Publishers’ Note



Chapter One—Nature of God

Chapter Two—Religion

Chapter Three—Philosophy

Chapter Four—Call to Sadhana

Chapter Five—Instructions on Sadhana

Chapter Six—Formulas for Meditation

Chapter Seven—To The Mind and Senses

Chapter Eight—The Path of Devotion (Bhakti)

Chapter Nine—Power of Divine Name

Chapter Ten—On Love

Chapter Eleven—Glory of Satguru

Chapter Twelve—Sage’s Experience

Chapter Thirteen—Who is a Saint?

Chapter Fourteen—Siva’s Wisdom

Chapter Fifteen—Definitions

Chapter Sixteen—Woman

Chapter Seventeen—Wisdom Through Humour

Chapter Eighteen—Wisdom Through Stories

Chapter Nineteen—Health and Long Life

Publishers’ Note

With great delight we place before the aspirant-world, the present work ‘Adhyatma Yoga’ by Swami SivanandajiMaharaj, the world renowned sage, who needs no introduction. This book contains over four hundred highly illuminating, and inspiring poems on a variety of subjects connected with religion, philosophy, etc., and will serve as a happy companion to the author’s other poem-books published already, viz. ‘Wisdom Sparks’, ‘Waves of Bliss’, ‘JnanaJyoti’, and ‘Wisdom in Humour’.

Coming as it does from the pen of a realised sage, this book is rich in sagely wisdom and wit, and should prove an invaluable asset to every seeker in his onward march to Godhead. We hope the aspirant world will take advantage of this precious boon, study it, assimilate the wisdom contained in it, and practising it in their everyday life, expedite their march to Perfection, Peace and glory.



The attainment of God-realisation is the goal of human life. Great seers, saints and sages have been from time immemorial voicing this truth and striving to spread the gospel of God-realisation in different ways, through books, speeches, heart-to-heart talks, etc. And exactly it is to remind man of his Goal, and to show him the path that leads to it that this book ‘Adhyatma Yoga’ is dedicated.

The first chapter of this book deals with the nature of God. The second chapter throws light on the concept of religion. Various subjects connected with philosophy are discussed in the next chapter. The fourth chapter raises the clarion call to Sadhana, pointing out to man the false, perishable nature of the world, and the glory and sublimity of a life in Spirit. The fifth chapter is rich in profuse instructions to aspirants on their path of Sadhana, and will be treasured by all earnest aspirants. Formulas for Vedantic meditation are given in the sixth chapter. The seventh chapter, containing a series of addresses made to the mind and senses will be found highly useful by all Sadhaks, as it throws much light on how to coax and cajole the riotous mind and senses. The path of devotion is dealt with in chapter VIII, and the glory of Divine Name is described in chapter IX. In this age of hatred and dissension, the message of love alone will be the saving factor, and a full chapter (viz. chapter X) is devoted to a discussion of ‘Love’ and its infinite potencies. Sadhana, to be successful, has to be done under the guidance of a Guru. The glory and need of Guru are dealt with in chapter XI. Chapter XII gives out the experiences of a Sage of Realisation,—the experiences which are the Sadhak’s ideal. A description of the characteristics of a saint is given in chapter XIII. Chapter XIV is a highly interesting treatise on a wide variety of subjects, and thinkers and intellectuals will immensely like the thoughts contained in this chapter. Definitions, from a spiritual angle, of different things and phenomena are given in chapter XV. A description of woman, the spiritual helpmate of man, is given in chapter XVI. Chapters XVII and XVIII respectively convey valuable lessons through humour and stories. The concluding chapter deals with the means of acquiring health and long life, so very essential for attaining God-realisation.

It is hoped that all aspirants will make the best use of this book, by studying it and putting the teachings into actual practice.

May Lord bless you all.


Chapter One—Nature of God

  1. Nature of God—I, 2. Nature of God—II, 3. God is infinite, 4. Where is God, 5. God, Fountain of Goodness, 6. God is your Guide, 7. God is Love, 8. God is Truth, 9. Truth—I, 10. Truth—II, 11. Truth is within you, 12. Heart and centre of the world, 13. Lord is Supreme Abode, 14. Substratum, 15. Brahman, 16. Brahman is all-in-all, 17. The One is true, 18. Eternal Light, 19. Nature of Self, 20. Atma, 21. Atman is the Essence, 22. Who directs the mind?

Chapter Two—Religion

  1. My religion, 2. True religion, 3. Real religion, 4. Essentials of religion, 5. Know one God, 6. Practice of religion, 7. Fruit of practice of religion.

Chapter Three—Philosophy

  1. Lame man and a blind man, 2. Cause of this world, 3. Evolution—I, 4. Evolution—II, 5. Jiva becomes Brahman, 6. Jiva is Brahman, 7. Inner Illumination, 8. Oneness, 9. All are equal, 10. Why do you not weep? 11. Jnana or wisdom, 12. No Samadhi but Jnana, 13. Disease and remedy, 14. Ignorance is a dire disease, 15. Path to Self-realisation, 16. Tree of life, 17. Secret of renunciation, 18. Pain, 19. Cause of pain and sorrow, 20. Remove the veil of ignorance, 21. Attain illumination, 22. Through mind man suffers, 23. Pull down the dividing wall, 24. Seat of mind, 25. Waking versus dreaming, 26. The world is a long dream, 27. Dream, 28. Ideas and feelings differ, 29. Object and idea, 30. JeevaSrishti and IshwaraSrishti, 31. Life—experience "I", 32. See without eyes, 33. I am, 34. False and real ‘I’, 35. You are distinct from the senses, 36. You are witness or Atma, 37. Sakshi is always calm, 38. Brahman is the Witness, 39. The two drivers, 40. Brahman is unattached, 41. The soul is untainted, 42. Upadhi gives form, 43. Develop intuition, 44. Requisites for attaining Knowledge, 45. What is Sattwa? 46. Boomerang, 47. Force of Karma, 48. Karmas and Samskaras, 49. A Sage is not bound by Karmas, 50. A Deva, 51. Life in heaven, 52. Asuras in the body, 53. The three Saktis.

Chapter Four—Call to Sadhana

  1. You came alone, 2. Struggle on, 3. None is poor, 4. Individual life, a phantom, 5. God is with you, 6. Chinta consumes everything, 7. Pleasure is evanescent, 8. Optical illusion, 9. Seek Anandalaya, 10. Who is happy? 11. No one is happy in the world, 12. Emptiness of wealth, 13. Be quiet and know, 14. Count not the doors of Buckingham Palace, 15. The educated fool, 16. O Deluded fool, 17. Admonition, 18. Analysis of your daily activities, 19. A poor man and shawl, 20. Value of Brahma Jnana, 21. Who is Father? 22. Atma—Basis for everything, 23. How long? 24. Time and Timeless, 25. Precious is your life, 26. Awake, O Man, 27. Wake up, O Man, 28. Long only for God, 29. Meet thy friend now, 30. Look within, 31. Seek the Immortal, 32. Seek the Eternal—I, 33. Seek the Eternal—II, 34. Seek the Eternal—III, 35. Seek the Eternal—IV, 36. Seek the Changeless, 37. Know thyself, 38. Realise the Truth, 39. Come ye young ministers, 40. Come with four, 41. Immortal fruit, 42. Nectar within you, 43. Body is a moving temple, 44. Man into woman, 45. Woman into man, 46. Finite implies Infinite, 47. Tap the Source.

Chapter Five—Instructions on Sadhana

  1. Sadhana—I, 2. Sadhana—II, 3. Heart temple, 4. How to increase Sattwa? 5. Renounce, 6. Thy eternal heritage, 7. True and eternal bliss, 8. The ten precepts, 9. The ten rules of life, 10. Learn, 11. The triple secret, 12. The triple Gem, 13. Spiritual furnace and crucible, 14. Spiritual ploughing, 15. Spiritual war, 16. The inner war, 17. Dwell in the One, 18. Soar High, 19. Seva Yoga, 20. Ring out, ring in, 21. Forms of hatred, 22. Slay the evil, 23. Greed is Kali, 24. Slay the three K’s, 25. Three obstacles to spiritual progress, 26. Break and construct, 27. Fry the Vasanas, 28. Manorajya, 29. Draw me, 30. Bolt not the heart’s door, 31. Spiritualise, 32. My resolves today, 33. Way to blessedness, 34. Way of Yoga, 35. The Divine way of life, 36. Siva’s way of life, 37. This is the way, 38. The path to eternal bliss, 39. Path to God-realisation—I, 40. Path to God-realisation—II, 41. Be good, do good, 42. Towards God-realisation, 43. Sit and meditate, 44. Enquire who am I? 45. Enter the silence. 46. Enter into Samadhi, 47. Walk with God, 48. Joy-filling experience, 49. This is the highest blessing, 50. This is the greatest blessing, 51. Cultivate the Spirit, 52. Live in the Spirit, 53. Be hungry for God, 54. Forget thyself, 55. Contact the soul, 56. Be determined, 57. I will unlock the mysteries, 58. Uttishtha, 59. I am at thy side.

Chapter Six—Formulas for Meditation

  1. I am life eternal, 2. Vedantic meditation, 3. I am the Source, 4. I am the All, 5. I am Existence.

Chapter Seven—To The Mind and Senses

  1. To the mind—I, 2. To the mind—II, 3. To the mind—III, 4. To the mind—IV, 5. To the mind—V, 6. To the mind—VI, 7. To the mind—VII, 8. Meditate and realise, 9. To the senses.

