Finally, he resolves “to do or to die”. “I shall attain Selfrealisation in this very birth, and shall not give up my attempt even at the risk of life. I shall be undaunted. I am ready to risk even my very life in this Great Attempt”. The revolver in this picture I take symbolically to mean the determination of the aspirant to risk even life in the attempt to realise the Self. Suddenly all miseries vanish. He gains immeasurable strength, the strength born of determination and mighty will.

That is how we have in 6.BM a young man of discrimination, ever reflective, ever introspective, ever circumspect He will not take things as they appear to be to him. He is married and prosperous in lite, of course: I take it that he was married even before the Vision he had. But he does not fall a prey to lust. He reflects in his mind: “Yes my wife is beautiful of form. But is that beauty of the physical body permanent? No. Very soon old age will overtake the body. The body will lose its charms Where is beauty in an old waman? No. 1 shall not be duped by physical beauty. I should try to find out the Undying Self the Self that Knows no old age, no death. I should never forget the lesson that my Guru taught me in dream” And, he offers a devout prayer to Lord to bless him with strength to resist all temptations. The old woman in the picture represents the figure he raises before his mental vision during the course ot his Vichara.

Discrimination and reflection have become habitual with the aspirant now. He probes into the real nature of things, He has a penetrating vision now. He constantly analyses pleasure and pain. He tries to find out the root-cause of happiness and misery. He strives to discover their true nature. In picture No O we find the discovery of the nature of happiness. In moments of happiness why do people close their eyes? Because they, unconsciously, know that happiness is within themselves. Why do people close their eyes and sleep? Because they realise that real happiness and peace are within them. Happiness, then, does not lie in external objects. It is delusion that makes us imagine happiness in external objects. We are like the dog that licks the blood that oozes from its own mouth while biting a bone, all the time imagining that the blood comes from the bone! What a foolish thing! If happiness is within, why not make a direct approach to the fountain-source and enjoy eternal bliss?

What is misery? Why does man suffer in this world? Deeply pondering over the problem of human suflering. The Sadhaka gets (see picture No. 8 BM) an insight into the Law of Karma. Every action is followed by its own reaction. As you sow, so you reap. A person commits a murder; in the same or in the subsequent birth, he gets in back upon himself (the rifle represents the reaction to the murder that takes place in the background note also that the murder in the background is painted faintly whereas the rifle is more vivid, to show that the rifle belongs to the later birth) Now he gets the solution to human misery: RIGHTEOUSNESS. If all people are righteous-

They would enjoy the Lord’s Gracious gifts, the rich treasures that He has placed at the disposal of His children upon this earth. This is represented by the picture BG 12 Look at the rich landscape. Look at the trees laden with fruits and flowers. Look at the beautiful spring flowing near by with its cool and refreshing waters. These are all the Lord’s blessings. Why shouldn’t man enjoy them, with goodwill and charity in his heart? Then he would not have to suffer. Then he would not be oppressed by misery. Then he would be joyous at heart. Then he would have peace of mind to pursue the great quest of Life the Quest of the Eternal (The empty dingy represents ‘persons gone away seeking after something” and here symbolically seeking after God) Righteousness is the foundation on which such a spiritual life rests. What exactly is righteousness? The picture answers. Look at Nature’s gifts. They are there for all. Nature does not make distinctions. Anyone may enjoy her treasures. The sun shines on all equally. The air gives life to all without any distinctions whatsoever Water quenches the thirst of a saint or a sinner, a pauper or a millionnaire. And, Nature’s gifts arre man, allay his suffering, gladden his heart. Man should learn from nature the great lessons of selflessness, service, and equal vision. For, these three represent righteousness. They are the steps to the spiritual life, the Life Divine.

Having thus gained an insight into the nature of mundane life, with discrimination fully awakened in him, the aspirant enters the path of Sadhana. Picture No, 2 he engages him-self in “agriculture” Krishna like’s spritual practice (Sadhana) to Vyavasaya, agriculture, And, agriculture thoroughly resembles Sadhana. The aspirant has to prepare the field, pull out and clear the weeds, plough the ground, water it sow the seed, tend the young plant carefully, take great care that no animals or birds destroy the plant, guard it, and then finally reap the harvest. In this Inner Agriculture, the aspirant has two persons to help him: his devoted wife and his loving mother. Symbolically the wife represents Swadhyaya (study of scriptures-note the book in the young girl’s hands) and Vichara (deep reflection-so the girl is engaged in deep thought). And, the mother represents deep meditation (as she is painted in the picture). With the help of the white horse he ploughs the field. “Whiteness” is always associated with purity, here the white horse represents the pure intellect, pure reason, pure heart. He does Sadhana with the help of the pure reason and pure heart; and he is assisted in this task by study of scriptures and reflection, and deep meditation

This goes on for some time, The aspirant for all purposes, is like any ordinary man. He combines his house-hold work with his spiritual practices. Works with a changed angle of vision. Gradually, meditation takes a greater and greater part of his time; he loses interest in the affairs of this world. He gets an inner urge to renounce the world altogather, to resort to seclusion and thus to carry the inner culture of the Soul the inner Quest of the Reality, more. Vigorously. Finally, he walks out of the house: ses picture 13 MF The young wife lies there in bed; she cannot hold him back from his Quest any more. He closes his eyes to the glamour of the world. He walks out of the house. The dress is symbolic; it indicates that he is ready for the task-he is going to work, to work on the most glorious projects – Selfrealisation.

The path ahead is shrouded in darkness: or rather it is a curious combination of light and darkness see picutre No 20). The Eternal Self-Luminous Self is Ever-Bright with the Lustre of a Million Suns; and yet it is mysteriously veiled by the darkness of ignorant! Till he discovers the Light, the aspirant has to walk in the darkeness. (You find in the picutre a ball of light in the background and darkness immediately in front of the person.) And, yet, again, stars may illumine his path. The stars in the picutre represent sages and saints And most important of all, the guidance of a Guru will be invaluable and often indispensable: mark the glow in front of the person, in the foreground. With these lights, he may find his way to the Great Light of Lights the Self.

The path is narrow and slippery-picture No. 11. There are huge boulders on the path: they tempt you to place your foot confidently upon them, and if you do so, they may roll down along with you into the deep dark ravine. The boulders represent Siddhis or psychic powers the most powerful temptations on the aspirant’s Path. Frightful, unknown animals might beset your path. Be brave, Be courageous. Rely upon God’s grace. Walk in the light of the guidance of the Guru. Then, like the aspirant who has successfully crossed the abyss in in the picture (here he is seen at the other end of the bridge across the ravine), you will also cross this Samsara.

Pleasures of the earth and pleasures of the heaven (represented by the lady in picture No.4) should be ruthlessly renounced. Your eyes should be rivetted on the Great Goal. Nothing should shake your determination. Look at the calm, cool, look on the face of the lady; there is no “appeal for pity or compassion”, there is not the compelling look of consuming love. This shows that the worldly pleasures, the temtping objects of the senses are there only to distract your attention and to divert you from the path; there is no real love on earth, no one needs you as much as you imagine that you are needed by the people around you! It is all delusion. It is only ignorance that makes you think that people will die if you do not support them or serve them! On the other hand, if you renounce the world, if you remain unattached, if you realise the Self, then you can render real service, the greatest service to the entire humanity. Be firm in your resolve, even as the aspirant in the picture is

Picture No. 9 BM asks you to slumber not The warriors in the battle of life are tired and they sleep; they expose themselves to great dangers. They are sunk in ignorance. But our friend the aspirant (the figure at the left-hand corner) is ever vigilant. He slumbers not. He is intent on reaching the goal. He is intent on gaining the victory in the Adhyatmik warfare. He has realised that a moment wasted will never return. While others sleep, he is wide awake.

In his march to the goal he has only one friend in this world, viz., his Guru. That is shown in the picture 7 BM. The Guru’s words are his guiding light; the Guru’s Grace is his inner strength. The Guru is all-compassion. The Guru is wise (represented by

The grey hairs).

At the same time the aspirant should have strength; the weak cannot attain Immortality. See picture 17 BM. Have strong limbs. Have a strong will-power.

Ascend into the realms of Immortality even as this aspirant does.

Long, continued, protracted and intense meditation alone is the key to success in the spiritual path: that is shown in picture No. 1. The violin represents external sounds, in other words, all names and forms -THE WORLD. Shut your eyes and ears to this external universe. Listen to the inner Voice, the Voice of the Lord, the Anahat sounds. Obtain a Vision of the Supreme. The half-closed eye is symbolic of trance, Samadhi.

During the course of your meditation you might get various visions (represented by No. 19) and you might hear various sounds. Be not distracted by them.

Finally, you must get out of the clutches of these two hands (represented in picture 18 BM). The two hands are the final obstacles that an aspirant has to get over—Vikshepa (tossing of the mind which makes the mind think of Many where only One exists) and Avarana (the veil of ignorance that hides the Reality). The mind refuses to be steadied. The veil refuses to lift itself. The aspirant is still surrounded by darkness! Yet, he is resolute-look at the stern face of the man in the picture. He has closed his eyes once for all to the glamour of the world. He will not open them; he will not recognise the reality of unreal things.

There! There is Light!! Hurray!!! ... see picture No. 14.

Standing at the threshold the aspirant gets the Great Experience of Savikalpa Samadhi-see picture No. 5. A glimpse of the Reality is astounding, is wondrous, marvellous-mark the look of surprise on the face of the person. Here all distinctions of sex, etc, disappear: that is what we learn by the picture of the female here. Body-consciousness is lost. Only the consciousness of individuality remains. There is a slight trace of the Ego: therefore, one experiences bliss and wonderment.

No. 16. (Blank white) Even that individuality is lost.

Nothing exists: Nothing Belongs to me: I am neither mind nor body! Immortal self I am!


The most striking fact about Swami Sivananda’s reactions to the Thematic Apperception Test is the perfect adaptation to the aim which constitutes the main line of the personality. Indeed, this protocol might serve as a pattern of behaviour for the true mystic. It has been often contended that mystics are maladjusted to every-day reality and that they resemble schizophrenics. This is only so in the case of false or second rate spirituality. Saints have always been great creators and excellent organizers, (e.g., St. Theresa, St. Ignatius)

This is especially clear in Swami Sivananda’s test Every interpretation of each picture shows an excel-lent observation. And, if the imaginary faculty is well developed, it always clings to the given theme. The crucial example is picture No. 1: The blank space Schizophrenics generally invent stories which have nothing to do with the blank space All their phantasms come out here. Others are taken aback by that sudden lack of picture. Their imagination is inhibited and they arque: “There is nothing. I can’t say anything.” Swami Sivananda has found at once the symbolic meaning No. 16. “Nothing exists: Nothing belongs to me: I am neither mind nor body: Immortal Self I am.” This answer fits in so well with No 16 that one wonders why it has been given before by others.

The press here is not in the others, but in the inner obstacles and situations which hamper an individual to find God. The hero is not a subjective individual, but general man-homo universalis in his struggles to attain spiritual perfection. That shows the cosmic trend of mind of Swami Sivananda.

All inner conflicts are solved. For instance, 12M: the usual answers are “a man hypnotizes a a boy” or “a robber comes by night and wants to strangulate a rich man” or at best “a father awakens his son”. Swami Sivananda sees there the vision of a loving Guru. No aggressivity, no masochism, but serenity and dispassion. He trusts life. 3 BM even is serene. And if the boy sobs, it is not for some petty reason, but “for the miseries of the entire humanity.”

But the most significant is the way pictures In which women appear are treated. No. 4 is an important test for neurotics who are afraid of loving and of being men. Ordinary neurotics answer that ‘the man has had enough of this lady and wants to abandon her”. False mystics and spiritualistic neurotics speak of the “ugliness and dirt and immorality of sensual love”. We find nothing of the kind in Swami Sivananda’s comment. Neither lack of charity nor unhealthy outlook. On the contrary he says that “pleasures of the earth and pleasures of the heaven (as represented by the lady in picture 4) should be renounced” which proves an excellent sublimation. Moreover what he reproaches to the lady is that she does not love enough. The real love is to be found in God. He even acknowledges in his comment of No. 6 BM that married life has its beauty. But he desires eternal beauty which cannot be found in physical body. No. 6 BM is really meant to test the Oedipus Complex and we see here that this too has been healthily resolved. Further in No. 13 MF which is interpreted so dramatically by neurotics (either passionate crime sin), Swami Sivananda insists on the fact that “the aspirant is like any ordinary man. He combines his household work with his spiritual practices. He works with a changed angle of vision....... But the young wife who lies in bed cannot hold him back from the Quest of God.”

No. 8 BM which tests the castration anxiety is interpreted in the light of the Law of Karma. And this proves a full acceptance of all risks, which is the hall mark of a total, full-grown man.

The closing of the eyes in No. 10 being interpreted as “happiness being found only in oneself” shows the harmonious summit of the development of a personality Swami Sivananda fully enjoys joy and bliss aa is shown by his reaction to No. 12. It also lays stress on the cosmic communion of man with nature.

The acceptance of death which is so difficult for ordinary man is clearly indicated in the reactions to No. 15. The cemetery gives generally very dramatic and anxious answers. Not so with Swami Sivananda. There is the great courage of the one who has reached detachment of this world (see answers to No 11, No. 17 BM, No 19 No. 20, and especially No. 18 BM where the clutches of the two hands receive an extraordinary interpretation),

The very rare lact that the whole test should yield one single story which binds all the pictures proves an uncommonly constructive mind.

If we analyse the list of press, we find:

Affiliation: only to God

Aggression : none

Dominance: none

Nurturance : The Guru

Rejections : none

Lack : none

L0ss: none

Physical dangers: active

Non-human forces: Maya

Outcome: The hero masters entirely his environment.

The dominant factor is the perfectly appropriate symbolism given to these plates which has nothing in common with the ordinary narrow associations senseless from a universal point of view. Swami Sivananda has entirely transformed every meaning and appears after the T A.T. as a spiritual giant. This Test might serve as a model for a higher kind of humanity.

Dr. Mayse Choisy Clouzet, 17th June, 1952.


Dr. Marise Choisy, D. Pay.

(Editor-in-Chief, ‘Psyche’, Paris)

My first meeting with Swami Sivananda is one of the most important events of my life. I knew that he was a saint. But I had imagined saints were rather solemn and dull people and besides quite ignorant of that science and that intellectual knowledge which in Europe, rightly or wrongly, we put so high. And there was before me Swami Sivanandaji, full of humour, and very human, too.

You can find horns on a bare,” he says, “You can extract oil out of sand, but you cannot influence a vontirmed fool.”

This is quite a new voice in pure mystics. Swami Sivanandaji knows all the things you can learn in a western University and many more which you cannot.

I sensed at once in him the presence of that real wisdom for which we all crave, whatever our material birthplace may be. When Swamiji speaks of the Divine, one feels that the Jivanmukta has an immediate experience of God. When he speaks of ‘service’ or ‘love’, one knows that to him it is a reality and not mere words in a book.

The most stubborn materialist must feel that aura, that magnetism, that serenity, that holiness which float about Swami Sivanandaji.

Of course, India is the country of great saints. But what struck me as most admirable and new about Swami Sivananda is the way he puts the Divine in every moment of lite. In the West we find it easier for us to follow the path of Karma Yoga or Bhakti than that of pure contemplation. For us, Roman Catholics, for instance, the incarnation of Christ has purified matter itself. We are always engaged in action.

Swami Sivananda appeals to the western part of my soul as well as to the Indian part, because every mystic has in his heart two countries: his own and India.

When Swami Sivananda writes for instance “Sit not idly craving God to help thee, but be up and doing, as God helps those who help themselves. Do the best you can and leave the rest to God,” one really feels that religion is something living and permeates all our activities.

And how could I, a psychoanalyst, remain indifferent to such gem like sayings: “the sex-instinct is the greatest urge in life; sublimate it, or ‘There is nothing good or bad in this world. Your imagination makes it so,” or, “Die to live”

Whether it be psychology, medicine, philosophy or religion, Swami Sivananda has always something to teach us. I may say he is in the present century one of the most complete men I ever met.

It is probably because love and service are the driving forces behind Swami Sivanandaji just as they were benind Mira and Tukaram.

And I never heard anybody else speak so nobly of love


(Sri Georges E. Zutzeller)

With nothing more than mere human ability, how can I speak of the Great Vira of the Himalayas; His Holiness Sri Sri Sri (1008) Sri Swami Sivananda Bhagavan is God no doubt.

Millions of Pranama to His Sacred Feet and effulgent Person for having given to us His Divine Vision.

We gladly draw the attention of all Truth-seekers, and the weary pilgrims on the thorny path of Selfrealisation, that by seeing with devotion and attaining the benevolence of H.H. Sri Sivananda Bhagavan, all their motto of travelling will be served at this place only.

It was indeed one of the sweetest dreams of our life to see your Holiness in person. At last, by the grace of the Absolute, our wish has been fulfilled.

It was seven years ago, in 1946, we freshly arrived in Bombay from Cairo, the magnificent and historical city of the Muslim world. After having taken residence at the Majestic Hotel, the very day we proceeded to investigate the booksellers of the city, searching for books on Yoga Philosophy and with a few selections returned to the Hotel. It was nearly dinner time, and so, after bath, we began to sit in Siddhasan on the marble floor of the bath room and focussing our gaze on your photo, almost instantly an incredible thing happened. While tears of love were flowing from our eyes and a mild perspiration pervading all our body, a white light surrounded us from everywhere, and we simply were lost in it, seeing nothing but Light and more Light ad infinitum. This remarkable phenomenon lasted for a few seconds, and gradually regaining consciousness we came to know that this most extraordinary event was the so much coveted but so rarely granted Atma Darshan. These few minutes of Self-realisation on the very day of setting foot on this blessed land of the Rishis has been the beginning of a new chapter in the history of our life Since then we dedicated our life for the attainment of bodily perfection and purity of soul and marching forward to victory and to Nirvana. To you, your Holiness, my humble reverence at your sacred feet, may we call you our saviour, may all the world bless you.

OM Santih! Santih!! Santih!!!


[Sri Philip Petrove, Bulgaria)

Being a voracious reader, I have read innumerable books on diverse topica in various languages by different authors; but I have not found anywhere what I have been searching for true knowledge.

It is after my recent acquaintance with my fellowcitizen Stephen Dimov, with whom I am now in closest friendly relations and who regularly supplies me with many books, pamphlets and leaflets published by the Divine Life Society which I eagerly read and re-read, that I found at last what I had been searching for.

A careful study of Swami Sivananda’s writings on various themes, as well as the writings of others about his holy personality and activities, has given me the persuasion that he is far more than a distinguished man, a prolific writer, a world-renowned teacher, savant and philosopher; he is of a class by himself, and it is a case of “Eclipse the first and the rest nowhere.”

As a man he has attained undoubted divinity; as a savant he has acquired the truest knowledge; as a philosopher he has attained the heights of real wisdom; as a teacher, instructor and educator he has shown the surest path to human salvation. By his mode of living and teaching he has proved himself to be a consummate sage, a perfected saint and a real living God. He has made himself one without a second, a king over kings, an emperor over emperors.

To every one who has felt the influence of the brilliant divine aureola of his holy personality occurs the question: Is it not probable that the Almighty has assigned to him the sacred mission of the salvation of the modern sinful world, and is he not himself an embodiment of Siva, Rama, Krishna, Jesus and the Buddha, who of yore came among afflic. Ted humanity, charged with the same merciful mission? If this should prove to be the case, it is a matter of rejoicing for mankind all over the globe. We should all be happy to send out a fervent prayer to him: “However hard your task might be, O nobl. Est Saviour, steer up your holy ship, ‘Ananda Kutir’, and lead us victoriously towards the blissful heaven!”

May the Supreme Lord bestow upon him long life, so that under his holy guidance and divine influence and with faith, love, tolerance, truth and knowledge, mankind find lasting peace on earth and eternal bliss in heaven!


(Sri Philip Petrove, Bulgaria)

I have studied innumerable books by various authors in different languages. The subjects were many. But I did not find there what I was really seeking for the real knowledge.

It is however, after my recent acquaintance with my fellow-citizen M.Stephen Dimov, I at last found what I had so long sought for. He is a close friend of mine, and sends me from time to time several books, pamphlets and leaflets published by the Divine Life Society. I read them eagerly, not only once but several times.

After I have carefully studied Sri Swami Sivananda’s writings on various themes, and the writings of some authors about the Swamiji’s personality and his activities, my mind is persuaded again and again to think that he is not a common man-not in the least indeed-nor a writer, or a teacher, a savant or a philosopher; but he is more than all these. He belongs to a particular and extraordinary realm that is perhaps inexplicable.

What do I feel about him? As a man he has reached the highest perfection or the loftiest stage of Divinity. For that is my belief. As a savant he has acquired the truest knowledge; as a philospher he has revealed to us the best system of real wisdom; as a teacher, instructor and educationalist path towards salvation. By his mode of living, teaching and acting he has proved himself to be an enlightened sage, an eminent saint, and a real living God. He is, as I understand, one without a second -a King of kings, an Emperor of emperors.

When one contemplates upon the brilliant divine aureola that the holy personality of the Swami radiates spontaneously, he is amazed all at once. Is it not probable that the Almighty God has designated to him the sacred mission-the salvation of the modern, sinful world? Or is it not a fact that Siva, the Lord of Auspiciouness, or Rama or Krishna, Jesus or Buddha has reincarnated in the form of the Swami? If it be so, the mankind all over the globe must rely on him, hope for his grace and triumph by following his precepts.

Let us pray “However hard your task may be, O noblest Saviour! For the glory of its success steer and push on your reliable holy marine, “the Abode of Bliss-Ananda Kutir-and lead us victoriously towards the bliss Heaven”.

May the Supreme Lord bestow upon the Swami a long life so that under his holy guidance and divine influence, and with faith, love and tolerance, truth and knowledge, the mankind may find peace and happiness everlasting.


(Sri Philip Petrove, Sofia, Bulgaria)

Deep in calm concentration,

And in serene meditation,

With a divine inspiration,

And with a humble prostration,

By thy lofty heavenly sent

Before Thy sacred lotus-feet

O, most Almighty Lord-Saviour,

I utter my hearty prayer;

As Thou, by Thy divine favour

Hast sent to this world a saviour

Our beloved Guru-redeemer,

A true divinity beamer,

Real embodied AnandaSri Swami Sivananda,

Champion of Universal Kinship

All given to Thy worship.

Unmatched in purest chastity,

Never given to falsity,

Man-God of divine quality

And supreme in morality.

Who lives in pure Sacredness

And acts with sincerest fairness,

Guard him, O Omnipotent God

From any sort of evil rod,

From all kinds of violence,

From dagger, bullet and pestilence;

Keep him in firm security;

Protect him in good surety;

Grant him a long healthy, life,

That he may, in gallant strife,

By love, service and wisdom,

Establish thy Holy Kingdom

Wherein to guide humanity

In spiritual sanity;

To fulfil his holy mission,

To save the World from perdition

By teaching us of adoration

To lead all unto salvation!

Amen and OM!


(A message from Sri Ander H. Chatillon, President of the Indo-Swiss Cultural Centre, in Lausanne, Switzerland)

The Indo-Swiss Cultural Centre has become a representative society of the Divine Life Society with the consent of Swami Sivananda. What can we expect to come out of this collaboration?

Today whether men want it or not-East and West are collaborating more than ever before. We see, in our European countries, the complete failure of our so-called “Christian religions.” That is to say, these religions are incapable of bringing and establishing happiness and peace, because they have betrayed the original message of Jesus. Instead of leading man to greater spiritual consciousness, they have lowered themselves to the level of human instincts and egoism which alone they serve. They have become the instruments of injustice, greed and hypocrisy. Have they not even gone so far as to admit wholesale murder-in the form of war and to justify it?

In spite of that, the message of Jesus was splendid, if it had been put into practice.

We are now confronted with a definite fact: modern man intellectual; a philosophy based purely on feeling does not suit him. We would like to make him admit the value of such a philosophy, but he dislikes it and no longer has confidence in it.

What remains? What can one do what should one do?

We turn our eyes to the East. We return to the source of our most ancient spiritual knowledge. We ask the Ancient Wisdom, the Vedas, the Vedanta, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, to fill the emptiness in our minds and hearts. Our intellectualism has killed the little flower which was opening to the rays of love. Our faith’ has become tyrannical and intolerant. The East stretches a hand out to us and we take it. Our scepticism is too heavy a burden to carry; we can no longer justify our pride in face of the ruins left by our civilisation. We understand better today the deep meaning of the words of Gandhiji! “This civilisation is satanic and will inevitably destroy itself”

When our scientists and more particularly our physicists-discover the illusion of matter (Maya) through their work on atomic physics, we are amazed to find how exactly their conclusions correspond to the terms found, among other works, in the Gita. The Advaita philosophy with its conception of basic Unity is several decades in advance of our scientific discoveries. Already thousands of years ago, the wise men of the East have known the laws which we are discovering laboriously today in the realm of the multiple manifestation of the undifferentiated ONE, of THAT, to employ a term dear to our eastern brothers.

Here then is a means to conciliate the reasoning mind and spiritual wisdom. In the field of science, the deep knowledge of the ancient Hindu philosophers is in perfect agreement with the most recent discoveries of our so-called “materialist” scientists.

But can we establish peace on earth if we look at the problem only from this limited point of view?

