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H. H. Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj with Sri Swami Paramananda


Matchless Guru Bhakti, an astounding dynamism,

unflinching devotion to the cause he espouses,

intense activity in the service of his Master,

love and affection towards all who serve the cause,

a great love for discipline and an innate capacity to maintain it,

and selflessness to the absolute degree,

a selflessness that perfumes all the other virtues and strikes awe

and evokes respect in all-that is Sri Swami Paramanandaji.

In 1931, he joined Sri Swami Sivanandaji at Swarg Ashram.

In an instant he was conquered.

He dedicated himself to Siva's service.

On that day he said to himself:

"If there is a God, it is this Siva alone.

He is fit to be worshipped.

I must serve him with my heart and soul.

Henceforth service of this Siva will be my Sadhana."


I felt a terrible shock and expected a sudden collapse

Tears came in profuse, when I heard my sister's lecture

Sivananda was hurriedly treated as our "Grandmother", a pity

Bhaktas have power to change sex in men, as in a fable,

May long be Gurudev's terrestrial sojourn,

until we all realise Brahman

Pray, let Him not become old at all, until we are all redeemed;

The other day dear Gopal compared Him with a stone

A military Officer boldly addresses Him as his "Mother"

Some take Him as 'Guru' and treat Him as a true 'friend'

A few may silently take Him as a singer or an ordinary Sadhu

But I am glad, all unreservedly worship Him

as God Incarnate.

They all appear to me as 'funny' and sometimes 'painful'

Oh, my mind, know it as true expression of a sincere heart.

Plenty of criticisms, he pockets with great joy

And enjoys the fun, when people attack him sometimes

Cares not for anything, but serves all with affection and love

At every step with great patience, he attempts to uplift all.

Dreams about Gopies cannot become 'Samadhi',

Dance and Drama need not be divorced,

Dress and Debates, must not be relied,

Body and beard should not be worshipped

Truly, faith and devotion are to be advanced.

Now what should be done? How to awaken the Power within?

Stars, visions and sounds are not real at all times

Consider not colic as awakening of power,

Mantra, touch or water from the Master will push you well

Stop not the Sadhana, till the Goal is reached

Have faith and devotion. Be pure till the end.

Imitate not Siva of the present, in eating and drinking

Imagine, how he spends his life in Sadhana in a silent way

Your heart will melt to see him work day and night

To bring you all Peace, Prosperity and Immortality.

Don't ignore these poems as trifle,

Take the precious points that are vital;

Grasp the Glory of Siva expressed here in full

That will make you happy, wise and cheerful.

Please do not laugh at me, permit me to add

These are the outpourings through Siva's Grace

One day when I pass away from this earth,

You will find these as lessons for University students.


Everywhere people conduct Parliament of Religions,

Peace Conference and Congress of World Faiths!

Leaders, dictators and directors of different institutions

Discuss all world problems from Atom bomb to Birth Control;

They speak on the platform and Radio on attractive plans

And fill up the pages of dailies with news sensational;

Everything ends with dinners and disputes, with big sound and bitter quarrels.

Sivananda says: These are all empty bullets in the air

Reformers should have power and strength in their words,

To mix with masses and move the world, one should have:

Forbearance and deep insight; purity and perfection

And completely be free from attachment and selfishness.

Oh fickle mind of poor devotion!!

A perfected Yogi like Sivananda can draw millions

Through simple purity of thought and silent prayers.


Fish and frogs vanish away when the water dries up in a lake Friends and relatives run away when the pocket becomes empty. Birds and bees leave the tree where there are no fruits or honey. Treat these as natural, reasonable and unavoidable.

But leave not your Master even if He is to shew you And frown at you in contempt

Stick to Him and see the Lord in HIM;



Sivananda's unique University

Is accepted today as Necessity.

You should not compare it with any institution

Everyone, when sees, will have only admiration.

Though started in the year 1950

Its fame has reached every corner

The method of work is not planned by any

Designs came with the Divine Master.

Unlimited is the period of training,

Till death one has to learn and teach.

Young and old, boys and girls, men and women

Get admission all alike

Healthy and the sick, learned and the fool

The good and the mad too become successful


The young, intelligent and the healthy

Find quicker programs in all fields.

Bother not about educational qualifications

No one is there to impose any restriction.

Any moment, any number of people can come and go

All are made to become useful to themselves

Any moment, any number of people can come and go

Sivananda is a sage and a student for all times to come.

All are made to become useful to themselves

Also useful to the Society, country and the world at large.

For lecture halls and prayer grounds,

Places are found in the vast Himalayas

No one worries about the climate, heat, cold or rain

People are taught to find, pleasure in pain

From morn till late at night

Boarding house is ready to provide you food

Suitable to your taste and capacity,

select any type or quality of food

Live in a fashionable garment, or in a Sadhu's simple gown

Nothing is charged for your boarding and lodging.