Chapter Eight—The Path of Devotion (Bhakti)

  1. Prostrations to Brahman, 2. Para Brahman, 3. Prayer—I, 4. My prostrations to the 7 year old boy, 5. Come and live within my heart, 6. Save us, O Lord, 7. Save me O Lord—I, 8. Save me, O Lord—II, 9. Guide and save, 10. Lead me, O Lord, 11. O Lord, purify me, 12. Make me Thy instrument, 13. Prayer of an aspirant, 14. This is my prayer, O Lord, 15. Self-surrender, 16. A prayer, 17. Prayer—II, 18. Prayer—III, 19. Prayer—IV, 20. Common prayer, 21. General Prayer, 22. Sivananda’s Prayer, 23. Grant my prayer, O Lord, 24. Divine Glory, 25. Thou art the Prana, 26. No ‘I’ without Thee, 27. I am Thyself, 28. Nothing is mine, 29. There is only Thou, O God, 30. Thy drink is Bliss, 31. Glory of Lord’s Feet, 32. Lord Rama’s Eighth Brother, 33. O Spiritual Treasure, 34. In Thy mercy save, 35. Thou art beauty and ugliness, 36. O My King and solace, 37. Let me live in Thee, 38. Bring me into Thy light Eternal, 39. Sivananda at Thy door, 40. Where shall I go? 41. Eternal tree of shelter, 42. Do not test me severely, 43. When, my Lord? 44. The palace of my King, 45. To the Cuckoo, 46. Come Thou quick, 47. My eyes rain tears, 48. Union with the Lord, 49. My fragrant garden, 50. I have God’s Grace, 51. God’s Grace. 52. Lord Siva’s Ray, 53. Bhakti, 54. Sadhana and Bhakti, Sadhya, 55. Nava Vidha Bhakti, 56. God wants your heart, 57. Prem, Ram and Kam, 58. Avatara like the Sun, 59. Goddess Saraswati.

Chapter Nine—Power of Divine Name

  1. Power of Name, 2. Name is nectar, 3. Lord’s Name is life, 4. Power of Lord’s Name, 5. Power of Ram Nam, 6. Repeat the holy Name.

Chapter Ten—On Love

l. Love is Divine—I, 2. Love is Divine—II, 3. God is Love, 4. Love is Force, 5. Love conquers, 6. Love is bliss, 7. Live in love, 8. Love to give and share.

Chapter Eleven—Glory of Satguru

  1. Guru is the boat, 2. Guru, 3. Guru like mother, 4. Guru and Upanishads, 5. Blessed Guru’s Feet, 6. Guru’s Grace—I, 7. Guru’s Grace—II, 8. Personal Guru, 9. Spark and a raw aspirant.

Chapter Twelve—Sage’s Experience

  1. I live God-absorbed, 2. I am not afraid of anything, 3. I have slain death, 4. I have slain the cycle of rebirth, 5. I shall never return to this world, 6. I hail you all, 7. All is one, 8. Look and find me, 9. I am Siva, 10. Siva the Source, 11. I am a born Siddha, 12. Vedantic Hill.

Chapter Thirteen—Who is a Saint?

  1. Who is a saint—I, 2. Who is a saint—II, 3. Who is a saint—III, 4. Who is a saint—IV, 5. Who is a saint—V, 6. Who is a saint—VI, 7. Who is a saint—VII, 8. A saint, 9. Yogi’s family, 10. Saint’s family.

Chapter Fourteen—Siva’s Wisdom

  1. Four types of disciples, 2. Purity, truth are your real nature, 3. Atma is supra-intellect, 4. Knowledge alone can give Moksha, 5. Marriage, 6. Attain wisdom, 7. Mind like fish, 8. A wicked man, 9. Fixity of consciousness, 10. Clapping and shaking hands, a nuisance, 11. Prayer and worship, 12. Avidya Forest, 13. The family of egoism, 14. Lady’s toilet case, 15. Food for the mind, 16. Silence—I, 17. Silence—II, 18. One, 19. One big family, 20. Kill not creatures, 21. Ram or Raheem, 22. Bhakti’s two sons, 23. Husk paddy and not chaff, 24. Adhikari for Vedanta, 25. Seven difficult things, 26. Become a Dheera, 27. Pleasure versus Bliss, 28. Pleasure and Pain—I, 29. Pleasure and Pain—II, 30. Pain is blessing, 31. World is relative, 32. This world is a vast university, 33. Your real enemies, 34. How to develop Vairagya, 35. Positive overcomes negative—I, 36. Positive overcomes negative—II, 37. Virtue victorious, 38. Abhiman, 39. Way to Bliss, 40. Anger has its raison d’etre, 41. Vairagya, 42. Self-sacrificing tree, 43. Paropakara, 44. Bring peace and happiness, 45. Sow love and joy, 46. Elevate, serve and protect, 47. Axe and needle, 48. Be tolerant, 49. Equal vision, 50. Ajaghar and Bee, 51. Be pure, 52. Siva’s view of life, 53. My creed, 54. Pseudo Sannyasi, 55. Prayaschitta, 56. Corruption, 57. Atomic energy, 58. Vedas, Puranas and Kavyas, 59. The fruits of Swadhyaya, 60. Voice of the Himalayas—I, 61. Voice of the Himalayas—II, 62. Significance of Muruga’sVel, etc., 63. Six heads of Lord Subramanya, 64. Rasa-Lila, 65. Seven Chakras and seven screens, 66. Nada is sound, 67. Influence of sound on mind, 68. No Mukti without knowledge of music, 69. I am music, 70. No Mukti without English education, 71. 2796 languages.

Chapter Fifteen—Definitions

  1. World, 2. What is life—I, 3. What is life—II, 4. Abundant life, 5. What is death? 6. Death and eternal life, 7. What is matter, 8. Real beauty, 9. Real culture, 10. Signs of culture, 11. Real civilization, 12. Civilisation, 13. Real Sannyasa, 14. Who is a gentleman—I, 15. Who is a gentleman—II, 16. Who is a Brahmin? 17. What is sin? 18. Silence, 19. Moksha, 20. Time, 21. Eye.

Chapter Sixteen—Woman

  1. Woman—I, 2. Woman—II, 3. Who is a woman? 4. Man and woman, 5. Women, 6. Woman versus Man. 7. Tele-woman.

Chapter Seventeen—Wisdom Through Humour

  1. God, 2. Think well before you act, 3. Learn any science perfectly, 4. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, 5. The unfailing remedy, 6. Monkey and man, 7. 840, 8. Double personality, 9. God an embodiment of intelligence, 10. Stomach—a Post Office letter-box, 12. Gall-Nux Vomica heart, 13. Smile and smile.

Chapter Eighteen—Wisdom Through Stories

  1. Story of two disciples—I, 2. The story of two disciples—II, 3. Raja Janaka and Pundits, 4. Compare Ramayana and Bharatam, 5. A poor man and Kubera, 6. A king and the court pandit.

Chapter Nineteen—Health and Long Life

  1. How to attain health and long life, 2. How to attain longevity, 3. How to be young at 100? 4. Cause of diseases, 5. Mental health, 6. Don’ts in eating.


"Eat a little, drink a little, talk a little, sleep a little,
Mix a little, move a little, serve a little, rest a little,
Do Asan a little, Pranayama a little, Reflect a little,
Do Vichar a little.

Do Japa a little, do Kirtan a little, write Mantra a little,
Meditate a little,
Serve, love, give, purify, meditate, realise,
Be good, do good, be kind, be compassionate.
Be bold, be pure, be truthful,
Be patient, be tolerant, be obedient.
Be simple, be humble, be noble, be gentle,
Adapt, adjust, accommodate,
Bear insult, bear injury, highest Sadhana.
Enquire "WHO AM I"; know the Self and be free,
Be still, be quiet, know thy Self,

Find the Hearer, find the Seer, find the Knower,
You are not this body, not this mind:
Immortal Self you are."


Chapter one


  1. Nature of God-I

God is Ananta Jnana

God is infinite wisdom

God is Ananta Sakti

God is infinite power

God is Ananta Ananda

God is infinite bliss

God is Ananta Jyoti

God is infinite light

God is Ananta Prem

God is infinite love.

  1. Nature of God-II

God is beginingless and endless

God is the first cause

God is both immanent and transcendent.

God is Absolute Perfection

God is Supreme Goodness

God is light, wisdom and Love.

God is sexless

God is eternal, infinite, immortal,

  1. God Is Infinite

The Lord has thousand eyes and ears

The Lord has thousand feet and heads

The Lord has thousand names

He is bigger than the biggest

He is taller than the tallest

He penetrates beyond the sky

He penetrates beyond the nether-word

He is immeasurable

He is beyond speech and mind

He is infinite.

  1. Where Is God?

He is in the sound

He is in the word

He is in the tongue of saints

He is in the heart

He is in the intellect

He is in the pupil of the eye

He is in OM.

  1. God Is Fountain of Goodness

The Lord is never far away

He dwells in your heart.

He is dwells in your heart.

He is the way, the Truth and the Life.

He is fountain of goodness and love.

He is the source, substratum and goal ultimate.

He is your father, mother, friend and guide.

Meditate and go from strength to strength

From glory unto glory

To God, all praise and glory.

  1. God Is Your Guide

God is your sincere guide

He leads you on

The paths you do not know.

He catches your hands on the way,

He lifts you up,

When you faint and falter.

He guides your steps

In storms and darkness.

He cheers and encourages you

In despair and despondency.

  1. God Is Love

In God there is no East nor West,

In Him no South nor North,

Neither light nor darkness,

Neither day nor night,

Neither pain nor pleasure,

Neither good nor evil,

But one great mass of love,

Wisdom, peace, joy and bliss.

  1. God is Truth

God is truth

Truth is God,

Truth is His Name,

His essence is Love,

Recite His Name,

Glorify Him,

Sing His praise,

Mukti is through His grace.

God alone is Truth,

All else is a passing show that dies.

  1. Truth-I

Truth is Love

Truth is Beauty

Truth is Infinity

Truth is Eternity

Truth is Immortality

Truth is Consciousness

Truth is Existence

Truth is Bliss

Realise this Truth

And be free.

