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Swami Sivananda

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Towering Saint of the Himalayas





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The Presidency College, Madras)




Sivananda Nagar Post. (Dt. Dehra Dun)

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Sri R. Sivaram


-A Brief Autobiography-


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I born was at Guntur (Andhra) in an orthodox Brahmin family on 15th February, 1905. My father Sri R. Basava Sastry is a great exponent of Upanishad Bhashyams, etc. Due to that, from my youth I was interested in philosophy and till today am trying to think and find out 'What is what about this life.

Alter finishing my Inter Science, I completad my B. Sc. (Textile Engineering) at Bombay and since then I am working in cotton mills line (20 years in Delhi Cloth Mills, Delhi 5 years in Calcutta as Mill Manager; and 4 years at Hathras as Mill Manager and now since a year, working in Lord Krishna Title Mills, Saharanpur, as Factory Manager). During all these 30 years of my life I have tried my level best to be of great help to the workers, by persuading them to lead a clean and religious life. In this respect my wife is of great help to me, being most charitable by nature. My wife, for realising the inner Self, led me to hike about a lot in Himalayas, during summer holidays and that used to give me always peace of mind and clear thinking. I strive earnestly to detach myself from all things worldly and I am happy to say, that I feel that, “I am attached to nothing.” My ambition was to retire within 2 or 4 years and live the rest of my life at Rishikesh in a small place. I yearly donate good amounts to the needy poor who can’t earn and to those who dedicate their lives to the search of Truth. Having no children, I want to leave off whatever is left after my death to the above two causes.

-R. Sivaram.























Sri Schneider is the Editor of Synthese Universelle (Rue Fendt 6, Geneva, Switzerland), a Journal in French devoted to the Philosophy of the East and the West, with a wide circulation in all countries. By keeping herself in close contact with the sages and saints through correspondence and associating herself with all the religious organisations and other philosophical journals, Sri Schneider has done a great deal for the dissemination of spiritual knowledge through the Synthese Universelle.

Sri Schneider is a very learned and advanced student of Yoga. She has a thorough knowledge of the philosophy of the East and of Vedanta, and she has been an ardent practitioner of Raja Yoga. She nicely combines the higher stages of Bhakti Yoga Sadhana with other Yoga practices, propounded by Sri Swami Sivananda.

For dissemination of spiritual knowledge among the French-knowing public, she has translated a number of Sri Swami Sivanandaji's works into French; these books are released through Editions Santoza. She also publishes a monthly Journal "Voice of the Himalayas" devoted entirely to the propagation of Sti Swami Sivananda’s Message in Europe and also several pamphlets and leaflets for free distri. Bution. She gives regular talks on the Voice of the Himalayas and other important philosophi. Cal topics at the various religious organisations in Europe. She is truly a “Star of the Divine Life Society”, a pillar of the Divine Life Mission.

Sri Schneider’s writings are touching, impressive and inspiring. Volumes can be written o.. her own experiences after she came into contact with Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj and his Divine Life Mission. Her letters to Sri Swami Sivananda reveal her own inner divine nature and her great devotion to Sri Swamiji; and they will give the readers a correct understanding of the true nature of devotion and spiritual knowledge.

To make this volume highly useful to the public, the teachings of the Master are included at the end of this volume.

Sivananda Nagar, Himalayas, India. 8th April, 1955. }

Swami Paramananda, Sivananda Publication League.













Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra. 17


(By Sri Swami Gurucharanananda). 18


Brief Life-sketch. 19

By Sri Swami Venkatesananda. 19

































16. BHAKTI YOGA.. 52











27. COMMUNION.. 62







































62. ESCAPE “EGO”. 89







69. A PASTOR’S JOY. 93




































101. THE RIGHT BHAV.. 111












111. MY TREASURE. 117







116. A NEW ERA HAS DAWNED (Message for Birthday). 122















127. TRUE WISDOM... 147


129. DIVINE LIFE. 151




133. TRUE CULTURE. 159






















O Adorable Lord of Mercy and Love I

Salutations and prostrations unto Thee.

Thou art Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient;

Thou art Satchidananda.

Thou art the Indweller of all beings.

Grant us an understanding heart.

Equal vision, balanced mind,

Faith, devotion and wisdom.

Grant us inner spiritual strength

To resist temptation and to control the mind.

Free us from egoism, lust greed and hatred.

Fill our hearts with divine virtues.

Let us behold Thee in all these names and forms.

Let us serve Thee in all these names and forms.

Let us ever remember Thee.

Let us ever sing Thy Glories.

Let Thy Name be ever on our lips.

Let us abide in Thee for ever and ever.

-Swami Sivananda,









हरे राम हरे राम राम राम हरे हरे

हरे कृष्ण हरे कृष्ण कृष्ण कृष्ण हरे हरे

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare





















Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

महामृत्युञ्जय मन्त्र

त्र्यंबकं यजामहे सुगन्धि पुष्टिवर्धनम्

उर्वारुकमिव बन्धनात् मृत्योमु क्षीय मामृतात् ।।

Om Trayambakam yojamahe

Sugandhim Pushti vardhanom

Urvaarukamiva bandhanaat

Mrityormuksheeya maamritat


We worship the three-eyed One (Lord Siva) who is fragrant and who nourishes well all beings; may He liberate us from death for the sake of immortality even as the cucumber is severed from its bondage (to the creeper).


This Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is a life-giving Mantra. In these days, when life is very complex, and accidents are an every day affair, this Mantra wards off death by snake bite, lightning, motor accidents, fire accidents, cycle accidents, water accidents, air accidents and accidents of all descriptions Besides, it has a great curative effect. Again diseases pronounced incurable by doctors are cured by this Mantra, when chanted with sincerity, faith and devotion. It is a weapon against all diseases. It is a Mantra to conquer death.

It is also a Moksha Mantra. It is Lord Siva’s Mantra. It bestows long life (Deergha Ayush), peace (Shanti), wealth (Aishwarya), prosperity (Pushti, satisfaction (Tushti), and immortality (Moksha).










(By Sri Swami Gurucharanananda)

Srimati Margarita’s devotion to Sri Gurudev is unique. Every sentence of her letters to Sri Gurudev is replete with supreme devotion to Gurudev, whom she adores as her God.

I loved Sri Margarita’s letters to Sri Gurudev so much (and I still love them) that even while I was seriously ill last year and was advised by doctors not to allow any visitors to see me, I could not help reading out her letters, some of which had already been published in certain books of the Divine Life Society, to my friends who used to come to see me and enquire about my health for I felt it a rare blessing to die reading these letters, as they were filled with genuine devotion to Sri Gurudev.

To me this devotee appears as the counterpart of Sri Gurudev in the West. Her broad, universal outlook and her intense dynamism to spread the divine message to the people at large, which were responsible for her starting the “Synthese Universelle”, a French magazine, and her founding the European Divine Life Society, entitle her to be called a true copy of Sri Gurudev.

When one reads her devotion-filled letters to Sri Gurudev, one is at once reminded of the devotion which Sri Mira or the Gopis of yore had to Lord Krishna.

The present book comprising, as it does, the Schneider-Gurudev correspondence, constitutes, as it were, a Bhagavata for the modern man who has neither the knowledge of Sanskrit to understand the original Bhagavata, nor the time to study that bulky book, for, the present book is an efficacious in instil. Ling devotion in the minds of the readers as the original Bhagavata, which is considered to be the foremost book on devotion.

The part that Sri Margarita plays for the spiritual regeneration of the world is complementary to the part that is being played by Sri Gurudev for the ways and teachings of God-men like Sri Gurudev, are so simple that their real meaning and greatness would be overlooked by the common man, unlens he is taught to see their real greatness by evolved souls like Sri Margarita, who act as necessary linka between the God-men and the common men.

Sri Margarita is an ideal for all disciples to follow. She is Guru Bhakti incarnate. By her very devotion to Sri Gurudev, she has placed the entire aspirant world under a never repayable debt of gratitude. May all try to emulate her example and grow in devotion to Sri Gurudev.

I take this opportunity of congratulating and thanking the publishers for giving the public the benefit of this unique book. I wish every aspirant pовцевьев a copy of it, for, to him or to her, it will be an eternal source of inspiration, strength, joy and love, which are the elements of true spiritual life. By bring n out this book, the publishers have placed us under a deep debt of gratefulness to them. May Lord bless them with health, long life, peace, bliss, prosperity and immortality! May they give to the world many more such inspiring books






Brief Life-sketch

By Sri Swami Venkatesananda

Sri Swami Sivananda who today is hailed by Major-General A. N Sharma as an “international asset”, by General K. M. Cariappa, (retired Indian Army C-in-C) as a messenger of Peace and Goodwill and by various other international leaders as a dynamic cosmic benefactor, is a living monument to the ancient spiritual truths which are hidden in the scriptural lore of the mystic East.

This saint with a catholic outlook was born on the 8th September, 1887, in an orthodox South Indian family, noted for Sanskrit scholars and pious men of wisdom. Though, during his boyhood, he obediently towed the family line, he broke off from tradition when he felt an inner urge to serve the poor and suffering people in the plantations in Malaya. He graduated in Medicine and was the first in the family to sail abroad. His healing hand, beaming smile, and generous heart, attracted to him crowds of sick people whom he joyously served day and night in Malaya.

The endless procession of the sick and suffering – though it offered him opportunities galore for service, which he grabbed and utilised-reminded him of the Problem that drove Prince Siddhartha in days of yore from palace to forest. Like Lord Buddha, Swami Sivananda, too, gave up the life of power and prestige, and sought a solution, to the Problem of Suffering.

He returned to India, not as a rich doctor coming home, but as a mendicant. After extensive wander. Ings throughout the land, he finally settled down at Rishikesh, in the land of the anchorites. Tireless service, sleepless nights of meditation, and awe. Inspiring austerities gave him what he sought after, He came out of this life of seclusion with spiritual insight and power. With the faithful band of follo. Wers who had gathered round him, he started the Divine Life Society in 1936 with the sole aim of bringing home to the common man the truth that real happiness lay elsewhere than where he sought, and that Eternal Happiness could be had in righteous living, truthful, loving and pure life.

In all the 200 books of which he is the author today, Swami Sivananda has laid the greatest emphasis on selfless service of the sick, the poor, the downtrodden, as the sine qua non of spiritual realisation.

Today Swami Sivananda has disciples all over the globe who have experienced, in various degrees, his high spiritual power with which he communes with them, brings them success in life, guidance in spiritual practices, and inner transformation. The Divine Life Society has branches all over the world,

Swami Sivananda has established the YogaVedanta Forest University at Rishikesh, where he personally trains all seekers after Truth; besides a couple of hundreds of permanent residents of this Colony, hundreds of visitors from other parts of India and from other countries, stay at the University and undergo training in various branches of Yoga. Thus this man-of-God ceaselessly works for the peace and wellbeing of all humanity.

A whirlwind tour by the Swami of all India in 1950 brought about almost miraculous transformation in the lives of thousands and broadcast his message throughout the land. In 1953, Swami Sivananda gave the most practical demonstration of his teaching that all religions are one in their essentials by convening the Parliament of Religions at his own Ashram, which was attended by delegates from all over the world. Through the All-World Religions’ Federation of which he is the Founder, he broadcasts the gospel of religious unity, as the essential prerequisite to human brotherhood.




























1st February 1955

Sri Sivananda -Margarita


Love is the Creative force of humanity. Love alone wins Triumph. Love is the true key to the divine life. Love is the gate which shows the way to the Infinite.

Love never claims, if ever gives. Love ever suffers, never resents, never revenges.

May you be established a divine love.





















Sri G. M. Schneider,

Glorious Immortal Sell,

Salutations and greetings.

I rejoice to receive thy very kind letters.

Your letters are the outpourings of your pure and divine heart. They contain sacred formulas for meditation, invented by your venerable self in moments of highest flights of your soul. They are loaded with your soul-force, a mighty power that could melt that heart and open the innermost chambers in which resides the soul.

That is the sacret of prayer. That is the technique of meditation to melt the heart and to open the chambers in which the great Soul rests.

When life itself is transformed into one such long prayer, then is life blessed, then will you be transmuted into a divinity upon earth. When meditation mingles with your breath, then will you gain mastery over all creation and realise your transcendent nature.

The path is not essentially different from the goal. They are made of the same substance, i, e., selflessness or cosmic love which is the same as Self-realisation.

Beloved seeker after Truth, set your foot firmly on this glorious path and reach the summit of Perfection in this very birth. You are born with a Mission to fulfil.

Dive deep into your very soul. Bring out the pearls of Truth. Cast them before all humanity, so that all may be enriched by your labours. That is true selfless service, that is the expression of cosmic love, and that is the fragrance of Self-realisation.

In the Cosmic Plan we have our own places. In the Divine we are one. We belong to Him. He works through us all. I shall ever serve you and guide you on the path. So, march on, hero! May God bless you with robust health, long life, peace, prosperity and Atma Jnana!

Thy Own Self

Swami Sivananda

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(Fellow of the Forest University; Star of the Divine Life Society Member, Sivanında Gyana Sabha).









(Sri G. M. Schneider, “Synthese Universelle”, Geneva, Switzerland)


I was born at the same hour, day and city as the Crown Prince Otto von Habsburg; at Vienna, Austria on 20th November, 1912. My mother wrote in her Journal: “Slowly it became night and my fairy Margarita was born. She is a gift and blessing of the Lord.

My mother watched over me, to impress me with her own thoughts. She surrounded me with a world of fairies and religion and flowers and animals. Animals were my love I brought serpents and wound them on my arms. I used to put my fist in the mouth of a Spanish dog to prove that he was not harmful. But my greatest joy was to make altars, to see images of God and saints and to dance before them. I was very religious, yet I was not absolutely angelic but wild. I always strove to find a word to please my mother.

My father was a diplomatist, millionaire and an theist. I was his pride. I played the Piano at the age of ten. My professor wanted to make concerttours with me but my mother refused. I was the first in the class examination. At home I had no permission to make school task. I had to look after household duties. My mother preferred me to my little sister. I attended school and secretly danced

When I was eighteen, I was able to in a convincing manner five different systems of Philosophy and the sixth to deny them all This was to give a hypothesis for an conceivable Power. Ever-existing At home I had to nurse a new born brother. Then came the time when had to choose what I should do to study philoso. Phy or law or dance. I chose Dancing. Presen

I went to Paris and had the best professors of the Russian ballet. In two years I became a star I came back to take away my little brother and give him the best education. I helped my mother and sustained the whole family for 15 years. I felt happy when others were happy.

Journals again called me ‘fairy’. I danced before kings, was engaged in films. I refused marriages and favours. I loved only dance. It was my life I made great travels

In 1945, I gave up dancing. A tremendous change happened in me. I gave up everything only Theosophy interested me. As for a profession, I wished to become a nurse for contageous diseases. Perviously a Thecsophist lady friend had said to me that I would never find a Guru, even going to the Himalayas, that when the disciple was ready the Guru would appear Himself. Then I married Sri Theo Schneider who was very kind, good, devoted and courageous. Slowly he accepted some spiritual truths and permitted me to consecrate my life to spiritual work. For him, no sacrifice was too great for this He was working in a Factory.

With the help of some friends, we started the “Synthese Universelle”. It was a great success and its voice of love reached many countries.

On the 27th April 1953, I received my Gurdev’s letter with the loving words: “I have accepted you as my Beloved Disciple”. The turning wheel stood still; there was only He.

Suddenly it was Light It was bursting joy unknown It was the balm for all pains, the fulfilment of all desires It was an indescribable spiritual awakening, transcendental experience of thrilling ecstasy. It was the advent of the Lord. It was what since ever I have sought: DIVINE LOVE. I felt that I reached the goal of my life. I realised the wonderful Bliss and peace and Wisdom.

To-day, in India, thousands of people seeking knowledge look to Swami Sivananda for inspiration and light. He is the message of peace and brotherhood, the same message which Lord Jesus gave to the world. He established the Divine Life Society for the propagation of true knowledge.

Recently, a Branch of the Society has been opened at Geneva Ander the inspiring guidance of Madam Schneider. This brochure is the evidence of the masterly achievement of her devoted work in Geneva in the cause of the promotion of “Truth”. -EDITOR]


(Prof X. S. Satchidanands Murthy of Andhra University after a visit to Geneva, addressed to Sri Swami Sivananda)

Here in Geneva, your disciples Mr. And Mrs. Schneider have been very nice to me. They are doing good work. Their devotion to you is touch. Ing. When Margarita Schneider askel me about you I told her that you are the greatest living religious personality in India to-day. She wore Tulsi beads round her neck and she lives on milk and fruits only. I told her that she was a real Yogi.

For her, you are verily God in human form. Hər reverence to you recalls the Guru-Sishya relationship of old. If you have infused such strong sentiments in a lady who lives so far off, and who never saw you, you must be a most wonderful personality with great spiritual force. I thank you for introducing me to them


(Sri Kuppuswamy, Indian Embassy, Brussells)

Salutations to Esteemed Madam Sivananda-Margarital I have no words to express my greatest joy and congratulations to you. You have, as I have foreseen won the first place in the heart of Swamiji to be bestowed upon you his own name Verily you deserve it most nobly. Your great work has such great force of intensity that Guru Maharaj could know it even if he has not seen you once or even if you are thousands of miles away from his temple. I strong ly believe that in your pervious birth (I hope you believe in the birth of the soul again and again), you have been one of the great sages of Bharata Varsha. Perfection has come to you so very quickly which ordinary aspirants could not attain in years. Bhagavan Sivanandaji’s grace is not so easy to get. Gurudev is highly impressed with your purest crystal devotion and that is why he has bestowed on you a great name which disciples who are working under him for years and years could not get.

Noblest sister, you are divinity. You are the most cherished disciple of Swamiji. I long to have your Darshan. I shall definitely make a pilgrimage to Geneva in May. I must see you and get your blessings before I leave for India. Voice of the Himalayas No. 2 is very interesting. More than anything else the book: “Philosophy and Teachings” is a wonderful work so nicely brought out. I enjoyed your beautiful translation of Sivananda Shatakam. You have rendered this as a great service to the propagation of the Message of Swamiji. The Divine Life Society in all the countries will thank you immensely for this work. May the Grace of Gurudev shower on you more and more for the benefit of humanity.

I submit to voice forth my admiration for Madam Schneider. She is a gem of the purest ray serene. Her devotion to Gurudev is far greater and intenser than the Bhakti of Kannappa Nayanar. Her spirit of sacrifice to the cause propounded by Gurudev is limitless. She is a ‘Meera’ in her intense devotion to you most sublime. Monsieur Schneider is again a devout Bhakta of Gurudev. Madam Schneider’s study is a temple where the idol of Gurudev is instal. Led. It is verily an Ashram. Gurudev should bless Madem Schneider to have long life and perfect bliss For carrying on the work of the Divine Life Society at Geneva she will be required to live for centuries to come. Necessary. Our beloved Gurudev’s blessings are necessary.


(Sri Yogi Shuddhananda Bharati during his visit to Geneva)

Mr. And Mrs. Schneider are rare angels of Love and Devotion.


(Swami Sivananda in a letter to the Sorrento Congress)

Swami Sivananda-Margarita, Editor, “Synthese Universelle”, by keeping herself in close contact with the sages and saints through correspondence and associating herself with all the religious organi sations, and other Philosophical Journals, has done a great deal for the dissemination of spiritual know ledge through Press and Platforms.

Sri Margarita is a very learned and advanced student of Yoga. She has a thorough knowledge of Philosophy and Yoga, and thus she is best qualified to propagate the Yoga of Synthesis. Her writings are touching, impressive and inspiring. Volumes can be written on her own experiences after she came in touch with me and the Divine Missior: She will be the fittest person to represent me in the Congress at Sorrento and read my Message. I wish her all success. May the Congress at Sorrento be an eye opener to the whole West. May the Lord bless all those who participate in this Great Congress. Om Santi!


(Sri Swami Sivananda in his letter to Mrs. Lily Muller, mother of Sri Sivananda-Margarita)

Now the world has come to know your daughter’s Immortal Name as SIVANANDA-MARGARITA, the Path that leads to the Truth!

I felt happy to hear about her short life-sketch. Through vast experiences in the world, the Lord has blessed her with enough wisdom and inner spiritual strength to tread the spiritual path, for attaining the Life Eternal and Divine Wisdom. She has all virtues and Divine Grace. Every word of Sri Margarita’s lelte is charged with pure devotion and love. I am getting many letters of appreciation for the lecture she delivered at the Theosophical Society. It gives me joy to be in touch with her through correspondence. In a short space of time she has done tremendous good to the people in the West through the Synthese Universelle.

Her very presence is a Real Glory unto Thee. May the Lord bless her with good health and long life. How lucky and fortunate you are to have a pious daughter, with all Divine Glory!

May you both gloriously prosper in the Diving Path and enjoy the Joy and Bliss unlimited and share same with the whole world!


(Sri Issberner-Haldane, Switzerland, in a letter to Swami Sivananda)

A great applause followed your wonderful Message to the Congress, read by Sri Sivananda. Margarita and I am sure that You have chosen the very best and most competent lady in Sri Schneider for all your works to be done in the Occident of Europe. She is the very soul and personality with her worthy husband Sii Theo Schneider. The Congress in Sorrento gave me the opportunity to contact Mr. And Mrs. Schneider of Geneva


(Sri Theo. Schneider in his letter to Sri Henrich Schwab, Germany)

My wife Sri Margarita is in very close contact with Sri Swami Sivananda and we believe blindly in the success over the dark powers. It would not be the first time that wonders happen; we experienced this too often to doubt it. Our Swami Sivananda knows very well what he does and his ways are Divine, even if we understand it only a little lates. Ll you feel a set-back in your affairs now, it can be only for a short time and all will turn to your advantage and the best. Therefore I say to you, remain firm in your work and believe in Sivananda, success will be thousandfold.


(Sri Theo Schneider, Geneva, in a letter to Sri Swami Sivananda)

Your kind words addressed to me in your letter to my wife. I still have to thank you also for the generous gift, your Christmas Telegram, which woke me up from a kind of sleep and made me feel an inner security. From this very moment I feel increasing strength and joy for work. If I was a silent witness until to-day, it was for two reasons which I may shortly explain.

I have unmerited chance to have at my side a woman who since years has done great selfless work in this field, with enthusiasm and joy which are not from this world-and just in circles where unbelievable disappointments were bound to fall. I saw my wife attach herself so exclusively to your Mission. I am only a beginner and cannot judge of spiritual knowledge. So I remain silent.

I am extremely happy for your blessings and prayer, which I have really felt. It is also my dear wish, some day, in the near future, to see your great work in the Himalayas. I am very happy and grateful for the Divine Power I feel in this materialistic life.

+.      +      +.      +

“The time is ripe for this Continent to be visited by Gurudev. Many here will look forward to that great opportunity of seeing the Master on this land. Many have expressed their desires for this. We pray that it will come off soon for the good of the humanity.”

-Sri A. V. Kuppuswamy, Embassy of India, Brussels.

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(Fellow of the Forest University; Master of Philosophy)

Professor of Raja Yoga,

The Yoga-Vedanta Forest University,

[Ex-Professor, The Presidency College, Madras]




















This Book which goes by the name of “SIVA. NANDA-THE TOWERING SAINT is mainly intended to make public the correspondence that passed between Srimati Gita Margarita Schneider of Geneva and Sri Swami Sivananda of the Himalayas. One does not normally expect the publication of private letters written by a disciple to a Guru, but Srimati Schneider’s letters stand on a different footing. They have a spiritual value of their own and can be studied with advantage by all seekers of Truth and Everlasting Bliss. The reader will find out for himself that this lady is to our Gurudev what Mira was to Lord Krishna.



The Master-disciple-relationship between Srimati Margarita and Swami Sivananda is symbolic of the modern Time Spirit which reveals itself as the occidental spiritual thirst to drink deep from the wells of oriental wisdom. This thirst would not have manifested itself if the world historical events of the past four decades had not thoroughly undermined European social structure and destroyed longcherished ideals and beliefs in all fields of human aspiration and endeavour. The world has not yet had time to forget the throes it had to pass through before it gave birth to the new cosmopol.tan and universal outlook that characterises the thinking man of to-day and marks the beginning of an tellectual and spiritual renaissance. Though this movement is still in its infancy it has vitality enough to break through the barriers of blinding superstition, raze the ramparts of racial prejudice and nationalistic bias and release Reason from her thraldom to political, religious and even scientific dictatorship. Although the deeply religious mid. Victorian church-goer of England was broad-minded and tolerant and had comprehensiveness and catholicity enough to mix and move with ease and warmth among men and women migrating into his country from other parts of Europe, he could not bring himself down to the level of a close association or fraternization with even the highest of Indians, who in his eyes were only semi-barbarians with out-landish customs and uncouth mannerS. He could not throw open the portals of his heart and admit an Indian into the intimacy of his household. Such was the rigid reign of religious obscurantism and of social codes and conventions in the latter half of nineteenth century even in enlightened England. Though a strong wave of humanitanianism had resulted in the passing of important laws to improve the living conditions of English factory labourers and to impart free elementary education on a nation-wide scale over-beating imperialistic ambition stood in the way of the adoption of the same liberal attitude towards colonies and dependencies which continued compulsorily to remain as the milch cows of the Sovereign Power supplying it needs and swelling its coffers The amazing advance of applied mathematics and science asrured England of commercial overlordship in Europe and the dizzy helghts reached by mechanical invertices over-swed the common man and made him lock upon science as the one and only Supreme Deity worthy of worship. The desperate attempt made by the guardians of Humanities’ to defend themselves against the onrush of the mighty forces of Science ended in a disgraceful retreat. The twentieth century cpored with the enthrorement of Science which now stretched out its arms like an octopus and exercised a stranglehold not only on polite scholarship’ but also on Religion and Fhilosophy The worship of Science meant the worship of Power and because no greed is as great as the greed for power, a race began between the power-hungry potentates of Europe which ushered in the great war of 1914. Since that war could be won only with American dollars, the USA. Shot up with surprising swiftness and has ever since been holding her head high in the political horizon; while Germany which had been forced to fall flat only bided her time nourishing thoughts of vengeance in her bosom. When Hitler appeared as an avenging Fury he set ablaze the conflagration known as the Second World War the war in which Science was employed as Devil’s tool for destruction. But the world has now recovered from its stupor and revised its sense of values. The Scientist is no longer inebriated by his intellectual eminence on the other hand he has been metamorphosed into a metaphysician and philosopher Though Einstein enunciated his theory of Relativity only in the strictly mathematical form, it came soon to be applied to the practical development of experimental science; and when Eddington expounded it and explained all its implications,the very foundations of classical physics were shaken The publication of Eddington’s ‘Nature of the physical world” in 1923 had a tremendous effect upon all scientists because the external world of Physics was revealed as a world of shadows and symbols. Now they came to have a glimpse of the Truth the Truth proclaimed boldly in all the sacred scriptures of India. The scientist of the previous generation had contemptuosly discarded the religious and philosophical interpretation of life as fanciful if not apocryphal. In the present generation -as a result of the battering blows received-he makes a timid and reverential approach to Indian Philosophy for quidance and Illumination.



It was during the period when Europe passed through such cataclysmical changes in her political and social history that Sri Swami Sivanand was chosen by the Lord for a life of arduous penance in the Himalayas so that he might appear at the right moment as Saviour of World and the healer of its ills. Ever since the days of Raja Ram Mohan Roy in the later twenties of the nineteenth century attempts were being made by reformers to inculcate in the minds of intelligent Indians western rationalistic ideas so that the fundamental truths of Hindu Religion and Philosophy might not become lost in the wilderness of sectarian ritualistic practices that gained currency in the different parts of the country. The Brahma Samaj Movement, which did much to bring together advocates of progressive principles in social life and to furnish them with rich philosophical and metaphysical material needed to cement them together into some sort of a homogeneous community, was ineffective inasmuch as it did not carry weight with the majority of the Hindu population. The Arya Samaj which sought to revive allegiance to the Vedas by so re-interpreting them as to eliminate the plurality of Gods was equally infructuous, although it served the purpose of successfully stemming the tide of militantly advancing Islam just in those localities which were exposed to such a danger. Both these movements erred in their methods. They sought to make an appeal to the intellect of the Hindu believing thereby that intellectual conviction would suffice to effect a transformation of the entire personality. In life the average man is ruled not by the intellect as much as he is ruled by his emotions. The hard fact has to be recognised that Sense has too often to bend before Sentiment. Long-established customs and habits, long-cherished preferences and ong-respected traditions cannot be abandoned even if the intellect perceives that old beliefs have no justifiable foundations. Passions and prejudices will continue to have sway and have to be dealt with not by arguments or disquisitions but by sympathy, broad-mindedness, generosity, gentility, lenience and toleration. The Ramakrishna Mission made more headway than the Brahma Samaj or the Arya Samaj in this direction. Paramahamsa was an Divine Love, and he Ramakrishna embodiment of Bhakti or was able to infuse his spiritual Power into Swami Vivekananda who wan the pioneer to deliver the message of the East to the West. Historical causes necessitated the holding of the Parliam nt of Religions at Chicago in 1893 and Providence so arranged matters as to enable Swami Vivekananda to represent Hinduism in that august assembly. It was not merely by the might of his intellect or by the magic of his eloquence that he won his hearers It was by the magnetism of his personality-a personality which radiated love to all mankind. He opened his first speech with the words: “Brothers and Sisters of America!”-and that was enough to capture their hearts. From that time onwards the West ought to have turned towards the East for spiritual guidance. But they did not. Why? What still remained to be done? It is when we examine this question that we shall find out the reason why God has chosen Swami Sivananda as the fittest person-not merely to deliver the “Message” of Indian Culture, but to effect a radical change in the mentality of the dweller in the occident

Swami Sivananda started life in South India as a doctor and while he was getting on with his work, he heard of miseries of Indian coolies who were working under practically insufferable conditions in Malaya. His heart melted and he felt a strong urge to go to that far-off place and dedicated his life to the sacred mission of ministering to the needs of those voiceless ictims of commercial exploitation. Not minding his own personal discomforts he went over to Malaya and threw himself heart and soul into the work of his own choice the healing of diseases, not for money for the patients were living in abject poverty-but out of love. God was watching this noble-spirited young man who had thus plunged himself into soul-elevating Karma Yoga and was finding out his fitness for more valuable and more urgent work God was thinking of the years to come when Europe would need saints from India for her salvation. Saving a few bodies by treating their diseases was work which could be equally well looked after by an ordinary medical man skilled in his profession; but the saving of souls can be undertaken only by one who has the capacity to charge his own soul with divine power. Such persons as have fitness for it will be born in the world only when centuries roll on. Therefore God put the idea of renunciation in the young doctor’s mind and in a very short time he left the shores of Malaya and came over to the Himalayas. Those were the days when life in the Himalayas for a monk was one of extreme self-denial. One had to pass through severe privations all the year round enduring the biting cold of the winter and the scorching heat of the summer and consuming as food whatever could be had without the choice of refusal or rejection. Only sheer will-power and an unshakable faith in the Lord could keep one alive and cheerful under such circumstances. This was the severe training for the mind that Swami Sivananda went through for quarter of a century But even from the start, God was on his side, for was he not ‘proven in the eyes of God? Had he not out of his own love abandoned his country and taken up unselfish work in Malaya? Was he not devoting every minute now to study and meditation? So God helped him to have communion with Him, and guided his work through. Out the time that he was practising penance in the Himalayas.

And how did he spend his time? As a spiritual seeker, he harboured only one thought in his mind, namely that he should not lose sight of the Lord even for a second. Those who have read his Pushpanjali will bear witness to this statement. In that book of poems he lays his heart bare before the reader and what a heart it is!-a heart every nerve and fibre of which is vibrating with the immeasurable potency of his love for God Impelled by that supreme love, he devoted his time to the study and practice of Yoga and Vedanta. So thorough was his study that the notes he took became a pile of manuscripts. These latter got printed into books for distribution among lovers of learning. But he was not one to be content with studies He was always a man of action. There fore he kept a stock of madicines and devoted him self to the work of healing the sick. To economise time, he identified his work with meditation during day-a rare achievement. It will be possible only for one like him who had the ability to se only God in all the patients who came to him for treatment. To him meditation did not mean assuming a particular pose and visualising a deity in any special from He would see only God in the medicine, the phial, his hand, the body of the patient, the objects of the room-in short in everything. This was the way in which he “imprisoned” God in his heart.

As time advanced, his activities went on increasing. He had to start the Sadhu’s Federation, the Divine Life Society and the Publication League. He had to issue monthly Magazines and weekly Journals. He had to build a temple, a Hall of Prayer, residences for his disciples and visitors, a hospital and so on. The press became a necessity; so too an art Studio and the Museum. All these now express, each in its own way, the love that radiates from him for all humanity.

The ever-increasing activities of Swami Sivananda have, in spite of their apparent diversity, only a single motive-namely to raise the common man’s level of living, little by little, and make it as far as possible approximate to divine life. It was for that purpose that he founded the Divine Life Society. Swami Sivananda knows that the average man is tossed about hither and thither by his desires even as a rudderless boat is knocked about by swelling waves in a stormy sea. It is impossible to change man’s nature by merely preaching to him about the futility of expecting permanent happiness on the earth and the unwisdom of permitting one’s mind to be the plaything of one’s desire. All teaching and preaching are bound to be ineffective because they are appeals only to the intellect. It is the emotion that over-powers man and therefore it is the emotion that must be dealt with. Of all the emotions the highest is love and there is no living creature on earth that does not know what love is. When the lower love is sublimated, it becomes Supreme Love or Bhakti. The Saint who is filled with Supreme Love differs from the ordinary lover only in the choice of the object of his love. The common man loves his wife, children or friends; but the Jnani loves God. In his perception, God is omnipresent and since He dwells in all beings, he knows that to love God is to love all. There is no longer any need to restrict one’s love to a narrow circle, because this small circle comes within the circle of ‘infinite circumference’ (so to put it) which is filled by God. That is what Sage Sivananda has done. To cultivate the habit of loving God, the preliminary practice is to love everybody. This can be done only if we train ourselves to close our eyes to others’ faults and detect the good in them-not only to detect the good but also to make our mind dwell for some time upon the thought of the good that we have detected. This is our Swamiji’s method. It is his firm conviction that the bread of life is Universal Love; for love alons can sustain life. Just as bread functions as food for the body, love functions as food for the soul. Sri Swami Sivananda therefore is always sending love thoughts Infinite are the methods resorted to by him to inculcate in men’s minds the supreme need to develop love. All his writings emphasise it and all the things he does, small or great evidence the love that always emanates from him. His mind is ever filled with Supreme Bliss and he is able to impart this Bliss to each and every one who approaches him. It is the experience of many, that after seeing him their thoughts of depression or despondency pass away for ever. And yet, those who live and move with Swamiji every day know that he does not speak even a word to the visitor discussing the cause of his depression and the way in which it is to be removed. The disappearance of the sorrow with which the visitor had come is due entirely to the transmission of subtle Peace Currents from the Swamiji to the person concerned.

It is this art of transmitting Love and Peace currents that Swamiji has cultivated and developed to perfection. That is the tangible proof of the success he has achieved in God-realisation. This Supra-normal transference of Soul-Saving vibrations that we find in Sri Swami Sivananda is not limited by time or distance. The potency of his spiritual emanations is such that form his meditation chamber in Ananda Kutir he can send currents which can energise people thousands of miles away. Often he consciously and purposefully directs the currents he generates and makes them reach the particular persons he has in his mind. Sometimes his letters or messages convey these currents. Sometimes currents which are directed not definitely towards any particular individual are sent through his general writings. These are charged with special power to energise or activate sympathetic souls who consequently sooner or later come into close contact with him. It is but natural that the greater the intimacy the greater is the effect of these vibrations. Even when letters messages are not sent, the spiritual thoughts that he sends out float and linger here and there in space and charge the world with these”supraelectro-maganetic waves” or “Peace and Tranquillity Waves”, as one may call them, and the quantum of good becomes increased so that there is a correspon ding diminution in the strength of evil forces.

This is the manner in which what had remained to be done after the day of Swami Vivekananda is now being done by Swami Sivananda. The former did appeal to the heart and head of his listeners and effect a change in them. But he had to go and meet those whom he had to transform. Sri Swami Sivananda on the other hand sits in his own room in the Himalayas and contacts all through his spiritual vibrations. The advantage is that the number of the people who are won over to the spiritual path is ever increasing Among those who thus derive happiness through their conscious as well as unconscious contact with Sivanandaji Maharaj there appear from time to time also a few noble souls who decide to dedicate their life to the cause of brightening up the lives of care worn mortals with love and cheer and hope. Such large-hearted helpers of humanity hasten to Sri Swami Sivananda, either in person or through letters, offer their co-operation and obtaining the necessary advice and instruction, proceed with their selfchosen task of usefulness. Some of them quickly detect the source from which they derive the strength which enables them to overcome the obstacles that face them in the discharge of their duties and to come out successful. It is these who find out how our Guru works through them. Others will take more time to recognise the workings of the Divine Love Currents generated by him yet one day they also will learn the Truth. It is in this way that the Almighty Lord makes Sri Swami Sivananda the Saviour of the World in the present day when war-clouds threaten to gather together in the horizon. The waves of “Soul Force” or Atma Shakti that emanate from him are bound to effect a radical change in the mental make-up of human beings all over the world and they will not only charge the atmosphere with thoughts of Peace, so as to avert the impending danger of a third World War, but rise higher and higher in spiritual evolution.



One of the noble souls that has imbibed the teachings of Swami Sivananda and gone through a spiritual transformation is the lady whose letters form the main subject-matter of this book. The life-sketch of Sri G.M. Schneider appears elsewhere (as written by great Yogis and eminent persons) and affords interesting reading. But we shall notice here some of the traits in her innately magnanimous nature which are revealed in the letters she has written to Sri Swami Sivananda.

Swamiji recognised her fitness for spiritual initiation and gave her the name SIVANANDA MARGARITA” Ever since that initiation, she har progressed very rapidly in spirituality. Her out-standing characteristic is her deep an i almost unmatch able love for the Guru. Almost all her letters reveal this, but as samples, we may examine a few of them

In latter 4, she expresses her gratitude to God for giving her a Guru in the following terms: “As God in His ingonceivable love gives parents to children and even to animal babies, He gives a Guru to the disciple, who is the Father-Mother for the young and tender self-consciousness. I was an unhappy child. So you are really my soul-Beloved Father-Mother (Page 9). Again, “I am listening to your lovely, silent voice in my heart” (Page 10) Her ideal of a Guru is very lofty. She says, ‘As a burning glass assembles radiations of light, Guruji is the burning Love of God.” (Page 11) In letter 5 she pours out her heart without any reserve. “May wounds of Soul be deeper, if Thou only comest to me” (page 13). These words reveal the intensity of her feelings and the sacrifice she is prepared to make for a sight of the Guru. In letter 6, she says “You are the unique centre of all my happiness” (page 15). In letter 7 she asks, “Without your contact, how could my mind be not depressed?” In letter 10 she writes: “Thou art my guide and protector, my Light, my Joy, my Refuss Thou art my Guru and Saviour” (page 22) She has a lofty conception of Swami Sivananda. Is letter 12 she says, “I know that the whole world has concentrated at Thy Lotus Feet.” (Page 27). Such statements of Sri Margarita can be seen in almost every letter of hers. She has the true grasp of the spiritual powers of the Master

The question now arises, “Whence comes this deep love for the Guru?” She herself writes in letter 1 that “seven years ago”, she gave up her career as a “classic Artist” and wished to come to India and mounting up to the ‘highest place’ in the Himalayas search for a Guru there and that a Theosophical friend of hers told her that the Guru would cf his own accord appear when the disciple was ready. She then gave up the idea of coming to the Himalayas and merely waited. Now the Guru has appeared. This autobiographical account reveals her state of mind. Evidently she had been very successful in her career as a dancer. But she had not felt satisfaction. Her heart was pining for something which she should not get in her life of materialistic enjoyment. She felt inwardly convinced that she could find happiness only if she could get a Guru and learn from him how and where to find real happiness. It was natural that a person like her should feel a spiritual longing for peace and for a guide who could still her disturbed mind when it was agitated by emotions and could put an end to her cares and anxieties. But why should she think of the Himalayas Were there not or could there not be Gurus in Europe itself?

It is when we seek an answer for such a question that we shall see the potency of spiritual vibrations radiating from advanced saints: Srimati Margarita is, it is very clear, a person of deep emotion/ and high spirituality. Her inner being is sensitive enough to receive subtle vibrations. We know that Sri Swami Sivananda has been for several year past sending out powerful Peace waves Sri Marga. Rita’s mental radio was truly attuned to the reception of such waves. She felt the call from within. Intuitively she perceived that the magnetic pull wan coming from the Himalayas. But God wanted that she should make herself more eligible than she was at that time so that she might become useful to the world. That is why He made the Theosophical friend meet her and tell her that she must become deserving of the Guru and she did exert herself to become suitably qualified for, we find that she did not ge back to her old line of the “classical artist”. On the other hand, she sought the opportunity to serve the sick and to disseminate the Divine Knowledge, la other words, she chose the path of selfless service That was exactly the kind of work which would make her get Sri Swami Sivananda as her Guru, because Swami Sivananda himself started selfless service a healer of sick.

Vedantic scriptures tell us that two things a needed if the spiritual aspirant has to make real progress. They are Vairagya has to make dispassion and discrimination. Srimati Margarita renouncing the world of “dance and song” was pre of the spirit of Vairagya that was developing in has She writes in Latter 3. “It is only Ananda Kutir that is energising enough. We will stay with you. With the finer sensibility obtained by your spiritual contact, I can no longer stay here. To remain in your Holy atmosphere, in solitude and silence, would be the Heaven on earth I was foolish to prefer the worthless help to the priceless pearl Now I wish to renounce the world and attain Immortality (pages 6 and 7). This was written long after she had given up her previous career But the spirit of renunciation that was now fully revealed had already. Implanted itself in her bosom seven years earlier Evidently she had been gathering information about India, about Himalayan Rishis and so on. This is seen from what she writes: “I aspire to be a good disciplestudent of you. Since childhood I know about Himalayan Rishis and did Asans without hearing anything about them All the time, I awaited the Voice of the Himalayas and you came really”. (page 5). She regulated her life in such a way that she might become fit for full spiritual advancement. She says: “Attachment to world; all my days filled with work or meditation, all nights working with you in the astral plane, always one-pointed to you”, It is clear that she was never without the thought of association with Sri Swami Sivananda’s noble work.

This one-pointedness, which is called ‘Ekagrata” In the science of Raja Yoga, brings about very valuable results. It is the indispensable preliminary practice of a Yogi. From her letters we have proof that Srimati Margarita too was having Yogic exparieaces. Letter 8 gives us an idea of her spiritual practice. She writes: “My heart is Ananda Kutir my devotion is Ganga, and Himalaya is one-pointed concentration and yearning. In the temple of silence free from thoughts, feelings and words, I find Thy Altar. How severe you are in Purity! How awe-ing. Piring is your Majesty! How overpowering is your joy and affection and perfection! How lovely and adorable you are! Help me to escape this “ego” and to become one with Thee. Sivananda, Gurudev! (Page 21). This is real concentration and meditation. Letter 30 gives us an idea of the experiences thata beginner in Yoga will have. In letter 1 she writes, “An hour passed and to be with you, I forgot to write.” She means that she was lost to all consciousness of external events. That is the experince of Samadhi, though it is not of the highest kind It is what may be called Savitarka Samadhi, in the language of Patanjali, the author of Raja Yoga. In letter 18, she describes her experience of Great Bliss even when she read letters of Swami Sivananda. The description is suggestive of her having been in Sa Ananda Samadhi or the spiritual absorption attended with the sense of Bliss. In fact she is herself conscious that she gets into Samadhi during her meditation. She writes “If I realise intensely that Thou art my Guru Deva. So pure like a Lotus Flower and so good and noble and generous, this tweetness makes me go into Samadhi and I forget to write and to work” (page 8.)