Visitors and beginners become professors in a second

They talk endless whether people hear or not

Yes-whether people in the class present or not

They talk in all languages, too, whether you

understand them or not

A rich Library and a Yoga Museum is maintained

But people prefer to learn from Siva's daily life

Sivananda works in a mysterious manner

From the Chancellorship to Chaprasihood

By marking the attendance and ringing the Bell

And endless works for the uplift of all.

Don't take the statements as false or light in any way

Here is a challenge, stay in the Ashram,

Quickly you will learn and derive benefits

The University, a city in the Universe,

produces great men, Sages and Saints

And shows you the right way, surest and quickest,

For your Liberation and God-realisation.


I travelled throughout the world by air

Spent lacs and years of my precious life

Longed and craved to get name and fame

No one cared to look at me or write to me

I am sure, I cannot see my name in print

Even when I court my miserable death!


It is all a Problem, marvellous and mysterious

Even the biggest American business men may fail

Gods and Devas would like to come to rival this Man

The world will become mad in solving this puzzle.


I saw a Nagar in sacred Rishikesh

A long road is there in Deccan-Hyderabad

Sadhana Nilayam and Sevashram in South India

Yoga Ashram in Gujarat and a School of Yoga in Germany

With many devotees a colony in South Africa.


All associate the sacred Name Sivananda

And speak very high of his glorification

Purchase a copy of all his publications

And thus create in my heart a burning sensation.


At Rishikesh, I see a Primary School,

Ayurvedic Pharmacy and a big Hospital

Nature Cure Sanatorium and Nursing Home

Publication League and an Art Studio

All started by Sivananda in his own name

Again a new Sivananda Medical Organisation

To penetrate every house all over the world.


A Store in Sivananda's Name in Coimbatore

And a Stall in Delhi sell medicines and clothes

Houses are named as Sivananda Bhavan and Nivas

Everywhere Sivananda Ashram and Divine Life-Conferences.


Find a Photo, picture or a small statue

In every house, shrine, street or a shop

Find his name in every paper, book or Magazine

The novel name comes in all cards, covers and packets, too.


Statues are seen while the man is living

Devotees write volumes on his life noble

They depict wonderful experiences and benefits

Derived from Sivananda's teachings and guidance.


There is no end for bulletins, leaflets and magazines

In the name of Sivananda or his Divine Mission

In every house in India and abroad his birthday is celebrated lavishly.


Endlessly people associate his name in everything

And attain good health, long life and prosperity.


Terrible was the period of Lord Siva and Vishnu

Demons and devils were there during Rama and Krishna

Antagonists and rivals for Lord Christ and Buddha

Followers of each attacked the other untiringly.


Sivananda is lucky to have only admirers and devotees

Organisations and Institutions worship the Holy Man

People take pride to add his name before their own name

Thus there is every chance for the burning sensation in my heart.


With peculiar faith, they all associate his name

And vigorously disseminate his teachings far and wide

Miseries and ignorance are destroyed in toto

The world derives benefits indescribable.


Photos, statues and Bhasma cure all incurable diseases

His powerful words bring solace and peace to all

My heart of envy and devoid of devotion

May take some Janmas to grasp the True glory of Sivananda.

Bholo Sat Guru Maharaj ki Jay!


Sages and saints all preached and passed

Helped the followers to say all stories

No one cares, whether they practised or not

My Master is here with his precepts and practice.


He remembers the Lord day and night

Repeats His Name without any break

His life is spent in continuous Sadhana

But asks you to do as much as you can.


My Master can easily be defined as:

Sharp, smart and silent,

Straight, steady and simple

Strong and sturdy in feature

Generous and kind in nature

Open, receptive but adamant

Soft, sweet but strict

Sober, serene but witty and vigilant

Sage of no pride and hatred

Healer and curer of all fevers

With his prayers, sincere and powerful.


My Master talks and writes on philosophy bold

And speaks a lot on the uplift of mankind

Remains for ever in the Himalayan seclusion

But constantly thinks of the welfare of all.


Everywhere people talk of my Master as:

A fountain of Bliss and jewel of the universe


Heart of devotees and source of Peace

Praise Him for the scholarly works

And terms them as practical and inspiring

Not only compare Him with Rama and Krishna, Jesus and Buddha,


Emphatically declare as "SUPRA" to all.

Lucidity of his expression, sweetness of tone

Boldness of spirit and affection in His voice

Magnanimity of his service and simplicity of appearance

Rightly bring popularity and fame from the entire world.


My Master is accepted by the world today as:

A Philosopher, author and orator,

A poet, artist and humorist,

Singer, dancer and musician,

And term His voice as celestial and charming.


He is a child innocent and pleasing

A friend, cordial and sympathetic,

A Doctor, successful and benevolent

A true Sannyasin, noble and sublime,

An advanced Yogi without ego and pride.


People are stunned on a look at the sage

Flawless character, indomitable courage

Spotless purity and arresting personality

Nobility, humility, patience and perseverance

Wisdom of a Jnani, unique in all respects.


Sterling qualities of head and heart

Create joy and thrill in the hearts of all

Telling, soothing and enchanting are His ways

The whole world is drawn by His spiritual powers.