The union of East and West symbolises the reconciliation of material science with philosophical wisdom. This synthesis will permit the appearance on the world scene of whole man, that is to say, of men having at the same time a knowledge of Unity and of multiplitcity. The happiness of the human race and, therefore, of each individual, depends on a correct personal understanding of the problem of life. Thanks to the spiritual riches of the East, drawn from the wondrous ocean of wisdom, we are in a position to correct our imperfect knowledge and above all universalise it and give it a meaning unknown at the present time. We have lost ourselves in multiplicity and have given up the link which unites all the expression of this multiplicity. This link-God-has been turned to ridicule and ignored during the centuries of our present era, and in its place we have put human egoism.

Faced with the disastrous results of this tendency, we seek now a remedy and the East offers it to us with all the generous spontaneity of its Light. And yet, we have exploited this East, we have colonised it, often starved it and even worse, christianised it. But the East has forgotten all of this. She has forgotten the old hatreds the deceptions, the introlerance Even more than this, in order to help us, she has admitted the message of Jesus and made it an integral part of her teachings.

In this search for the Light, we must give special recognition to the splendid role played by the Divine Life Society. Swami Sivananda puts at the disposal of his brothers all over the world, a teaching which is accessible to every mentality. For the Christians, he becomes a Christian. For the Mohammedans, he becomes a Mohammedan. In his deep wisdom, in his profound knowledge of human nature, he knows how to choose the terms which will make his texts accessible to the western mind. He has adopted the methods of Vivekananda, in using easy words, words which give us immediately the concrete image of his thought, words which are suited to brains crystallised by purely intellectual studies.

One often hears it said that eastern philosophy is not suited to the western mentality. Nothing could be more erroneous. To be convinced one has only to read attentively one of the works dealing with the wisdom of the ancient masters of Hindu thought and especially the works of Swami Sivananda. Why is this criticism made so often? For the simple reason the ordinary “man-in the-street” does not realise yet the point reached by our proper scientists in their discoveries concerning Relativity and the atom, and is also quite ignorant of the essential teachings of the oriental philosophies and of the Gita, to mention one in particular.

We are firmly convinced that a wide distribution of these philosophies would slowly lead man to a correct view of the meaning of life; would give him. Confidence, faith, courage and happiness, as well as very precise directions for his everyday life. It is the profound ignorance of First Causes which is responsible for the chaotic state of our western world. A man who has no certain idea about life, evolution, the different moral problems, becomes very rapidly a sceptic when faced with the fruits of his civilisation, a civilisation supported by highRounding principles and dogmas incapable of standing up to even simple logic.

Ignorance-as all the sages of all the times have said is the one true source of humanity.

It is in order to get rid of this scourge that the East is working to enable us to know ever better the message of their highest philosophies of the most noble conceptions that human thought has ever known

The Indo-Swiss Cultural Centre is therefore deeply happy to be able to collaborate directly with the Divine Life Society, thus allowing a spiritual current to flow from one continent to another, in the form of thoughts, love, writings, and brotherly affection. May our two societies become aware of the usefulness of such a work and may our respective members be conscious of their RESPONSIBILITY to help in our idealistic work.

I hope very sincerely that this union will add a stone to the building of peace which we all men and women of good-will-desire to build, a building which will become the temple of Beauty, Love and Wisdom, without which it is impossible to envision, even in thought, a better world, a world in which all men will be truly and sincerely Brothers.

We address to our Eastern friends, to our brothers in the Divine Life Society, our most affectionate message of understanding, respect and love. And to your dear President the Revered Swami Sivananda, we send our best wishes for continued work in the splendid spirit which animates him and which fulfils the greatest need of all.


(Sri Andre Chatillon, Geneva, Switzerland)

At a time when so many men are anxious only to accumulate material wealth, to disunite, to disintegrate human thought, thus depriving it of its aim which is to attain the One fully and totally, Swamiji is endeavouring courageously and untiringly to unite humanity, to repeat the age-old philosophic concepts which alone are capable of reminding man of his origin and aim

Through his splendid work, through the synthesis between the main philosophies achieved by him, he has placed at the disposal of both the East and the West, new knowledges adapted to the intellect and of the feeling of our age. He has shown the most perfect sense of tolerance by placing side by side in one of his works the teachings of Jesus with those of the Vedanta. This noblest of gestures towards his Wastern friends shows once more how much we need such a lesson While we have endeavoured through the past centuries to minimise the nonChristian religions and philosophies, Swamiji, by his effort, by his profound and wise bounty, has returned good for evil. He is showing us-through LOVE-that we have been intolerant, harsh and cruel. Instead of resorting to violence of speech or just plain violence, he acts as Jesus would have acted. Instead of reproaching us harshly, as we would deserve, for all the blood we have shed or have caused to be shed in the name of the messenger of Universal Love-what cruel irony-he calms our minds, pacifies our feelings and instils faith in the ideal of human brotherhood. Swamiji serves the cause of Wisdom and Love. He is the true servant of God.

Today, when relations with the East are gaining an importance, when Western thought is penetrating into the philosophic wisdom of Indian sages, we are proud to render homage to Swamiji’s most useful work. Although our association is rather modest compared to that in India, we have had the satisfaction of working on a few individuals, preparing them towards a higher conception of life, towards a more open mind in face of the rapid evolution of Western Civilization. We can no longer be unaware that this civilization is at a decisive turning-point. Whether there will be a new constructive impulse which will benefit from science and industry without damaging the evolution and the integrity of the world, or, whether, on the contrary, there will be total destruction caused by the continuation of individual and collective egoism, will depend on the attitude of the select few and not that of the masses.

Before this alternative, we have to bear in mind one thought only; to act with Wisdom and Love, always and everywhere, to live and let live, to work for the progressive betterment of all the passing forms of Creation, beginning with ourselves, developing altruism and minimising egoism, to leave all the rest to the Superior Forces which rule the world. In acting correctly we shall be playing our part, and that alone matters.


(Sri A. Chatillon, Laussane)

It was with joy that we heard about the celebrations of your sixty-third birthday, which coincides this year with the opening of our World Spiritual Congress at Assisi.

We shall feel at one, both in mind and spirit, with all of you who are ceaselessly working for the advancement of mankind, for the revelation of Truth, and for the spread of the most sacred teachings of India. We do feel that East and West are merging, because we Westerners realise how much we need the pure light of your philosophies.

Our Chirstianity, that has been purposely thwarted, cannot supply us with principles on which to lay the foundations of a New World Order, free from dogmas and sectarianism, a world which would bring forth true natural and spiritual values to harmonize body and spirit, and matter and spirit in all men. Your enthusiasm and constant labour have made a deep impression on us. Thanks to your spiritual messages, we can trace the first principlee hidden by the Church and forgotten by men. These laws that you restore to us fill us with hope, and enable us to work for a better world without taking any reward in consideration.

We do need your help in matters spiritual. The nerging of East and West operates outside and above everything appertaining to politics, diplomacy and Economica. Only the pure in heart, free from selfish thoughts, can afford to speak the Truth in spite of the indifference and lack of enthusiasm in men: The day will come and that day is at our door-when humanity will have to face facts that will upset its narrow conception of Life. These facts, always the same, behove you and we to bring home to all the message of Truth.

We are glad to send you our fraternal message of PEACE, HARMONY, LOVE, three words that are still misunderstood but are becoming more powerful day by day in spite of opposition.

We are at one with you, with your dear Society, because the Spirit knows no distance. The STREAM OF LOVE you send on etheric waves throughout the world finds a ready response among us, and unite all men of Good Will, all those free from selfishness. This stream goes many times round the world, and slowly but surely builds up the TEMPLE OF UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD, the foundations of which are now already laid down

May PEACE and SUCCESS be to the “Light of the East” and in a spirit of UNIVERSAL LOVE we feel closely bound to you and to all our friends in the East May we together build up a NEW WORLD ORDER!


(Sri Henri Van Zeyst)

While reading Swami Sivananda’s “Inspiring Messages” I feel as if several of them were written directly and intentionally for me. If the written word has already such an influence over me, how much more shall I be benefited from Swamiji’s personal contact, presence and example Oh pray God that He may remove the present obstacles which prevent me from coming to Ananda Kutir.

How wounderful that opening prayer in the “Inspiring Messages” to the all-pervading, hidden Essence of the Universe. The Swamiji’s letters are very interesting indeed What makes me so happy about his gift of a book is the thought that I may occupy a little place in his heart, and that quite unsolicited. I have developed my religion only from the intellectual view point and thereby I am missing the devotional aspect. But I trust that my contact with Swamiji will set the balance right.

I am most grateful for the abiding interest Swamiji takes in my spiritual welfare, and I hope that I shall not prove an utter disappointment. I have made an immeditate start with the reading of “Light Fountain”, which brings me in much nearer contact with Swamiji’s radiating personality.

May the Full Moon of Vaisakha which witnessed the enlightenment of the Lord Buddha, bring forth also in me that spark of love and knowledge, which warms my heart whenever I read of Swamiji’s endeavour, loving kindness, spirit of service, and deep knowledge of our human needs, physical as well as spiritual!


(Sri Bertil Nadell, Stockholm)

I send you my best congratulations on your 63rd birthday, hoping that you will enjoy many years of life and continue to spread the Divine Message throughout the world for the spiritual upliftment of mankind. And if we all could co-operate and help you in this work, I know that the world will soon be a much better place where all could live in peace and security.

I have read many of your books, and I must say, that they are among the best books I know, as they, in simple words teach the profoundest knowledge, and I never feel so happy and peaceful as when I am studying them.

The influence of your teachings on the Western Thought seems to be very great and your books have become very popular by this time. In Sweden there are many people who are trying to live up to your ideal of life, and they all express their great admiration for you

For the present I will continue to study your books until I come to India as it is my highest wish to come to Rishikesh and join the Sadhaks at Ananda Kutir.


(Sri Stehpen Zh. Dimov, Bulgaria)

The greatest Yogi and Guru of today, Sri Swami Sivananda, is verily one among the few spiritual leaders of modern India who have won high eminence in the East as well as in the West. This Holy Name is hailed all over the world by thousands of seekers in the two hemispheres, who in their search for a brighter and happier life are turning their thirsty eyes towards the Light Fountain, the Divine Life, that the great Guru proclaimed for the salvation of humanity

By laying the foundation of the Divine Life Society in 1936 this Prophet of the New Age who has come into this World for human weal has unequivocally declared that there can be no real happiness without divine life which is the very antithesis of materialism.

Freedom is cur birthright says Sri Swami Sivananda; and through his numerous and Soul-elevating books article and circulars as well as his fuspiring dis. Courses, sermons and lectures he points out to us the satest path that leads to Sell realisation or True Freedom. Thanks to his untiring selfless service and to his eve.whole we can now hope that the anti-spiritual forces in the West will soon be vanquished The spital seed which immortal Sivananda has sown has begun to give its fruits in Europe too, and will soon cure people of the malady of Avidya.

Conscious as we are of the magnificent work of our Great Guru, we, his sincere followers and admirers from Bulgaria, are proud and happy to mingle our prayers with that of millions all over the world on his 631d Birthday, that he might live amidst us for ever to lead us victoriously to the glorious pinnacle of self-realisation that he himself has reached. May his blessings be upon us all !



(Sri Charles Andricu)

I feel sincerely glad in adding a few words to the manifold homages which are just now flowing towards the Saint of Ananda Kutir from every part of India and other countries, and to convey to him an unassuming testimony of his French admirers, in commemoration of his 65th birthday.

I am indebted for my introduction to Swami Sivananda Sarswati to my distinguished friend Jean Herbert, who presented me with Swamiji’s work CONCENTRATION AND MEDITATION and I greatly appreciated after studying it. When Jean Herbert requested my contribution to the Franch Translation of this book, I accepted the assignment with delight thinking of the value of such enlightenment for my fellow-citizens, who are greatly in want of spiritual help, on account of their agitated and wearisome life under present circumstances. I felt so pleased to have a share in this opportunity of making them acquainted with the great Sage, far far away, on the banks of the sacred Ganges |

Thus came out LA PRACTIQUE DE LA MEDITATION, the French version of Swamiji’s work. I must confess that spirituality in our country is far from being as in India, a leading part of daily life. French people, like other occidental people, are prone to think that spirituality requires spare time, and they have none.

However, the number in our country is steadily increasing of those who grow wearied of empty excitement and are, sometimes with anguish, go in search of a way out of the stifling atmosphere which they live in.

To them the teachings of our dear Swami Sivananda would be of the greatest value and I hope that they will gather more and more adepts in our country, as everywhere else.

As for me, I am now acquainted with a great part of Sivananda’s writings and deem it a point of honour to proclaim my thankfulness for all I owe him.

Long live, then, long live Swamiji |


(Sri A. G. Toussaint, Brussels)

I am far from having reached a state of self-realization allowing me to fully appreciate your spirituality and your work. In fact I admire both of them, wordless.

What I can say is that, in our endeavours and elforts to bring in closer contact the West and the East, we found you at work, on the first day, not at our side but well ahead. India has kept and spread the purest esoteric tradition in complete liberty. In the Occident, what is called the occult doctrine, after having been oppressed, pursued and finally forced back in the secret societies, begins to be more freely spread since half a century but it is still ridiculed, vilified, assailed by the big, blind mass of people and its blind leaders.

Religions have their part to play and the time is near to oblige them to enlarge their dogmas, to become scientific and rejoin the teachings you are so generously and abundantly bestowing throughout the world.

It is with the teachings of Sages like you that an increasing number of men and women who are searching, questioning and longing will quench their thirst at the eternal Source of Truth and finally become conscious of their own Divinity in an unutterable inner Peace.

Be blessed for your action in the world and for your love for all men, without distinction of races and creeds.

May you live for a very long time to come and guide those who are engaged on the path.

Please accept the expression of the loving and fraternal sentiments of your respectful servant.


(Prof. Karel, Turnov)

My happiest days are when the parcel of books from Sri Swami Sivananda arrives. Swami Sivananda’s books and the articles in the Divine Life” help me very much. “Science of Pranayama and Kundalini Yoga” are especially wonderful. His words are enlightening and clear, particularly on such extremely subtle subjects as Nirvikalpa Samadhi and Sahaja Avastha. I pray daily to the Swami and feel his constant omnipresence. He is at a distance from me; but his illuminating books speak of his deep wisdom and knowledge of all Yogas.

Swami Sivananda’s 1954 Birthday-Message is very interesting. This and his letter brought very good vibrations of Grace and Love, and removed many obstacles. The rosary (Japa-Mala) which Swamiji had sent gave me the physical strength, mental clarity and good spiritual results, too. I constantly pray to Swamiji for bis kind, continued benediction and protection for us in our country.

I look at Swami Sivananda’s photo and I at once feel vigorous spiritual currents emanating from him, which enable me to enter into deep trance and communion. It helps me very much in my Sadhana. My spiritual communion becomes deeper and deeper every day. I have had many visions about Swamiji.

In one vision I spoke with Swamiji about spiritual matters. I was very happy in that state.

In another: Swami Sivananda stood in the full sunshine, with some persons before a building He smiled at me and his right hand was suddenly raised in a gesture of blessing.

Then there was the vision in which Swami Sivananda was seated and in a couple of minutes, he stood up suddenly. These visions I have had many more-I have in the morning between 6 and 7 o’clock.

Every day I attain to a wonderful state of inward communion, especially when I sing Swamiji’s Kirtans, after my spiritual practices. I read in Swamiji’s book “Goal of Life and Its Attainment” that he sang Kirtans on every occasion during his visit to Dehra Dun in March, 1954. I tried to sing them and the result was wonderful. That was precious instruction which was contained in that book. I am daily repeating the Mahamantra.

With everyone of Swamiji’s letters comes a great spiritual current which helps me very much. Mv progress is very good now, especially when Swami Sivananda sends his spiritual currents, as promised by him. I am grateful to Swami Sivananda for his spiritual care about me. His grace abides with me always.

I am daily reading the precious books which he has so kindly sent me for my study Therefore, I feel I am always with him Every day I feel his tremendous spiritual currents when I look at his beautiful pictures when I merely remember him.

May our dea: Divine Mother prolong Sivananda s divine life as long as possible, for the welfare of all sufiering mankind.


(Yogiraj Miloslav Lzicka, Czechoslovakia)

I am deeply grateful, first of all, for all the instructions that I have received from Sri Swami Sivananda, through his letters which are always laden with the fragrance of his blessed Sivahood. Every word of his letters is a gem that must be put into a spiritual treasure-box.

I have read several numbers of the Yoga-Vedanta Forest University Weekly. I am simply thrilled with the contents and the supreme standard of the articles of the Weekly.

I have a lot of friends here who are interested in the activities of the Divine Life Society, in practising Yoga Asans, etc. I have, therefore, formed a Divine Life Centre here at Prague. Here there are over wenty real hard-working Sadhakas who long to become Swami Sivananda’s disciples and honestly Follow his noble teachings. I am extremely happy that years of Yogic practice under the guidance of Sri Swami Sivananda have brought about a wonderful affect and are yielding their fruit: Japa is my joy oday and I practise it even while walking and work. Ng, as instructed by Sri Swami Sivananda.

To the forthcoming anniversary of the holy dya of Sri Swami Sivananda’s birth, I send my best wishes. I deeply regret that I cannot take part in the celebrations personally. I shall mentally be with Sri Sivananda. May the Swami be with us for many decades to come, in good health, for the benefit of the Sadhakas striving along the spiritual path and for the uplift of the worldly, for the imparting of the food of wisdom to the ignorant. May his love and wisdom, his compassion and blessing be upon all of us!



(President, World Spiritual Council)

With profound gratitude to Sri Swami Sivananda I received from Mr. Kuppuswami of the Indian Embassy st Brussels, a number of Swamiji s books and Journals. The greatness of Swamiji’s generosity has helped me spread his all-embracing knowledge and universal wisdom among many of my friends. In our Magazine “Pro Humanitate” I have published an article expressive of our sympathy for the Divine Life movement. In this country the demand for the wisdom of India is growing fast; and therefore Swami Sivananda s works are very useful.

The world Spiritual Council congratulates most fraternally Mahamandaleswar Sri Swami Sivananda for the organisation of the Parliament of Religions conducted at Ananda Kutir in April, 1933. It was even more successful than the previous Parliament of Religions held at Chicago in 1893 at which Sri Swami Vivekananda brought to the Western peoples the ancient message of Light and Truth of the East.


Sri Olga Meibohn, Athens

I always find the exact answers to the questions that are troubling my mind and the proper guidance I need at the moment, in the books and magazines of Sri Swami Sivananda I am grateful to Swamiji for sending me the ‘Divine Life” Magazine; most of all, I enjoy reading the book “Sivananda in Pictures”from it is very easy to understand the Asans. All his books are very interesting. How marvellous is the article “Where are you, Oh Saviour” in the Christmas Number of the Yoga-Vedanta Forest University Weekly!

Swami Sivananda does help me and guide me all the time. I see his way more clear now, and also the reasons for my faults. I am going on making my elforts and everything seems to become smoother now I know that Swami Sivananda knows all this I pray to him to kindly think of me once during his prayers; and I am certain that this will help me in my onward progress.

May God help Swami Sivananda to be able to aelp the world!


(Sri Regina Chappuis, Lausanne)

Swami Sivananda is a great Master and an enlightened soul. He has reached the state of which the Bible says: “Be calm and know I am That I am.” He has realised that he and the Father are one and today gazes down at us from the fountain-source of all that is, viz., the Absolute. He knows that the manifest universe is not apart from the Pure ConsciousnessBeing. To him everything is God and God is everything. He is as devoted to the Lord as Ramanuja, as compassionate as Buddha, as intensely God-loving as Lord Jesus.

Swami Sivananda’s message is the teaching of Eternal India, which rises above the material life, the philosophies and religions, the science and the art, and which, however, embraces them all. I read Sivananda’s books with avidity. They are to me a treasure of wisdom. His spirit which speaks to me through his books will greatly help me.

Swami Sivananda is the doctor of my soul. In his sacred quardianship, I am in safety. How paternally kind he is His letters are precious to me; and I have no words to describe the feeling of gratitude that wells up in my heart. I am extremely grateful to him for the special care he is taking in my spiritual progress.

Swami Sivananda speaks to me through his books. Whenever I grow unhappy and find myself making too slow a progress in Sadhana, Sivananda’s teachings, fatherly kindness and universal love give me control of mind With him as our Guru, life is real life it is all Light.

Somebody here called me as one of his disciples! I know I am like a baby who starts on the first steps. One day, I shall also be a lion, because Swami Sivananda is guiding me and, then, perhaps I shall deserve to be called his disciple.

I was in Geneva recently. The speech of Mrs. Schneider got plain success. It was not she who spoke; but it was Sivananda who spoke through her. What a worderful work is Sivananda’s! It was the first time that I heard his powerful physical voice. I felt then as lucky as one could be; and I am sure that the whole assembly felt that way, too.

I met a lady to whom Swami Sivananda had given my address She put me many questions; and I easily answered them, thinking of Swami Sivananda a’l the time. I shall give her some of Swamiji’s books. I am glad to be his humble instrument. I have no gold nor money; but all that I have I give it to Swami Sivananda

I shall do the Sadhana as directed by Swami Sivananda One day if it is the will of the Lord, I shall go out to India to his Ashram. I am progressing in spiritual life; and with Swami Sivananda’s help I shall make quick progress.

May the Message of Sivananda be spread over the whole humanity and transform it into one fraternity unified in Gods Love,


(Sri Fily Muller, St. Gallen)

Sri Swami Sivananda is the Krishna of our days | All glory be his, blessed of God! He is the Beloved of God, for all who know him!

Utmost lucky and blessed am I that I have received Sivananda’s precious personal messageand not only that, his transforming goodness delighted me by sending his personal photo with such condescension and grace that it proved to be the manna of Gita-Margaritha.

It was then that I reflected about Swami Sivananda’s magnificent being which alone has really saved the life of my child from profound melancholia and dangerous organic disease. I wish, therefore, that Swami Sivananda should understand that in these lines I pour out my heart in thankfulness for all his blessings.

How my child has grown inwardly after turbulent experiences and has now unfolded herself for the good of many-it is well nigh a miracle. It is certainly true that this child, Swami Sivananda’s blessed disciple has a virtual rebirth into the Life Divine, without dying a Physical death. This se. Cond existence, as Swami Sivananda’s disciple, is indeed a happy life, even though Gita may yet suffer external sorrows. Every letter from her, a rarity because of her overwhelming divine life work, discloses enough unto me. Should she so overwork herself? But the fact is that the being on whom the name Margaritha is written, has been resuscitated and lives and works to obtain the grace of Sri Swami Sivananda, by the grace of God, and not motivated by the elementary theosophical religious philosophy.

Even so has Solomon said: “May He kiss me with the kiss of his mouth.” So has it been with my child; to awake again to her original name, Gita needed the spiritual touch of a Brahmavid. Gita-Margaritha lives today through this power, which for her is a living presence and blessing. It is the power of her Guru, Swami Sivananda. By virtue of this, she has Divine Grace. On account of this are her letters to Swami Sivananda charged with devotion and love. Because of this grace has she done in such a short space of time so much good to the people here, in spite of her physical frailty. To discover Krishna in Swami Sivananda was not mere theory but living experience.

I am grateful to Swami Sivananda that his marvel. Lous dazzling goodness which envelops all mankind found for the mother of Gita Margaritha, a special prayer for good health. My greatest solace is the message froin Gita Margaritha that Swami Sivananda has taken away all Karma from her. It is thrilling. It is the manifestation of the saintly love of Jesus.

I bow deep before such divine self-sacrifice that Swami Sivananda is. I know that sufferings will not approach his life. Nor shall the light of Self-experience ever fade on his countenance. Loneliness shall not tap his soul. But the Glory of God will continue to shine and radiate Light from his soul. Byer I keep his photo with me, spiritually and as a matter of fact, too. “To the praise of his glory!”-this exclamation of Paul in the Epheser-letters, was my own first impression when I saw Swami Sivanannda’s photo.


(Sri Philip Eichenwald, Switzerland)

I am sure now that Sivananda’s way of Yoga is for me the only way of Self-realisation. After reading his books I was recovering consciousness that a decisive transformation had happened in my life.

I wish to express my deepest gratitude and admiration of Sivananda after having read both his books “KUNDALINI YOGA and PRACTICE OF CONCENTRATION AND MEDITATION (German Translations). The reading of these books was, believe me, the most moving experience of my mature life. After this, I am sure that Sivananda’s doctrine is the exact answer to the problem of my life. I am sure as well that the essential points of his Yoga should give the deciding direction to my own life.


(Sri A. Chatilon, Director, Centre Spiritualiste et Culturel Hindu-Suisse, Lausanne)

The beautiful and useful book “Sivananda: His Life and Work” opens new philosophical horizons in Orient and Occident. I shall translate into French many teachings from Sivananda’s pen and give to our members to learn the principles which contain Truth and old Wisdom.

We are doing our best to promote the most beautiful ideal expressed through all the teachings coming from the sacred Himalayas and we hope to re-educate our Christian members who have completely forgotten the three words of Jesus: SIMPLICITY, PURITY and LOVE These three words are good for all people, round the world. They are what Sivananda proclaims, what he lives what he does, what he is.

I receive Sivananda’s letters with a great joy. It is so recomforting to have a Friend and a Brother as he is in the region of the globe diametrically opposite. It is really the unity between East and West.

I have translated into French Sivananda’s message This message has been sent to all our friends in the principal Countries in Europe. I have asked my friend R Linseen, in Brussels, to publish them in a Belgean Publication. I have written to the General Secretary of the W.SC. to publish them in our official Magazine. The message has been sent to the United Nations (Department of Information) and to all our national committees.