In her meditation, she has only the form of Guru Dev. Because she has not seen Sri Swami Sivananda, it is only his Photo that she keeps in front of her for meditation. But her description of the Photo is in glowing terms as we find it in letter 2 (page 6). In so concentrating her thoughts on the Guru, she allows full scope for her poetic fancies. She writes: “Pure Divine Swan of the Holy Order, Splendour of Wisdom, Miracle of Divine Love, really Thou art great. The Sun leaving you comes to me in a hurry to tell me all about you.” It is these fancies that create in her the necessary holy atmosphere or back ground for intensifying her devotion to her Guru. Those who have read Bhakti Literature like Narada’s Bhakti Sutras will realise the value of such spiritual aids; and in fact, the Yoga that Srimati Margarita consciously or unconsciously practises is Bhakti Yoga of the most exalted kind. By this practice of hers she says that develops inner strength to overcome external Influences which would otherwise agitate her (letter 68). Every time she receives a letter from Sri Swami Sivananda she resolves afresh to fortify her mind not to resist evil lette: 39). Her faith in her Guru is so great that she compares herself to St. Peter and Padma Pada (the disciple of Sri Sankara) “Like St. Peter over the lake like Padma Pada over Ganga, Margarita goes over all her waves to Guru Dev” (letter 35). She is referring here to the earthly troubles which she gets over through full faith in Sri Swami Sivananda, who ever counsels her like Jesus never to resist evil. She has greatly profited by the teaching she receives from him. She recognises that the divine path is “to love all, to behold Him everywhere and at all times not to wasta energy in fighting, but to work with this Divine Method” (letter 58). She speaks of the effect of Sivanandaji’s letters as “dynamic Yoga” (letter 54) This shows clearly how her inner nature reacts to every thought vibration of the Guru. In fact she reveals her determination not to lose even a little of the full force of the Guru’s spiritual vibrationa when she writes “How can I remain with imperfec tion who has seen Perfect Goodness (in the Guru)? Letter 53)

Srimati Margarita is filled with a genuine desire to serve humanity. It is this aspect of her nature that has won for her the blessings of Gurudev in full. She is prepared to make the greatest sacrifice for the benelit of the world. When she learnt that Sri Swami Sivananda was passing through a phase of temporary illness, she wrote, “If you can prolong your life with my life force, take it so the world will be benefited by your presence and my soul without hindrance to stay with you” (letter 311. In other words, she wants that she should die if that would help in any way to prolong the life of her Guru. How noble is the thought! Is it a wonder that she was initiated by our Gurudev? In many of her letters she expresses her desire to fully identify herself with Gurudev in his work al helpfulness to the world. She recognises the value of Guru Dev’s teachings to world. She calls him “The Powerful Prophet of the World” (page 6) In letter 27 after stating that it is only as a result of several births of longing that she has got the Guru. She ‘promises to be born again and again to help others’. There in we see in her the noble spirit of helpfulness to the world which was the outstanding trait in the character of Sri Ramanuja, the Founder of the Visishtadwaita School of Philosophy. He did not mind remaining eternally in Hell if it were a sin to initiate even unworthy people in the Mantra of Om Namo Narayanaya. In letter 19, Srimati Margarita not merely describes the bliss that flows to her as the stream of her Guru’s Love but shows compassion for those who are not enjoying the same happiness. That shows how she is constitutionally full of love for humanity. She does not mind difficulties or pains because, like Kunti, the mother of Pandava brothers, she regards the appearance of troubles as the occasion for thinking of the Lord. She writes: “I like to be in difficulties only to be lifted up again through Him” (letter 48). It does not mean that she has no enemies. It seems that there are evil-doers intending to harm her work; yet she finds that the love of Guru Dev makes her get over the evil caused to her by others. She says: “The evil-doers can weaken me, but cannot succeed in stealing from me the affection of my Guru Dev.” That implies that her greatest wealth is this affection of her Guru. In letters 49 and 50, she attributes all her success to the “life-force” she receives from her Guru. Her description of the spiritual powers that she received in her pure heart evidence  worthiness to benefit fully from the vibrations eman. Ating from Swami Sivananda.

By nature, Srimati Margarita is a poet, though she has not composed any poetry. This can be seen in all her letters. She has no real command of the English language. In fact she “lisps”-and the editor has not meddled with her phraseology because her ‘lispings’ have their own charm. Through her ‘lisped’ words one sees her poetic temperament. “You reign over my daily life” (page 22). This sentence makes the reader have a picture of the writer adopting always the attitude of a willing, obedient and loyal servant of a monarch “There is insatiable thirst for Thy fire-touch for Thy vivifying balsam, for Thy is miraculous transmission of ecstasy and divinity” (page 23). These words reveal the surging emotions in her heart. Letter 43 describes in poetic language the pleasure she felt when she received three sarees from Guru Dev. Letter 41 breathes the Spirit of Radha when her Lord Sri Krishna disppeared from her. Letter 34 describing the Guru Poornima day is full of poetic thoughts. In letter 26 she says that Sivananda is not an embodied person but Ananda which has no limitations; that his spirit of Ananda can get into anybody and energise it for short periods of time; and that it was in that fashion that it stayed in the body of Dr. Kuppuswamy, now Sivananda. Here we see how she indulges freely in poetic imagination.

The instances given above are only samples. The reader of the book will find plentiful material to discover Srimati Margarita’s real nature as a person of extraordinary spiritual sensitiveness which can readily assimilate and radiate the highest and loftiest vibrations. It is quite clear that God has brought her into contact with Sri Swami Sivananda so that she may be his representative in the West for the noble task he has chosen for himself, namely, the spiritual uplift of mankind. As Swamiji’s representative in the west, Srimati Margarita is very lucky to have the hearty co-operation of Mr. Theo Schneider whose philosophic bent and practical wisdom will be very valuable assets to her and help her to succeed in all her undertakings and reach her Goal within as short a time as possible.

If by reading this book a number of noble spiritual aspirants come forward both in the East and in the West to join hands with Srimati Margarita and Swami Sivananda in the work they are now doing, the purpose of the publication will be amply fulfilled.

May the Lord bless the noble lady with long life excellent health and lasting happiness.

“Ananda Kutir” Yoga-Vedanta Forest University, Sivanandanagar Post, Himalayas, India, dated 5th April. 1955.



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I received the wonderful letter of Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj, giving me the greatest bliss of my life.

Seven years ago, giving up my career of classic artist, to live separated from the materialistic world, I wished to come to India, to go to the highest place in the Himalayas and to search there for a Guru. But a Theosophical friend said to me that it would be fruitless, because ‘when the disciple is ready the Guru appears himself.” So I waited for him.

Remembering the words of Christ “if you really love me, give away all you have and follow me”. I gave all away. More it was hard the more I drastically wished to test its Truth. Sometimes it appeared foolish to be too drastic. But the hope alone was worthy. And now He appears really |

There is such happiness in me, unknown before. Never have I believed that this happiness can exist on earth, my life is changed, myself completely changed, I am all Joy. Conscious of the greatest event that could happen, I feel so strong a vibration in me that my soul will dissolve in the one thought of Guruji. Adoration to the White Fraternity and God. Like Master! Each word of his is a blessing and it is very hard, not to say in silent adoration of him and his Spirituality revealed by books, but to work again. But in all this happiness I cannot forget the public; they also shall know GURUJI and the Bliss he gives. If my personal forces are too little, he will help me, and the more I become a good disciple, I can radiate his Light more and more. In Europe, His Holiness Glory gives spiritual awakening to the world, and they try to act also.

I bow down before you in adoration and deepest emotion, to thank you that you condescended to accept me as your “beloved disciple”! Conscious of the greatest luck that happened to a human being, to find his Guru, my eyes are filled with tears of happiness and of fast suffering and long waiting to meet you, Guruji! An hour passed and to be with you I forgot to write. Now I am thrilled with awa for this event. Life was moving like a film; now it stands still and there is your image. No husband no friends, no parents, but you on the altar of my heart. Thou art the personification of my God. Thou art my own Self and I am no longer somebody or me, but your disciple, your instrument.

I feel your Light. Your Power, Wisdom and Purity surround me. Wherever I go, I will be conscious that you are with me, and try to radiate your peace. Whatever I do, I will ask you mentally, if it is all right. I will think Guru Mantra and Japa every day, to understand you better and to know your wishes how to work. What a great joy, that you yourself will reply my letters, that you will exert yourself to work with me to bring spiritual good to the French public and you call that a rare privilege for you! What power could resist such a love! If you help, then Europe will be awakened and be saved. I am the most blessed person, if you permit me to collaborate with you and this mission is so great and marvellous that I would be afraid for the responsibility and my own limits, if you had not promised your help.

+.            +.             +

I aspire to be a good disciple-student of you. Since childhood I know about Himalayan Rishis and did Asans without hearing anything about them. I conserved the remembrance of a great room where sat numerous Swamijis in half-circle and there was so much love, that I promised something. I do not remember what, but something going nearly over my forces. So all the time I awaited the voice of Himalayas, and you came really! Never I could thank you enough, but only love you and serve you! May I be so pure as to approach you!

+.            +.             +

God in His inconceivable love personified Him in my Guru Sivanandaji; how would He leave me again? Never be separated: attachment to world, all my days filled with work or meditation, all nights working with you in the astral plane, always s pointed to you. You are the most beloved Guru the powerful Prophet in the world. I adore you in affectionate devotion and dutifulness.


Most Beautiful man on earth,

Most beloved face, divine head arched

Like an universe of Wisdom, eyes like

Two radiant suns, noble nose with

Nostrils like a thoroughbred, Mouth

Of silent secret sweetness, neck strong l

like lion. This is God on Earth, my Lord,

My Guru Dev, My beloved Siva!

Siva, Siva, Siva, Siva, Siva

To all that Thy look means, I say: “YES”


The view of Sivananda Ashram is very precious to my heart, seeing where you live. This is really a holy place of peace, nimbused with glory, and it awakens home-sickness. We are very delighted to see the lovely photos of the Ashram, Guru Maharaj and all people coming to Sivananda Ashram. India is the most blessed country.

It is only Ananda Kutir energising enough. We will stay with you! With the finer sensibility by your spiritual contact, I can no longer stay here, To remain in your Holy atmosphere, in solitude and silence would be the Heaven on earth. I can do anything in your nearness. I need your help every day. Thousands need your help. Your letters are my life itself.

It was not lust or things that kept me back but my service to the suffering. I was foolish to prefer the worthless help to the priceless pearl. You showed me the vital importance of Sat-sang. Now I wish to renounce the world and attain Immortality.

Will you be the Supreme Desire, the last hope, the sole Light, the masterful splendour of Joy, the finest Lover, and the Beloved Master of my heart? You have all this and more You are my God! Your attraction is itrosistible The fine and silent transport you give the soul will transport it with or perhaps without the body towards you. My Gurudev knows the irresistible attraction of the Lord! My heart is filled with hope and fear.

May all souls approach you and desire your spiritual presence as I do.

As I belong to my Guru, the “Synthese Universelle” belongs to Him too. You determine, if it remains like this, bringing in each publication articles from and about you, in particular YOGA FOR THE WEST, and other articles too.

My greatest desire would be to be with you, sitting at your Lotus Feet in your halo, translating your journals into French and German, to leave the world for you, Is this selfish? There is the music in my heart, a sound so mighty of joy and of suffering, so Attractive, so trying to you. If I realize intensely that Thou art my Guru Deva, so pure like flower and so good and noble and generous, this sweetness’ makes me go into Samadhi and I forget to write, to work. This is not right; you ask me to work here, a lotus

Can I say to our readers that you bless them? Can I say to French people that you think of them also? Can you give me a little word personally for the readers saying that they may benefit from your mental vibrations?

For Synthese Universelle, I will translate mysell your Lessons of Yoga because I understand your Sanskrit words and you guide me, to think your thoughts, to live myself your prescriptions as test for Westerner’s best ability. I always thought that all men should have the chance to hear about, I would not be ‘saved’ alone, when others suffer. How glad I am that you are thinking so!

Synthese is so exactly adapted to your University. It was you who did inspire it.

I tender my expression of hearty devotion and pray for your blessings,

Your Sishya of ancient days



I tell myself this: In thy own concentration is the Love for Guruji, in thy own understanding appears his glory, in thy own purity is the spiritual contact, in thy own vibration of joy and adoration He draws near. Thy own Self only is able to feel the bliss given by Guruji because it is his Own Self. So even he can do anything for the sleeping, unconcentrated soul, this is the benefit of Japa, meditation; to have consciousness of our Own Self. And still more than meditation the will power of Guruji can give Self-consciousness to the awakened soul. This is the divine bliss I felt. Not to lessen even a little of this exalting blessed concentration to Self or Guruji or God, it is necessary to meditate often. But still more necessary is it to have a Guru. As God in his inconceivable Love gives parents to children and even to animal-babies, He gives a Guru to the disciple; who is the Father-mother for the young and tender Self-consciousness. I was an unhappy child, so you are really my sole beloved Father-Mother. Your wisdom nourishes me in a holy communion. I depend only on you, but I depend really on you! If you turn away from me God abandons me. But a thought of yours including me in your prayer or in the silence of meditation will energize my life into a holy flame of Light. O Gurudeva, appear before me in Thy loveliness and Thy powerful and glorious Holiness!

This morning you woke me up, just at 4 a.m. A bird sang, the sun looked golden over the trees; what a spring it is! You were in my thoughts, my soul was not detached from you in sleep, but awakening to earth-life never was so merry before | I got up to meditate and to work, as you ask it. I am nearer to you, living like you. What a blessed silence! I am listening to your lovely, silent voice in my own heart. You said ‘I will guide you and help you.’ So fascinating, to discover you in your books, so great, so eminent, so inconceivably good and pure! Generations will be guided by your wisdom You are the bringer of universal Religion, you are the incarnation of Christ, you are the great Guru of the whole world!

This night I wiped off my tears by reading about. You, my beloved Guruji, so beautiful is your soul A tremendous happiness comes over me, how is such luck possible in this world? To have a Guru, my entire life is changed. Your power surrounds me I read easily English, and there is indescribable happiness to discover you! Sivanandaji, Paramahamsa Guruji, your name is sweetness: Protector of animals, of women and children! This you are. Did I ever doubt it? You came “to raise the fallen, to lead the blind, to share with others what you have, to bring solace to the afflicted, to cheer up the suffering”-so is Guruji. Only a few hours before, I asked you, let me feel your Love, and you say: “My watch-word is Love”. How generous and rich you are to give such unknown bliss! The world lost all interest: your Love is my highest aim, never more to be separated from you, Divine Love!

Pratyahara is really so easy to me-am la Yoga Bhrashta? Looking at the photos of Sivanandasram, of my Guru sitting with his disciples, I could go to sit at the feet of Master and listen to him. In body I am separated from you, but my soul is where you are. Never more separated from you! My father-mother Guru. You love all men, nobody is too little for you to help. So I have not to fear that you could not love me. You said ‘beloved disciple’. Make me feel Thy love, Gurudeva. God is everywhere so the Guru comes to be the concentrated point in the divine manifestations; as a burning glass assembles radiations of light, Guruji is the burning Love of God!

.       .        .        

How blessed I am I have a Guru! So happy I am, to have a Guru! My soul dances and sings in joy: Guruji! Guruji! My heart bursts to keep the secret of this name: Guruji! He exists, he lives, his power surrounds me, his eyes read me, his heart answers me, his marvellous mind knows me, he gave me a little place in his world, nothing more to fearmy Guru is with me, helping, protecting, blessing me-Guru’s blessings.

.       .        .        

To thank you, who deigned to accept me as your ‘beloved disciple’, I will give you flowers. But not flowers fading away, no, everlasting flowers visible only to you. A beaming nosegay of golden thoughts: white Lotus flowers of Purity, giving you the key to my Chakras, red roses of Love, whose thorns tore my heart with innumerable pain before you came, so they are coloured as heartblood and sweet-smelling like sacrifice, in full bloom at your approach. Meditations in divine ecstasy to meet you and to follow you to Infinity. The Golden buds of dreams of hopes and activities, for the service to uplift humanity all are laid at your Holy Feet in deep devotion.

.       .        .        

God in his inconceivable love personified Himself in the Guru, so to awake the love of man to the highest form of Purity and powerful expression. Power is Love. My beloved Guru Sivanandaji is so powerful, because thousands love him. This is the secret of His Power to communicate to the world a spiritual awakening. So my love too, gives him powers to work for humanity. Daily Japas like beams of light are the luminous bridge between Guruji and me. My soul has found a real Home.

.       .        .        

His Holiness Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswati, the Divine Swan-Sivananda, Siva-the destroyer of forms and dogmas, Liberator of spirit, Holy Spirit promised by the Christ-Sivananda, Eye of Siva, the Lotus of meditation, Saint of Yoga coming to save humanity, to save souls like mine, Guruji, Master of Souls, simultaneously awe-inspiring and mild-you are the most precious Jewel to find Guruji. Behind me, without you, darkness and suffering. Before me, Eternities, full of Light and Knowledge. With you only I find Light-Joy-Ecstasy! God, Gurudeva, per. Sonified God, my own Self! I pray for all your blessings, your sweet letters, your powerful Divine Prayers Your Kirtans are strange, sweet, irresistible and very dear to me.


In the loneliness of my heart, I

In the wild cravings of life, In the foolish noise of world In regrets, errors and fears, In all worthiness of mine, I call for Thee, My Guru! Karma, “gluey,” crawls into me, Like an octopus with thousand arms – Like a Hydra with thousand heads, Hindrance suddenly appears – I call for Thee’ my Gurul Take away this dream of mind | Darkness overshadows me, Re-appear in all thy Splendour! Come to me, my Guru! Let me understand thy silence, Without knowledge silence is like death Sweet is silence with Thy presence, Come, O come, my Guru ! Darkness is behind the eyelids, And the source of tears is dry. But on Thee my eyes are fixed, and I call my Guru! May the wounds of soul be deeper, If Thou only comest to me! May my bitter heart-ache prove to Thee How so bitter I need Thee! Come, O come, my Gurul

In this silence nothing else

Than my call for Guru! Endless in this endless silence, Sounds my call for Guru! World-wide distance will it smother My silent call for Guru? Come to me, O come, my Guru! Hear my fervent prayer Come again with joy and blessing, Come, O come, my Guru! Come to lift me up, my Guru! Let me have no more longings, Come again with bliss and Kripa. Come, O come, my Guru! Thou art all that I desire, Feel it, O my Guru! Guide me, Guru! Help me, Guru! Come to me, my Guru! Thrilling is Thy presence, Guru, Lightful and fragrant! Joy is coming! Emotion glows up! Sweetness mounts! Fire flows in the veins! Tenderness melts the heart | O Guru! Ecstasy lifts up | On blue wings I rise into Infinite golden space, To the temple of Thy Light, The magnificent centre,

Of Thy sweet mysterious Being.



When this worldly life disgusts me, then my heart is thrilled by this thought, that you exist. It is that wonder that overwhelms me again and again. It is intensity of devotion which leads me.

Beloved! So High above all! So Adorable! So Pure! I cannot restrain my tears nor the words of love. I wish to attain Silence, Bliss, Purity, and Supreme Peace. I cannot attain this in this world, Guruji. There are so many forces which hinder it. Their words are like poison. Thy miraculous Divinity Immaculate! And these Avaranas. Thy sweet love and their hatred. Thy lofty Light! Yes, Lord Siva, with limitless adoration at Thy Feet! It is Infinite Happiness. Let me say again and again, how infinitely happy I feel. Indeed, there is no wealth, thing or being on earth to give the unillusioned part of happiness that you confer. It is so intense that all other things only disturb. Indeed, Sat-Chit-Ananda Swaroopam. It is Infinite Bliss, Happiness, Joy, favour, grace, to have found you. I ever felt that this wonder would happen to me; this bubbling joy was only veiled, but existed ever and now finds fulfilment.

Let me say again and again, how happy you have made me. You are the unique centre of all my happiness. Filled with gratitude and adoration, I see this wonder of my life, my Gurudev. But nothing I wish more than to remain with the unruffled wisdom at Thy Beloved Feet, not more conscious about anything than Theel Grant that I feel the unexpressed. OM.

My heart overllows with soft, sweet love and deepest veneration. Grant me thy favour: That even in defeat. I stick to You. I cann say more Guruji, let me take refuge in You. Cont on me the right attitude, the unruffled wisdom. Tremendous


My lord and Guru!


I know very well that in my present state of sp ritual advancement, I need more than ever your qui. Dance. Yoga is very dangerous without personal gui. Dance of Guru and would lead to self-destruction Thad a conflict of conscience whether to live retired for Sadhana and my spiritual evolution, to reach Mokshe or to work in the world for you. I choose this, be cause you are more important to me than myself, and because others can so hear about you and advance The Guru alone can clear doubts! The Guru alons can indicate the way, when the disciple does not know what to do! The Guru alone can judge. I could only make the effort, but the fruits are yours. I can only surrender all my problems to you. And wait. It is just the depression of mind, which gives power to the evil forces to harm me; but without your con. Tact, how could my mind be not depressed? It may be, you will make me independent of you. But Guruji, do you know the life in the Occident? My life is so very difficult. I only state, and not complain. Let me not be alone!

No. You will only test my trust in you Then please know, that even depressed, even if all are against YOU AND ME, my heart sticks to you. Even in the lowest state of consciousness, I only look at yeu. My trust in you dates not only from this life: it is not of much import to me if I can reach Moksha in this life or not. Because you said, that you will ever come again to help mankind, therefore I too will come again and seek your nearness. In the next life I will be born at your fest, and remain there. I have chosen my Lord, even if the veil of depression hides for moments to me your real splendour and love, your royal sceptre magic wand, can change at once all into security and joy.

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want, thy rod and thy staff to comfort me. He leadeth me in the path of Righteousness for HIS NAME’S SAKE! Hari OM.

Thank you very much, Guruji! I have received a flood of books and journals like a shower of blessings and comfort. I asked only for the Forest University Weekly, but again you plunge me into your divine generosity and abundance. If demand is answered with such profusion, dear Gurudev, I demand only your Presence and Love! See, it overpasses my force, such intensity and yearning.

These books will be utilised to create a Free Library in the Centre: Synthese Universelle. I thank you heartily.

Above all I am grateful for your kind letter. How kind of you, to repeat to me the words of Sri. K.S.

Murthy. Yes, indeed, to love in a way that all shall understand your mighty spiritual power, this is my aim-The Guru Sishya relationship of yore.

How kind is Sri Murty, whilst I have given him some confusion, asking him how some one can be. Come a philosopher when he could be a Swami and Yogi? How to stick to theory when he can have practical experience? He said, I could ask why someone becomes an electrician. I said, “no, here our electricians have not the choice to become saints”. And we laughed. All Indians are so fine people beautiful, sensible and intelligent.

Gurudev, my Beloved and revered Master, I have read Japa Yoga in a night. I want to ask you Mantra, a Guru Mantra! I am yours, Guruji.




















Real Upasana consists in desiring fervently to follow thy teachings, to desire nothing else, to live up to the Thy words, these priceless pearls. This is the real rosary of worship.

Sweet Sat-Guru, who lives in this privileged Holy India, surrounded by the shiring jewels of Thy Saints: pure divine Swan of the Holy Order, Splendour of Wisdom, Miracle of Divine Love, really Thou art great. The sun leaving you comes to me in a hurry to tell me all about you. My heart is Ananda Kutir, my devotion is Ganga, and Himalaya is one-pointed concentration and yearning. In the temple of silence, free from thoughts, feelings and words, I find Thy Altar. How severe you are in purity! How awe-inspiring is your Majesty! How overwhelming is your Joy and Affection and Perfec. Tion! How lovely and Adorable you are! Help me to escape this ‘ago’ and to become one with Thes, my Sivananda, Guru Dev



Thy protection and guidance is the only help in this world. Your photo is placed in this manner, that raising the head I look at you; this happens always and often I stay some minutes in silent communion with you. You reign over my daily life, Please penetrate my soul that I say only thy own ideas. Let me honour Thee in all my thoughts and acts. Jaya Shankar.

I comforted Mrs. Corboz at Lausanne, that you will help her. Brother Ludovic says, if he sees the photo of your Holiness on his bureau he feels no fear. You ever protect him. As for the hero worship: Sri S. R. Of England says that Christ did incarnate exactly forty times since. I adore you. I revere you. I love you. Om. Om. Om.


Glorious Guruji,

Om Namahsivaya! Overflowing thanks for thy merciful incarnation.

Thou showest me that there is no distance for thoughts: so let me be at Thy Feet and give thanks. The Birthday is a thanksgiving day. Thou art my guide and protector, my Light, my Joy, my refuge: Thou alone art my Guru and my saviour. Thou art That, that I never hope to find though seeking desperately for it. Thanks again and again for Thou hast appeared.

Thy books and journals are sources of inspiration, knowledge and truth. I study them. Thy words become the standard of truth. I highly appreciate Thy vast erudition and wisdom. Thy astounding capacity for work, Thy impressive clear style, simple like perfect beauty. I enjoy more Thy universalism, rarest quality. A new Gospel can be given by man like the teachings of Buddha and Christ. But Thou comest to explain, to synthesize, to unite, to create the Universal Religion for all. Thou showest me the way for my own humble work and for this also I thank Thee.

Thy letters are my greatest treasure. Written amidst immense work, they give me strength and joy, and this contact is what I need more than air. I cannot express, I enjoy them. There is insatiable thirst for Thy fire-touch, for Thy vivifying balsam, for Thy miraculous transmission of ecstasy and divinity. Hopeful sweetness is in Siva’s letters, and sweet pain it is to wait for them. But nearly unbearable is it to fall back into worldly consciousness afterwards. Thy graceful letters, Guruji, confer on me moments of perfect happiness and of transcendental perception. They give me the proof of a higher Reality.

I thank you profoundly for all Thy advices and instructions and encouragements. War had shown me that life was worthless; thou showest me its value and sense. Thou showest me the Lord merciful, good, blissful. Thou sayest that indifference for worldly things, sensibility for the suffering of others, etc., are divine qualities and the right path. Thou showest me Thy own perfection and that of all Thy Swamiji’s true men, true protectors of women, true guardians of sacred things; in their existence many women can find consolation. I felt lonely in this battle of my work but Thou sayest that ever Thou art with me and guide me and protect me. Never can I thank Thee enough for all this; but my heart is filled with gratefulness.

There are many others like me, millions who do not even know about Thee and in my own gratefulness I can imagine their hopelessness. Thy life is very precious. Each thought, each breath of Thine is precious for the whole humanity! Sometimes, Thy blissful face takes a stone-like expression of deter mination. Nobody can measure Thy own fight and sacrifice for humanity. For this may my infinite thanks be Thine!

All good wishes of my heart are Thine, as I am Thine for ever.


What are worldly things compared to the joy I receive from your letters, and the Calendar with your image and your words? I cannot express how much I feel your kindness. You are too good to us but we do not merit it; we can receive silently with all our heart.

You give us a new feeling Though distant. Through you grandeur, your are a friend as nobody can be Your help, your guidance, your advice! You require the best of us, you make us surpass ourselves!

You console, you encourage, you inspire and endlessly you give! You give! You are the living proof for the whole world that God exists, that there is no reason to despair, that there is infinite joy before us. You are the best friend of all men, and mine too. Nobody knows me like you, nobody has my illimitable trust and confidence in you and I know you. Men are different and changing, you are ever the same, all good is in you, you are the personified ideal, so I know you. It is good to know that you exist and that you bring in this world your own Light of Purity and PREM. You have the Power. With your assistance we can indeed do a glorious work.

Yes, Guruji, all you say is good and just. I am happy when you approve, and happy when you advise. Dynamic Yoga is fine. I am very grateful for your guidance I know, it is the best fortune to have your guidance I felt your Divine Joy, never I would lose it again! I realised the kind of life here and at Ananda Kutir, the harbour of Bliss.

My beloved Guru, I do not leave you in thoughts. I remain in deep gratefulness, affectionate respects and adorations.


Pure Divine Master!

Prem and OM. Salutations and Adorations. Gurudev, Beloved! I find no words for a reply! Only know that I do not any more exist. Indeed all the Grace of the Lord. Glory to Sivananda Divine Path! All Glory to the Master.

What should be the sub-heading for the Synthess Universelle? It will come out in English and French. Now I want to be definite about the heading “International Organ of the Divine Life Society The decision remains in your hands.

The next issue will contain the appeal for Siva. Nanda-Medical Organisation, with such propagation The world looks at Geneva now.

O Gurudev, what have I to do with events? But I am absolutely fearless. Such great Have I not EXPERIENCED that the Lord alone acts, that all is His Divine will. All realise as you have said it, automatically. I only realise I am rocked by the waves of an infinite ocean, and only feel Thy Grace and sweetness. The whole world will recognise Thy divine power by my example: a woman, occidental and thousands of miles away and you make a Maitreyi if you will. You confer spiritual power of love of bliss to whom you like, to all, if you will. Lord Maitreya, have you finally come to save the world! This thankfulness and adoration at Thy Lotus-feet!

Just now I receive a sweet letter of Edgar, thy deve tee. Why shall they all write to me! To intensify? He is much more advanced than I. Yes, but Thy Joy is my Joy. I know that the whole world has concentrated at Thy Lotus Feet. Every atom in the whole universe is concentrated on Sivananda. And all the atoms of my being I can see atoms, dancing in the air, delike tight small snow, sometimes golden points whirling towards me, and like smoke emanating from me as if I would be consumed. Wonders and marvels beyond understanding. A constant exchange of atoms and no being.

Art Thou not a great Master Ever more sensible more intensified, multiplied, millionfold. This is Thy Divine method. The Self of all beings. When shall I meet you? May the Divine Power flow cver the whole world and bring peace. May Thy reign be established.

Mother wrote, that she has received a letter from you with the image of the Divine Child. Your kindness is so touching! Imagine Gurudev, by your Grace, I have now best collaborators for the “Synthese Universelle”. Exactly as you said before. My heart is filled with sweetness and adoration. I am longing for your letters.

You wrote the SIVA-GITA! In it your Holy Name and mine are so united. Gita of Siva-yes, I will be the living Gita of Siva. I will sing your Glory, my beloved Guru. By your power you opened my mortal eyes, to see you in your splendour and to support it. With open eyes I contemplate on my Guru-therefore wherever I shall look, there all must be pleased and blessed by the Light.


Overwhelmed dan My heart is filled with you. I by your kindness. I bathe in a stream of bliss

Miracles still happen. The miracle of miracle you are You know how to make all happy! Happ ness permeates me I feel saintliness by you blessings. There is Light everywhere.

What a happy and profound, enlightened Christ. Mas it was! As never I lived. There was your close contact. There was oneness with you.

It seemed to us a wonder upon wonder: a letter just for the evening of the 24th, a divine telegram from Himalayas! For Christmas morning, a letter in the afternoon and again a letter the next day, with your beautiful photos and Swami Paramanandaji’s book about you, our beloved Guru.

Nobody was so blessed on this Christmas! Here was really the centre of your Light just at the moment of the greatest crisis in Europe and danger of a new war.

But your message was sent to all other countries Many organisations ask me to give a lecture about you. You conquer the Occident, Powerful Guru The Manager from “Paris-Match” came to me and asked full particulars about you and enquired, when the Great Saint of the Himalayas will come to Europe.

At the midnight mass in the Theos Church, it was not an illusion, but really I saw you sitting before the cross on the altar, in all your loveliness and splendour and child-like purity I felt a need to sacrifice.

Now I am ill and write this from my bed. Yesterday it was serious; to-day I feel quite alright. Is it not a miracle, dear Doctor? I wished no vivisector to touch me, no poisonous medicines. You are my Doctor. Your letters and Prasad are my medicine. Your Photos are the cool balm for my head. In pain and suffering, I am conscious of you and feel happy. Thank you, Gurudev, your letters saved me.

I can serve you in many ways. Really I live for you and with you.

I am infinitely happy that you read my “Meditations” and approve them. I call it Upasana, not my own thoughts, but fix attention and am receptive to your words Please state, that there is no other thought nor teaching.

State, it is loyal Brahmacharya and Premabhav! State, it is the ecstasy of joy to know you, my Guru! It is pure adoration. State, it is your will-power, your love-gift, your grace! Say, that there is no bond closer and dearer than that between Guru and His faithful disciple! Give me more love, more initiations, more grace to please and to serve you. The more you give, the more I yearn. You do not need to read and to answer all my letters. You are the Master. You have no obligation. It is all a Divine Gift from you. I am a slave for you. Blissful, blessed, divine Guru, with tears of adoration, I close this letter. May all Joy fill your Divire Heart!


Since three days your letter moves in my heart I try to realise its whole sweetness and meanings I am plunged in adoration. You have again lifted me up, you have again given me LIGHT, JOY and all that I needed, through thy unbelievable power and Grace.

What is this for Karma, ever such violence in my life? How to trust myself, when I am unjust. You see only the good. Gurudev; but if there are 10 many Samskaras, how can I reach Thee? And I cannot be without Thee! See the first dream. It seems to me to fight against an army of demors, to escape them. Without Thy help it would be impossible, but ever Thou art here, strong and powerful and sure. “Therefore leave all anxieties and fears!” I feel such need of sleep this time, like after a storm. It seems to me, in sleep I am nearer to you. It is such a relief to know you in perfect health; not only for myself, but the whole world. It means peace, welfare, a brilliant future, as you had the vision. The Atmic bomb of Bliss for all.

You are TRUE, ROYAL, of unknown, awe-inspir ing nobility. You are the sweet Lord Himself Even in your holy presence you give blindness to those who are selfish, so mighty and terrible ard you. Who is all-sweetness to His devotees. There fore, I am in terror and chill, when I do not feel you at every moment, every second. Therefore is every letter of you a statement of this unbelievable chance that I have found you, living God!

Gurudev just now I received your adorable photos with the happiest dog in the world, and so many important people around you. And this shock of joy ‘awaiting Sivananda-Margaritha’, my Guru! Thou, Joy of my heart, Thou art all my longing! Waiting for me? It is written by the own hand of my good Angel, thy blessed Swami Paramanandaji. Eternal love-debts have I unto him, who has opened me the heaven of Bliss. He says ever true. Yes, Gurudev! Why can I not come now, in this moment, and shout unto you, I cannot do miracles, but you can! Do so! Yes, I feel, you will do all. I feel detaching. How stupid was I, as you said ‘inspire, let others’ work, when the Lord does all Himself, automatically. Now, I am really in this current which flows towards you. Towards you, my Guru, my goal, my all. You are waiting for me. This is an order for all obstacles to vanish! Please send me the paper to ask for the visa. Please hasten the days. Give me patience. How merciful you are! You have seen that I could not believe in such chance. “One day, you will find it possible to meet me and remain with me”, you said. But I did not know if this meant really in this life on this earth. Sometimes it seems to me, thousand lives will pass before that. Now I keep this photo with me, day and night. I have never touched your photo. But this treasure will be cherished. With intense devotion.


Blissful Master!

Om Trayambakam yajamahe Sugandhim pushti vardhanam Urvaarukamiva bandhanaat Mrityormuksheeya maamritat

 Exalting holy words! Exalting holy Gurudev Prostration and adoration.

My sweet Love, my powerful guide toward highness of unknown beauty! There was never such great, such heroic Master on earth No one bar revealed the essence of all secrets, as Thou alone No one was thrilling and intoxicating thousand, and thousands with such sweet Gospel of the great Realization! No one knows to open the secret sources of Bliss in men, as the Glorious Sivananda, the Messiah of Divine Love!

I have received ‘Goal of life’ and ‘A dynamic Yogi’ with thy sweet dedication. There is jubilation in me to see the homages and love that surroute you at every step. It means that humanity is good and pure, intuitive to feel the Presence of the noble Divine Prince of Philosophy.

I know, instead to say, ‘my’, I could ever say ‘our’: you are our country, our religion, our love But when I am before your photo, seeing your eyes like two radiant black diamonds and saying ‘m eyes’ to them, that means ‘my’ – ‘n.ost beloved’ like the Self. My Sivananda!

With such powerful Master, I will not lack on the Divine Path, will I? I will not have to grope my way, but asking courageously, I will receive the heroic saintly Truth from Thy lips, overi Yes, I am thrilled and intoxicated by the Lord I can only lose all or win all, but not have the mediocrity of half. Truths, with such a great Master! And with thy close contact, I cannot lose, I only win All.

The Path may be small like a razor-edge, but when the Lord is on the end, with outstretched hands, awaiting Sivananda-Margaritha’, then I can only hasten towards Him. Even if I must become like Maitreyil Imagine, Gurudev, what this means! But Thou art with me. Guide me! Advise me! Give me wisdom!

With the purity of heart, with the intuition of Love, I prostrate at thy Lotus feet, with my whole concentration upon thy heart-beat. Am I not consEtcious to be on holy ground, when Holiness means Wholeness? Am I not trembling in intense devotion for SIVA, thy own Love. Divine embodiment of His Beauty! All my desire and adoration is Thine. Only God, I break down before Thy Sweetness.. Be merciful! How can I offer my love unto Thee; Reveal me the secret of Maitreyi.

Be courageous by mercy! I am at the end of my forces. There is the dream. There is the photo waiting Sivananda-Margaritha’. I cannot resist. This sacred name. This close contact. O Beloved! I realize the meaning of Tat Twam Asi, the Self, the sacred Great Mrityunjaya Mantra! O Beloved! Give me pure consciousness of Bliss, Nirvikalpa Samadhi. By Gracel protect me! My Guru, give me thy beloved hand, hold me closely Sweet Sival my sweat Lo There shall be no sacret for the Beloved, who know all, who understands ever.

I come back in this mind-world but filled wi intense thankfulness and trance. Let me prostrate give thanks, let me kiss Thy blessed hand, let adore and glorify such a Divine Master! Thou ar overwhelming and impetuous, irresistible.

I have fought against Thy Sweetness, but Thou hast won. I have sought refuge in meditation, in Padmasan before Thy holy photo. But you sai “All is done by Divine will Glory to Sivanand Margaritha-leave off all anxieties and fears Sivananda! My Lord! How sweet Thou art!

Yes, Joy and peace and Bliss are mine. Thy divint blessings have realised. Thou has perfectly realise: WO the dream. Thy Grace is infinite. Thy Power i limitless. Yes, it is perfect Joy to give. Yes, second less Oneness is the highest state. Manonas, no duality, only Thou. And this increasing, passionate rapturous, melting tenderness, O Gurudev, again and again !

Trembling in love. I write these words to THANK you. May all enjoy. O Gurudev, sweet Sivananda, fesl the Indescribable Bliss.







I love all Yogas, but Bhakti Yoga is sweet. Without the love of my God, I am very poor. I am so grateful for all the bliss you gave me, but more than bliss, I wish your love, like protecting wings about me. All my life, my thoughts were one-pointed to this cause and I tried to express it. Now you say that the time has come “to play my part”. YOU ARE SO CLAIRVOYANT !

My Guru is my joy. My Japa is his sweet name. My faith is in Sivananda. I feel so well under His protection and guidance. My meditation is the contemplation of His glorious splendour.

I cannot love the abstract Divinity so deeply as I love the personified God, My Guru.

Still more I love your power and wisdom. In. Telligence delights me, and yours is universal. There is nobody like you. You are the destroyer of Avarana, Saint Michael. Your words are the fine and ardent touch of spirit. Soul-caresses of God, sweet. Like mild rain for the arid earth. Vivifying like nectar, I am thirsty, insatiable, to drink this joy from Thy lips.

The 1 tus-flower resists the powerful current of holy Ganga’s clear and ice-cold water. Where did she find the strength not to drift and to drown in her purifying embrace?

I love your awe-inspiring majesty.

Tears of love are in my eyes, when I think over your refined sensibility. Ever kind and regardful for others, you are simple; never to injure others. Your compassion alone makes you support the human contacts. Your generosity to share with others the secret of your bliss is the sole reason for your incarnation. I look at your photo to find in your eyes this mystery of love. They ary fascinating, they attract.

Under your charm I feel joy. There is an inexhaustible fountain of joy in you. I tremble in fear and expectation. You wait to show me the way of transmutation. My joy is your own joy.

You guide me. You will give me all I want I know your fine understanding.

How can my soul consume itself in your soul? Have I the right to reach the highest joy and liberation, when even the cry of an animal turns my attention away?


With showers of awe I have the vision of your Godliness. I hear your silent voice in my heart: “I am with you. The Lord protects you.” I could never express fully the joy I feel through your spiritual contact, this illumination of the soul through divine power transmitted by your words and photos. Thanks for all the magnificent marvels that you reveal to me.

It needs a gigantic will to understand Thy Wisdom. Real Upasana consists in desiring fervently to follow Thy teachings, to desire nothing else, to live up to Thy words, these priceless pearls. This is the real rosary of worship.

Thy words are magnetic. They have a strange power I recognise them in your writings. There is a particular affinity which thrills my whole being. It is the Voice of the Master! Others say these words with a superiority complex. You are limitless, profound, simple and practical, smooth-tongued, pure and impersonal. They say : Hindu Hypnotism.” “Take care before I smile. May Thy will guide and protect me. Let my will merge in the Divine Will. My Gurudev says: “THOU ART THAT – Thou, not you”!


Never I heard so strange and good words as your two letters. They contain all my goal, the path, the help to advance and life-long meditation. I see what I have to do, and there has come to me a strange calm and force an indescribable inner contentment.

Your image is before me every time. I can really say that you live in me. The prayers and blessings of Thy Holiness for me, are my glory. I am surrounded by your Light.


You will help me and support me to a great extent and stand by my side always. Gurudev! Gurudev! Feel the indescribable! I am so WELL under your protection.

I feel thrilling admiration and adoration before your unimaginable Goodness and Ahimsa and Strength and Potency! Thou art indeed Himalaya. And Ganga purifying. Stream of Love!

The greatest conceivable punishment of the Lord must be, to be in your presence, IN YOUR PRESENCE! And not to feel this BLISS! Where then will be bliss for them? Nowhere!

As every day brings this bliss nearer to me, how could I not have pity for them? You have said it. The earth and heavens may vanish, but Thy Words will remain for ever and ever.


I found not words to thank you duly for your letter and the beautiful Initiation card and the three Sarees that you sent me. I had only tears. I am touched in my innermost heart. All my cells vibrate in this hallucinating sound that emanates from You! OM!

Your generosity and inspiration-power are grand. You are indeed God. My mind is filled with this thought that always you remain with me. It is all Happiness. And I am longing for you. Where are the distractions, the attachments, the errors that bind me? How can I remain with you always? And you say, one day it will be possible for me, to meet you and remain with you! For these personal words I thank! Not the abstract Divinity, but YOU! You, who understand everything not the diffused light of all universes, but the self-luminous centre. You are the source of all light for me, you are That Ananda Siva. You are OM! You contain all, there is no interest beyond you.

Please, tell me more about my Lord. Say me all. Are there several planes on which we live at the same time and I have no memory from this plane where you are with me.? Tell me what are the proofs, the signs, to recognize really your presence, without illusion! Please do not veil me longer. What is dearer to me than my own bliss and immortality? I know, there is soul-bliss, as in meditation, but there is a more sublime bliss, of Spirit, of your spiritual touch. This bliss is incomparably higher than that of the soul. But there is something above. Even above this highest bliss. Above all is YOUR bliss. This is the secret of your photo.

I found the secret of inhalation and Kumbhakt hold you, without release. Thy blessings are прод me Gurudev All Sadhanas are necessary prelimina ries. So sweet is the Lord! O tell me more abo Him; through Thy grace I am strong. Thou art with me.

The cards you sent me, addressed by your ow hands, given to me from your blessed, beloved hands like the gift of a fine and ardent caress to my soul these cards contain all. This image is like an imprint in my heart!

Give me the courage to forget my limitations and personality, and to feel one with all, alone with Thee Give that Oneness which is not loneliness of the Self, but Oneness in duality! Give that this Oneness includes all, because there would be no happiness il even a cat or dog had to wait before the closed door. It seems impossible to realise, but you can do wonders. Do so! O, I wait for your reply. To merge in your wisdom. You are inexhaustible. Do not believe in my satiety, it will never be. You will not give me peace, before you have given me all unimaginable chance, to know you, to hold you, for your Self!

With profound tenderness my soul caresses Thr Lotus-feet, Grant to feel it. Shall I ever see you?


You assure me that I shall see you still in this life. This is an unimaginable good for me. Now I live for that moment. I am filled with gratitude and admiration. Your generosity fills my heart, never was anybody so good to me. Where you are there is heaven. Now take my hands and guide me. Now every day brings me nearer to you, every work done is a step towards you. The Lord Himself in my Guru helps me. I know that Maya begins well and ends very bad. I am not blind to seek eternal values in human love or worldly things. They give death. You, miraculous God-man, give life!

I wished to dream every night about you. Once, awake, I saw your high luminous silhouette, but was Bo afraid of this joy that it vanished. But your photos plunged into light and soft colours; there is a beam changing from gold to rose and green, then azure and purple, very luminous, which is always in the direction of India. May it be an indestructible bond from you to me.


Not to tire you, beloved Guruji, I have written a long letter to Swami Paramanandaji who is so adorable: he will inform you.

Grace and thanks to the Lord that you are well again! The illness and the report of doctors that you need rest, inspite of your heroic activity and mighty miraculous power were an impressive leston about bodylessness. Not to be this body, not limited by senses, mind and space, how I would feel it!

Guruji, the quintessence of all my feelings ise burning desire for liberation, to be One with you Like an order you said to me “attain Immortality in this life”, but I feel the more ignorant. I am anxious to make the right demands. What do I need, Guruji? Is it a deeper understanding of the Chakras and Samadhi Yoga and will you teach them to me, my Master?

In meditation there are failures and successes, and ever longer and deeper bliss Once, consumed in intense prayer for your health, Guruji, I detached, and felt as if the head were open. But what means God-Realisation in the deeper significance? There must happen something, a certitude which remains? So difficult is the path, Guruji! But to have found it how happy and blessed I feel. O Guruji, it is due only to your holy overwhelming Loveliness, your sweet, magnetic, stupendous, divine Glory and Grace. O Saviour, Adorable Lord! Bodyless stream of bliss, grace and love! The Christ promised to come again “In the clouds”-and you are the Master of Dharmamegha Samadhi, the clouds of immortal Nectar. The clouds vanish when the Self appears.

Guruji, I have not said to you all the wonders you did for the travel. On this travel I felt so happy exalted, by your presence. Why did you leave me at the end? Do I not live to serve you at every minute, very careful that you alone may act? It is very warm in South Italy, but I managed it quite well, I will bear the climate of India, Guruji! When will you say: “Now come”!? I only witness, filled with admiration, now things seem to arrange themselves, to realize this dream: “To meet you and remain with you,” for these words I live, Before knowing you, Guruji, I was like dead, in an agony through world misery. You have given me a new life, strength and courage. You have given me a goal. You have taken the burdens and responsibilities away. You transformed apathy into ecstasy, and insignificance into Glory. With infinite kindness you have ever understood me and surrounded me with the loving gifts of Your Self, and guided, advised, supported, uplifted, protected and helped and comforted. You have relieved my Karma, redeemed my soul, you have given divine bliss and wisdom to me with your heartblood, the essence of your being. You have showered over me blessings, prayers and grace, and overseeing my limits you have deigned to act through me. I ask nothing in return, other than selfsurrender to the Divine. How wonderful you are! No words can express it. Really you reveal Divinity. No thanks can express our feelings. This is our humble prayer: “Give us understanding, make us receptive to your grace, make us perfect instruments, pure and obedient to the divine will, help us overcome the sheaths of illusion, let not our consciousness fall back to the devilish planes any more. Free us from evil. Let us be with you in this kingdom where all power and glory is yours. OM.