His Ashram is situated in an enviable spot

Wonderful place of peace and bliss indescribable


The sacred Ganga and the Holy Himalayas

Enchanting sceneries and marvellous atmosphere

Attract people from all parts of the world.


His spiritual depth and intellectual persuasion

Removed the razor-path of the Upanishadic age.

Constructed calmly a concrete bridge for all.

The Glorious Divine Life at Ananda Kutir

Welcomes all with love and cheer in full.

With essential unity of all religions

My Master guides the destinies of all nations.

His Religion is not in books or brooks

Not even in shrines or Himalayan caves

It is not the cave-dweller's concern

Or the monopoly of the monied monks

Imagine a Dynamic Factory at Ananda Kutir

Bringing wonderful peace, all over the world.


Going beyond happiness and misery, pleasure and pain

My Master acquired discipline over body, senses and mind

Shuns not the sinner, loathes not the vicious

Worships not the wealthy, and condemns not the criminal.


Being steady in his own Sadhana at the prescribed hours

Sivananda attends to all items of the Ashram routine

Yes, untiringly attends on all the inmates and visitors

Takes better care of you than your own parents or gods.

Pays careful attention to all without looking to his own interests.


Pots may be empty, but people get their belly full

Sivananda believes in a dynamic work and disciplined workers


In case of slight difference, he advises them to leave him at once

To create a field of their own choice for a quick evolution.

Siva helps them, supports them and encourages them in all ways

In a mysterious manner, the Divine Mission multiplies with Siva

And we are all to witness: Poornamadah, Poornamidam.


To develop devotion, he graciously allows his students

To worship him and adore him as the Lord manifest

But it will be a scene to see him work hard

To make you all as Sankaras and Sivanandas, in return.


By closely watching and taking care of the students

Trains them in a variety of ways, to see the Lord in all

By whole-hearted service with disinterested motive.


For the arrogant of the world and the worldly-minded

Head never bows before others and finds no greatness in any

It will be a marvel to see such men of pride and ego

With great pleasure and self-sacrificing spirit

Serve in Ananda Kutir as slaves of mankind

Without the idea of day and night or anything in the world.


Sivananda discards not the man who runs away several times

Welcomes him again and again with his love unbounded

Criticises not the one who talks ill of him

Fears not, cares not for any, if people do not understand him.


He keeps no personal purse or savings Bank account in secret

Aims not at earning more by cunning ways or to save for future

Cares not for any personal comfort, luxury or auspicious time

With adamantine will and perfect purity of thought and action

Enjoys the Bliss of the Samadhi in a dynamic method of work.


Swami Sivananda will never claim that he is a Self-realised Yogi

No wise man will ever advertise or proclaim so

We must be wise to understand him and see his glory

From the method of work and the way of his life.

Without performing ordinary Siddhis for material gains

The Swami has transformed the outlook of the entire world.


In the past when two persons were with him, Siva started 20 sections of work

And worked hard for the evolution of all in the land

At present when there are 200 around him, he has 2000 departments

Of active work to penetrate the entire world.


When our daily work is slightly increased or made upset

When obstacles are found or circumstances prevent

We lose our temper and balance and show disgust and frown

We foolishly wait for favourable circumstances and

suitable atmosphere

And waste our precious life in waiting and waiting

till the end of our life.


Sivananda, like the old Brahma or Bullock-cart driver

Never gets tired or worried, irritated or disgusted

Manages everything, mixes and moves with all

Without any agitation, guides all to perfection.


The Swami never ignores any of the items

Gladly multiplies more fields of service

With Joy and Bliss, welcomes the whole world.


Ordinary persons dream many things,

Start a few with poor enthusiasm and zeal

And leave everything in an imperfect condition.


Sivananda endowed with a dynamic strength

Derived form the Divine Source

Miraculously converts even evil elements and spirits

For achieving success in the Divine Plan.


Here is a test: let any person try to maintain

His own daily routine on a modest scale

At least for a short time without any break


Serene and silent Sivananda, full of wisdom

With abundant energy, zeal and zest

Lives as a model to guide the world.


And requires at every step and at every moment

One thousand Valmikis to carefully record

The striking points and wonderful deeds

To tell the world the Truth that Gopal has found.


Expect not a horn from the head of a realised Yogi

Thousand heads cannot be the sign of Samadhi.

Here is an example with solid proof

Tested and tried, acknowledged and acclaimed

Here is the answer for the modern Arjunas

For the question: Sthithaprajnasya ka bhasha.



A stone cares not for the changing weather,

Craves not for a change in cruel summer,

Cries not for the rigors of terrible winter,

Worries not about hail-storm or earth tremors.



Diarrhoea, diabetes or disease of other descriptions

Dares not disturb his peace of mind or divine Mission.


Siva minds not the criticisms, if at all any,

In protecting the helpless and the depressed,

the sick and the poor

In extending help to the undeserved and the wretched,

In the manner the Ashram is managed without discipline,

rules or regulations.