(Sri Georges Turrettini, Geneve, Switzerland)

I remember Sivananda’s words: “Stick to your Sadhana” I cannot become a good chela without observing rigorously this Sadhana. Now I added to my Sadhana the daily writing of the Maha-mrityunjaya Mantra for an hour and I begin to practise Japa with this Mantra. This Mantra requires deep attention, when I recite it. This Mantra is really breaking my bad Karma and my pessimistic thoughts. Thanks to the Mantra, I may become a dynamic Yogi.

I have a lot of work to change my soul and my mind in order to become a good chela, to understand Sivananda, to be able to obey his invisible orders, thoughts and feel his blessed presence; he certainly is instructing your chelas at a distance.

I bow before His Holiness like Arjuna before Krishna I would write something as a biography with description of my feelings and experiences. On second thoughts I think it is better to give up this idea; Sivananda perhaps knows me better.

After receiving Sivananda’s letter, I first tried to follow his Twenty Instructions. Concentration before his picture is much more important. I do not read much. I shall reserve a tenth of my income for Sivananda Ashram. Sivananda is working day and night for the uplift of mankind.

The Sivananda Publication League sent me two books written by Sivananda’s disciples and worshippers. They are radiant.

After reading Sivananda’s PRACTICE OF YOGA for the first time I had a feeling of peace and light. Ness, that I never had before.

On the same day that I received Sivananda’s good letter I received his three pictures, which gave me a thrilling sensation of his Presence, chiefly the picture where he is seated before his house in his arm-chair under a tree with big flowers.


(Sri Julia Isely, Switzerland)

The Divine Life is my beloved and blessed companion of my daily life. I am deeply grateful for the inspiring articles, it contains.

I welcomed with real pleasure the first issue of this year’s DIVINE LIFE. The contents are so full of interest. I read and study these; they are such precious things, that they keep me fit and ready to cope with these times, and I am progressing nicely. Thanks to Siva.

I wish to say very special thanks for the Photograph of His Holiness which has come with a benediction; to hold it in the hand brings Peace and inspiration. May I ever remain in the embrace of Siva’s Blessings.

May God Almighty bless His Holiness with good health and a very long life.


(Sri I. Novakoua, Czechoslovakia)

I was a humble pupil of the Yoga system since 11 months and needed a Guru very much. I thought Sivananda could not as yet take me as his pupil, but I begged at least that some of his adepts should take care of me in thought. I did not know if my letter would reach its destination and il I would get your answer. What I need is simply a particular lesson for myself to practise daily.

But, to my amazement. Swami Sivananda immediately accepted me as his pupil. I can’t thank God daily and humbly enough, for the great privilege for having found his Holiness, who was kind enough to take me as his pupil. It is true, that when a Sadhak is prepared he will get a Guru at the right moment. But what a first-class Guru I got! I know that he is always with Me. I do think of him constantly.

Thanks to his Grace. I can proceed now in the right way. I am so happy that I have found the wonderful science of Yoga. I do daily Sadhana. My Master’s wish and desire, is for me a command. For ever I shall be thinking of Ananda Kutir, the blessed spot of the world. I have purest love and esteem for my Guru, Sivananda. I am his diligent and grateful pupil.

I need help and support of my most revered and Beloved Master, Swami Sivananda very much I am poor in health, When he is at my side, I am blessed, His lettes give me hope. His letters have brought me a greet blessing. I can’t say in words how grate. Ful I am to my beloved Master. I do absorb every word of his letter into my whole being I am very happy he appreciates my Sadhana I am so very grateful to my revered Master. I never forget to make prostrations to my Guru during the day, at least mentally. I await everyone of his letters with enthusiasm. I pray for his radiant health.

I need so much to read Sivananda’s works, although I know and feel that he is with me always. I worship, I deify, I glorify my Guru each day morning before my Sadhana.

The birthday of His Holiness is fast approaching. I want to add my humble but hearty and sincere congratulations and felicitations that he would receive from all over the world. May God bless him and give him vigorous strength and health, so that he may for many, many years to come, distribute his wonderful blessings all over the world.

On this occasion I should like to tell His Holiness once more, how grateful I am to him for having taken me as his pupil, I, the humble being from Prague, who has been marked out by getting such a wonderful first-class Guru. Every day I thank God for it, very humbly.

His letters to me gave me spiritual strength.


(Sri Maria Hauncrove, Prague)

I beg of my dear Guru, to include me in his prayers. I believe, but it is more a creed than a belief that a single thought of his directed towards me, can do miracles.

I am daily praying to Swami Sivananda who is God’s ambassador and I feel he is listening to me I wish, that all my letters to him would be prayers.

In my life I had some extraordinary experiences during the days Sivananda’s letter was on the way. During those days I felt that everything goes in my favour and that some good news are on their way for me. During that divine quietness his letter arrived and with that I know I never shall be spiritually forsaken. I offer my heartfelt thanks for his kind and encouraging words and also that he has accepted me as one of his students.

To have a picture of my Guru was my greatest wish and now this has been fulfilled.


(Sri F.V. Zlabeck, Prague)

Thirty years ago when I was passing through India, at that time I had not the slightest notion what treasures India was keeping for us. To-day, of course I do know it and fully appreciate the spiritual philosophy of India. A year ago I was blessed by the grace of God to get into the direct touch with Swami Sivananda’s school and thus we may gain strength from his spiritual riches and we are happy. Before each exercise at concentration, our spirits are with Sivananda at the Ashram to gain strength.

In addition to our daily Sadhana we are daily visualising Sivananda’s presence amidst us; and, we feel his presence always in our lives. Imagine what a great help this experience is for us in these days of difficulties.

I have been interpreting Sivananda’s instructions to all the disciples of His Holiness here, and three disciples recently visited me from Slovakia To all of them I interpret his teachings and they all possess a copy of his photograph, each.

The study of Sivananda’s books gives me great strength to overcome all difficulties. My daughter from Italy writes that she is very happy to be in contact with him and assures us that today she would not be able to do without the Sadhana which he has qiven to her.

Our sister Sedlackova from Prague XIX has translated YOGA FOR THE WEST for us and I am studying it just now The book that my dear Guru has given to me and signed with his own hand, is one of the best books which I have ever received. This book YOGA FOR THE WEST is very clearly w.itten in way which is comprehensible to the people living in the West, so that everybody may understand it without having any doubts. I am grateful to Sivananda for it, for it is very useful to me.

I have put Sivananda’s picture taken from the DIVINE LIFE, September 1951 into a silver frame, and it is located in a way that I can always look at him, and in fact I am within his sight for the whole day

May God bless Sivananda’s work and good deeds for the mankind and for the paace which all of us desire with all our heart.

You cannot imagine the joy we had on receiving Sivananda’s books. I have given to those who wished them. The majority was given to sister D. Sedlackova and the rest brother Dr. Utrata.

Also the riches which we have gained for our spiritual way are immense. I and my wife Mrs. Clare Zlabkova have declared ourselves to ba Sivananda’s disciples.

Brother Miloslav Lzicka and brother Rank Bardon from Opava are in connection with us and even the disciples of the deceased Yogananda from the USA have declared themselves to be disciples of Sivananda’s school and in constant touch with us.

For Sivananda’s love and care for us we feel an enormous respect and esteem towards him His book the YOGA FOR THE WEST has been read by all of us Sarvangasan recommended by Sivananda has helped me to such an extent that I may dress myself and get up without anybody’s help and may move around without using any stick: I was unable to walk, as my right leg is lame.

God may repay him and preserve him to us for a long time.

We beg God for Grace to protect and preservə Sivananda in good health for the sake of all of us to whom he is bringing Light.


(Sri Frant Bardon, Czechoslovakia)

I love the great Master Yogi Sivananda very much and I admire his all books.

Swamiji’s books have quided me and therefore I am very thankful to him. AsI am thirsting from Swamiji’s wisdom, I would like to place an order for all the books of Swamiji.

I am very very happy to have these books. There is not a day when I don’t read his books. When I read them I feel my greatest devotion and love to him, because I love Sivananda more than my own life.


(Mrs. Mary Chavatlincova, Prague)

Revered Swami Sivananda was not known to me; I had not even seen his photo, but I saw him twice in my visions. It was wonderful for me. Then I read his more useful and beautiful book: Kundalini Yoga. Having heard now much of him, of his teaching, of his students, of his town in the Himalayas and the Forest University, I wrote to request him to help me. I am poor and helpless. I asked for his blessing, help and Light in my path. I shall never forget his favour rendered to me. I have his beautiful books: Vedanta in Daily Life, The Divine Treasure, Light on Yoga. I shall study them with all my heart. I wish to translate some of Sivananda’s letters into Czech for the benefit of my friends who cannot understand English. My whole life is a life of living prayer.

I am feeling that he has caught me in the nest of his sacred influence I am reading his books. I always think of him and talk about him.

Prof. V. Novicky spoke to me about Sivananda for full three hours and lent me his books; Japa Yoga and Yoga for the West. I spent a whole night in reading the books. They contain a real treaaure. It is so as in the fairy-tale, when the begger came to the treasures of a rich King, he was perplexed. When I repeat the Mantra, the world is away.

I am studying Sivananda’s nice book Japa Yoga and I am finding greater peace and bliss throughout the practice of the technique of Japa. I would like to be in tune with Sivananda and therefore I

Always pray for his holy help. My prayer-Mantra is

Om Sri Swami Sivanandaya Namah.” When I have

Repeated this 10 times I was hearing sound as storm and I felt cold. I have felt this holy presence. I would like to have Sivananda’s presence every day. Though many miles are between us Sivananda knows me better than I know myself. How wonderfull

I am always delighted to get Sivananda’s dear letter and I sincerely thank him for the lovely gift: Sivananda in Pictures. Now I can be every day at Rishikesh by spirit and I am feeling much blessed through them. I have no words for such great Grace. I see my photo in this saintly group.

Sivananda’s dear letters and the beautiful photo of His Holiness are great gifts for me; I am feeling through them his powerful blessings. I thank also for your precious hints. Madame Novakova helped to read his book Fourteen Lessons on Raja Yoga. It will be good for my spiritual progress. My friends from Pilsen are very happy on account of Sivananda’s prayers and blessings.

It is ever the holiday for my soul to receive Sivananda’s holy words. I study his nice book Daily Meditation. Dr. O’ Brien deeply appreciates his teaching and has as great love for Sivananda as I myself have Gita for Young, Voice of the Himalayas. Divine Life, Divine Light etc., are precious. Beloved master, my heart, I am feeling, Sivananda is the Avatar and I am very, very happy that I found him.


(Sri Eglo Mancioppi, Milano)

In the Book: Psychic Influence, I have found a Photo of the Leader Sri Swami Sivananda. My intui. Tion was exact. He is really how I had thought it and as He really is. His Power is radiated everywhere. May God protect Him and let Him continue for long so that His work may be rich for those who wish to approach the source of Salvation.

I am living in this foggy occident where the life in controlled in its minimum detail and every force of ours is used up as much as possible. Sivannda living in a World of peace and serenity helps us in our daily heavy and slow fatigue through his thoughts and potential energies. I am very grateful to the friend, who has put me in touch with Sivananda.

Swami Sivananda is a Sunny Leader in his manifold life manifestation. He, the enlightened. The elected, has confirmed and is showing humanity the way for getting free of the wheel of birth and death. His world visual has many roads and the many Streams of religions are representing for him the urge to satisfy and quench the thirst of everybody who is eager for and in need of Light.

He, the love-giver with complete surrender to the Divine is developing his task with complete self-abnegation. In his message and teachings there is a sincere, paternal and clear and objective visual, ripened from the attained Self-realisation. He is the devoted Adviser to the New Wost-and-EastHumanity, united on the Universal stage. His heart is beating for every human being, his love is Immense. This is frankly said, what I feel for Him.


(Sri J. Homan, Holland)

I have received a number of Sivananda’s most interesting books as “WISDOM OF SIVA”, “YOGA FOR THE WEST”, and I shall not forget his beautiful book “GUIDE TO GOD-REALISATION”, and further the publications “Health and Long Life”, “Wisdom Light”, and the “Yoga Vedanta Forest University Weekly”.

I will translate “YOGA FOR THE WEST”. After translating, I will try to find a publisher who will print this book or I will send it to a paper, which will print it in parts every time. It is not my intention to translate this book for money, but to propagate Sivananda’s teachings. I was very surprised to read a Dutch translation by Mrs. Voorst van Best in your book ‘GUIDE TO GOD-REALISATION’ on page LXXVIII.

The more I read Sivananda’s articles and books, the more I admire him and when I read in the books all the letters, greetings and homages sent to him from all over the whole world, then...words fail me to express my thankfulness. His teachings give me peace of mind too. Once more, words fail me to express my thankfulness. When I have trouble and soreness, I look at his picture, which hangs above my writing-desk and all will go better again. Yes, I can write many words of homage to him in this article but the best I can do is to propagate his teachings in this country. In the future, after studing more

Full all, it is my intention to write articles about his lessons. Your articles in the DIVINE LIFE, I like very much; and every month, I look forward to this monthly. May God bless him and your most blessed work. This week. I received a letter from Sri Swami Sivananda. These letters have a great value for me.

Further, I received two books as “Easy Steps to Yoga” and “All about Hinduism”. Further, I received a photo of Sri Swami Sivananda. I am studying the books word by word and line by line. The Photo hangs above my writing-table and gives me much power and inspiration. Yes the look of grace of Sri Swami Sivananda has charmed, consoled, inspired and blessed millions of aspirants and others. “Divine Life Society”, “Essence of Yoga”, “Raja Yoga”, are interesting booklets. I appreciate Sivananda’s kindness very much. I will study all with great interest. Not for the sake of my writings only, but for my personal interest too.

I read Sivananda’s letters more than once and they have a great value for me. They have always made me very happy. Every time, when I study his books I feel, they are more interesting and instructive.

I will try to spread the knowledge about Sivananda and his books here in Holland. I hope to find more people who have interest in his teachings, and books. They have a great value for me.

May God bless Sivananda and his wonderful work.


(Sri Jean Herbert, Chief Interpreter, United Nations)

My opinion of Sri Swamiji is shown by the fact that in my recent book “Spiritualite Hindous.” I quoted him on six different occasions as one of the greatest spiritual leaders of modern India.

At a time when the West is bitterly disappointed with the results of its wild search after material power and turns an enquiring eye towards Indian wisdom, it is highly desirable that some athentic Yogins should try to speak to us. Westerners, and explain in a language which we can understand what that wisdom is, what its requirements, its technique and its boons are.

I personally believe that Swami Sivananda has his place in that galaxy of those who are catering to the needs and wishes of a section of those who want to learn at the feet of Indian sages, and I hope and trust that his influence will become ever greater in the West. He can bring distinct and most valuabla contribution to that interpenetration of East and Weat which is a basic condition of world-peace and pro. Gress, and which until very recently, had bean pra udly believed by Westerners to be a one way action. More particularly would he seem to me to be the most reliable of the known present-day Yogins who accept to teach individual Westerners whatever amount of classical Raja Yoga each one of them can safely imbibe.

Swami Sivananda combines through personal experience of and belief in various traditional Yogas with some solid scientific and medical education, a considerable amount of common-sense, keen discrimination, untiring patience with aspirants and a recognition of the desirability of lending the West a helping hand. Although most of his teachings have been written down evidently with Hindu disciples in view and are presented in a mannner somewhat disconcerting to us, those want to discover in them the nuggets of gold for which they have been searching far and wide are pretty sure to find it by his beneficent Siva-influence spread over further.

6 His book CONCENTRATION AND MEDITATION fills my heart with delight. That is exactly the book which I had been asking and praying for, during the last fifteen years. It fills a considerable gap, of which I was so deeply conscious that I had publicly announced my intention to prepare something in that line by putting together extracts from the various books of Swami Sivananda. I have always considered him to be the ideal person for producing such a manual. He has now written it himself. I have fulfilled one of my great wishes by publishing a French transalation of this most valuable book of Swami Sivananda.

I was extremely glad and grateful to hear and to read Swami Sivanand’s wonderful message which he sent to World Spiritual Congress in Lausanne about a year ago. It was translated and published in various periodicals. I still meet people who talk about it.


(Sri Carlos R. De. Silva, Lisbon)

I am very much interested in the Journals published by the Divine Life Society. I have been seeking after a noble, wise and spiritual way of life, through which to attain the Realisation of the Truth. I knew that only persons like Swami Sivananda could help me. I was sure that his guidance would broaden my knowledge and thrill my mind and heart.

It was, therefore, with the greatest pleasure that I received the packet of Swamij’s books which I greatly appreciated because these books are floodlights of spiritual knowledge and contain remarkable hints for the welfare of everybody. I am grateful to Swamiji for them all. I love them all-streams of Light of his Thoughts

I marvel at Swamiji’s formidable physical and mental power and the continuous spiritual achievements that his books reveal. His mind is the mirror of our God and His Goodness reincarnated in human form.

May Swamiji’s blessings be to me and all all over the world, His Gifts to mankind everywhere for Peace and Welfare. May God bless Swamiji’s sacred country, her people and all his disciples. Swamiji’s sanctuary is visited by the Holy Spirit; and with his divine presence may it be an example of faith, in this distraught world.


(Mrs. Hanna Herrmann, Switzerland)

The heading ‘Divine Life Society’ implies highest spiritual aims, therefore a deep responsibility. If I looked only at myself as a personality, I would scarcely find the courage to join Sivananda’s group. But knowing that the urge for the good I may be doing, is God’s urge and action, I feel sure that it is the One leading me to the Divine Life Society and also to Sivananda.

I am 72 years old and have been an enthusiastic Hatha Yoga pupil. I can sit in Padmasan for 30 minutes. I am daily practising Sirshasana. I can breathe at will through the Ida or Pingala Nadis and I am somewhat master of all the Asans, Pranayamas and other exercises except Dhanurasana, Nauli and Mayurasana, I take two meals a day, begun with vegetarian diet and daily meditation.

Joy, peace and strength of ‘being’ day after day filling my heart, and the Presence of Love making me-in increasing measure-understand and love my fellow men, and my task in life means a source of happiness.

I am nothing. God alone is. Ha doas it all. I kiss the seam of Sivananda’s garment in gratitude, love and devotion, for this realisation.

I have tried to lay all my love and gratefal vens ration for the great Master. It has made me immensely happy to be-thus-of a little use to the One, whose life, being perfect surrender, is so very precious. Humanity, at this critical point absolutely needs Swami Sivananda.

On September 8th I personally met Sivananda’s disciple, Sivananda-Margaritha; I admire her widespread spiritual work, done with perfect surrender.

Sivananda’s attitude is more loving and more practical, still more intent on service than others’ and this is what makes him such a wonderful link between East and West. I feel he is the climax of my life, my most efficient aid, the one who will, at last help me into becoming a transparent, pure, radiating calice containing the redeeming life of God.


(Mr. Heinz Baumblatt, Cologne)

India has always brought forth very wise men, but our Birthday Child, Our Master, Sri Swami Sivananda, is the first Yogi who indeed has connected his heart and thoughts with the whole world!

Everything is appointed by Brahman. Already since tens of years I engage myself to tread on the way of Self-realisation. But always I was on Bridges as theosophy, Sufi movement, New thoughts, till I got through a notice in Kalyan Kalpataru: ‘Mind, its Mysteries and control”, and then the books of His Holiness. Every word is a pearl and my soul saw the way and a Guru. God has richly blessed me for my waiting. Since that time I work daily according to the high teachings of His Holiness.

The big and small books of the Swamiji, the pamphlets, His prayer, the line of mastering the life, pages could be filled with description of the beauty of his style and it would be too inadequate. Every sentence is a gold-mine filled up with noble wisdom. The language is always plain, simple and unaffected. It is a real music.

It is said that books are friends, but our Swamiji’s are much more. They tie a string from heart to heart, soul to soul, where a reader and beloved master radiate and shine.

He descends from a house of a great tradition. He gave up the world and its riches to serve God. He does not want anything for himself. ONLY TO GIVE, ALWAYS TO GIVE-that is his practice. This is how the great Yogi rose. To-day selfishness and materialism reign, therefore crisis, trouble and terror. The new sign of zodiac forms new human beings, who instead of demanding always want to give just as our Swamiji teaches us. In connection with this illustration one of my pupils in Anvers, the old Belgium Town of Art is handing a water-colour print as Present to our Master. “May God bless our Master Swami Siviananda” is my daily prayer. “I thank Thee, My Lord, Thou hast given the world a wonderful Yogi!


(Madame H. Le Bris Layrac)

I hope this letter will find you in good health and quite strong now. I prayed for your good health. May all Gods of all religions help you to be hale and hearty. On your 68th Birthday I wish you long life, peace, happy days, bliss and good health.

You are born on 8th September. In the 8th September, in Christianity, we celebrate the birthday of the Holy Virgin. France was dedicated by the king Lewis XIII formerly, at the Holy Virgin, the Mother of the spiritual and Divine Life.

In numerous countries and towns in France the Holy Virgin appeared. In France there are many pilgrimages for this Divine Mother. Once she appears under the form of a beautiful young girl, as Saint Bernard in the grotto of Lourdes; sometimes under the form of a young mother with her baby Jesus in her arms (on her heart) and also in the form of a woman of 40 years as Saint Catherine Labouree, & woman. This woman, saint Catherine Labouree is said to see rays of lights going out of Her hands. This saint asked the Holy Virgin “What are these rays of light, Holy Mother?” The apparition answered, “These rays of light are graces that nobody has asked me. The Name of the Holy Virgin is Mother of Divine Grace.

Sivanananda, this Divinity protect certainly you more than others because you are born the day of feast of Her Nativity.


(Sri Nicolai Demidov, Hovsta, Sweden)

The Divinity of man was taught from pre-historic time and in the esoteric schools in ancient Hindu religious philosophy especially by Sri Ramakrishna and his famous disciple Vivekananda has brought the Vedanta learning to the West.

Jesus Christ has by his whole life emphatically taught his disciples this high reality in his commandments, “Love God, your father, mother, wholeheartedly and also your neighbour as yourself. He declared both commandments alike, thus confirming God in every man.

Jesus also said, “Be perfect as is your FatherMother is perfect. And these words in his mouth mean the possibility of this attainment, perfection. He even said that “if you follow Me you can do even greater deeds than Mysell.”

The Churches of all Religions tempted by might, misinterpreted His teachings preaching the sinfulness of men making of ‘Jesus’ God cunningly explained the possibility of perfection to man. The redemption of all sins of humans by the bloody slaughter of Jesus’ body the son of God became the greatest blasphemy of the Creator.

But in these appocalyptical times the ancient teaching begins again to pour its light into humanity and in many countries appear Masters, who by the Grace of the Almighty have come to realise in their own life this great Reality, thus trying to help humanity to awaken and become conscious of their grand destiny.

Why is this teaching so rarely preached and exercised? It is because it is the greatest enemy of selfishness, which holds humanity in its paws. The progress of technique and science gave men most effective means to satisfy their lust and passions and with this techniques of the Churches all their failings are excused and man is helped to continue his wrong way leading him to the abyss of suicide.

The great wars destroying many countries, making millions of population starve, freeze, homeless being the most bestial exhibitions of selfishness of the leading of so-called Democracies help humanity to see the illusoriness of the material things, men hoped to find happiness.


(Sri Nicolai Demidov, Hovsta, Sweden)

The Divinity of man was taught from pre-historic time and in the esoteric schools in the ancient Hindu religious philosophy especially by Sri Ramakrishna and his famous disciple Vivekananda has brought the Vedanta learning to the West.

Jesus Christ has by his whole life emphatically taught his disciples this high reality in his commandments, “Love God, your father, mother, wholeheartedly and also your neighbour as yourself. He declared both commandments alike, thus confirming God in every man.

Jesus also said, “Be perfect as is your Fathermother is perfect. And these words in his mouth mean the possibility of this attainment, perfection. He even said that “if you follow Me you can do even greater deeds than Myself.”

The Churches of all Religions tempted by might, misinterpreted His teaching preaching the sinfulness of men making of ‘Jesus’ a God cunningly explained the possibility of perfection to man. The redemption of all sins of humans by the blood slaughter of Jesus’ body-the son of God became the greatest blas. Phemy of the Creator.

But in these appocalyptical times the ancient teaching begins again to pour its light into humanity and in many countries appear Masters, who by the Grace of the Almighty have come to realise in their own life this great Reality, thus trying to help humanity to awaken and become conscious of their grand destiny.

Why is this teaching so rarely preached and exercised? It is because it is the greatest enemy of selfishness, which holds humanity in its paws. The progress of techniques and science gave men most effective means to satisfy their lust and passions and with this teaching of the Churches all their failings are excused and man is helped to continue his wrong way leading him to the abyss of suicide.

The great wars destroying many countries, making millions of populations starve, freeze, and, homeless being the most bestial exhibitions of selfishness of the leading of so-called Democracies help humanity to see the illusoriness of the material things, men hoped to find happiness.

Thus forced man begins to analyse deeper the real cause of and source of all his troubles and finally finds it in his limitless selfishness and aggressiveness to grasp the most from his weaker neighbour, being unconscious of the unity of the whole life, thus committing suicide in his ignorance and blindness.

But near the Himalayas appeared a unique Yoga Vedanta Forest University gradually built in silence by one who really got the grace by realising in him-self his Oversoul-Atman eager to help mankind to awaken to Reality.

The uniqueness of this purely spiritual school of living the Life, as the occident shall call it is that the students are taught besides the theory the practical way of living the life, the way to Perfectionthe application of the essence of Religion.