O Shephered, take home the bewildered sheep lost in the world but belonging to your own pastoral O Guruji, when can I come home, at your Lotus Fest? With all devotion, Prem and OM.


Guruji, Beloved of all!

Prostrations at Thy Holy Feet. And respecte before Thy suffering. My dear Guru, heroic Master The one-pointed Prayer .... that you know: “Thy Will be done”.

Received your sweet letter and the three Sarees sumptuous, lovely, overwhelming. And yesterday evening your hand-written letter. Thanks for the frankness of this hand-writing that reveal me your suffering. That I can share.

Wish this face disfigured by tears, I have dressed myself in your Sarees, with which you will comfort me with all that it means. And I felt at home. I felt your sweetness, your nearness.

You say, I have made tremendous progress. Yes, I know only through your Grace, your letters and photos, your contact. I made ceaseless efforts, it is true too; but by Prem you inspired me with yout magnetic holy Person. It is also true, that I have propagated spiritual knowledge; but the Lord acts through me by His Grace. He can act through others to act through Sivananda-Margaritha. Evil cannot be removed, as God Himself tolerates it, as a test. Selfpurification is the Self who purifies the soul. I am soul, Thou art my Own Self. There are two to be one, there are ever Gods and Devis. The soul becomes One with the Self like a conscicus mirror, reflecting only the beloved. Is this true, Gurudeva? I cannot conceive of Yoga otherwise! O Guru, be my refuge!

Because, if I have to find the Self in myself, you will coolly leave me some day and say, “find now the self in the absolute emptiness”. It is a hard lesson. Or, you are really my own Self and then you will never leave me. Then you will take my soul with you wherever you go and it will be Thy Will, without delay.

When you say SIVOHAM, it is true. When I say SIVOHAM, it is true too, because Thou art in me and I am conscious of Thee alone, not of me. And my name states it. Self-purification? If I think of this, I see a long continuation of lives without end. There is so much I have not experienced, so many tests in which I may fail, old Samskaras that I do not even know. And where is my sweet Lord then? This unique chance to live when he lives will perhaps not happen again. Then, my despair. It cannot be so. I may have several bodies. World is a mind-habit. I have identified my self with this being, by habit. But so often I have indentified myself with others’ sufferings, with animals, flowers trees; I am not this body, I am free. I can identify myself with you. My Own Self, Siva. This alone is important to me and real.

My thoughts are concentrated upon you, it de lights me to meditate, to write about you, to pens trate your mystery. There is a continuous stream of thoughts towards you, I cannot stop it. How can remain ‘universal’ (for Synthese) when you alons captivate me? It becomes a problem, Gurudev,

You say so many words to me, Gurudev, when it is all your own Grace. You did not say that you were with me. Gurudev, I love you and adore you. I cannot prove it enough, I know. It must be my Karma.

The Sarees: a loving offering of my beloved Gurudev; And the ‘Philosophy and teachings of Swami Sivananda.’ And the hand-written letter with the sweet address! When shall I meet you and remain with you?

Your Lecture at Roorkee University gave me much interest. You must not do lecture tours now. You should recover good health. The world needs you. When you could take the Karma of others upon you, you can also share it with those who love you and will be too happy to add lives, if only you feel well. Thou art omnipotent and can do this miracle give the world this real Easter of Thy increasing Sunny Splendour and warmth. The world needs you and I most. Can I pray to another God than to my own Lord?

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Sri Sivananda-Margarita-the Ideal Devotee.

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-19 at 9.35.27 AM (1).jpeg



Beloved Gurudev,

Adoration, a continuous stream. Adoration at every moment, even in sleep.zeim σποντονη χρος

How can I work when I would remain all 24 hours of the day in adoration before Thee, when I am jealous of all that needs my attention which is Thine alone? How can I speak with a mouth filled with thy sweetness and how to write with eyes filled with tears? Yes, I understand the secret of Maya to veil Thy sweetness and only to lift up slowly, when we have super-human strength, not to be consumed, not to swoon and to lose you again. This is the divine sport.

Once again I try to write to you my letters. You are not here for me alone, but for all, I know. All are so longing for your words. I must send you the letter from Sri Kuppuswamy, there you see how in reality he is longing for your divine love. Beautiful and evolved is his soul. How

Gurudev, Thy sweetness, Thy words, Thy Being! You understand all, you know all. Indeed I am so blessed by your Grace, so infinitely happy and rich to have my Guru and Lord. You have fulfilled all my dreams and hopes, of the long time, as I did intuitively know about your existence. I try only to realise this fortune which no worldly power could change. When shall I meet Thee and remain with Thee? Hasten the time, my Lord!

Your sweet letter. You write to me, but I da know it. You give me your thoughts and blessings and I do not know that until your letter reaches 10 You are ever with me and I do not know it You apresence mercifully shows it. It is not doubt but unbelievable supreme chance and happins

For me. Thanks, Gurudev. “Maitreyi Samvad with O is the most beloved Gramophone Record with your voice, so mighty and purifying and life-givin Never I heard such intensity and power of a voice it makes the whole being vibrate.

Your letter fills me with Joy because I feel the you are in better health. Is it so? Do not suffer any more, Gurudev, please, you can do all wonder If you will not rest yourself, nor for thy stro Swamijis, then take rest for me please.

Select opinions of prominent persons: Why a you so manifold that every person finds other aspects for the delight of thy devotees? The S has only seven colours, but you have millions. It this limitlessness in you that ever you enjoy O Gurudev, I have a preference to your book: SIVA GITA, It is full of interest to me, It gives me strange joy. It is so short, I wished to hear m and really who you are, and nothing else. Are happy? Are you healthy? Are you powerful, On potent? Are you sweet? Are you careful? Are glorious? Are you the Lord, the Beloved Sri Sivananda? Yes, all this you are, but I am the to hear it, to think it, again and again, What is use of other knowledge? Knowing how you are, I know all that I need. The pale vision enraptures me, and then I feel so well, so near to Thy Divine Heart. There is my Goal. And then may worlds continue to roll and universes to glow up and to extinguish, I will not notice it.

Your Photos reveal so many secrets to me. Philosophy and Teachings” is your contribution! Three simple words. And this contains all your Divine Wisdom, the essence of your Being and holy life, the treasures of your brain and heart, the precious words of Siva.

I have also received a really nice letter from Mr. Schwab. He does much good work as no one else The Yoga Vedanta Academy will be a success. Now at Geneva we are surrounded by militaries of all nations. May I radiate Thy own thoughts for world peace? I saw the H.Bomb at the Cinema and The Japanese Fishers. Everywhere is evil and suffering. Only at Thy Lotus-Feet, there is serenity and joy.

I had sent “Philosophy and Teachings” to mother to thank her that she gave me my half-name, Margarita. She asked me to “write to Guruji on my he half that his existence is for me the dawn of a world of new dimensions, as I have ever sought. It confirms the depths of his wisdom, this direct contact with the Divinity, from where he comes and towards which he goes, that he blesses all men and my child also. Only he could rescue you from death, and even if I would not know about him, my gratefulness is great. May he take in his heart your old moths My Guru, for my name, who is infinitely dear to me, may I pray you to bless her.

Mrs. Huin writes: “How to thank you, first for the Christmas Message, received just on Christmas eve when all are ready to receive a miraculous benediction. And then, the extraordinary Beauty The “Voix de l’Himalaya”. It is a sun rising, illuminating all grey facades. It is the hand from Orient, out-stretched to help, in a thrilling simplicity, to lift up the men of Occident. Your lecture at the Theosophical Society-Impossible to express what I felt – the speech was clear formed and intelligible to all. But above all, it was the atmosphere, the Invisible Presence of the Master; and the voice transmitted by the Gramophone record! I can only thank you from all my heart for your devotion and propagation of Synthese Universelle and the Voice of the Himalaya’, which are like Christmas and Easter, a feast for spirit.”

Gurudev, if only you knew, how many pe adore you and are thirsty for your words and dare not to say it! French people are very sensible and respectful, and how many can never write to you in English! I know myself, how difficult it is to over come awe and respects and to write to you. When they see Thy Sweetness, all other is like bitter poison. But Thy Joy is my own Joy. With all my being I love Thee, in all planes, in all forms. Thou art fascinating as man, subduing and glorious as Master, resplendent in sublime grandeur as World Guru, lovely, and adorable Siva! All that are mysterious become sure reality in Thy most beloved form

My letter is too long, but I smile, Gurudev, it is only a little part that I have said. Ever I see your eyes upon me, so dark and luminous, fascinating and mysterious and so good. I am waiting for you. Bless me again, Gurudev, Omnipotent!

Adorations, endless.


(Transmission of Spiritual Power)

Your last letter, Gurudev, is a master-work of finest psychology and kindness! You are above all comparison with other psychologists, because you have clairvoyance and love; you see only God. Each person is for you a question of God, to which you Answer. You discover Him’ under all different veils. It is God that is incarnate in you, to show us your example, so that we may follow you.

Thy Light remains in my eyes and really I see how spectral and grey the world is, a little mist, before Thy radiant Splendour. Thou alone art important. Nothing else. To touch Thy divine heart is miraculous grace. To be covered with Thy prayers and blessings is the greatest favour on earth. Thy protection is like an army of Angels. Thy letters are Shakti-sanchar. O God, Thy touch IS MOKSHA !!!


My Gurudev,

Your Photo came-touched my innermost heal You give and I receive-All wealth is yours. Yo give me all. I am empty and you fill me! For this give wished powers, I wished more: to receive a from Thee!

I said ‘God is Love’ and you answered ‘God in Silence. Silence is the Indescribable! The Silent Joy! Sanctify Thyself 108 times these holy words – I ADORE YOU, GURUDEV!-

You sent me the Beautiful Certificate. Is.. Lord who acts or I? You taught it to me! You KNOW It is not a test, because you know my heart. I your divine joy to give, to share even your own merits? There is more hidden in this handsome gesture

Do you know that I am trembling to understand rightly all your words? I did nearly not dare to send you my ‘meditations’, because I feel like a child before you. It delights me! Then you said beautiful things about Vedanta, Samadhi, Self-Realisation-I felt the same hidden enigma as with the certificate.

Oyes, I thank you from all my heart for this Certificate. You ever make me happy. All from you is so Royal! Your telegram at Christmas, your many letters and photos, and messages. You show me the Plenty of the Lord! And there is eager receptivity in me.

Your last letter, about Sevak, as suddenly understood, made me laugh and weep together so free I left. No sell-importance, no attachments to more this world, no more need of sell-purification! The enigma is solved: you can give me certificates for your own graceful activity, as you can give me Chidananda-rupa or Samadhi and Self-Realisation, even to a woman of the West in the noise of a city, then have you the Will and the Power to release me for ever! I do not need more life, nor more purification-where you are, there alone is purity! You are my Lord Hari! And Lord Skanda! And my beloved Lord Siva! And merciful and sweetly you kill me with your photo.

You sent me THIS photo? The same had transmitted to me miraculously the initiation of PREM!

Do you not know that I can read into you with the eyes of love? That I feel what you feel? That my consciousness is your mirror?

Can I not understand the infinite joy and the infinite pain on Thy beloved human face? SelfLuminous in spite of world and evil!

Do I not break down at Thy Lotus feet, to see Thy sweet signature?

Do I not drink Thy divine Nectar?

Do I not feel ecstatic joy, insatiable eagerness. Rapturous veneration for the Divine gift of Thy Self? Is there anything else into me, into my consciousss or sensibility or being, than Thou alone? You know all this. You transmit it, simply by your photo! It is beyond all reason. It is sweet divine Power. Help me now to hold you for ever! Do not escape any more! It is painful for me to delach my escapem Chidananda Rupa. Remain with me!

You extend my soul, but I find no limits in you You give with divine generosity, but eternities wi not suffice to express the evidence of your grace

You say you will support and guide me throughout Throughout! What is the name of the river, where you will guide me to the other side? I know it. With joy I am ready at every minute and wait. You give me all; give me this! Siva! Ananda Siva, my Guru There are no attachments. The Lord takes my own burden, He acts, I am free. By all your blessings I am pure. By your divine will I am saved By yo grace I am immortal; conscious of my own Self!

For ever my cosmic Beloved, Sivananda, Anan Siva, my Own Self! Limits vanish! You are not the Doctor Kuppuswami, you took his body, you remained with him, but you have many bodies for moments, only with Him you stay. In ecstasy you take possession of my being too. Sweetness is not a Bhav, but your real very presence.

Gurudev! What happened this night? I could not write this. I felt a pressure on my neck and head as if I should bow. Then I saw your high luminous form! My cats also saw you without fear. But! Was in terror. Just as I had understood WHO you are, How to support your sight, when even your photo enraptures me!

O Gurudev! I need your help for so many things I pray you only to bless me again. All veneration and adoration unto you.


Ananda Guru,

Your letter makes me supremely happy. I can write to you! You will ever answer me!-thousand birds sing into me! My soul is made of thousand tinkling bells! So clear, so free, so light I feel. Did I not wait since time immemorial to love you? But who else could understand it, Gurudev? Human love is not like the Jubilation of tinkling bells, and not like the approach of Spring, when all sources break up and nature bursts into bloom, under the blue smile of infinity and bliss. From your letters emanates stream of sweetness, and I shall have many letters more from you! From the deepest inmost joy to the highest, felicity, all you give. My loving God, my human Lord, how wealthy you are! You hold all the subtle threads of my soul in your tender, sensible hands, you are the Sun centre of these beams. Namaha! You have so many names, but only one human body and for this I thank you from the core of my heart, because your body can write letters! My life has been changed by your letters! You know everything Guru Dev but you do not know how I am attached to you. Why? You are the magnet for souls. Losing you, I would die, you know it? And I feared to lose you, through events or maladroitness or hindrances. I have ever lost all. But you were precious and dearest to me! Your beautiful letters, your own overwhelming wisdom and above all by your Magnificence gave me a new life. I have only one Guru and was thirsting for Him and His words. Only to think of you give me tears of tenderness. How to resist? But now lam happy. I have your letter, your kind promiss Am have your Name! This name is my certitude have Sivananda-Margarita the Pothy you. There is no doubt no risk, only certitude is this name-Sivananda |

Will you agree to give me Sannyas Initiations? There may be objections, but I am willing to do what you desire. In one of your books I read about the Guts who tested a Sadhak with a piece of sugar on the tongue. I can support quite more, without losing the intense pure and sweet concentration upon you But to think of you, is sweetness in my longus Guru Dev!

I pray to you: I have to be near you, lor ever, give me blessings that it may be so. You are merciful. You will not abandon me! As child, I was much afflicted, that I had not lived at the same time as the Christ and thought, I had comforted Him, I had de fended Him and carried His cross, happy to die with Him to be near. And now YOU are here! It 10 unimaginable chance to live at the same time the miracle of miracles and the recompense of recom penses, to be in touch with you. It is the result of numberless lives. What is liberation, what are heavens without Thee! For this I pray, do not see my imperfec tions, but let me advance quickly, give me Initiation I will repay later this favour and come back adala and again to help others. To Thy Glory My Master! Others hope that love will hold out above death. I know, that Divine Love is infinite, beginningless, and endless, ever it was ever it will be. Thank you, that you are so lovely, Incarnated Ideal!

It is sweet to me, when you say ‘I like this’. It is the pearl of a personal word. Your Impersonality is royal, but your personal words are drops of honey. I wished to know all that you like. Looking at your photo, I seek this mystery behind your tender, dark eyes. Sometimes I cannot support this glance.

It seems to me, you look at me, you see me really. Then I know what you like. Yes, the appreciation of your words is universal. The world is better to-day, much ignorance has vanished. The world becomes sensible to divine love. Your patience and indulgence is so deeply understanding. Yes, to unite with all, to radiate love, to overcome all it that separates, is my own ideal and shows me your inspiration since ever.

Margarita of Sivananda! The path of love. The d photos, where you speak with cows, or hold babies on your knees, or nurse a patient, are most dear to me. Then my heart glows in adoration. Yes, it is these devouring flames that need the cool, quickening water of your letters. They give me the strength to support your own ardent light!

How could I give a Message of this Splendour, without your help. It is marvellous that you will give me hints and points for my lecture and inspire me. I knew you would do it.

You see, my thoughts flow continuously towards you, I had to tell you much more. All thanks for your good words for Synthese! And for the Twelve names of the One Sun. The few sentences about you: Central teaching are the shortest, precisest and highest Credo, I never heard. It is thrilling and unique! Golden words of the World-teacher! O Sat-Guru, Namaha.

O well-beloved, Namaha.

O Saviour, our solace, Namaha.

Sweet Prem and OM, Namaha.

Resplendent Light in the darkness, Namaha.

Embodiment of mercy, Namaha. Incarnated Divine Love, Namaha. Miraculous Mystery of sweetness, Namaha.

Our refuge and support, guide and Master Namaha.

Glorious Hero and Vanquisher, Namaha.

Resplendent Divinity in the blissful sky of meditation, Namaha. Maha Mandaleshwar Sri Swami Sivanand Saraswati, My Guru, Namaha.

(Similar to the Mantras of Surya Namaskara)


At your feet is my rest. I feel so happy. Your warmth is in me. Your letter, your Song of Sadhana sings in me. I feel you look at ‘Voix de l’Himalaya I feel affinity. Work is worship, I dedicate my life to worship you! You said

I recognise Thy grandeur and understand the identity of SIVANANDA and CHRIST-CONSCIOUSNESS. This grandeur bruises me and I need so much courage to write to the incarnated Lord! Only my love is greater than this awe Is He not my Redeemer and Saviour, my Gurul For this I pray you, do not test me any longer, do not permit hindering forces to trouble the affinity and contact with my own, unique Guru!

Thy contact, O Gurudev, is my strength and my joy. I have no wisdom to find it into myself. Like a child I need Thy hands to guide me Thy words to nourish me, and to feel intensely Thy divine Love! Let not strange disturbances make me lose the consciousness that you are ever with me, as you said it.

Fragrance of incense and flowers comes But you gave me the answer, before I wrote! You said ‘Simplify’ ‘purify’ ‘intensify’!! There are no disturbances between a Guru and His disciple! Ever you are with me, at my side, at every step, to guide meto lift me up! Your words alone are true and real. Joy came again. O thank you, Guruji! If I simplify my whole life entirely, these words remain. In absolute purification these words remain. Now, to Intensify, I remain at your holy feet, in silence and Peace in the reciprocity of Thy presence add my adoration for ever

You shower blessings and favours and joys over me, inexhaustibly. To answer the burning onepointed longing of my heart:

GOD LIVES, HE ANSWERS, He is not abstract.


Sweet Sivananda,

OM and Prem. All sweetness of my heart unto Thy Lotus Feet Feel it!

Yes, the word “SIVA”, thrills me. The vision is your priestly garb without-stretched arms, blessing me. Marvellous experience.

I understood suddenly the reason of suffering and miseries of the word. Looking at your eyes, I felt, God one can do anything for you! As if these eyes would say “do you love me?” and then “but even veiled in the Non-Self, even suffering, will you love me?e And then, only to intensify to the extreme extent, t you created this dream of the Non-Self; the whole Universe is permeated with indescribable longing, every pain is a cry of love, every deception is a remembering of Thy sweetness. When the dream passes away the film will roll back, and there will be nothing other man Thou, and increased love. The mirror which showed so many dream forms, will reflect only Thy Glory, the infinite love of Thy eyes.

I received the Gift of Divine Love: “Philosophy of Sivananda”. Thou art the unique Philosopher Guru Deva, Maha Prema Maharaj. Through this book you glorify me. You show me your deep under standing. Now I do not feel any more separation

But this book is the greatest spiritual treasure. Contains the ESSENCE of Wisdom. These are divine words. There is united Wisdom and Love, East and West, Divinity and humaneness.

It seems to me ‘Practice of Yoga’ was your Synthesis, the basis. Then you extended to your numerous books, and again synthesized the oneness in this one book. I was happy to see that you were going to the University of Roorkee. You are in better health, are you, Beloved Guru? You do well to influence the Engineers, scientists and intellectuals and inspire the whole world. My sweet Christ, there is no limit for you, for blessing, healing, giving. God, I am blessed, the most blessed soul on earth, to be so close to you, to be one with you.

Both seem to me inconceivable that I could live without knowing you, and that I have the chance to find you. I love every thought, every atom of your Being, in all planes. And you would be delighted, If I can meet you, you said? Gurudev, imagine what this means to me. External things can only hinder my body to be with you, my soul is always with you. I am not conscious of where I live. But your letters, your photos, your books, your gramophone records are my life It is a year now that I am trying to realise this chance To join you. You said: “May Thy will be done”. It is the sweetest promise and my goal.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for this book and all that you de for me

What YOU have given to me, lordly Master, is heavenly treasure. This cannot be stolen, nor lowered Indeed, the Angels must praise me happily so blessed by your Grace, saved, free fot over escaping this Samsara and Maya! I have not found anything as GOOD in this world, as Thee my beloved Master.


Revered Holiness,

I do not know how to advance without your quidance. And my experiences are not for a single person, through me like a prism they are for many others. So, it is my duty to follow the Master care. Fully. I have also received your precious Christmas letter of 2nd December, and am so grateful for your good words. How kind you are to speak of my tremendous progress in spiritual evolution and the dynamic work through Synthese! All this was Your Grace. And I know that your words will encourage me. I thank you heartily.

But in fact there was ever in me a tendency of quick-evolving, if the expression is right a rapid increasing in good and bad, under pleasure and pain so I support more difficulties.

Suddenly, I feel as if my head opens, like a lid on the top of the head: I feel strong vibrations and going out of my body. I have no more the full control over my legs and I feel dizzy Then I can sae with closed eyes, but the world is very dark, i understand that eyes are spectacles to so clearly. To remain in the body I must hold firmly something in my hands and concentrate on breathing. I could live without breathing, in full consciousness, I am simply lifted up and feeling a strange yearning to go up. But I can neither leave wholly the body, nor remain therein, and have absolutely no idea how to act in such moments, perhaps during one hour. I think to go out would be death, and I feel some anquish, because I would not know where to go and what to do. It is due to the tensions through which I pass. At home, I feel so often, a pressure upon the head and dizziness. Yes, I would be very grateful to your Holiness for advice and guidance. Even as I write this, it is there, strong and hot, shall the bones of my head break?

So relieved am I now that I can write to you again. Dare I believe in this chance amidst all Iatalities? Will joy come again, Guruji? Will even this pass away? Will Christmas come for me too? The Light in the darkest night?

Is there greater misfortune in the world: to be so near to You and yet to fall down in such loneliness, whilst your blessing hands were upon me? Only the letter slowly travelled over seas and countries. Space and time have veiled the reality. The LILA of the Lord-through your words, I see but unsupportable Sweatness. O Terrifying Saint Gurudev. How deep, how burning and grand you are! This Divine Fare burns me to ashes before you And this marvellous comfort and sure knowledge will bestow tha future with the calm and blissful Peace. It is the Will of the Lord that Truth shines. Namaskar. OM


I did not answer your good letters, where each word is most precious. Slowly the words enter into my mind. You are dearer to me than anything. | live thinking of you. You are my rest and Sadhanas and my life. I know, to have your blessed contact has nothing to do with merits, because no merih could be great enough; but it can be had wher needed. And my soul needs you terribly. If this letter too does not reach you, I will ask you again and again as I am nothingness and as you can do anything, please give me the consciousness of your everlasting presence, and the inner security that you will ever be with me. At death, please be there. Let me not live longer than you live; but if you can prolong your life with my life-force, take it, now if you wish: so the world will be benefited by your presence and my soul without hindrance stay with you. Please appear in my meditation and dreams and protect me from evil. I offer you all the ache and suffering of my loving heart. M tears could wash your feet. Is my ego still not killed? Take you all the place, Gurudev. Holy Thou art!


Adorable Holiness !

OM and Prom. Your Message for the Christmas is Supreme. I am plunged into divine vibrations by your words. Yes, Gurudev, there is Joy and Bliss. And a strange enchantment. It is a rare privilege and blessing to disseminte your words of wisdom. You are so good and generous. You shower your blessing and joys upon this humble person. I see you watch me throughout, even during my sleep. Several times I dreamt you and saw you in meditation. Your shining face changed into that of Lord Christ. O Guru Dev, help me with Thy power and give me strength to serve Thee really.

Ever I speak from you. You think even about my health How did you know that I was unwell? How are you able to know when I am in difficulties? It is exalting rapture to see Thy Light. I feel Thy guidance in a hundred things, to know Thy advent on earth, Gurudeva!

May Thy Glory be seen everywhere; May the New Year illumine the whole world with Thy Light. May Thy reign come now! I just received your Photo. Your eyes are looking at me. I dive into this glance. My breath stops to see you. When the time comes, I may only adore you. In all eternity I wish only to contemplate on you! May all your disciples in the Ashram live in Bliss to see you reign over the whole world. Your Message for the Peace-Congress at Paris rejoice s me, Guru Dev, there is over-llowing Joy in me. Is not 108 the great sacred number? Yo birthday 8th September plus 108 days = the 25th of December-CHRISTMAS. Hail to the Saviour In awe and love and Faith. I tender my expression of hearty devotion.


To advance in the spiritual path the one qualif. Cation is true love. So I approach you with the deepest emotion and love, to please my Lord with the sweetness of true love and self-surrender. I am conscious of Thy Divine Gift.

Looking within I found the ever-same essence Love. This is my essential spiritual nature. To Intensify this love is the path. The path is the same substance as the goal increasing love. When there is only love, the self is realised.

The Lord who indwells all hearts is love. I can behold him everywhere. I can intensify Premabhav through Brahmacharya, Sadhana, service and love and move and have my being in the Lord. I ca feel love everywhere I am always conscious of m Gurudev

To meditate on the Lord or Love or my own Sell or my Gurudev is the same. Then my Gurudev my Lord, my own Self and my Love He is mine own in the Lord, in Divine love.

Gurudev says “Feel His presence every mom ent of your life”. This powerful word is the ment of all my desires. No more separation mere longing Instantly you are here. My Lord Guru is present in Premabhav. This is the divind plan where we are one, O Guru

The world is only a symbol for the reality; the Lord’s shadow But it is expanding and contracting In reality, you are near though distant. You are deater to me than anything, without my meeting you. Though all are different, there is the deepest under. Standing. I look only at you. Ever I heard this weet voice that I never heard. Never you touched me but, O God, the magnificent joy you gave me alone in your photo, in Padmasana with half-closed eyes, revealed me more than all the books of my

By looking at you, I feel really honey in my mouth and electrifying Prana in my breath and shocks of a strange joy. Sivananda Beloved! I am Intensely sensible of your mysterious power, holy, noble Brahmachari!

I love Siva. To him I belong. His language I understand. He reveals me His symbols. He destroys the coarse forms which injure and gives line pure Ahimsa. He is my Gurudev. The vibrations emanating from him are sweet cosmic energy, generating the current of Dynamic Yoga. To this Yoga you quided me. To your own Yogal Created by you to give yourself again and again. To give that which is transmitted by the Guru to the disciple. This power I love, no other powers I desire. For insatiable thirst there is an inexhaustible source of divine nectar in my Guru. To him I surrender my tolf. Sharanagathi Yoga, the Yoga of self and Shakti-sanchara this is Dynamic Yoga And Yoga means union. Now, even if my heart bursta Yoga mestremendous cosmic vibrati consciousness on these words: Yoga, Sakti-sanchara Saranagathi.

I am thine. I am thine. The innermost chambers of my heart are open. I am a candle burning at both ends. Never more I can pass this again. I am about to swoon. But before Thee is, radiant in purity, my undisguised naked soul. She was deeply enclosed, not to become impure through other impressions But feeling the approach of her Master, she awaken. Ed. And now she is virginal and loving and sensible like a bride. This servant of the Lord.

Deign to be pleased, O Divine Beloved, O mani fested Lord, to take her to Thy fire-embrace Enkindle thyself by the gift of cosmic love, in this ecstatic joy, before which all worldly pleasure is nothing but reflection. In this very moment, lel me feel intensely thy hallowed presence about her, and for ever.

“Be bold. Be cheerful though you have nothing to eat, though you are clad in rags. Thy essential nature is Sat-chit-ananda. You are not this perish able physical body. Smile. Laugh. Jump. Dance in Joy. Thou art the Immortal Self. Claim this birthright now from this second. Assert. Recognisa Realise. Tat Twam Asi-Thou art That.”


Davoted adorations to the World-Guru Sivananda, the Beloved of the whole world to whom belong the conscious or unconscious longings of all creatures, to the Sun-being who melts the icy frigid hearts into sweet water of immortality, before whom the Devas and angels prostrate, in admiration to see this love over-flowing day of Guru Poornima. The Fire-Guru the flame consuming itself to illuminate the world, He did accomplish this miracle. And from all parts of the world stream now currents of purest love to this centre: the holy dancer feet of Sivananda. See Gurudev, the sparks of Thy own burning love enkindle the whole world. Through the darkness on earth shine the numberless increasing lights of thy devotees, flame-flags, which show the victorious advance of Thy arms of Peace. King of this world and King of my heart, indeed thou art God.

O My Lord How can I hail Thee and prove my love, in all my weakness? I who disappoint you, when I fall back into despair and faults, after having seen Thy splendour. I have first to ask your pardon, to prostrate myself at your feet and to thank you for your incomprehensible indulgence and your elegant delicate manner to give advices and to show the erTors, I have to thank you for your last sweet letter and very profoundly for your article on world peace which impressed me very much. I thank you for your photo. Your hands are of breathless beauty.

Please Gurudev, accept this modest expression of our devotion without thanking you more than words can say. We have to thank

Oh my mind, find words to express the sweet thoughts. O my body, keep still and let stream Premabhav; O my heart, open your inmost chamben Premah high festival. Guruji is disposed to be conscious of our love.

In silent adoration I transmit you the message of my soul!


Om and Prem. All veneration and adoration of my heart is yours. You are infinitely dear to me. Dearer than anything. You know it. You feel that I am a part of you, do you my Gurudev?

I love you with a total abnegation, this is true. Your interests are more precious to me than my own. I can renounce all, and easy, because you alone are my only joy. I am not jealous of those who can live with you and who can do more quick and better work than I, because I love you above all reason. I feel only happiness, as if myself I had more hands and more heads to serve and to surround you. This is the truth !

I trust infinitely in you, my Guru, and how could I, if you could not trust me!? There is indescribable affinity between you and me, is there not Gurudev? It is the solace of my life, a daily renew ed joy. But it is not for the joy that you give me with such profusion; even to sulfer for you would be sweet to me. Love. I cannot find another word than

Guruji | I received YOGA from Mr. Schwab. It is very beautiful and thrilling. It will do a tremendous good to German people. I feel truly a great sympathy for Mr. Schwab and will write to him my felicitations.

Nothing can happen to you other than your own divine will. You can protect numberless people too You have Divine Power. Because you are the Lord Himself. You are Siva, the destroyer of evil, the dispenser of unknown bliss. You are Ananda Siva! I take refuge into your Being. There is only auspiciousness and righteousness.

Your Prasad is on my fore-head “Voice of the Himalayas” we will bring out a monthly like your Yoga-Vedanta Forest University Weekly, and only eight pages in the beginning, FREE, sent gratis to thousands of addresses. This will propagate your teachings. It will be thrilling like the Christmas. Message. The texts are prepared for the Printer. I wanted to give you this as a ‘surprise’.

























It is the first time, my Guru, that I feel a difference between Eastern and Western conceptions But I stick to you. With indescribable prayer, I was conscious to have an occidental mind. And that perhaps often I may have harmed you without intention! I find only consolation in the thought that I am not the mind I am yours-Sivoham. Here is Peace and Oneness.

After deep reflection about your letter, I am convinced that all considerations are vain. Only you aro right. Ever you are right! I did not doubt it, but I could not understand it forthwith. Because the problem is very subtle. Myself I started Synthese with this ideal, to unite with all-and only experiences made me change a little in the sense, to unite with ‘men of good will’ and not of bad will. There are two problems: (1) Unity with all, or (2) Sat-Sang with discrimination. Help me, Gurudev, it is very difficult for me to decide.

Guruji, you do not know my inner attitude towards huunity. “Synthese” is a proof; you teach me my bwn ideal. For this your sweet words were like a lash. I felt, that I was about to fall in a wrong current! Through my divine and incomparable Edu. Cator, I found again the right way. Indeed, the Christ-like white communism is the future world. Constitution. And we have to prepare for this future world, not to adapt to the present!

Thank you, my Guru. I appreciate deeply your lesson, which is advice and trust together. It does good to my heart. I only desire to follow you ever. Yes, love streams fill every cell of my being.

Your real grandeur is overwhelming and incomparable. Do you feel alone, Gurudev? No, you have with you all those you have formed. All from vou is so noble. And you give us your own divine blood, again, but in a spiritual manner! I prostrate before you. I adore you. To serve all, to encourage all to do the maximum spiritual good to all in a short space of time, to encourage all publishers to help the divine Mission, and peoples to start branches of the Divine Life Society, and to see the GOOD in everything, this is my Guru’s method of work, and mine too.

Now, please let me state an important thing: I do not desire honours, rights, fame or anything. In Synthese you never lap my name. I work without selfish desires. I collaborate with other journaal Therefore I do not expect any rights in this holy cause of your Divine Mission,

I serve freely, as well as I can. I combine in “Synthese” personalities, collaborators, subjects, religions, movements and so on. I suggest and when others monopolise, I retire. I am attached to noth. Ing, even not to my work or my life. I can give away all instantaneously. I hate forms and limits. Spirit alone is limitless and ever renewing. Why should I rival with editors?

I hate sects and ‘chosen peoples’ and publicity

And honours and rivalry for favours. I love my Lord, His letters and Initiations, His photos, His own Bliss! In grace or disgrace, I belong to you. It may seem that I say only beautiful words which are not in accordance with acts. I am sorry. I could not do more.

Gurudev, just as I had reached the goal of my life, came this good and fine and close contact with you. Why shall I lose it for other editors who are in discord between themselves? Why should I deceive you for such external things?

When shall I find it possible to remain with you? Will it be in this life? Or after many others? Lebensweiser: I received the list, thank you. It is marvellous. Sincerely I congratulate Gurudev. You have a fine collaborator. It is a blessing for Europa. The benefit for the future is immeasurable. Your merit to have brought India’s Wisdom, your own spiritual Light, to the Occident will cover you will Glory in the coming centuries. There is a bright and brilliant future of peace and prosperity for the world due to the gospel of the new era of spirituality you teach. It is meritorious above words, that M Schwab assists you in this Divine Mission with such ardour and dynamism. His edition is a mighty centre in the Occident of the Divine Life.

I can work without rest and distraction, You are my rest and strength, you are my life, you are my joy. Even in work and sleep you are with me and there is nothing else beyond. O God: these are not words but truth! I cannot tolerate the smallest cloud between your radiant image and me!

Let me not feel alone! And not be misunderstood It is not possible. Siva knows and understands everything! To Him I belong. He alone knows my real nature. To choose between Truth and Adaptability, I choose Truth. Yours I am; all other is adaptability. So I surrender all to you, beloved Master and Lord.

‘Do not murmur. Do not grumble when difficulties descend upon you. Every difficulty is an opportunity for you to develop your will and to grow strong. Welcome it. Difficulties strengthen you will, augment your power of endurance and turn you mind towards God. Face them with a smile. Aspi and draw. Grow and expand. Realise that you all THAT IMMORTAL SELF.”

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Sri G. M. Schneider

“Classical Artist”


WhatsApp Image 2024-04-19 at 9.35.28 AM (1).jpeg

Sri G. M. Schneider

“Synthese Universelle” Geneva



Your Revered Holiness!

HARI OM. Salutations and adorations.

With great joy I have received two parcels of books, several ones dedicated from your beloved hand; above all the Diamond Jubilee Commemoration Volume, with the most beautiful dedication that you have ever given to me, above all the first word. All these days, this word moved my heart. Thank you profoundly for this flood of highest Wisdom, the beautiful books; in my ‘last will’ I shall give all your books to an organisation to preserve this Wisdom for all times to come and to publish it successively. But the invaluable words written to me in this dedication have recompensed me for many things, have overwhelmed me and plunged me in this deep Premabhav, like your letter of the 13th November with the little image, which I received much later, whilst during this time I waited in despair vainly for one word of you..... These words, I wished Them TRUE, so true that nothing else exists besides hom. Because they contain the Secret, the only motive that moves me.

I have thought over every word of your letters so Precious to me, and every word of your Message for the Synthese. With gratefulness I thank you for This long and wonderful Message, so masterfully written as no other could do it. It breathes the high Alt of Universalism and Love for all, which indeed is sary to find in any other religion or movement.

You have written all letters to me, this is mar lous! It is a great favour. ALL words are dest me. In a sense, all that happens to me, is YOU, Own Seli.

Let the evil elements continue, and even triump Bright selfless and pure PREM shines! The mirar Divine. Prem endures all, expects nothing, burns itself, it cannot be understood, nor explained, it make all other things worthless It is Lord’s Grace alune Do not doubt, Glorious Guru that you awaken selli sincere devotion, and purest Prem, even in the Wor You are Omnipotent I see you on your photo, ting under the flower-tree, looking like Sri Balamus gan with the peacock. So mighty. So poweris majestic, All-Glorious. I prostrate before Thee, my Beloved in thy ineffable beauty, veiled to the igne rant, but revealed to me! I ever cling to Thy Feet PREM and OMI


Your letters have transformed me. You have dou a great and loving favour. You live more for th criminals and undeserved the manifestation of th Lord. The others, selfless workers, have all, Immor tality, powers, etc. There is a sharp, clear conscious ness that I prefer to be a criminal, to be nearer to you I prefer this to all wealth and liberation. Trembles I discover myself, this deepest aspiration. This i superior to all other perfections and joys.

How you know me! How deeply you understand Through you I discover myself. In your Divine Power you make the deeply rooted Samskaras clear in me. I see my errorse my mistakes and vain wordsme could see the deeper reality. Let me never ask something from you you when I see that I have all from Oh my Lord, I realise with my tears, ever Thou appearest to me as Lord Siva. Thou art the manifesation of the Lord. This is Thy overwhelming Love. Yes, Thy sweet Lotus Feet are dear to me as all wealth spiritual. Thou art Ganga, eternally incarbated to bring happiness and immortality to those who cannot attain it otherwise. In this lowest world, which is the highest, envied even by Devas for its Sacred Mystery. This Mystery is so overwhelming that you reveal by your love more for the undeserving.

There are so many things which disturb my inner peace, like your illness, the interrupted contact. The evil nature of criminals is transmuted by your Love. So you work! I feel soaring in the air by thy revelation. We are blind, because Thy Light is too sifulgent. If I dared not speak to you, I would miss the unique opportunity and favour of existence. Every sentence of this letter is filled with tears. Ego melis.

I would say, from all my being, I wish only to comain at Thy Lotus Feat. Help me.

Reveal Thy Feet to criminals, the suffering and wretched people. I will prefer it to eternal Bliss. Let me ever be on the side of the undeserving, to Wind Thee near to me.

I find to be now at the same points, as in The past lives. I had developed virtues, celibacy, selfless activity, but it was not enoug By this virtue I had possessed some powers prosperity. But it was not what I seek. Please prospes that I remember There was such a stron beliession that I remember. Sliding away from whe I seek is like fainting There is no eternal bliss long as there is suffering in the world. I must find Him in the suffering and evil. Therefore your letten touch me profoundly. Let me not slide away again. This I see I find this by Your Grace. To ba established in Divine Love. This is the essence of all yearnings and lives. In deepest faith I realise the Truth through your letter Divine. Everywhere Siva Nothing else than Siva. Only Siva. Siva behind Kall Siva dancing over the dust. It is all dust before Hiu Feet, even the stars. And this all-pervading Lord in all-concentrated into Sivananda. Our Sivananda, our Love, our Ananda, Who transmutes our evil inte good, our sins into Love, our lost souls into divine brides. You are Divine, Prema-mayavi.

Indeed, if Thou revealest Thyself in sufferin evil, it is Thy greatest deed and highest manifesta tion. If all these difficulties in my life are the Grace of the Lord, then it is His Purest Love showa to me. Gurudev, in evil-doers it is His manifesta tion, who waits to be transmited by your Love.

What a mysterious Power have your words remember your letter more than a year ago, where you protected me against evil influences.


The evil doers do not know about your transmut. Ing Power. The spell is broken. Phoenix arises from the debris.

I would express to you the limitless admiration and deep gratefulness which I feel. But there are words. Your guidance is magnificent. Your atience is inexhaustible. Through ecstatic joy and bitter down-breaks you lead me to the Adwaitic Knowledge. Thanks again and again for all the lives you spared to me.

Like St. Peter over the lake, like Padma Pada over Ganga, Margaritha goes over all waves to Gurudev!

Your letter like a treasure is enclosed in my heart. I am grateful and touched by your goodness and kindness. Your letters become my vital strength and energize me. Now it is a habit for me to get up at 4 a m. And every awakening is a new joy to be conscious of you. I asked for your help in my last letter. And the next day brought me your reply!

This exclusive joy and the choicest blessings you gave me have transformed my soul into a flame of sundating Love and Gratefulness. I said to many others your good words, not to resist evil, to become silent. These magic words!

Devotion (Bhakti) is the flower. Knowledge te the fruit. Without devotion, there is no knowledge. Develop faith.”

-Swami Sivananda.


I need to believe in Thy forgiveness,

To advance again-

At Thy Lotus-feet I understand the sense

Let me weep

Give me again Thy words of trust and love,

O Gurudev!

Tie closer the bond,

Closer to Thy heart!

With Thy forgiveness

Even trembling, I will be firm!

Even depressed, I will have faith!

Even staggering, I will advance!

Even dying, I will smile in love

And see the Lord everywhere!

With Thy forgiveness: All Karmic fear will detach!

Souvenir of thousands and millions

Of lives, will fade away!

The goodness of the Lord!

In evil disturbances the result-

Then will I see in the “great enemy”

Closer contact between Guru and me!

Then will I see:

It was not evil but grace,

Not difference, but Love,

Not hindrance, but advance unto Thee!

Let me see

Everywhere the Lord, through Thy forgivenes


Adorable Gurudev,

Do my letters reach you? This silence terrifies are even no journals? I cannot understand the reason. There is important news I should write to Your Holiness. Not only my own work is hampered, through this painful confusion, but your Divine work! O Guruji, why do you let this happen? How can I live without your contact? How can I do anything without your guidance and strength? I am ready to abandon all work, if you wish it. Or to continue if you wish it. O Gurudev, pray let me not despair. My cry for you seems to me to fill the whole universe. My heart breaks. My forces are at an end. Have I desired anything other than to adore and worship you? Where is the Divine Justice, support and mercy? Ever I repeat, “Nothing can separate me from the love of my Lord., O forgive, if I have done wrong, but let me understand where I failed? Have I not surrendered all to you? What is your will? O Guruji, are you well? How can you be so near to me in meditation and yet the external contact be lost? Confer on me a Mayavi Hupa, attach my ego to yours, my soul and body and mind to your feet, that ever I may know your will and understand the right meaning. O feel my despair And devotion, agony and Prem. My heart-blood at your beloved and blessed Lotus-feet. I could no longer endure your silence; please forgive me, I beeded your answer as protection for my soul and to continue my work. But darkness also was at work.

With you I do not fear anything It was the g test before you came like sun-zise. Now all is good and never more I shall be separated from you, plo. Mise me that, holy Guruji, no more separation never! And tell me at all times in clear words wh you expect from me, that never I may disappoint you


Overwhelmed with gratefulness for the photo where I am with you! The dream! Such a lovely idea! How kind you are. The dear signature, sustains me. It enraptures me. This only is real. And your second great photo, so thrilling, adora ble. The divine Lotus flower I love. Luminous like a vision. You are the embodiment of divine Yoga.

You are glorious above all human understanding. You know all in advance. I received also your letter from January with Prasad for my health.

If others do wrong and I am punished, good. But if others adore you, I too am in them! Even if! Vanish, I shall continue to adore you in all others.

I received your letters, O! Please Gurudev, don’t feel obliged to answer. It is ever a new grace for me even if I am longing for this grace. My husband, with tears rolling over his face said ‘The Master has heard my silent prayers’ and ‘nobody ever said to me such good words’

Thank you for the precious advices and text for my lecture; it is very difficult to choose important portions when the whole book is incomparable riches.


Mr. Von Radloff has written a fine article about you, with photos, in the daily journal of Switzer land: “St. Galler Tagblatt,” and publishes a great report from India in the best illustrated “Sie und Er”. We wait each week to see the account about You! I cannot say how grateful and proud I am for this fine Swiss-man.

Mr. Kuppuswami of the Indian Legation at Bruxelles will probably give a lecture at Geneva, under the auspices of the Synthese, and speak about you. This would be wonderful.

And now, my Beloved Guru, I can thank you. Thank you from all my heart for your good letter. The address thrilled me. Tears will hinder me to write. The gift of the three Sarees touches me above all expression. You are the balm for my heart. I feel you within me. Sivoham. Sweet Siva, who destroys all that is not Thy Self! Thou within me, this alone is true. Thou art Ananda. Ever you remind me of it, ever you give joy. These three Sarees, are three new bodies for me, physical, astral and mental bodies. Clothed through your our divine hands, nourished through your divine mouth, blessed by your divine heart I am One with you through Love. Why do you shower such a golden rain of grace over me? Siva! Gurudev Only Light of my life! Make me worthy of Thy grace and accept my deep adoration. Let me ever be so near to you. Let me adore your Blessed Fest and Blissful Face. I feel how you lift me up.