In lavishly loving the man who tries to finish Him away

And Siva feels not elated when terms: "Sat-Guru,

Jagat Guru, Avatar" are attributed

But his silent smile recognizes a hearty acceptance

While expressing: "Censure and praise are mere

vibrations in the air."

Oh my faithless mind, I am tired of telling you, Imitate Siva

For firmness, steadiness and unruffled state of mind,

hear your Gopal,


A natural fear emanates (regarding food) and here is the

assurance of Siva:-

There is no dearth for food for any here.

Develop patience like a stone. Bear insult.

Stick to the spiritual path with leech-like tenacity.

You will get whatever you need,

if you are sincere, steady and perfectly unselfish.


Brothers and sisters, I can give whatever you like

Name, fame, glory, power or splendour

Here is a way for any kind of your desire

Trifle not my suggestion as a mere dream

The statement will make you happy and divine

Believe not at all any imaginary story

Here you have the man who made a new history


Like any one of us, there was a Swami by birth

Born in the South, he qualified as a Doctor

Everywhere to do away with disease and defy death

For fun or necessity or prosperity

He started a medical Journal and served society

Position and prosperity might be the cause main

Malayan dollars attracted nicely the young man


The ambitious, pushing nature, made him restless

Brought a roaring practice to make him matchless

Found pleasure in running from door to door

To nurse the sick and the suffering, more and more.


In leisure hours, he learnt music and harmonium

Unconsciously played with children, in divine communion. Strange, he demanded no fees for visits or consultation

So thousands flocked to him, without any hesitation.

Out of love people gave in plenty for the man of no need

The joy of selfless service enabled the Doctor go forward Somehow, at this stage, something strange took place

I was not born then to tell you the facts with advantage

It is a fact, after thirteen years of selfless Seva

The Doctor came full thirty years ago from

Malaya to Himalaya

An old Viswananda was there searching a disciple

Gave the Doctor a push and made him a Sannyasi

No one has seen the Mahatma afterwards

But we can guess something about Swami Viswananda


That was a period when high priests were in higher level

Proud of their position and knowledge, unapproachable

The hankering students were helplessly bewildered

Poverty, misery, afflictions and pains were in plenty


Path of Yoga was meant for a few choicest, selected,

Sanskrit Scholars.


To satisfy the curious world, believe my statement

Lord Siva Himself came as Swami Viswananda show

a real Yogi

To make the hidden secrets of Yoga available to the

English-knowing, modern students

Came Lord Siva as Viswananda and vanished in Sivananda.


His restlessness and ambition worked in Himalayan

seclusion, too

Study, Sadhana and service became his sole concern

Untiringly and voluntarily served the Sadhus and the sick

Lived as an exemplary model to the whole world.


By service, he charmed every one and captured the hearts of all

Penetrated the world and knocked off all glory and splendour

There was no need for him to look to black-magic or black-mailing

He had his own novel way to create soon modern world around him.

Boys and girls, men and women, young and old freely approached him

Whether deserving or not, served all and gave Sannyas to all

He showed the easiest, right way for salvation through selfless

service in some form or other

Saw the greatness in all and earned a fame, unlimited

and indescribable.

He cares not to see whether the Sadhaks would stay

for ever or not

Worries not about systematic methods, discipline or order

Makes them all work, as much as they can, in any


line they like

Infuses the spirit of service in all and encourages them to any extent.

Claiming no miracle or Siddhi or powers of erudition

Makes people experience of hearing voices and seeing visions Sincere students in far off lands, feel his presence at all times

The Swami hides himself in a cave in the Himalayas;

when occasion comes

Sings, dances and roars like a lion to thrill the entire world.


Once I found only a few illiterate attendants in Ananda Kutir

Now it is known as Sivananda-nagar with highly evolved saints

The good and the bad of the world are found in the Ashram

Changes are given to the rogue, thief or the mad to come

and evolve gloriously


Without a penny, here is a new world with palatial buildings

Without capital or regular income, he has established a mighty University

At every moment he opens a Music College, Industrial

Home and Relief Centres

Leaves not for a Cigarette Factory or a Barber's saloon,

when found necessary

Sivananda believes in quick evolution through a dynamic service

Thousands of fields are created for the evolution of one and all

Millions can come and stay, live and learn, and leave the place on perfection

The method of training also is a marvel to suit the various types

Sometimes people are tested by providing luxury and evil around


But all are forced to renounce them at one time or other gradually

In case of need, people are driven out also, to test their strength and devotion

With a murmur they go, and rejoice at the action at the end

And come back to the world with a rich experience and wisdom

Siva silently performs Siddhis and laughs heartily at the rapid evolution of all.



Sivananda's reputation is strongly infectious

Visitors, disciples and devotees are all easily affected

Willingly Siva glorifies one and all; but lo

The Glory comes back to him alone thousand fold


The empty pots supply the needs of all at all times

The Divine Mission works without capital,

income or permanent paid workers

The name and fame of Divine Life has reached every home, all shores

Learn the way to become world famous from the life of Sivananda.