Still more unique is that the Chancellor of the University, Swami Sivananda is himself inspiring by his own selfless example of serving twenty hours every day all the near and far humanity, and is building up a centre of selfless service, helping individually most effectively and thus inspiring his staff of teachers and students. Swami Sivananda illustrates vividly the grace of his boundless hospitality without any exception all who are asking bis help this immense correspondence all over the world, answering personally all letters, taking loving care of many patients of his large hospital and giving shelter and food to all who happen to come to see him, and it is the best and clearest evidence of the abundance of spiritual and material gifts the highly beloved Master receives from Above. Swami Sivananda proves by his personal example the iruth even Jesus pronounced saying: seek first the kingdom of heaven and the rest will be added to you. May this abundant grace ever shine and flow to Swami Sivananda giving him strength, mental and physical to serve humanity!


(Sri D.F.H. Sampimon, Netherlands)

Integer vitae scerisque, non eget Mauris jaculis neque amou, nec venennatis gravida sagittis, fusce, dharetra...

So Horace taught us that the man of upright life and free from sin needs no Moorish bow, nor dart, nor quiver bearing poison and death. The same and much more your humble pupil, loyal servant and faithful friend learned from the splendid, glorious and very meritorious books you were so kind as to send me, and for which I thank you very much. Your wonderful and utmost good teachings opened my eyes and my heart and made me very happy.

I had a dream and a vision, which showed me that you have a still greater task and mission than to teach and help the Indian people. Your task and mission, blessed by God, must be to reconcile all the people on God’s earth, to destroy all race-discrimination, racial prejudice and race hatred and misunderstanding and to weave a strong tie and bond between all human, all without exception of race, religion, etc., and to sow love, understanding and friendship, so that there will be world-peace and world happiness.

In this great task and mission I would like to help you. I could make excerpts of your doctrines, your theories and your blessed Philosophy and could send these to the authorities, scholars and people of Western Europe.

To further better understanding and to breed goodwill I could recommend and propose you to all the learned Societies and Institutions known to me. As you are a great sage, a great scholar, an idealist and altruist, you deserve all these distinctions conferred upon you by our Institutions and they will help to spread your word, your spiritual message and your work.

You are world’s modern prophet, its beloved spiritual leader and guide. Your self-sacrificing service is inspiring and illuminating, and your in. Finite love and great wisdom will lead millions of people from the darkness to the pure light, and show them the right way to God.

My dear Gurudev, your soul-awakening words and example will teach men all over the world the truth of your great philosophy: Serve, love, give, purify, meditate, realise, be good, do good, be kind and be compassionate, know the Self and be free, etc. Your name will be eternal and everlasting, and our child. Ren’s children will speak your name with gratefulness and admiration, for you will have brought them love, happiness and peace. They will express their grati. Tude for your blessed work and sacrifice. I deeply admire your sacrifices, for as a doctor you would have had a great practice. But you had the courage and wisdom to put away the worldly goods and you decided to serve God and people.


Francis Rolt-Wheeler Ph.D., Director, ‘1’ Astrosophie, Nice]

An ancient Occidental Rule of Conduct holds that one should speak praisingly of the dead. The Orient feels that homage should be paid to a Great Teacher, when living. It is therefore fitting to render tribute to the consistent worth of the teaching of Sivananda, definitely traditional and deep-rooted, yet instinct with the life spirit of the interpreter, himself in touch with the message of the age.

It is to be remembered that the higher LifeCurrents are constant, and yet ever-changing. So, while it is neither necessary to dilute the Truth nor yet to vary it, the Eternal Verities take on themselves new aspects in the light of skilled understand. Ing. It may thus be said that Swami Sivananda is acting as a life-current bearing the stream of traditional esoteric teaching. To be a Teacher of Truth is a noble task.


[Dr. D.F.H. Sampimon, Holland ]

Thank you very much for your kind and most interesting letter of June. Your kind spirit and blessed thoughts made me very happy. I admire your work and person. Your thought and your work are important for the whole world and your name will be Immortal. Our children’s children will speak your name with gratefulness and thank you for ever and ever for your great wisdom, your benevolence, your high ideals and your guidance. The world needs a great scholar as you are, an idealist, an altruist and a blessed master of philosophy. Your meritorious and blessed work will be for the benefit of mankind, in our material world and later in the spiritual world, and your great and good work will bring peace, happiness, bliss and divine knowledge. I also admire your selfless, service, dissemination of knowledge far and wide, your pure heart, your high spiritual life, peace of mind, clear intellect and wisdom. The Lord blessed you and the Lord will always bless you.


[Aurilia Vlachon]

A native of Athens, I, had in that ancient city a very successful practice in massage, heat treatment and remedial treatment of the foot-troubles; but, on principle I never saved any money and patterned the whole course of my life along simple ways. Right from my birth, my enlightened guide, the shaping force of my existence, was my own mother, a being of immeasurable love. The richness and vastness of her love, the constant impact of her illustrious example on me, made me love increasingly God and everyone and everything.

On the 24th of March, 1954, my beloved mother died. This day of bereavement and inner crisis snapped off the last tie binding me to normal earthly existence; in a material way, I was dead to the world and the only next step that opened itself to me was a determined effort: “Go, sell everything and follow Me.” But, “where?”-for a little while I was not sure; lo! There dawned in my consciousness the idea of India. I was definite, it is India that is my destination. But I had no previous contact with India except that like all Greeks, I had cherished respect for her sacred culture and knew that through the ages like my own country people, Indians possessed an inborn refinement. I also know, somehow that great sages there, in India, even in our own times, devote their lives wholly to God.

In 1953, Sri KK Chandy from Travancore came to Greece and I had the privilege, through the introduction of the Fellowship of Reconciliation of U. S. A., of being his hostess. When back home, I asked him to send me a book on Yoga and he did. It was Swami Sivananda’s PRACTICE OF YOGA. I read the book avidly without reading the name of the author. I felt very happy. The author spoke of vegetarin diet: I was a vegetarian. He spoke on mastering passions: I had no real passions since my birth. Above all I was truly delighted by the great line in the book, “Give, give, this is the true way to abundance.” Then he said, “Cast out self and ‘I’”-that was my ideal and up to then I was living in the spirit of the Gospel’s saying; but now there is a living man who said the same.

I put the book on Yoga on my book-case and practised the precepts of the author, even while talking to my patients. I was seized by the aspira. Tion to go to the author, Swami Sivananda. I wrote to K K. Chandy asking him to invite me to India. The answer was negative. I prayed and a few days later a man called Cameron came to me from the Birtish West Indies, via Vienna from where he was intro. Duced to me. He is a very pious and cultured soul, has a beard and long hair and told me he was for over ten years contemplating a trip to Himalayas. I knew we had to start for India together and took him into my hospitality for three months. He led a nice life and to the astonishment of all my acquaintances, he told themall that I spiritually believed in.

He left for Israel and I had to go to Austria where I was the hostess of the International Services of the Friends. Just before this a young Indian boy named Govind Rau from Secunderabad came to my help in the Earth-quake Islands. I asked him to give me the address of any Hindu Ashram in India.

To my surprise he gave me Swami Sivananda’s, saying this Ashram is a Heaven on earth. I wrote to the Ashram a letter in quite an untutored fashion, stating “Dear Sir or Madame” and posted the letter. On the same day I distributed all my books retaining only the Bible and that YOGA BOOK I used to refer to. When I looked at the name of the Author, I was awe-struck to find Sri Swami Sivananda on it; it was the same name to which I addressed my letter in a silly fashion. I had no answer to that letter, had no visa for India and yet I started on my journey.

In Vienna I met some Indian boys. We tried for a visa there. The effort met with a negative result. I was told that the visa is to be issued from the country of my leaving. I heeded not.

In Israel I met Cameron again. We visited a good man, highly educated, a Professor at the University, Dr. Bergman. He told me that of the books he had read, the most wonderful one was Swami Sivananda’s CONCENTRATION AND MEDITATION.

He showed me the book and I saw the photo inside and said without much thought, that “That is where I am going.” He was so pleased that he asked me to write to Swami Sivananda. He too wanted so much to meet the author.

In my room at the host’s house I found all books on the Indian philosophy and religion and my host spoke to me how he longs to be in India and specia. Lly among the holy people and how he went half-way and missed it. He also spoke to me at length of the real purpose of life, and told me, “You have the knowing of the Unknowing”. And this, he was sure, the reason why I am thirsting to go to Swami Siva. Nanda. On my parting, I gave him Sivananda’s book on Yoga and tol him, “This book is a magic. You will go to India someday,”

I got to Cyprus and there a Greek nurse was impressed with the purpose of my journey. She expects to hear from me from India and follow the path.

In Jordan, I met Mr. French from U. S. A. He had correspondence with Swami Sivananda and read all his books and wanted to go to the Swamiji but was still in.

I wrote to Agnes Moller in Copenhaven that I wished to go to Swami Sivananda and she replied: “I know well the name of Swami Sivananda. If you get there that will be the aim of your life as far as here and after.” A friend from England, Hardman, wrote, “I am sure the modern Socrates will welcome a Greek.” Another friend from U. S A., Sylvia Scapa writes, “If you have the intention to go to a great Guru, then you are indeed blessed.”

One day, in a town near Baghdad, I was just thinking that I had been approching the destination and yet had no visa, when a friend said “Go to the Indian Shop’ here and ask advice.” I went and asked if he could help me by introducing me to the Indian Embassy at Baghdad. To my great delight when he heard that I was going to Swami Sivananda, he gave me the October number of the DIVINE LIFE magazine and put on it instructions as to how to get there. He also gave me the letter and described the Ashram with its Temple-steps and all. He had been here. My friends in the Jordan thought all this something extraordinary and wrote to me “You must have known something that is why you did not worry on the way.” I told them that I am used to the experience of miracles at every step of my life.

On to Baghdad by bus; there I had the visa!! On the way all through the journey we stopped and prayed in the mosques of the inns. We were nice company.

In Tehran walking one day I saw a shop containing only medical books and some other scientific works. Among these books I found Peter Petrick’s book with a preface by Swami Sivananda. The name went home to me and I was awe-struck. I walked in and bought the book, and asked the book-seller to let me know as to the place of residence of the author. They told me that he lives in Tehran. At Tehran I searched in vain for the author, but miraculously I found Colonel Olshansky who is in contact with Swami Sivananda and translatad a number of his books into Russian He asked me several questions and said, “You can go. I will give you a letter of introduction.” Just to please my friends at Tehran who kuow the value of a letter and feel safe with it. I accepted the letter but told them that I would not use the letter as my only letter is Faith.

I left Tehran without seeing Peter Patrick, went to embark at the Persian Gulf, was refused deck passage with the words that European women were not allowed, came back to Tehran and found Pater Petrick. He showed me books, photos and said, “Swami Sivananda is good, good, good.” And we parted happily.

By bus, through the desert, days and nights I journeyed. There was plenty of dust lack of water, and too many sick people. Nothing mattered; I was happy in my faith. Sometimes I found opportunities of giving treatments to people while stopping for three hours in the inns. I realized that language is not the only means of communication between people. Sympathy is beyond language and is therefore the best lanquage. On my way many people, missionaries, doctors, and others asked me to send them hooks from here and could not understand how I went with no contact with any in India and never certain of the next step.

I must say that Cameron stayed back in Jerusalem and would be coming to India in the near future. I knew I had to go to India alone, and that he came only when I was just not sure of my starting.

At Zahedan, I found a Greek Hotel. The wife of the owner, after hearing and seeing Swami Sivananda’s photo said that I shoud write to her when in India. Now that I am in India she wrote a letter to my saying: “Please write to me. Since you were here, I feel that I do not get so often cross and want to change in many ways and saw the Person you showed me twice in my dreams and was very much impressed.” By the way, these kind people charged me nothing for six days.

In Pakistan identical happenings took place. A man in Pakistan sends many letters to Swami Sivananda on his life’s real purpose.

In Delhi at the Quaker Center, I met a man who wishes to know more of Swami Sivananda. He is, for years, on the same spiritual path. We visited Gandhi’s Memorial and there met two of his friends who had to be my fellow-travellers for the last bit of the journey. The one was the Secretary of the Divine Life Society Branch somewhere in India. He even said that he went to Rishikesh once and could not see Swamiji and this time was still undecided until he met me and we came together right up to Hardwar. At Hardwar we saluted the holy Ganges and I was happy to have these two friends to show me everything. Here, even though we planned to see His Holiness together, we missed each other and I emerged alone.

At last I was at the holy abode of Swami Sivananda. He welcomed me with a divine smile. His simplicity was too great. His kindness was shining. I was at once put to great ease and I spoke to him as if I knew him all these days I narrated to him the incidents on my difficult journey and of the Faith that sustained me, and showed me the way. The next day, Swamiji proposed to me to stay in the Ashram and pursue spiritual practices and render selfless service. I accepted it knowing that this is as it should be. It was my wish being fulfilled.

To find a person like Swami Sivananda who lives what he preaches, is a hope and a comfort in our times. When you see the sick being treated, the hungry being fed, the foreigners being welcomed and sheltered, the lonely comforted, the children considered and loved. You feel that you want to kneel at the feet of Swami Sivananda who walked for years in the bewildering stage of human life to find the answer to human suffering. The Swamiji identifies himself with the suffering and this is what they feel when they come and get from him the gift of a blessed fruit or a flower and always the gifts of spiritual books to guide them on the path.

I wish my friends all over the world could come to Sivananda. They would then realise the true purpose of life, by seeing, what is done here at Sivanandashram and listening to the high teachings of the Swamiji. No obstacle however big can hinder the persons of faith, and no difficulty could be more than what they can bear. If we follow with sincerity the simple dictates of our own pure and humble heart, the Will of God will help us; we should not let our own will interfere with the ways of the Divine; then, He will take us to the right place where, as Swami Sivananda says, we can meditate, serve and love. This is the end of my journey. I have started on August the 1st, 1954 and arrived here on May the 24th, fourteen months after I was reborn.

Offering his gifts to me, Swami Sivananda said: “One for you; one for Greece”; and I feel this blessing will help Greece to do God’s Will.

I feel that I should end this account with two mottos, the one of Lao Tzu: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with ONE step” and the other is from an ancient Greek philosopher, “You must have courage, for tomorrow will be a better one.”


By Dr. AUDREY KARGERE, Ph.D., New York.


Audrey Kargare was born in New York of German American parentage. Even early in life she had become a world-tourist She was educated in Lausanue nda attended College Montmorence in Paris Alterwards becoming a student of the Sorbone University. On return to America she began to lecture on philosophy, colour and better living. At the Ezposition in San Francisco she addressed two and a half million people, and became acquainted with the visiting royalties. It was here that she became the protege of the man who worked with Luther Burbank and she studied colour as a science, with him. He termed her the “Burbank of the human plant and encouraged her to hold colour cli res

After the Exposition, Audrey went to Florida and worked for British War-Relief When America went into the War, Mrs. Roosevelt asked Aurdey to go our on a goodwill tour to sixteen cities. After this tour, she returned to New York, to live with her sick mother She opened a studio in Carnegie Hall. Her interest in the inner things of life developed to such an extent that Edger Cayce, the head of the Psychical Research Society in Virginia Beach, said that she was in one of her incarnations the highpriestess of colour in the Temple Beautiful, and that her mission in this life was to put the harmony of colour and music and beauty back into the world reminding people of the international blue ray of Swami Sivananda.

Dr. Kaigere came to India and stayed at the Sivarardashram for over a week She remarks: “Swami Sivananda pours out a stream of Light which becomes more and more intense until those with a power of oerception as myself see a white-heat going out from him which franscends all the limited senses”


Key To Spiritual Re-armament

It might be very interesting to know that the colour-rays are divided into seven streams, each controlled by a Colour-Deva It takes a great many Devas to deal with the energies of the human beings. Have you ever wondered at the marvellous organisation of ant and bee life? This organisation is at a low level of evolution but shows a harmonious collective working and can be compared to a certain extent with the organisation of the Devas and their colour-rays. Man is a microcosm, of a macrocosm, and as he evolves he comes into contact with the forces of the greater light of the universe, and thus he becomes more and more a synthesis of the multiplicity about him. The fully developed man or master like Swami Sivananda is a veritable dynamo into which pour forces of every nature. In the finer vehiclo of higher mental body, these forces become corelated and are given him for the helping of the world. The Devas however have only one force one stream and one activity. That is why there are Seven Colour-Devas not one. It becomes like a great crchestra in which every Deva plays an instrument and there is but one orchestra leader. During the time of the playing of the song, all co-operate, in a beautiful manner.

I believe that the world is going upward, also that the world originally began with heaven or Spirit and that everything is returning upwards. This is contrary to the Darwinian theory which believes in involution from above and proceeding dowards.

There are therefore spiritual Beings who manifest the created power of colour. Each one has its own department, for when the earth was first created a pure white light from the Absolute penetrated into the world and just like sunshine passing through a prism and manifesting seven-colour-rays. So this ray is constantly being passed through the prism and we have colour-rays, Science has shown us that every colour has a special work to do in the world. So each spiritual colour-ray has its own part to play in the evolution of mankind. In the Bible these rays which are presided over by a deity, are spoken of as the Elohim, and in the Eastern Teaching the Head Deva of all the rays is called Rishi or son of Wisdom. This explains why the world must pass through various colour-waves to help its evolution. As I mentioned before, we are now leaving the redwave and coming into the blue wave. We might call a way a ray, but it must be borne in mind that all the colour-rays make the White Light, which is the absolute. There is a father of each ray, that presides over and might be called an arch-angel, so there are seven arch-angles for seven colours Each colour-ray or spirit manifests a change alike in the musical scale, all the other rays help during the time, the one ray is operating There is a complete co-operation and co-ordination while the one ray is presiding. This ray plays on man’s consciousness and brings out certain lessons to learn. The aggregation of all of these colour-rays might be called the Great White Lord. The difference between the Master of a ray and the Deva is one controlls the ray and the other guides the evolution of mankind. So it is that literally everything, the sun, moon, stars, men, animals, trees and rocks is pouring out a ceaseless stream of vibrations of its own particular ray. This can be felt and seen not only in the physical realm but in the subtler realms as well. Here is an example, rose has a scent and a daisy has none. It is the particles that the rose throws over which make it perceptible to our senses. Now the daisy also throws over particles, but perhaps in a different manner therefore we can smell a rose and not a daisy. Everything in the universe belongs to one of the seven rays or colours which are like great force-centres. So each man, animal and plant has certain fundamental characteristics which change very slowly as they climb upward on the casmic scale. When a Deva greets another, it is a splendid chord of colour and music. A conversation between the two Devas is like the spmphony. Thus I believe that the Deva of the seventh ray or colour, has chosen; Sivananda toi be his human epresentative on the earth today. That is why he is able to spread his teachina and encours age all in the Ashram or within his range to go and: mind themselves to the utmost and express their talents and possibilities in a manner that would: neither have the courage nor the ability to do otherwise. I have seen Ashramites write songs and musicl as well as create works which I doubt seriously they could not have done if they had not come under the beneficent language of colour or God around them. I have lectured at all the churches throughout the.. United States, specially to those of spiritual deron nation.

I came to India in search of the Truth. I was so attracted to Sivananda’s writings that I journeyed to the Ashram and there for the first time in my life, I verified the great truths I believed As a point of service for the magnificent reception Swami Siva nanda gave me, I offer this auric spiritual colcur soul-print of the Teacher. I believe he is the Avatar of this new age.

First, let me say that the main theme of his auric picture is that of a photographic lens, which can see human beings and what is happening in the world. But it is focused towards the Atma or highest Self, and it brings and materialises sparks of genius and inspiration to the earth-plane. This is very important as it designates the world leader of this age. The blue in his aura transmutes the rose of love into the spiritual and idealistic. His nature is warm, full of love, his heart is like a house and he invites everyone to move in Beauty, progression and aptitude in all fields. The violet signifies the religious-that he might be the Columbus of the spiritual field and has and will uncover many lands spiritually unknown to man unless he treads the path that Swamiji outlines and thus sails the ship of life through the narrow straits of restricted thinking into the wide ocean of Atma or God where there are infinite ideas never ending, constantly creating new worlds for the benefit of mankind. The flame seen in his auric film was given to me in an uplifted moment, represents the purified state of man and gives the power or electricity to influence and inject all with Atma’s energy. Swami Sivananda’s reserve of power comes from this source. And he has found the direct switch which contacts the universal battery and illuminates the soul. This key has not often been given nor has it ever before been ex plained to the layman in the manner in which he does it. May Swami Sivanandaji dream so that his dreams people might feel, because as soon as his dream is focused on his lens, it is immediately registered by the soul-flame and a beautiful unbelievable picture is formed and brought to earth and mankind.

Swami Sivanandaji’s expression comes under the red ray, the hot or love-ray. Its plannet is Mara and it gives power. It makes him very sensitive to the colour wave-lengths and colourtreatment. Chromotheraphy, the medicine of the future, would be the best form of treatment for this great Avatar. His left ear and the little finger of his right hand are his sources of auric power. He has positive reconstructive thinking and the ability to heal himself through will-power. Whatever he can do, as he uses colour exactly, would be of benefit to him. The red ray when used in the expressionfield means leadership. Again I wish to designate that he is the Columbus of the spiritual world and will conquer the material world through love and leadership in the manner.

His life-path colour is the blue-ray. This gives him an insight into the scientific. His knowledge of the mineral and souls will be very great. Therefore, as a doctor which he is, he will have tremendous insight in the healing of man Healing through Chromotherapy, the use of colour and music and also deveachanic music setting the blue current in motion or by tuning psychically to the harmony of the spheres. There is here a subtle connection of the colour treatment through this and the use of the colour mentally and physically

This will form a word picture of the teacher of the new age, Swamiji Sivananda. Its purpose is to act as an inspiration and to give those that come in contact with him, his thousands of readers and all his devoted followers a deeper insight into the nature and character of this great Soul who might be termed the Teacher of our modern times. It is also necessary for people to turn their thoughts to colour-healing and colour in the thought-world and bring them up closer to the invisible spheres. This is the current that will transform man from beast to angel. It is the Sanskrit of the universe and the language of God telepathised to mankind. I render this with the deepest devotion and gratitude to Swamiji Sivananda in his Ashram, Ananda Kutir

I would like to present a day in the life of Swami Sivananda. His physical diary has been written. But nobody has translated that into colours, which is the language of the emotions and thoughts. And so, I shall attempt to acquaint my readers in this way with a relationship of colour to the thought-world and at the same time give him an insight and inspiration of one who should become our example, our Guru. It always interests me to study a great soul as thereby we can use him as an example and his pattern of life can act as a spring-board to make us dive high into realms we would ordinarily not attempt to venture in. The humanists and love and seli sacrifice of this great Teacher can best be illustrated in this manner.

The day begins before the sun rises, for Swami Sivananda, which is 4 am or shall I say 3 ат. 4 am. Is what he advises for his pupils, but 3 a. M is what he himself uses as his time for the first prayers of the morning of the day. These prayers he usually offers in bed and the violet and blue rays which are gathered and formed through his great meditation is sent out to the world and it becomes a time of healing as these thoughts travel to the North, South, East and West. The blue and violet of these as waves of healing and they destroy the red thoughts of anger and brutality which are formed and constantly given out by the world. Then Sive nanda takes a rapid wash which takes no longer than fifteen minutes. Then he follows this by a prolonged period of meditation or Dhyana. He always till this day takes the necessary priliminaries for his meditation, such as breathing or Bhasthrika Pranayam which give out the orange ray and a few minutes of his Guru prayers, known as Guru-Stotras.

At six a. M. When the rainbow colours combined to make daylight to the world, Siva comes out of his Kutir or house. He first greets the mother Ganges with the thought of devotional blue and then he bows to the Father Himalayas. He usually stands ankle deep in the ice-cold waters and sprinkles these on himself. He often sits and greets the Ganges thus bringing out the unity and nature of man.

He then returns to his Kutir or dwelling. Sivananda then spends half-an-hour for his exercises and Asanas, and his Pranayam, thereby he strengthens all our colour-rays which are in the body. Every part of the body is controlled by the different colour. Red is the heart, yellow the stomach, red is also the kidneys and liver, maganta is the sex-organs, blue is the hair and green is the feet By doing the excercises those who are gifted with the inner sight could see, how those colour waves are activated and strengthened. Swami Sivananda says, no matter what his aches or pains he must practise exercises or Asanas and his Pranayamas because he recognises that only thereby can he tune himself up with the colour-vibrations.

Seeing is a golden gift of Sivananda. And he starts the day sending out golden-waves of music greeting the sun and chanting Mantras which have the violet wave.

The next two hours of the morning he spends in writing thoughts that arise fresh in his mind and are transferseed first to note-books He has a dozen note-books with three fountains and pairs of spectacles. Hereby the blue wave created by his thinking is not allowed to be interrupted when a pen runs dry or a spectacle breaks, thereby losing precious source of inspiration which flows like a stream of rainbow-waves to his paper His note-books are most interesting as he has ear-marked them, some for special notes, some for spiritual lessons, some for medical notes, and others as general. This would come under the green wave of organisation and he is a finer organiser. Swami Sivananda has things so arranged that he can sit in his seat and be able to record his thoughts and various subjects, without interruption. Here he makes a rocket of the literature that shapes the destinies of millions of lives and that awakens the souls to the majesty of the real “I” or God residing in everyone. It is most remarkable how even books of reference are kept by his side and it can act as an example to those of us who dissipate our energies in many ways without getting the maximum of production and as in the example of this great teacher with a minimum expenditure of energy. This fact alone could organise and make many a person’s life who reads this article more productive, if they use more of the green wave of organised thinking.

9 a.m. It is interesting that Sivananda works for three hours before he consents to a glass of milk which is his breakfast. The wave of orange is around him at this time because before he eats he feeds the animals around him, i.e., the first in the Ganges and the monkeys, and then he sends around to the Ashram little food remembrances It is strange how no one is forgotten. It might interest you to know that the orange wave in the mental sphere means wholesomness and its effect is tonic and picks up low vitality and low tone. It is also associated with generosity and this is the very key-note of SwamiSivananda’s practice of his ideals.