Your precious letter with advices. Thank you for all your kindness and patience shown towards me I am really happy to see that you have written to me in spite of all your heavy work. I thought that you would become inaccessible, but your sweet promise to guide me spiritually comforts me. Your firm statement, that once I will really come to India, at your feet, gives me endurance and strength. From all my heart I thank you for every good word. You may know that you are my only support.

I have also received your second letter. I understand very well your advices about all these affairs and am enlightened no more to occupy myself with them, but to follow only the inner way leading you, my goal.

Even if God shall again become abstract for without personal contact, there will still remain what I experienced of absolute goodness and spiritual reality through my wonderful and magnificent Master. This is the treasure that nobody can take away from me A heavenly treasure.

Mother sent me your very sweet letter, which touched my heart. I said to her that I am not a fovourite and that you envelop all with impersonal cosmic love like the Christ. She is very much impressed by your unique goodness.

One night I could not sleep, overwhelmed to think over your goodness, and cried like a child I had understood your handwritten letter. Disciples learn quickly in your nearness. Your blessings made me advance some steps and spared me many livesI know it. How can I spealt to YOU about my method of work, etc, as they are inspired by you?

Your guidance is my only hope and support, to change myself. You are so severe, Gurudev, by your Geedness. I love your severity. I hasten to join you I take delight in the fact that you may not feel obliged to answer nor to say good words, but if you do. It is pure divine gift. Your sarees are but unbelievable wonders to me, and all your books which I receive so often, and all your many letters and photos. My heart melts in adoration and love before Thy Magnitude!

I could not know the Yogic secret, and wished not to fail. You said, thoughts can be even more real than facts. I offered unto you all my thoughts of adoration. I resisted with tremendous efforts. I failed without regrets and with humble gratefulness I yearn.

You may not have the time to read it, but once you asked me to tell you about my spiritual experiences. Let me tell you simple words and try to explain, Guruji.

I prayed with all my fervour and intense faith. Imploring the Lord to remain with me. I surrendered all my weakness and longing to Him. And really. Lord Siva killed my ego mind and senses. Thereafter, my body was cold and insentient like dead Four hours had passed away like a second. But the Lord bad granted my prayer! It was VICTORY |

Now I need not lear any more failures. Only Grace answering the love. I know about Mano-nasha. But also about the marvellous visions blending one into the other. Without words you have explained me the Great Passion of the Christ I followed the path of crucification, breaking down under the heavy cross of the body, the head trans. Pierced with the thorny crown of concentration Tat Twam Asi. The hands, the feet all nailed. Thou art the doer; Thou art the enjoyer; I am buta witness of Thy own Joy, O Beloved. No expectation of fruits. Selfishness is separation. “I am thirsty about Thy holy communion. And then the cry “In Thy hands I surrender, my Spirit.” There was shining Truth, victory over death and ignorance. There

Then only a brilliant point, hypnotizing, increa sing into shining white light. There was snow. Himalaya! On the highest summit, still in Padmasan, You, Gurudev! For moments, it was the Christ in your red cloth. Again you, shining like the Sun, with a blue halo, which became the whole sky. In this immense sky you were the shining star. It grew brighter, like a silver stream from you to me. Ganga! Merging in it, there was only light.

Again Guruji in Padmasan, blending into the temple of Silence, Viswanath Mandir, no, a burning candle, and in the oval flame were You again, in a halo of golden fire. Your uplifted arms became wings only your glowing face and two immense wings, the beautiful Sun-Angel, nay, the And I merge into a feeling of limitless love, trust, Veneration, ecstasy. Then slowly the consciousness of environments. With closed eyes, I see clearly the room.

It is all the divine grace of Thy guidance, O beloved Gurudev! YOU ALONE ACT | I can only pray: Remain with me! Let me convince the whole world of Thy Messianic Divinity! O sweet Gurudev! I de not aspire for siddhis or joy, but long for Thy holy Communion! With burning heart Lotus-feet. At Thy

Gurudev beloved, I received “Gita Essence for Children”, “Philosophy and teachings” and “Essays in Philosophy.” All are marvellous and most Interesting. But your “Essays in Philosophy” seems to me the crown of all! Never were such comparisons and synthesis made so masterfully. But it will stir the whole occident. Will it not kill at once materialism and errors, O clairvoyant Guru ?

Gurudev, you are incarnated Wisdom and Omniscience, the only sure Guide, the only true Philosopher. How do I love you profoundly. Such grandeur awakens Love and Faith.


Divine Guru,

Adoration with the sobs of my heart. There is Passion now. The Saintly Passion. Agni Immaculate. Deep affinity and Prem.

Even I hear Thy ‘SIVOHAM’ and remember the words of SIVA. Never alone.

The whole world together is not worthy that you suffer!

Gurudev, it is the first time I felt a faint when writing to you. But every day that you live on earth is a feast, a holy day! It is my first thought in the morning and the last at night. Even working, my soul is somewhere in the spaces, dancing in joy and only saying “Sweet! Sweet Gurudev.!” It is such a wonder, ever renewing, that you exist. Gurudev, I will thank you for every difficulty that you vanquish ed, for every injury that you mastered, you are Unique. In world’s ignorance and evil, suffering, perplexity and helplessness. You are here, unflinch. Ing, powerful sure, shining. You are here with outstretched hands to help, with a divine heart, full of love, with the prodigal generosity of absolute selflessness, with your crystalline purity and wisdom. All with the indescribable loveliness of Godhood and inconceivable, heart-piercing Goodness. That you live is the wonder of wonders. How could I realise even during eternities, the chance that I found you! It is really beyond feelings and thoughts, the amazing rapture of contemplation.

And how to realise my own state of blessedu I would thank you for all-but with what words? You make me poor and rich at the same time. I have deeply enjoyed every detail of ‘Philosophy’, every meaning of your Heart. And the kindness of the Ashramites, writing about me, Thy Beloveds, Thy Angels. You select Sages, writing about my humble person batis all so impregnated with love, well-doing like balm.

Gurudev beloved, the radio plays ‘Parsifal’, the Knight of the Graal; with this mighty music I have dressed myself again in your Sarees.

It is fairy-like, a dream, a royal gift, a loving offering I have enveloped me in divine tenderness. Lenjoy. Before your photo-your eyes never had this expression Only a God can charm like this, transpiercing You take possession of what is your own. You sanctify. And suddenly I realise that I was a stranger everywhere and my mind without rest and my heart so alone. You are my country, you are my religion you are my love.

Who is Maitreyi, Gurude? I do not know any. Thing that you said not to me. Give me this highest wisdom Gurudev! It can only flow from you to me. And you know my thirst. Insatiable. Santosh Gurudev. Give me



Your Revered Holiness,

I belong to Gurudev. You may reproduce my letters. All great and little disciples are intoxicated with love for our Prema Guru. I know it, only our beloved Master can, and will, transform shocks of pain and suffering into thrills of sweet joy and choicest blessings.

Without these happenings never would I have received His precious letters. Never would I have chance to understand the grandeur of His Power Loveand Protection. Never would I have found this Faith which “removes mountains”; the burdens from our own shoulders. Now I feel like a child in the mother’s aims I feel that Gurudev’s protection surrounds me like a golden egg of Light and currents, that nobody can touch. I like to be in difficulties, only to be lifted up again through Him. So trans. Piercingly sweet is it. It was the will of the Lord to manifest His Grace. May Gurudev’s Glory be known everywhere.

Received magazines and books. All that is received from Gurudev rejoices my heart. It is a continuous stream of blessings, love and grace.


OM. Grace and Joy surrounds you. Heavenly Bliss is yours for ever and ever, for all those who love you. The Bliss emanating from you is like a wall of Light that no evil power can approach. For the hum ble, the loving the undeserved, it is an exhaustible source of strength and solace. Your Divine letter works into me day and night. I know it by heart and repeat it again and again, like a Mantra. I feel indescribable happiness in all difficulties which like torrents overílood me. I have reached the summit of life, my thirst is stilled by your letter, suffering only Increases, my happiness, endlessly I love you and adore you. Only Bliss, only solace, only Saviour, my all my Own. I know who I am. You said cour, that my dream would realise and that all people would Join me. Is this my dream? You have photographed my dream correctly! I have pity for all those who seek happiness elsewhere. I am the most blessed and happiest being on earth, because I found you. You are all to me. Look how all tremble and break, YOU only remain firmly, effulgent, grand and Adorable. Whatever happens, it brings me nearer to Thee, my Divine Beloved Master.

O Himalayan Yogi, Divine Splendour and Glory, my Guru and the Lord. Thou alone hath given me happiness, joy, solace, knowledge and love. Every moment I feel gratefulness. My adoration before this great wonder of my life-My Gurudev. How cold and miserable it is in the world. My refuge! O warm and living Divine Heart. How can you exist in this world? It is the supreme miracle. How people cannot see Who Thou Art and take refuge in Thy shadow to be saved from all terrors for ever, before is too late, Gurudev. My last thought, my last Words will be Thy sweet Name. You know all, do you?

Wonders and miracles, in an unseen manner, by Your guidance and close contact. Let me bathe in this flood of your blessings, without any other thought. Sivananda, My Lord, so grand in every Nesture and word.


Om and Prem. Crores of prostrations. Adoration to the All-Merciful Jagadguru.

I have received all your letters, and many parcel, of books, journals, the calendars how very touching your divine handwritten letter. Thanks for all.

I have passed days with fright between and deep happiness, both extreme Your letter has come in the last minute. Since a year, I yearned very much not to lose your beloved contact. You were ill, terrible incidents happened. Now your letter is the crown. Your letter shows me only still clearer, how dear and precious you are to me. I light to forget, to slay one after the other again and again all thoughts that hinder the pure concentration on your blessed letter, to feel this naked and deep happiness. Lord has come down to write me a lettez, perfectly solving all problems, lifting me up high above the limits and miseries of this world

So I struggled and waited to have all problems solved. Now comes your letter as the remedy. How many problems had you to solve, revered glorious Master, the Saviour of all. It is heart-rending te see how people misuse the Divinity Itself. I will not think of this any more. I was about to abandon all with despair. I had tensions due to the Karmic insurmountable hindrances. It was your letter which encouraged, me; so merciful even for evil-doers I have the immense favour of your divine letter

Will try again to advance, to detach from all, to reach the Goal in this life, despite my poor health. The evil-doers can weaken me, but they cannot acceed in stealing from me the affection of my Hurudev. You ever back me up. With overflowing heart, I thank you for your infinite patience and goodness shown to me.

The publisher of the Lindauer Journal explains that the good contact between India and Europe is of interantional importance at this moment, that you are the mightiest Personality in India, supported by Sri Rajendra Prasad and millions of devotees.

All people here feel enlightened and grateful Howards you. There is a great Joy everywhere. Let me adore you, not only in this mortal form of mine, but in thousand forms, in centuries to come.


Your sweet letter-Yes, a bright and beautiful future to the whole world through the Path Divine l

Yes, I know, you co-operate and support me in all Pays! I feel your influence in a hundred ways. Give me the strength to work more, to serve better!  I have even no time to be surprised of your miracles, tai depend absolutely on you. You act through me. I dream of you. I live with you. Your letters are my life-force. Take possession of my soul! Take by body to act here. I merge into you. Sivoham!

Thy own Bliss is dearest to me | Come and reige over the world! White Prince of Light! Saviour Trembling in love and awe, I believe in you beyond all understanding. I lack words to explain it to others.

Most Precious and Dearest, take care of yourself Give this balm to my mind to say that you are well.

Give me Initiations ard Prem and strength My Gurudev. There cannot be anything higher, or more sublime than That in the whole Universe !

Through your letter you have anointed my head with your sacred oil. O Gurudev! Today is the first day of spring. Let me send you tender greetings


OM. All Love, Health and Glory to you! Why should I begin my letters with salutations? I rever leave you, to meet you again. You are ever with me. You know my adoration which never changes. But heartfelt wishes are a power.

I must know that all love you, that you are happy because you are the Fountain-Source of my JOY My delight is to know you happy.

I feel very happy to hear that you have written all letters to me. It has given me moments of ecstatic joy. I read them again and again, knowing they are lom you-and found only loving or what lesson. What I suffered was in reality Joy and bless

Ings. How your letters are divine | It is all sweet that comes from you.

Guruji | this is a mystery to me: all meditation cannot give this Happiness to me as your spiritual contact. The Grace of the Lord was with me and I uffered when the contact with you was interrupted the understanding too. Now I feel again increasing happiness, because the contact is here now.

Give me some of your balsamic words, in which I can firmly believe. You may perhaps not know, how important this is to me. Will I meet you? Remain with you? Find you again? Is there something which can separate me from you?

Through your miraculous letter, with your Image (Photo) I have understood the Divine Mother Herself. A born Protestant, I had not much understanding of Her, but your letter has given it to me.

You are really a Divine Incarnation. I was lying motionless on the X’mas day. Suddenly I thought of your letter, I felt this saint rising up and filling me wholly. I knew that the Divine Mother Herself came to comfort me, putting Her hand on my head in a gesture of infinite mercy. I knew that She was dentical with you, your Purity and Power. Just on The 23rd December you wrote that wonderful dedication in the Diamond Jubilee Commemoration Volume.

It is your Power that transmits to me the higher spiritual experiences. There is a relation between This wonderful experience and the unruffled wisdom with which you speak.

When I look at Your Photo with the flowan in this room in which I sleep and work alone with your Photos, I understand that you are eternal Sp and Youth. There are only flowers, no fruits my activities shall be flowers offered to you, and the fruits are yours.


Thanks for your kind letter dated 23rd December the good words of Swamiji and the lovely photo.

My aim is to SERVE you and the Divine Mission and I feel very much privileged. I have intense fait in your Power and Grace Truth will triumph.

Thy Mission is very great and sacred. It nes the help of all. They shall not be turned asid I am convinced THAT THERE WAS NEVER MISSION MORE SACRED NOR A GREATER WORLD-GURU I

My Lord Siva, Whom alone I love and understand in deep affinity, Who is the destroyer of evil and regenerator of Truth, Who is the Comforter for ever pain, the Mightiest Protector in greatest difficulties Who is Support, Refuge and all-Glory, all-Bliss is His true devotees, may He now act for the ultima Good of all. Amen.

May Thy Grace ever remain with us.

I thank you for your Blessings and good wishes and for all kind words and regards, I send intense payers and wishes to my Most Beloved Gurudev and Thy glorious Saints for a most happy, victorious and listul New Year. With intense Bhav, I prostrato before Thee and all Thy disciples, so full of sacrifices sed humble kindness, and adorned with all Splendour and Divine Powers. May all evil vanish I


Bevered Adorable Guruji,

Have you received my letters from Sorrento and Rome with the report of the Congress?

Concerning publications. I finished your dear Philosophy” for the printer. “Soul After Death” ico is ready for print “Concentration and MeditaHon”: This book is very much demanded and is out of pust now. The Publishers will bring out the next sdlion in October. I will write to them to remove the passage where you are explained as a Hatha Yogi. Is not correct. You are the Divine King of all Tags. You are the great Yogi of the “Asian Prophecy.”

Languish to have news about your health, beloved Guruji. All my prayers are for you, my Guru, that you may not overwork again. Our Jov, our Light, Lovel How far and high above all others you My Lord.

A lady, who was first so aggressive and then kisped me as I left, said as her last words “Please Matsmit my salutations to your Guru, even unknown.”

She is a poor soul, says she can never relax, thais. Fore she is nervous; nobody loves her. Would you not be so kind, Guruji, address her a few words?

France is the most difficult country for Yoga, but I hope this issue of Synthese will awake them. Now Synthese is YOURS. Now your blessings touch all readers

Guruji beloved, it was marvellous to represent you, to be in so close contact with the Divine. My name gives me showers of bliss. When willt merge into you. To be one with you for ever is my only goal. O my Saviour, thank you for all! Thanks and thanks again, and prayer for Thy blessings. Prayer for your good health.

With deep love and devotion at your feet.


Holy Prema Guru, My Lord.

Thy divine letter. How can I take care of my health if you are ill?

How can I remain with imperfection who has seen Perfect Goodness.

Yes, evil cannot be removed. But Thy spiritual Path means from darkness to Light, from imperfection to Perfection and from death to Immortality and Joy

Yes, I am filled with happiness. One day, soon, I will find it possible to meet Thee and to remain with Thee.


Om and Prem. Adoration. Glory to the Lord and your over-flowing gratefulness to write that you are in perfect health. Not only better, but in perfect health, Gurudev! It is the best news, the dearest gift that you ever gave me and to all devotees. It is a miracle. Just now you were not well and now you are in perfect health. Devotees? Do you ? So does the Lord love His

It is a Joy. You see, I forgot to write, only to think at this joy. How could I realise the ocean of Bliss when every drop is such infinite joy!

The Joy flows from your letters into my heart. Yes, so REAL. So intense. More intense, more real than Bhakti. It is Dynamic Yoga. O Gurudev, no words can express how dear you are to me, the Joy to know you healthy. I will tell you two dreams that you may see it.

There was an open door; someone closed it violently; just as a bird was between, it had half the head and the feet cut therefrom, but still lived. I felt its suffering, there were many people, I said we must kill it quickly, but I cannot do it myself. A man took a piece of wood and struck it again and again, endless, until it died, and I felt its indescribable horror and pain. This bird is myself, if the door closes my contact with you!

After having translated “Philosophy” I dreamt, I asked you to show me my past and future. You gave me a glass to look therein; first I saw nothing, then a street. You and me, we passed through this glass and downwards on this street. There were houses entirely burnt black and at every window hong dead bodies, black, carbonised. Endless streets, the whole city dead this was my past. Then streets, going on meadows, to see my future. I was so happy to be with you that I saw nothing other than you. Suddenly you said “come! There shall not be more objects”. There was absolute stillness, impetuosity, ecstasy, I vanished in Thy embrace,

And woke up, overilooded with tears as I am now, The grace of the Lord. Thy blessings. Infinitely beloved GOD I

Automatically Thou dost the work; then let me abandon my anxieties; let me remain at Thy fest Give me the fullness of Maitreyi’s spiritual power Thyself! Reality, not dream l


Plunged in Prem by your letter. So happy to hear that you take rest in Roorkee. Roorkee is nearer to me. I would nurse and adore you. With utmost fervour I wish you good rest and recovery. You are all that I have. Many may love you as I do, but nobody can love you more than I do. Every word of you moves my heart. Thanks for your touching regards! All pain is richly compensated by your sweet letters, the handwritten words. The work goes on with success on all sides through your graceful blessings. When the Chief is there, the soldiers march on courageously, with trust in victory. Even when the chief takes some useful rest! Hoven understand that it is now your greatest sacrifice for humanity to take rest But your protection and power never were so miraculous.

At every step, O Guruji! You help and comfort and support me. How could I exist without you? O yes, Guruji, help me! I need your help as words cannot express. Let me become a part of you, conscious only of you. I meditate over my name, I drink it, I stream into you and you into me. O Cherished, Dearest, recover health and strength! Thou alone import. Such duality alone annihilates limitations, values and space and becomes Oneness. Therefore, take my life-force, drink, enjoy, live that I may live. I am a flowing stream, embracing every cell of your Being or is it you who stream into me. Sivoham. Sivoham. Sivoham. Before That, all wisdom is ignorance. There is life and strength and all-bliss. Come to my heart, let me hold you closely. Take all my lifeforce, like oil that flows from one vessel to another. World needs you! Men are hungry. You alone can help. Remain in seclusion, with a few sincere disciples acting as mediators. You alone can save the world. Who other is so mighty as you so infinitely good and loving? There is nobody else, Guruji! Over-flooded with tears,

At Thy beloved Lotus Feet

Sivananda Margarita.


Beloved Guru Maharaj,

How happy I feel with your letters. Permit me to be happy for ever.

You know my terror to lose the contact with you, the Spirit of my Soul! It weakens me, How happy and blessed am I to have your letters, to know you in better health. It will trust in the Divine grace at every step. Forgive me! I will not any more be anxious, even for your own sake, but only adore you and worship you until the happy day, when! Shall meet you and remain with you for ever.




Swami Sivananda, my revered Guru, adoration to you again and again. Love and prayer and thanks mingle in my heart I

Your blessed letter is holiness and sweetness altogether. It is your Divine Power.

Gurudev, your INITIATION, your prayer, your sacred Prasad, this spiritual christening, give me transports of unknown, unrivalled emotion and delight! I am conscious of a great event, of a sacramental act. Yes, this name I like best. It thrills me, it exalts me beyond words. It is sweetest meditation, the rest I needed. It is true: THAT I AM! Scham | Soham | Soham | How could I knowwho I am, before I had a name? For how many lives had I false indentities? I enjoy each syllable. It is like flashes of lightning. Then I hold the Self closely as no worldly man can imagine. No one can Imagine the holiness and rapture of spiritual union. It is. Suktisanchara, Flowing upwards to the sun is the end. Gurudev, my Lord Shiva, thou at the beginning and the end, and Thou art the whole Thes art my real being static, stationary. I am Thy dyne mic aspect. There is no duality in the two states though sweet duality in communion, O visions! Through Thy holy Prasad and gime words from you and new worlds glow up Never, never, in a hundred lives I had found it myself But your thrilling spiritual touch pricks through ignorance in a most miraculous manner! I wished fervently, not only to have such moments of vision, but to remember, to know that at every second of my life. Really, you lifted me up: Your words are like milk to appease hunger and thirst together: thess Initiation

With your Prasad, I dreamt so real-I saw you with your American disciple-you were waiting for me. With infinite tenderness, I touched your armyou were glad to see me you took my head in your hands and applied Prasad on my forehead. I closed the eyes with intense happiness. It was so simple, so pure, so natural. You were so much occupied and I accompanied you the increasing happiness of your Presence cheered me up!

You will publish my letters! You will share e my humble words with others, because they touched your heart. It is a Divine Grace.

Bless me again, Gurudev. Help me to remember always ‘who I am’. Give me again and again from Thy profusion of joy. Let me radiate it. I am well. I am strong. I am happy. In deep veneration, I remain at Thy Lotus Feet.


Soul-caresses for thy lumbago. All warmth of my heart. All purifying tears that you may not suffer from the Karma of others.

I wished to take your suffering upon me, and it is you, strong and mighty Guru, who ever supports me! No words can express what I feel. With all heart, soul and being, I adore you.

Again and again I read your long letter, filled with blessings and precious advices and kindness. And so impregnated with your Grandeur.

Gurudev! You alone know that I lost self-control fighting for my dearest, fearing to lose You; but even then I had to be sincere. You can help me! And you did! And your mercy transpierces me. Yes, I understand now that a balanced state of mind is YOGA. You knew it? How miserable I was to lose contact with my sweet Lord! But Himself, He lifted me up again, and is always with me and fills me. Yes, I understand that work and the whole life can be Yoga and to love all others and to behold Him everywhere and at all times. O thank you, my Guru! Not to waste energy in fighting, but to work with This Divine method that no one can harm. Yes I understand, this is the Divine Path. One with you in The Divine plan, O Siva! All the symbols of this photo are true, not only a dream-the same posture, of feet, the signature and all environments. When you are with me then is all well and good. But it is 1o important. You alone are my Lord, I cannot conceive of God beyond you, I cannot lova abatrag. Tions, I cannot find in me the Self, only in you, and you transmit IT! Without you is darkest hell Remain! Remain! Only goodness, Lova, joy o

Earth 1

The announcement for “Synthese” as to the can cellation of Global Tour, pains me infinitely Bo shall the Occident not see you? Unmerited: Yes, understand, evil cannot be removed Service d undersity is only self-purification All we do to others, we do to ourselves. It is worship of the indwelling Lord. My Lord is Sivananda. To do marvels for the peace and prosperity of the world but not without you!! What is the whole wo without you?

You understand everything, and this man very happy. There is one rock to which I cling closely your words. “Yes, we will meet some day “One day, you will see these places.” ‘One day you will find it possible to meet me and remain with me This is my faith and only hope. And realisation seems to appear. Yes, Gurudev, it may become possible! Dare I to believe such a chance? Doel my Beloved feel my indescribable longing? And the divine work progresses, from all sides people enquire about you. Did you receive the last “Synthese” and the bulletin “Voice of Himalayas All are touched mysteriously in their heart by you sweet voice, O divine Prema-Maharaj!

My Lord need not to do any wonders I love Him for Himself and not for favours: I love Him with passionate tenderness when He is sick like a human man, to partake our sufferings. But when He does wonders, it delights me to see Him so powerful and wealthy Thy potency thrills me !

Gurudev, I understood the sense of these happen. Ings. Your spiritual contact really purifies. It is I divine sacrifice. You show us not to fear but to love be Divine Method. So alone are you, until we poor can understand, but then we love you infinitely and exclusively Then we try to follow you. My name really the most beautiful on earth, when united – with yours. It is sweet when you say it-SivanandaMargarita.


You were so right, Gurudev, I need perfect rest. What is perfect rest? Where is perfect rest? At Thy Lotus-feet. In thy real presence This is my goal. Hundreds will continue their self-purification the world. The world will never be changed It is school, Lord’s Lila. I did all only for myself, it ws longing for the Lord. Yes, but I have an inconceivable chance: to have found you, the real Saviour. All my prayers mounting to you, are: Free 20. Purify me! O Siva, annihilate what remains as egoism in me! Self-purification in the world is dong too long for love, help me to shorten it! Did you not say, for one step towards you, you approach Hundred steps? When will you hear my prayer?


How can I thank you for your inexhaustible ness? The sacred title you conferred upon I am infinitely happy illuminates my heart. Belong to you! You are so rich to distribute Your goodness gives me a rare insight, so divines is! Adorations at every moment with my w heart. Gratefulness, Love and Admiration submerge me. I am proud to prostrate at Thy Lotus-Feet. There is overflowing joy in me for all good new get from you. With patience we await your arrival

Thanks for the two articles for ‘Synthese. I good to feel that you help me. Is it not a wonder to write not only to devotees, but for Magazines like ‘Synthese’?


Glorious Divine Guru, how powerful and irresistible you are! You are really conquering the Occident, you know? Your practical, clear advices are well understood here! What wonder, that your books come out ever more. And numberless are those who are very interested and cannot write to you in English All await your coming. And with faith! Say, you will come. In the West, many are sceptic. Some are even hostile. Adaptability is needed. But your triumphant ascending is not to hinder any one. No Hindu Master before you had such a direct contact and influence. Gurudev!


Powerful Guru, your Parliament of Religions brought really a spiritual awakening into the world ke an electrical energizing: I observe it in many hings, not only in the miraculous transformation of The Russian attitude. But the word itself “spiritual Awakening” was written to me at the same time from several countries: Mr. Bitzer, President of Intersational New Thought Alliance from Los Angeles, the President of Vegetarian Society from London, Brother Ludovic from Alliance Universelle of Africa, Mr. Schmidt, President of Neugeist in Germany, all write that they feel a great spiritual awakening in the world: Is this not wonderful, indeed?

With the greatest interest, I would read the news about your Parliament that you may kindly send me and about all the prominent persons who visited your Ashram and honoured my Guruji Maharaj.

Your photos surround me, thank you so much for This from Parliament They are lovely. I like very much this one showing you with Sri Ramaswami Aiyar and Sri Ghosh, because your head is surrounded visibly with a halo, there is always Light with you.

We should be very glad to hear about your #uccess with the Parliament. Oh! We know that it was very important, we felt a new spiritual power, very dynamic, throughout the world, from all sides now work, new relations, new interest, for spiritual things! Paramahamsaji, it is very mighty and wonderful. If SYNTHESE could give more news about you, your Global Tour will be prepared. We are relation with all spiritual spheres in Europe and also in America.

Your books are a rich spiritual fountain. Pleave don’t forget French people do not forsake us. We saw in you the sun rising up into cur lives What is existence without spirit? What are we without your help?


Sweet Guru, who lives in the privileged Holy Himalayas, surrounded by the shining jewels of Thy Saints; pure Divine Swan of the Holy Order, Splendour of Wisdom, Miracle of Divine Love, really The art great. The sun leaving you comes to me in hurry to tell me all about you The earth turns is bring me the air you respired. Even technique is your service and brings Thy blessings, Thy words and photos. It is my heaven to contemplate Thy Bliss ful Form. My heart is Ananda Kutir my devotion is Ganga, Himalaya is my one-pointed concentration and yearning. And in the temple cf silence, free from thoughts, feelings and words, I find Thy Altar. How severe you are in your purity! How awe-inspiring is your Majesty! How overwhelming is your JOY and affection and perfection. Guruji you said: Detach and attach”. I did I yearn to remain at Thy Lotus Feet, to put my head at your head, as I did with my mother as a child. That was all good So all would be good. How lovely and adorable you are! Help me to escape this ‘ego’ and to become one with Thee my Lord, Sivananda, Guru Dev!


OM AND PREM. Prostrations at Thy Holy Feet. There is no difference between gratefulness, love and veneration It is all one. It mounts up unto Thee, from my heart, ceaselessly.

The shower of Thy blessings plunges me sometimes in a clear and breathless consciousness of Thy real grandeur. And of something indescribable but most rare and most precious. To experience this, your goodness, your manner-to-be and your Voice thrills me.

The result of your voice suddenly I like life! I am grateful to live! Life is magnificent! Life is the most interesting and unforseen adventure it leads really to God! I feel gratefulness and admirat on for MAN and his technical genius. I am exalted to live in this modern age where the Lord wilizes Gramophone records to enable me to hear. His sweet Voice! This Voice that fille me with strength and health and the joy to live in peace.

This Voice is so strange but known. It is superhuman. My Master’s Voice. I can see you when I play your records. You say all for me. Your OM has purified the house and environments, it must act like a spiritual atom-bomb. It is Prasad and tonic It charms even animals, our cats lie on the back and purr; flowers and plants flourish.

I am strangely impressed by Yagnavalkya-Maitrey Samvad. What means it? I cannot understand the English text, you said to me “you can write to me in English” but I cannot understand this langu. Age. This text seems to me very important. It does not matter. Every word of yours is wisdom.

With infinite tenderness I have caressed the addresses written by your own hand! No jewel could be so precious to me as this mark of your kindness

I received all your blessed letters my beloved Guru. The kind words that you find for my life. Others would say, that I was often stupid and chose wrong and changed too often, but you understand Was I right, Gurudev? You see! Again tears. However it was, now it is well, as you know it And your marvellous Grace will improve it? Then is my life really purified and sanctified. Now it is your affair, I have no more past.

The few words you added in your letter of the 18th March have made me infinitely happy. I have this letter always with me. The one phrase is the fulfilment of Goal. I felt it in all your swee kindness; so marvellous is it. Thy divine heart my goal. O Gurudev, I thank you for all these divine words of yours.

Not a single Gramophone record was broken though the parcel was nearly damaged. O Gurudev Al Geneva your Voice!


Please Gurudev, I pray. I know you are eve: with me. But make me sensible to your presence Yes, only your power can help me. You can through my voice enter the heart of the hearers, if you will it. You do all. You do all for my self-purification in the world. It is strange! All is beautiful and mysterious. I yearn to have other initiations and advices from you. There is so much I had still to say to you. How can I conserve my energy with so much work? How can I detach more? Will you help me? I do not leave you in thoughts. Blessed Guru, Sweet Guru. Intense wishes for your health. Become well, for us who love you. Humble and grateful prostrations.

Net Quantity

You are making miracles. Just as I was thinking of a “Gospel of Sivananda”, I receive a copy of it by post. Before I ask, you send the book. All evenings, after work, as reward, I read you and see you and contemplate on you and then go to sleep with your vibration, so that at the time of death, I shall be habituated to join you as in deep sleep.

In Switzerland all are preparing for your visit. People say that our Journal “Synthese” becomes the best means for propagating your teachings on a large scale. Let us spend all our time to prepare for your Tour in Europe. Gurudeva, it will be a great event for Europe.

Asked Dr. B. Of California, if America or Europe would be more spiritual to receive you. He says “Europe neads you more, but in America there is great spiritual awakening, a better spiritual under standing” Guruji you are so marvellously universa), one can speak about all! You are the highest ideal of Synt esis and Universality. You are Aquarius letting flow out of the form of dogmas the vivifying water of Spirit to the thirsty humanity. You are really the prophet of the new Age. From where do I get the courage to speak to you? You yourself gave it to me because you are humble with the humble. Now birds sing, the morning has come, I forgot to sleep, so sweet, so peaceful was it to write to you after midnight. I would give with joy the rest of my life, not to be tired, when Guruji has come. With purest love and infinite gratefulness, I will be ever yours.

Guruji, I know how you could be proclaimed as the unique authority in the whole West.


Your Revered Holiness,

OM Gurudevaya Vidmahe Parabrahmanaya Dheemahi Tanno Guruh Prachodayat My Beloved Guru. My own and All My Solace, refuge and joy! Thanks heartily for all your letters. You have kindly written to the Presidents and members of the European Section of the Divine Lile Society. Europe will be grateful to you. Truth reveals. Thanks above all for your lun.incus letters. Your celestial words are fascinating. I deeply think over avery word. The dark powers in me lose their power and do not frighten me, I have clearly sean the high st Heaven, the Oneness of all I will deepen It I bathe in Love for Thee and Thy Glorious disciples.

The Message of Vedanta of the Oneness of all is really the Highest Religion in the world. Your article is the connecting bridge between communistic dictatorship and the free Individualism of Westerners. Both ideologies have advantages and risks; the first, is non-ethic, non-spiritual. On-evolving. The Second, of egoism, separative1988, etc. Vedanta alone is the Freedom Real. Both should understand your message. O Gurudev, Glorious! You alone can save the world. It is your most SACRED DUTY to preserve yourself for us. May all Angels, all Devas, All Swamis, Gods on earth, surround your human form with a protecting Light. Wall of

My heart really breaks to see how your infinite Goodness is misused by evil-doers and selfish people. I do not think of evil doers, but of the good ones who need your Divine Guidance; in the whole world. SIE & ER contains a marvellous article from Sri Radloff from India. The widely circulated popular Journal writes:

“Swami Sivananda lived 30 years in Rishikesh with a few disciples and suddenly millions discovered that Swami Sivananda is the greatest Saint of India.”

Herewith the Photo of a sweet little girl, protege of Prof. Santarelli of Italy, the musician wonder-child of Italy. By sending this Photo, she demands your Blessings. She knows that you love music.

In deep veneration, with intense good wishes, with overflowing love and Bhav, trusting in the Divine Guidance, taking refuge at Thy Feet, I salute Thes as I do so often, with the marvellous powerful Mantra: OM Gurudevaya Vidmahe Parabrahmanaya Dheemahi Tanno Guruh Prachodayat.


Adorable Immortal Guru,

Thank you very much for your kind letter. Sri Theo Schneider is very happy for your good words to him. I too thank you very much. He will make the Statutes for the European Section of the Divine Life Society (E. D. L. S.) and send them to you for your approval.

Guruji, Good news. I have sent the French Text of your Philosophy to our friend (Marquis) Prol. Santarelli in Rome. The Professor has conferred upon you the following titles:

(1)    The nomination of member of the Academical Senate of the University of Biosophica

(2)    Consul for India for the Cultural and Spiritual Institution “Gruppi Dannunziani”;

(3)    A Diploma of the Humanitarian Institute of France


On your behalf, I accepted the three titles Guruji. He wanted your Photo. I have sent the autographed one from my album. It is for his Bureau. I am sure you will give him directions for the dissemination of the Divine Knowledge in Italy. He would form a section in Italia, single or connected with the Universites Biosophica. He will also collaborate for the ‘Sivananda-Medical-Organisation,’ and give lectures and write articles about you. He is a very dynamic, fine and learned aristocrat; he would be very able as Italian president of D. L. S. Soon I give more news about him.

Mrs. Chappuis will open a branch of D. L S. In Lausanne. She offered all collaboration for the Sivananda-Organisation.’ She is a fine soul! I was happy to read her words, thank you!

Mr Buchman has given texts and photos of many great personalities. All will be published and the journal sent to them; all will read about you. I am so happy that Synthese is Thy word-organ.

O Guruji, I closely follow your intructions. I am happy. I adore you above words. I am FEARLESS. I feel only you. You alone act through me alone act in the whole world!


Revered Gurudev,

Om Namahsivaya. Adorations.

Your blessed letters are my support. I hava received your marvellous Message for the Congress at Sorrento-these admirable, concentrated words of Wisdom.

Guruji, I know that the degrees and titles are nothing. But it enchants me when aristocrats and scientists bow before Your Holiness. I send sepa rately the titles received for Thee from Italy. Your sweet ‘Philosophy’ is more recognised in the Occident now. The Occident must recognize your scientific Wisdom, your miraculous power, your universalism and your goodness as unrivalled and unique.

O my Beloved How near and how far away you are! I despair to attain you. I feel exhausted and unfit The saviour is on earth and I cannot hasten towards Him and cling to His feet and the days slip away. Professor (Marquis) Santarelli has written the preface for your Philosophy’ (now in translation). Now he requests me to communicate the following points to Your Holiness:

1.       He will give lectures and write articles and prays therefore Your Holiness to send him the decuments.

2.       He offers to found the Italian Yoga Vedanta University and prays for your authorisation to constitute the University. He will help the Sivananda Medical Organisation,


3.       3. He desires to publish the “Voix de l’Himalaya in Italian, a Bulletin or a more beautiful revue

He is the General Secretary of the Universitas Blosophica, Accademia Umanista Internazionale, Roma-Mexico’, and professor. A renowned scientist and

Please, would you kindly confirm these points directly to him. May he become a precious asset for the Divine Mission!

Omy Ishtadevata! My Master! My all! Thousand thanks again for your letter. Every word is SO helpful and balsamic and most dear to me. Ever I hear these words “unaffected “ free”. “unattached “-

How careful you are. It is your carefulness which 1 is so beneficial to all.

But looking at your photo all is easy. You act through me. I am the witness of your grace and joy and loveliness and this is Satchidananda. Diverting from you even for moments is pain The more the concentration upon you the more it is peace, bliss and refuge Divine Master, I will be free-unattached. Unaffected! O please give me patience to endure the separation, and understanding how to approach! I am infinitely happy and grateful to know you. I lathe your feet with my tears of gratefulness, veneration. Tanderness, and pious, faithful adoration


Adorable Guru |

Christmas-Message OM and Prem. Loving adoration and admiration, Thank you profoundly for your –Divine words-Such a cry of the most heroic heart. It is the cry of the whole humanity. It will transpierce the Heavens and the minds, and reach the Nameless.

Is not the Saviour on earth, unrecognised? O Guruji, there is no other Saviour for me than You! You have given me the Highest. You have given me All, to attain Immortality and to cross over Maya

Gurudev, revered! I saw you in a vision. Your body blue like night-sky and all Chakras illuminated, a pillar, sparkling silverlight full coloured jewels, a supreme splendour. Incomparable and adorable you are. And then again world-consciousness!

It may be a sin to create bodies, physical or organisational – I seek within, but I cannot find any desire for wealth etc., as perhaps the desire to protect your Gospel, yes, and to be dear to you. And to know you happy, triumphant, beloved, Soul-Saving. I see the error, as You alone act. You speak to me. I shall follow your words, without worry. Say nothing, all is going on rightly. But you say “do When you not mix with undesirable persons, you will have definite downfall, and then you require it, and than remain silent? Your Song of Silence. It may require more adoration, so much adoration that all influences vanish.

Like sitting in a rosy Lotus-flower, which suddenly closes her petals over me in waves of bliss and then slowly opens them again, I have no other desire than for divine Love and for understanding of Thy Glory and Thy Will. Such love does not any more ask for anything, not even for help.

O Gurudev, sweet Master! Thank you humbly, I am overwhelmed by the royal gift of your Trust. Thank you from the core of my heart for such Grace and loving powers which you have conferred upon me for the sacred service in which nobody can Interfere. For this supreme opportunity, mark of Thy Grace, O my Beloved, I express my heartfelt thanks and put my head at your feet. I had to learn, not to see the results, even the bad ‘fruits. Now you are here again and You direct. O Holiest Guru! You have given me Divine Love and infinite Bliss and your trust and powers, because You are in me, you alone direct. When I am not fully conscious about this or when I lack faith to believe in such a grand miracle, then all go wrong, so severe you are You direct my whole consciousness, inexhaustible devotion and Prem. The more you make me able to support your divine Sweetness, the more difficult are the tests of bad external influences. They all are saly to develop Strength, the strength of Ahimsa O Gurudev, through your grace I enter the Glory of Bila Samadhi, where the last Vritti stops. Your beloved photo revealed to me your radiating form of immobility. O Glorious Jivanmuktal Christ Maitreya! Saviour! Praise and adoration unto thes Grant the Consciousness of Thy presence to the whole world.

Thanks again and again for Thy Christmas-Message Those who love Thee will live Thy words and seek Thy Kingdom first. Filled with Prem and OMI prostrate before Thee, my Gurudev!

The Christmas Message will be published on the first page of the next issue of your Synthese


I was so happy after your last two letters. It is very kind of you to enquire about my health, it is quite good now, I found my old capacity of writing again, and finished the next issue of Synthese, with many articles from you. And the ‘Universal Christ in all religions; this may show to occidentals the One truth A Pastor writes to me, that it is the “las judgement’ to see the Christ better understood by other religionists than by Christians.

With great pleasure I received the beautiful cards and your inspiring books “Practice of Yoga” ant “Siva’s Treasure.” How to thank you for this continuous generosity and kindness of your thoughts Every day I thank you, the only Joy of my ife!

Did you receive my last two letters? I pray you to forgive, me if they were too long, but how can I do otherwise than to offer all adoration of my heart to my Lord? All your letters are very inspiring


Adorable Sri Gurudev, Loving prostrations.

World-peace can only be established on a universal basis through the brotherly co-operation of all that the Divine Life Society is the bridge between East and West therefore must be firmly and legally established in Europe too; that this is greatly Javoured through Synthese and its international relations is very clear to everyone.

Till now I was entangled in difficulties, but on receiving your letters, I feel your assistance and support. From the core of my heart, I thank you for your Grace. Your Divine powerful prayers have saved us. O Gurudev, what are we without you? And how infinitely happy and blessed are we to know you, to have your guidance and support.

My husband always speaks with you and feels telepathetical contact with you. While sleeping in his room between your photos, he knows he is in contact with you. He is convinced that you have saved him.

Difficulties come to turn my mind for ever away from the world. In the midst of difficulties, I am happy. When you say that the Lord’s Grace is with me, I am thrilled.

As per your advice, I took complete rest alone with my Ishta Devata, your great Photo; and the sweet Prasad, the divine letters. Yes, I understand sweeneness of all. I understand, when I am One with Thee, I am one with all. It is the same com ciousness, with many bodies, moving in the multitude. There is no he or she, nor mine or thing There is no separation, no personalities, no property no thought, complete surrender and joy. O thess wondrful visions and insatiable thirst to know, to realise and to experience.

Deeply impressed by the 29th Parable in the ‘Weekly’. When shall I see you, my Lord in human form? Thy incarnation can awake understanding and true love with instense Bhav I am overwhelmed and thrilled by your sweet Saintliness and effulgent Grandeur. I horripilate through your Divinity. S magnetical, so gracious and so all-embracing.

When shall I see your Abode of Bliss, this templs with LIVING SAINTS, every one adorable and glorious and infinitely sweet and venerable. So happy I was to receive a letter from my good angel Parama nanda. He ever transmits harmony and courage. How adorable he is, so ardent and soft! The blue flowers of the Himalayas gave me extreme pleasure.

Before I tell you, you realise my difficulties. Before I ask, you give me your answer protect me! How you lift me up! Let me adore How you your blessed hands, sacred feet and blissful face. This is my Guru. This is my Jagat-Guru, my Saviour the incarnation of Love.

PREM AND OM. HARI OM Sivananda-Margarita.




Thank you, Guruji. The Lecture was a great success. I am grateful to you for your assistance, my Guru. Though there was snow-storm in the morning, the weather was better in the evening.

During the whole lecture, there was a deep silence and attentive interest. While playing your records, most people were sitting with closed eyes-and at the end warm applause !

Several persons said to me that it was the best lecture of the season. These were the words from Mrs. R. She said: “It was marvellous” and your message was given especially for her, as if you knew her. Your ‘speech to Sadhaks’ was very much appre giated as the need of the hour. There was a thrill.

Few sat silently as if in trance, All thank me sincerely.

My voice is not very strong. I had a microphone. Sri Theo Schneider said that I was hypnotising the public. No; it was your Presence. I felt that all now love you. You have touched them profoundly.

At the end, the copies of the “Voice of Himalayas” were distributed freely. But you have triumphed over all-Both sides of the Gramophone Record, Song of a Karma Yogi” were played.

There was also Mrs. Chauppius from Lausanne and Mr. Blume from Berne. I have given him the photos of Swami Vishnudevanandaji for YOGA ASANAS. He has entered into an agreement to collaborate with us for a French-German Book, with my lecture. It would be marvellous if you permit him to publish in the same book your beautiful texts from “Philosophy and Teachings.”

I shall give lectures in other places. It may be even in Paris. I wish to live only for you. To speak about you is sweet joy. Every second I am grateful, to know you.


Your kind letter. I am very glad to hear that you like my notes about your books. You see, I regret so much not to know English better. I had to search for the words for the expression of my ideas. I know WHO you are, Glorious Master!

I know that all Masters are One and that Thou art the Lord Himself. I wished from all my heart only to work for you, even abandoning “Synthese”, to have more time for your work. What shall I do, Gurudev? You said, that Synthese is weapon. A mighty

Your ‘Philosophy and Teachings’ is so beautiful, that I always carry it with me. Yes, Gurudev, I will publish the whole in Synthese.