10. Truth-II

Truth is God, or Brahman, or the Absolute

Truth is consciousness, existence, immortality

Truth is beauty, love and light

Truth is peace, bliss and joy

Truth is eternal; it cannot die.

There is nothing so enduring as truth.

Truth cannot be tainted by anything.

Truth alone triumphs in the end; not falsehood.

Truth is your centre, ideal and goal.

11. Truth Is Within You

Truth is within you

Truth is Brahman

Truth is the Absolute

Truth is Sat-Chit-Ananda

Existence-Consciousness-Bliss Absolute.

Truth is your own Self

Truth is Infinity, Eternity, Immortality

Truth abides in fullness in your heart.

Truth is all-pervading and interpenetrating.

Purify your heart and meditate

You will realise this Truth.

12. Heart and Centre of the World

God is the Heart of the world.

He is the Centre of the Universe

He is the Guide of the lost

He is the Lighter of the lamp

He is the Master Supreme

He is Perfection and harmony

He is Truth and Love

He is Beauty and Self-effulgence.

13. Lord Is Supreme Abode

Lord is Parama Dhama

Lord is Supreme Abode

Lord is Parama Gati

Lord is Parama Shanti

Lord is Supreme Peace

Lord is Parama Sukha

Lord is Supreme Bliss

Lord is Parama Dharma

Lord is Supreme virtue.

14. Substratum

Ether is the substratum for air

Sand-bed is the substratum for the river

Canvas is the substratum for the pictures

Foundation is the substratum for the building

Bone is the substratum for the body

Wood is the substratum for chairs and benches.

Even so Brahman or the Eternal or the Absolute

Is the substratum for the world, body and mind.

Substratum is Adhishthana.

15. Brahman

Eye of my eye

Ear of my car

Mind of my mind

Prana of my Prana

Heart of my heart

Soul of my soul

Spirit of my spirit

This is Brahman

This is the Absolute.

16. Brahman Is All-in-all

Brahman is the Eternal Infinite.

He is the whole.

He is All-in-All

He fills earth and air.

He fills the entire world.

I am in Brahman.

Brahman is in me.

Or else there is no All-in-all.

How can I be outside Brahman?

I dwell in Him.

17. The One Is True

The one is True

The One is Om

The One is changeless.

The One is All-blissful

The One is pure consciousness.

The One alone exists.

The One dwells in all.

In all is Immortal One.

The One alone endures

The One is Atman or Brahman

The One is all-Pervading.

Realise this One and be free.

18. Eternal Light

O Eternal Light, Self-effulgence

O Supreme joy, eternal satisfaction

O Everlasting peace, bliss Immortal

How pure and self-radiant is Soul!

How awe-inspiring is His Majesty!

His splendour of wisdom is very great

His miracle of love is ineffable

His Altar is in the temple of silence.

19. Nature of Self

Like the ocean is your inner Self,

It is deep and unfathomable.

Like the ether is your Atman.

It is subtle, spotless and all-pervading.

Like the sun is your soul within,

It is self-effulgent and ever brilliant.

Like the Himalayas is your inner grandeur

It is motionless, majestic and firm.

20. Atman

Atman is another name for Eternal Peace

Atman is another name for Everlasting Bliss

Atman is another name for Infinity

Atman is another name for Eternity

Atman is another name for Immortality.

Atman is another name for Moksha.

21. Atman Is the Essence

Atman is the own innermost Self

He is the essence of all

He is Infinity, Eternity, Immortality.

He is the Light of all lights

He is the Light of the world

He is self-luminous

He is without a second

He is hidden in all names and forms

Realise Him and be free.

22. Who Directs the Mind?

Who has poured forth beauty

And fragrance in the rose?

Who sends rain from the clouds?

Who is at te back of intellect?

Who gives power to the mind?

Who directs the mind and the senses?

Who is behind the sweet music?

Who is the Creator of this world?

Nature is Japa, insentient.

The Lord of Nature, Isvara

Who is omniscient and omnipresent?

Chapter Two


1. My Religion

I have renounced all sects
I have removed all creeds and dogmas
My religion is the religion
Of Truth and Love.
My religion is the religion of heart.
My religion is the religion
Of Upanishads and Vedanta.
My religion is the religion of OM.
My religion is the religion
Of service, sacrifice and renunciation.
My religion is the religion
Of goodness, kindness and tolerance.

2. True Religion

Religion is not dogma.
Religion is not creed.
Creed is broken reed.
Religion is not Theology.
Religion is Life Eternal.
To live is to love.
Religion is a life of goodness and service.
Religion is a life of meditation.
Religion is life in God.
Religion is knowledge of God.
He who is loving, kind, pious and truthful,
He who is endowed with faith and devotion
Is truly religious.

3. Real Religion

Real religion is beyond speech and mind
Real religion is self-realisation
Real religion is God-consciousness
Real religion is Oneness, unity
Real religion is Life Eternal
Real religion is Upanishadic Consciousness
Real religion is non-dual realisation
Real religion is Aham Brahma Asmi Consciousness.

4. Essentials of Religion

Eternal peace can be had only in God.
Be virtuous.
Speak the Truth.
Have faith in Guru, scriptures and God.
Love all, serve all.
Observe Brahmacharya,
Slay egoism, mine-ness.
Kill all attachments and desires.
Control the senses and mind.
Purify the mind,
Be serene and self-restraint.
Concentrate, meditate and realise.
These are the essentials of religion.

5. Know One God

Abandon self-indulgence.
Be humble and compassionate.
Reject all sects.
Know one God.
Realise God.
Love God.
Live in God.
This is the essence of religion.

6. Practice of Religion

To lead the life divine is practice of religion.
To live in the Eternal is practice of religion.
To cultivate virtues is practice of religion.
To serve, love and sacrifice is practice of religion.
To discriminate is practice of religion.
To practise renunciation is practice of religion.
To become a Jivanmukta is practice of religion.

7. Fruit of Practice of Religion

Religion frees one from sorrow and pain.
Religion bestows everlasting peace.
Religion makes one perfect and free.
Religion makes one independent.
Religion makes one an AtmaSamrat.
Religion gives knowledge of Brahman.
Religion unites the soul with Brahman.
Religion frees one from births and deaths.

Chapter Three


1. Lame Man and a Blind Man

There was fire in a village

A Lame man sat

On the shoulders of a blind man.

And guided the blind man.

Both escaped from the fire.

There was movement.

Even so the blind japa Prakriti

Joins with the lame intelligent Purusha.

Creation starts.

There is movement or creation.

The blunt iron pieces move

Towards the potential magnet.

This is movement.

2. Cause of This World

One man says,

Brahman is the Cause of this world;

Another man says,

Maya is the cause;

A third man says;

Jiva is the cause;

A fourth man says,

Atom is the Cause;

A fifth man says,

Ether is the Cause;

A sixth man says,

Air, or fire or water is the Cause;

A seventh man says,

Mind is the Cause-

Mano Matra Jagat-

Mano Kalpita Jagat-

In reality there is no world,

Brahman alone is!

3. Evolution-I

Stone sleeps.

Plant breathes.

Animal moves.

Man is conscious.

Sage is superconsious.

4. Evolution-II

You died a mineral

And became a plant.

You died a plant

And rose an animal.

You died an animal

And became a man.

You died a man

And became a sage.

5. Jiva Becomes Brahman

The lamp burns

So long there are wick and oil.

Even so there is mind

So long there are Vasanas and thoughts are destroyed

Jivahood vanishes.

The mind is absorbed in Brahman.

Jiva becomes one with the Absolute.

6. Jiva Is Brahman

A spark is only fire.

A wave or bubble is only water.

A ring or bracelet is only gold.

Te prince is only future king.

Even so the Jiva or the individual

Is only Para Brahman or the Absolute.

7. Inner Illumination

When one attains

Inner Illumination

When he realises his Atman

He attains perfection,

He attains Atma Sakshatkara,

He attains his fullest expression,

He becomes Immortal.

8. Oneness

Camphor melts

And becomes identical with the fire.

River joins the ocean

And becomes one with the ocean.

A lump of salt or sugar dissolves

And becomes one with the ocean.

Even so mind melts

In the fire of wisdom

And becomes one with the Supreme Self.

The individual soul or Jiva

Becomes identical with the Supreme Soul.

9. All Are Equal

One soul abides in all.

There is one humanity.

There is one Brotherhood.

There is one Atma-hood.

None is high.

None is low.

All are equal.

Vain are the distinctions.

Man-made barriers

Should be ruthlessly broken down.

Then alone there will be peace

In this world.

10. Why Do You Not Weep?

When a man is weeping

You ask him, “Why are you weeping?”

You do not ask a man

Why do you not weep?”

Weeping is illusory

Weeping is born of ignorance


Is not one’s real nature

Bliss alone is one’s essential nature

Bliss is Brahman or the Eternal

Thu art Brahman”, “Tat Tvam Asi”,

Realise Brahman and be free.

11. Jnana or Wisdom

Give up Ahamta-Mamata

I-ness and Mine-ness

Behold the Atman in all

Behold thy Self as the All,

Behold thy Self as the world

This is Jnana or wisdom.

12. No Samadhi But Jnana

For a Vedantin

Samadhi has no value.

It is the opposite state of Vikshepa.

He wants only Jnana.

He praises only Jnana

The wisdom of the Absolute

Which is beyond Vikshepa and Samadhi

Satyam jnanam Anantam Brahman.

13. Disease and Remedy

Hunger is kind of disease

Food is the remedy.

Thirst is another kind of disease

Water is the remedy.

Death is a kind of dire disease

Brahma Jnana is the remedy.

14. Ignorance Is a Dire Disease

Ignorance is a dire disease;

Raga-Dvesha is an awful disease;

Egoism is a terrible malady;

Attachment is a formidable disease;

Birth-death is a terrible malady;

The only remedy for all these is wisdom of Atman!