Then Swami Sivananda leaves his Kutir for the Office, called the Diamond Jubilee Hall, where he again continues to work There are numerous bags of all kinds of correspondences and articles. They are labelled as Urgent Letters. Ordinary Letters, Articles and Journals. Each category has its own bag. There is a place for everything and everything has its place. The orange wave in him is so strong that he does not even forget to bring with him sweets and dried fruits to give the children and visitors whom he might meet from his home to the office.

It is marvellous, how Sivananda never forgets what each person represents. Therefore, on the way whoever lives in the Ashram that he meets he gives the work that is outlined for him. Pigeon-holed in his mind. First he These he has shares out to everyone and then he tells them what to do. His pilgrimage to the office is truly wonderful because it is punctuated by halts along the way while he hands out letters and articles. He does not let any opportu. Nity slip by, but to himself he keeps repeating the Mantras, OM Namo Narayanaya (e., I salute Lord Narayana) or Tat Twam Asi (Thou art That) He repeats this at least 103 times on the way and he qreets everyone with a Mantra He has combined his greeting with courtesy, kindness, Japa (counting the beads). Sivananda never loses a moment for constructive work, and yet it is done in such a leisurely relaxed manner that he is an example of the highest order. During that time, he mostly uses the violet thought-waves which indicate spirituality, sublimity and angelic love. This acts as a healer and purifier for feverish conditions, congestions and low rating. So everyone is benefited by his presence and one feels an uplift that is truly marvellous. To

It is truly marvellous that Devas or gaurdianangels who use colour and sound and perfume as their creative language, use Swami Sivananda as a vehicle or channel of divine energy. At the post office Sivananda enquires for some particular parcle or letter and then he gives his day’s instructions to the treasurer and even the Kitchen manager is rəminded to attend the visitors and those lying sick in the Ashram’s hospital. It is an extraordinary phenomenon to watch this great saint, who does more work than anyone on earth today, attends to the minutest details of the work that engages the whole time of a hundred selfless workers. It is astonishing how often Sivananda puts his finger just where there is a weakness and the Kitchen manager is often amazed. Tais keeps everyone vigilant on his part. Even the doctor incharge of the Charitable Hospital gets his share of enquiries and instructions. Sivananda seems to put his soft rosy mantle of his loving conciousness on anything and everything he touches, and this acts as a sort of stethescope, enabling him to detect any low vibration. Of course, I believe he is being aided by all the Nature Devas. I have seen around him an apple-green light with a violet diflusion. This is something I have never seen before and through its radiance there are soft notes of musical rhythm to one who feels the humming of the angels When a person is in trouble, Swamiji directs the golden light at the sole’s of the feet of that person, and he is immediately healed.

Than Sivananda enters his office. This is a signal for the namaj prayers to bagia It is truly wonderful how all the Sadhakas (aspirants) who work in the office join his prayer as well as all the visitors who are present. Sivananda sits in a chair while a big fan is pulled by a devotee. This is an ingenious contraction of a large piece of cloth about two feet long attached to the coating on a wooden frame work and as the rope is pulled a beautiful current of air is produced. I hope the time will come when perfumes and colourmusic will accompany the Kirtans (devotional sing-ing). Naxt Sivananda attends to the morning note. Books which are given for typing and then he attends to the correspondence. It is marvellous how there are always present two balls of the large Prasad (remnants of the edible substances offered to the Lord). Deep waves of violet and indigo seem to engulf Swami Sivananda as with every letter he accompanies a leaflet containing spiritual instructions and the Lord’s Prasad. This he does even though the letter may be an official one. The spiritual haries of the Sadhaks (aspirants) hava a special attraction for him, and there is a great deal of admiration in Sivananda’s heart when a good one is given because then he really feels as though he is helping someone to realise himself. This shows the sincerity of his motive, as these diaries make him happier than letters of dignitaries, ministers and Maharajas. This is a manner in which he can have an insight into the lives of his young aspirants and so he studies the diaries most carefully. He also treats with the same joy and respect the annual resolve form. These two methods are Sivananda’s ingenious devices to keep the aspirants awake to the purpose of their life. The one who hands him a specailly good diary gets it printed in the Divine Life Magazine. This is done to inspire the other aspirants all over the world.

The next thing on the programme is Sivananda’s attention to the Forest University Press. Here he gives adivce to the printer for the best presentation of the invaluable spiritual treasures which would often astound the best technical experts. Ons can see the colour yellow as Sivananda works in the intellectual plane. Colour is the highest form of the intellect. The next job on his programme which brings out the yellow vibration are the articles for publication in all the newspapers and journals all over the world. He also scrutinizes the reports of the other Divine Life Society Branches: Advice as to the development of the Branch along the right lines is offered by Sivananda.

The most fascinating book called “The Who-WhatWhere Register” is a ten pound index book with names and addresses of all those who are in touch with Sivananda It contains the names and addresses of the aspirants, the disciples, the donors and officials, editors and newspapers, the ministers, the Yogi-philosophers, the Mutts (religious institutions) and Ashrams and also some-thing-like disciples and first class misers. Every new address is immediately entered into this great book. Thus Sivananda maintains contact with people all over the world. It is most praiseworthy how he has maintained this register, for it is in this way, he is able to fulfil his life-mission of world-awakening.

Before I continue Swami Sivananda’s wonder pro. Gramme, I like to give quick interpretation of the colours and their meanings, so that you can follow the different steps of his day, not only physically but mentally and spiritually. Red indicates love, health and vigour and friendship. Therefore there would always be red thought-forms around Swamiji, no matter what he would be doing, because he would be constantly radiating love. Yellow represents the intellectual plane and golden yellow is the highest form of the intellect. Therefore when he is most absorbed in his literary work, the predominant thought-wave would be yellow. The blue represente the spiritual and religious plane. Dark blue surges from Swami Sivananda’s aura when he is performing great religious coremonies, which inspire deep religious feelings. Light blue on the other hand merely indicates devotion to noble ideas.

Orange unifies both the body and mind, as through the red which means body and through the yellow, a unification takes place. Therefore orange represents wisdom and justice.

Green is the combination of mind and spirit. Those that love green or radiate it love the nature. World. Its characteristics are sympathy, altruism and charity. Greyish green is the symbol of jealousy and deceit, while emerald green shows versatility and ingenuity while pale green sympathy and compassion. Therefore, one will see a great deal of pale green in Swamiji’s aura constantly.

Purple and red blue indicate the union of the body and spirit. It symbolises the sublime and is the symbol of the idea. It indicates a love of ceremony. Swamiji certainly likes to make an occasion or ceremony, as he has a lot of purple in his aura

Black is the negation of all colour. White is purest spirit and the positive pole. Its also signifies spiri tual attainment and energy.

The colours in the aura of Swami Sivananda are often soft and hazy while at other times they flash like lightning.

Black in the aura indicates hatred and malice, whereas grey means fear and depression. Anger is shown by red and black backgrounds, whereas sensuality is recognised through a morom shade of red.


First colour: Your soul colour is violet. It indicates you must learn patience and to be alone and not lonely. You must ask the reason why of all and go to the soul of the thing. Your speciality is Atma or becoming consciously conscious of it. You will become the Colombus of the soul. Your discoveries will uncover many lands to people in search of the Beyond.

Your second colour is Red or love. You must express leadership in everything and love. The untried is your challenge and expression. With the discovery of Atma and its limitless possibilities, you chart a course like Colombus; but, instead of stopping when discovering a country, your work must go on-ever increasing, ever expanding and ever proving the limitlessness of your discovery. Action is your real prayer.

Third colour: Indigo-blue, which means transmutation. You must transmute in its highest forms all Realizations. The whole world becomes your family and you are the father of communities etc. This cosmic father quality combined with your great love and courage to charta course towards Atma is the teaching of the new age-Om.

The fourth cclour is yellow-expression in words-art, beaty, shythm ard balance. That is your personal secret. You could be the spiritual Shakespeare of your time. My cream of Temple Beautiful is yours, too.

FOODS: Violet grapes. Drink violet water. Eliminating yellow foods, sodium, important, apples carrots and lemons, little butter, little salt, lots of distilled water. Drink yellow water.

Iron foods red beets berries must keep yout haemoglobin up watch your iron metabolism – pink red water.

Indigo blue foods, grapecure, blue water, watch your thyroid and pancreas must use yellow and orange light of stomach, daily, green on pituitary, must take plenty of sodium to prevent arterio – scerosis (hardening of the arteries)—also must keep circulation going.

You get sick from stasis. You must find ever new channels to explore and spread your work or else its current turns on you. I think this 5-pt spiritual Ahimsa plan for Western world is a good thing.

Your brain-radiation is 500 or a state of perfect equilibrium. You look at the world through pink glasses and you refuse to accept evil. There is a state of inner serenity.

500 is one of the highest ego ranges. It is precious information gathered from Dr. Brunler.

You must watch your calcium balance and intake, being sure that enough magnesium is taken in order to keep calcium in solution-OM

You are very critical of self! Don’t drive yourself. You are in your yellow cycle or expression. For the first thirty years you expanded; you were in your rose cycle of business etc. Then up till 39 years you went into universal work.

And now you are in the cycle of making the whole human family consciously conscious. Your challenge now is widened expression; and your overall challenge is blue or indigo which says that details must not snow you under from your main plan, that the weeds should not obscure the picture. OM.

I am rendering this in deep sincerity.

Your Karmic lesson is details or collectionities. You have overlooked details in the past; so today you have to stress them.

Also the material was spurned-today it must he recognised in its proper light.

Your sincere devotee

Audrey Kargere


By Sri Mohamad Abdullah El Mahdi, Cairo, Egypt



(Sri Mohamad Abdullah El Mahdi, Cairo, Egypt)

His Holiness Swami Sivananda is a NEW REVELATION, a new Religion on this earth. I prostrate before my Guru Sivananda.

Swami is, though an impersonal personality, a sun who illuminates all his satellites. I live in the light of imitating him.

I ever feel his presence when getting His Haliness’ letters. I do not know whether I should, with my wife Hosna, dance, cry of joy cr manifest the rest of all human sentiments. I am deeply grateful for Guru’s Grace. My deepest satisfaction is about the immense love of His Holiness. The title Yogiraj he has conferred on me how wonderful it sounds and what an immense love of our Guru is behind this little word! In Dhyana I am listening to all SivaLanda’s Holy Mantrams The Spirits repeat his Ashram programme. I meditate over Sivananda all 24 hours, identifying myself with his Holiness. I meditate on his mission, on Gurudev’s Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniscience.

All blessings of His Holiness help me enormously. I repeat continually the Mahamantram, day and night, with thoughts on Sivananda. Naturally I often see His Holiness. My thoughts are His Holi ness own, even before I read them in his bocks

Hosna was helped spiritually by His Holiness enormously, probably His Holiness sent us Divine help through invisible source. I attribute my progress to my Guru. My wife Hosna is continuously attached to His Holiness, leads a holy life, being directly guided by His Holiness through conscience. She calls him “Father.” We dance in joy when we receive his letters.

Sivananda’s Super Phenomenal Powerstood

His Holiness is accustomed to forgive the mistakes of disciples. He wishes me prosperity and every word realises itself in manifold manners. It is Grace of my Guru I thank my Guru.

His Holiness’ love and heavenly kindness mani. Fests itself in the astral world also. So I am able to do everything in the Name of My Guru, Sivananda.

Look at my typewriter. It did Mahamantram. I feel it is the Siddhi of my Guru. By intense meditation, repetition of the Name of our Lord and good actions, I progress. I give alms and take care of students, teaching them different languages. I hear that spirits whisper about Sivananda. They listen to the Holy teaching of my Master Sivananda. I spread his teachings here. Here in my room, there Is already a Himalayan Caravan. I sleep still on the ground in spite of the cold. I feel the progress in me. I am not so objective as before. I identify myself with the Absolute. It is due to the pure grace of His Holiness. I have his rosary in my pocket, with a mighty benediction, spreading hevenly Light. Ihear the Holy Mantrams of Sivananda’s Ashram from Holy spirits. I hear Sivananda, ringing with bells, I see the Holy river Ganges with clear waters. I took bath near His Holiness. This is not a vision or a dream. I have a direct relation with His Holiness. Siddhis are not prescribed in the Divine Life tenets, but I feel his Siddhis. In the Name of Sivananda I have good success.

I thought of Swami Sivananda, as I do not see well. My eyes amelicrated themselves and I had clear vision. No auto-suggestion, Lut fact |

My body was difinitely delivered to destruction, When I took to Hatha Yoga under Sivananda’s quidance I ventured to do some exercises and followed his instructions and escaped death. Now I stand in Sirshasan and continue Pranayam. By repeating OM, I have developed concentration. I can stay awake during the whole night sitting in Yoga postures. Vegetarian diet and Brahmacharya, helped me. I am very healthy at the age of 53.

Eternal love to Sivananda from Egypt | My wife is deeply convinced that he is with us continuously. Heavenly atmosphere of love penetrates all beings in contact with Sivananda. Life of Sivananda in Pictures is a sweet book with the beautiful cow with the gentle calf, all children of ourselves, of me and my wife also, and the lovely monkeys. His Holiness’ supramental contact is recognised by all the 60 members of this Divine Life Society Branch. It is extraordinary how his prayers become reality. We are preparing your Holiness’ home feeling reception in Occident. I wrote after many nights of prayers and dwelling at the feet of Swami Sivananda a letter to the president of Czecholo Republic asking grace on Anastasius. The president did not answer anything, but Abbot Doinik Prokop to whom had been sent Sivananda’s holy photo, writes that Anastasius has been transferred from the horrible extermination labour-camp into a more comfortable jail near Prague it is called Ruzyn village. I asked monks to pray with me, assuring that Sivananda can speak in deep dream the President, Antonin Zapotocky of Czechoslovakia to grant to Anastasius complete liberation. I firmly insist in the faith that this amelioration is due to spiritual forces of His Holiness. The whole Moslem Orient and the whole Christianity, Roman Catholic and others here are the most obedient disciples of His Holiness

Spiritual Contact Through Photograph Day and night my thoughtts are in Rishikesh. I feel this when I see the wonderful photo in His Holiness book. I have continually the Ashram before my eyes and repose myself by looking at the Irees, mountains, magnificent sceneries, the door quiding to Paradise Immense joy is felt in my heart. My Guru only could read my most secret thoughts, and so deeply satisfy the desires of my heart.

I thank His Holiness for the beautiful Calendar with His Signature. I never can find words for thanking him enough on every occasion, again and again for the miracles of his Love. My wife Sri Hoana folds her hands before his photo. Her health is now better, as she believes very much in his help. I do my best. So the Divine Life in Cairo exists, works, helps the public, serves, loves and meditates.

My Wife is His True Disciple I am indebted to His Holiness for everything. I like His Holiness more than everything. Every word of His Holiness realises itself in spiritual worlds and I get wonderful experiences and visions. His Kundalini Yoga gives enormous possibilities to an aspirant for meditation, Japa and contentration. Sri Hosna does not like the spirits. She likes His Holiness extremely and is a true model of his disciple.

My sister Milada wrote to me, since she ‘knows’ His Holiness, she found peace of her soul, tranquillity of thought and happiness. She is the author of many dramatical works. What an immense joy it is to read his letters I know that thousands of disciples are waiting for one written word of His Holiness. Sivananda’s name is one of the most popular in Cairo. All kinds of people will be taught in the teaching of His Holiness. I tell everybody that Guru is Sivananda and our Lord only. It is a fact that in Egypt, I am the ‘altar ego’ of His Holiness today, whether I will or not.

The Abbots in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Czechoslovakia took greates interest to His Holiness Ashram. The Monasteries are highly curious (as monks everywhere are) to know “absolutely all” about His Holiness and about His Holiness’ disciples.

I found it a revelation saying, “With the help of the Guru all the endless books can be studied by the disciples,” I know His Holiness wrote to me about it, not in an intellectual way, but in the way of the heart. Really books of His Holiness are the key. I often “examine” or take Sivananda from another point of view. Our own philosophy seems to be ignorance and only the shadow of Indian thought.

Always a wise admonition arrives to everyone of my questions, it is the grace of the Guru, His Holiness. The Sanskrit literature opens itself to me, after becoming the disciples of a Maha Avatar. Nobody on this earth is equal to His Holiness, no comparison for Kindness. Wisdom and Holiness.


With indescribable joy I received “Brahma Vidya Vilas”. His Holiness’ literary productivity is phenomenal. I find all my doubts are answered through some of his books. I feel I live with my Guru. At night 1 O’clock (in India it is Brahma-muhurta), I often feel the holy songs. His Holiness is a popular Guru of Egypitians in Cairo. His books are full of deep wisdom, effective truth and real Divine revelation. Every word I say is from Sivananda’s books. People call me here the Gramophone store of Sivananda Here old people of 70 years, several old gentlemen and ladies sit together with young girls, and children and discuss Sivananda’s teachings. Out of Divine Life public is able to understand well Sivananda’s works. It is too high and yet can be understood.

I have no words for His Holiness superhuman kindness. The beautiful books, which I got from His Holiness with so many handwritten blessings excited me and Hosna my wife, to tears. With deep emotion I read in the midst of the silence of the night the immense ocean of wisdom. All my thoughts are deeply concentrated in the books of Sivananda. With immense pleasure I am reading His Holiness “Ananda Lahari” the music tantric text, with its excellent translation and His Holiness annotations. I think that nobody in the world Is such a master as His Holiness. What an Ocean of Wisdom!

I am sitting with my little petrolium lamp during the night, when I suppose His Holiness’ prayers are with me. I kiss the lotus-feet of His Holiness.

Indian philosophy stays a diamond. I remember the deepest, thunderstroked impression of my life, when the hooks ‘Hatha Yoga,’ ‘Kundalini Yoga’, ‘Essence of Yoga’ arrived, sent to me by Guru himself. I did not believe my own eyes! Signature Sivananda, the Author, in such a deep humility such gems of literature and of experience.

Books of His Holiness appear to have been. Written for me only. I wanted to sell away my Violin and Typewriter to purchase all his books as no Guru except His Holiness teaches the Yoga in such an easy way. I am in the hands of His Holiness. I live on pure vegetarian diet. I do not have any disease. I am strong; I sleep on the bare ground even cold days. I hear a report from special angels that they have enormous respect for His Holiness. The Astral Yogins all praise His Holiness. I feel His Holiness behind those phenomena. I realise that service of humanity is higher than a cave life I agree with His Holiness and follow the lesson. My wife Hosna takes a special interest in helping the poor

His Holiness’ letters deeply attach me to Divine Mission. His Holiness’ prodigious methods of teaching are so highly appreciated by myself that I intuitively see Sivananda and am able to communicate with Him easily, because I have studied other disciplines also,


(Mrs. Hosna Suleyman Mustapha, Cairo, Egypt)

Your Holiness,

I am a lazy ‘pen’, but my heart is still dwelling at the Lotus-feet of my Guru. When the Gazelle is thirsty, it knows where is the mighty stream of the holy river.

It is my proud privilege to receive gifts of books from your Holiness dedicated to me. Many people admire your Holiness for your magnificent work. I have for your Holiness my sincerity, filial affection without any complicated literary knowledge My heart is full with your Holiness. I see your Holiness in your beautiful room in Himalayas, on the banks of the Ganges, where your Holiness is writing day and night. Often I see your Holiness and prepare some photographs, pictures. My husband clearly hears the songs of the angels and spirits singing ‘Sivananda, Sivananda’ and the Mantrams chanted in your Ashram. It is difficult for me to write anything about my experience to my mighty Guru People admire Sivananda’s teachings. Sivananda my Guru has become the Prophet of the world

I pray continually, meditate many hours at home keep silence, and think of my Guru.

We appreciate very much your books, and more your great kindness and love for everybody.

I spoke about Divine Life in Cairo Cinema Artist Club and in Journalists’ Club also. I have seen Switzerland France, Sweden, Denmark, Palestine, Morocco, Libanon, Turkey, being of Sudanese origin.

Thanking your Holiness most sincerely for the books, for pamphlets and for the beautiful letter, I remain now to your Holiness most devoted Sudynese lady disciple.

Your kind letter gives me great inspiration. My husband translated for me many chapters of your beautiful books. I saw your handwritten dedication to many people in Cairo, considering myself now a disciple of Divine Life. We think often of you with my husband and speak daily about you, as if you are our most appreciated Father. I am very proud to be your disciple and I feel my devotion to Indian Philosophy and Yoge. My dream is to travel to India, to study Yoga with you and my husband. We live as brother and sister being absorbed in meditation. I have the presentiment to see you very soon here in Egypt where certainly Divine Life will find many adepts.


(Dr. Md. Hafiz Syed, M.A., Ph.D., D.Litt.)

I am greatly amazed at Swami Sivananda’s infinite capacity to take pains and produce so many inspiring and instructive books. His efforts are unique in this as well as in other respects. I do not know of another writer in India or elsewhere whose literary output is so great as Swamiji’s is.

He has been doing what no Sannyasi in India has ever done. He has done more single-handed than many teachers put together.

As a founder of the Divine Life Society, Swami Sivananda’s work is in many ways unique. It is well organised that its members in distant parts of India are really knit together in bonds of spiritual comradeship, and they greet each other as brothers and fellow workers. In obscure corners of India where materalism has its sway today in those very places-one hears the name of God devoutly and reverently repeated This is by no means a small achievement and the credit of it all goes to one solitary Sannyasi, Sri Swami Sivananda who may rightly be called the true repesentative of ancient Rishis in Modern times. May his work grow from strength to strength, and may he be spared to us for many more years to come to help and guide us on the path of spiritual development is the the prayer of a humble aspirant, myself.

His life on the physical plane is most precious. He has done a great deal in preserving and awakening spiritual life in this unhappy land. May Lord Siva have mercy upon us and grant health and longevity to His Holiness.


(Sri Otakar Pechacek, Oriental Press Service, Cairo, Egypt)

It is so extraordinary that the most miraculous of all Siddhis is to be in supramental contact with the Guru. I am still more and more astonished at my own experiences. My difficulties with Yoga were due to the wild manner with which I simply attacked the problems, I burnt my self a little by that. Now, after having found a Guru (His Holiness Sri Swami Sivananda) I am well fixed in the spiritual path. I daily think of him saying perpetually the Mahamantra keeping Mowna etc.

It is already some years since I was first introduced to His Holiness, an Eternity I know and think often. His letters always give me such a plan that I realize slowly every suggestion of his Holiness, in holy obedience, every day at all times dwelling at his lotus-feet. My wife is still deeply devoted to his Holiness, every day thinking of and speaking about him. I am deeply grateful to him for prayers for supramental admonitions in silence, for omniprese nce, omniscience and omnipotence.

I firmly believe that His Holiness’ books contain the truth. By submitting our questions to his Holiness Omniscient mind, we obtain the solutions without being in India personally, I enjoy this favour of His Holiness’ Divine Radiation of mind; it is more if we pray with serenity.

I think that in history of mankind never has been written any book so attractive as these extremely interesting literature about Yoga by His Holiness.

Certainly prayers of His Holiness for Egypt are helping me. Tremendous mental forces are going through the universe. I still see how the Guru, Sivananda’s ideas capture the brains of students, till they ask me for literature.

I am continually and highly astonished at the “clear teaching”, practical mastering of the deepest mysteries of Indian Philosophy by His Holiness. I am a very solitary Yogi, whose inactivity and lack of “Manifested interest brought me to Sivananda’s school. I don’t run after the science, nor Mysteriesand it seems that for this reason I ‘discovered in principles the whole Indian Philosophy as itis taught by Sivananda.

With indescribable joy Hosam Suleyman received Sivananda’s books, and broke into the Egyptian Artists Club, crying with loud voice that the Matava tar had sent her books with his autograph Unke lievable, but true, ...... As I entered, she told me directly, that her heart reveals her happy news from His Holiness; “Beloved disciple of His Holiness”... ...was hand-written inside of the book, and it was exactly the day of Saint Nicolas, sending to children beautiful toys.

Sufis of Egypt will, I think, become Sivananda disciples “En masse” says Hussein Shdid, very anxious to be sure of the visit of his Holiness here.

Nary. My wife is everything. So she has been bro. ught to me. I immediately told her never mind, though you have lost everything. You have Sivananda in Himalayas as your own father. She believed. And His Holiness sent her such a beautiful letter, that we are both crying with tears in eyes.

People write literally valuable books, but that is all Nobody is master, nobody has power, and will not fight 50 years of helpless struggle to attain the first step in Yoga at the Lotus-feet of his own Gura. His Holiness is our Guru, our Benediction!

I have spoken to Sivananda in dream and I slowly begin to be in contact with my Guru continually, repeating in interrupted Mahamantram I reveal to His Holiness often my internal thoughts, and, some minutes after, I arrived complete convictions. His Holiness books contain so numerous treasures of spiritual life, that one must take every thought ar inexhaustible river of life, it is so highly satisfying to have found a Guru. Seldom have I been so happy as I am now during all my life. People look at me at the street and ask me what is the matter with you? One becomes young, perfectly satisfied with hinself, and enjoys deep peace and sorrowlessness, etc., by following your teachings.

I think my destiny obliged me to go to seek for a Guru already a long time ago. In my youth in my thoughts I dreamed to travel to India, but no hope existed. I finally arrived to find a real Great Guru, one of the greatest teachers of this time, Swami Sivananda.

Sivananda’s messaage to Egypt has been enormous. Ly appreciated, without any exaggeration by teachers. (French men), free thinkers, all convey to His Holiness, their compliments for ever.