I do not know how to thank you for this great honour, O, it is much more, that you have published about me in this treasure-book. I read again what your Swamis have written about me. It is so very kind, so fine and sensible. I am very grateful to you.

But Gurudev, I never have practised any Yoga. I only know all from you. I had only read some philosophical books. You have transmitted to me the complete knowledge of Yoga. I could not read English. And all that I have felt and experienced, I read afterwards in your books. No, you are so just to me in all things so that only to think about it, brings tears of gratefulness. It was, as if, I had ever waited for you. And never can I forget the moment when I received your first letter with the words: “Thy Own Self.”

I have sent a telegram to thank you for the Gramophone Records. Your sweet voice gives me great joy. I thought you would wish that I used them at the Lecture.

Gurudev, you have done for me exactly like the other lion in the story of the Dhobi. You have awakened me. I was so retired, really shy, I wished not any more to see anybody since I had abandoned Art. Now you put me again in the public; it is a great change, and I feel that with your assistance I can do everything! I can impress the public once again, as I did in the days of my art. You have given me powers. People write to me that they have seen me in a vision One lady says she has been healed through the lecture; others that my letters give them a strange joy. Gurudev, YOU ACT THROUGH ME! How can I thank you?! My love for you is contagious! Yes, it did not depend upon my words, as you say; it was YOUR influence! I say it to all. You are with me always! The words of SIVA resound ever in my heart. All this time, beyond life, I had visions of the Divine Mother, your second great photo! I wished to know all from Thee. I wished to be only conscious of Thee alone. Help me to have courage to see the reality! Anonymous and

In deep veneration! And thirsty for Thy blessings.


Night. Solitude. Silence. Peace. Still resound in my ears the insultings of this day Still bleed in my heart the wounds of its blow Still aches my head from unsolvable problems But now I am alone with Thee |

My soul still is trembling from so much coarseness The claws of this day have rent my brain No sleep! In despair and horror I fall on the

But I fall at Thy feet!


As every day, this one began with new hope, efforts and goodwill Now I am wounded, as so many times, and nearly killed

But I reached Thy feet, I am saved I know. Let me calm my breath-let me close my eyes Let me forget this dream and awake! Yes, I had forgotten: I am in Thy arms! No evil can happen! -Thou art my refuge Thou art the balm, Abhaya, and vivifying drink Yes it was only a bad dream! I am well in Thy heart! In the warmth of Thy love And opening the eyes, I see Thy smiling face! With this tenderness in Thy eyes, so deep and sweet

There is no sacrifice, no fear too great! So will I return again, and bring Thy message to men...

All I can do, is to show before humanity The depth of my wounds and the SOURCE OF MY STRENGTH

Every day new, every day new! So that others also may reach Thy feet !



I am herewith sending you the report of the inauguration of the European Section of the Divine Life Society, at Geneva:

The glorious birthday of His Holiness Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswati, our beloved Sri Gurudev, bors Sivspecial importance for Geneva; where it was celebrated together with the foundation of the EUROPEAN SECTION OF THE D.LS.

The aim of this foundation is to confer the required and prescribed legality to the growing movement of D.LS in Europe, where no society is tolerated without statutory ligality. In accordance with the words of Christ “to give to Caesar what is due to Caesar and to give to God what is due to God”, Sri Gurudev had charged us to establish statutes and a list of proposed Presidents for the different European countries, and after His approval the European Section, founded on this 8th September, will effec tively begin to function. A second and useful aim of this foundation is the protection of Indian Wisdom from its misuse and misinterpretation by pseudooccultists, who flourish in Europe. If mutual under. Standing is to be realised between East and West, charlatanism and affair-making must be strictly avoided.

On this auspicious date was held an intimate reunion by several sincere seekers in the hall “Tour de l’Isle” at Geneva. By a mere chance, the only inscription on the wall of this room was “Yes, Father, Thy will be done”. On a table covered with a sares was placed Sri Gurudev’s photo, surrounded by lovely flowers. Two candles were placed in the direction of East and West, the one rose-coloured like love symbolised the D. L. S. H Q.; the other, white in colour, represented the good and pure forces of Europe. Only the rose candle was burning, whilst the white one waited to be enkindled from it. (For this ceremony I had dressed the beautiful rose Saree given to me by Gurudev and conferring upon me the consciousness of His support for a sacramental act). The selection of a few earnest persons created an atmosphere of collective silence and joyful interest.

With a short introduction I presented Mrs. Hermann to the auditory. She is the proposed president for Switzerland and had come especially from Winterthur to do honour with us to Sri Gurudev’s Birthday. She opened the meeting with a thrilling speech as follows:

Dear Sisters and Friends,

We have come here because of the birthday of the great and honoured Master Sri Swami Sivananda and also because of a great decisive event: the foun dation and inauguration of the Divine Life Society of Europe.

“This Society-Like the already existing centreswill have a mission which will be urgent, as well as heavy and difficult in the face of the separative spirit which tears the world pieces. To save the latter from a terrible disaster, we must unite and shall ever have to unite all elements of unification. It is only mankind as a fraternity which will create peace on earth. In order

“Most of those who are aspiring after and work. Ing for this unity and fraternity have a difficult path to tread, a path strewn with obstacles, for the separa. Tive spirit in us and within others gets into a defen sive mood. Doubts, anxiety, attacks from the inner and the outer side are trying and tempting and even at times overwhelming us, psychic and mental obscurity forming the end.

“Fortunately then, in the very midst of misery, all that is spiritual and divine in us awakens, stret. Ching itself out towards the Light. And This One never fails. It is always there in the depth of our being, and the moment we are getting conscious of it, we experience victory and peace, implying Divine Help and Love.

“Let us be and let us ever remain courageous, knowing that it is not the little personal self which has to accomplish the great task set before us. God Himself will accomplish it in us, and His Strength is infinite. The egoistic forces of duality belonging to the dark side, they also will-some time or otherbow and serve the Highest.

“Sivananda tells us that it really means privilege and joy to be slandered, insulted and persecuted. Jesus Christ said the same

“Each confrontation or provocation gives an opportunity for weakening, for diminishing our personal separative reactions and with that makes us more capable for our service. If we wish to succeed in our work for unity and peace, we must first realise them in ourselves.

“Let us be grateful and joyful within the midst of our trials! They are our friends.

Is it not the greatest privilege on earth to serve what is most Highest in the form of Purity, Truth, Beauty, Compassion and Infinite Love, while at the same time serving our fellow-men, our brothers! What is the value and worth of all worldly possessions, of all honours and ephemeral pleasure compared with the peace and beatitude of the soul and the joyful results of our attempts to help pure awakening hearts to reach the realm of harmony and unity? They will be the heralds of a new and better world.

“It is quite natural that our earthly instrument, our personal form should shun and be afraid of sacrifice, that it should avoid hostility and attacks, and that it shrinks at the final, unlimited surrender. It wants to live on. But this is a stage. It will be overcome.

One day-full of a decisive spirit, strong and courageous, and at the same time humble and undeluded by the selfish little self, we shall be ready to answer the Voice of the ONE. The ONE who is calling us day and night, and Who-on behalf of His Service – will have us entirely unconditionally.

“Then all anxieties, all our cares and conflicts all our questions, cravin ja and depressions will the Trus vanish, being dissolved and merged in Him, Spiritual Sun, the Victor over the spirit of Perfect Love, Unity.” Separation,

Now followed the ceremonial and symbolic act of the foundation. It began with a meditation (Ex Oriente Lux: from East comes the Light) during which in. Lense was burnt. Then the electrical light was put out consoon was illuminated only by the flame of the ross candle, as suddenly Sri Gurudev’s mighty voice was between us, transmitted by the record. And whilst this resounding, awe-inspring, stirring, holy SONG OF OM of Satguru filled the room with His invisible presence and blessings, I held up the two candles and united both to enkindle the white candle by the flame of the rose candle. Mentally I repeated the Mal a Mrityunjaya Mantra. The European Section was founded. There after I read the statutes, whilst some of the present persons signed as witnesses of the foundation. The UNIVERSAL PRAYER of Sri Swami Sivanandaji, beautifully recited in French by Mrs. Huin, and in German by Mrs Herrmann, closed the ceremonial part of this meeting. Several group-photos were taken by Mr. Le Xuan, the photo-reporter of Synthese Uni verselle.

Now tea and sweets were offered to all and great was the joy of every one to receive also book-gifts and a beautiful coloured photo of Sri Swami Sivananda Guruji. “Mind, Its Mysteries and Control” by Swami Sivananda, and “Self-Realisation by Sri Swami

Sivanandav” by Swami Keshavananda, were distributed to all. (Someone said “habitually one gives to him Sivananda” who has his birthday, to receive gifts from him is just the contrary”. “Swamiji is ever the giver, He ever gives” I said).

The interest culminating, I read now “Guru Kripa and how to attain it” from Swami Chidananda. This is very new for Occidental mentality, as here are no Masters with divine powers to transmit to disciples; here are only words and theories. (People here de. Spair and become bad, because there is no real spiri. Tual help anywhere and soul-problems are more or less referred to costly psychiatrists).

Then all disired to hear some other records from Sri Swami Sivanandaji’s voice. “Maitreyi, Karma Yogi, Narayan” etc. And people left with these holy sounds in the ears. The important and unpretentious meeling was finished.

May Lord illuminate this Europe with the effulgent Wisdom of the Sat-Guru, through the faithful humble work of His disciple.


Dearly beloved Gurudev! Most respectful prostration and adorations!

O dearly beloved! Life of my life, with the burning tears of Prem I adore you. Let me stick to you, in bliss and even in Hell! Never was on earth

Such perfect Incarnation of LOVE, only helping, serving, nursing, teaching, loving, saving blessing.

You are my country and religion, Gurudev But living in Occident, I can assert you and affirm it with liv vehemence: Occident has only to love you

O Gurudeval In you ALONE I trust.

Gurudev! Nobody may know what you suffered in your most sensitive saint body, but nobody yet knows the intensity of Bliss which you enjoy which you give, which you shower over the whole world like a rain of Grace! “Contained in you” this is my name. How could any power separate me from you?

How to express my heartfelt wishes for your health and well being? Every intense prayer of mine is consecrated to you. Infinitely happy for the inestimable treasure of your words that you have given to me, all tender comprehension, loving kindness. I bathe in your grace. I adore you from all my heart. I feel all that happens to you. In deep, reverence, thanks for your lovely photo da. Dicated, with a New Year Poem, a continuous stream of blessings and love for all.

I changed different things of my life. I relax with the name of my Lord. I am careful in Sadhanas. I understand that annihilation of Raga Dwesha means liberation from external influences. I try my best But my only strength is your contact.

Thanks for your prayer. Let me hide myself in you. Only good Power, Purity, Truth, Solace!



Approaching you humbly. What can I say? I tried to write you many letters.

So grateful for your blessed letters. I pour out my heart in thankfulness for the wonderful favours and authorisations that you confer upon me.

So happy to know you are in good health and ruling the activities.

After many deep reflections I follow your letters.

Marquis Santarelli has constituted the Italian Section of the YOGA VEDANTA FOREST UNIVERSITY. The institution will give lectures on Yoga under your sublime patronage. He is sure that your name will be more and more known in Italy through this institution.

I partake all your thoughts about this marvellous youl. Now I have to thank you heartily for the beauti ful photos received. The written words at the back irpressed me deeply. I feel they are from Swami Paramanandaji, sincere and loving. SO By my previous letters to the Swamis I know what I wished to know. I received also Prasad of the holy Temple from Swami Chidananda. Thank you. And thanks to him.

All my devotion and Prem is Yours.


European Section (E. D. L. S.)

Your Most Revered Holiness Sri Gurudev, Om Namah Sivanandaya.

The Statutes of the European Section of the Diving Life Society are a protection for your Gospel. Many people write now books copied from your books, as if the thoughts are their own, and their writings are more than partial, incomplete. Also Yoga Schools use your Courses as if they are their own, for their own affairs and without referring to you. But before you no Hindu Master has published such Courses of Sadhana. From where have they this knowledge if not from you?

Permit me to explain how I have thought out the plan for the progress of the EDLS: first to establish a Committee of Honour and to nominate the various National Presidents, so that interested people may readily address someone for membership, advice, offering of collaboration etc. The Presidents can then continue independently to found several bran ches and to find members. Soi the work shared between several people, and the names of the Mem bers of the Committee attract people. And in tho beginning I can help or advise the Presidents, until they can continue alone. The “Synthese” and Voice “of the Himalayas”, propagate the Dandid the names of the National Presidents, so that Seaders in all countries can address them.

When this is established, branches of the Society can be formed; regular work, group studies and Conferences can be undertaken; only then many people wille attracted.

May Lord’s Will be done.


Are you not the Yogi of the Great Asian Prophecy? Very happy to hear that you will send a Message for the “Synthese”. So delighted that you work again and reign. In good health ?

With Prem and OM.





Beloved Immortal Self, Oh Blessed Atman,

Salutations and Adorations!

Tat Twam Asi—That Thou art!

It is all Joy to be in touch with the DIVINE .. to maintain one continuous thought like the flow of oil from one vessel to another...... to serve mankind with a changed angle of vision and divine consciousness. Here difficulties and troubles vanish in a miraculous manner. There is satisfaction, inner peace, contentment, a new life and fresh energy within. May the whole world come out of the delusion, ignorance and misery through the path of Sivananda—Margaritha!

Thy kind letter with the inspiring Photographs. Marvellous. Hearty thanks.

I have also received a nice letter from Sri Harold S. Blume. Herewith a copy of my reply to him. Let him bring out a series I will support him. We need the co-operation of all for the dynamic work. Isen a bright, beautiful future, full of peace and prosp. Erity to the whole world through the Path Divine,

Glad to hear that you have completed the next issue of Synthese Universelle, the mighty weapon of the Divine Mission. Work slowly, steadily, without the least exertion. Do not worry about the French edi. Tions, etc. Like ‘What becomes of the Soul”. When you get more men to help you, you can complete all publications in the twinkling of an eye, like a miracle, Do not tax yourself. Do not exert much. Work with a pleasant mood throughout. I assure you of my full co-operation and support in all ways. Om Tat Sat Om Santi!

With best wishes, Thy Own Self, Swami Sivananda


Thy kind letters of the 8th, 10th, 12th and 15th instant. I am in receipt of the papers and your inspiring articles. Though due to heavy work and rush of visitors, I am not able to give you a prompt reply, I go through your letters with very great interest. I closely follow your letters, progress of activities and your evolution.

I sincerely admire your method of work, plan, policy. In a short period of time, you have penetrated the whole world. There is appreciation for your work from all corners of the world. May for gloriously prosper in the spiritual path. May the Lord bless you, your mother, Sri Theo and all those who are associated with you in the Divine Cause

The coloured pictures are very nice. You may include the prints in the future issues of Voice of the Himalayas or in some books.

I note the difficulty in translation of my books. Kindly consult some publishers. They will arrange for the translation and publication. Or kindly consult Sri Jean Herbert. He will do anything for you. He is my well-wisher. Then you will have ample time to improve the Synthese Universelle and to guide people through correspondence, to inspire men through public lectures.

The Sivananda Medical Organisation has received appreciation from all. Progressing well on all sides. Glad you have mentioned about this in detail in the Voice.

The people who heard your lecture were all bene. Fited. Many are writing to me. We do not want to bind people with many organisational, sectarian principles. The Divine Mission will bring incalculable spiritual good to the whole world and peace and happiness to all. If opportunities are not there for public lectures, you can work wonders silently through the PRESS, through Synthese Universelle, and publications. The world is big and the field is wide enough.

It is beautiful, splendid I have received letters of your letter, you have written: yajamahe,” Mantra. Gratitude from thousands this Mantra has cured many incurable diseases, prevented accidents and brought good health and long life to many. This gives peace repeat it. And prosperity to all those who

Do not exert too much, please. Do as much as you can, with a very pleasant mood always. Relax severaltimes daily. You will be filled with immense innes spiritual strength.

By service of humanity, one gets Chitta Suda.... purification of heart. This is the real foundation of YOGA. You have a fine field there, created out of many years of labour. You must make the best of this opportunity for a quick evolution. In India, again you will have to create a new field. Climate, food, language, etc., will all prove as ‘problems’ The progress must be slow, steady and systematic. For everything the right moment should come. I will guide you and take care of your spiritual progress.

It will be a great help to the public, if you can give one announcement in the Synthese Universelle and in all the issues of the Voice of the Himalayas requesting people to write to me in ENGLISH. Many are writing in French and I am not able to read. This will be a great help to the public.

May the richest blessings of the Lord be upon you. Om Santi! Hari OM Tat Sat!


There is a great spiritual awakening in Switzerland. This is the suitable period for a dynamic, systematic work. You have taken so much pains in getting the translations of some of my works. Some way must be found out by making them available to the public. It is through the Press and publications that the dissemination of knowledge can be done effectively. Through the Synthese Universelle and the Voice of the Himalayas you have done the spade work successfully, and now it will be easy for you to proceed further satisfactorily. Enlist the co-operation of all interested parties and start a dynamic wave, which will spread true Knowledge and bring peace and Bliss to many. You will be doing this unique and unrivalled service to your country and the world will greatly be indebted to your noble Self and Sri Theo. Schneider. May Glory attend on you

A dynamic work, nutritious food, plenty of fruit juice, ample rest and relaxation, combined with the repetition of the Name of the Lord, Prayers and meditation. This is the Dynamic Yoga.

Kindly keep in close touch with me. You and help you. May Lord bless you. I will guide


I am in receipt of your kind letter with the two enclosures from Sri Theophil Schneider. I express my grateful thanks to Sri Theophil. I am deeply impressed to see the greal intarest he has in the Divins Movement. All these days I closely silent manner of his work. He is the real back-bons of the mission. May all Glory be unto Sri Theopan Schneider. May the Lord bestow on him good health. Long life, peace and plenty! Om Santi! Observed the

I am very glad to hear that you are preparing the statutes for a European Divine Life Society where every country will have a representative. It gives me great joy to hear that you will select three important persons to undertake a world-tour and to disseminate the knowledge far and wide through Press, platform and radio. The present situation of the world needs such a dynamic work. I wish you all success. I authorise you to prepare the statutes and to send same to me in English for my perusal and approval. Such kind of action should have the approval and consent of prominent persons who will be willing to support you and co-operate with you and work with you on one principle, one cause. These years I have been creating a spiritual atmos phere and starting several Branches to nominata such a well-represented body. May the Lord bestow on you all success!

Yes, indeed this is a laudable idea, noble Mission, calculated for the spiritual uplift of mankind as a whole.

It is all the Grace of the Lord. May the Lord bless you with good health and long life.


Thy kind letter with the certificates,

I am filled with immense joy to see that you are in close contact with the world famous organisations.

I have gone through the Statutes of the European Divine Life Society. They are fine. I hereby approve the contents and authorise you to carry on the noble Mission. You have sown the seed on a very fertile ground. May the roots go deep and bring maximum spiritual good to the whole of Europe.


Slow and steady, systematic work will bring the desired result. Move not from the centre. Stick to your principles, faith and policy. Well regulate your activities, please. There are so many sensational news in the papers, Conferences. You will have your own routine, silent inner life with slow progress of the Synthase Universelle. Then you will have more Peace and inner strength and Divine Grace.

Let many people work in different directions. After some time, selfish people will vanish from the scene. Truth will shine. You will have a glorious success and support from all sides. That will be the proper time for a collaboration and a dynamic centre with able hands for each country

I wish you all success. Stand aloof and become a witness. You will grow in Divine Wisdom. Om Santi

With best wishes, Prem and Om, Thy own Self.



Thy letter. The enclosure has been given to Sri Swami Raghavanandaji and he conveys his gratitude and kind regards to your noble self, for the encou raging words given to him. He is an advanced student, very learned, inclined more to severe austerities, spending most of his time in concentra. Tion, meditation. These students sit before me in the office for some hours and observe my conversation, work and closely study my writings and then they try to reproduce the striking points in a marvellous manner.

Your letter of the 2nd inst., enclosure to the above: These are the words that emanate from the heart. I will carefully and deeply study it when I am a bit free. “Lightning and Serpent” and other visions have no real significance. That can be taken as a sign of improvement. These appear when the mind becomes subtle and subtler and subtler You have nothing to do with these. Let them be steady, brighter or vanish. The mind must be diverted to the object-the Self, free from worldly ideas. Appearance of visions denotes that you are being above body-consciousness. Mind and body become steady during these periods.

I do not believe even a bit in parties. A few days, there is intense love, co-operation and then bitter quarrels and hatred In the Divine Path, you must be careful Do not trust any body. Do not expect anything from any one If any one comes to support you you can gladly accept. It others need yout help then you can voluntarily offer your support. Learn to work in a detached manner, unattached. This will give you peace of mind. Kindy stick to your policy, method, daily routine. You should not entangle yourself in party-spirit. That will affect your balance of mind and inner evolution. Try to do as much as you can through Synthese Universelle. Concentrate more on dissemination of knowledge through publications, translations, letters to aspirants and lectures from the platform whenever opportunity comes of its own accord. That will do wonders and marvels in a short period. The whole world will flock to you in due course through such alent method of dynamic work. Truth will shine ways. Om Tat Sat. This is the greatest SECRET rattaining SUCCESS. I am sure the above words will give you more enlightenment. This is the safest method. It is my method of work Association will Always give trouble later on, one day or other, Do Pot believe anyone. Stick to your policy and method work What is wanted is Peace and Immortalily. Thave shown you the WAY to attain it. Om Santi !

Yes, you can reproduce anything from my writings, books in the “Synthese Universelle”. Tou need not wait for any authorisation.


Thanks very much for your kind letter and the telegram. It is a marvellous coincidence, mysterious indeed, your offerings were received during the special worship of sage Vyasa and Sankara, on the Guru Poornima Day, the most sacred occasion for those who aspire for the Divine Knowledge. May their blessings be upon you. May you shine as a brilliant Jewel with the Divine wisdom! Om Santi!

Take plenty of rest and nutritious food and fru juice. Plunge yourself in the Divine Service and dissemination of knowledge and attain Immortality in this very life. May the Lord bless you with sanguine success in all your attempts.

With best wishes, Prem and Om, Thy Own Self.


To-day’s mail brings the beautifully bound Volume of the Voice of the Himalayas and the latest. You hava presented the essence of my writings with attractive photographs. This will open the eyes of many in the West. By a silent method of work, you have sown the seed of a mighty Mission. May the Lord bless you May the work grow more and more and bring peace and prosperity to millions!

I personally and promptly attend to your letters It is all pleasure to go through your letters and I wal come more. All Weeklies and Magazines are by Air Mailembe Sorrento Conference report appears in the November issue. I am planning to publish a separate BOOK with all your letters. That will contain the full report. The Magazine can accom modate a short report. Even last week I wrote to you a letter, giving the high appreciation of your noble self by Sri Murthy of Andhra University. Have you received it? Or I will send you another copy. That is beautiful and inspiring.

The whole world will speak of your high sacrifice, intense devotion you have for me and the dynamic work you have done single-handed and with the able direction of Sri Theo Schneider. Why do you feel dejected? Where is room for this when you are immersed in the Bliss of the Self?

The Lord is beautifully shaping things and building up the Divine Cause in a marvellous manner. Watch His Lila. Witness. Be adamantine and stick to the Cause, so noble and sacred. Be steady in your daily prayers. Do not worry a bit. May the Lord blees you.


Kindly continue the Voice of the Himalayas and the Synthese Universelle and make them very Popular throughout the world.

Concentrate more on releasing my precious books in French. This will be a solid and substantial work You do for the world for all times to come. This will bring maximum spiritual good to mankind. In e method of work, you will have more peace, inser energy and strength. You can nicely devote 7091 time and energy in Sadhana, meditation, Japa so guide millions. This inner life is what is wanted This is the Central Basis.

Kindly pay special attention to maintain a high standard of health, nutritious food, plenty of fruic juice, ample rest, light work, more of Japa, prayer and meditation. When outside help comes, you may utilise it for strengthening your activities.

In a short space of time, you have inspired the world through your wisdom and purity. You will have the unruffled wisdom of a Sage and penetrate every heart through your faith and devotion. Be. Come a Sakshi (Witness) and rest in your own Sell, Adorable Margarita, Tat Twam Azi – Navar forgat this. Meditata. Meditate. Meditate. Tap the source.

I wish you all success.

With best wishes, regards, Prem and OM, Thy Own Seli


Brother Ludovic has been in touch with me for very long period He has done a wonderful thing by reproducing “Yoga for the West” in his Allianca Universello, I felt very happy to receive a copy from him.

Your method of work, policy, plans, etc., are wonderful indeed. Yes, it will be very difficult to follow the mid-path, but the result will be all-Bliss and all-Glory. Stick to the main central Spiritual Path firmly. I will help you, support you to a great extent. May the Lord bestow on you inner spiritual strength and Divine Wisdom! Work with more zeal and enthusiasm. Pray, concentrate and meditate and draw inner spiritual strength.

Let all interested persons work as much as they can, as long as they can and leave the work the moment they wish to retire You will find hundreds by your side always to support and continue the Divine Mission Kindly do not worry even a bit. As for the French publications, you can write to Sri Jean Herbert. He will help you a lot. He is my sincere well-wisher. You can consult him always and get his advice if needed. When you were sick, in the Interest of your own health and long life, I just Suggested and requested you to take ample rest and trust the publication work to other publishers. I know very well no one can work like your goodseli with the same heart, sincerity and faith. In the same of work, you should not spoil your health. Once again I tell you, take great care of your health. Work with a pleasant mood as much as you can. You have yet he pleasantvels and wonders for the Phord nd prosperity of the whole world. May the Lord bless you!


Srimati Sivananda-Margarita,

Salutatations and Adorations

May the Lord bless you in all ways. I have des. Patched a parcel of three Sarees, clothes worn by ladies in India. May this kindly be accepted.

You have already a fine Name. That will inspire you and all those who hear the Name, so sacred.






This is your real Name. This is the symbol of all Divine Knowledge and experiences. This is the essence of all Vedas. It shows your identity with the Supreme Immortal Atma. Always mentally repeat this sacred Mantra. You will become That. Thou art That-Tat Twam Asi, Revered Sivananda Margarita! May Peace, Bliss and Wisdom abide in you for ever. OM SANTI!

This is purely a mental state. There is no need to have any change in dress or form You can remain in any dress. You shine in His Glory. You live and move about for Him alone. Feel this.

Yes, I understand everything. I always remain with you. One day you will find it possible to meet me and remain with me. May the Lord bless you.

With regards, Prem and OM,

Thy Own Self





I wish you a Happy Christmas and a Bright and Prosperous New Year!

There is progress on all sides. There is a great spiritual awakening from all parts of the world through the “Synthese Universelle.” I feel a tremendous change in the outlook and attitude of the people all over the world. People are getting Light and Knowledge. They will obtain Peace and Prosperity by treading the Spiritual Path. Slacken not your efforts, please. Gather all forces in your place to work with you. Nature will help you a lot. You will feel the tremendous good that you are bringing to humanity. May the Lord bless you with His Choicest Blessings!


I have read all your letters carefully, with great interest. I am glad to know that you will attend the Sorrento Congress and read my Message. That will be inspiring. I am immensely pleased with the news.

You may find some evil elments working against you. Rest assured, please, that nothing can affect you. You are invulnerable After some time, all will appreciate your views and actions. Your actions will be charged with a peculiar Force, supported by The Divine Will. I wish you all success. May the Lord bless you.

Thanks very much for the loving words expressed for my good health. It is the pure wish and prayers of all devotees that I am still able to work for the Divine Cause, for the Paaye His will be def kind, all over world. May His will be done! Ge Santi. Santi Santil Hari Om Tat Sat.


Thy kind letters and articles. The matter for your speech is a marvellous collection, highly inspiring gr and elevating. There will now be a stir in the whole of Switzerland. I will publish it in a Book Form with your letters.

In a short space of time, you have made tremendous progress through your ceaseless efforts Keep up your zeal and enthusiasm, please. The end is Immortality. For the invaluable services you are doing for dissemination of knowledge through P publications and lectures the whole world will greatly be indebted to you for ever.

May the Lord bestow on you Kaivalya Moksha Immortality! Maitreya-Yajnavalkya Samvad is the best piece, giving the highest Wisdom Become Thou a Maitreyi of the modern world full of divine splendour.


Your kind letters of the 16th, and 20th, and also the one you have addressed to my Camp Roorkas 1441 Thanks very much.

The Report of your visit to the Sorrento Congraas dy interesting. Here you have personally come in contact with great perscralities who will help the Synthese and the Divine Mission in future.

I am delighted to hear that you have donations and medicines for the Sivananda Medical Organions Hon. You may send them whenever you find it convenient. There is no hurry at all. Take ample rest. Take great care of your health and that of Sri Theo Schneider. There is yet a lot to be done for the uplift of mankind. Kindly do not take the trouble of sending me anything when you are in financial difficulties. You have to save a lot and use every pie for the noble Mission.

I am glad to hear that the statutes are getting ready. With the co-operation of many interested, prominent persons, the Divine Mission can be firmly established

As soon as the Philosophy is ready, kindly send me two copies by Air Mail and some more copies by sea-mail Kindly concentrate more on the publicacation side. That will pay you and help you a lot to do solid work. Kundalini Yoga, and Soul after Death. Are all very useful.

To create a financial source for D. L. S., the busi1ness field, home-industry, etc., will not be useful. When the progress is in the right direction, help comes from the Divine Source The business side will bring in more entanglement and the goal will bs lost. The publication side will be the silent form of solid help.


Per separate Air-mail Regiad Thing ing a copy of: “Philosophy and Taachings of Swad Snvananda” It contains the essence of all my wit ings, beautifully arranged under various headings, with one hundred sayings that inspired many. Your article on pages (xi and xii) on the true aspect of my books has been published. You will find this as a pocket reference Book, a constant companion of all containing a treasure of Divine Wisdom, On the last Cover page, a short life-sketch of Sri SivanandaMargarita is given by the inmates of the Ashram Hope you like the pamphlet.

In the University of Roorkee, the world-famбшы Engineers had assembled for a special course of six weeks. I was invited by the Vice-Chancellor to address the Engineers on the 25th March between 4 and 6 p. M. For free distribution on the occasion, this pamphlet was printed in large numbers. The few words that came from the bottom of your heart are also reproduced on Cover Page II. May the world draw inspiration from your noble life.

The Nature of universe’ is very very clear. You can reproduce this in Synthese Universelle. The one hundred well selected sayings can also appear in your Journal. Many will get inspiration.

You are never alone. God is always with you He is very close to you. All anxieties and fears.


Sri Sivananda Margarita, Adorable Immortal Self, Salutations and Adorations!

May God bless you and Sri Theo Schneider. May Joy, Peace, bliss and Immortality be thine!

Thy kind letter of the 20th ultimo. Every word of it is charged with spiritual power and intense real devotion and Divine Wisdom.

I am in perfect health. It is all Divine Grace and the sweet wish of all devotees like your noble self.

There is appreciation from all parts of the world for the Book: Philosophy & Teachings of Sivananda. That is a beautiful collection of all my writings. If space permits you may print it in the “Synthese Universelle” and bring out as a separate Book in French.

I have written a letter to Sri Harold S. Blume. Humata Verlag, to continue the translation of SURE WAYS and complete the book. I have also another nice letter from Dr. Ganz. Sri K. O. Schmidt and Sri Felix Riemkasten of Baum Verlag will not object. In this connection, herewith a letter.

We have the Atmic Bomb. There is no need to worry about the A. Bomb or H. Bomb Atmic Bomb is all Bliss for mankind.

You will be a proud asset and a real GLORY to Sri Theo and your mother. You are the delight of their heart. May the Lord bless you and all those who are associated with you.

The Gramophone Records are intended for play. Ing on such occasions. I am sending you another Record No H. 10 P. Sri Maitreyi was a lady Inani (woman Saint of grand illumination) with all spiritual powers. The inspiring words of Maitreyi are found in all the Upanishads and Vedas.

The impression of Mrs. M. Huin is wonderful, You will receive more and more. Kindly keep a collection of such words that come from the heart, I am writing a separate letter for Mrs. M. Huin and Mrs. Lily Muller, next week.

I welcome your letters Do not hesitate, please. Yes, when you are drowned in the ocean of bliss (Samadhi with divine thoughts) and ecstasy, all the twenty-four hours of the day, then how to look to various items! Things are done automatically by the Divine Will. It is all His Mission, His Lila! Gloty to Sri SivanandaMargarita!

The letter of Sri A. V. Kuppuswamy is marvellous Your reply is very inspiring and impressive indeed. I am returning the original letter of Sri A. V. Kuppu. Swamy for your file. You may reproduce selected portions of his letter in “Synthese Universelle” or “Voice of the Himalayas”.

Many will get inspiration from your life. Now only people have come to understand the great spiritual powers of a dynamic Yogi. I am deeply impressed by your ideal life and the noble service you have done to awaken the materialistic West. May the Lord shower His Choicest Blessings on you and Sri Theo Schneider. May you both lead a glori ous life and live as an example to the whole world

I am getting many letters of appreciation from France for the article “Yoga for the Occident in “Synthese”. The world will greatly be indebted to you if the works undertaken in French are published. This publication will help your mission to a great extent, financially also. Gat hold of some help from publishers. Kindly do not worry about true translation. Let there be mistakes. In the next edition, we can improve. Kindly concen. Trate a bit on this line amidst your busy hours. Train others. This is a big Mission. All must help you.


Iam very glad to learn that you have understood my method of work. I wish to serve all, encourage all and to do maximum spiritual good to all in a short space of time. Kindly encourage all publi. Shers to help the Divine Mission. In an uncontroll. Able manner, the work is increasing on all sides, in all parts of the world! Let many people s’art Branches of the Divine Life Society. We will stand #witness and see the Glory everywhere. May the Lord bless you! Do not tax yourself too much please

I am very glad, you have permitted Sri Henrich Schwab to print the Dictionary and First Lessons in Vedanta. I have noted this. It is quite good You will inspire let others work. Get hold of soms Mimous publishers of French editions and ask them to bring out one or two books every month. You can penetrate the world with “Synthese Universelle When Sri Kuppuswamy comes to Synthese Uni verselle, take down his speach and send a copy to me. I will print it in the Divine Life Magazine Yes, his photo also may be sent to me All your

Activities should be recorded through magazines,

Books and photographs Daring his lecture please

Take a Group Photo.

Kindly encourage Sri Otto-Wilhelm Barth-Verlag Let him arrange to bring out the German Editions of Practice of Yoga quickly. There will be a great demand for the copies. I like to have a French translation also. Be on the look out for a famous publisher. This is a wonderful book.

May the Lord bestow on you Peace, Divine Wisdom, good health and long life! Om Santi! TAT TWAM ASI! SIVOHAM!


Sri Swami Chidananda is a noble saint. He is a very important man here. All adore him He is an exalted soul. He is my right hand and the core of my heart. He is an intuitional genius.

Kindly plunge yourself in your work. Care not for anybody. Even if the whole world oppose you, stand adamant. I shall serve you. God’s Grace is upon you. This is a world of jealousy. People will concoct things against you. Mind them not. March forward bravely. Try to come to India on a three months’ tour. Summer and rainy season are not good here. Winter (October to March) is very congenial for meditation and health. May Lord bless you.


Prem is permeating or breathing in every line of your letter. I always stand by your side to back you up, Blessed Margarite. You are working whole heartedly for the Divine Life cause despite your poor health. Marvellous indeed!

May Lord bless you with health, long life peace, prosperity and Bliss Eternal. May all obstacles be removed through the Grace of the Lord. May your branch become a dynamic centre of Yoga for the West. May you be ever established in your own Satchidananda Swaroopa. May you shine like Miza Chudalai and Sulabha. Detach-Attach DIN. Do it now. Enquire. Discover. Recover. Enquire and know.


Revered Self,

You are unnecessarily alarmed.

Pray and draw inner strength and courage. March boldly.

Thousands will attempt to carry out the Divine Mission, but only a handful will succeed. Let the whole world work for the Divine Cause, Those who are selfish will vanish. Truth alone will triumph are steady. You have the Lord’s Grace. May you gloriously prosper.

The Pamphlet on the European Divine Life Society with the names of the Committee members may be printed there. Laudable indeed

May the Lord bless you.

Concentrate more on your work. All obstacles will disappear.


Revered Self,

I am not tired of repeating the sacred Truth TAT TWAM ASI-Thou art the Immortal Self. Thou art Asanga (unattached), Abhokta (non-enjoyer), Akarta (non-doer). Entertain the Sakshi Bhav Feel that you are only a witness. Then you will enter into the Sat-chit-ananda state (Samadhi) while doing works for the spiritual uplift of mankind. May the Lord bless you! Do not identify yourself with the body, mind and senses. Learn the method of doing works in a dispassionate, unattached manner. You will not be affected by Raga-Dwesha, attraction and repulsion. Repeat SIVOHAM, SIVOНАМ.


The Lord tests sincere devotees often. It is His Grace. One must have unflinching devotion adamantine will-power, unalloyed purity of mind and heart. Then the Grace of Lord descends, Divine knowledge flows, and wonderful powers are experie eaced. Kindly be steady in your daily prayers. Take nutritious food and plenty of fruit juice fo keep up the vehicle healthy and strong to take you to the Goal. May the Lord bless you.

Remove all weaknesses, fear from your mind. Never allow any negative thoughts to enter your mind. Keep the mind ever busy in prayers, repeti. Tion of the Name of the Lord, study of spiritual books, writing philosophical articles, service of the world through your precious publications and jour. Nals, company with the spiritually-inclined persons. All evil-influences will be destroyed through the Grace of Lord. Om Santi!

Be steady in your resolves and lead a smooth, peaceful life. Never allow the mind to be agitated. Stand at a distance and watch everything as the Lila (play) of the Lord. When you progress a bit, you will be in a position to go above good and bad, praise and censure. Let the world say anything. Stand adamant. Become bold. Stick to your resolvs. March boldly in your own Sadhana. The end is Divine Knowledge, Immortality!

Revered Margarita, thy real nature is Sat-chitananda. Realise this and be free.

Thy own Self. Swami Sivananda.


I greatly admire the unselfish motive with which you work for the dissemination of knowledge and spiritual uplift of mankind

I do not worry much with rules, regulations, laws, statutes. Let His Will be done. Do as much as you can, whatever you like. I inspire people, guide them for their inner spiritual growth and bring peace and prosperity and happiness to one and all, more for the criminals and the undeserving, the manifestation of the Lord.

The unselfish workers get Divine Knowledge, Peace, Power, tremendous spiritual powers, Mukti, Immortality. They are established in their own Self, unmoved with the mental attitude-Akarta-AbhoktaNon-doer Non-enjoyer.

Ashirvad means “Blessings”.

From your letters from the very beginning, I find that you are perfectly unselfish with tremendous devotion, faith, deep spiritual Samskaras. You are working with the right Bhava, mental attitude. Heartfelt congratulations.


I greatly admire your devotion, faith, sincerity. More solid work can be turned out silently, if you don’t mind the outside disturbances. So long as the world exists, disturbances will be there. I have plenty all around in the Ashram, but I look to my work and the progress alone. Do not hear anything. People may talk so many things out of jealousy. Kindly go ahead When you make some progress, these mischievous elements will lose strength. You will become victorious. May the Lord bless you.

Yes, I want to unite with the whole world, with all parties. There is no time for us to approach all. When progress is there, all will come of their own accord. Plunge yourself in work. Do as much as you can. When you get outside help, then you can think of making elaborate arrangements.

In my opinion there is no use of approaching other religious organisations. They work with their own principles. They will not help you. This is simple imagination. They have their own method of work. Such help will be of no benefit to the EDLS. I have no objection, you can try.

Yes, I see that many people copy my writings for their own benefit. In India, it is very common. I have no time to fight with evil. This cannot be stopped also. I am glad, at least, in a way, there is issemination of Knowledge.

You have the “Concentration and Meditation” tom Editions Albin. You have the authorisation for tome more books. I have not appointed any other Publisher. In case I fix up any Publisher, I will inlorm you.

May the Lord crown your efforts with sanguine Success.


Sometimes the activities of certain persons may affect you or myself or the Indian Yoga itselt. Lit us not hear anything. Let us work for the Divins us ned and progress steadily and bring spiritual good to the whole world. There is a lot to do. The energy should not be wasted in such useless channels.

Thauks very much for the paper cuttings from SIE and ER; and Croce DORO INTERNAZIONALE Sri Radloff has done a wonder in releasing his article in so many popular journals with fine photographs. This is the real work, dynamic. He is in Dehra Dun, 25 miles away from the Ashram. Recently he came here with his family to take 16 m. M. Movie Films for the Television service, all about the Ashram. His sons Sri Thomas, Peter and Michael and daughter Indira aged three years often come to the Ashram and stay with me on all holidays I teach them songs and Yo ja exercises. Be in touch with the Editors of the Journals and write to them with words of appreciation and contribute some articles and photographs for the future issues.

I conduct a special prayer for the welfare of your goodself and Sri Theo Schneider.



I will write to the Divine Child Sri Gianella, Dr Sri Amoroso D’Aragona and Prof. Santarelli. I wrote many letters and sent books to Prof. Santarelli and Count Fernando Gori. They do not writa to me at all. I am sending all my publications regularly to help them in their work. I greatly admire their sincerity and enthusiasm. Kindly convadmire gratitude to them. I will also write to them again.

For your welfare, to-day, I conducted a special prayer in Lord Viswanath Mandir. Herewith Pracial Kindly apply a bit of the Prasad (red and white powders) between the two eye-brows. This is a magical balm. You will be benefited.

All obstacles will slowly vanish. They come in your path to make you stronger, to develop more faith. It is all the Grace of the Lord. The end is Immortality, Bliss and Wisdom. Become wise and stronger. You have the Divine Grace.

Yes, take plenty of rest and plenty of fruit-juice. When you find good opportunities, you can plunge yourself in the Divine Mission. You can work only with a sound body, clear mind, patience and daily prayers and Sadhana Constantly remember the Lord and be peaceful always.

Do not have any contact with evil-doers. Truth tlone will shine one day. When evil forces affect you, draw strength from within. Pray. Soon you will find light, knowledge and peace everywhere.

Below I give the address of Sri Radloff. He came kete to take some Movie Films for the Television.

16 m.m. for you. This will take some time. You One day, I will manage to prepare a nice film can show this throughout Switzerland. Sri Edward Hain of London, and Sri Carl Lendle of Germany have a set of my films.

Yes, when others apply for authorisations for French publications, I will ensand help you en Felect suitable titles for them and help them for quick production. Editiors Albin bring out books from the pen of Sri Jean Herbert. We should not interfere with Sri Jean Herbert. Now he is preparing a book in French language, giving the most impor. Tant items of my teachings with his own short com. Mentary suitable for the people of the West. That will not affect you in any way.

It will be a wonderful thing to reproduce the article of Sri Radloff in Weisse Fahne and Neues Europa. You can send suitable Photographs from your stock. Per separate sea-mail I am sending you a lot, a few by air-mail. Sri Radloff will write to you directly. You need not wait for his permission. He is very sweet and kind. He loves me. His article is our property. You can ask him to write more about the Ashram for Synthese Universelle.

Kindly write to Sri August Stue with your per mission to bring out the book: Philosophy.

Slowly and steadily you can work and succeed.

With best wishes and kind regards to good self and Sri Theo Schneider Thy own Self

HARI OM TAT SAT Om Santil Santi ||

Swami Sivananda Santi !!!




At the end of this most important year of my life I have to express again my deep gratefulness to your noble self, through whose first letter were opened for me the Paradise on earth and a stream of continuous blessings! There is not a day, not a minute, that I am not conscious of this indescribable good fortune and shed tears of gratefulness. Looking at your pure and luminous being, I see always the shining form of Sri Gurudev around you, one with you. May you be the most blessed Swami, the most useful Sevak, the most happy being on earth in this new year!

It was a great joy and privilege to read your book just over Christmas. I liked to read for a long time me what you have written about Gurudev, and I  was all-receptivity. How am I to thank you for such a living description written sometimes with your heart-blood! You so share with us your own expari. Ences that we nearly live them ourselves. It is proof of your overflowing mercy for those who have not had the privilege to be at His Lotus-feet in the holy vibrations of Himalayas! With deep emotion ard thirst I was going through your pages, and at moments I perceived clearly the illusion of limits, for I transcended them and my soul became one with yours; I saw like you, I felt like you; you held my hand and showed me: such is Gurudev! Such is Ananda Kutir! Such is our life with Him! Indeed, these pages will be very interesting for the Occident and rightly the beautiful photos accompany what you have written thank you, Swamiji.


Om and Prem.

I received your adamantine letter. Its purity is overwhelming. I received also the Vedanta journal. I felt ever your grandeur before; now I know it. Namah:

You are the mightiest and foremost disciple of Guru Maharaj; I am dust before you.

You are a shining jewel among jewels; I need His infinite grace to have a little warmth and light.

You are His senior disciple, I am the lowest and only permitted by his divine mercy.

Your merits of previous births have made you live in His blessed presence: Ilive in the Occi dent.

Seeing your photo, I see ever His delightful form surround you. Chandrasekhara, I just reached His sacred feet with greatest effort.

You are adorned with all auspicious qualities You are an embodiment of Love and Nobility; 1 fight with my last forces to overcome so many limitations. But the love is the same. For love alone I pray, forgive me and call me with the name that Siva gave me, Sivananda Margarita.


Revered Swami Paramanandaji!