15. Ego is the seed of this Samsara

Intellect is the sprout

Thoughts are the branches

Kill the ego through surrender or Enquiry

Meditate on the Supreme Self

The whole tree of Samsara

Will be cut down

You will attain Self-realisation.

16. Three of Life

Truth is the root of the tree life

Truth is Para Brahman

Truth is the Absolute

This tree of life is nourished by Karmas

The Gunas are its trunk

Vasanas are its branches

Pleasure and pain are its fruits

Cut this Mayaic tree

Through the sword of dispassion

And merge yourself in Brahman.

17. Secret of Renunciation

The three Ishanas bind you

They are the desire

For son, wealth, and name and fame,

You can renounce wife, son and wealth,

But it is difficult to renounce name and fame.

If you renounce egoism,

All the Ishanas will perish.

The secret of renunciation is

Renunciation of egoism.

18. Pain

Pain is born ignorance

Pain is due to identification with the body

Pain is extraneous to you

It is not thy essential nature

Thy essential nature is Bliss.

When knowledge dawns pain vanishes

There is no pain in deep sleep

There is no pain when you are under chloroform

Pain manifests when mind is attached to the body

If the mind perishes there is no pain.

19. Cause of Pain and Sorrow

Craving is the cause for birth and death,

Craving is born of memory of pleasure,

Memory of pleasure is born of contact with sense objects.

Contact causes attachment,

Attachment is born of non-discrimination,

Non-discrimination is born of ignorance;

Annihilate ignorance;

All the links will be broken at once.

20. Remove the Veil of Ignorance

When there is cloud

You cannot see the sun

But the sun is there.

When the cloud disappears

You can see the sun clearly

Even so when the veil of ignorance is torn asunder

Through meditation and enquiry

You can realise God or Atman.

21. Attain Illumination

Bring a lamp

Darkness vanishes

Bring a lamp

The rope snake disappears

Trembling ceases

Fear takes its heels.

Even so attain the light of knowledge of Self,

The darkness of ignorance will vanish

Fear, pain, sorrow, delusion will disappear.

22. Through Mind Man Suffers

Place a red flower before a crystal

The crystal appears red

Even so the pure blissful Atman

Appears to be miserable or happy

Through contact with the mind.

The Jiva identifies himself

With the mind, Prana, senses and body

And therefore feels pain and pleasure.

When the red flower is removed

The crystal is again pure white

When the Upadhi mind is destroyed

Man becomes one with the All-blissful Atman.

23. Pull Down the Dividing Wall

This dividing wall is not made of bricks.

There is neither cement nor lime here.

It is not built by a mason.

It is more firm than Ferro concrete slab.

This is dividing wall between man and soul.

This dividing wall is mind.

It is made up of Vasanas and egoism.

Annihilate Vasanas and egoism.

This wall break to pieces.

You will shine in divine glory and effulgence.

24. Seat of Mind

According to Hatha Yoga School

Trikuti is the seat of mind.

Trikuti is the space between the two eyebrows.

According to Vedanta

Right eye is the seat of mind during waking state.

Hita Nadi in the throat is the seat of the mind

During dreaming state.

Puritat Nadi in the heart

Is the seat of mind during deep sleep?

25. Waking Versus Dreaming

There is continuity in the waking state,

But there is no such continuity in the dreaming state.

You see the same things in the waking state,

But it is not so in the dreaming state.

The experience of dreaming persons differs.

The subject and object are different

In the waking state.

In the dream mind is the subject

Mind is the object.

26. The World Is a Long Dream

A man dreams

That his head is cut.

He weeps bitterly.

When he awakes

He stops crying.

Even so when one attains Brahma Jnana

This world vanishes.

This world is only a long dream.

27. Dream

In dream one who has taken sumptuous meal

Feels very hungry.

In dream one feels that his head has been cut

And cries bitterly.

One moves to London from Madras and comes back

Within half an hour.

One sees vision of mountains, rivers

Chariots, ocean and houses.

The small brain cannot contain all these.

Dream becomes false

When one wakes up.

This world becomes false

When one attains Turiya or Illumination.

28. Ideas and Feelings Differ

For one man

A woman is his wife;

The same woman is mother for another;

The same woman is sister for another;

The same woman is grandmother for another;

The same woman is aunt for another;

The same woman is sister in law for another;

The same woman is niece for another;

The woman is the same;

But idea and feelings differ.

It is all Maya and her work.

Mind is Maya.

But Brahman is One and the Same.

There are no ideas here.

There is neither difference nor destruction.

Realise Brahman and be free.

29. Object and Idea

For every object there is an idea.

There cannot be any idea without object

Object and idea are inseparable.

Annihilate the ideas-Chitta Vritti Nirodha;

The world of objects will vanish.

Brahman alone will remain.

That Brahman thou art, O Ram!

30. Jiva Srishti and Isvara Srishti

Jiva is individual soul

Isvara is Lord

Srishti is Creation.

Isvara has created water, fire, earth, etc.

The world of ideas is Jiva Srishti.

You can destroying the world of ideas

Isvara Srishti is beneficial for the Jiva

Jiva Srishti binds the soul.

31. Life Experience-“I”

Life here is experience

It is experience through the senses

The experience hangs on “I”

One says, “I see, I hear, I eat, I know”

Without “I there is no experience

This experience is transitory and illusory,

But the experience which is eternal

It is life in the eternal

It is infinite, changeless and divine.

32. See without eyes

Meditate on Brahman.

Rest in Chaitanya or Brahman.

Or Absolute consciousness.

You can see without eyes.

Hear without ears.

Smell without a nose.

Taste without a tongue.

Walk without feet.

Grasp without hands.

Feel without skin.

33. I am

Man says:

I am sick

I am fatty

I am black

I am fair

I am an Indian

I am an Australian

I am blind

I am” “is the only Truth

I am” “I exist” is the only Reality.

Existence is the only Reality.

Existence is Consciousness-Bliss

Sick” “fatty” etc. are illusory.

34. False and Real ‘I’

Egoism is the false small ‘I’

It is the illusory little ‘I’

It has no real existence.

Brahman is the infinite ‘I’

Brahman is the real big ‘I’

Brahman alone really exists.

Realise Brahman and be free.

35. You are Distinct from the Senses

Even if your hand is cut

I’ remains.

Even if your eye is removed

I’ remains.

Even if your leg is cut

I’ remains.

You are not the Indriyas or the senses.

You are distinct from the senses.

You are distinct from the body.

You are distinct from the mind and Prana also.

You are in essence identical with Brahman.

You are pure consciousness-Bliss.

36. You Are Witness or Atman

You say

May mind is not alright

I cannot work now.”

This indicates you are distinct

From the mind, You are the witness of the mind.

The witness of the mind is Atman.

You are in reality Atman or the Soul.

37. Sakshi Is Always Calm

The water is agitated.

The reflection of sun is agitated.

But the sun remains firm.

Even so the Jiva is agitated

Through the Upadhi, Antahkarana (mind)

But the Sakshi (the witness) remains always serene.

38. Brahman Is the Witness

In front of a lamp

You can do forgery

You can write a spiritual book

You can study Gita

But the lamp stands as a witness.

It is not affected a bit.

Even so is Brahman or the Absolute.

It is a silent witness

It is not in the least affected,

By pleasure and pain, good and evil.

39. The Two Drivers

In a car there are two drivers

One drives the car.

The other is simply seated in the back seat.

The driver was punished for rash driving.

The other driver was a silent witness.

He was not affected in any way.

Even so in this body there are two drivers

One driver Jiva reaps the fruits of his actions.

He is egoistic and feels I am doer and enjoyer.

He laughs sometimes and cries at other time.

But the other driver is a witness.

He is ever joyful. He is not touched by pleasure and pain.

The other driver is Brahman.

40. Brahman Is Unattached

Air carries fragrance as well as bad odour.

It is not affected by them even a bit.

It is Asanga unattached.

So is Brahman.

Sun shines on rose and excreta

It is not affected by them.

So is Brahman.

41. The Soul Is Untainted

The sun is not affected by the clouds

Or the defects of the eye

The sky is not affected by the air

Or the lightning or the thunder-storm

The wind is not affected

Bu the sweet aroma or bad odour

The crystal is not affected

By the colour of the objects placed before it

The ether is not affected by pleasure and pain,

Virtue and vice, health and disease,

Name and fame, honour and dishonor,

Like and dislike longevity and death.

The Soul is ever immortal and unaffected.

Man is essentially identical with the Soul.

42. Upadhi Gives Form

Fire in the wood has no form

But it takes the form of any objects it burns.

It becomes small and big.

Water takes the form

Of the vessel in which it is placed

It also becomes small and big

Even so Brahman is formless.

It assumes from through Upadhi

Or limiting adjunct, body and mind.

43. Develop Intuition

Reason and logic will not help you

To attain Self-realisation;

Intellect is a finite and frail instrument.

Reason can work within time-space.

But Atma is beyond time, and space.

Intuition alone can know the Atma.

Therefore give up arguing and logical chopping;

Develop intuition through meditation.

44. Requisites for Attaining Knowledge

Reverence for the Teacher.

Freedom from greed.

Eagerness to hear

Shedding off laziness.

Patience and perseverance.

Application and tenacity.

These are indispensable

For the acquisition of knowledge.

45. What Is Sattwa?

Sattwa is purity

Sattwa is harmony

Sattwa is peace

Sattwa is illumination

Sattwa is light

Sattwa is wisdom

Sattwa is spiritual microscope

To find out subtle existences

To find out God

To detect super-sensual facts

To probe into the divine mysteries.

Anger acts as a boomerang

Because it injures the man

Who becomes angry?

It comes back to the angry man,

And does harm to him.

Therefore control anger

By Kshama, love, enquiry and service.

47. Force of Karma

Nala did not want to got the forest

And yet he was forced to go

His Karma compelled him.