The most extraordinary fact is, that with the benediction of His Holiness I myself immediately resolved in meditation old problems of my own life. His Holiness knew all this. Now I dominate my passions clearly, I observe every w very easily. I confessed my defects to Sivananda immediately like a heavenly stream, everything changed, as if I should be dependent on his illumination, being born perhaps to attain perfection through his immortal touch, contact or I do not know that exactly! The most interesting fact is, that I, by the influence of his prayers and intuitive teaching, from Himalayas, I perceive every day anything. His “Presence” here, in Egypt is felt by my wife also.

Like Sivananda’s Divine kindness I never have seen on this earth, so many truths are revealed in his booke, which I apply to myself. His benediction has saved me.

My life was dominated by vices. I was not perfect at all, but Sivananda’s Path is something wonderful. He is a superhuman being with infinite kindness and divine kindness for completely unknown people like me. I try to become messenger of Divine Life and see immediately tears in the eyes of persons, who never have seen His Holiness in body. I myself have nearly no friends except him. How extraordinary. My wife is everything. So she has been brought to me. I immediately told her never mind, though you have lost everything. You have Sivananda in Himalayas as your own father. She believed. And His Holiness sent her such a beautiful letter, that we are both crying with tears in eyes.

People write literally valuable books, but that is all Nobody is master, nobody has power, and will not fight 50 years of helpless struggle to attain the first step in Yoga at the Lotus-feet of his own Guru. His Holiness is our Guru, our Benediction!

I have spoken to Sivananda in dream and I slowly begin to be in contact with my Guru continually, repeating in interrupted Mahamantram I reveal to His Holiness often my internal thoughts, and, some minutes after, I arrived complete convictions. His Holiness books contain so numerous treasures of spiritual life, that one must take every thought ar inexhaustible river of life, it is so highly satisfying to have found a Guru. Seldom have I been so happy as I am now during all my life. People look at me at the street and ask me what is the matter with you? One becomes young, perfectly satisfied with han self, and enjoys deep peace and sorrowlessness, et by following your teachings.

I think my destiny obliged me to go to seek for a Guru already a long time ago. In my youth in my thoughts I dreamed to travel to India, but no hope existed. I finally arrived to find a real Great Guru, one of the greatest teachers of this time, Swami Sivananda.

The best thing is to reveal my thoughts to him. If impure, they correct themselves to perfection automatically. I passed nearly one month in perfect recollection, in spiritual concentration and not one impure thought entered into my brain. Very probably new cells in brain have been forced by prayers of His Holiness.


If the Westerner takes up any subject he will soon become a master and an expert. He will apply himself tenaciously and diligently and attain per. Fection in the subject There are scientists in India, but the number is more in the West. The scientist is wholly absorbed in his laboratory work. He never takes a shave and forgets all about his body, while he engages himself in his experiments, study and investigation.

From a perusal of the following pages, you will clearly see how the Western Sadhaks are practising Yoga. Yogiraj Harri Dickman is an advanced Yogi He is an expert in Yoga Asanas and Kriyas He can control his heart. Rev Victor Sepleveko is regular in the practice of Japa, Pranayama, Asans and meditation, even in old age. He does Japa of Om Namahsivaya. Boris Sacharow knows Hindi, Sanskrit and Bengali. He is also much advanced in Yoga.

The ladies of the Yogic Section are earnestly attempting to have experience of Samadhi or Cosmic Vision of Oneness They want to come to India to practise Yoga rigorously and attain this State Many ladies have already been to India and undergone training in Yoga.

How did these Westerners get the taste or inclination to repeat these Holy Mantras of the East and practise Yoga? They were born in India in their previous births They carried the Yoga-Samskaras with them to the West.

I hope that a perusal of these pages, will create more lively interest in the children of India and the Westerners also to take to the study and practice of Yoga in right earnest.

May you all become dynamic Vogins in this very birth May the blessings of the Yogins and sages be upon you all!

Smami Sivanand.


Riga. 10th July, 1939.

His Holiness Swami Sivananda, Himalayas.


Thank you very much for your letter of the 6th June. I have to express my gratitude for your kind advice concerning Asans. I shall continue to do Sarvangasan as recommended in your letter.

It is interesting to note that the physical exercises done by our school-children and young men and ladies resemble the Asans. Some of them are very complicated and more difficult than the Asans. At the sea side there are special out-door exercises every morning for young and old. The teachers of physical education have got their training in Sweden. Germany, France and other foreign countries. It is possible that these nations have found some elements in India and worked out their own combined method of physical education. I must say that the Latvians in general are very capable gymnasts and they can perform the most complicated exercises. I am speaking here of amateurs, the professional, artists, and students belonging to ballet-schools, etc.. have acquired a great accomplishment in every physical combination.

The ladies of our Yogic section have very well mastered the physical side of the Yogic practices and they very much like to start the spiritual practices-meditation, concentration, awakening of Kundalini and other things connected with the approaching cosmic consciousness, in order to get a certain power in switching off and on the life. Current from the sensory motor nerves and from the senses, by which the sensations are cut of and prevented from disturbing the attention which is to be centred upon God. Now there is nobody in Latvia who knows anything about these things. Therefore, Mrs. Dolfij, the president of our Ladies’ Section and Miss Dunkel, a member, have decided to go to India and try to pick up some knowledge on these points Physical exercises do not satisfy members of our Section; they want to do something more, something spiritual.

I think mysef that the climate there cannot do much harm to Latvian ladies. We are used to extreme cold and heat in Europe. Also this summer has been very hot here; the barometer showed 42 degrees in shade. Winter is usually very cold here; and it lasts from November to March. The distance from Rishikesh town to your place is nothing at all for Latvian women; they are used to walk five miles twice a day in the morning and evening, for they are stronger than some weak and unsteady men.

Some Yogins write that the soul imprisoned in. The body can free itself only by opening the seals of energy and by redirecting the energy to Spirit. But how to begin the “freeing” and “opening” nobody can say at our place.

Awaiting your quick reply,

With kind regards and Good wishes

We remain yours truly

  1. Plaudis


Mexico, D.F.

February 11th, 1947

Dear Brother,

Many thanks for sending me your second annual report and other tracts and pamphlets. You may consider me as a member of your Society, as I earnestly adhere to its aims and objects. I wish great success to the Divine Life Society. Ladoola qu

I have also felt something of your meditation in the morning in the corresponding hours of this longitude, as in spirit there is universal Oneness.

I shall do my best to follow your instructions on Yogic practices I am very much interested for years in Yoga. I am also striving to apply Karma Yoga teachings to the various aspects of my activity.

As you know, I am now actively engaged for a world language which will be at the same time a synthesis of all existing efforts and an expression of the Divine Plan for a World-language I am confident your spiritual help and sympathy and special blessings would undoubtedly be most helpful, for this, which I feel my special God-given work.

I will read with great pleasure anything which may be sent to me Please enrol me as a subscriber of the “Divine Life” magazine. I shall also be very glad to send you regularly my publications.

Fraternally yours, Sd/ Aldo Lavagnini, bah and toAssociation Electica Universal.


Narva, Estonia, August, 1938.

My sincere, beloved Guru,

I have received your letter of 1st July. I also received a copy of the book “Practical Lessons in Yoga” and have gone through it carefully. I began the practice of Yoga in July 4th. I have duly given up alcohol, nicotine, onion, tea and coffee entirely. I am a vegetarian for the last 8 years. I get up regularly at 4 a.m., except one or two days in a month, for which I punish myself by walking 3 miles barefooted through the forest. I observed all the while Brahmacharya. I was endeavouring to tame the mind and the senses but had many outbursts of anger which destroy my peace. I am now watching my mind concerning this point and endeavouring with all my heart to become calm and serene. I could not carry out your direction of meditation for two hours at once. I have begun with one fourth of an hour and regularly increased to three-fourths of an hour until to-day. I am not accustomed to do Padmasan and have an ache in my leg and lumbar region if I sit long. I think you will excuse me. If you insist I will sit 2 hours at once without minding the pain. But I also practise Asans during 4 to 6 in the morning. I have also studied the Yogic lessons from your book and practise prayers. I am very fond of meditation. I feel the presence of Brahman and derive an unknown strength, and experience a very strange taste in the tip of the tongue, during meditation.ARA BEVO УАЗТРАМ

Please send me a list of your books that you think necessary for me to read and the price in our money. Then please, dear Guru, send me a list of the time of sunrise in Himalayas. I will accord my time to your 4 to 6 am to catch the waves of the meditation.of you and your other disciples.

I have not kept the spiritual diary, but I shall keep it from to day and send you a copy every month. Yours thankful disciple,

Sd A. Kramer.


Dear Swami Sivanandaji,

South Shield, Durkam, England.

I am writing with Shanti in my heart this letter, asking you il you are willing to take me as your pupil. I have in my possession two of your books vix, “Kundalini Yoga” and “Yoga Asans” quide. I have mastered the following Asans: as my






Matsyasan and



I am now learning Mayurasan and the first three Pranayamas in the “Yoga Asans”. I am enclosing herewith my photographs one of which is depicting me in Padmasan. I am 17 years of age, born in Durham, England, 5 ft. 10 inches in height.

Before I read your book “Yoga Asans”, I was weak, cared for nothing in this world, my breathing capacity was feeble, my right breast was underneath my right armpit, my legs were weak, stiff and knockkneed. But thanks to you a thousand times for imparting me the Yoga knowledge through your book. My all complaints are now cured and I have sought happiness in Yoga. While I was depressed and downhearted, I have seen you coming in front of me. Do you recall your visiting my abode? Your Holiness should give me a name. I feel that I must have a teacher and I am not free to come to India for seeking a Guru. I have something great to meditate upon you being a great Yogi, a Swami. Kindly send me your photograph in one of your Yoga posture. I can contemplate on your beautiful form. Please correspond with me.

Dated June 20th, 1939.

I remain Your pupil, Sd/ William Atkinson


W. Hagi Dimitr Salia. Bulgaia.

June 26th 19 9.

Revered Swamiji,

I know you receive so many letters every day and am sorry to trouble you with my questions. I often direct my queries to brother Dikman or brother Sacharow. But now, when you allow me this, I will write to you about all the troubles that I meet in my, Sadhana.

  1. The most delicate question for me now is Prnayama. I have practised it for 15 months and am not yet able to achieve ideal Pranayama. My trouble is in Rechak. When the nostrile are free, everything goes on well, but as soon as one of them is closed, it seems to me as if I lack air, afterwards a new current rushes through the other nostril. Sometimes this happens twice, even three times. But the last is painful.

II. Meditation: I practise meditation together with japa 2 hours in the morning, 30 minutes with eyes shut I concentrate my conscience upon the image of Lord Siva from feet to head and again from the feet upwards. The last half hour I meditate without japa: “I am not the physical body. I am not the astral body, I am not the mental body, I am not the causal body; but I am the Divine Flame inside my heart. I am Brahma etc.” But how should I concentrate my conscience upon. ? I shut my eyes and try to lift them higher. I simply and freely look at Ajna Chakrs and keep my conscience upon it. Please correct me.

III. Asana: I practise the following Asans: Siddhasan, Shirshasan (without the help of a wall), Sarvang, Viparitakarani mudra, Halasan, Paschimottan Maha mudra. Bhujang. Salabh, Padahast and Trikon Fan. Though I am 75 years old, my bones are not so stiff. One thing troubles me, ie Padmasan: the left foot is as if nailed to the flous. I will torture myself for twelve years if necessary, but I will get control over it.

In Siddhasan, my hydrocell troubles me and to ease this I put my right heel under the testicles. Can I continue to do this, even temporarily, until I get rid ort? 1 repeat Mantra during Asans, but often stray thoughts pass through my mind. Does this matter? Very often I move and correct (change) my posture. Does this matter also?

IV. I write my mantra each day in a note book. I practise Japa for 25 minutes daily and during walk I practise it for almost an hour. I repeat Mantra during meditation.

V. My selfless work is the service of the Divine Life Society and you, my Guru, spreading of your teachings throughout the world by means of Yoga Magazine and public lectures on Yoga and demonstration of Asans as well. I will negotiate with the local cinema concerns for filming my Aşans and to register a ten minutes lecture on Yoga on a ermophone record. I will offer the lecture to be broadcast by the state radio.

For my spiritual work in connection with the Yoga Magazine, I spend daily 3/3 hours approximately. But can all this be considered as selfless work?

My soul seeks realization. For that reason, my dear Guru, I beg you most ardently, to help me in my Sachana so that I may succeed in awakening the Kundalini. This is my desire, but above all, let it be the will of Lord Siva. I am your servant. I will wait humbly to obtain the mercy of my Curu.

Please tell me which is better to take supper before the Sadhana or after it, before going to bed? With love and devotion,

Walk (with Japa) in Post Office and other. 200 10.30 12.30

Meditation and Japa 15 12.30 12.45

Pranayam, Sukha Purvak 35 12.45 1.20

Sitkari 4 1.20 1.24

Japa and Bhajana 5 1.24 1.29

Dinner 13 1.29 1.42

Vajrasen 10 1.42 1.52


My office in Yoga and Magazine 2.00 1.52 3.52

Other Walk (with Japa) in Post and 1.00 3.52 4.53

Supper and walk in house 38 4.52 5.30

House work 30 5.30 6.00

Incense, prayer and Preparative 10 6.00 6.10

13. Meditation and Japa 1.30 6.10 7.40

Pranayam 35 7.40 8.15

Asana and rest 55 8.15 9.10

Bhastrika 5 9.10 9.18

Sitkari 4 9.15 9.19

Japa 3 9.19 9.22

Bhajan 2 9.22 9.24

Rest and other 6 9.24 9.30

Sleep 9.30

P.S.: There is a little modification in time from 5 till 15 minutes.

But I do not go to sleep 30 min. In the bed. I sleep from 10 pm. To 3.30 pm.

Abhyasa Krama and Dinacharya: My course actually

  1. Washing and other 20 3.30 3.50

  2. Incense, prayer and preparative 10 3.50 4.00

  3. Meditation and Japa1. 30 4.00 5.30

  4. Special meditation (Joy-Bliss) 15 5.30 5.45

  5. Pranayam (Sukh Purvak) 35 5.45 6.20

Sirshasan 5

Shava 5

Sarvang 10

Shava 2

Hala 10

Shava 3

Vipareetakarani 10

Shava 2

Paschimottan 3

Mahamudra 4

Shava 1

Total 55 6.20 7.1

Bhastrika 5 7.15 7.20

Sitkari 4 7.20 7.24

Japa 4 7.24 7.28

Bhajan 2 7.28 7.30

Rest to dress and breakfast 30 7.30 8:00

Writing Mantra 25 8.00 8.23

Rest 7 8.23 8 30

My office in Yoga and Magazine 2.00 8.30 10.30

V. M. Seplevenke Sofia, Bulgaria


Warsaw, Poland 24th January, 1939

Dear Swami,

I am sure that at the first moment when you read this letter, my name will remind nothing to you. Therefore, in order to help your memory, I wish to remind you that I have had the opportunity to meet you at several meetings organized by you at Srinagar (Kashmere) where you were lecturing when I was a guest of the President of Arya Samaj in summer of 1935.

I am sorry that I was then unable to avail your kind invitation to visit you at Rishikesh, but at that time quite unexpectedly I had to leave for China and Siam, and owing to the very short time before my departure, I was unable to pay you a visit for which I have always regretted afterwards. However I do hope that this opportunity will be still given to me in future.

Lately I have read a note in some occult magazine, concerning the Yoga Institute founded by you at Rishikesh. As since 30 years I have been steadily working in the same direction (Raja Yoga of Patanjali), I should be very glad to come into closer contact with you and to get from you some informathon concerning the activities of this institute.

Of course, I wish to be understood, that all the conditions which are considered as essential for Yoga practice as Ahimsa, Satyam, Brahmacharya and so on have been strictly fulfilled by me during many years. Here I have around me a group of people of different planes of consciousness who are working in the Yoga-direction.

Please be good enough to give me also, if possible, some instructions which would help me in the work of bringing my consciousness to the higher level.

I shall be deeply grateful to you, dear Swami, if you will take interest in this letter and will find time to keep up a constant contact with me through correspondence. I send you my photo for the purpose of easier recognition. Asking you to accept my hearty thanks in advance, I remain, dear Swami, Yours sincerely, Dr. Tomasz Burgan M. D.


Geneva Champel, Switzerland.

August 15th, 1938.

Dear Sir,

I was very much interested in the announcement given in the ‘Science of Thought Review’ in its July issue that you have been so good as to present them, free of charge, copy of “Practice of Yoga” and “Inner Yogic Discipline.” I have been deeply in. Terested in studying Eastern Philosophy as found in the Vedas, Bhagavad Gita, Uttara Gita and other ancient Oriental books of profound wisdom, and I have now almost completed a book on the subject which has occupied my attention during the past ten years of intense study.

I am strongly in favour of Yogic practices. But the West is still very much materialistically inclined. And much care has to be taken in putting forward the correct spiritual ideas which, in case of certain people may lead to lack of balance in their judgment and misunderstanding I advocate, therefore, intense careful study and practice of Yoga, but I am much against attempts made by persons who are not under the direct observation of Yogins, well-skilled in practice. I regret to say that already there are some signs of unscrupulous people seeking to make money out of the false profession of Yogic powers.

Yours very truly,

Sd P.A. Skipwith, (Colonel)


Doctrine of Reincarnation.

Dear Sir,

I got your address through a friend of mine, Hair Walter Eidlitz who returned some weeks ago from India. He now proposes to make a pilgrimage to Tibet: to Mount Kailas and lake Manasarowar.

The purpose of my letter is to ask ycu if ycu would kindly allow me to translate some of your books in German. I am very anxious that the ancient spiritual wisdom, which is still alive in India but extinct in Europe since a very long time, should be re-established through the means that are most suitable to the modern man of to-day. I think this is the most critical hour when European peoples need the knowledge of spiritual truths and especially of the law of Karma or the doctrine of reincarnation.

Old ways of thinking, social orders, dogmas and rituals have now been replaced by modern thoughts, and even the very basis of Christendom is revolutionized. An ardent religious war has begun and many are thirsting for new spiritual teachings. Many are longing for a real spiritual substitute for the doctrine of blood and racial supremacy. Nothing is told about here that how the eternal Soul dwells in our mortal body, according to the law of reincarnation. As I am convinced through experience, I am sure, only this knowledge of Karma would help to make one understand the real meaning and purpose of life and a right way of living it.

I am looking through old documents of our religious sacraments which declare that even in Europe the wisdom of reincarnation was known in the days of pre-Christian era, but also in the early stages of Christianity. Only during the end of the second century, this doctrine was persecuted and since then declared by the Catholic Church as heresy of the worst type. Now the peoples of Europe could accept this very wise doctrine again, provided it is adopted in a way that is most suitable to their thoughts, feelings and expressions.

As for myself, I have studied philosophy and have given private discourses on Bible, history of culture, art and so on, during the last years.

I would be glad to receive a positive reply from you as to my enterprise and if you would be so kind to suggest the books that are most suitable for the success of this mission, I would try to procure them from some source or other.

Thankfully and devotionally yours,

Gnadenwald (Germany), Sd/ Gusti Bretter.

Dr. H.H. von Veltheim-Ostrau.

Solingen, Papiermohle Sept. 16th, 1948.


His Holiness Sri Swami Sivananda Maharaj, Rishikesh

Dear Guruji, my beloved Sanyasi-brother SivanandaMaharaj,

It was an unexpected and great joy when I received the other day from Rishikesh under No. 4490 the June copy of your Magazine “The Divine Life” which was forwarded to my exile address here. Please, take my heartiest and deepest thanks.

I learn from the copy that this year sees your Silver Jubilee as Sanyasi. Please, allow me to express you all my hearty congratulations. I regard myself entitled to it as one of your personal friends, disciples and admirers for I know what an extremely devoting, loving and thus successful activity all over the world you developed during the past 25 years. How much and with such a great right you have now merited the world-wide honours of your Silver Jubilee! May you celebrate also your Golden Jubilee in mental and physical vigour and activity

I was surprised that you found my present exileaddress. I suppose that you heard the address and of my grievous fortune in Los Angeles and elsewhero in California and the US I live without income, pension, sick-fund and old age pension, like a real Sanyasi. In spite of all this, I have a growing inner security, disregarding the outer insecurities. I have really a sort of happy feeling in this biblical state of the lilies in the field. Thus I exercise our six Sadhanas.

Very strongly and growing I feel in this time of my deep distress the spiritual ties between you, my venerated Guru, as well as Sri Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi who wrote to me, and our dearest Mother India on the one hand and me on the other. Although continents and oceans are between us I feel you are very near to me, and your power and strength give me hope and fortitude to continue my medita. Tions in this Europe of sorrows and worries. Believe me I am more than homesick for Mother India and for the peaceful surroundings of your Ananda Kutir and beloved Rishikesh where I spent unforgettable days and hours of happiness and blessings. I request you and our Indian friends to include me in your meditations.

Please, remember me kindly to all the dear Swamijis who do still know me.

From my exile I send you, my dearest brother, my very best wishes, as your devoted and venerating Chela,

-Baron Hans-Hasso von Veltheim, Ph D.




O Tuhan Jang Maha Pengasih dan

Maha Penjajang jang terpudja-pudja: Salam dan sudjud terhadap Mu. Engkau hadir dimana-mana,

Maha Kuasa dan Maha Tahu; Engkau adalah Satchidananda.

Engkau adalah jang berdiam dalam segala machluk 2.

Anugerahilah kami hati jang dapat mengerti Pandangan jang sama, pikiran seimbang, Kepertjajaan, kesudjudan dan kebidjaksanaan. Anugerahilah kami dengan kekuatan bathin Untuk menentang godaan dan mengendalikan pikiran.

Bebaskanlah kami dari mementingkan

Dirı, kenafsuan keserakahan dan dendam.

Penuhilah hati kami dengan

Kebadjikan Ketuhanan.

Biarlah kami melihat

Engkau dalam

Semua nama² dan bentuk² ini.

Biarlah kami mengabdi Kamu dalam

Segala nama dan bentuk ini.

Biarlah kami selalu mengingati Engkau.

Biarlah kami selalu menjanjikan Keagungan2 Mu.

Biarlah NamaMu selalu berada dibibir kami,

Biarlah kami berdiam dalam DiriMu

Selalu dan selama-lamanja.



Published by the Divine life Society (Branch) Malang Indonesia.


Saudara 1

SWAMI SIVANANDA-salah-seorang Guru Kebatinan jang namakan dirinja sendiri hamba jang rendah dari manusia (humble servant of all mankind), pada tjatjat atau kelemahan jang ada didalam diri kita ia menasehatkan sebagai berikut:

Djangan seringkali pikir akan tjatjat atau kelemahan saudara, Dengan memikirkan itu berarti memperbesar tjatjat atau kelemahan jang saudara punjakan itu. Maukanlah dengan sungguh untuk hapusnja. Tuntutlah hidup ke-Tuhanan. Hadapkanlah perhatian saudara kepada Allah, Peliharalah pertumbuhan saudara kedalam kebatinan. Berlatihlah persatuan terus-menerus. Lihatlah Penerangan Tuhan jang ditjurahkan dari atas. Lakukanlah meditasi dengan tertentu. Dengan begitu segala tjatjat dan kelemahan akan hapus dengan sendirinja. Itulah tjar jang dinamik untuk memusnakan keadana jang djahat, tjatjat, dan kelemahan2

Pikiran jang djaha, pikiran jg. Buruk, sifot² jang kedji, tjatjat dan kelemahan2 tak dapat dipe rangi. Dengan memerangi mereka, mereka akan makin bertambah kuat dan teguh kedudukannja, kemudian sukar untuk dibasmi. Rita harus perhslus djiwa kita dehgan keaguugan, denkan pikiran2 ke-Tuhanan Perkembangkanlah sifat kita jang badjik. Bentuklah oebiasaan jang baik. Bersembahjang, memikirkan sedalam-dalamnja. Tjobalah hidup dalam ke-Tuhanan, Dangan begitu semua tjatjat, semua ganpi pikiran? Jq. Djahat, semua kelemahan pasti musna

Language: German


Von H.H. Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswati Gruender der Divine Life Society “Ananda Kutir”

P.O. Sivananda Nagar Dist. Dehra Dun, U.P. Himalayas India.

Diese zwanzig Unterweisungen enthalten den innersten Kern aller geistigen Joga-Uebungen. Alle Fruechte des Karma-, Bhakti-, und JnanaJoga Weges werden demjenigen zu Teil, der sie von ganzem Herzen befolgt. Sie sind der Schluessel zu rascher Entwicklung und Kultur des physischen, mentalen, moralischen und geistigen selbst (ich) des Menschen.

  1. 1 HARI OM! (Ehre dem Hochsten!) Stehe taeglich morgens 4 Uhr auf. Diese Zeit heisst Brahmamuhurta (die guenstige stunde Brahma’s oder Gottes) und ist ausserordentlich quensting fuer Sadhana (geistige Uebungen). Mache alle deine morgendlichen religioesen Uebungen in der Zeit zwischen 4 und 6.30 oder 7 Uhr Dann ausgefuehrte geistige Uebungen (Sadhana) bewirken raschen und hoechsten Fortschritt.

  1. ASANA (Korperhaltung). Sitze in der Padma (Lotusnitz)-Siddha-oder Sukha stellung fuer Japa (Wiederholung eines Mantrams, heiligen Verses oder Wortes) und Meditation eine halbe Stunde lang, mit dem Gesicht gegen Osten oder Norden. Dehus disse Zeit allmachlich auf 3 Stunden aus. Uebe Sir. Shasana (Kopistand) und Sarvangasana (Shulterstand) zur Foerderung der Keuschheit und Gesundheit. Mache regelmaessių leichte Koerperuebungen, einen Jaschen Spaziergang z Beispiel, etc. Fuehre zwanzig leichte, bequeme Pranyamas (Atemuebungen) durch.