Om Namo Narayanaya! Salutations. I am glad of the opportunity, through your kind letter, to present you my good wishes for merry Christmas and a happy new year of realisations. Thank you for your letter and the enclosed coloured photos of Gurudev. Yes, it will give me great bliss to see them in greater number; ever I have such good fortune!

Swamiji! In Synthese or in life I always try to explain that Spirit is immortal, pure superconscious, divine, and that mind is the reason of all evil, limitation and separation, because mind is “T”, is egocentric. I believe that Gurudev says the same.

Swamiji, you explained to me the significance of the word Sevak. There is a strange thing to relate. Some years ago, I read a book from a nameless ‘disciple’ about servants the servants of humanity There was the text of an oath of consecration. 1 swore it hoping that the Masters of Light would know it It runs as follows:-

“On this place and this day, with all that I have as weakness and as strength I consecrate myself, with all my thoughts, my emotions, my feelings my aspirations, my will and my actions, to the service of humanity. From this moment onward may this ideal conduct and guide me, form and educate me until my whole life becomes its manifestation. May all my forces, my capacities and latent faculties develop for this aim. I will consecrate myself entirely to the service of the happiness of humanity.”

After this, I started ‘Synthese’ and waited for an indication that my offer would be accepted. And Gurudev appeared! But I received much more than I gave. In a few months I received more help and guidance than ever I could give to others in my whole life. I swore to give, not to receive such blessings and bliss! I am indescribably fortunate; but a Sevak? This seems to me the most noble title, including the knowledge to be useful, to be really an instrument of the Lord, to have really the strength to help. You wrote to me about it mysteriously; and Gurudev has conferred on me the title of S. D. L. S. For Gnana Yagna; am I now a Sevak too? Was my prayer accepted?

Glory to Guru Maharaj.



I.                    HIS WISDOM AND KINDNESS

I did not say in my last letter how much we should be happy to receive the film you envisage to make Mr Kuppuswami from the Belgian Embassy will give a lecture in Geneva this spring; he is very devoted and fine! I am very happy to know that Gurudev and the Ashram inmates remember us sometimes. This is a great blessing and grace, thank you! I cannot but love you all, parts of my Gurudev and permeated with His extreme wisdom and kindness! All from Gurudev is so good! And fine

Angelic Swamiji, receive my respectful and affectionate greetings.


Swamiji, you never have to ask anything for Synthese, you give orders, it belongs to Gurudev as myself. All announcements you wish will be given therein.

We are in connection with all universities and will send all, this Sanskrit Dictionary of Yoga Vedantic terms, as none such exists to-day. It will make known Sri Gurudev as unique and competent everywhere in scientific circles. This is the most important proof that Vedanta is recognised in the Occident. For this, we envisage to add at the end of the Sanskrit Dictionary these “First lessons on Vedanta”, to publish both in the same book, in German and in French, so that no other Dictionary ever has this unique value.


For the Divine Life Society’s work I really nead transmission of Guruji’s strength. It seems to me that my mentality is more Hindu than occidental

I received just a letter from Mr. Kuppuswami of Indian Embassy, Bruxelles, to whom I sent a copy of Swamiji’s Voix de l’Himalayas. How fine he is! He informs me that he gives a lecture at Bruxelles about Hinduism and Sri Swami Sivanandaji, and asks me for more copies of Voix de L’Hima’ayas; this lecture is given at the Geneve Theosophical Society. Mr. Kuppuswami is very precious! Before returning to India he will come to us. The first Hindu coming to us! With the same name as that of our Gurudev. I will ask him to give the same lecture here at Geneva. My Gurudev shall be known and adored.

I received also a letter from Mrs. Hilda Frieble. She sends me photos of Sri Gurudev and poems.


If the least thing regarding my Gurudev is criti cized or misused, I react violently. If this is wrong. I will repent and apologise. But I fear I would do it again. I would even risk disgrace to interfere. And what this signifies, you alone understand it, as there is no God besides Gurudev for mel

Gurudev said “you will get more power through purity and meditation.” Powerful are GOOD thoughts; only through good thoughts can Maya be overcome.

Thoughts are the sweet creative Power of Lord’s Lotus leet They are love. This means “see the Good everywhere”. And even this is true: ‘With increase of your yearning to realise God will increase the clamour of the evil forces to take more complete possession of you”; but good thoughts will triumph even over this. If I have failed in this test, if my only hope is Gurudev’s forgiveness and help, nothing, can ever hinder me to be at his Lotus-feet. He, who knows everything, knew it long before, as He sent me the lovely photo where I am with Him. He knows my sincere regret and pain, but also, that taking care of my body I will reach the goal. Through His Grace and guidance and help.

It may prove my sincerity if I think and see the GOOD alone, and if in spite of all I march on with courage and joy, convinced that I will become more worthy of His grace, that one day I may meet and remain with Him for ever.

Swami Paramanandaji, Gurudev’s senior disciple. My great brother, do I not know that you are all Splendour and embodiment of Mercy and Love? I pray, when you adore our Lord and salute Him, please do it twice, once for me!! Coming from you, it will be purified Thank you!

Everywhere people wait for Gurudev. Nobody can imagine such GOODNESS incarnated. This is the wonder of the world! The world will be on knees before Him! As I am.

Swamiji, who have all my trust, you are like a tock. My heart overflows in gratefulness to you.

You have transmitted all my letters to Gurudev lam very glad to hear that the last issue of the Synthem Dave Him satisfaction. There was an article from you on the first page. Yes, I am in close contact with Prof. Santareilli. He has given a lecture at the “Circle Imalaia” about our Guruji and His Philosophy. The last issue of the Synthese has a large circulation. Over 5000 copies of “Voix de l’Himalayas” were distributed to the French knowing people This must have an enormous echo from all sides and should reach more people than a book. Guru Maharaj is the King of all and Synthese is his own Journal now. I await the orders, instructions and advices from the Master.

The world needs and likes more than ever the Indian Wisdom. So we are sure that the visit of Sri Swami Sivanandaji to the West will be a great success It is good to see that Sri Swami Sivanandaji is a Universalist. And so Synthese considers it a privilege to serve Him.


Gurudev’s Swami Paramanandaji,

Your good letter. I saw therein that you have protected me from a maladroitness, How can I thank you, my good Angel? From all my heart, I thank you for every word.

I am so happy to hear that my words can instil Bhakti in the readers. Yes, Gurudev places one under difficult circumstances for one’s quick spiritual evolution. It is an unbelievable chance to be under His guidance. Now it is a year that I have been trying to realise this chance.

What would be the world without Him? It gives De indescribable horror. I am afraid in my inmost being about our beloved Gurudev’s health. Swamiji, you will tell me the truth. He cannot leave us. He has to take us with Him. He can do miracles and recover his health. He can share with us the Karmas that he has taken on Him from others, if we offer our lives after Mukti. I feel that we can do something. Are sacrifices still accepted by Gods? All His beloved Swamijis and you will do all, I know: that thought comforts me. How sweet is true fraternal oneness, the same feelings, the aims, love. You are heroic. Ever positive, like Gurudev Himself. Your heroism and your mercy for others to share your love, for this I revere you infinitely.

*.        *.        *.


The kind letter from Sri Gurudev. It is ever exalting me. Mentally I prostrate to you with intense Prem, for the Flower-like Photo of Gurudev.

With emotion I have read your birthday-message for Swami Chidananda. You are grand, Swamiji. Such divine humility | Certainly you are the beloved disciple of Gurudev. So heart-to-heart with Him. So resembling Him! Severe and merciful: strong and sweet: like Him.


Dearest and revered Swami Paramanandaji,

Salutations and adorations. Hearty thanks. You have transmitted all letters to beloved Guruday His letters are my treasure.

Guruji wrote to me not to send Him money, as we have some difficulties now. I try not to be unhappy But for a few flowers I send 20 Fr. Praying you once again to offer them for me, O good Swamiji.

I have seen the photo, Gurudev supported by Swami Venkatesanandaji and Swami Satchidanandaji I cannot bear to look at it. I had a crisis of despair but I continue to work, to hope On the 8th we will inaugurate the European D.LS For the ceremony there will be two candles; the one burning represent ing the East shall enkindle the other representing the West; under them will be written EX ORIENTE LUX ‘from East comes the Light’.


Swamiji! How to thank you! Your good letter and two photos have lightened my heart. I am like hypnotized It seems to me a dream. How kind you are! Swamiji, will it be true? Will Gurudev once stay there and await me?

How can I then stay here longer? How can I work here, if my mind and heart are always with Him? Mountains of letters, translations, articles) persons wait and I am here, unable to do anything, hypnotized by His photos. I am homesick to the highest degree.

And so tenderly, you deepen this pain | Your hands are blessed to write these words. You have given me a treasure that always is with me.

You have seen in my last letter that I stand and fall with the news of Sivanandanagar. It is my life. Pulsation. There is nothing to do against it. Such is the power of His influence, thousands of miles away! But to know Him again in perfect health, is the best news I ever received. This is so full of blessed promises for the whole world! Bliss for all! Bliss for me! The world-reign for the powers of light.

Before great events of the Light appear, the dark forces ever try to create damage. When they reach a few even in the abode of Bliss, it means that great events are before us, perhaps as the world have never seen. Gurudev is now in perfect health! Such Joy!!

Swamiji, I understand you so well. Because I eel like you. I ADORE you. Not because you are he Bismark. You are much more. You are the Muardian Angel of Siva. You must know that I am absolutely devoted to you, faithful and sure. It is above ties of blood or affection. It is Gurudev that binds us.

Yes, and it is strange, I know everybody, moves monts and personalities in the whole world! It is, as I had been prepared since years. In three years I have made of Synthese an international journal as no other exists because it is collaborating with all As your assistant I could be very useful, not only by removing many deceptions but by extending the relations with important people, and adapting to the occidental taste. It may be, this is in the Divine Plan.

-I would only be really happy to consecrate my whole life to the Divine Cause of our Gurudev ard not to waste my energy for so many other things.

Gurudev will collaborate with all, and this is the only right method. Adapt to all, collaborate with all. The important point lies in the greater of lesser intensification of the relations. You are all so kind, so good, so pure. O Swamiji, it is so sweet to know about Gurudev’s generous attitude towards all. He is really unique in the world; others are not habituated to and so cannot understand such divine attitudes. I know the world; therefore I am overwhelmed! Therefore I have offered my whole heart at His feet. He incarnates this ideal which I did not expect to find in this world. I did not believe that it was “livable”. I did not believe that humans could attain such perfection, as your Lord transmits to you all. I am helpless when I see such Angels try to contact the world The law in the world is that the finer is rubbed off by the grosser, like two stones. But Gurudev believes in the goodness of men, therefore I will do the same Knowing that He does not only oppose the finer to the gross but has an irresistible divine power! Only to think of His divine power enraptures me. But la as if only you can understand this language. Does Gurudev await me? Really? Does His will in. Fluence my life for this purpose? Sometimes it seems to me that I cannot continue my life here any more

The Sivananda Medical Organisation is grand, the sign of the modern Christ. I wish it all success. With joy I note that Gurudev is preparing a film on Health and Long Life It is exalting.

I have received Gurudev’s letters. All is right and good and beautiful. I understand perfectly. I yearn to prostrate at the Lotus Feet of Gurudev.

[Replies from Swami Paramananda]


Thanks very much for your kind letter. Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj has gone through the contents very carefully. He appreciates your idea very much and awaits the details of the progress.

Sri Swami Sivanandaji’s idea of starting the Divine Life Society is just to create a spiritual atmosphere in different places, to help the seekers after Truth, to bring Joy nnd Bliss to the suffering, as much as possible. So he formed several groups of such pertong as Branches of the Society. Now there is a Great spiritual awakening everywhere. People acclaim the large heart of the Swamiji, his catholic and broad and liberal views. Now the Divine Life Society is recognised as the most powerful Institution, unique in every respect, by the whole world, He wants to encourage all as much as possible. The are working for ral good of mankind prosper and thrive. Such centres bring Light, Knowledge Power and Bliss to mary. This is what we hear from all corners of the world

There will be some noise in the beginning from selfish quarters. Nothing can affect you or any Branch or the Headquarters here. Let us go ahead with our method of work on constructive lines. You have the Grace and the blessings of the Master. Everything will progress and become peaceful. Kindly be steady. Do not change the policy of the “Synthese Uni verselle”. Frequent changes will badly reflect and the efforts put in so far will go in vain. When the Master is there to support the sincere and the steady persons, the selfish people cannot do any harm at all. One day they will find themselves helpless when they do not get support from the public and disappear from the scene. Then why to worry much. About trifles. Once again I request you to ignore the big sound that comes from useless channels. May the blessings of Guru Maharaj be upon you all. You cam rely on our co-operation and support to the maximumy


Sometime back I received your previous let I could not reply you earlier. How can I reply, when I received a severe shock? Thousands of cases l witnessed similar to this and the subsequent MIRA. CLES of Guru Maharaj. In the same manner, I stood lent and observed things. I can only say, marvel Jous are His Ways the miraculous At every moment we observe powers of this Sacred Sivananda

Your letters to Guru Maharaj were all inspiring. They taught us the right method of “DEVOTION” to the Lotus Feet of the Master.

Per separate post (Air Mail) I have sent a copy of the latest book: Sivananda in Pictures. That contains the historical events of a Dynamic saint and true devotees associated with the Master. Suitable to the modern world.

When funds permit, I will take out a Movie Film 16 m. M. On the same lines and send you a set, for the benefit of the West. Sat Guru Maharaj ki Jay!


Your kind letter with the life-sketch. Same has been placed at the Lotus-Feet of Guru Maharaj.

Lucky, you wrote the previous letter to me in my personal name. I feel the true greatness and the tremendous spiritual power of Guru Maharaj. I feel tremendous changes. Miracles and wonders would take place through His Grace, The Master’s greatness cannot be described, but anyone can feel it through experiences in a short period. Therefore, you will find that the Divine Mission progresses rapidly with out any obstacle or break. It is all a Divine Plan. In mysterious manner, SIVA places us under peculiar circumstances for our own evolution and quick pro gress. We had plenty of similar occasions, and it is a wonder, our faith in Him increased in an unlimited manner through such breaks.

Your letters are charged with intense faith and devotion to the Lotus Feet of the Master. Every word of your letter is able to produce great Bhakti (devotion) in the minds of the readers. Indeed the Divine Power works miracles through your goodself. May the richest blessings of Guru Maharaj be upon you!

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Sri G. M. Schneider with her brother

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Sri Sivananda-Margarita, (and Sri Theo Schneider to the right)

Founders The Divine Life Society, European Section.



116. A NEW ERA HAS DAWNED (Message for Birthday)

With indescribable joy I send this message for the birthday of Sri Swami Sivananda Maharaj. It is the first time that I can congratulate the great Saint whose Gospel can save the world.

India has ever been the mother-country of spirituality and true culture; so it is not surprising that, in this atomic age, Blessed India has given the world a spiritual leader of universal importance. Once again it is true. Ex Oriente Lux! May this Light illumine the whole world! To help to propagate the message of Sri Swami Sivananda Maharaj is not only a necessity and a duty but a rare privilege, because it is synonymous with worship of the Lord and the greatest service to humanity.

As editor of “Synthese Universelle” I am in con. Tact with world religions and spiritual movements.

So I have a very quod position from which to observa Sod study contemporary spiritual currents in the world. I know many spiritual leaders animated with goodwill and who are sincerely working for the uplift of humanity. What distinguishes Sri Swami Sivanandaji from all these others is his universal spirit and the incomparable power of Realisation. This is the difference between human force and divine power! Swami Sivananda’s words are full of miraculous spiritual power to materialise themselves. We have experienced it and nobody can deny this fact. I speak not about the commonplace “miracles” that some Yogis can do like walking on fire or floating on water which ordinary people with a little psychic developoment would do that is not God. Realisation. I mean that Sri Swami Sivanandaji can really give us along the path to salvation. He can, through his mighty will power, transmit direct spiritual perceptions and transcendental experience. Tremendous spiritual and even material progress. He can free souls. This is the rarest capacity of spiritual leadership; rare are the countries and the centuries that can produce such a One.

While intellectualism has only resulted in the production of destructive atomic weapons and world crises, the effulgent spirituality of India has given birth to a saviour and World-Guru. Other spiritual leaders are exclusively attached to their own creed and religion; only an universalist like Sri Swami Sivanandaji, for whom all creeds and religions are equal, can be a world Guru; only a synthesist like him can show the One Truth which is the basis of all religions and the One way of salvation suitable for all, only a dynamic personality like him can bring in equilibrium and balance gigantic technical pro gress by an equally gigantic spiritual and moral progress, without which the world would be lost; only a doctor of the sou’ and body, an unparallelled psy. Chologist like Sri Swami Sivanandaji can cure the world of mental disease and soul-pain; only a practi. Cal sage like him, can show the shortest practicable way to modern people to escape imminent danger and to find true salvation; only a God-realised saint full of divine love for humanity like him, can be a true guide and sure refuge for millions

He has come to serve humanity and to serve humanity he has trained his disciples to work and so will it be until the last soul is saved. It is for this reason that the birthday of Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj is a day of joy and hope for the whole world. It is a day of triumph, and thanksgiving, of recollecting that the Lord sends His Messengers in times of world crises. What is there to fear? The path we had lost is again clearly shown to us. We have only to march on; and even if we fall. Guruji is there to lift us up. All hopelessness is changed into security and joy by his very presence

The Birthday evokes gratitude in our hearts How can we show it to him; what can we wish for him who calls his own all the wealth of the Lord”, who is master of life and death? We can only thank hin from the core of our heart. We can only pray to Him to stay with us. We can only remain in silent com. Munion with him on this day and meditate over the mystic significance of his birthday.

The Birth of a world Guru sets about a new spiri. Tual impulse in the world. A New Era has dawned Aquarius, the water-bearer showers the vivifying water of spirituality over the thirsting earth. Two thousand years ago, Lord Jesus spoke of this vivify. Ing water of immortality and was crucified for divulging this secret to the masses. Later, the mystics and true Catholics kept this knowledge as a secret. Only the Indian Rishis have perpetuated this knowledge. Today Sivanandaji’s name evokes the knowledge of this sweet mystery. His gospel reveals it to the whole world; in the New Age, not only the elite aud the chosen few, but all thirsting souls shall drink from this fountain-source of supreme wisdom the divine nectar of immortality and attain Moksha. Thus is the Saviour amidst us again. And the Birthday of Sri Swami Sivananda Maharaj therefore becomes a Christmas-like event that we should celebrate with equal and highest veneration.


Report of the Third International Congress of Scientific Integration at Sorrento, Italy, in September 1954, sponsored by the Universal Academy of the Cosmo-Astrophysic Government of Treste and the Libera Universita di Psico Biofisica Direction:

Senator Avv. Pasquini and Professors Dr. Marco Todeschini, Damiani and Manganero.

The Congress was ceremoniously opened, on the 7th August, with the MESSAGE OF H.H. SRI SWAMI SIVANANDAJI. It was read by G. M. Schneider, Synthese Universelle (Sivananda-Margarita), who had the fortune to represent His Holiness at this Congress. The message was immediately translated into Italian by Prof. Manganero, and having made a deep impression on the auditorium was greeted with applause. Prof, Todeschini, before his own lecture, found thrilling words to render homage to the great Sage of Himalaya. Prof. Todeschini is one of the most eminent scientists of the West, who discovered the unitarian science of Psychobiophysic which, transcending the theories of Einstein, Newton Wiener etc., is in full accordance with the ancient Indian Wisdom. After his lecture a reception was given for the delegates of the Congress at the Communal Palate by the authorities of Sorrento.

During the Congress, on the occasion of a dinner offered by the Authorities of Vico-Equense, a formal distribution of diplomas with honorific nominations for the most important personalities took place. After having announced that the honorific nomination of SENATOR OF THE UNIVERSAL ACADEMIA was tent directly to H.H Sri Swami Sivanandaji, the first diploma of Prof. Dr. H. C. Was given to His reprod sentative Afterwards Synthese Universelle, world organ of the D.L.S. and “Voix de l ‘Himalaya” were distributed to all the delegates.

Among the orators were eminent spiritual and scientific personalities, like: M. Issberner-Haldand (Germany), the discoverer of palmistry and a deep student of Yoga; Dr. Koch (Germany), an authority in colour-therapeutics and astrology; M. Emrich, editor of ‘Neues Europa’ (Germany); Prof. Ver Eecke (Belgium); the professors Domenico, Lo Guidice, Panthos, Salvadori, Franquelli, Deibel (Italia); Col. Many others. Ghadiali and man

This Congress was more than a successful scientific meeting: the exemplary impersonal obligingness of the organisers, the highly evolved subjects uniting for the first time the exact science with the transcendental sciences, the spirit of brotherly love between the delegates of the Congress and the true enthusiasm for Universalism, Brotherhood and Peace, made it a manifestation of the influence and invisible presence of Sri Swami Sivanandaji.

Before the closure, His representative spoke about the unique spiritual grandeur of the Master and His connection with Italia which had honoured Him recently with several nominations. Sri GM Schnei der insisted upon the urgent need, which had been stated and demanded at the Asian Conference of Genvea, that the Wisdom of the East should be safeguarded from western charlatans, for the sake of mutual understanding and world peace! She annou nced that Synthese Universelle, the world organ of the D.L.S., serves this cause and that statutes are actually established for the European DL.S, which will function after agreement by Sri Swami Sivanandaji; that for Italia a national President has Bready been decided upon in the person of the Marquis Santarelli and that the President for Germany will be Missberner-Haldane (great applause)ermany she expressed words of thanks to the organisers, the delegates to the Congress and above all to Sri Swami Sivanandaji for His spirit of love and unity. She then asked all present to honour Him by a minute of silence. Spontaneously and thrilled, the whole Congress stood up to render this silent homage to H.H. Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswati.


On the occasion of the Parliament of Religions, we have the honour and pleasure to transmit, in the name of the Universal Alliance, to the venerable Sri Swami Sivananda an honorary diploma of the Committee proclaiming him ‘Benefactor of Humanity’. This is worded as follows:

‘In recognition of his exceptional worth in the domain of Universalism, which is shown in his magnificent efforts for the spiritual progress of humanity and for world peace founded on brotherhood of man, tolerance and respect of religions of which the Parliament of Religions is a shining example’.

Although the Swamiji does not seek honours, we beg him to regard this gesture, coming from the West, as a respectful expression of our high esteem, recognition and fraternal love.



(1)    Incomparable Treasure

It is easy to me to describe whatever you wish, but not Swamiji’s books, and this for two reasons: a feeling of incompetency before such fulness of know. Ledge and transcendental experience. How can Omniscience be described? It would ever be limit. Ed through the personal degree of the understand. Ing. The more we evolve the more we appreciate his books

The second reason is, that the subject itself enraptures me. To concentrate my mind upon it makes me forget time and work and enter a world of bliss and indescribable beauty. Such is the captivating interest and the inspiration-power of these books.

But on the other hand I feel an inner urge to express my grateful appreciation for this profusion of incomparable spiritual treasures, that Swami Sivanandaji gives the world. Yes, I wish to proclaim it loudly to one and all that here is the divine source of immortal redeeming Wisdom, just as Himalaya and Ganga are unique in the world.

The motive alone is important; my words may be very imperfect; they will be amply compensated for by those of innumerable others, more learned or more simple, which will bear witness to this Truth which like the diamond glitters through many facets.

Carefully I select some general statements about Swami Sivanandaji’s books. Doubtless, they con-in a universal Gospel suitable to one and all. Doubt. Ass they contain the synthesis of all religions, the poteric truth and meaning which was lost through exoterism and differentiation. Doubtless they contain the first practical, dynamic and complete stem of Sadhana for quick Self-Realisation, that rever was given the world in such concentrated, All-embracing and suitable form.

This is of deep significance. It really means hat salvation is offered to all, if only they will take Until to-day it was very, very diffcult to get come Initiation, even partial Initiation, as every religion, every system of Yoga and every esoteric school like the young humanity itself-emphasised nly one of the divine qualities (Hinduism: love, Buddhism: wisdom, Christianity: self-sacrifice Judaism: law and justice, Parsi : purity, and so on). Whether it is due to the evolved intelligence of the passes, or to the critical nature of the times, Swami Sivananda offers to all the entire initiation.

Consequently, we have to recognise in him the World-Instructor, the Sat-Guru, the One who did ot come to bring a new Gospel, but to unite, to unify, to explain the One Truth hidden in all systems; De Saviour of the New Age, showing us the one ath, amongst the jungle of systems which leads to Moksha.

We have to recognize in H. H. Sri Swami Sivaanda Maharaj the incarnation of DIVINE LOVE FOR ALL: only then shall we understand the Priceless value of his books; only then will every word of his be so precious to us that meditation follows from itself. And it is only through meditafoll that we can advance that we can follow him.

(2)    Shakespeare on Sivananda

How young is Swami Omkarananda, and yet so learned, so cultured, so wise; Unmi takeably, ho bears the mark of the Grace of Swami sivananda, our Guru For this reason, it is my wish that many more 16 year old boys should go to the diving Master, with the hope of becoming, as the years roll by like Swami Omkarananda.

Sometime back I read and admired very much, his “Everyman’s Philosophy of Swami Sivananda” From this book I will translate articles for “Synthese Universele” and “Voice of the Himalaya.”

I have studied his “Shakespeare on Sivananda.” Does he know that there is an interesting theory that Shakespeare was an incarnation of a Hindu Master; Perhaps it was Sri Gurudev himself; for, they are not only prolific writers but also have none else to compare with themselves in gen us.

I meditated over the revered Swami Omkarananda’s beautiful words on Guruji’s superhuman virtues that he sent me in response to my letter. I think I understand now, why our Master loves the good and the bad alike. Though this is a certain fact of observation, yet I feel that pure flames like Swami Omkarananda must be dearer to the heart of the Master. Buddha said, when speaking about the greater Buddha to be born, that his name would ba Kindness: in every respect this is Guruji’s name. He is the Lord of Mercy whose name is Kindness: and no adoration of ours for him, can be graat enough.

The case of the Master on paja thirteen of Shakespeare on Sivananda, reminds me of a Hindu story ja which a Guru was nearly killed by a fale disciple; a best disciple of that Guru felt this danger, in his meditation and at once rose from his seat and killed the false disciple just by a look. Why not our revered Swami Omkarananda, who is such a “genuine” writer, write about the duties of of disciples to their Guru? It would be of high interst to me and to many others. My thanks to this author who is so “heroic” and loving.

(3)    Philosophy of Swami Sivananda

Evered Swami Raghavanandaji,

Salutations and adoration.

I feel an inner urge to write to you, Swaniji, and do not know if I dare; therefore I surrender this latter into the good hands of our Beloved Gurudev,

Just now I received, by the generous grace of Sri Gurudev, the wonderful books about His hilosophy: and yours, which follows the first, dedicated to myself by the Divine Heart Revered Swamiji! Not only this affinity directed your Gurudev, not only that you are a younger brother to me-not only that you are born the same day as I am, the 20th November; but your book is treasure to me! It contains a very intelligent election of the important points of Guru’s Gospel which everyone should know and understand, and me give you will be enabled to do through your book. Your fidelity is astonishing. Swamiji, let the greatest compliment: you write like Gurudev Himself! I recognize His words in all writings, be. Cause they are laden with a strange subduing and caust Masterfulness, which removes and thrills the inner being. But I cannot distinguish between His style and yours! You are really permeated by His grace and therefore are One with Him, There. Fore, glorious Smamiji, permit me before you in deep adoration. To prostrate i

(4)    Siva Gita

A great little guide to Life Divine is the epistolary autobiography of Sri Swami Sivananda, dedicated to all seekers after Truth. It is composed of 18 hand-a written letters and as many charming photos and constitutes the shortest, strangest and most excep tional autobiography that ever was written. Therefore it has undeniably the value of a rare curiosity and of a precious document for posterity. Whilst the actual interest of this revered Rishi’s own revelations is evident.

This treasure of a small book contains so many indications and meanings, and the manner of present ation is so uncommon and marks a strong persona lity, that every reader’s attention will be arrested and forced to reflect on it. By chance, the reader may then understand, as the undertitles indicate it fur thermore, that it is an EXEMPLARY autobiography or guide for truth-seekers, Indeed, when Swami Sivana adaji says I do this, I am like that’, but after each phrase we can add for our behall ‘I should do so, at all events’ Swamiji Gurudev lays dudda line of conduct, based upon his own life experience, according to his words that he only teaches what he has experienced himself; thereby sparing us many bitter experiences inevitably resulting from mere theoretical teachings He is verily ‘the Way, the Truth and the Life’ leading to Immortality. His eighteen-fold epistle shows us the path, the increasing development, until Self-realisation. If we follow his own footsteps we will truly realise: ‘Sivoham’. Siva Gita is the song of Ananda Siva, who dwells in our heart, who is our own Self!

This book, in which only the first letter is really autobiographical, whilst all others are self-experienced instructions, to assert the sure success to aspirants, shows the real grandeur of this world. Teacher, who is absolutely selfless and only thinks of others even when writing about his own life. The fact, that the text is hand-written shows Sri Swami Sivanandaji’s intention, that never a single word can be changed; as usually done for world-Gurus; as when well-intentioned ignorant people attempt to adapt it to the common banality. There is never the least mediocrity in these words, but true humility mixed with innate nobility and before someone sees therein any self-adulation he should humbly remember the distinguished embodiment of the author! What could this Great One not tell, about the miracles he did, the powers he possesses, the men-subduing sweet ness that emanates from him, about his divino virtues and transcendental experiences and his unique capacity to save souls, about his Diving Mission.. Nol Swami Sivanandaji writes only about the qualities that he would like to see developed by his disciples, without overwhelming them with his own unattain. Able perfection. He never requires the impossible, he is always practical and regardful.

It may be that of the 18 letters, in 6 there is a persisting appeal to Karma Yoga, Bhakti and Vedanta. It seems me, it would be clearer to say, that they refer to the three bodies. The 13th, 14th and 15th letters for example could be regarded Karma Yoga; in reality they mean the spirit of selfless service, etc, and refer to the mind-body. The first six letters speak about physical activity, the following six of soul qualities and the last six of spiritual or mind. Development. The whole is pure Vedanta, as Swamiji says ‘I am a Kevala-Adwaita Vedantin’.

Is not the whole autobiography the fine and silently humorous lesson of a perfect Vedantin who has realised the One Self, who indeed is SIVA? As realised Sage, for whom neither time nor space, nor past, nor future exists, how could Swami Sivanandaji indentify himself with the mortal personality, only to tell a life-story? He only witnesses his own personality with perfect mastery of mind and describes it coolly and exactly in the only details that can inspire others to follow him. Therefore his courageous admirable frankness. A Sage cannot be measured by a common scale. The transcendental and the personal de lever together-only Sri Swant

Sivanandaji was able to connect both in his autobio-

Graphy; the book is really a wonder. He is indeed above opposites. Simple but complex, humble but of royal nobility, innocent like a child but wise through all experiences, soft-hearted and severe harmless and all-wealthy, human and godly, he re veals his life experiences and remains so mysterjous irresistibly attractive and unattainable as before. And yet, the last letter, grand Apotheosis of a Divine Life, brings him intimately nearer to us than anyone else. Still a remembrance arises, as if we had

Heard these words before, echoed millenaries

Throughout, in shining visions of Glorious Acharyas.

(5)    Practice of Yoga

PRACTICE OF YOGA (Volume 1) is the classic manual of life divine and studies of Yoga. It contains the quintessence of Yoga and meditation, in various practical methods, ard most competent spiritual instructions on Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Raja Yoga and Jnana Yoga. It consists of four chapters, that Swami Sivanandaji himself classifies as follows: “The first chapter deals with the fruits of Yoga, the second with preliminary purification (Kriya Yoga), the third with Meditation Proper and the fourth with some practical findings in meditation and some Yoga stories of great interest are of utmost importance.” A fifth part is formed by Yoga-Addenda, which contains capital texts on Asanology, Practice of Breath, AutoMuggestion, etc. The valuable work begins with ublime Stotras and ends with lofty Songs, and the renowned Twenty Spiritual Instself the only book in which Swamiji himself has written the forward and the introduction, conspicuously to distinguish it.

In fact, it is the first book of Swami Sivanandaji written some twentyfive years ago, and it contains, in a nutshell, the essence of all his numerous books, Young Swami Sivananda already possessed the sup. Reme illumination of Truth, which the full-blown Genius untiringly explains in details, in his mission to show to mankind the path of salvation. PRACTICE OF YOGA is the Synthesis of the different Yoga systems, analysed in his later books. It excels, as conferring a very unique general view of the highest knowledge. There exist three chief reasons why everyone should possess this book it gives in the shortest way an all-sided and profound knowledge of Yoga and Vedanta; it enables one to find out one’s own affinities for a basic system, and to discriminate the weak points of the spiritual development.

It is impossible to review in detail such a profusion of luminous and sublime ideas and instructions; it would only be little their true value and meaning. But I would just lay stress on two facts really unique:

If we compare this first book of Swamiji with his others which are later, we find no contradiction. We find the same unfailing ideas and even sentences. Now, where in the world is an organisation or individual, that twentyfive years later has maintained the same statements? And where are writings-I beg to be precise-Saint’s scriptures without contradictions? This proves the infallible truth of Swami Sivanandaji’s teachingthe It makes me understand what really is meant by

‘Control of mind’. There is indeed a mighty Spirit who has full mastery over thoughts. Every sentence seems to be the essence of a meditation or experi ence Swamiji disposes of his thoughts for every subject, object, event, etc., and has absolute memory to adapt the causes. Same thoughts to the same But the varied connections of these thoughts, their coherence, consistency and manifoldness, and the astonishing richness of his vocabulary and arguments, bear the marks of a flashing firework of spirituality. If his thoughts were numbered from I to a million, for example, the alternate assemblages of two or several numbers, which in themselves are unvarying ideas, would produce unlimited possibilities of realisations and renewed recognition, based upon unities. It is like divine mathematics and it shows Swamiji’s exact science of transcendental Wisdom. This absolute mastery over thoughts denotes the strongest will. And PRACTICE OF YOGA explains that will is developed when desires are conquered. And that, when will is developed to the highest degree, omnipotence naturally ensues. The Lord is omnipotent! In fact, I have never seen such absolute thought-mastery as that of Swami Sivananda Maharaj. Therefore he has godly potency.

And this powerful Guru writes that everyone is his own redeemer, that Gurus will only show the spiritual path, doubts and give remove inspiration, and that we shall remember well that we ourselves have to tread the path! He even deplores, that so many are wasting their precious lives owing to false hopes, thinking the Master would give them immediate Mukti, without under. Going any discipline. It is of vital importance, that after Sravana (hearing), the aspirants practise Man na (reflection) and Nididhyasan (profound and constant meditation). Swamiji says, that we shall rely alone en the Living Master of masters, who is very close to us, in the chambers of our hearts. Who is Siva, our Own Self. Some

“He (God) is sitting with outstretched hands to lift you up and embrace you with His Sweet Love.” This, Swamiji Guru, we did not know. It changes all. Everyone who reads only your first pages of PRACTICE OF YOGA will be eternally grateful to you for this most precious revelation. You have written so many inva’uable books for Sravana; may we now practise on them Manana and Nididhyasan and “assimilate and absorb the beautiful, soul-stirring, inspiring, sublime and Divine thoughts and rest in that Supreme, inexpressible Silence, that stupendous ocean of stillness, that Infinite, magnanimous ocean of Santi”?

(6)    Sivananda in Pictures

“SIVANANDA IN PICTURES” is a magnificent work. What a wonderful and great work this is! I passed many Hours admiring it. It is of heartquickening and captivating interest! It is loving and beautiful | There is no such Book in the Occident It can do more than any other book to awake the interest for India’s Wisdom and great Rishi.

(7)    Yoga for the West

I wish the book: YOGA FOR THE WEST may be sent to all priests, and scientists. No body can resist this Wisdom and Light! THE NEW AGE WILL BE LASED ON THE UNIVERSAL GOSPEL OF PARAMAHAMSA SIVANANDA!


Shri A V. Kuppuswami Embassy of India BRUXELLES.

Dear, beloved Brother!

Salutations and adoration. Om Namahsivaya.

Blessed are you indeed! Every word of your letter is honey to me The revelation of your Divine nature is thrilling. The loveliness and purity of your Soul appears in every word. True, blessed disciple of Gurudev!

Thanks for every thought, so enrapturing. But with tears I demand you, please don’t see anything grandiose in my humble person. Sri Gurudev loves all in the same manner. He is the Divine Incarnation of Love for all. There are no merits, only the grace of the Lord! Just because I am His little disciple, so dependent on Him, so “nothing without him”, He showers His blessings upon me to reveal to all, His unlimited power and wealth, encouraging all through this example, to take refuge at His Lotus-feet. To take refuge alone in His sweet LoveOnly there is true happiness and security. I feel in your letter, that you must be very close to His heart. Courage! Believe it! Enjoy.

It is fine that you remain in Europe till November. It enables me to arrange your lecture at Geneva in the best manner. So I shall write to you some time in advance when all is prepared Can you imagine how eager I am for your Darshan? Triply joyful! Disciple of my Guru, of the same name as my Guru, Hindu like my Guru! You are really my dearest, my true brother. I felt it, as you called me your sister in a previous letter.

It is strange that you have not received my letter and the hundred copies of the Voice of Himalaya’ I am sure, they never received the journals that I sent to all Ambassadors. Would it be possible, for your goodself to send them through your diplomatic courier? The authorities should be informed about Swamiji Maharaj’s influence and the glorious work that is being done to propagate India’s Wisdom in the Occident. They all should assist Him in every manner. I am sending you other copies for free distribution. Kindly give some to Mr. Wittemans, if you meet him, with my hearty greetings He can reproduce every text he likes without mentioning the source.

Do not Embassies publish reviews? I would be very grateful to you if you kindly can send me a copy If you know the publisher, could you give bim articles? I can send photos and cliches too. Forgive me, if I take too much of your time; I know you are very occupied. It is not urgent, it is enough if this is done when you are free

The address of ‘Alliance of Believers’ is: Alliance des Croyants, Mr. Edouard Saby, 10 rue HenriDuchene, Paris 15e His journal is ‘L’Effort spiritual, who has already published several articles of Sri Gurudev. They prepare now the programme for autumn of the lectures and will be certainly happy to arrange for one of your beautiful and inspiring lectures You may have a great public there. If you like, I can give you records of our beloved Gurudev’s marvellous holy Songs for this occasion. Do not forget to inform Gurudev about the lecture and to send your photo with the audience for publication in His journals. It is thrilling to work for Him, is it not ?

I have sent Him the text of your lecture. And I think I will inform Him of your beautiful and fine letter.

Yes, I believe all that Gurudev says, and nothing else. His words are the only rock of truth I found. He opened for me new worlds of indescribable beauty, the Glory of Indian Wisdom, crystallised through ANANDA SIVA. I prostrate before him mentally, including you my dear brother, and praying That you may write to Him with this love that over-passes all understanding. Is He not the manifested Shakti of the unmanifested Divinity! May His choicest blessings be upon you! With Om and Prem.

Yours in Gurudev, Sivananda-Margarita.


(Extracts from a speech delivered at the Theosophical Society Geneve, Switzerland)

Sri Swami Sivananda who by millions of Hindus and numerous Occidentals is considered as the incarnation of Siva, the Sat-Guru or Instructor of the New Age, has opened his Ashram to all, without discrimination of race, sex or belief. And his Ashram in Himalayas on the banks of the Ganga, has become a large city, with many Kutirs or hermitages for visitors; a post-office had to be erected there specially to secure the considerable correspondence exchanged with all parts of the world. It is difficult from here to have an approximate idea about the extent, the importance and the glory of Swami Sivananda’s work and mission.

Therefore, the definitions he gives himself of the Rishis have more value as he is the greatest authority in Sanskrit, Yoga and Vedanta of Contemporary India, and director-founder of the Yoga.

Vedanta Forest University. The accuracy of the description I am giving you can be verified by anyone of you, for everybody can write to him, visit him or read these descriptions in the 200 books written by Swami Sivananda.

Here is what he says: (From “Triple Yoga” and Kundalini Yoga” were read out Swami Sivanandad definitions of the four orders and Sanyasins, of Avadhootas, and divine incarnations, then the major Siddhis, the whole 26 minor Siddhis and ‘power of a Yogi’).

India has ever been the spiritual Mother-country of the great Initiated. Himalaya’s messages have inspired the Neo-Atlantean religions. Their initiative symbols are found in all contemporary religions as well as in the ancient mysteries of the past cultures.

The Christian religion has assumed from Hinduism the conception of Trinity and the worship of the Divine Mother, neither of which is founded on the Bible. The Catholic cult is strongly inspired by the Hindu cult, for example, in utilising the rosary, which is not required by the Bible, but was known since before the Christian era in India under the name of Japa Mala and serves also for recitation of prayers and Mantra. Sankirtan or religious chant has inspired our Liturgy. You can easily see it for Yourselves, hearing once again the voice of Swami Sivananda in a song entitled “Song of Karma Yoga”

Tnd sung in Hindi. The law of cycles is the key of the Secret – Doctrine. We see comes to the world in waves always renewed and then that Himalaya’s message adapted to the understanding of men. Aid, the new message is that the highest knowledge As already is from now on accessible to all, according to the asses all exclusivism and New Era which outpasses Ntablishes the brotherhood of men by the true understanding of the One Self in all. The purpose of all initiations is the realisation of the Self. The knowledge of the Self or Atma, frees us from the wheel of Karma and rebirths in this material world of pain.

It is said to us, Christians, that God is Spirit and that His kingdom is within us. That divine Spirit is our real Self. Know yourself, was the initiation of the Greeks. Before them it was already the teaching of Siva, the destroyer of form and regenerator of the pure Spirit; Realize the Self! Tat Twam Asi! Thou art That. Thou art pure Spirit! Sivoham: I am Siva! Siva means the Self or the pure Spirit that remains when all veils are thrown off or mortal bodies are cast off.

Swami Sivanandaji says: “The nearer one approaches the Truth, the happier one becomes. For the essential nature of Truth is positive, absolute bliss. Self-realization bestows Eternal, Absolute Knowledge and Perennial Bliss”.

What signifies the knowledge of the Self as liberation from all chains is explained by Swami Sivanandaji in an impressive manner in the following parable. (The parable of the lion and the Dhobi appearing under the heading “Guru’s Grace”, page 359 of ‘Siva’s Treasure’ was read out).

For this lecture at the T. S. Swami Sivananda has sent me a text, which is so important and a matter for meditation, that you will find it, like the fable of the lion printed in the bulletin La Voix de la Himalaya, which you can get at the end of the lecture. This text says: (The Message of Swami sirananda was read out).

This message of redeeming, of liberation, that Christ had announced to the world has never that estirely understood by Christians, nor by Christian mystics.

It is a joyful message for those who suffer and for those who are selfless and brotherly and aspire for more equity between men. But it is terrible for the egoistics and those who believe themselves to be superior to others. Is it not said, not those will be freed who say ‘Lord, Lord,” but those who have nourished the hungry, nursed the sick, clothed the naked, in short, those who have recognised their own Self in their neighbour? Love Thy neighbour as Thy Self!

Thus the message of Himalaya is something like doomsday (last judgement) for us, a breaking down of our dogmatical and pretentiously exclusive world. Because it shows nothing less than that, liberation can be attained only through the total surrender of all egoistic exclusivism, including the withholding of spiritual truths for the benefit of the elite instead of generously propagating it for the good of all, tealising the fundamental Unity of man. We are all One.

And if the world does not understand this message of Unity, the earth will be destroyed by the disseminate this knowledge to the masses, to all. *llects of ignorance. Therefore arises the urge to That is why the Himalayan Rishis have now left their millenary silence. Now the times are critical. If the message of Unity is accepted and understood, destruction may become less or, if God willsavoided.

Idis doomsday preceding the new era reverses all values made by men and not by God. It will be hard for everyone of us to see the break down of the values in which we believed. It is even said, that false prophets will proclaim “See, the Lord is here,” here in our temples and churches and circles.-‘”but He will not be there!” “He will come like a thief in the night,... and His own ones will not recognise Him!” Yet He will reign over the whole world and be recognised by the masses of people of all countries And He will come to unify the religions and to establish realm of spirituality, brotherhood and peace on earth.

The advent of the Third Person of the Trinity, the Saint Spirit, will give a tremendous spiritual awakening. And this awakening has already begun, irresis tibly.

The Christ said: “But the Saint Spirit which my Father will send you in my name, will teach you every thing and remember to you all that I have said. ...When the Spirit of Truth, the Consoler, has come, he will guide you in the whole truth. Because he will not speak from himself but from all that he heard” (John XIV 26, 13).

Now see, what a renowned theosophist, Mr. Van der Leeuw, says in his book ‘The Creative Fire’.

The third Person of the Trinity is rep. Esented by Being who is not only the representative of the Spot Spirit or Third Logos, but really One with Him He makes use of a Hindu body, he has the physiog omy of a pre-eminent Brahman with his serenity nd calm. His face is entirely shaven; the nose is quiline the expression of his mouth is of silent etermination. But most impressive in this face are e eyes There is something in his appearance that members the Prince-Master (Christ) though there naturally a great physical dissimilarity. Both awake he idea of Cosmic Fire and Energy... In a near future, the Third Person of Trinity will take a more imporant place in this world: the reign of Saint Spirit has begun. This reign is at the same time this one of the Divine Mother; they are inseparable, because they One... The Universe of the St. Spirit is dynamic and the dominant note is dynamism: power It would good if in the domain of the theosophical thought core love and more veneration would be shown to is great representative of the Third Person on earth. Is His vast domain, this of the Saint Spirit, which will pass on the first plan in a very short time and more we understand His part and grandeur, the hore we will be able to collaborate with his great ork, when the hour has come”. This was written 1926.