Lord Rama alone was to be installed king of Ayodhya,

He was forced to enter the forest.

Gandhiji wanted to live for 120 years

He did not like himself to be shot down

And yet Karma brought this event.

48. Karmas and Samskaras

Lotus and leech are born from the same Source

Nectar and poison came out

From the churning of the ocean

Even so a good son and a wicked son

Are born of the same parents

Karmas and Samskaras are responsible for this.

49. A Sage Is Not Bound By Karmas

A sage is not bound by Karmas

Because he has no egoism

No Moha or infatuation

No attachment, no Asakti.

No desires or expectation of fruits

No identification with body, mind or senses.

50. A Deva

A Deva is a celestial being

His body is brilliant

It is made up of more fire

He has no hunger or thirst

He has no disease

He moves in celestial car

He has no shadow

He never winks

His feet do not touch the ground.

51. Life in Heaven

The denizen of Swarga or Heaven

Is free from disease, hunger and thirst

He has long life,

He moves in celestial cars or Viman

There are Apsaras to serve him.

He enjoys Divya Bhoga.

But there are jealousy and hatred in him,

He fights and quarrels.

When the fruits or his virtuous actions are exhausted

He comes back to this world.

52. Asuras in the Body

The senses are the Asuras.

Asuras are demons.

They are enemies of Atma.

They stand in the way of Self-realisation.

They cause distraction.

Evil Vasanas are also Asuras.

Lust, greed, egoism are evil Vasanas.

Subha Vasanas are the gods.

They help the aspirant to attain Moksha.

Divine virtues are subha Vasanas.

Slay the evil Vasanas through good Vasanas.

Always generate good tendencies.

53. The Three Saktis

Will is Ichcha Sakti

Desires is Ichcha Sakti

Prana is Kriya Sakti

Action is Kriya Sakti

Knowledge is Jnana Sakti.

Chapter Four


  1. You Came Alone

You came alone

You will go alone

You came weeping

You will go weeping

You came with empty hands

You will go with empty hands

Be virtuous, serve, love, give

Be dispassionate, be detached,

Enquire, meditate and realise.

2. Struggle On

Struggle on, O man!


In the face of all obstacles

In the battle of daily life

Be bold.

Do not stumble

Boldly bear all the troubles

March forward! 0 hero

Take refuge in the Lord

All sorrows will vanish

You will attain eternal bliss.

3. None Is Poor

O Ram! none is poor

Everyone has priceless Atmic pearl

In his bundle

In the cave of his heart

But how to open the knot

He does not know

And therefore he is poor

Open the three knots of A.K.K.

Avidya, Kama, Karma

And attain the supreme wealth or Atma.

4. Individual Life a Phantom

The individual life is but a phantom,

It is full of pain, disappointment,

Cares, worries and fears,

It is closed and lost in darkness and despair

It is but a walking shadow.

It is a leather bag of impurities.

It is a pot of mud.

Abandon infatuation for the body.

Realise the self-luminous eternal Atman.

5. God Is With You

God is with you,

God is within you,

God is behind you,

God is before you,

God is beside you,

God is beneath you,

God is above you

To comfort and save you,

Love Him and be happy.

6. Chinta Consumes Everything

Chinta is anxiety- worry

If one Chinta is over

Another Chinta is waiting immediately.

There is Chinta for food

When you get food

There is Chinta for clothing

When you get clothing

There is Chinta for marriage and house.

When you get that

There is Chinta for son.

A millionaire has Chinta

For becoming a multimillionaire.

There is no end for Chinta

No one save a sage

Is free from Chinta.

Funeral pyre consumes only the body

But Chinta consumes everything

Take refuge in God and His name

All Chintas will vanish.

7. Pleasure Is Evanescent

Sensual pleasures are like bubbles.

They are like the fleeting lightning.

They are like the rainbow,

Which disappears quickly?

They are like the rose,

Which fades in a minute.

But the bliss of Brahman is eternal.

Therefore realise this Infinite Bliss.

8. Optical Illusion

A straight stick appears to be bent

Underneath water.

The two parallel lines of a railway

Appear to meet at a distance.

One man sees two moons

A tower at a distance looks very small

When you come very near

The vision is quite different.

When you stand at its base

You cannot see the top of the tower,

This is all a play of the optical lens,

It is all Maya's trick.

The senses dupe and delude you.

Seek the immortal Seer behind the eye

Transcend all Maya's illusion and delusion

Attain the saving wisdom of the Self.

9. Seek Anandalaya

In Vastralaya, cloth shop

You will get only clothes,

In Pustakalaya, book shop

You will get only books.

This world is Dukhalaya

You will get only pain.

Brahma is Anandalaya

Seek Brahman

And realise the bliss Immortal

10. Who Is Happy?

God Indra is not happy

An emperor is not happy

A dictator is not happy

A president of a state is not happy

Who is happy then?

A sage is happy

A Yogi is happy

He who has controlled his mind is happy

Glory to such Yogi and sage.

11. No one Is Happy in This World

A rich man has great wealth

But he has no children,

And so he is pained at heart.

A poor man has 14 children

But has nothing to eat

And so he is miserable.

One man has wealth and children

But his son is a vagabond

And so he is worried.

One man has riches and good sons

But his wife is very quarrelsome

No one save a sage is happy in this world.

12. Emptiness of Wealth

Can gold give you everlasting peace?

Can gold give you freedom and bliss?

Can you dig wisdom from the mine?

Wealth begets pride

Wealth causes restlessness.

Wealth stiffens egoism

Wealth is the enemy of devotion

Wealth is the root of all evils

Attain the inexhaustible spiritual wealth

The supreme wealth of wisdom of the Self

And be happy for ever.

13. Be Quiet and Know

O! Man, You are heir apparent to God,

Rejoice, Rejoice,

You are not bound,

Praise Him,

From whom all blessings flow,

He fills your whole being,

Be still, be quiet and know.

14. Count Not the Doors of Buckingham Palace

People want to count

The doors of Buckingham palace.

hey do not wish to count T

he doors in their own houses.

They are curiosity-mongers.

What will they gain by counting the doors?

Will that give them eternal bliss?

Will that bestow upon them wisdom of Atma?

Will that give them liberation?

O deluded man! O Ignorant soul!

Enquire, discover, recover;

And be happy for ever.

15. The Educated Fool

The educated fool always thinks of the body

He goes to the club, drinks

And wastes his money, time and energy

He plays cards, and reads novels

He speaks ill of saints

He has no faith in scriptures

"Philosophy of flesh" appeals to him

He worships the body and mammon

He takes the body as Atma

He has neither discrimination nor dispassion

He does not make enquiry of "Who am I?"

He worships his wife

The world abounds with such fools.

16. O Deluded Fool!

Look not at the face for enjoying beauty

Look within.

And realise the Beauty of beauties

Do not run after little sensual pleasures

They are illusory and fleeting.

Dive deep in the hear

And realise the eternal bliss of Atma.

17. Admonition

O deluded man,

You have given up reciting Lord's Name

But you have not given up telling lies.

You have given up study of Gita

But you have not given up injuring others.

You have given up meditation

But you have not given up anger and lust

You have given up prayer and service

But you have not given up greed and pride,

Wake up now and become virtuous.

18. Analysis of Your Daily Activities








This is the analysis of your daily activities

What a deplorable state

O, Man, Serve, Love, Meditate, Realise.

19. A Poor Man and Shawl

A richman gave a costly shawl,

To a very poor man.

The poor man used it for wiping the feet.

The rich man took it back.

Even so the worldly minded man

Uses the body shawl for sensual pleasures.

Instead of utilising it for attaining Moksha.

The Lord will take back the human body.

And give him an animal body.

Keep the body healthy, pure and strong.

And use it for meditation.

And reach the goal in this very birth.

20. Value of Brahma Jnana

You may be a king, or an emperor

This is of no use

If you do not possess devotion and wisdom.

You may be an erudite scholar

You may have the eight Siddhis

You may be beautiful and strong

You may be a wonderful songster

You may know the sixty-four Kalas

You may be famous in the whole world

All these are of no avail

If you have no Brahma Jnana

Brahma Jnana alone can give you perfection.

21. Who Is Father?

Who is son?

Who is father?

And uncle who?

Who is mother?

God is your real father.

God is your real mother,

Know Him and be free

All illusory attachments

Will be broken down.

22. Atma—Basis for Everything

The Empire State Building in America

The tallest building in the world

Has 102 storeys and a height of 1250 feet.

The five sided Pentagon

The world's largest office budding

Covers 34 acres, has 62.2

lakhs square feet floor space.

Friends! All are made up of earth and lime only.

They must perish today or tomorrow.

The only Majestic, infinite thing is your own Atma.

The basis for all building and this world.

Realise this Alma and rest peacefully for ever.

23. How Long?

How long do you like to be ignorant?

How long do you like to be passionate?

How long do you like to be proud and vain?

How long do you like to lead this deluded life?

How long do you wish to be a slave of senses?

Wake up from this long slumber of ignorance'

Purify, meditate and attain wisdom

And roam about happily.

24. Time and Timeless

Time is formless.

But it devours everything.

Time does not spare any body.

Time is relentless

Time is Lord Yama.

Time is a mode of the mind.

The Eternal is Timeless.

Brahman transcends time.

Attain Brahman and conquer time.

25. Precious Is Your Life

Precious is your life

Waste it not in sensual pleasures

Pursue not the shadows

Which come and go

Wander not after the mirage

God is now, here

He abides in your heart

Pray, sing and meditate

Drink the Divine Nectar

Be filled, be full.

26. Awake, O Man


All are passing in this world,

All uncertain,

O, deluded man,

Awake, awake,

Think of Hari,

Except through Hari,

There is no hope for you.

27. Wake Up O Man

Are you really advancing?

Or are you falling

From a high spiritual state?

Institutions are declining.