  2. JAPA Wiederhole irgendein Mantram, nur OM oder Om Namo Narayanaya, Om Namah Sivaya, Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevaya, Om Saravanabhavaya Namah, Sita Ram, Hari Om, oder den Gayatri, je nach Geschmack und Neigung, 108-21600 mal pro Tag (1 Mala 108; 200 Malas mal 108 = 21600) Christen konnen den Namen Jesu oder einen Bibelspruch wiederholen, oder Heil Dir, Maria, Mutter Gottes, waehrend Parsi, Sikhs und Mohammedaner einen Namen oder ein Mantram aus dem Zend Aves’a, dem Granth Sahib oder dem Koran wahlen sollten

  3. DIAETVORSCHRIFTEN Nimm nur reine (saltwische) Nahrung zu Dir. Verzichte auf Pieffer, Tamarinde, Knoblauch, Zwiebeln, saure Speisen, Oel und Sent. Sei maessig im Essen (Mitahara). Ueberlade den Majen nicht Verzichte ein oder zweimal per Jahr 14 Tage lang auf all das, was Du am liebsten issest. Begnuege Dich mit einfacher Nahrung Milah und Fruechte erleichtern die Konzentration. Nimm die Nahrung wie Medizin, nur zur Erhaltung des Lebens. Essen und zu geniessen, ist Suende. Verzichte waehrend ein oder zwei Wochen auf Salz und Zucker. Du musst imstande sein, ohne irgend welchen Zusatz von Gewuerzen, von Reis Dal (Brei aus Huelsefruechten), Kartoffeln und Brot zu leben. Nimm kein Salz zum Dal und keinen Zucker zum Tee, zum Kaffee oder zu Milch. Die Nicht-Vegetaerier sollten sich ernstlich bemuehen, allmaehlich ganz auf die Fleischkost verzichten zu koennen. Sie werden einen ungeheuren Gewinn davon tragen.

  4. MEDITATION. Verschaffe Dir fur die Meditation einen besonderen, fur Dich reservierten Raum, den Du streng abschliessest. Wenn dies nicht moeglich ist, sollte zu diesem Zwecke eine Ecke Deines Zimmers durch einen kleinen Paravent (Ofenschirm) oder einen gezogenen Vorhang abgetrennt werden.

  5. DIENST DER BARMHERZIGKEIT. Gib regelmaessig Almosen Jeden Monat, oder sogar taeglich, soweit dies Deine Mittel erlauben. Versage in diesem Punkte nie. Wenn es noetig ist, verzichte auf einige Deiner persoenlichen Beduerfnisse, aber lass nicht ab, regelmessig Gutes zu tun.

  6. SWADHYAYA (Studium heiliger Schriften Studiere systematisch eine halbe bis eine ganze Stunde taeglich die Gita, die Ramayana, Bhagavatam, Vishnu-sahasranam, Lalita Sahasranam, Adityahridaya, die Upanishaden, Joga Vashista, die Bibel, die Nach. Tolge Christi, den Koran, Zend Avesta, die Ghatas,Tripikata oder andere religioese Buecher und hege reine Gedanken (Suddha Vichara).

  7. BRAHMACHARYA (Keuschheit). Bewahre die Vital-oder Sexualkraft, “Veerya” (den Samen), sehr, sgsam auí. Veetya ist Gott in Bewegung der Auswirkung (Vibhuti). Veerya ist Allmacht. Veerya ist die Fuelle des Reichtums. Veerya ist die Essenz, der Uigrund des Lebens, des Denkens, der Intelligenz. Diese Grundregel ist nicht bloss fur die Unverheirateten. Auch die Ehegatten muessen sie soweit als moeglich befolgen. Sie sollen in den ehelichen Beziehungen zu ihren Frauen aeusserst massvoll sein.

  8. Lerne einige GEBETSSTROPHEN (Slokas) und religioese Lieder (Stotras) auswendig und wiederhole sie, sobald du dich in Andachtsstellung (Asana, Jogasitz) begibst, noch bevor du mit Japa-Uebungen oder mit der Meditation beginnst. Dies wird eine rasche Erhebung der Gedanken und der Gemutsvertessung bewirken.

  1. GIB VOELLIG AUF: Schlechte Gesellschaft, Rauchen, Fleisch und alkoholische Getraenke. Pilege steten Umgang mit Weisen und Heiligen (Satsang). Lass gar keine schlechten Gewohnheiten in dir oufkommen. Bemuehe dich ernstlich, positive, tugendafte Figenschiten zu entwickeln.

  2. FASTE AN EKADASI TAGEN (Ekadasi ist der 11 Tag nach den Neumond und der 11 Tag nach dem Vollmond) oder lebe dann nur von Milch und Fruechten. Christen sollen jeden zweiten Sonntag, Mohamedaner jeden zweiten Freitag, und Paral an einem ihnen passenden Tag jeder zweiten Woche fasten.

  3. TRAGE EINEN JAPAMALA (Rosenkranz)um den Hals oder in der Tasche oder lege ihn nachts unter Dein Kopfkissen.

  4. HALTE MOWNA (Stillschweigen) waehrend zwei Stunden taeglich. Mache keine Handbewegun gen (Gesten) oder unbestimmte Geraeusche waehrend der Schweigezeit.

  5. BEHERRSCHTES SPRECHEN. Sage unter allen Umstaenden die Wahrheit. Sprich wenig. Sprich sanft und freundlich (Mithabhashana). Sage stets ermutigende Worte. Verurteile und entmutige nie. Erhebe Deine Stimme nicht, um kleine Kinder oder Untergebene anzuschreien.

  6. SCHRAENKE DEINE BEDUERFNISSE EΙΝ. Wenn du 4 Hemden hast, begnuege dich mit zweien oder dreien. Fuehre ein glueckliches, zufriedenes Leben. Vermeide unnoetige Sorgen. Sei geistig (mentally) unabhaengig. Lebe einfach und entwickle gutes, edles Denken. Gedenke der Menschen, welche nicht einmal einen Zehntel dessen besitzen, was du hast. Teile deinen Besitz mit den andern.

  1. VERLETZE, KRAENKE NIE JEMANDEN (Ahimsa Paramo Dharma). Beherrsche Deinen Aerger oder Zorn durch Liebe, Vergebung (Kshama) und Mitleid (Daya).

  2. SEI NICHT ABHAENGIG von Dienern. Selbstvertrauen ist die Hoechste aller Tugenden..

  3. UEBERDENKE, bevor du zur Ruhe gehst, die Fehler, die du im Laufe des Tages begangen hast (Selbstanalyse). Fuehre ein geistiges Tagebuch und ein Selbstverbesserungs-reqister wie Banjamin Franklin. Stelle taeglich ein Programım und eine Liste deiner Entschluesse auf. (Tagebuch und Entschliessungs-formulare koennen von der Divine Life Society bezogen werden).

  4. DENKE DARAN, dass der Tod jeden Moment ueber dich kommen kann. Verseaume nie, deine Pilichten zu erfuellen. Fuehre ein reines Leben (Sadachara).

  1. DENKE AN GOTT, sobald du erwachst und in dem Augenblick, bevor du einschlaefst. Gib dich voellig Gott hin (Sarana Gathi).

Dies ist der Inbegriff aller geistigen Uekungen (Sadhanas). Letztere werden dich zur Befreiung (Moksha, Samadhi, Unio mystica) fuehren. Alle diese Vorschriften (Nijamas) oder geistige Grundregeln muessen streng befolgt werden. Du darfst nicht deinen eigenen Einfaellen, Neigungen und Gedanken (mind) nachgeben. OM SHANTI, (Friede) SHANTI, SHANTI!!!


  1. Uebe Wahrhaftigkeit, Gewaltlosigkeit und Keuschheit.

  2. Sei gut und tue Gutes,

  3. Sei duldsam; ertrage Beleidigungen; ertrage Kraenkungen.

  4. Sei quetig gegen alle

  5. Diene allen; diene dem Herrn in allen und allom; liebe alle.

  6. Teile mit den andern, was du hast

  7. Gib, lauetere dich, meditiere, werwirkliche.

  8. Denke richtig und handle recht

  9. Erblicke das Eine Selbst in allen, erblicke Gott in jedem Antlitz.

  10. Fuehle: “ICH BIN des ailes durchdringende UNSTERBLICHE SELBST”.


  1. Dieses Selbst kann weder zerschnitten, verbrannt, durchnaesst, noch ausgetrocknet werden. Es durchdringt alles, es ist ewig, stetig unbeweglich und war da von alters her.

  2. Du hast nur das Anrecht auf Arbeit, aber nie auf deren Fruechte; weder darf das Ergebnis oder der Lohn der Beweggrund deines Handelns, noch sollst du der Untaetigkeit verhaltet sein.

  3. Nur der Mensch, der sich im Zuezel haelt und dessen Sinne von der Anziehung und Abstoessung der Erscheinungswelt frei geworden sind, gelangt zum Frieden.

  4. Ich bin leicht erreichbar fuer den immer standhaften Jogy, der fortwaehrend und taeglich Meiner und keines Anderen gedenkt.

  5. Was immer du tust, was immer du issest, was immer du als Opfer darbringst, was immer du an Kasteiungen durchfuehrst, O Kaunteya, biete es MIR als Gabe dar!

  6. Derjenige, der Freund und Feind gleich begeq. Net, der in Ehre und Unehre, Hitze und Kaelte, Freude und Schmerz, der Selbe bleibt, der frei von Anhaenglichkeiten ist, dem Kritik und Lob dasselbe bedeutet, der still und mit allem zufrieden, heimatlos, unentwegt-standhaft und voller Hingabe ist, diesen Menschen habe ICH lieb.

  7. Mit Haenden und Fuessen gegenwartig, mit Augen, Koepfen und Muendern allueberall so existiert ER in dieser Welt, sie alle in Sich schliessend.

  8. Dreifach ist das Tor der Hoelle und zerstoere. Risch fuer das SELBST. Es ist geformt aus Sinnenlust, Zorn und Habgier: auf alle drei verzichte deshalb!

  9. Gib alle deine Pflichten auf und nimm Zuflucht bei MIR; von allen Suenden werde ich dich befreien. Graeme dich nicht!


Yogastellungen (Asanas)

Gesundheit ist Reichtum, Gesundheit ist tatsaech. Lich ein begehrenswerter Besitz. Gute Gesundheit ist fur alle ein wertvoller Besitz. Man kann durch regelmaessige Uebungea (Asanas) gesund werden. Yogastellungen

Die Uebung verschiedener Stellungen (Asanas) hillt die Sinne zu beherrschen, erzeugt friedliche Gedanken, verteilt die kosmische Energie (Prana) gleichmaessig durch den ganzen Koerper und in die verschiedenen Organe, gewaehrleistet gesundes Funktionieren der inneren Organe und massiert innerlich die verschiedenen Unterleibsorgane. Leibesuebungen ziehen die Energie (Prana) heraus. Aber die Yogastellungen (Asanas) ziehen Prana herein. Die Asanas heilen viele Krankheiten und wecken die geistige Kraft (Kundalini Shakti). Dies sind die Heuptvorteile des Systems der Yogauebungen, die kein anderes System gewaehrt.

Uebe taeglich wenigstens 5 Minuten einige Stel. Lungen (Asanas). Du wirst dadurch wundervolle Gesundheit erlangen. Uebe aber regelmaessig Ragelmaessigkeit ist von besonderer Bedeutung. Uebe die Kobrastellung (Bhujang), die Heuschreckenstellung (Salab), die Bogenstellung (Dhanur), die Kerze

Sarvangasana), dia Pilugstellung (Halasana) und Paschimottanasana (Rumpfbeuge vorwatts). Bhujang, Salab und Dhanur Asanas beseitigen Verstoeplung und Muskelschmerzen im Ruecken. Kopfstand (Sirshasara), Sarvang und Hala helfen dir, Keuschheit zu bewahren, machen das Rueckgrat elastisch und heilen alle Krankheiten. Paschimottanasana beseitigt Fettansatz am Bauch und foerdert die Verdauung. Entspanne am Schluss durch Savasana alle Muskeln. (Die genaue Beschreibung aller Uebungen siehe in Swami Sivanandas Buch “Hatha Yoga”, Lebensweiserverlag, Bueddingen-Geitenbach)

Diese Stellungen (Asanas) uebt man morgens mit leerem Magen oder fruehestens drei Stunden nach der Mahlzeit. Die Morgenstunde ist fur Asanas am guenstigsten. Lege Augenglaeser waehrend der Uebungen ab. Trage wenn noetig ein Trikothemd oder Langotee. Sei maessig im Essen. Strengste geschlechtliche Enthaltsamkeit (Brahmacharya) ist fuer den Erfolg in Yoga-uebungen sehr wichtig. Uebe jede Stellung im Anfang nur ganz kuız und verlaengere allmaehlich die Dauer. Befriedige die koerperlichen Beduerfnisse vor der Uebung. Knaben und Maedchen von zehn Jahren an wie auch Frauen koennen diese Uebungen machen.

Die Welt braucht gesunde, kraeftige Jungen und Maedchen. Was aber sehen wir heute in Indien ? Indien, das Land der Rishis (Seher der Wahrheit) und Weisen, das Land, welches Bhishma, Bhima, Arjuna, Drona, Aswatthama, Kripa, Parasurama und zahllose andere ritterliche Krieger hervorbrachte, der Boden, welcher unzaehlige Rajputhasuptlinge von ungebeugtem Mut und unvergleichlicher Staerke trug, hat heute einen Ueberschuss von Schwaechlingen und aengstlichen Menschen. Kinder heiraten Kinder. Die Gesetze der Gesundheit werden missachtat und verleugnet. Das Volk leidet und stirbt Die Welt aber traucht zahllose taplere, sittlich hochatehende Soldaten, welche die fuenf Tugenden besitzen: Gewaltlosigkeit (Ahimsa), Wahrhaftigkeit (Satyam), Nichtstehlen (Asteya), Keuschheit (Bralımacharya) und Freiheit von Habsucht (Aparigraha).

Atemuebungen (Pranayama)

Pranayama ist eine exakte Wissenschaft, das vierte Glied (Anga) des Ashtanga Yoga oder Raja Yoga Es bedeutet Regelung des Atems oder Pranakontrolle.

Pranayama stetigt die Gedanken, steigert das gastrische Feuer regt die Verdauung an, kraftigt die Nerven, vernichtet Leidenschaftlichkeit und Unrast (Rajas, rottet alle Krankheiten aus, beseitigt die Traegheit, macht den Koerper leicht und gesund und weckt Kundalini, die Geistige Energie.

Pranayama sollte man nur bei leerem Magen ueben. Uebe regelme sig und lade nicht unmittelbar danach. Unterlasse im Anfang noch das Zureckhalten des Atems (Kumbhaka) Mache nur langsam und sachte Einatmen (Purak) und Ausatmen (Rechak). Strenge den Atem nicht mehr an, als du kannst. Als Verbeltnis zwischen Einatmen, Anhalten und Ausatmen (Purak, Kumbhak und Rechak) gilt 1:4:2 Atme sehr, sehr langsam aus.

Nimm din Pedma, Siddha oder Sukha Asana (Stel lung) ein Kopf, Nacken und Oberkoerper muessen eine gerade Linie bilden. Atme langsam durch das linke Nasenloch ein und halte den Atem entsprech end lange an, dann atme langsam durch das rechte Nasenloch wieder aus. Das ist die Haelfte von Pranayama. Darauf atmet man durch das rechte Nasenloch ein, haelt den Atom an und atmet durch das linke Nasenloch wieder aus. Halte den Atem nicht laenger als 1-2 Minuten an.

Mache zehn oder zwanzig Pranayamas je nach deinen Faehigkeiten. Uebermuede dich nicht dabei. Steigere allmaehlich die Arzahl der Pranayamas. Du kannst bis zu 16:64:32 çehen Das ist leichtes, bequemes Franayama (Sukh Furvak).

Im Sommer uebe Sitali (siehe Swami Sivananda, Hatha Yoga, S. 75, Lebensweiserverlag, BeuddingenGettenbach). Das reinigt das Blut uud kuehlt auch den gesamten Organismus Im Winter uebe Bhastrika (Blasbalg), das in sehr schnellem, kraeftigem Atmen besteht (siehe Hatha Yoga S. 75). Es heilt Asthma und Schwindsucht. Wiederhole in Gedanken waehrend deiner Uebungen OM oder Ram. Halte strenges Zoelibat (Brahmacharya) und Diaet. Du wirst ein Hoechstmass von Gewinn davon haben und schnell die Astralkanaele (Nadis) reinigen.

Prana und Denken hangen aufs engste zusammen. Wer Prana beherrscht, beherrscht zugleich seine Gedanken. Wer seine Gedanken beherrscht, hat ganz von selbst auch Prana in seiner Gewalt. Prana steht zum Denken und dadurch zum Willen in Beziehung und durch den Willen mit der Einzelsesle und durch die Einzelneele mit der Hoechsten Seele.

Beginne deine Uebungen noch in diesem Augen. Blick mit vollem Ernst. Kontrolliere deinen Atem und beruhige die Gedanken. Stetige den Atem und tritt Samadhi (Ekstase) ein. Beherrsche den Atem und verlaengere dadurch dein Leben. Unterwirf dir den Atem und werde dadurch ein Yogi, ein Dynamo von Kraft Frieden, Seligkeit und Giueck.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Shakti ist die wie eine Schlange zusammengerollte, schlummernde kosmische Kraft, die hinter aller organischen wis unorganischen Materie steht Kundalini Shakti ist die uranfaengliche Energie, welche im untersten Zentrum, im Muladhara Chakra, in einem potentiellen Schlummerzustand ruht. Mit Kundalini Yoga meint man den Yoga, der von Kundalini Shakti, den sieben Zentren oder Chakras geistiger Energie handelt, sowie von der Erweckung der schlafenden Kundalini Shakti und ihrer Vereinigung mit Siva, dem Herren, im Sahasrara Chakra im Scheitelpunkt des Hauptes. Die sieben Zentren oder Chakras werden von Kundalini Shakti, wenn sie zum Scheitel aufsteigt, durchgestossen.

Diese sieben Chakras heissen: Muladhara in der Gegend des Afters, Swadhishtana an der Wurzel des Zeugungsgliedes, Manipura in der Nabelgegend, Anahata im Herzen, Vishuddha im Nacken, Ajna im Reum zwischen beiden Augenbraeuen und Sahasrara im Scheitalpunkt des Kopfes.

Nadis sind die Astralkanaele durch welche die Pranastrome gehen. Man kann sie mit blossem Auge nicht sehen. Es sind ja nicht die gewoehnlichen Nerven, Arterien oder Adern. Es gibt 72,000 Nadia, von denen drei besonders wichtig sind, naemlich Ida, Pingala und Sushumna, der psychische Nerven. Strom, der durch das linke Nesenloch geht, und kuehlende Wirkung hat, im Unterschied von Pingala, das im rechten Nasenloch endet, und als Solares Nadi erwaermt. Sushumna ist das wichtigste, weil Kundalini nur durch dieses Nadi aufsteigt, das vom Muladhara Chakra curch die Wirbelsaeule ins Sahasrara Chakra fuehrt.

Der Yogi oeffnet die Muendung des Sushumna Nadi durch Atemkontrolle (Pranayama), Paadhas und Mudras (siehe Hatha Yoga), erweckt die schlummernde Kundalini und bringt sie durch die niedrigeren sechs Chakras ins Sahasrara im Scheitel. Kundalini schlummert 3) mal geringelt im Muladhara Chakra. Die drei Ringe stellen die drei Eigenschaften der Weltenergie (Gunas) dar und die halbe Schlinge die Erzeugnisse Prakritis, des Urstofis, wie Intellekt, Bewusstsein, Sinnesorgane und so weiter.

Kundalini wird vom Hatha Yogi durch Atemkontrolle (Pranayama) Asanas und Mudras erweckt, vom Raja Yogi durch Konzentration, von Bhakta durch Andacht und fromme Selbstaufgabe, vom Gyani durch analytischen Willen, allgemein durch Wiederholen von Mantras, Gebeten, heiligen Formeln (Japa) und durch die Gnade des Guru

Wenn du rein geworden bist und frei von allen Begierden, wird Kundalini von selbst aufwachen und du wirst Nutzen davon haben. Wenn du Kundalini durch heitige Methoden gewaltsam weckst. Wenn dein Herz unlauter ist, wenn Beqiørden in deinen Gedanken lauern, wirst du Versuchungen verschiedener Art erliegen, sobald du von einer Ebene zur anderen uebergehst. Dein Wille wird erliegen. Du wirst keine Willenskraft mehr haben, um diesen Versuchungen zu widerstehen. Ein Schueler, der fest an die heiligen Schrilten (Shastras) des Yoga glaubt, der mutig, andachtig, bescheiden, grossmuetiq, barmherzig, lauter und leidenschaftslos ist, kann leicht Kundalini wecken und Erfolg in der Vereinigung mit dem Absoluten (Samadhi) haben. Er muss aber auch richtig leben und sich selbst beherischen (Yoga). Er muss dauernd seinem Guru dienstbar und frei von Lusternheit, Zorn, Gier (Moha), Habsucht und Eitelkeit sein.

Sobald Kundalini ins Sahasrata gebracht und dort mit Siva, dem Herrn, vereinigt ist, tritt vollkommen. Es Samadhi, der ueberbewusste selige Zustand ein. Dann trinkt der Yogi den Nektar der Unsterblichkeit.

Moege Mutter Kundalini euch alle bei euren Yogauebungen leiten! Moege ihr Segen ench allen zu Teil werden!

Language: Italian


Per il III Congresso di Sorrento:

Non e lontano il tempo in cui Scienziati e Filosofi laaceranno il loro grido di (basta )a questa condotta di approcci, e proclameranno con coraggio e franchezza che il finito non puo misurare l’infinito, e che un pupazzo di sale puo (scandagliare) le profondita dell’Oceano soltanto dissolvendo se stes30 mell’Oceano.

Tuttavia, quello che conta, non e il volume delle informazioni da noi raccolte, ma quanto profonda sia la nostra sapienza; non conta quante cognizioni noi si abbia potuto acquisire, bensi in quale misura noi si sia stati in grado di trasferire queste nostre cognizioni nella vita di ogni giorno. Quindi state svegli ed operanti. E’ passato il tempo delle vacue discussioni accademiche. E’ giunta l’ora dellazione. Incitate il popolo all’attivita, intesa dinamica. L’attivita e come un laboratorio dove il cuore umano viene messo alla prova, viene pesato e misurato.

Soccorrere l’umanita, servirla con amore e senza egoismo sono il banco di prova per stabilire il valore interno di un individuo. Questo richiede un cervello superscientifico ed un cuore onesto.

Mi auguro che il vostro Congresso produca qu simile cervello e un simile cuore Iddio vi benedica

Tuttil Voglia l’Onnipotente coronare il vostro lavoro del piu ardente successo.

L’unita in Tutto piu volte proclemata nel croso di questi ultimi anni, gia sentita dai grandi spiritualisti dell’Oriente, vuole trovare nel III Congresso Internazionale d’Integrazione Scientifica promosso da Renato DAMIANI, Presidente e Fondatore dell’. Accademia Universale del Governo Cosmo Astosofico-Libera Universita di Psico Biofisica-la sua affermazione.

Mentre tutto il mondo soffre di una crisi che potrebbe essere mortale, un monito solenne si sprigiona dal profondo dei nostri cuori: o rinnovarsi o perire.

Gli anni futuri non saranno certamente felici • troppo scarse sono le nostre possibilita per arginare altre calamita, altre disgrazie. Abbiamo constatato che molto spesso nei molteplici aspetti delle varie discipline manca il contenuto spirituale, il fine piu nobile, lo scopo della nostra esistenza: il bene dell’umanita, quel bene che dovrebbe essere attuato con l’azione pratica di ciascuno e che invece trova espressione in vuotee vane parole.

Per questi motivi studiosi italiani e stranieri, i grandi Maestri si accompagnano ai mistici innamorati della Metapsichica.

II III Congresso Internazionale di Sorrento non e quindi una riunione contingente ma e l’incontro di molti studiosi delle piu diverse dottrine, provenienti da ben dodici Nazioni, accomunati soltanto da quella fede che non e stata ancora (proclamata).

Noi dell’Accademia Universale del Governo Cosmo Astrosofisico siamo fieri di aver attuato questo incontro dove sara proclamata ad una voce l’unita nel campo dello spirito, unica ed invincible forza artiva.

Di questa concreta realta la presente publicazione e il primo e, vogliamo sperare, non unico segno della nostra costruttiva operosita.

TRIESTE (36) CIRO MANGANARO Via Carducci, 12 Segretario generale dell’U.A.K.A.

GNANA YOGA, BA SWAMI SIVANANDA (Translated in Mondi Lingua)

  1. VI esa un Atma u Spiritu nondependante da el corpoedel mente. Iste Spiritu esa non mortale non mutable nonfiniate. Adnoshe iste Atma ed ese liber.

  2. Iste Atma esa Sat-Chit-Ananda: Absolute Existance, Absolute Consciazo, Absolute Beatude. II exista in el passato, prezanto e future: tale man il esa Sat. Il esa pure od absolute Consciazo sanse acune penso: tale man il esa Chit. Il esa absolute Beatude: tale man il esa Ananda.