To understand better, let us have recourse to the piritual source: Hinduism.

The third Person of Trinity is there called Siva. Siva is the destroyer of forms, of limits and of evil; the regenerator of true spirituality. He is Alma, the Self, the pure Spirit into us; the Superconscious.

The Divine Mother which is ONE with Him is Shakti, the cosmic power, the creating energy which bears the worlds. Siva is Spirit and Shakti the without the other is not dynamic power; one conceivable.

Shakti is known under different names according to the aspect She takes. In man She is Kundalini, the mysterious serpent of cosmic fire, which is coiled in the Muladhara Chakra, below the spine, This creative power, when awakened rises along the spine to join Siva in the Brahmarandhra Chakra seated in the brain.

The mystery of Kundalini, to which I refer, can be studied in the rare book ‘Kundalini Yoga” of Swami Sivananda.

Kundalini represents this creative power in us, which, at the time of the fall of man in the symbolic Eden, was transmuted into sexual energy. Directing her to the negative pole was the reason for the rise of the conception of an imperfect world—for the world is conceived by the mind; without mind there is no world—and if the mind is led negatively, we conceive only of imperfection. When Kundalini reaches the Brahmarandhra Chakra, the mind would be led positively; it will then conceive of a very different world, the perfection of which is the expression of God Himself.

The Cranium with the brain fully charged with Kundalini Shakti (like an electrical fluid) is symbolised in the sacred cup of the Saint Graal lilled with the nectar of Immortality

The union of Siva and Kundalini constitutes the mperconscious state or state of Satchidananda: fxistence, Consciousness and Bliss Absolute. But it is a bliss which goes beyond the imagination of yensual men. It is experienced sometimes in short moments by men of genius.

To believe that physical exercises can awaken Kundalini is a superstition. These exercises only strengthen the body and constitute a favourable condition for concentration on this very important subject.

The only way to awake Kundalini-and this is possible only under the surveillance and with the help of a Guru or Master consists in advancing on the path of purity and renunciation. This is not dry and theoretical ethics, but a dynamic reality: every step on this path brings us nearer to the goal.

Renunciation of sensual enjoyments of the five senses alone awakens Kundalini. Purification of mind alone awakens Kundalini. Renunciation is not violent suppression of the senses, but a sublimation, Purification or renunciation consists in a slow detachment from worldly pleasures and an increasing love for Divine things, a love which attains ecstasy. But above all, renunciation consists in detaching from the little “I” and the recognition of the One elf the little are any diverse expressions of the One Self. We are all intimately connected. There is only One God or Sell in many bodies.

The personality resembles bellows, which seem to breathe when set in action. But if the bellows are stopped or broken, what remains? Only air Thus the individual soul merges in the universal Soul.

The mind illusion of a separated “I” is due to the original sin, the misuse of Kundalini with a view to enjoy distinct pleasures. In proportion to the increasing intensity of purification, we recognise all as brothers and then realise our Unity. Then we understand that all evil we do to others, is done in reality to ourselves, because it intensifies cur separativity. But the good we do to others, is also done to ourselves and advances us to the realisation of Unity, or the Union of Siva and Kundalini, which finishes all our sufferings and bestows on us all power, knowledge and bliss for ever.

Impurity of mind consists in thinking about so much ineffectual wicked and imperfect things, to be discontented, to criticize, to maintain a feeling of separateness and of exclusivess All this makes one absolutely unfit for spiritual progress. Even doing most intense Yogic exercises, such people can never hope to awaken Kundalini. The law is strict: first purity of mind, only then powers and benefits. This is the self-protection, the auto-defence of the High Knowledge, which renders misuse impossible.

But it is the withholding of Truth, the mystification and the propagation of hall-truths which baar black magic applications. There is no mah on earth who would practise black magic, if he has knowledge of the fact that he can attain far greater results through more simple and divine practices which assert in addition his Immortality instead of his final destruction. And under ‘black magic’ is to be understood all practices of cruelty (like war, vivisection, etc.) and all that harms others.

How necessary it is that harmony should reign between those who work for the same spiritual cause, can be understood from a speech addressed by Swami Sivanandaji to the Sadhaks, (Sadhaks are aspirants) and reported by two of His greatest disciples, Swami Paramanandaji and Swami Venkatesanandaji. (“The touchstone of Discipleship” from Voice of the Himalayas pages LXXVI-LXXX and LXXXIV....was read out).

One could ask why Swami Sivanandaji considers a cynic as a graver danger than a sensual lapse. It is because malevolence is still farther away from LOVE.

And love is God Himself. The divine universal love is a fundamental quality. The goal of every soul, the basis of all religions, the summit of all Initiations.

Il we consider rightly cosmic love as the key to spiritual knowledge, we will understand that Self-realisation is not a loss of individuality, but, on the contrary. A gigantic extension and intensi fication. There is no more egoism influenced by the senses or the likes and dislikes, but universal love so intensive as to embrace and include all. Through this love itself, the whole and its separated paris become so much more important to us than our own little I, that our consciousness reflects the whole Universe. And the ego is happy to merge in such love.

A perfect realised Sage is he who possesses this unlimited love. He is really One with the Self of all. He is their Own Self! Such love is omnipotent power and acts like a powerful magnet. No natural law nor worldly power can resist it. Such a Sage possesses all powers because He has realised the noumenon of all: God.

This love, unknown by the sensual man and born of Superconsciousness, represents the most perfect Unity. It is not symbolised, but effectively realised through the union of Kundalini and Siva. This is the key of all wisdom, all realisation and all Initiation.

Thus only through the knowledge of Hindu symbols we may understand the real significance of the sublime truths. It is the ancient Wisdom of Himalaya’s Rishis that reveals to us the hidden truth of the Saint Scriptures and mysteries and gives on us a changed angle of vision and a new faith.

We then come to understand suddenly that transmutation of lower into higher energies constitutes the real spiritual alchemy of divine knowledge and that it is supreme sublimation of love.

For this it is so very important not to criticize the others, nor to think over evil. To develop love is what is wanted. To sublimate instincta is what is wanted. God is Love. This seems incomprehensible, if we see the evil and injustice of the world. Yethe, truth is simple. God dwells in us. If we ses Him, we see only the good everywhere. And if we see the good, we see Him everywhere. He is Shakti manifested as world and Siva on the transcendental plane. God, says Swami Sivananda, is nearer to you than the air to your breath, or the blood to your veins. Transmute your energies, Shakti, through a strict ethical discipline, through renunciation and purification. And offer all your love to God alone, seeing Him in all. When your love mounts towards Him, Kundalini awakes. At this very moment the Saint Spirit will descend upon you. You will feel Him filling your whole being with inexpressible joy.

Then you will understand that the union of Siva, the pure Spirit and Kundalini, the cosmic power, is identical with the Saint Spirit or Christ-Consciosness.

The real significance of baptism becomes evident, when we understand the true nature of the vivifying waters of Immortality which the Christ offered to those who were thirsty. And why it is said that He was thrilled by the influence of the Saint Spirit. (the whole text: LUKE X. 21).

Then also we understand that His reign of the Saint Spirit has already begun, as His teachings be. Come understandable now. The new Era has com menced, which is symbolised by Aquarius, the waterbearer, who holds a cup at the height of his head and showara vivifying water over the thirsty sarith, submerging the world with divine knowledge.

We then realise the mystery of the Saint Graal. The sacred cup which contains the nectar of Immor tality, the drink of the Blessed.

“May all drink from this nectar of Immortality”, says Swami Sivanandaji, “and realise Satchidananda, existence, knowledge and bliss absolute”. And to attain it, says His Himalayan message, here is what you have to do:

Serve, Love, give, purify, meditate and realise the Self!


(Sri A. Kuppuswami, Embassy of India, Bruxelles) The river Indus, which today forms the boundary line between India and Pakistan, was called “Sindhu” by the ancient Aryans.

Sindhu is a Sanskrit word, and we meet with this word in many places in the ancient Vedic Literature. The Persians who invaded India through the Northwest found difficulty in pronouncing the letter “S” in the word Sindhu. They changed Sinto H, and called it “Hindu”. The people who inhabited the region were called by them as “Hindus”. The Greek invaders who later invaded the country could not pronounce the letter “H” in the word “Hindu”.

They left out the letter “H” and “Hindu” became “Indu”.

From the word “Indu”, the word “India” was deri red. Was givdarl the country by Ancient Greeks. The original name of this country is “Bharata Varsha”.

The term ‘Hindu” had originally a territorial and not a creedal significance. It defined resident and a well defined geographical area. Later, it began in signify “Aryan” or the Brahminical religion that developed in the Indo-Gangetic plain.

For thinking minds to blossom, for arts and sciences to flourish, the first condition necessary is a settled life. Development of a rich culture is not possible in an unsettled society, or a community of people whose life is a struggle for existence. Fortune called India to a spot where Nature was free and bountiful. When people need not waste their energies on the problems of life on earth, they can have time and inclination to think of the higher side of life. In the midst of soul-elevating Nature, in the hearts of the forests, listening to the rustle of the winds and the torrents of the streams, the great Sages or Rishis of the Indo-Gangetic plains meditated on the deeper problems of human life. These devout souls recorded the results of their meditations in joyous songs, and added them to the original songs which they had already brought with them when they came from the regions of Central Asia. The collection of these immortal songs are called the “Vedas”. These songs of the Vedas register the intuitions of the perfected souls. These Vedic songs are now the earliest known documents of the human mind all over the world.

To the Orthodox Hindu, Vedas are the revelations of God. They have no beginning or end.

The Vedas have been classified into four groups the Rig Veda, the Yajur Veda, the Sama Veda, and the Atharva Veda. Of them, the Rig Veda is the chief and the oldest. It mainly consists in invocative songs in praise of Gods. The Yajur Veda and Sama Veda are purely liturgical collections These collections were made to meet the demands of a cerem)nial religion which later developed. The Atharva Veda for a long time was without the prestige of a Veda.

It was the production of a later era of thought. It shows the result of a compromising spirit, adopted by the Vedic Aryans as a result of their closer contact with the original people of India whom they were slowly subduing.

Each Veda can in turn be classified into four main divisions, viz the Samhitas, the Brahmanas, the Aranyakas, and the Upanishads.

The Samhitas are the inspired hymns in praise of Gods. For example, I will quote to you a hymn which is in praise of the God of the waters, taken from the Samhitas of Rig Veda. The meaning of this invoca tion is:-

“O Waters, you are the source of happiness, so, impart strength to us, endow us with vision, great and beautiful.

That water of yours in this world which would bring us utmost happiness, make us resort to it, like loving mothers.

We resort to you speedily for the removal of that evil by which you gratify us. Us You verily create

I shall now repeat to you another hymn from the Yajur Veda, which is known to all Theosophists. For, in India, I know that in almost all Theosophical Lod. Ges the weekly meetings start with this Prayer which is from the Yajur Veda. The meaning of this Prayer is that the Lord of the Universe has manifested himself with thousands of heads, thousands of eyes, and thousands of souls. The whole Universe is the Lord, and the Lord himself is the Universe.

Now I will give you a quotation from the Brahmana portion of the Yajur Veda. The meaning of this Sakha is “That eye-like sun, beneficent to the Gods, may we be seeing him for a hundred years and offering him the morning ablutions when he rises with resplendent glory in the East.

The Brahmanas include precepts and the religious duties.

While the Samhitas are the creations of the poets, the Brahmanas are the works of the priests.

The third group, viz., the Aranyakas mark the transition stage from the Brahmanas to the Upanishads. They are the contemplative part of the Vedas. In Sanskrit terminology the Aranyakas are The “Upasana Kanda”. This is a quotation from Taittiriya Aranyaka of the Yajur Veda Its meaning is “We comprehend and meditate on that celebrated supreme Being, the Great God Mahadeva May that Rudra give us the power to do so. We see and con template Narayana who is Vasudeva. May that VISH. NU impel us to do so.”

While the Aranyakas are the contemplative part of the Vedas, the Upanishads are the philosophical part of the Vedas.

This is a popular quotation from the Brahadaranyaka Upanishad which most of you know very well. If translated, it means: “Lead me from Unreality to Reality. Lead me from darkness to Light Lead me from death to Immortality.” For the student of Hindu Philosophy, the Upanishads are the fountain head of spiritual thought and inspiration. The orthodox Hindus hold that there are 108 Upanishads. Ten of them are the most important They are: -Isavasya, Kena, Katha, Prasna, Mundaka, Aitreya, Taittireya, Chandogya, Brihadaranyaka, Kaushitaka and Swetaswatara. These Upanishads are supremely authoritative. The thoughts of the Upanishads collected together from the basic springs of Hindu spiritual lore.

The Upanishads are also called the Inana Kanda “or the knowledge part of the Vedas. The other part is the action part, or the “Karma Kanda,” While the earlier part of the Vedas stresses the importance of Action, the latter part stresses the superiority of Knowledge over action. The word “Upanishad” literally means: Upa nearby; ni devotedly: shad sit that “to sit devotedly near the teacher”. This means that the pupils sat at the feet of the great Rishis and heard from those masters their great intellive knowledge.

The Upanishads are the recordings of the revelalions and the spiritual experiences of the great Maharishis or the hermits whose souls were in communion with Godhead. The Rishis were held as mediums or agents to transmit to people the intuitional and mystic experiences that they received from God.

The teachings of the Upanishads were therefore taken as unquestionable truths, and were being accepted as authoritative, till the beginning of the 6th Century B. C., when Buddhism and Jainism appeared on the scene.

The rise of Buddhism and Jainism were the climax of an agitation in the 5th and 6th Centuries B C., against the Brahminical religion, especially the Ritualistic religion of the Hindus. They were, in fact, The revolt against the dogmatic authority of the Vedas. They desired that for the advancement and growth of philosophic thought, logical reasoning should be adopted in place of conviction and intuilion.

The rise of Buddhism and Jainism forms an era in the history of Hindu philosophy The hitherto dogmatic method had slowly to accept the demand for the method of reason and criticism. This era, there fore, was a period of great activity.

The conservative schools of Vedic thought gathered their forces to fortify the Upanishadic teachings for guarding them against the danger of an onslaught from logic and reason. The Upanishads The general conception of were very vast. So they were required to de codified.

Some great sages took upon themselves this task. They systematised the unwieldy Upanishadic litera. Ture into Sutras cr codes.

In this process, there were different views, and as a result, there arose different schools of thought. For, the general conceptions of the vedas were neither definite, nor detailed, and hence allowed themselves to be handled and fashioned indifferent ways by different original thinkers. Besides, they allowed for original thought. Of the many systems of thought which arose during this period, six came to exist predominantly. They are the six Darsanas, known as:Vaiseshika of Kanada, Nyaya of Gautama, Samkhya of Kapila, Yoga of Paianjali, Mimamsa of Jaimini and Vedanta of Badatayana.

“Darsana” means “view of.” Though the Darsanas were different in their views, they all agreed on the ultimate aim.

Again, they all based their sources on the Upanishads. They are complementary in character, and not contradictory. Time does not permit me to go into the details of these systems, and to show how they interpret the Ultimate Reality. I will confine myself to saying that out of those six systems in India of the recent past, and India of the present. Mimamsa and Vedanta schools held and hold sway me Vaiseshika is not very much in honour today. The Yoga in its practical application is practised by tow only. Sankhya is not a living faith. Nyaya is popular in its logical side, and is, used by Purva Nimamsa and Uttara Mimamsa. Thus the last two Darsanas alone caught the popular imagination. Mimamsa interprets the actions enjoined in the Vedas leading to the freedom ot the soul. Vedanta interprets the knowledge Portion in the Vedas which eads to the freedom of the soul. Mimamsa says: Action is the very essence of life. Without action, He will come to a standstill. Further, without action nowledge is useless. For, the tast of knowledge is naction, and action is therefore superior to knowledge. Mimamsikas quote from Vedas to say: Without action, human destiny cannot be fulfilled’. Therefore, for realisation of Moksha, right action necessary.

The importance of the Mimamsa Darsana is stified by its present day popularity in India. No art of the life of a Hindu is complete without the teachings of Mimamsa. All rituals and ceremonies depend upon it, all moral codes are guided by it. He Hindu law is based on Mimamsa. Mimamsa reathes life into the very superstructure of Hindu culture.

The grip of Mimamsa is so great on the Hindu society, that even great Vedantins, like Sankara, who asserted that Knowledge is superior to Action, and at the Jnana Marga is far superior to Karma Marga could not eschew action or disregard Karma Marga.

While Mimamsa stressed action, Vedanta stressed knowledge.

Vedanta says action is indeed necessary. But action is only a means. It is not an end in itself Action without knowledge is useless. As it in, even to direct the action, knowledge is necessary. With. Out the knowledge directing action, it cannot rise to greater heights. Therefore, wisdom is definitely superior to action, and Jnana Yoga is mightier than Karma Yoga. The great Advaita Vedantin Sankaracharya says: “The rituals and religious injunctions of Mimamsa performed without a knowledge of the Self, even if one takes a hundred births, will not free the soul.

Vedanta is based on the Vedanta Sutras, written by Badarayana, also known as Vyasa. Among the six systems of philosophy, the Sutras of Badarayana, also known as the Brahma Sutras, have the gratest prominence on account of their being the consummation of all the preceding systems of philosophy.

The Vedanta Sutras are of a unique character in that they embrace all the knowledge contained in the other five systems; they also strive to reconcile all the insufficiencies and differences of opinion, in and between those schools. Further, the Vedanta Sutras supplied the missing link, viz. The Brahman to the “Prakriti” and “Purusha” ideas of the Samkhya system. Vedanta is the perfection of all the efforts that went before, to arrive at the truth,

Vedanta Sutras, thus, came to be the sheet anchor of Hindu philosophy. No wonder then, Hindu philo. Sophy is more often called “Vedanta”.

Between the Upanishads and the Brahma Sutras, comes in the Bhagawad Gita, the song colestial. Whereas the Vedanta Sutras were an attempt to systematise and codify the varied and widely strewn Upanishadic thoughts, the Bhagawad Gita is a commentary of the Upanishads. An old Sanskrit poem says that all the Upanishads were the cows, Krishna, the cowherd, was the milker of those cows. Arjuna was the calf. The Divine Bhagawad Gita was the sweet milk, the nectar milk for the children of the world.

The Upanishads, the Brahma Sutras and the Bhagawad Gita are then the basic foundations of Vedantic Philosophy. These three are called “Prasthanatraya Granthas.”

Basing the interpretations on these three great works, several superstructures arose. Chief among them are the dualistic school of Philosophy, called the “Dwaita School”, the Qualified Monistic School of Philosophy, called the “Visishtadwaitic School”, and the Monistic School of Philosophy called the “Kevala Advaitic School.”

These schools, in defining the relation between livatman and Paramatman (the soul and God), stablished various theories and conclusions. They toar at such great Himalayan heights that only a Sir Idmund Hilary or a Tien Sing is capable of reaching their heights. People like myself cannot easily understand the minute differences in their logical reasoning, for establishing the relation between the Known and the Unknown. Though, it is not possible for me, in the limited duration of this evening’s talk, to expatiate on these systems, I shall, in short, describe the purport of the Vedantic Philosophy with reference to these three systems of interpretation

Alright. Madam is having a hand bag. It is her hand bag. Now, it is your hand bag, Madam; but are you the hand bag? No, your answer will be: “I am not the hand bag” Now, that is your hand Whose hand is it? “That is my hand”. But are you the hand. No, I am not the hand.” That is your body, but are you that body? Mark these words, Brothers and Sisters. “No. I am not the body.” From these words, we see clearly that there is someone else who always replies “I”, “I”. That “I” is not the hand, that “I” is not even the body. That “I” is something else, other than the body. Who is that “I”? That “I” is the soul, or the Atman inside the body. That Atman is imperishable. It does not die when this body dies. The Atman only changes the body as one changes his dress. The Atman has no end, and so has no beginning also. Now what is the relation of this Atman to Paramatman or God?

The Dualistic School says that the Jeevatman is a servant of the Paramatman, the sole guiding force or God. The Qualified Monistic School says that the Jeevatman is not separate from Brahman, but is only a spark which came out from the Paramatman. The Maya that the Jeevatman does not know that it is dentical with Paramatman.

These three views, in fact’ are the three ascending steps to the peak of Knowledge.

Begin with Dualism. By thought and understandJag, the second and third stages will open up themselves. Individuals have to advance step by step, just as Philosophy itself has advanced through ages. The steps which the human race has taken to reach the highest pinnacles of Knowledge, each individual will have to take, of course in a quicker time. And, when one reaches the highest peaks, he has indeed realised the Upanishadic truth “Tat Twam Asi”: “Thou art That”, that the Jeevatman is none else than the Paramatman.

The paths to the attainment of the Knowledge of the soul are many. They are te be chosen and adopted according to the capacity and temperament of each individual. For people of active temperament, Karma Yoga is suitable. Bhakti Yoga is for persons of emotional temperament. Jnana Yoga is for the man with rational, philosophical temperament. Karma Yoga is the way of selfless service. Bhakti Yoga is the way of exclusive devotion. Jnana Yoga is the way of wisdom. The Hindu way of life has made a Leppy combination of all these Yogas, and it is for Ane individual to tread all the three at the same time, but lay stress on the one which suits him most.

Jivatma is the individual soul identical with Brahman.

There is no salvation without the knowledge of the imperisahble. This knowledge is not one which could be acquired by explanations. It could only be enjoyed, by experience. To get that experience, the three Yogas are to be practised side by side. Karma Yoga will purify the heart. Bhakti Yoga will bring steadiness, and Janana Yoga will remove the veil of Maya or ignorance which binds the Atman to the body. Once the permanent realisation comes that the Atman can find happiness only in communion with the Paramatman, all suffering ceases. That is the stage of Sat Chit Ananda. A South Indian Saint sings as follows; he looks at the full moon in the calm clear sky and says:“O Moon, will you tell me the method by which I can, like you, forget myself and enjoy the eternal bliss? How I wish to come near your side, without anyone knowing it”!

A study of the biographies of India, like SANKARA, RAMANUJA, CHAITANYA, MEERA BAI RAMA KRISHNA PARAMAHAMSA, SWAMI VIVEKA NANDA, MAHATHMA GANDHI, and SWAMI SIVANANDA, will show clearly how they have shown by personal example to adopt the various paths of Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Raj Yoga, and Jnana Yoga at one and the same time for attaining perfection.

In the Himalayan ascents there lives today a great and perfected soul: SWAMI SIVANANDA. A seer of great eminence, but yet the most humble of teachers, Swami Sivananda, with the aid of the multitude of his disciples throughout the various

Countries of the world, is to day spreading the beacon light of Adwaitic Wisdom.

He stands like a towering light-house quiding the shipwrecked souls to get out of the deep ocean of Samsara.

Any student who aspires to discover truth, has first to fix his oars under a guiding star. He will never be able to cross the seas. Otherwise,

This guiding star has always been the Preceptor or the Guru.

To an aspirant, Guru is a pre-requisite. The author of the Gita is one of such Gurus of the world. Lord Jesus, the Saviour is another Guru. Muhammad the Prophet, Buddha, Confucius, Zoroaster, all of them are great Gurus, Masters who have guided the human souls to greater heights. The great saint Manikka Vachaka says:“Oh Lord, the God of Gods, ever resplendent happiness, you were so merciful to appear again and again as preceptor to lift up the human race when they were in troubled waters.” Even during these days there are great souls, perfected men, who have had the vision of God, and who can bring solace to the afflicted souls.

Today, in India, thousands of people seeking knowledge turn to Swami Sivananda for inspiration and light. His is the message of peace and brotherhood, the same message which Lord Jesus gave to the world

He established the Divine Life Society for the propagation of true knowledge. Recently, a branch of the Society has been opened at Geneva under the inspiring guidance of Madam Schneider.

This brochure is the evidence of the masterly achievement of her devoted work in Geneva in the cause of the promotion of “Truth”.

I have tried my best to refer to some of the prin. Ciples of Hindu Philosophy. Hindu Philosophy is a subtly unified workmanship of these principles and realisations. While basing its foundations on the spiritual past, this philosophy has also been progressive throughout the ages. There has never been such a thing as a uniform stationary unalterable Hindu Philosophy. It has always lived as a move. Ment, not as a position; as a process, and not as a result; as a growing tradition, and not a fixed dogma. Today, the world has become a much smaller place. Mingling of populations is bringing about an interchange of thoughts.

The Theosophical movement has done a great deal to bring about the oneness of the truth in the various philosophical systems of the world. As a result of all such efforts we are slowly realising today that the human race is a single co operative group.

We are seeking ways by which the various different nations of the world can live together in ever. Lasting peace and harmony. The best basis for a true and lasting unity of all humanity, is the unity of the heart born out of a lasting love for the happiness of one another. This universal love has been the keynote of the Vedantin.

From times immemorial up till now, in India no religious congregation or philosophical discourse will be brought to a conclusion without offering prayers for Universal peace. Let me also chant here the same Vedic Prayer before I conclude my talk. The meaning of this prayer is:.

“Well be it with the people: May rulers safeguard the world, sticking to the righteous path,

May there be welfare always to cows and the learned;

May all the worlds be happy.” Om Tat Sat




Sri Swami Sivananda’s Message to the women of the West, conveyed through Sri Gita Schneider Editor, ‘Synthese Universelle’.

My silent adoration and prostrations to the ladies of the world who are the manifestation of Divine Mother!

The destiny of the world is in your hands. You are holding the master-key of the world. You are the backbone of all Religions.

The religion in all countries is maintained by ladies only. There is peculiar religious instinct in them. They infuse the religious spirit in males through their daily conduct and practical life. If ladics are inspired, the whole world will be inspired.

Manu Smriti (Hindu scripture) says: “Where women are honoured, there the devas are blessed Where women are worshipped, in that family great men are born.” A sensible, cultured, devout and pious women is the Lakshmi (Goddess) of the house. In fact she is the Goddess who sheds sunshine and spirituality; happiness and joy in the house.

Ladies by their Pativrata Shakti (modesty and chastity and devotion to husband) can do anything. They have the real spiritual power. They can stop the sun from rising as Nalayani did in time of yore. Savitri brought back to life her dead husband Satyavan. AGHAHAVIR IMAWA

Ladies are fit for treading the spiritual path. In India even a child knows about Anasuya, Savitri, Nalayani, Sulabha, Gargi. They are all BrahmaVadins, Vedantinis, Yogins and greatest Bhaktas.

What others have done you also can do. Think of the incalculable benefits that will be derived by the attainment of Self realisation, viz, Immortality, supreme Peace and infinite Bliss. The Divine Flame is burning from time immemorial in the lamp of your heart. Merge yourself within. Plunge deep in the chambers of your heart. Meditate and realise the Self. You have within yourself tremendous powers and latent faculties and capacities. You must awaken these by the regular, steady practice of Yoga. Realise the ultimate Reality and enjoy the eternal Bliss.

May you all become Immortal and drink deep the divine nectar of pernnial joy and Eternal Bliss!


Love of body or skin is passion. Love of God is Prem or devotion. It is pure love. It is love for love’s sake. To love any one for attaining some selfish gain is selfish love. It binds you to this earth. To love all beings with the feeling that they are all manifestations of the Lord Himself is pure love. It is divine love. It leads to liberation. Pure love redeems, purifies the heart and transmutes you into divinity. God is an embodiment of love. He is an ocean of love. If you wish to attain Godrealisation, you also become an embodiment of love. Pure love is bliss. Pure love is sweet. Speak lovingly. Act lovingly. Serve lovingly. You will soon enter the Kingdom of Heaven or Supreme Peace. Hatred ceases. Not by hatred but by love. Return love for hatred. Love little, but love long. Love must be of an enduring nature. Love inspires, illumines and leads the way. Love is not really getting or bargaining, but giving. Love is absolute = goodness, honour, peace and pure living. Love is the best thing in this world. It cements the broken hearts. Love is the master-key to open the door of Moksha or Eternal Bliss. Love inspires love. Love is a saviour of life unto life. Love is a divine elixir. It bestows immortality, supreme peace and everlasting Joy.

The only greatness lies in unselfish pure love. There is not even a tinge of selfishness in pure love... The love of a mother is never exhausted. It never changes. It never tires. The mother’s love endures for ever. Love all. Embrace all. Include all in the warm embrace of your love Cultivate cosmic love or unreserved love. Love your enemies, love your inferiors. Love all animals. Love your Guru Love sll saints and sages. Love makes great sacrifices. Love is anxious to help and serve others and makes others happy. Love forgives True, pure love or divine Prem is eternal, unchanging, infinite. It takes unselfish interest in other people’s welfare, and interest in other lives than its own Love not the perishable’ mundane objects. You will come to grief and destructon if you love them. Love God. Love your own immortal Self or Atman You will be blissful for ever. You will become immortal.

Eat in love. Drink in love. Bathe in love. Talk in love Sleep in love. Write in love. Think in love Serve in love. Walk in love. Become an embodiment of love. This world has come out of love It exists in love. It finally dissolves in love. Love is God. God is Lova. Cultivate slowly this pure love in the garden of your heart through Japa, prayer, Kirtan, faith, devotion service of saints humanity and all beings, meditation and company of saints, etc. Life is a sweet flower, of which love is the honey The greatest pleasure of life is love Love is the whole, the very life-breath of your heart.

Love is the living essence of the divine nature which beams full of all goodness. Love is the golden link or tie which binds the heart to heart, mind to mind, soul to soul. Love never reasons, but ever profusely gives. It is not affected by offence or insult. It looks not with the eyes, but with the heart Love is the crowning grace of humanity. Ithe the holiest right of the soul. Love is indeed Heaven upon earth. It casts out all sorts of fears. Love your neighbour as your own Self. Love God with all your heart, mind and soul.


Bhakti is supreme Love of God. It is the Kohinoor in the Crown of devotees. It blossoms afterwarde into Gyana. It leads to immortality or Godre lisation. Cultivate it through Satsang, Japa, Kirtan, Prayer, meditation and service of Bhaktas Life without devotion is real death. Remember Prahlada, Dhruva. You will draw inspiration. Worldliness, vasanas, cravings, pride, attachment,

Egoism and lust are enemies of devotion. Kill them, Do total self-surrender unto the Lord. (Published in: BOOK UNIVERSITY JOURNAL, March 27th issue)


(Sri Theodor Von Radloff of Switzerland visited the Sivanandashram and prayed to Sri Swami Sivananda to grant him a message to the people of Europe, to be recorded on magnetic tape and sent to Switzerland, to be relayed there. The following is Swamiji’s Message)

OM.    OM.    OM..

I heartily welcome Sri Theoder Von Radloff and Srimati Radloff from Switzerland. I am grateful to Them for this opportunity of sending my greetings and good wishes to the people of Europe.

Today there are as many Yogis in Europe sed America as there are in India. The West is ready d take up the Message of the East. I receive a number dikletters from hundreds of sincere students of Yoga characteristic in in the West. There is one great them all. It is sincerity. For whatever the Westerner applies himself to, he is ready to sacrifice his lifs

That is a wonderful qualification for the higher achievements. It is the basis of Yoga and Vedanta.

Raja Yoga appeals to the Western mind I have a number of disciples in Europe and America who have made wonderful progress in Raja Yoga. I greet them all. I salute them.

The Message of the East is the Message of Vedanta. Vedanta declares that there is One Seli that dwells in all Diversity is only an appearance, Unity is real. This unity can be realised in the Highest Samadhi or superconscious state. Samadhi follows meditation.

Before you can attain this perfect state, you will have to purify your mind. You must practise unity in your daily life. Love all. Serve all. These are the basic practices of Vedanta. Be good and do good; this is the essence of all religions. You are now ready for the higher Yoga practices. Practise Asans and Pranayama. You will enjoy wonderful health and peace of mind. Fix the mind on the God who dwells within. Meditate, You will soon attain the life’s goal.

You have already realised that this world is full of misery, wars, riots disease and pain. Wake up. Apply yourself seriously to the practice of Yoga and altain Eternal Bliss here and now. May God bless all the people of Europe and the whole world May there he peace on earth! May God bless Sri Theodor Von Radloff and family with health, long life, peace, prosperity and Eternal Bliss

Tat Twam Asi-Thou art That. Serve, love give, purify, meditate, realise and be free.



Prostrations, prostrations, crores of times at the Holy Feet of Lord Jesus, the Saviour of Mankind, the Eternal Beacon-light that shines to guide man along the path of Rectitude to the Destination of Supreme Beatitude.

Lord Jesus is the incarnation of Bold Understand. Ing, Determined Will and Resolute Action. Study the Gospels again. Meditate on the resplendent, spiritually glowing Divine Form of Lord Jesus. How sweet, how compassionate, how gentle and loving He was! And yet, He showed no leniency towards Himself; He turned resolutely away from Satannot that He could ever be tempted, but to set an example before us and He had no patience with the unrighteous impostors and hypocrites.

Could anyone on earth declare in more unequivo. Cal, unambiguous and definite terms the rules of moral conduct, the regulations that govern entry into the Kingdom of God, than Lord Jesus has done? Can we profess allegiance to Him and yet ignore His commands? Let every Christian today remem. Ber the flaming words of the Lord: “Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the Kingdom of Heaven; but he that doeth the Will of my Father, which is in heaven.” And that Will of the Divine Father, Lord Jesus had not only stated in the plainest language intelligible to the least intelli. Gent among men, but what is even more, has demonstrated in an unforgettably graphic manner in the heart-rending, soul-inspiring life.

Lord Jesus declared that it was worse than useless to run after the things of the world, ignoring the supremely important Spirit within. He knew the form of Satan; and therefore He had forewarned His followers not to let Satan enter any part of their being, and if Satan was detected as having tainted any, to “pluck that part out and cast it out”, in order that the entire being might not be tainted, as heedlessness was sure to do. We see the wisdom of His Wise Words today. And, what a painful sight it is!

True, Lord Jesus bled on the Cross for the redemption of His people. Today, from His Eternal Seat in the Kingdom of God, His Divine Compassionate Heart bleeds even more profusely; for, the people of His time were ignorant of the Law and they erred but the people of the modern world have the res, lendent light of Lord Jesus’s life and teachings shining and illumining the path of righteous. Ness, and yet they wantonly walk the path of darkness, ignorance, sin, selfishness, sensuousness and misery. If His Merciful Heart bled for the ignorant sinners, how much more would it bleed for the sins of those who err, ignoring His Light!

Is this the way in which you would like humanity to show its gratitude to the Saviour? No, a thousand times No. It is never too late to mend. And, there are today thousands of pious, devout, righteous men and women in all parts of the globe, in whose hearts Lord Jesus is reincarnate as one or more of the divine virtues that He had idealised in His own Divine Personality These men are not publicised in your newspapers; throw away these papers. These men are not in your limelight; but it is nothing but crime-light, the light in which dance the disciples of Satan. But these pious men of God, many of them walk the humble path, unnoticed by the pleasureseeker, the glamour adorer, and the sin-blinded “Civilised” man. But they are the salt of the earth; they are the sustainers of real life upon earth; it is their presence that brings down the Lord’s richest blessings upon all men; it is their presence that maintains, sustains, the world It is they that unostentatiously, but all the same powerfully radiate peace and happiness. And if today there is even this much of peace, and this much of happiness that mankind enjoys, it is due to the presence of there divine souls in whose heart the Eternal Jesus hes reincarnated in all His spiritual radiance and divias splendour. They have known that Lord Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Worship them. Adore them. Follow in their footsteps. They are not the footsteps of these men: they are in fact the Eternal Footsteps that the Lord Jesus has left on the sands of time. Study the lives of these saints. Reflect over their divine traits. How heroically they have reached in the most trying situations! Emulate them.

Christianity is not an arm-chair religion; in fact, no religion can afford to recline on the arm-chair II it is to live. Christianity is a Living Religion, a religion which is dynamic and vibrant. So long as there is one pious and devout follower of Christ, Christianity will live; there was only one Lord Jesus, who is today adored by millions all over the world. Even today Lord Jesus lives in our hearts, because in the worst crises, in the greatest of temptations, he triumphed, holding aloft by his own life and actions, the glory of truth and righteousness, He was not a speculative philosopher. But a Living God, Unless this Living God is worshipped in a living manner by living His Life. In our own life, all the speculations of philoso phy will vanish into thin air in which alone, in the vain intellects of the philosophers where alone they had their birth and where alone they existed. Trials and temptations come but to be overcome by the brave. Tests and trying situations are spiritual Vitamin tab’ets. They come to strengthen your mind and to purify your heart. They are, as it were. The wise men that discover Jesus in you. To succumb to these trials is weakness. To fast, to pray, to discriminate and to overcome these obstacles with the help of the Grace of the Lord is spiritual heroism. When the victory is achieved, to feel, to realise and to proclaim that it was the Lord’s Grace that enabled you to attain victory is real meekness. Meekness is virtue; weakness is sin. Learn this great lesson from the life of Lord Jesus.

Study the “Sermon on the Mount” again and again. Meditate upon it. Choose the Lord’s instructions one after the other, month after month, and endeavour diligently to put them into practice. Thus will you grow into a worthy child of Lord Jesus. Thus will you reincarnate Lord Jesus in your own heart. There are many today who truly and sincerely follow His Teachings. In their hearts has Jesus re-incarnated, to guide you, to lead you to the Kingdom of God, where He has His Suprema Seat. May you all walk the Path that Jesus laid out! May you all be the living embodiments of the Sermon on the Mount! May you realise the Kingdon of God within you here and now!


 Jesus! Light of the World! My Saviour! Where are you?

For, in this dark hour when mankind rushes headlong towards its own destruction, there is urgent need for thee!

Where are you, O Saviour? Have you not pro. Mised that you will never leave us domfortless and you will come to us? This indeed is the time has you should reveal yourself to us so that we may follow you in peace and joy, follow the Good Shepherd. Even as the sheep

Alas my Saviour, many of thy sheep are lost But we don’t despair How kind and gracious you ara! You take a supreme delight in bringing the lost sheep back to the fold Each lost sheep adds to your delight. Come, come: there is great work and greater delight awaiting you.

Where are you, Oh Saviour? Temples have been built for thee all over the world Literally there is no part of the globe where people do not profess to be your followers. Truly, my Lord, the sun never sets over thy Kingdom on Earth. But, alas the very people who owe alle jiance to you, have surrendered themselves to the evil hands of Satan. They seek to serve thee on Sundays and mammon on the rest.

Lord, if a man loves thee, he will keep Thy words. And the Father will love him and you will come unto him and make your abode with him Today people remember Thy name but have forgotten Thy wordsthe comforting balm, the invaluable treasure, the fountain of bliss, the nectar of immortality, the Philosopher’s-Stone that transforms man into divinity

You have given us your Great Commandment: “Love one another as I have loved you.” And you bave shown us by your own life that you could (and did) give up your life itself for our sake Not only in such love vanishing from the face of the earth today but in his greed, fear a d hatred, man is ready to cut the throat of his brother. Where are you, Oh Saviour? Come, come ere it is too late.

When will people realise that “a man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth”? When will they seek the Kingdom of God and let the other things be added unto them at His Will? What Can there be a warning, stronger and clearer than thy words: “Take heed and beware of covetousness.”

Where are you, Oh Saviour? Come come, and remind man that he has in his hands a stone with which he can get two fruits at one stroke. If only he understands aright, and practises, thy precept: Se 1 that ye have and give alms; provide yourselves bags which wax not old, a treasure in the heaven that faileth not, where no thief approacheth neither mouth corrupteth”, he will not only achieve his own salvation, but will create harmony and peace around him and there will be brotherhood and prosperity in the world.

Where are you, Ch Saviour? Thy children for whom you gave up your life itself the poor, the downtrodden, the faithful, the persecuted are oppressed and are deprived of even the little they have. Their oppressors whom you sought to save through your life-transforming Message of Love and Oneness, are once again straying away into the path of

Iniquity. You have commanded: “when thou make. Est a feast, call the poor, the maimed, the lame, thà blind; and thou shalt be blessed” But, everywhere we see feasts and festivities, dinners and garden parties to which only the friends and rich neighboura are invited! And, what do they do? In Thy sage counsels were the seeds of peace and prosperity. Discarding them, they gather only to plot against each other, and together against a third. Come, come, Oh Saviour; now is the time for Thee.

Lord! Forget not Thy Promise: “Whatever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do.” In Thy Holy Divine Name, I pray come, Oh come, the Supreme Monarch of the world! Enthrone yourself in the hearts of all men. Even as you said without you nothing can be done.

Where are you, Oh Saviour? Thou art where Thy Word is. This have you revealed in your luminous utterances that Thou art one with Thy Law. This Law is the Law of Unity, of Brotherhood, of Love, of Humility, of Forgiveness, of Righteousness, of Charity. I pray to Thee, on this Most Holy Day of Thy Birth here: take Thy birth once again in the hearts of all men and women all over the world and take Thy birth in the form of this Divine Law. Thus would humanity be saved. And, thus would Jesus, my Lord, the Son of God, be proclaimed as the Eternal Saviour.

Come, Oh come, Prince of Peace; For your Second Coming are Thy chosen children, the saints and men-of-God all over the world, praying and waiting. Come in the form of Thy fiery words, Coms in the form of the Sermon on the Mount every Word aglow with thy Divine Light. Coming into man’s heart, let Thy Word become the blood of his blood, breath of his life, soul of his soul Only thus transformed into the very images of Thy Word shall men ragain the Eternal Life, Infinite Joy, and Peace that Passeth understanding.

May, this Christmas, the Lord be reborn in the hearts of every man and woman in the whole world!



(A Message from Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj to the Fourteenth World Vegetarian Congress, Paris.)

It is a special privilege and a matter of immense pleasure to send this short message to the Fourteenth World Vegetarian Congress, as an evidence of my active interest in the Movement. This Congress commands the cultural consent of the awakened opinion of all mankind, exerts a moral force on all nations, and compels the attention of all those who have not yet become the members of the International Vegetarian Union.

The knowledge that the international vegetarian movement is one of the most chastening and elevat. Ing cultural currents released into the contemporary world of many-sided life-activity, is a stimulating experience of a noble nature. The ideas, ideals and principles of action, that form the foundations of this movement, are in perfect consonance with those prevailing in the spiritual circles of the land of India.

This fact lends the vegetarian movement an added strength and also gladdens everyone in India that this humanitarian trend would continue to move from strength to strength and one day envelop all huma nity in the must joyous sentiments of profound reverence for all life, of a recognition of the oneness and sacredness of all existence, and thus make for deeper bases of universal brotherhood, love and progress.

If the machineries and measures of other organizations and forms of effort have shown themselves to be feeble to achieve the object of world-unity, world-peace, and world progress, in the absence of the contemporary and indispensable action of the spiritual forces, this vegetarian movement, with its members of larger affections, broad views, liberal ideas, noble sentiments, elevated character, and genuine love for all that breathes would prove, with their growing activities, a mighty force contributing to such an achievement.

Vegetarianism is not an end in itself, but a powerful enlightened instrument for rendering the lives of individuals into cementing forces of goodness, into centres of exalted natures that radiate and diffuse help, love, service, peace, and happiness into all forms of life.

The noble understanding that underlies the praoice of vajatarianism is the fine fruit of enlightened thinking; it is an active evidence of the growing purity of the nature of the individuals practising it, and a sign of operation in their lives, of the endear. Ing, extra-social, and unifying characteristics.

The practice of the broad-based vegetarianism, leads the consciousness of men into an intimate experience of the divine foundations of all forms of life; It is this experience alone that can become the bedrock of world unity, world harmony, world happi. Ness and world-progress.

Without this form of cultural understanding and this deep experience of th very fundamental movements of existence by individuals, all efforts, endeavour and pompous intentions and plans for a realization of universal brotherhood and all those ideals that one generally hears these days, would be impossible.

Therefore, I earnestly appeal to everyone connected with this World Vegetarian Congress, to put in strenuous efforts to make the Vegetarian Movement a mighty culural force in the contemporary world I offer my heartfelt prayers to the all-pervading divine Power and Presence to bless everyone of you with health, long life, peace, happiness. Prosperity, and inner enlightenment


A Message for the third World Spiritual Congreas organised by the World Spiritual Council, Lausanne,

Beloved Incarnation of the Light of Love!

Permit me at the very outset to send salutations and cordial greetings of pure divine love!

For, indeed Love is God! Truth, God. Existence. Knowledge-Bliss Absolute, Love, Allah, Christ,. These are all synonymous terms. Thus, when I salute thus, I verily salute the Almighty Lord LOVE Who is enthroned in all noble hearts, and Whose Messengers we are all trying in our own humble way to become.

The Hindu Scriptures praclaim the Unity of existence. This one central theme runs through the utterances of all the seers that have left us an invaluable heritage of True Wisdom that Truth or God is One though It or He has been described variously by different Seers. That One pervades everything here in fact. That alone exists, naught else. The visible world which is a false, illusory production of the Ego, is truly rooted in That; it is, so to say, Its shadow. When the senses are drawn away from their objects, when the mind is stilled, and the intellect transcended, the inner eye of intuition is opened, through which man has an altogether different vision-he sees God in everything; for him He alone exists: and he proclaims at the top of his voice –“All this is dear to me, not because of their dlusory appearance, but because in Truth they are my own Atman, my own Self, the Lord, Truth! His heart is filled with Love-UNIVERSAL LOVE I have searched all the scriptures of the world,

The fundamental doctrines of the various principal religions which today rule the vast majority of the peoples of the world; but I have been unable to find in them the seed for the discord, disunity, hatred, and disharmony that characterises the life of present-day humanity. I can boldly declare that Lord Jesus, Lord Buddha, Lord Krishna, Lord Moham. Med, Lord Zoroaster, Confucius-in fact every one who has borne the Message of Truth for the enlightenment of mankind-they have all delivered the same Message of Love and Unity, only in different words to suit their listeners. Why? When we closely examine the scriptures of the Hindus, we find several streams running prallel to each otherthe Stream of Knowledge, the Stream of Love (Devotion), the Stream of Meditative Practices, the Stream of Selfless Action -all leading to the same ocean God, the Infinite. The Upanishads contain the essence of High Wisdom. The Vedas prescribe various sacrificial rites. The Smritis extol Righte ousness man. The Puranas generate Love of God in The same coat does not fit John, James and Henry: nor does one path suit every type of man. Even so, if Sri Sankaracharya preached that the key to final Liberation from the cycle of birth and death was knowledge of God, and Lord Krishna preached selfless action with perfect laner renunciation, Lord Jesus and Lord Buddha exhorted humanity to lead a virtuous life and cultivate in their hearts pure love.