Creeds are collapsing.

America is a victim

Of softness and luxury.

Europe has declined.

Atom bomb is God now

Industrialisation is God now.

People are sunk in deep materialism.

All have embraced the philosophy of flesh.

"Eat, drink and be merry"

Is the slogan of the day?

O man! Wake up from this long slumber of ignorance.

Realise Atma and be free.

28. Long Only for God

O man! Give up your bad habits

Long only for God,

Who is wisdom, bliss, love and peace.

Worship Lord's feet in the lotus of your heart

With faith, devotion and love

With eyes filled with tears

Plunge yourself in the ocean of bliss

Immerse yourself in the sea of joy.

29. Meet Thy Friend Now

He is eagerly waiting to meet you

You can trust this friend at any time

He will overlook thy faults

He is ever ready to help you

He will guide and protect you

He will give you light, peace and bliss

You can draw inspiration from Him

He is the Immortal Friend

He is Light of lights

He is omnipotent, Infinite.

He will make you Immortal.

30. Look Within

If you have ears to hear, hear

If you have eyes to see, see

If you have heart to feel, feel

If you have a mind to think, think

Shut the external instruments

Learn to look within

Develop the eye of intuition.

Rest in Satchidananda Atma

Enjoy the abiding peace of the Eternal.

31. Seek the Immortal

This world is a shadow

Its loves are unreal

Human love is hollow and shallow

Its objects are illusory

They are like a mirage

The objects are like bubbles

They come and go

Seek the Immortal

And attain eternal bliss.

32. Seek the Eternal—I

This body is a bubble

It is like lightning

This world is a play for two days

It lasts today

It continues tomorrow

No more, no more.

O deluded man!

Awake, Awake!

Seek the Eternal

Rest in the Satchidananda Atman.

33. Seek the Eternal—II

The bloom of rose.

The beauty of the skin,

The pomp of power,

The strength of a wrestler,

The wealth of a millionaire,

The grandeur of an emperor,

The fame of a songster,

The pride of a minister,

All pass away quickly,

Brahman alone endures forever.

Therefore seek Brahman, the Eternal Atman.

34. Seek the Eternal—III

It is not certain whether you will live today

Do not think that this e world is eternal

If you want to do good deeds do them now

Who knows what will happen tomorrow,

A doctor talks on the telephone

And dies on the steps when he goes upstairs.

Such is life's uncertainty here

Seek the Eternal

And be happy for ever.

35. Seek the Eternal—IV

Vibheeshana left his brother

And joined Lord Rama,

Prahlad abandoned his father

And worshipped Hari

Mira left her husband

And sang the glory of Giridhari

Gopies deserted their husbands

For the sake of Lord Krishna

Bharat left his mother

And worshipped the sandals of Sri Rama

Bali abandoned his Guru Sukracharya

They lost nothing thereby

They all attained Life Eternal

Renounce anything

That stands in the way of your God-realisation.

36. Seek the Changeless

One element can be changed into another

Mercury becomes gold

If one proton is lost

Uranium gives arsenic and iodine

Nitrogen can be changed into oxygen

Male is changed into a female

Female is changed into a male

This is all Maya

Maya can do anything

Change is Maya

Changelessness is Brahman

Trust not this changing world

Seek the changeless

Rest in the changeless Brahman

And be blissful for ever.

37. Know Thyself

O ignorant Jiva!

How long will you love vanity?

How long will you utter falsehood?

How long will you be selfish and jealous?

How long will you cheat others?

How long will you run after shadows?

How long will you be slave of mind and senses?

Wake up from the slumber of ignorance.

Know thyself and be free.

38. Realise the Truth

Truth is one,

Sages call it by various names,

Truth is Para Brahman,

Truth is the Absolute,

Truth alone triumphs

Truth is thy own Self or Atma.

Realise the Truth,

Truth will give you freedom.

39. Come Ye Young Ministers

Come ye young ministers, young judges

Young professors, young doctors,

With Vairagya, with spiritual Samskaras

With four means, with plenty of money

And join the Yoga Vedanta Forest University.

Be bold and take Sannyasa.

Study, meditate, realise,

And disseminate spiritual knowledge.

Then alone your life is blessed.

Waste not the precious life any more.

Enough of Iddali, Coffee and Parotta.

Cordial greetings, love and Pranams.

40. Come With Four

Come, come, do come

Who are weary in life?

Come ye all who are sorrow-ladden

Who are bereaved and heart-broken

Who are tired of strife

Who are in despair

Come with four

Here all shall find eternal peace,

Permanent joy and bliss immortal.

41. Immortal Fruit

I have the fruit

That makes life fruitful and immortal

It is an Immortal fruit

That bestows perfection and freedom.

Within my heart

The tree of Brahman grows

That bears emancipation for its fruit

I eat this nectarine fruit

Come friends, join with me

And taste this divine fruit now.

42. Nectar within You

Why do you wander, friend

When the Immortal Atma

Is within you?

Why do you wander?

From forest to forest

In search of what is within you?

Go where you will

To Badri, Cape

Where will you find the place?

That will give you everlasting bliss?

The nectar of Immortality

Is within you.

Meditate and drink this nectar.

43. Body Is a Moving Temple

O man! Your body

Is a moving temple of God

Keep it pure

Your heart is Lord's castle.

A rich treasure lies in your heart,

It is the treasure of treasures.

It is supreme inexhaustible wealth.

Attain this priceless wealth

Through faith, devotion and meditation.

And be happy for ever.

44. Man into Woman

Christine Jorgensen

Formerly George Jorgensen 26 years old

The ex-American G I.

Was changed into a woman

After a series of plastic operations

And hormone treatment in a Copenhagen Hospital.

He had 2000 injections in 2 ¼ years

The body developed curves, the bust grew

Skin and muscles became softer

The beard gradually disappeared.

He wore woman's clothes

The handwriting altered considerably

He had feminine hips

He used powder, lipstick and perfume.

In my opinion the complete change

From a man into a woman

Or vice versa is an impossibility.

Only when there are ovaries and uterus

Can one speak of female organs?

And change from man into a woman.

What is the benefit of this change after all?

Tata Kim Tata Kim Tata Kim

Can this give eternal bliss?

This is Maya's another trick or fraud

Change yourself into Brahman

Through devotion, enquiry and meditation

No plastic operation or hormone injection is necessary for this

You will enjoy immortal bliss.

45. Woman into Man

B. K. B. is endeavouring

To change her sex.

She wants to become a man

And to marry the girl whom she loves

She wants to do a man's job.

What a strange craving!

This is Kali.

Moha is intense (Athi Moha).

This is a very strange world

Maya havocs in a variety of ways

Mind havocs in a diverse manner.

Sex is an illusory thing

This is an illusory world

There is no permanent satisfaction here.

Man wants to become a woman

And woman wants to become a man.

Foolishness, stupidity, ignorance.

Attain the sexless, changeless, Brahman

Here alone you will find eternal satisfaction.

46. Finite Implies Infinite

Finite implies Infinite.

Change implies changelessness.

Effect implies cause.

Law implies law-giver.

Brahman is Infinite, changeless and causeless.

Realise the changeless Infinite

And be happy for ever.

47. Tap the Source

There is a light that never dims

There is a beauty that never fades

There is a drink that immortalises

There is a silence which is ever eloquent

There is a friend who is eternal

There is a peace which ever comforts

There is a bliss that never decays

There is a realm which is boundariless

There is a life eternal, which is ever joyful

It is Atma, thy innermost Self, lndweller,

The Source of all creations.

Chapter Five


1. Sadhana—I

Practise ceaseless enquiry

Have eternal vigilance

Practise incessant meditation

Have burning Vairagya and renunciation

Cultivate intense aspiration.

2. Sadhana—II

Tear off old bad habits

Cultivate new good habits.

Eradicate evil traits.

Cultivate divine virtues

Steady the mind.

Strengthen Sadhana Shakti.

Be a silent witness

Identify with the Sakshi

Rise above body and mind.

Now rest in your own Swaroopa.

3. Heart Temple

Make your heart a temple of God

Remove the weeds of lust and greed

Fill the heart with love and devotion

Pray, sing and meditate

Bum the incense of faith

Let your sovereign enter in

Let sublime and noble life begin.

4. How to Increase Sattwa?

Remain in the company of saint

Take Sattwic or pure food

Do Japa of Mantra

Recite Lord's Names

Sing the glories

Pray fervently, Antarika

Meditate on God or Atma

You will increase your Sattwa.

5. Renounce

Renounce egoism and mineness

Renounce desires

Renounce comfort

Renounce attachment

Renounce lust, greed and pride

You will move onward to the goal

Renunciation bestows immortality

Renunciation confers wisdom.

6. Thy Eternal Heritage

Abandon all desires and cravings

Crush this ego

Silence all thoughts

Seek the Immortal Bliss

Seek it in your own heart

Plunge in the chambers of your heart

Melt the mind in the deep Silence

And realise the abiding Peace

This is thy eternal Heritage, O Ram!

7. True and Eternal Bliss

There is a true, eternal happiness

Beyond sex, food, drink, etc.

This is the eternal bliss of Atma or Soul.

Break your ego

Slay this mind

Control the senses

Annihilate cravings and desires

Abandon attachment

Meditate and realise.

8. The Ten Precepts

Be civil

Be temperate in all things

Be detached

Be kind

Be compassionate

Be generous

Be humble

Be courageous

Be patient

Be forgiving.

9. The Ten Rules of Life

1. Meditate in Brahmamuhurtha 4 a.m.

2. Control anger.

3. Observe Brahmacharya.

4. Be truthful.

5. Be righteous.

6. Cultivate cosmic love.

7. Control the senses.

8. Study religious scriptures daily.

9. Share what you have with others

10. Slay lust, greed, jealousy and pride.

1 0. Learn

Learn to obey

Learn to discriminate

Learn to be dispassionate

Learn to love

Learn to give and share

Learn to be true

Learn to be kind and compassionate

Learn to be pure

Learn to be good and do good

Learn to be non-covetous

Learn to pray, sing and meditate.