  3. El corpo nonreale perisha, ma el Atma od Eser Intim esa nonmortale. Tale man vos ne dova adolorar quando alqu muora. In esance cha hom esa Atma nonmortale.

  4. Iste Atma ne pova esar vulnerate ba acunu: il esa subtile, ommipervandante. Il esa el Intim Swa de omnos.

  5. Iste Atma esa sansenasce, sansemorte, sansechange. Quando el corpo esa ucidate, Su ne esa ucidate. Por to ne plore, ne lamente. Ese sempre contente.

  6. El fuoco ne pova brusar iste Atma, el spade ne pova lo forar, el bombe no lo pova destruyar, el mitralhe ne lo pova ucidar.

  7. Iste Atma esa eterne nonmovable, sansealtre, swaexistante, swacentrate. Porto, savand ke so esa fale man, fu ne dova plorar quando tue patro, tue matra, tue filio, tue muye u tue paranto muora.

  8. Iste cadue corapo certum cessera: el Eser Intim mai ne pova perishar. Tu esa el Spiritu non. Mortale. Porto, neadolore po ol non evitable,

  9. Brahma od Atma esa ultre el grapo del mente parlo. Su esa ultre el logike, razon, el science e li processes mentale. Su dova esar realizate mediant el meditazo.

  10. Yu ne pova negar u dubitare yor existance. Yn sempre sensa ke yu exista. Isto existance esa el Atma, u yor propre Swa. Illu cu conosha le dubio u lo nega sempre exista. Iste conoshator esa yor propre Atma.

  11. In el sogno yu esa distinte da el corpo fyzio. In profunde sopno, yu esa distinte da el corpo ed el mente. Yu fruya pace e geatude in el sopno profunde. To pruva ke vos esa ni corpo ni mente, ma ke vos esa Spiritu omnifelice.

  12. Vi esa un sole Realitad u Veritad. Il esa Brahman od Atma. Omne apariancas esan nonreale. Les esan li efectos de Maya; Brahmani povo illuzive.

  13. Vide le Une Atma nonmortale in omne namas e formas. Istossole esa juste percevazo.

  1. Ignorance esa el cauze del dolor e tristece. Anihile iste ignorance pe: Brahma Gnana: omne mizerias haveran lor fin.

  2. Isto Atma esa ultre el tempor, spacio: cauzaso: Tempor, spacio e cauzaso esan creade mettre

  3. Quam el serpento esa vidate in el corde, late midovd el corpo esan vidate in Brahman.

  4. Berand une lumin, el serpento evania: solum el corde remania. Atania le illuminazo, ed iste monda e ce corpo evanian: el Atman solum remania Quel Atma tu esa: Tat twam asi.

  5. El senso del i e mic, agiazo, e fruyazo, va ligan a Samsara. Destruye iste ideas. Identifike vu ipse con el Atma, que esa non-agiante, non-Iruyante Yu ataniera le non-mortalitad ed Eterne Beatude

  1. El plazuro de li sensos esa solum dolor. II esa un excitazo momentane, un momentane sensazo del corpo, un momentane stilulazo sensuale Yu pova havar eterne beatude solum in yor propre intim Atma.

  2. Demande: Cu esu? Neghe u sumette II mitante (el corpo, el mente, ec.), conosce le Swa ed ese liber.

  3. Pense constanteman po el Atma non mortale omnipervadiante. Cesse de pensar po el corpo ataniera le swa-realizaso

  4. Yu esa sempre liber. Yu esa ja liber Moxa ne esa alquo pro ataniar. Yu dova savar ke yu esa Atma, ke esa liber.

  5. Destruye li Vasanes, li subtile dezires e anpidazas. To vu dusera al anihilazo del mente Dastruyazo del mente vu dusera ad obteniar Brahma-guana u Swai conoshazo.

  6. Iste mondo esa illudative. Solum Brahman esa reale. Yu esa identic con Brahma: realise into ed ese liber!

  7. El savio liberate reposa in sue propre Sat-chit-ananda Swa-rupa, Su esa liber da el egoismo, passion, odio, avidece, ire, ed omne pares de opozetoy. Su have equanime vidazo ed une mente equilibrate. Su esa Brahman ipse.

  8. OM esa Brahmani symbol. OM esa yor nama vere. Medite po el OM e sue significato. Yu ataniera le swa realizaso.

  9. I esu Spiritu omnipervadante, nonmortale. I esu Pure Consciazo. I esu Sat-Chit-Ananda ipse 1 esu el testimon. Istes esan formules pro constante meditazo ed asertazo.

  10. Provide vu con li quatre moyenes. Audie li Srutias, reflecte e medite. Realizaso. Yu ataniera le Swa

  11. Tu ne esa ce corpo caduc. Tu ne esa ce mente mutable. Tu esa omnipervadiante, nonmortale, nonfinate, nonmutable Spiritu od Atma Adnoshe to e camine felice.

  12. Vigile le respiro. Il canta So’ham: So durant el inalazoed aham durant el exalazo. Il memora vu “i esu Su.” Medite po So’ham ed atanie le Swai realizaso.

The above is al translation in Mondi Lingua of an article published in the Yoga-Vedanta Weekly, Vol. II, No. 47 (26) July, 1951).

Those persons who may be interested on this international language Mondi Lingua are heartily invited to write and sand their address to Mr. Aldo Lavagnini, Apartado postal 2929, Mexico D.F., Mexico, North America.


(Dr. Maryse Choisy, Paris)

J’ai vecu deux mois avec un saint dans le Himalayas. C’est un des etres les plus equilibres que j’aie rencontres. Le plus grand mystique n’est ni nevrose ni schizoide. Mais pour qu’il puisse trouver grace chez les hommes ordinaires, peut-etre faut-il que ces hommes ordinaires bri ent precisement avec le reel ordinaire. Les mystiques sont a leur aise sur la terre comme au ciel Leurs disciples se dechirent entre deux points si eloignes et finissent par perdre le contact. Le milieu ou le saint se developpe est caracterise par cette coupure sans quoi l’homme englue dans le quotidien ne saurait rencontrer celui qui le depasse. Mais le saint, lui doit reunir et non disjoindre

Nous publions plus loin le protocole du test de Rorschach etabli par le Dr. Spiegelberg, professeur a la Stanford University (Californie) et le protocole du TAT que j’ai fait passer au Swami Sivananda Saraswati Maharaj. On verra combien les reponses du Swami sont riches de sante morale.

Depuis Ramakrichna et Vivekananda, dans chaque generation l’Inde a toujours eu un grand saint pour etonner le monde. Le dernier dont l’Europe ait parle avec admiration fut Aurobindo qui dirigea l’ashram de Pondichery. Il mourut l’annee derniere. Aujourd’hui le plus celebre yoguin, celui dont on vient baiser les pieds a mille lieues a la ronde, celui qu’on appelle le Saint des Himalayas est Swami Sivananda Saraswati Maharaj. C’est lui que j’ai voulu connaitre. C’est dans son ashram que j’ai vecu deux mois de la vie la plus ascetique et la plus merveilleuse, et que j’ai tourne un documentaire en couleurs ou on verra les rites les plus archetypiques de l’Inde.

Quelque part au pied des Himalayas, le Gange tout neuf se precipite de toutes ses glaces rapides. Au-dessus d’un sombre ravin hante (disent les nourrices aux petits-enfants) par les esprits des penitents, se trouve un pont suspendu qui invite au suicide les coeurs romantiques. Plus loin Rishikesh, litteralement la ville des richis, des voyants, Rishikesh fermee aux Europeens lors de mon dernier voyage, Rishikesh presente au soleil ses vieux temples venerables, ou la cloche sonne comme un fantome d’outreterre au milieu de petites rues qui sentent la mort parfumee. Entre Latchman Djhola et Rishikesh, des richis, des sadhous, le front trois fois couvert de cendres, des ermites aux longs cheveux roux, des sannyasins voiles d’orange peuplent les plaines du Gange. Sur la rive gauche le Gita Bowan porte sur ses murs tous les versets de la Bhagavad Gita. Sur la rive droite, a la lisiere de la jungle de Dehra Dun, le Sivanandashram etale ses huttes au flanc de la montagne qui mouille ses herbes dans le fleuve sacre.

On imagine mal en Europe un ashram. C’est un couvent, sans doute. Mais c’est aussi beaucoup plus que cela. Spirituellement, un ashram n’est pas voue a une religion particuliere. L’Hindou considere que la mystique unit et que la theologie divise. Au som

Met tous ceux qui aiment Dieu s’assemblent et es ressemblent Plus pres de la terre les theologiens se disputent sur les regles, les canons, les interdits. Dans chaque ashram, depuis le plus savant jusqu’au plus contemplatif, on trouve toujours, a cole de Krichna, de Rama, de Vishnou, de Siva, de la Grande Mere, de Bouddha, le Christ, non pas en croix mais avec le Sacre Coeur, la Vierge, les images de sainte Therese, de saint Jean de la Croix, de saint Francois d’Assise et meme des prophetes musulmans. Un ashram est un pantheon de mystiques de tous les coins de la terre. Je me souviens avec attendrissement d’une soiree ou j’assistai a des kirtans (danses et chants sacres) et ou, a cause de ma presence le Swami Sivananda, apres avoir module les Hari Krishna et les Hari Rama, entonna un Ave Maria.

Ensuite un grand ashram comme celui d’Aurobindo ou de Sivananda est un village Il contient une ferme qui nourrit les ashramites, une imprimerie, des ecoles, une universite, des ateliers de photographie, des ateliers de reliure, des ateliers pour les metiers locaux, une menuiserie, une centrale electrique, en un mot tout ce qui est necessaire pour qu’une communaute se suffise a elle-meme. Le Sivanandashram en outre possede un hopital gratuit ou des grands patrons de la medecine ne dedaignent pas venir soigner la population rurale de Himalayas. Chacun paye son sejour avec ce qu’il sait faire. Ainsi on m’a demande de donner un cours sur la psychanalyse, de voir quelques nevroses et d’ecrire un article pour la revue de l’ashram. Si vous etes professeur de quelque chose, on vous prie d’enseigner dans les ecoles. Si vous etes cordonnier, vous ferez des chaussures. Si vous ne savez rien faire, on vous choisira pour veiller a la proprete des chambres, pour calligraphier des addresses, pour dactylographier ou pour mener paitre les vaches Mais on ne vous mettra a la cuisine que si vous etes brahmane. Le contact avec les aliments est tout de meme soumis a des rites.

La redgle ascetique est severe. La nourriture se compose de fruits, de lait, de riz et d’eau fraiche du Gange. Par 50° ou 60° c’est tolerable. Ce qui l’est moins c’est de dormir sur un lit de bois sans l’ombre d’un matelas. La chastete accompagne le reste. Je pus constater combien il faut peu a l’homme pour vivre. Ce qui me parut le plus dur ce fut de ne pas fumer.

Au bout de trois semaines sans la moindre cigarette a l’horizon, je m’en fus trouver le Swami Maharadj, le desespoir dans tout mon corps.

-Ecoutez, Swamidji, lui dis-je. Je n’en peux plus. Il m’est absolument impossible de continuer a faire mes cours ou a vous donner un article sans tabac. Je suis completement abrutie. Je ne peux meme pas fumer dans la cheminee ocmme je le faisais dans mon college a Cambridge parce que vous avez ma parole, et ensuit parce quil n’y a pas de cheminee chez vous.

-Depuis combien de temps n’avez-vous pas fume? Demanda le Swami Maharaj.

-Depuis trois semaines.

Alors le Swami Maharadj eut ce sourire plein d’humour, de gentillesse et de serenite qui ne fleurit que sur les levres des saints:

-Mais c’est beaucoup plus que je n’esperais. C’est magnifique. Vous avez donne une preuve admirable de volonte. C’est l’essentiel. Nous ne sommes pas des sadiques qui cherchent a ennuyer le voisin pour le plaisir de demontrer leur domination. Il me suffit de savoir que si cela est absolument indispensable vous pouvez ne pas fumer. Dieu ne demande pas l’impossible.

Meme le plus endurci des rationalistes ne pourrait demeurer insensible au rayonnement, au magnetisme qui se degagent de Swami Sivananda Saraswati Maharadj. Malgre leur valeur incontestable, ce n’est pas la centaine de livres qu’il a ecrits (un seul a ete traduit en francais) (9) qui m’impressionne le plus. Mais c’est tout le male amour pour 1 humanite qui chauffe chacun de ses mots, chacun de ses gestas.

-L’essence de la religion, m’a-t-il dit, est dans 1’ experience immediate du divin.

On sent aussitot qu’il parle de ce qu’il connait, que cette experience il l’a vecue, et que toute la lumiere est demeuree sur ce “libere vivant”. Il ne s’agit pas de vaine litterature quand il prononce “servir” ou “amour”.

-L’instinct sexuel, insiste til, est la plus grande force dans la vie humaine. Il faut le sublimer. L’amour est le chemin vers Dieu. L’amour purifie l’ame.

Il affirme encore, en vral Hindou:

-Rien n’est certain dans ce monde. Seule la mort est certaine.

Mais c’est pour ajouter aussitot, comme l’aurait fait un chretien:

-Vous devez vous crucifier (sic) pour vivre en Dieu. Il faut mourir pour vivre.

Rien chez lui de cette paresse, de cette resignation qu’on a tant reprochees a l’Inde. Il ne se lasse pas de repeter a ses disciples:

-L’esprit qui se refugie dans l’inactivite confond inertia et salut. Soyez tous dynamiques. Ne restez pas la a ne rien faire et a attendre que Dieu vous aide. Commencez par agir. Faites ce que vous devez faire, du mieux que vous le pourrez. Et confiez vous pour le reste a Dieu.

Et voici enfin un nouveau son de cloche chez un mystique qui a l’habitude de preferer l’affectivite a l’intelligence.

-Vous pouvez trouver des corres sur un lievre, m’a-t-il avoue tres pince-sans-rire, vous pouvez extraire l’huile du sable, mais vous ne pouvez pas influencer un idiot definitif.

C’est que le Swami Sivananda Saraswati Maharadj fut lui-meme un fort en theme. Il se montra un etudiant malicieux, vif, avec une memoire extraordinaire et une comprehension rapide. Il conquit son doctorat a l’epoque ou les jeunes hommes cherchent encore leur voie. Pendant vingt ans il exerca la medecine generale en Malaisie. Il fut un hygieniste avant d’etre un sage! Il soigna les corps avant de soigner les ames.

Vers l’approche de la quarantaine il desespera, impuissant devant les souffrances humaines

-Y a-t-il une solution? Se demanda Sivananda Saraswati.

Il quitta son metier. Il quitta sa position sociale. Il quitta sa richesse, Il devint un mendiant sacre avec trois barres de cendre sur le front. Il devint ermite. Pendant sept ans il medita dans une cavene sur les bords du Gange. “Y a-t-il une solution a la souffrance humaine?”

Puis un jour il la trouva. Il parcourut l’Inde avec un nouveau message: “SERVIR.” Puis il revint sur les bords du Gange, la ou le fleuve sacre sortant des glaces se met a courir plus rapidement, la ou l’eau est si pure qu’elle demeure inalteree au bout de vingt ans de bouteille. L’ashram naquit tout seul. Et l’hopital et le dispensaire, gratuits tous deux na urellement, pousserent sur le flanc de la mont. Agne. Servir....

Ici il n’est pas question de pouvoirs magiques ni de miracles. Un jeune novice qui, sous la direction du maitre yoguin, Swami Satchidanand (10), venait de reussir un exercice particulierement difficile, demanda:

--Dites-moi, quand pourrai-je marcher sur les flots du Gange?

Le Swami lui tendit une piece:

-Vous voulez sans doute aller sur la rive d’en face ?... Voila deux annas. Vous traversera. Pour ce prix le passeur

Le bon sens est pour moi un des principaux crite. Res de la saintete et meme du genie De saint Ignace a Jeanne d’Arc, do sainte Therese a saint Francois d’Assise, ce qui distingue le fou d’amour de Dieu du fou sterile, ce qui distingue le genie du nevrose, c’est un bon sens solide entre l’extase et l’inspiration. Ily a ici quelque chose en plus qui fuit a travers les plus fins sondages de l’analyse. Cette civilisation sans contact est une civilisation d’ames.


(9) Dans la collection dirigee par Jean HERBERT. (Cher

Albin Michel).

(10) Voir les photos qui illustrent cet article sur 30 la et 40 page de la couverture,

Language: Dutch


Kerte Levensschets

Door Sri Swami Venkatesananda

Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswati die door GeneraalMajoor A.N. Sharma als iemand van ‘Internationale betekenis wordt begroet, door Generaal K.M. Cariappa (gepensionneerd Opperbevelhebber van het Indiase Leger) als een “Boodschapper van Vrede en Goede Will” en door verschillende andere Internationale Leiders als een dynamische, kosmische weldoener wordt genoemd, is een levend monument voor de oude geestelijke waarheden welke in de leringen der Heilige Boeken van het mystieke Oosten verborgen zijn.

Deze Heilige (*) met een universele zienswijze werd geboren op be 8ste September 1887, in een orthodoxe Zuid-Indiase familie, befaamd door haar Sanskrietkenners en vrome wijze mannen. Ofschoon hij gedurende zijn jeugd in de voetsporen van zijn familie trad, brak hij met de traditie, toen hij een innerlijke drang in zich voelde om de arme, lijdende mensen op de plantages in Malaka te dienen. Hij

(*) Het begrip ‘Heilige’ geeft dikwijls genoeg aanleiding tot vooroordeel. In werkelijkheid is het, dat het volk van India niet het ‘voertuig’ vereert doch het Onsterlelijke Beginsel in de mens.

Promoveerde in de Medicijnen en was de eerste in de familie die naar het buitenland ging. Door zijn helende handen, zijn stralende glimlach en ede. Imoedig hart, trok hij een menigte van zieke mensen tot zich die hij vreugdevol dag en nacht in Malaka diende.

Ofschoon de eindeloze optocht van zieken en lijdenden hem gelegenheid in overvloed bood om te dienen, welke gelegenheid hij aangreep en gebruikte, deed zij hem herinneren aan het probleem, dat Prins Siddharta eertijds van het Paleis naar het would dreef. Evenals de Heer Boeddha gaf ook Sri Swami Sivananda het leven van macht en invlood op en zocht naar een oplossing voor het Probleem van het Lijden.

Hij keerde naar India terug; niet als rijk dokter kwam hij thuis, doch als Bedelmonnik. Na een uitges trekte zwerftochtdoor het gehele land vestigde hij zich tenslotte in Rishikesh-het Land van de Hermieten. Onvermoeid dienstbetoon, slapeloze, in meditatie doorgebrachte nachten en ontzagwekkende suberheid brachten hem wat hij zocht. Uit dit leven van afzondering kwam hij met geestelijk inzicht en kracht te voorschijn. Met de gelovige schare van volgelingen die zich rondom hem had verzameld, begon hij de ‘DIVINE LIFE SOCIETY’ in 1936 mot het enige doel om aan iedereen deze waarheid te brengen, dat werkelijk geluk ergens anders ligt dan waar men het meent te vinden en dat eeuwig gelak kan worden verkregen door een rechtschapen levenswandel, door zuiver leven. Een waarheidlievend, liefdevol en

In elke van de ruim 200 boeken die hij tot nu toe geschreven heeft, legt Sri Swami Sivananda de grootste nadruk op onzelfzuchtige dienst aan de zieken, de armen en de vertrapten, als een ‘sine qua non’ van geestelijke verwezenlijking.

Thans heeft Sri Swami Sivananda discipelen over de gehele wereld, die, in verschillende graden, zijn hoge geestelijke kracht hebben ervaren, een kracht waardoor hij met hen gemeenschap heeft, succes in het leven brengt, hen in geestelijke oefeningen leidt en hen innerlijk transformeert. ‘The Divine Life Society’ heeft meer 300 dan afdelingen over de gehele wereld.

Sri Swami Sivananda heeft de Yoga-Vedanta Forest University in Rishikesh op-gericht waar hij persoonlijk alle zoekers naar de waarheid oefent; naast een paar honderd vaste inwoners van deze kolonie verblijven honderden bezeekers uit andere delen van India en uit andere landen in de Universiteit die opgeleid worden in de verschillende vakken van Yoga. Aldus werkt deze “mens-van-God” onophoudelijk voor de vrede en het welzijn van de gehele mensheid.

Een tocht door geheel India door de Swamiji in 1950, bracht-behalve de verspreiding van zijn boodschap door het gehele land-een haast wonderbaarlijke verandering te weeg in het leven van duizenden. In 1953 gaf Sri Swami Sivananda de meest practische demonstratie van zijn lering dat alle Godsdiensten een zijn in hun essentie, door het bijeanroepen van het “Parliament of Religions” in zijn eigen Ashram, dat werd bijgewoond door afgev. Aardigden uit de gehele wereld. Via de “All-WorldReligions-Federation”, waarvan hij de Stichter is, verspreidt hij het Evangelie van Religieuse Eenheid, als een essentieel vereiste voor menselijke Broederschap.

Voor verdere inlichtingen, gelieve te schrijven aan:


Buntlaan 73 Driebergen-Holland


Buntlaan 73


THE DIVINE LIFE SOCIETY’, gesticht door Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswali-ANANDA KUTIR Rishikesh, Himalayas, India-wordt in Europa vertegenwoordigd door ‘The Divine Life Society’, rue Fendt 6 Geneve, Zwitserland. De Nederlandse Afdeling hiervan is govestigd te Driebergen, Buntlaan 73.

The Divine Life Society’ werkt voor Wereldeenhoid en Wereld-vrede. Zij bevordert de intellectuele verstandhouding, gebaseerd op geestelijke-en menselijke waarden. Zij stelt de geostelijke en zadelijke waarden boven alle materiele overwegingen. Zij tracht eenheid te scheppen in de harten der mensen, goddelijke kennis te verspreiden, onwetendheid te verdrijven, vooroordelen, bijgeloof en onverdraagzaamheid op te heffen en goede wil te bevestigen. Zij plaatst zich boven elke individuele Godsdienst. Het is een Universele Beweging, waarin alle rassen on Godsdiensten vertegenwoordigd zijn om or troost. Vrede en geestelijke kracht te vinden. De ‘D. L. S.’ Brengt hoop, moed na Inspiratio voor iedereen, met inbegrip van de verdrukte, de entmoedigde en de vertrapte

Het ideaal van de Stichter is, de vertrapten op teheffen, de blinden te leidon, zijn bozittingen met anderen to delen, de bedroeiden troost te sehenken en het lijden te verzachten. Zijn strenven is zijn naaste lief to hebben gelijk zichzeli; God lief to hebben met geheel zijn hart en met geheel zijn ziel en de zwakken te beschermen.

De Nederlandse Afdeling van ‘The Divine Life Society tracht bevenstaande doelstellingen in Nederland to bevorderen door:

    1. Het verspreiden van Boodschap van Universele Broederschap.

    2. Het leggen van contacten met vele en verschillende roligieuse, culturele en wetenschappelijke organisaties over de gehele wereld, met de bedoeling om tot inter-cultureel en wederzijds “begrip” to komen.

    3. Het vormen van studie-groepen op het gebied Raja-Yoga. Jnana-Yoga, Bhakti-Yoga, KarmaYoga en Hatha Yoga Deze “Yoga van Synthese” is gebaseerd op de leringen van Paramahamsa Sri Swami Sivananda. I

    4. Het organiseren van meditatie-avonden, welke thans reeds e’e’n maal in de maand plaats vinden, doeh waarvan de frequentie in de toekomst zal worden verhoogd.

    5. Het vertalen en verspreiden van de boeken van Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswati,

    6. De ‘Sivananda-Bibliotheek.

    7. In de naaste toekomst-enwanneer de middelen daartoe aanwezig zijn-eem instituut te openen waarin de D. L. S. Yoga-, Geluids, Kleuren-,en Geurentherapie kan toepassen.

Moge een ieder die de belangrijkheid hiervan beseft en bovenal de noodzaak inziet om de uiterlijke kloof tussen het Oosten en hot Warten te overbruggen, zijn medewerking aan dit plan ve lenen. Moge het Zegenrijke Werk van Paramahamsa Sri Swami Sivananda ook tot Uw harten doordringen!

The Divine Life Society’ Nederlandse Afdeling.


(Sri Swami Sivananda)

O aanbiddelijke Heer van Barmhartigheid en Liefde,

In diepe vernedering groeten wij U.

Gij zijt Alomtegenwoording, Almachtig en Alwetend

Gij zijt Sat-Chid-Ananda.

Gij zijt het Wezenlijke in iedere natuur.

Schenk ons een begrijpelijk hart,

Een gelijkmatige visie, een evenwichtige geest,

Geloof, toewijding en wijsheid.

Schenk ons geestelijke Kracht,

Om weerstand te kunnen bieden aan de


En om meesterschap te bereiken over de geest.

Bevrijdt ons van zelfzucht, van zinnelijkheid,

Van hebzucht en van haat.

Vervul onze harten met Goddelijke Deugden.

Laat ons U aanschouwen in alle namen on vormen,

Laai ons U dienen in alle namen en vormen,

Laat ons U altijd in gedachten houden,

Laat ons altijd van Uw Heerlijkheid zingea,

Laat Uw Naam altijd of onze lippen zijn,

Laat ons eeuwig in U verblijven.

Ο Μ.











all denen,

die nach Wahrheit suchen


Von der Unwirklichkeit fuehre mich zur Wirklichkeit,

Von der Finsternis fuehre mich zun Licht

Von der Sterblichkeit fuehre mich zur Unsterblichkeit!


Zu guter letzt wurde unserem sehnlichen Wunsch doch entsprochen”-das ist das Gefuhr, das