Misunderstanding of the true Indeed, it is a purport of the teachings of Sages that has been the ruin of mankind. Of what use is the knowledge that the same Lord indwelleth all hearts, if our thoughts, words and deeds, do not reflect this inner realisa. Tion? Him I call a hypocrite, an impostor, a lip-Vedantin who utters merely with his lips “Sarvam Khalu Idam Brahma” (all this is God) but would refuse to do good to every living being, even at the cost of his own life. Him I call a true Pharisee, a detestable snake in the grass, who pre. Tends to find his God in deities and temples, forsaking the living Gods, the visible Gods, standing outside, hungry and naked. Him I call a fraud, prestidigitator, and a cheat, who in the robes of the pious, seeks his own gain, is selfish, and is grabber: who deceives people by his charlatanic exhibition of occult powers. Every religion in the world condemns him. The Kingdom of Heaven is closed to him: Lord Krishna calls him Asuric; or demcnaical; Lord Buddha describes him as the fool! Lord Krishna characterises the Saint as one who is intersted in the welfare of all beings -remember l this term includes all life, not mərəly human beings. Says Lord Christ “He who loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen? And this commandnent have wa from him that he who loveth God loves his brother also.” Equally emphatically has the Prophet of Islam declared. “He needs no other rosary whose thread of life is strung with beads of love, service, charity and renunciation.”

Who is responsible for this misunderstanding? Ignorance, says the Indian Seer. The Light of Knowledge in man is veiled by a thick screen of ignorance: and this is the root cause of bondage, of all the evils of the world. This is the Satan of Jesus; Mara of Buddha. The taint of the body is laziness; the taint of the watchman is negligence; the taint of a woman is unchastity; the taint of a donor is miserliness; but ignorance is the greatsst taint, a taint worse than all the above taints For this taint of ignorance is truly the seed and the others are the stem, branches and leaves the fruit is bondage or suffering. It is through this ignorance that man has forgotten that “the Kingdom of God is within” him, that “we are Gods, and verily to Him do we return”, and that “everything is verily Brahman -God”.

It is this ignorance which gives rise to individuation. Under its intoxicating influence man individualises himself, violently separates himself from the rest and becomes restless! He builds his own prison-house and he gets caught even as the worm is entangled in its own cocoon | Ignorance clouds the understatanding of man and immediately results in indiscrimination. Man is then unable to ulft the good from the bad, the real from the unreal, the truth from the falsehood. He mistakes the chaff

For the grain He mistakes his own body for the for the al Soul! He identifies himself with his wits and children, caste, clan, nationality, profession, etc. From here starts the bondage as we externally perceive it. He gets attached that virulent bacteria fatally venomous called attachment gets into his very blood! Petty-mindedness, selfishness and jealousy, and a host of other evils have their origin in this attachment. Naturally, this passion produces likes and dislikes. He likes those to whom he is attached: dislikes those who frustrate his passions. The hideous monster raises his head now-HATRED The actions which he performs under the influence of these likes and dislikes cause the man to be tied firmly to the wheel of birth and death.

The force of Love is such and we must here remember that man’s essential nature is divine and so, to love that even in this debased condition man loves. This love is restricted and is actuated by selfish desires. It is therefore mere infatuated love productive of endless sufferings. Pitiable is his condition; Will any one whom he loves help him at the time of death? Is there one really sincere and unselfish friend for man in the world? In the worldly sphere there cannot be true love. Even the highest form of human love is tainted by selfishness and is motivated by a desire to fulfil one’s cravings. Hardly does man realise that the Lord, his real Friend, Father, Mother, Who dwells in his heart will never forsake him, though man may forget Him. God-It is in Him we find perfect Love.

Perfect love is Godliness. Perfect love is charasterised by saltlessness, purity, unconditionalhera spontaneity, and irrevocability.

Such Pure Love breaks all bonds; pulls down all barriers; annihilates all limitations of caste, creed, sex, nationality, social position or even the position in the ladder of evolution; and flows perennially towards the entire universe even as the sun shines equally upon all. This Love is indeed God It is a potent remedy to destroy the disease, hatred. One who has learnt the art of cultivating this pure Love in the garden of his own heart to however small an extent, at once wins the heart of one and all he comes into contact with. His heart expands infinitely: he soon realises Cosmic Oneness or Adwaitic Realisation of his own Godhead, the summum honum of all human effort.

This Pure Love is an irresistible force. It does not lie dormant in one who possesses it. This Saviour for such does he become realises that “the voice of the people is the voice of God.” He quickly engages himself in alleviating the suffering of humanity. He sets himself up as the ideal of selfless service. He converts himself into the fittest channel for the Lord’s Will to flow through. He has crossed this vast ocean of births; and he enables others to follow him, too. He is unperturbed; and infects others with his inner peace. He is over joyful, and an atmosphere of bliss parvades him. Meagre is the scent that comes from sandal and jessamine: the perfume of those who are endowed with this Pure Love rises up to the highest Heaven He is a trus oller, whatever be his age, for a man Henot an older because his hair is gray: he is fit to be called “elder”, fit to be worshipped, in whom dwells this Pure Love. He is not afraid. Nobody can do him any harm. If a man offends him, the evil returns upon the evil-doer as fine dust thrown against the wind! Evil departs from this saint once and for all. Glory to the divine beings whose heart is filled with Pure Divine Love!

The basis of lasting unity of all humanity is this religion of Pure Love. Men can be united only if they are free from hatred and petti-mindedness. Wherever there is love, there is peace! Love and love alone can provide us the solution for the unrest that prevails in the world today.

All artificial barriers should be pulled down. Man should give up his egoism, pre-conceived notions, pet ideas, prejudices and selfish interests. He should tread the path of virtue. He should renounce his attachment to things mundane. Senses should be controlled. Man is after all the resultant product of the sum total of his thoughts. He should therefore make his own these three screts of happiness: to see no evil, to hear no evil, and to do no evil. He should be made to realise that two evils cannot make one good! He should be weaned away from the impulse to return evil for evil. Evil is a kind of knowledge to show the superiority of goodness by way of comparison! Therefore, he should develop compassion towards his lesser evolved brethren and by to educate them in love through his own example. Je should ever radiate thoughts of love. Above all, se should lead a self-controlled life. The love of money is the root of all evils. Aggression should be given up. The lust for victory breeds hatred. Man should take to the earnest study of the scrip. Tures of his own religion without any bias and try to live up to their teachings. He should love his neighbour as his own self. That is Divine Life! And that is the only gate to the Kingdom of God..

That is my message to the Third World Spiritual Congress. I exhort the Congress to form itself into a mighty force and spread its message of Universal Love throughout the world, quickly. There is no time to lose. The clouds that are now gathering of another and a more devastating world war should be dispersed. There is the mighty power, an inexhaustible magazine of power, within you all the Omnipotence of the Lord. The work in which you are all engaged is noble, divine. Nothing can be more sacred; nothing dearer to His heart. Light up the Torch of Love: hold it aloft-lead the world by its Lustre! Hail! Hail! O Messengers of Love! May all wour endeavours be fruitful! May God bless you all!

With my best wishes for the success of the Conference, and again my greetings of Universal Love to your revered self and to all those assembled On this most auspicious occasion under the banner of the World Spiritual Council,

Thy Own Self,



A message for the Congress of The World Spiritual Council to be held at Paris in 1955.

The spiritual principle is the centrally constitu. Ting substance of the human individual: a dynamic expression of this Principle within us in every field of human activity and experience is more fundamental, more basic than the exercise of the rational, the scientific, the aesthetic, the humanistic and the cultural functions. A total failure to recognise and express in the manifold experience of the individual and of the man in the mass, the sustaining, enriching, integrating Nature of the fundamental principle in the human constitution, has, as the enlightened spiritual temper has now come to understand, brought in its unwholesome train the disharmonies, disturbances, conflicts, unhappiness obtaining in the life of the individual, the social groups, the national units, and international relationship. The battered existence of contemporary humanity has forcefully brought to its mental awareness the absence of the vital Force in our lifeexpressions, belonging to the Spiritual Element in us. In this understanding lies the way out of the present impasse; and the raison d’etre of the World Spiritual Council and its intelligent, energetic, enthusiastic disinterested activities consists not only in fostering this superior understanding, but in a powerful working and labouring for releasing into activity and operation the excellences and powers laden in the Spiritual Nature of a large number of individuals around the world To bring into action in all ranges and aspects of human experiente, the richest spiri real potentialities of Man, is the only effective machinery for not only a sustainment of the impe sing structure of cultural relationship but also for building up an enduring World of New Order! To afford the members of the World Spiritual Council, any form of aid or assistance must be a matter of special privilege to the enlightened and tendernatured men around the world. I deem it a special prerogative to extend to you all my humble co-operation in your noblest endeavours I offer my prayer to the all-pervading Divine Presence to bless everyone of you with health, long life. Strength, peace, happiness, enlightenment. And highest spiritual Experience May your energetic efforts crown this Congress with fullness of Success!


Remember God at all times.

Adapt, Adjust, Accommodate.

Be good, do good.

Bear insult, bear injury.

Serve. Love. Give.

Be simple, be serene.

Control lust, control anger

Forget, forgive, forbear.

Be sincere, be honest.

Be humble, be noble.

Speak the truth, have equanimity.

Practise Ahimsa, Brahmacharya.

Be regular, be steadfast

Do charity, have mercy.

Avoid vanity, have veracity.

Think rightly, act rightly.

Purify, Meditate and Realise.

Goal of life is Self-Realization


·         Practise truthfulness, non-violence and celibacy.

·          Be good; do good.

·         Be tolerant.

·         Be kind to all.

·         Serve all; serve the LORD in all; love all.

·         Share what you have with others

·         Give, purify, meditate, realise.

·         Think rightly; act rightly,

·         Behold the one Self in all. See God in every face

·         Feel “I am the all-pervading Immortal Self”



1.       Control anger by love, service, patience and forgiveness.

2.       Back-bite not, slander not, vilify not, abuse not others.

3.       Give up fault-finding.

4.       Speak truthfully, sweetly, lovingly and softly.

5.       Have faith in God, yourself and scriptures, ands of the Preceptor, Law of Karma and its fruits.

6.       Indulge not in vain talk.

7.       Do not steal.

8.       Do not destroy life.

9.       Do not tell lies.

10.   Do not take intoxicants

11.   Covet not other’s wealth. Slay greed.

12.   Avoid unlawful copulation.

13.   Annihilate egoism, pride, hatred, etc.

14.   Associate with Saints and Sages.

15.   Give up meat, fish, eggs, etc. Take vegetable diet.

16.   Keep daily spiritual diary.

17.   Stick to resolves.

18.   Be humble, tolerant, pure, obedient, serene self-restrained, courageous, virtuous, dispassionate and discriminative.

19.   Be good. Do good.

20.   Pray fervently. Sing. Meditate regularly and attain God-realisation here and now.





Nature of God

1.       God is the Fountain-Source for everything. God is Eternal Life. God is truly our Salvation.

2.       God is above all, through all and in you all.

3.       God is the Foundation of all religions in all ages and among all peoples.

4.       The Controller of all the Jivas, is God. He is the Ruler. He is the abode of the universe. He has interpenetrated this universe as the all-witnessing inner Controller of all.

5.       God is ever pure and unattached to the world. He merely looks on as a witness. He never gets iden. Tified with the worldly waves

6.       God is the first cause of the universe He is all-pervading. He is the most ancient. He is allperfect, self-effulgent, free from birth and death.


7.       Vasudeva means the abode of all beings. Vasudeva is pure, absolute consciousness He is differenceless. He is pure, absolute consciousness. He has neither outside nor inside. He is all perfect and immutable.

8.       God is ever-shining, not created by any, self-existent and imperishable.


The Control of Mind

9.       When the mind becomes purified and indifferent to joy and grief, when it always remains in a state of poise, then man knows his real, essential, divine nature, subject to no change, self-luminous subtle, partless and free from limitations.

10.   When the mind is freed from egoism and sense of possession it is purged of pleasure-desire, anger and greed.

11.   It is the mind that causes bondage and release of men. Attached to sense objects it creates bondage, devoted to the Blessed Lord it causes release.

12.   A mind attached to the pleasures of the sen ses leads to misery and birth and death.

13.   A mind which is detached from the sensual pleasures leads to Moksha, or the final emancipation.

14.   A mind attached to the objects of sense flows in various impure worldly currents, whereas a mind which is not attached to the sensual objects returns to its pure essence, the quality of Sattwa and rests in Brahman or the Absolute, the Supreme Bliss.

15.   The mind flows through the ten organs and the ego and does havoc in a variety of ways.

16.   Mind possesses enormous strength. It has grown very insolent and disobedient through your own lenience, connivance, and luxurious habit.

17.   The mind brings with it an uninterrupted succession of grief, infatuation, disease, attachment, greed, animosity, a feeling of mineness, etc.

18.   Destroy this great enemy in the form of the mind through dispassion, discrimination and practice of Yoga.


Methods of Spiritual Practice

19.   God-realisation is not attained by study of Vedas, or asceticism or charity. Sprinkle your body with the dust of the feat of saints. Then alone will you attain God-realisation.

20.   He who serves saints acquires faith in the path of Yoga, 1 ve for all men and devotion to the Lord.

21.   When a traveller is convinced that a mirage in a desert is n t water, he will never after crave for It. Even so a man of discrimination will not run after the illusory objects of this world

22.   Shake off this illusion of Maya in the form of identification with the body by means of the light of wisdom

23.   If you do not cultivate your heart, you will become sellfish and cruel

24.   Yoga leads to a mental state full of peace, free from both pain and pleasure.

25.   Belief in one God is the cornerstone of all religions.

26.   Control the senses. Do not Lecome victims to the flesh Do not run after sensual enjoyment. Seek the bliss eternal of Atma.

27.   He who practises Brahmacharya is a Dheera or a hero. He can face easily the danger and difficulties of life.

28.   Without Brahmacharya education is useless. Without Brahmacharya education ends in despair and sterility. Without Brahmacharya education is quite hollow and shallow.

29.   Life’s joy is in the performance of one’s duty. If you perform your duties well you will attain true and everlasting peace and happiness.


30.   The impure Vasanas generate rebirths. They are terrific in their results. The pure Vasanas liberate one from rebirths.

31.   Give up Vasanas, all affinities for objects, which cause the mind to fluctuate and oscillate.

32.   Attachment to the objects of the world leads to bondage. When devotion which is attachment to the e Lord arises in the heart, it is an open door leading emancipation.

33.   Egoism is spiritual bankruptcy. Egoism is a bellious child which fights against the Atman or the Soul. Egoism is the greatest sin.

34.   Wealth will not confer bliss. It will cause Intoxication of pride. It is ephemeral. It is an enemy of devotion and wisdom.

35.   There is not even an iota of happiness in this world All are illusory in this world.

36.   All worldly things are generators of pain only; they are fraught with all dangers, unrelated to one another but related to one another only througa thoughts.


The Value of piritual Knowledge

1.       The proper understanding of Vedanta will broaden the hearts and minds of social and political leaders of the country, give them the correct vision and better equip them to maintain serenity and equilibrium in the midst of stress and storm of political events and active administrativə life. It is a step in the right direction. Inculcating the spirit of Vedanta will broaden them, will indeed be productive of beneficial results.

2.       Upanishad is the knowledge learnt by the student in the proximity of the Teacher. Upi means near, nishad means sit

3.       Another meaning is that it is the knowledge which destroys ignorance. The root Shad destroys.

4.       Another meaning is it is the knowledge that leads to the attainment and realisation of Brahman or the Absolute.

5.       The younger generation is losing touch with our culture and philosophy. This is very unfortunate and lamentable.

Nature of God

6.       God is all-perfect, all-merciful, all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-pervasive.

7.       God dwells in a heart where there is serenity or tranquillity.

8.       Though Purusha or Atma abides in the body, it is unaffected by the properties of matter or Prakriti, just as the reflection of the sun in the water is not affected by the coldness or the movement of water.

9.       Atma is not modifiable and is without action or attribute.

10.   There is only one Paramatma (Supreme soul), one divinity.

11.   The idol is a symbol which brings the spiritual idea of divinity. It stimulates prayerful thought.


Internal Discipline and Experience

12.   Within you is the immortal Soul, the wise Silence, the universal Beauty, the fountain of Joy and Bliss, the Eternal, Self-effulgent Light. Gaze within. Meditate and realise this Eternal Wisdom.

13.   Look within. You will realise the fullness of joy and eternal bliss. You will find the hidden treasures of divine love and wisdom.

14.   When your mind is agitated withdraw into Silence and regain the inner calm and tranquillity

15.   Every thought, every feeling which does not brate love clouds the understanding and takes you way from God.

16.   Become the witness of the thoughts and attain your essential divine nature in calmness and train quillity.

17.   Keep calm and serene always. The inner balance is very essential to spiritual progress.

18.   All the pains and pleasures arise through the mind only. They will perish if the mind is annihilated through stainless discrimination.


Hints on Sadhana

19.   Blame not. Accuse not. Vilify not Slander not. Live restrained. Dwell on the Supreme Light. Meditate on the Highest.

20.   Dispassion is the greatest panacea for the dire disease of desire.

21.   Disipline your tongue. Guard your tongue. Do not chatter, do not gossip. Do not unter falsehood.

22.   Love is the Light by which you will see God.

23.   To love is to serve, give and forgive.

24.   Each day is your birthday, the day of new birth in the life divine. Strive, strive. Meditate, meditate.

25.   Lead the Life Divine. Calm the passion. Keep calm in all situations of life, Glorify God.


Yoga and Meditation

26.   Yoga is union with the Lord. It is the feeling of Oneness with the whole universe.

27.   Yoga is the restraint of the thought-waves and the impressions of the mind.

28.   Meditation is the most important aspect of religious life. Right meditation is very important. It is a process of canalising the mind to take the form of the object of meditation.


29.   Meditation is Dhyana. It leads to the summit of Samadhi or superconscious state.

30.   Meditation is a process by which there arises Intuitive experience or spiritual, Aparoksha (direct) Anubhava or experience.

31.   Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama become preliminary to meditaton.

32.   Yoga aims at arriving at the Silence of the mind which makes possible the right meditation.


Causes of Bondage

33.   The individual soul deluded by egoism imagines himself to be the doer and enjoyer.

34.   On account of this false conviction the Jiva supposes himself to be associated with the merits and demerits of the actions which he performs and therefore loses his independence and former blessed state of bliss.


35.   Mind is the birth-place of desire.

36.   Mind in its natural state is endowed with purity, immortality and peace.

37.   Action is caused by Prana (vital-power) and cognition by Buddhi or intellect.


Steps To God-Realisation

38.   The Name of the Lord is a great power of powers. It removes the three fevers, Tapatraya. It will ll relieve you of all distress. The Name will fill with true peace and happiness

39.   Beloved Atman Cling firmly to the Divine roll Name of the Lord. Have firm faith. May your mind ever fixed upon His Lotus Feet. All trials and dificulties will gradually pass away.

40.   Serve the poor and needy, the orphan and widow Distribute money, cloth, food and free medicine.

41.   Make a resolute and earnest effort to attain the Supreme Reality here and now.

42.   Cultivate devotion to God. Be detached. Be passionless Develop concentration. Attain spiritual illumination. You will

43.   Harmonious living is very essential if you wish to enjoy peace and concord.

44.   Sat-Sang is contact with the Supreme Soul or Atma through meditation.

45.   Sat-Sang is aasociation with the Sages and Saints.

46.   Whatever may be the form of devotion to God, the spirit should be there and it is that spirit which helps one to attain God-realisation.

47.   O Ram! O Adhyatmic hero! Dive deeper inward. Plunge into God-thought Intensify thy meditation. Unbroken be thy remembrance of God. The flame of true Vairagya should burn brighter and ever brighter.


1.       God is like an ocean. Beings are its bubbles

2.       There is a single Almighty who directs the destiny of all human beings, of whatever creed, colour or culture.

3.       Beauty, Goodness and Truth are three in one and one in three and are identical with God who is y pure Satchidananda in Himself.

4.       Atmaivedam Sarvam. All this is but the Self or Atma.

5.       Samam Sarveshu Bhuteshu. Atma is the same ден in all beings.

6.       All life is one. Realise the Oneness of life. Me

7.       God is the fountain of all goodness God is that oneness which is the Truth of all that lives.

8.       There is no world apart from and independent the of thought. Thoughts constitute the mind.

9.       Duality ceases when the mind stops its function.

10.   Find out the source of the mind and keep the mind there The mind wall perish (Manonas).

11.   Mind does the function of attention, selection and synthesising of sense-impressions It is the seat of pleasure and pain.

12.   Chitta or the subconscious mind does the function of remembering. It is the storehouse of impressions, associations and emotions.

13.   Man’s freedom is not freedom from action but freedom in action.

14.   Morality implies self-restraint and service of others.


15.   The preliminaries on a spiritual path are a simple and good life, a life of truthfulness, universal goodwill and gradual elimination of anger, greed, Just and egoism.

16.   Divine life leads to freedom and bliss, which is the aim of life and of Yoga.

17.   The aim of all religions is to lead us to the way of life which awakens us to the truth of the Self.

18.    Religion and life are not two but one. Lead the Life Divine daily. Meditate. Study. Serve.

19.   Meditate regularly and vigorously. He who meditates becomes changed into divinity. He becomes changed into the likeness of that which he meditates upon.

20.   Be still. Let all the waves of thought subside. In that stillness, when the mind melts, there shines the self-effulgent Atman or self-resplendent pure Consciousness.

21.   Find God. Realise Him. This is a remedy for every ill.

22 Realise God This means perfection, liberation, freedom, harmony, abundance, joy, bliss and everlasting peace.

23 No laws of nature bind a sage. Destiny prevails no more on him. He is free.



Meaning of the Self

1.       Atma is the Self of man. It is beginningless. Attributeless self-evident. It transcends Prakriti.

2.       The spirit or the Atma pervades, permeates and envelopes the universe.

3.       The Atma is the immortal in the mortal. He is Eternal. He is the transcendental Reality

4.       Atman is the Supra-cosmic Reality. He is self-effulgent. He is beyond the dark Maya.

5.       Para Brahman is the Supreme Light, Supreme Spirit, Param Atma, Supreme Truth, the Supreme Principle behind the world of Names and Forms, the Supreme object of meditation.

6.       Purusha is the pure Immortal Spirit. Prakriti is the changing matter. This world is a play of Purusha and Prakriti.

7.       Prakriti is the cause of twenty-four principles, five gross elements, five subtle elements, four-fold inner organs and ten senses.

8.       The Purusha himself is time. It is by his prompting that the equilibrium of Prakriti becomes disturbed.

9.       Call It Lord Siva, Vishnu, Brahma, Para Sakti, Allah, Father in Heaven, Jehova. Tao, Ahur Mazda, Ram, Rahim, Krishna, Kareem. He is the One, the one without the second.

10.   There is an underlying unity which transcends nationality and all other bars and barriers between man and man,

11.   This universe is Lord Himself.


Method of Self-Realisation

12.   Self-realisation is man’s only means to Freedom. It cuts the knot of egoism.

13.   Sages know Him in deep meditation. Those who know Atma are pura, immortal, ever blissful.

14.   To know Atma is to be Himself the Satchidananda,

15.   There is no other path to Atma or Immortal bliss exempt devotion to the Suprema One and meditation upon Him in the heart.

16.   Behold That in all and all in That.

17.   Meditate upon the Lord in the heart. Ba conscious of Him everywhere, everything, within everybody.

Causes of Bondage

18.   When man identifies himselt with the body, the senses, and the mind, he falls into the realm of relativity and is subject to pleasure and pain.

19.   This world exists only when the mind existe but disappears when the mind vanishes.

20.   Egoiam infects the heart, which is the seat of pure, divine love.

21.   It is only through Ahamkar or egoism that all the mental cares, dangers and the ever-increasing actions of life arise.

22.   There is no enemy greater than egoism.

23.   So long as this Ahamkara clouds you, во long will the flowers of desires bloom and increase in you.

24.   Ahamkara la the Source of all dangers, pains and sorrows in this world. It is evanescent. It has its seat in the mind. It is idiotic in its nature. It is without due discrimination and intelligence.

25.   Man, conditioned by the veiling power of Prakriti, fell into delusion, and forgot his own es sential, divine nature,

26.   Passion takes the place of true divine love in worldly people.

27.   It is possible to drink the contents of the ocean, walk over fire and water, fly in the air, eradi cate the Himalayas to its root and swallow the flam ing fire, but it is difficult to control the mind


Hints on Spiritual Practice

28.   Constantly listen to the stories of Lord Hari, Do Japa and kirtan. Meditate. You will attain God. Consciousness. You will reach the highest Goal of your journey, the Lord.

29.   Remain in the blessed company of Saints and Sages who are free from attachments.

30.   Completely sever all ties of infatuation with the sword of wisdom

31.   Protect Dharma. Dharma will protect you.

32.   Repetition of God’s Name and Meditation enables the mind to drive away worldly thoughts and to retain always the remembrance of God alone.

33.   Man talks of love and non-violence and one world; but spends his resources in piling up armaments and A. H C. Bombs for mutual destruction.

34.   Happiness and universal harmony will be attained only when you learn to harness your thoughts and direct them to constructive ends.

35.   A saint practises what he preaches, and preaches what he practises.

36.   The oneness of life and the urgent vital necessity for spiritual regneration are the most important needs of this hour.

37.   The universe has been created by the Su preme Mantra, OM. The vibrations produced in the ether by the Mantra can create, preserve and destroy.

38.   The Mantra-Chaitanya is aroused by the con. Stant repetition of the Mantra.

39.   Manasic Japa of the Mantra tears the veil of Avidya and confers Atma-Jnana upon you.

40.   Group-chanting of Mantras produces trmendous force. A

41.   Do Mantra Purascharana and attain Siddhi of the Mantra and then serve humanity.

42.   You can heal the sick, remove poisons and drive away evil spirits. You can command the Nature to obey you.

43.   God is the truth of all that lives. God is the fountain Source for everything. God is our Salvation. God is Eternal Life.

44.   Vasana is subtle desire. Vasana is a tendency. If you do a good action there is a tendency to repeat another good action. This is Vasana.

45.   Beauty is love. Love is beauty.

46.   A Saint awakens the souls who are slumbering in ignorance and raises them to the status of divinity. He makes them realise their divine, blissful nature.

a.       +    +  +    +


47.   Religion consists in doing good to others and in the practice of love, mercy, truthfulness, non-violence and purity in all the walks of life. The fundamentals of every great religion are unalterable. They can easily be understood. Real Religion is one. Real Religion is Self-realisation


Reprint from the “Book University Journal” April 10th, 1966,

True culture is the attainment of wisdom of Atma or the Self.

True culture is the discipline of head heart and hand. True culture is the attainment of discrimi. Nation, dispassion, aspiration and devotion.

True culture is the enquiry of ‘Who am I’ and

Finding out the real significance of ‘I’.

True culture is right thinking, right speaking, right acting, right living and right meditation.

True culture is honourable plain living and sublime thinking.

True culture is annihilation of egoism and living in the divine.

True culture is a life of self-restraint, selfless service, cosmic love and self-surrender to the Lord.

True culture is the practice of Yoga in the true Vedantic spirit.

True culture is the culture of the inner self of man.

True culture manifests itself in a man in the form of adaptability; egolessness, selflessness, spirit of service, love and supreme devotion to God.

True culture is divine life a life of truth and purity.

-          Sivananda















Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswati, Founder-President of the Divine Life Society, has, by years of arduous work, created a New World-Ananda Kutir for the quick spiritual progress of all types of seekers after Truth, suitable to various tastes, temperaments and stages of evolution. He may be a Brahmachari, Sannyasin or a Grahasti belonging to any school of thought, cult or religion; yet he can find his place in this WORLD. A child, youth or an old man or a woman can have a free access to this Ashram Ananda Kutir commonly known as SIVANANDA ASHRAM or SIVANANDA NAGAR is two miles from Rishikesh Railway station. Rishikesh is just a night’s journey from Delhi on the Dehra Dun line.


The Ashram has quite a few buildings, but all the houses nearby are also rented for the use of the visitors. And yet sometimes, 2 or 3 persons have to stay in a room. Such is the great rush of pilgrima here throughout the year. Therefore it is advisable for you to inform the Secretary, Divine Life Society, Sivananda-nagar Post, Dt. Dehra Dun, in advance about your visit to the Ashram; or on your arrival meet the Secretary, and give him your name and address. Tell him the purpose of your visit and the period you wish to stay This will help the Secretary to make necessary arrangements for your comfortable

Stay, boarding and lodging, and then to guide you throughout. The Ashram provides tea, coffee, or milk in the morning and evening and meals at mid. Day and night. After the night Sat-sang and at the end of the Poojas in Lord Viswanath Mandir, Prasad is distributed. There are plenty of opportunities for people to feel quite at home and to tread the spiri. Tual path with all comforts and conveniences. The climate is very good here throughout the year. The winter is supposed to be a bit cold during the months November to March, but this is the finest period for Sadhana. Winter is very pleasant.


In the early morning at 4, join the Common Prayer and Meditation, and attend the Pooja in Lord Viswanath Mandir at 5 and 9 a. M. You can arrange a Special Pooja in your own name for your good health and long life. Daily at night from 8 p. M. You have the grand Sat-sang with Bhajan, Sankirtan, lectures on Bhakti, Yoga and study of scriptures. Regular classes on Gita and Upanishads are conducted at 9 a. M. There are experts in charge of the sections of Yoga and Physical Culture to train candidates in Yogic Exercises from 7 a. M. Daily for maintaining a high standard of health and for removal of diseases. Special courses: For the benefit of those who can spend a few weeks at the Ashram, private courses on Yoga and Vedanta by the learned Professors of the Yoga Vedanta Forest University are conducted. You will derive incalculable benefits by attending the above classes.

The publications of Sri Swami Sivananda are kept in the office hall. Anyone can study these books or purchase them from the Sales Department. Japa Malas of either Rudraksła or Tulasi are available for your Sadhana. Copies of the charming pictures of Swami Sivananda can also be had for sale.

The Bhajan and inspiring speeches of Sri Swami Sivanandaji are recorded on Magnetic Tapes and Gramophone Records. Several thousands of feet of films with the daily activities of the Swamiji and Yogic Exercises are frequently screened. Consult the man in charge of the Sivananda Art Studio and fix up a convenient time for the projection. The Gramophone Records are available for sale also. A dupli. Cate print of the films can be prepared and supplied.


You can have Darshan of Sri Swami Sivanandaji at 9 a m. In the office where he attends to his correspondence work till 11 a. M Tell him frankly all that you desire in a few words as he has to attend to a lot of work in the Ashram. On Guru Poornima (August), Birthday (September) and Sivaratri (February) days, deserving candidates get initiation into the order of Brahmacharya and Sanyas. Others get Mantra Diksha and perform Pada Pooja on any auspicious day or on all Thursdays.


The Secre ary will take you around the Ashram and explain to you the Yoga Museum which contains many useful articles on Yoga and Religion. In the course of half an hour you can have a comprehensive study of the different aspects of Yoga through simple models, pictures and illustrations.

Intense spiritual training is given to aspirants during Easter and Christmas Sadhana Weeks when hundreds of Sadhaks from all parts of the land undergo a systematic course of Sadhana under the direct quidance of Sri Swami Sivananda. Even during the Birthday celebrations from 1st to 8th September every year, many people visit the Ashram to join the daily Sat-sang.

You have plenty of books to read on Bhakti, Yoga and Vedanta and periodicals such as “Divine Life”, Magazine, “Yoga-Vedanta Forest-University Weekly”, “Health and Long Life” in English and Hindi.

Those who have physical ailments may consult the expert doctors in charge of the Allopathic Hospital. Ayurvedic Pharmacy, Sivananda Nature Cure Clinic Homeopathic Dispensary or the famous and infallible Namapathy School of Sivananda. Reliable patent drugs and tonics for brain and blood, such as Chyavanaprash, Shilajit, etc. Are manufactured from genuine Himalayan herbs.


Several thousands of rupees worth of books are given away FREE by Sri Swami Sivananda to deserving Sadhaks, public Libraries and Educationl Institutions. Aspirants the world over derive wonderful spiritual benefit through the valuable publications of the Society and the personal, inspiring letters of Swami Sivanandaji What ore can learn under a very learned Pundit or through strenuous Sadhana for over 12 years, can be had in Ananda Kutir in a few days of spiritual training or through personal correspondence.


High educated persons can devote their time in study, writing articles and getting training in delivering lectures. All aspirants can plunge themselves in any section of work and learn a lot of things. It is through work a man has the opportunity to come in close touch with Swami Sivanandaji and the Swamiji too has a chance to study the taste, temperament and aptitude of the students. This contact helps a quick spiritual training.

By steadily working in some sections, the Sadhaks learn the art of concentration and control of senses By such selfless service to the Society the Sadhaks awaken the hidden faculties and attain Chitta Suddhi. This is the real foundation for spiritual evolution. By mixing with different types of people, you learn the way to adjust and adapt to various persons and circumstances. This is the easy method to destroy all defects and to develop divine qualities

The Swamiji personally attends to all those who stay in the Ashram. Through kind words, mercy and excellent encouragement, he tries to bring rapid spiritual attainments to those who seek his guidance. For persons of an introvert nature, facilities are provided to evolve through Sadhana in seclusion For a Bhakta, the worship in the temple, Akhanda Kirtan and night Sat-sang will prove to be a boon. The welltrained Sadhaks are advised to tour different parts of the land and to bring peace and happiness to millions. The visitors on their return to their places, establish Branches of the Divine Life Society and carry on similar activities for the benefit of the public.

Generous-hearted persons who can afford, construct Kutirs in the Ashram in their own name for their personal use or for the use of Sadhaks and Mahatmas. This is the highest form of charity in providing accommodation for performing Tapas on the banks of the Holy Ganges, with charming Himalayan sceneries. For dissemination of knowledge, the donors publish pamphlets and leaflets for free distribution through the Yoga-Vedanda Forest University Press.

Sri Swami Sivanandaji says: “To raise the fallen, to lead the blind, to share what I have with others, to bring solace to the afflicted, to cheer up the suffering, to love my neighbour as my own Self, to protect the cows, animals, women and childrenthese are my aims and ideals. I will help you and guide you. I live to serve you all. I live to make you all happy. This body is meant for service.”

Sri Swami Sivananda is bubbling with joy and enthusiasm when he finds a chance to serve others. He creates various avenues and chances for service. May He live long to bring Peace and Prosperity to mankind! May we all come into closer touch with the Master with devotion and sincerity and attain the Goal of Life easily and quickly. Om Santi!

-Swami Paramananda


Anyone can join the University, if he is really eager to practice Sadhana and attain Moksha. He must be able to adapt adjust and accommodate, to the circumstances that prevail here. He must be willing, ready and eager to do service as Sadhana. He must be active, peaceful, kind and mindful of his own development. He must be humble, simple and eager to learn. He must be obedient and be imbued with a spirit of self sacrifice. To such a one the doors of the University are ever open; and such a one will surely profit (and the entire world will profit, too) by his stay here.

It is the duty of everyone to cultivate these virtues and to prepare oneself for Sanyas!

Swami Sivananda


When the Yoga Vedanta Forest University was formally founded in 1946, it was not the intention to offer any courses of instruction to such students as might be willing to come to Ananda Kutir and take them. The aim was merely to provide a suitable atmosphere for the natural acquisition, by the resi dents, of those qualities which mark off the pure and the true from the evil and the impure. It is undeni able that man can better himself and progress towards the realisation of true happiness only through good conduct. Mere intellectual studies will not be enough. Association with the holy people, selfless service, a disciplined life are all necessary. They can be had only in places where facilities are provided for them. The Yoga-Vedanta Forest University was therefore founded at Ananda Kutir in 1946 for that purpose. All who came to live in Sivananda Asram as permanent residents were admittad into the University and given training in different branches so that their moral and spiritual needs might be properly looked after. Those who were keen on any special branch of its activity might specialise in it. For instance, some specialised in Yoga Asans, some in Kirtan, some in Pujas, some in the studies of Yoga and Vedanta and so on. All were, however, given a chance of having a general acquaintance with every branch of study and practice.


The Yoga Vedanta Forest University is located on the right bank of the Ganges at Aranda Kutir, Sivananda Nagar, on the route to Badri, midway between Rishikesh and Lakshman Jhula. The buildings of the University are on the top of a small hill which is reached by mounting up a flight of steps constructed for the purpose. Further up, behind the buildings goes a mountain-road along the edge of another hill called Sivagiri, which presents a magnificent view, especially when rain clouds happen to rest upon it. The view of the Ganges below, as it flows gently westward, taking a graceful bend towards the south, is quite enchanting. On the opposite bank, at the foot of the beautiful hill, Maaikoot, are scattered the low huts of Swargasram, which are, however, set off by the stately Siva Temple, the imposing Gita Bhavan, and the more recent Paramartha Niketan.

The site of the Yoga Vedanta Forest University has been chosen not merely for its picturesquesness; it has also hoary associations. It was on this hill and its immediate vicinity that, in past centuries, great ‘Munis’ or ascetics did hard penance for the sake of God-realisation. That was why the locality still goes by the name Muni-ki-Reti which means ‘the dust of the feet of ascetics’. It was this hill again which engaged the thoughts of Swami Sivananda when he was living in one of the huts of the Swargasram spending his time contemplating upon God. What visions he had and what commands he received from the Lord are not known. But the establishment of the Divine Life Society, the erection of Viswanath Mandir, the construction of the Bhajan Hall, the building up of the Yoga Vedanta Museum and the foundation of the Yoga Vedanta Forest University are some evidences of the Lord’s command that must have been administered to him.

It is the experience of permanent residents as well as of casual visitors of Ananda Kutir that the Yoga Vedanta Forest University has been located at a place which is best suited for the reception of the subtlest and holiest of vibrations which play a very important part in the gradual unfolding of the Perfect Being who dwells in the heart of every one of us but reveals himself only through those who are pure and true. The reasons are not far to seek. The location satisfies all conditions which the late Cardinal Newman spoke of as most valuable for an ideal university. For instance, it is far away from the din and bustle of towns. Yet it is within easy reach of all amenities which modern civilisation demands and provides. It is, so to say, in the lap of Mother Nature, who reveals her beauty as the high Himalayas and the glorious Ganga. It is purified by the presence of the Holy Sage of the Himalayas-Sivananda. It is enriched and ennobled by the wisdom and goodness of erudite and cultured Mahatmas who dwell there permanently with the sole intention of putting into practice the rules of good living laid down in the classical scriptures, the Dharma Sastras and the Upanishads. Last, but not least, it happens at present to be the focal point of aspirants after true knowledge who are drawn towards it from all parts of the world.


Sri Swami Sadananda’s learned discourse during the anniversary celebrations.

On this occasion of the anniversary of the YogaVedanta Forest University, I desire to focus your attention upon a few salient features which are apt to be missed otherwise even as sunlight, fresh air other gitts of God are usually passed over without appreciation because they are so commonplace

The first thing to note is its uniqueness. Our University is totally different from all others, Indian and foreign, ancient, medieval or modern. Whenever a visitor comes to Ananda Kutir, almost the first thing he desires to see is the University and he goes here and there in search of it, but finds it nowhere. There is in South India, the sacred shrine of Chidambaram which is famous for its Rahasya Darsanam (Secret Exposition) and everyone has to wait at noon to have a sight of that Holy of Holies. But, when the screen is removed, what is seen is “mere nothing”. There is no object to be seen at all. Exactly like that is our University. The visitors expect to see blocks of buildings, lecture halls, libraries, laboratories, dormitories, Professors’ quarters and students’ hostels. But what does he see? Nothing at all is here The University is not anywhere or somewhere, but it is everywhere in Ananda Kutir. It is like the omnipresent yet formless Brahman. It cannot be sensed by the ear or by the eye, but it has to be perceived by the Divya Chakshu, the eye of knowledge, One has to look behind the appearances to recognise its existence. The Yoga Vedanta Forest University is not an institute merely to cater for the physical and intellectual needs of its alumni during the period of their stay within it. It is a bounteous mother-a real olma mater ceaselessly active in bringing about a transformation of the very nature of the persons gaining admission into it.

This fact is of primary importance in properly assessing the value of the work turned out by the University and of the place it is expected to occupy in the future.

Each nation in the past had its own educational ideals and such nations as had the nerve and vigour, the enthusiasm and energy to translate their ideals into actualities won for themselves lasting renown. In ancient Greece, the country where the Goddess of Beauty reigned supreme-Sparta shaped her educational policy to suit military needs and ended in making every man and every woman of hers not only a pattern of physical perfection, but also a fighter of unflinching courage. Athens followed a different ideal and her greatest statesmen made her the Queen of Greece, enriching her with temples of unmatched grandeur and sculptures of exquisite workmanship. In the later days of Greek history, peripatetic philosophers and sophists founded informal universities of their own wherein the brightest intellects of the day revelled in long-winded disquisitions on metaphysical subtleties. The treasures they left behind them were gathered up with avidity by intellectual cormorants of the renaissance period who were fundamentally responsible for the religious ferment in Central Europe which terminated in the triumph of Protestantism. During this period there were established all over Europe innumerable universities, therefore which specialised in theology and, naturally enough, there was much bitterness between the votaries of the different sects of Christianity.

Passing on to the modern universities in the U.S.A., the United Kingdom and Europe, there is the scientific bias and professor and students alike are whole heartedly devoting themselves to the study of physics, chemistry, zoology and botany, and a host of other subjects and providing the world with a wealth of information which is immediately utilised by businessmen for manufacturing such commodities as add to our comforts and conveniences. The ultimate end of modern educationjudged from facts seems to be to add to the material wealth of the world.

It is thus seen that in each age, a particular idea dominates human thought and universities also get influenced by it and shape their curriculum of studies in accordance with it. The pursuit of the ideal of beauty held sway in Ancient Greece. Medieval universities of Europe followed the example and built churches and cathedrals, lavishing all their wealth and talent in beautifying them. The religious antagonism between Catholicism and Protestatism was responsible for the infructuous rancour with which the universities carried on their controversies in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The glamour of a scientific conquest of Nature continues, in the present day, to shape the educational aspirations of Western Universities

In contrast to these, we have had in India, in the past, ancient Gurukulas in which religious students sought masters in forest retreats and came back to the towns and cites for earning a livelihood. Accounts of such ancient institutions have to be gathered only from literary allusions and we cannot therefore have a clear and comprehensive idea of what exactly was learnt and how. Likewise we have archeological remains of the ancient sites of universities like Nalanda and historians have been at great pains to re-construct the history of those institutions. From such accounts we find that the alumni attached much importance to the practice of Truth, Love and Purity.

It was with the intention of reviving in our land the ancient tradition of intimate and sacred relationship between Guru and disciple that Swami Sivanandaji established his Ashram.

There is no doubt that Swami Sivananda’s absolute trustfulness in God and unending prayers to the Almighty that pain should be uprooted and that eternal Bliss must be enjoyed by all wherever they may be have resulted in the steady development of this Ashram which has now taken the shape of a University. If it becomes as clear to everyone outside the University as it is to us inmates, that the Divine Will which has brought it to this condition will in the near future manifest Itself more fully, the day will have dawned when this University will be the beaconlight illumining the dark corners of the earth and also the source through which the fear-haunted peoples of foreign lands will gain courage and confidence to walk in the ways of Truth and Goodness so as to enjoy everlasting peace and enduring prosperity.


Any aspirant who wishes to lead the Divine Life of truthfulness, non-violence, self-restraint and purity can become a member of the Society, irrespective of caste, nationality, or religion, on payment of an annual membership fee of Rs. 2 which is to cover the subscription to ‘Wisdom Light.’ An admission fee of Rs. 5 is initially charged to provide the new members with a publication of Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj, spiritual tracts, spiritual diary and resolve forms, and a rosary.

Any group of individuals, wishing to practise and spread the basic fundamentals of spiritual culture and to do some selfless, humanitarian service can open branches of the Society, including Ladies, and Students’ Sections, on consultation with the Headquarters. The branches of the Divine Life Society are required to pay to the headquarters an annual affiliation fee of Rs. 12, which meets the subscriptions to “The Divine Life,’ ‘Wisdom Light and ‘The Branch Gazette”.

Besides ‘The Divine Life, the monthly periodicals issued by the Society are: “Health and Long Life,, ‘Path to God-realization,’ ‘Light-PowerWisdom,’ ‘Branch Gazette’ and ‘Yoga-Vedanta’ (Hindi). In addition to these, the official journal of the Yoga-Vedanta Forest University (“The YogaVedanta Forest University Weekly’) is issued from here every week.









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2.       Chyavanprash

3.       Chandra Prabha

4.       Brahmi-Amla Medicated Oil

5.       Vasant Kusumakar

6.       Brahmi Vilas Choorna

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22.   Maha Yograj Gugulu

23.   Triphala Powder




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