11. The Triple Secret


Be humble

Be truthful

Renounce desires, egoism, mineness

Humility is self-abnegation

Truth is God. God is Truth.

This triple secret

Renunciation, humility and truthfulness

Is the key to God-realisation.

12. The Triple Gem

Be detached

Be desireless

Be in the company of the wise

You will have spiritual strength

You will enjoy perennial peace

You will be free from pain and sorrow.

You will attain immortality

You will realise undying bliss.

13. Spiritual Furnace and Crucible

Make faith your bellows

Self-restraint your fire

Meditation your crucible

Truth your furnace

Ahimsa your anvil

Renunciation your goldsmith

Dispassion your fuel

Melt your egoism

And enjoy the bliss of the Eternal.

14. Spiritual Ploughing

Plough your heart with the plough of dispassion

Use the ox of vigilance

Sow the seed of health

Put the manure the Self-restraint

Fertilise it with the water of purity

Reap the harvest of eternal bliss and Immortality.

15. Spiritual War

Put on the armour of dispassion

March on the horse of Yoga

Hold the weapon of concentration

Kill the enemies of egoism, lust and hatred

Enter the limitless dominion of bliss Eternal.

16. The Inner War

The Vasanas and cravings resist.

They resist, persist and recur.

A Dheera or spiritual hero alone

With patience, perseverance and vigilance

Can attain triumph.

Pray and attain God's grace.

Without God's grace

You cannot make even an iota of spiritual progress

Sadhana Shakti is God's Grace

Guru is God's Grace

Sadhana and comfort are God's Grace.

17. Dwell in the One

Always remember the One.

Recognise the one.

Dwell in the one.

Hold thou the one.

Meditate on the one.

Reflect on the one.

Attain the one.

Live and move in the one.

Sing the glory of the one.

18. Soar High

O Man! rise above thy limitations.

Rise above senses and mind

Soar high in the realms of eternal bliss

Slay egoism, desires and cravings

Meditate on thy innermost Atma

You will become one with the soul

You will find Light and Immortality.

19. Seva Yoga

Banish hatred

Banish war

Nurse the sick

Protect the weak

Raise the fallen

Elevate the down-trodden

Be friendly to all

Comfort the distressed

Cheer up the depressed.

20. Ring out, Ring in

Ring out hatred and malice

Ring in love and harmony.

Ring out ignorance and foolishness

Ring in the wisdom of the sage.

Ring out worldliness and selfishness

Ring in the Music of life Divine.

Ring out unrighteousness

Ring in righteousness.

Ring out thoughts of jealousy

Ring in thoughts sublime and divine.

21. Forms of Hatred

Jealousy is hatred

Anger is hatred

Ghrina is hatred

Irsha is hatred

Matsarya is hatred

Asuya is hatred

Remove hatred through love,

Prayer, Japa, service and meditation

22. Slay the Evil

Slay the evil that is in your eye

So that the eye cannot see evil

Slay the evil that is in your tongue

So that the tongue cannot speak evil

Slay the evil that is in your ear

So that the ear cannot hear evil.

Slay the evil that is in your mind

So that the mind cannot think evil

Slay the evil that is in your hand

So that the hand cannot do evil.

Slay the evil that is in your feet

So that the feet cannot walk after evil.

23. Greed Is Kali

Wherever there is greed

There are untruth, hypocrisy, selfishness,

Cunningness, theft, violence, injustice.

Misappropriation, fraud and forgery.

Greed is Kali

The desire to take other's property is Kali

Greed is an enemy of peace

Abandon greed through magnanimity,

Charity, generosity and integrity and contentment

And rest peacefully forever in Atma.

24. Slay the Three `K' s

Slay the three 'K' s

Kamini, Kanchana, and Kirti:

Lust, gold and fame.

They are the three Ishanas.

Sthree Ishana, Vitheshana and Loka Ishana.

It is very difficult to slay the desire for Kirti.

Plod on, strive and strive

You will succeed eventually.

25. Three Obstacles to Spiritual Progress

Self-sufficiency, self-justification

And self-assertive Rajasic nature

Are the three important obstacles to spiritual progress.

The aspirant falsely imagines

That he has reached the goal

That he is a great realised Yogin

That he knows everything in Yoga.

He has false Tushti or contentment

He stops his Sadhana.

He does not want to hear anything

From great sages and saints.

Self-justification is a very dangerous habit.

The aspirant has done serious mistakes.

When his mistakes arc pointed out

He argues and justifies himself.

He wants not to be corrected by others

He asserts himself at every step.

He is egoistic and self-seeking

He fights and quarrels

He says, "Do you know who I am?"

He wants to lord over all.

26. Break and Construct

The peasant breaks the soil first

Then he puts manure

Afterwards he sows the seed and waters

In the end he reaps a rich harvest,

Even so, you should break first

All old evil habits and evil traits,

Then you should develop divine virtues.

You should practise meditation.

Then alone you will reap the harvest

Of Samadhi, eternal bliss and everlasting peace.

27. Fry the Vasanas

If the seed is fried

It cannot sprout forth.

Even so if the Vasanas or desires are fried

There will be no rebirth.

If the branches are cut

The tree will yet grow.

If the root is eradicated

The tree will totally perish.

Even to if egoism is totally rooted out

There will be no rebirth.

You will be in union with the Lord.

28. Manorajya

Manorajya is building castles in the air

It is Vikshepa or tossing of mind.

This is due to Rajas.

Do Vichara, Japa, Tratak,

Kirtan, meditation, worship,

Pranayama, Soham breath Abhyasa

It will vanish.

29. Draw Me

I can come near to you,

But you must draw me

By your faith and devotion.

I can enthrone in your heart,

But you must remove the weeds

Of impurity in your heart.

30. Bolt not the Heart's Door

The doctor came with medicines, etc.

To treat the patient

He was standing at the door,

But the patient bolted the door from inside.

Will the patient be benefited? No.

Even so the Guru came to the aspirant

To give spiritual instructions

But the aspirant did not pay any attention.

He was self-sufficient and heedless

He bolted the door of his heart,

And so he was not benefitted like the patient.

31. Spiritualise

Spiritualise and ascend

March on your return journey

To the abode of Eternal Bliss

Fill every atom with Divine Glory

Power and Light and Love

Banish all darkness and ignorance

Shine with Divine Splendour.

32. My Resolves Today

will speak truth today

I shall not bear towards anyone

I will not become angry

I will serve the sick and the poor

I will recite Lord's Name for one hour

I will study religious book for one hour

I will bear insult and injury

I will not fear anyone on this earth

I will eat only four things today

I will observe silence for one hour

I will observe Brahmacharya for one month.

Take these resolves as soon as

You get up from your bed

You will develop will power

And attain peace and strength.

33. Way to Blessedness

Be tolerant

Be forgiving

Be magnanimous

Be courageous

Be compassionate

Be humble

Be serene

Be self-controlled

Be reflective

This is the way to Blessedness

34. Way of Yoga

Grieve not for that

Which you have not

Restrain your speech and mind.

Restrain all the senses

Restrain your actions

Empty your egoism

Be ever calm and serene

Be refined in your conduct

Be cordial in your ways

Cast off lust and hatred

Meditate regularly and vigorously

Now you will attain bliss eternal.

35. The Divine Way of Life

Govern thy turbulent mind

Walk in the path of righteousness

Illumine thy mind

Be merciful to all creatures

Be truthful

Be pure and chaste

Be moderate in all things

Meditate on God.

36. Siva's Way of Life

Practise right living

Lead a virtuous life

Cultivate divine virtues, humility, courage, compassion, etc.

Work for the welfare of others

Be one with all

Cultivate cosmic love

Speak truthfully, lovingly and sweetly

Earn your livelihood honestly

Entertain divine thoughts

Pray fervently from the bottom of your heart

Sing Lord's glories

Meditate ceaselessly.

37. This is the Way

I have appeared in this age

To indicate the way unto men.

The way is:

Simplify your life,

Purify your heart.

Slay egoism and pride

Cultivate cosmic love;

Practise self-discipline.

Serve all, love all.

Hear, reflect, meditate.

Enquire and know Thy Self

Live in the Eternal.

38. The Path to Eternal Bliss

Leave sensual pleasures,

Obey the moral code,

Cultivate patience and forbearance,

Harm not any creature,

Yearn for emancipation,

Harbour not any desires,

Control thy senses five,

Train thy mind to be steady and calm,

Meditate and attain bliss eternal.

39. Path to God-realisation—I

Injure not any creature

Speak the Truth

Practise Brahmacharya

Endure afflictions

Maintain inner and outer purity

Study the scriptures

Adore the Lord

You will attain God-realisation

40. Path to God-realisation—II

See what is good

Hear what is good

Speak what is good

Think what is good

Do what is good

41. Be Good, Do Good

Be good, do good.

Speak good, think good.

Do all the good you can

By all the means you can

In all the ways you can

In all the places you can

At all the times you can

To all the people you can

As long as ever you can.

42. Towards God-realisation

See the form of the Lord

Hear His Leelas

Speak about the Lord

Sing His glory

Meditate on His form and attributes.

43. Sit and Meditate

Sit in Padmasan,

Shoot your glance at Trikuti,

Be pure and calm,

Keep the body still,

Restrain the breath slowly,

Silence the thoughts,

Watch every thought,

Be vigilant,

Prolong your meditation,

Pierce the heart,

Rest in your own Atman

Enjoy eternal bliss.

44. Enquire Who Am I?

Enquire who ant I?

Cultivate a burning love and consuming zeal

For the attainment of Divine Light.

Peep into the inner depths of your heart.

Wage a heroic battle with egoism and desires.