Selfless service is the cream or life of all Sadhanas

Without effort you can destroy vices and develop virtues

Concentration, meditation and realisation come through purification

Along with the selfless work with right mental attitude,

Now reach the goal.


I burnt the mid-night oil, and worked for years

Copied from all sources and compiled a book

I published the Volume in nineteen-forty.


Thought it contained the ancient truth and wisdom

There was none to purchase a single copy.


The ungrateful world returned the Volume

With a slip of "THANKS" inside the book,

Lo, I am unlucky, for purpose of review

Newspaper people never turned the pages

I was sorely affected and disheartened at last.


It is not possible to achieve perfection

Even in one line through struggle for centuries

I am completely ignorant of the time of his birth

Now it is not wise to aim at his stars.

But Sivananda says: "Strive, persevere and plod on

With faith and devotion, you can achieve sure success.


I suspected something secret and private

A vigilant study revealed wonderful truths

It is all Bliss, to remain in his company

There was nothing "hidden" or any magical show.


Sterling qualities of his head and heart

Create joy and thrill in the hearts of all

Telling, soothing, enchanting are his ways and words

Draws millions in person and through post.


I admire the Swami for the selection he made

His Ashram is in an enviable spot

Wonderful place of peace and bliss indescribable

The sacred Ganga and the charming Himalayas,

Enchanting sceneries and marvellous atmosphere

Attract people from all parts of the world.


The Swami asks you to serve, love and give (the world)

But I find: thousands find the world in this Swami alone.

Indeed his contribution to the world cannot be described


They found in the Swami, a channel to serve the world.

He spent his days in silence, in steady spiritual Sadhana

Attained perfection and uplifted mankind,

Destroyed ignorance, and darkness everywhere

Brought Peace and prosperity to the world at large.

You may fail to get shining sun at mid-night.

Here is a Star to illumine the world at all times.

Yes, during day and night, the past, present and future.


A team of selfless workers provide you, all needs and comforts

Sivananda stands there to encourage you in all directions

For quick evolution of all, thousands of fields are created

Everyone can work wonders without manager, secretary or attachment.

The purse may be empty, for the stream of visitors, there is plenty

An ideal centre for any sincere student, for Sadhana from morn till night

Expert doctors in all systems, drive away diseases without mercy

And marvellous Maha Mrityunjaya Japa keeps Yama far, far away.


For your information, you may not believe me,

In Ananda Kutir, no one is sick, no one is dead

The mysterious Mantra works in far old lands, too.


Therefore, for your Peace, Prosperity, Health and Immortality, Reach Ananda Kutir, a place of splendour

Where people swarm here to dance in wonder


May the East and the West be fully blest

By Sivananda, your dear modern Saint.



The place of cheetahs and cobras with their den and holes

Are filled with palatial buildings, sages and saints;

The charlatans and pseudo-Yogins, pests of the society,

Are transformed into glorious citizens of the land.

Abstruse philosophy, knotty problems of Vedanta, mysticism

And esoteric terms are reduced to "Eat a little";


Without eating poison and swallowing nails, methods are found

For rejuvenation of body, mind and intellect;

O deluded mind, why do you flitter for Bliss in sandy Sahara?

Follow the simple lessons of smiling Sivananda and be sure

Of sanguine success in all walks of your life!

The world has found in Sivananda a true guide and a Saviour,

Thus, sayeth the strong and steady-minded Gopal, the Sevak of Sivananda.


In Tenali, in the past, a barber became a Minister

Even now Kings and barons become bankrupts:

Starvation and strife, sorrow and sickness... torment life

Demand of palate and procreation of children produce

more burial grounds.

In one corner people cry for poverty, the sick and the dead

In another we find the gala of coronation and marriage celebration

The miserable world is filled with beggars, courts and asylums


Grow more food may help a bit; but Siva's

'less Procreate' campaign will rescue a lot.

Selfishness and greed; ignorance and egoism;

Jealousy and hatred-all ruin the world


In misery and suffering, days and nights, months and years  easily pass away

Do you know the place, beyond good and bad, devoid of rise and fall?

Go to Rishikesh, my dear friend, your troubles will come to an end.



O Man!

You have wandered from Kailas to Kashmir, Gangotri, Badri to Rameshwar,

And exhausted the scriptures in all Libraries and had

Darshan of all Yogis, too;

Tell me now frankly, do you find any progress, mental peace,

happiness and joy?

You believed your friends, your senses and trusted

This transitory world, and ruined yourself in toto.


O wretched Mind!

Hearken with greatest care, the final warning of your dear friend,

Regret not, grieve not and repent not

Immediately proceed to Ananda Kutir and surrender yourself

to sagely Siva,

The very atmosphere will help you to destroy, crush and

annihilate your vicious nature;

In the twinkling of an eye, Siva will make you a

Siddha Jnani and a Jivanmukta.



The saint passionately works hard to get more money

(It is a pity) knows not the way to lead a luxurious life

With an old body, sickly and weak,


Nicely pretends to be a great Pahilwan

(And taps the source for more energy)

He invites all, welcomes many without restriction or regulation

His silent smile satisfies all doubts and disputes

The earnest aspirant is asked to bear injury and insult

While the wicked is allowed to play his own way

(He knows when and how to turn them aright).

Siva prescribes: "Eat a little", but provides a lot

In humour, fun and frolic, he plays like a child

But cautiously maintains a control over all

And leaves you not to go astray.


No one can sing, write or speak with force better

But Siva praises a lot even this maiden attempt of Gopal

He hides his greatness to make you a real saint in a minute

You will get success surely if you grasp His Glory fully.

Believe Him not wholly when you get a biscuit or fruit

It is not to recognise your greatness at all

Methods are marvellous for the mysterious Siva

Every bit of his action or word is a test to find your taste.


The true greatness of a Realised Yogi

No one can easily grasp in full.

Judge not a Mahatma or a Jivanmukta

From appearance, casual look or glance.


A man of Self-realisation and Samadhi state

A Sthithaprajna or a man of steady wisdom

Is described in Gita Chapter II, Sloka 55

Atmanyevatmana tushtah sthithaprajnah

Satisfied in the Self by the Self.


If it is not a state like a statue or a stone

That are found in Mandirs or stated in scriptures

It is not even a simple, imaginary thing

In the far off heaven or Himalayan ice


Understand the real meaning of the Sloka 71

Vihaya Kaman yah sarvan pumancharati nispruhah

Nirmamo, nirahankarah, sa santim adhigachhati.


Abandoning all desires, moves about

Without longing, without the sense of

I-ness and mine-ness and without egoism.


He feels the oneness everywhere,

Shares the sufferings and pains of others

Indiscriminately offers his all

To make you all happy and prosperous.


Even Lord Vishnu, Protector of all beings

Provides everything and keeps at a distance

To render help, He waits to find out

The depth of devotion and faith in devotees


But the man of equal vision and realisation

Runs to the rescue of the afflicted and the sick

Serves all by sacrificing his all

At the service of the pious and the wicked.


He feels the pinch of the sufferings as his own

Keenly watches for more opportunities

And cheerfully serves the man who aims at his life

To get himself immersed in a marvellous bliss.


If you cannot find a man in this universe

Who lives and acts like this


Visit Ananda Kutir once

And observe the ways of Sivananda


Have the idea and learn the method

Of how he performs Lilas and miracles.


Stand on your head for 1000 years, and struggle

With your Maala for centuries!

Command big audience by cramming scriptures, or

Bring volumes for fame in the East and the West;

Dear Friend!

I tell you honestly, you cannot obtain Peace or Progress

Or a place like Ananda Kutir, even in the three worlds.

O deluded Mind!

Attentively hear the great secret from your silent Gopal,


Steady devotion to His Lotus Feet and total self-surrender

Alone will save your life, will give you success in your efforts.

Why do you weep? Mark the encouraging words of Siva:-

"I live to serve you all. I live to make you all happy.

This life is meant for service. ,,


All belong to some religion or other

A good number of saints too are there

Authoritative scriptures are in plenty

And yet people are made after the mighty Siva!


The only saint to command a roaring name and fame

In all parts of the world around

Knocks of all honour and homage, unrivalled

With a charm and beauty, irresistible in him.


Siva keeps himself aloof from political quarrels

But takes a lively interest in all arts

(makes a scientific approach to all subjects).


Never forces his own ideas on others

But enters into Bliss when others are praised

(when everyone is honoured and worshipped.)


Siva sits not like a stone to pretend to be a Saint

Prevents not people who worship him for hours

Dares not to displease anyone, it is a wonder

Maintains a strong hold on discipline.



Sadhaks and sisters, brothers and Bhaktas,

Beloved Immortal Self,. .Salutations!

Gita says: "Surrender is the surest way, a great secret

For reaching the Goal of life."

When the surrender is true and sincere, for example

my own experience

We feel the VOICE OF SIVA from within;

He prompts us, guides us, inspires us, and speaks to us clearly

And acts through us;

We feel that we live and act and work for His sake only,

We feel his work, his Mission, and his Ashram

As our own and serve Society by seeing the Self in all.

Have you not noticed Siva's word: "THY OWN SELF";

This is a miracle Mahavakya. Think. You will know the Self.

Oh restless man, develop devotion to the Lotus Feet of the Master.

May the Lord bestow on you sanguine success in your Sadhana

and bring you in closer touch with Siva of Ananda Kutir.



Brothers and sisters,

There is no need for you to worry or weep any more

What do you want?

Peace, Power, Prosperity, Prolonged life?

Yes, you can have all of them in plenty

Patiently practise the precepts of the Master

For a protracted period and attain Perfection.

Be not tempted by his over-coat or Parker pens,

But put in daily practice his grand principles,

policy and routine.

Waste not even a second in finding faults with any;

Through whole-hearted selfless service, purify your heart,

Control the senses. Have conquest of mind.

Adjust and adapt is not meant for luxury and eat and drink;

Destroy your vices and develop virtues.

Pray for His Grace through Practice, practice, practice

You will have quick evolution and peace of mind.



Students of Vedanta indulge in vain talk

And waste their life in hot discussion;

They talk on Vairagya and non-attachment

And long for luxury with superiority airs,

Pranayam and Vajroli Mudra turned many to mental hospitals

And Bhaktas became bankrupts in devotion through pretension;

Religious leaders talk on World Peace through unity,

But fight for prosperity through popularity, through publicity;

Philanthropic workers lead a comfortable life

And earn wealth in the name of the poor and the sick,


O Foolish Mind! have you ever seen a perfected soul?

Will you now consider the above methods as ruinous?

And follow and Synthetic Yoga of Sivananda!


The old year is past

And a new one is born,

To take you fast

Nearer the Goal every morn.


The past was but a teacher

That guides you in the present

To mould and shape the future

And make your Journey pleasant


So, during nineteen-fifty-five

By every means strive

To make yourself holy

To realise the Self truly.


Sing His Names, dance in joy,

Meditate in the morning and thus enjoy

The Bliss of the Self within your heart

And realise that life is an art.


Practise Ahimsa, Satyam and Brahmacharya,

Be good, do good, be regular in prayer,

Love and serve all with all thy heart-

This is the life Divine; this is the Art.


May all the best be thine

This new year divine.

With regards, Prem and OM























(SECRET: Glorious, Guiding Principles

of Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj)

Swami Sivananda:

1. Never entertained any selfish motive. His life is a sacrifice unto mankind. Unselfish service is his mainstay. Perfect non-attachment, true and lasting spirit of renunciation helped him to achieve unique success.

2. Never bragged, never gave out his own experiences for earning name and fame. He delighted not in talking about his own greatness, achievements and attainments. Never thought of his relatives and friends after embracing the path of renunciation. Completely cut off his connections with the world and plunged himself in the concern of his own evolution by keeping a constant vigil over his mind and senses. Never uttered about his personal sufferings and grievances.

3. He never liked false pretension, false show, false humility and false dignity.

4. He was never late in his own Sadhana, daily routine. Never missed any item or ignored any form. For the public functions too, he was the first person to attend.

5. He never wasted a second in playing with children, monkeys, cats, dogs or toys. Never mixed with any in cutting jokes. Wasted not his precious life in idle gossiping, higgling and guffaw, loose thinking or aimless wanderings. He was completely occupied in his own Sadhana, or doing good to the public, or bringing solace to the suffering and the sick.

6. He never depended on any popular or learned man to make him great. He took delight in making everybody great by showing the right path and encouraging them, in making quick progress. He honoured the sentiments and faiths of others. Never contradicted the statements of any. He never criticised others. Rejected not the suggestions of any. Collected useful information from all corners and presented them in a useful manner to the public.

7. He never discouraged, displeased or disappointed any. By all means he tried his level best to sacrifice everything for the uplift of the distressed and the needy. Even the undeserving received wonderful treatment at his hands, as he considered no one as 'undeserving'. In a marvellous way, he developed equal vision and cosmic love through whole-hearted service, unlimited love and unrestricted generosity.

8. Never allowed anyone to touch his body or go near him. He gave no opportunity for any woman, man or servant or child to approach him closely. Entirely depended not on servants or students for his personal service. He never attempted to lead a luxurious life, with all comforts and conveniences. Every pie of the voluntary donation, given by his devotees, was utilised in bringing maximum spiritual good to the whole world. Even in the terrible summer, sometimes, when his health was affected, through a severe attack of Lumbago or diabetes, he never entertained the idea of the visit to the nearest hill station, Mussoorie. Never a drop of tear was found in his eyes. He had no occasion for it at all. He was engrossed in Bliss within.

9. Never took to vilification, black-mailing, or tale bearing. He condemned these ruthlessly and took pleasure in glorifying others. He was blind and deaf, could not see or hear any evil in others. He looked to the bright side of all.

10. Never cared for the criticism or attacks, when in a hurry. People foolishly attempted, to pull him down. He was not elated, when people worshipped him and treated him as God incarnate. He considered praise and censure as mere vibrations in the air. Thought over things deeply and then he was firm in his Principles and actions. He was adamant in his own method of work for bringing good to humanity, in thousand ways.

11. Never violated the law of the country, or customs or manners, of any cult or religion. He took the best from all sects and presented them to the public in a practical way. This created a real charm in Sivanandaji from government bodies, religious organisations and educational institutions.

12. Never attached a liking to a particular dress, or any rich food, or luxurious drink. Never liked coffee, tea or any other stimulant. He developed no evil habit. He nicely trained to adjust himself to any kind of Sattvic food and observed strict moderation in all directions. Never entertained any special craving for ghee, butter, milk and fruits. Adjusted his system to any type of food easily procurable or to prevailing conditions. 13. Never injured the feelings of others in thought, word or deed. No one has seen a drown in his face, or a harsh word even in the most provoking condition or situation, though occasions were there while mixing with people, of varied tastes and temperaments, the natural smile on his face throughout attracted all types of people. This enabled all to move with him closely, to learn a lot from his daily life.

14. Never claimed any superiority over others. Never commanded any of his disciples. Never begged others for service or help or financial aid, for improving the Divine Life Society. He says: "I don't care whether the society flourishes or not."

15. Never liked procrastination. Whatever he wanted to do, he did things promptly with his favourite motto: "Now or never". He immediately gave his all to people who needed without giving any evading reply or false promises. He took special care of his students, and provided ample opportunities for them to evolve, by awakening their hidden faculties and talents, and advised them to utilise these, then and there, for bringing good to the world. He assured one's own evolution, while serving the country.

16. Never duped, cheated or ruined any, by promising material progress or transferring psychic powers or bringing Samadhi like 'magic'. He insisted for rigorous Sadhana and purity, and believed in gradual progress. Threatened not any by curse, through black-art, for amassing wealth, to improve the Society. He led a pure, simple, contented, natural, enviable life.

Verily, those devotees are exceedingly dear to the Lord, who follow this Immortal, Eternal Dharma of Swami Sivananda, with great faith.























1. Get up at 4 a.m. daily. This is Brahmamuhurta which is extremely favourable for meditation on God.

2. Asana: Sit on Padma, Siddha or Sukha Asana for Japa and meditation for half an hour, facing the East or the North. Increase the period gradually to three hours. Do Sirshasana and Sarvangasana for keeping up Brahmacharya and health. Take light physical exercises such as walking, etc., regularly. Do twenty Pranayamas.

3. Japa: Repeat any Mantra as pure Om or Om Namo Narayanaya, Om Namah Sivaya, Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya, Om Sri Saravanabhavaya Namah, Sita Ram, Sri Ram, Hari Om, or Gayatri, according to your taste or inclination, from 108 to 21,600 times daily.

4. Dietetic Discipline: Take Sattvic food, Suddha Ahara. Give up chillies, tamarind, garlic, onion, sour articles, oil, mustard, asafoetida. Observe moderation in diet (Mitahara). Do not overload the stomach. Give up those things which the mind likes best for a fortnight in a year. Eat simple food. Milk and fruits help concentration. Take food as medicine to keep the life going. Eating for enjoyment is sin. Give up salt and sugar for a month. You must be able to live on rice, Dhal and bread without any chutney. Do not ask for extra salt for Dhal and sugar for tea, coffee or milk.

5. Have a separate meditation-room under lock and key.

6. Charity: Do charity regularly, every month, or even daily according to your means, say six paisa per rupee.

7. Svadhyaya: Study systematically the Gita, the Ramayana, the Bhagavata, Vishnu-Sahasranama, Lalita-Sahasranama, Aditya Hridaya, the Upanishads or the Yoga Vasishtha, the Bible, the Zend Avesta, the Koran, the Tripitakas, the Granth Sahib, etc., from half an hour to one hour daily, and have Suddha Vichara.

8. Brahmacharya: Preserve the vital force (Veerya) very, very carefully. Veerya is God in motion or manifestation Vibhuti. Veerya is all power. Veerya is all money. Veerya is the essence of life, thought and intelligence.

9. Prayer Slokas: Get by heart some prayer Slokas, Stotras and repeat them as soon as you sit in the Asana before starting Japa or meditation. This will elevate the mind quickly.

10. Satsanga: Have Satsanga. Give up bad company, smoking, meat and alcoholic liquors entirely. Do not develop any evil habits.

11. Fast on Ekadasi: Fast on Ekadasi or live on milk and fruits only.

12. Japa Mala: Have a Japa Mala (rosary) round your neck or in your pocket or underneath your pillow at night.

13. Mouna: Observe Mouna (vow of silence) for a couple of hours daily.

14. Speak the Truth: Speak the truth at all costs. Speak a little. Speak sweetly.

15. Reduce your wants: Reduce your wants. If you have four shirts, reduce the number to three or two. Lead a happy, contented life. Avoid unnecessary worry. Have plain living and high thinking.

16. Never hurt anybody: Never hurt anybody (ahimsa paramo dharmah). Control anger by love, Kshama (forgiveness) and Daya (compassion).

17. Do not depend upon servants: Do not depend upon servants. Self-reliance is the highest of all virtues.

18. Self-analysis: Think of the mistakes you have committed during the course of the day, just before retiring to bed (self-analysis). Keep daily diary and self-correction register. Do not brood over past mistakes.

19. Fulfil duties: Remember that death is awaiting you at every moment. Never fail to fulfil your duties. Have pure conduct (Sadachara).

20. Surrender to God: Think of God as soon as you wake up and just before you go to sleep. Surrender yourself completely to God (Saranagati).


This is the essence of all spiritual Sadhanas.

This will lead you to Moksha.

All these Niyamas or spiritual canons must be rigidly observed.

You must not give leniency to the mind.