You will attain Immortal Bliss.

If you do not do this

You will lose your way in false path.

You will face defeat.

Enquire after the Subjective Centre,

The Real Man, the Metaphysical Entity.

That is lurking in your heart.

This is the first step.

45. Enter the Silence

Be strong,

Be brave

Be heroic

Be patient

Look within you.

Wander not elsewhere.

Enter the Silence

Within you.

Realise what you really are

Within You

46. Enter into Samadhi

Be silent

Acquire steadiness through Asans

Control the breath

Keep the senses away from objects



Attain equipoise

Enter into Samadhi.

47. Walk with God

Conquer temptations

Live in your religion

Be utterly fearless

Build up your faith

Overcome evil by good

March towards the goal

Walk with God.

48. Joy-Filling Experience

Be detached

Serve the saints

Serve the Gum

Serve humanity

Aspire intensely

Be thirsty for love of God

Grow in longing

Learn to walk on the way of love

The way of Guru-Bhakti

The way of Guru-Seva

You will obtain divine grace

You will have a joy-filling experience

You will feel the thrill of divine love.

49. This Is the Highest Blessing

Have a poised mind

Keep company with the Sages,

Be righteous and harmonious

Meditate regularly

Serve the poor and the saints

Be contented, be humble,

Be pure, be serene, be kind

Be good, do good and think good

This is the highest blessing.

50. This Is the Greatest Blessing

Serve the poor

Serve the sick

Serve the saints

This is the greatest blessing.

Enquire who am I?

Acquire the four means

Remain in the company of sages

This is the greatest blessing.

Control the mind and the senses

Do Vichara of Atman

Be good, do good.

This is the greatest blessing.

Be soft and sweet

Speak sweetly and truthfully

Live righteously

This is the greatest blessing.

To meditate on the bank of Ganga

To worship Lord Viswanath

To work in Ananda Kutir

This is the greatest blessing.

To be pure and dispassionate

To be humble and courageous

To attain self-realisation

This is the greatest blessing.

51. Cultivate the Spirit

Cultivate the spirit

Cultivate dispassion

Cultivate devotion

Cultivate discrimination

Cultivate virtues

Cultivate a melting heart

Cultivate a giving hand

Cultivate cosmic love.

52. Live in the Spirit

Man! redeem thy self.

Man! Know thyself.

Cultivate the spirit.

Be a sacrifice unto the Truth.

Succumb not to softness and luxury.

Practise self-discipline.

Advance, March forward.

Live in the spirit.

53. Be Hungry for God

Lead a life of truth and love.

Lead a rich and full life in God.

Be hungry for God.

Slay egoism and pride.

Love and serve the saints.

Be humble, be sympathetic.

Awaken the spiritual force.

Speak the language of love.

And attain God-realisation.

54. Forget Thy self

O deluded man!

Do not forget God even for a split second,

But forget thy self for ever.

Tame the mind,

Curb the senses,

Slay the cravings,

Be absorbed in the silence within,

And shine in tranquil radiance.

55. Contact the Soul

The Soul is Satchidananda

Existence-Knowledge-Bliss Absolute

It is all-pervading

It also dwells in the heart;

Purify your mind

Cultivate dispassion and renunciation

Withdraw the mind from the objects.

Fix it on the Trikuti

The space between the eyebrows

Meditate seriously, deeply and diligently

You will contact the Soul

You will have rich inner life

In the Eternal or the Absolute

All problems will be solved.

56. Be Determined

The tides may ebb

The tides may flow

The waves may toss

The wind may blow

But as firm as the rock

Shall your determination be?

57. I Will Unlock the Mysteries

There is a seat of eternal peace

You will not be able

To attain this seat through your effort alone

I will unlock to you

The real mysteries of Atman

Equip yourself with four

Be stainless

Be desireless

Be ego-less

Be cravingless.

58. Uttishtha

O Sadhak bold!

Be brave, be bold

Be patient, be enduring,

Shirk not, shrink not,

Uttishta, Wake up,

Stand up, gird up the loin,

Enquire, reflect, meditate,

Pass out of storm into calm,

Out of darkness into light.

59. I Am at Thy Side

O child of Immortality

O nectar's son

O my spiritual darling

Why dost thou fear?

For I am at thy side

I will be by thee, with thee, within thee

Canst thou not feel me near at hand?

I dwell in thy heart

I live to serve thee

Be bold, be cheerful

Meditate, realise and be free.

Chapter Six


1. I Am Life Eternal

I am That I am

I am absolute consciousness.

I am all joy.

I am all Bliss.

I am all intelligence.

I am Life Eternal.

I am Infinity, Eternity, Immortality.

I am Truth, Wisdom and Light.

2. Vedantic Meditation

I am ageless

I am birthless

I am deathless

I am timeless

I am spaceless

I am causeless

I am formless

I am attributeless

I am fearless

I am changeless

I am nameless.

3. 1 Am the Source

I am the Source for everything,

I am beginningless,

I am endless,

I am the Root for everything,

I am present everywhere,

I am the very Source of power and energy

I am one, complete, whole, perfect,

I am formless, changeless, indivisible

I am the Law, the way, the life,

I am the source for life,

I am the vital principle,

I am wisdom, existence and bliss.

4. I Am the All

I am the Immortal Essence

I am the Infinite

Worlds are in me

I am the soul of all beings

I am timeless and spaceless

I am beginningless and endless.

I am immutable

I am the All

I am All-in-all

I am the one and the many.

5. I Am Existence

I am the All

I am All-in-All

I pervade and permeate all

I am That I Am

I am life universal

I am Soul universal

I have neither defeat

Nor failure nor loss

For I am the Eternal

Besides me there is none else

Universes may appear and disappear

Suns may appear and vanish

I always remain

I am Existence Absolute.

Chapter Seven


1. To the Mind-I

O mind! Give up thy folly

Do not associate thyself

With this perishable body

It will burst like a bubble or pot

It will vanish like the flash of lightning

It is full of impurities

You will be drowned in miseries

Soar high, aim high, think high

Seek the immortal bliss of Atma within

Enquire, cogitate, and meditate.

2. To the Mind—II

O devilish mind, Listen!

Do not wander in sensual objects

You cannot find the Truth in objects there.

Wake up!

Seek the Eternal Bliss in Atma

Do not keep friendship with the body

Keep company with the sages

The whole world is a modification

Of the five elements only

Du not be deluded!

Beware! Beware! Beware!

3. To the Mind—III

O truant mind

Meditate on the feet of Guru

Your ignorance will be burnt

Light of the Atma will shine in your heart

The ghost of egoism will run away

The pairs of opposites will be annihilated

The five afflictions will be destroyed

You will enjoy Bliss-Immortal

You will be ever peaceful

4. To the Mind—IV

O mind! Drink the nectar

Of Lord's Name

Give up evil company

Live in the company of the sages

Hear the Leelas of the Lord

Do Japa, Sing, pray and meditate

Give up lust, anger, greed, etc.

Do not keep company

With the senses and objects

You will enjoy Immortal Bliss

5. To the Mind—V

O Mind! drink the nectar of Lord's name

Give up evil company.

Seek the company of the wise.

Eradicate evil qualities.

Cultivate virtuous qualities.

Do not join with the senses in future.

Go back to your original home.

There alone you will find eternal peace.

6. To the Mind—VI

O Mind! Drink the nectar of the holy name.

Shun evil company.

Seek the company of saints,

Sing the Glory of the Lord.

Abandon lust, anger and greed.

Cultivate purity, love and generosity.

Wander not aimlessly.

Rest at the lotus feet of the Lord.

Thou art indeed blessed.

7. To the Mind—VII

O mind! give up pride

Vanity and egoism

Be balanced in pleasure and pain

Censure and praise

Honour and dishonour

Success and failures

Do not stroll here like a street dog

Go back to your original abode of Bliss

Thy original nature is purity.

8. Meditate and Realise

O deluded mind!

Wealth and property will not follow you

Virtue and vice alone will follow you

This body will perish like a flash of lightning

This world is a jugglery of Maya

Walk in the path of virtue or Dharma

Control the senses and the mind

Meditate on your own Atma

And attain Self-realisation now and here.

9. To the Senses

O head, Bow to the Lord,

O tongue, praise the Lord,

O ear, hear the Leelas of the Lord,

O eye, behold the form of the Lord,

O hand, serve the Lord,

O feet, perambulate round the Lord,

O mind, think of the Lord.

Chapter Eight


1. Prostrations to Brahman

I bow to the Supreme Brahman.

I bow to the Supreme Spirit.

I bow to Him who is above all attributes:

I bow to the Eternal Being again and again

I bow to the Inner Ruler or Indweller.

I bow to the Silent Witness.

2. Para Brahman

O adorable Para Brahman

Thou art the Imperishable

Thou art the Supreme Being

Thou art the great refuge of the Universe

Thou art the Supreme Goal

The universe is pervaded by Thee

Thou art the one object of worship

Salutations and prostrations unto Thee.

3. Prayer

May that one Para Brahman of the Hindus,

Allah of the Mohamedans,

Buddha of the Buddhists,

Ahura Mazda of the Zoroastrians,

Jehovah of the Jews,

Father in Heaven of the Christians,

The Divine Mother of the Saktas,

Grant Unto us all,

Peace, Wisdom, Prosperity and Immortality.

4. My Prostration to the 7 Year Old Boy

My prostrations and Salutations

To the Seven year old boy.

Son of Devaki-Vasudeva.

The delight of Yashoda-Nanda.

Girdhari, who raised Govardhan with fingers,

As an umbrella to protect the cows, etc.

Bestower of Immortal Bliss

5. Come and Live Within My Heart

O Lord of compassion of love!

I am within thy Presence

I will have no will but Thine

I will have no self but Thee

Make me pure as Thou art

Come and live within my heart

Guide me, inspire, protect me.

6. Save Us, O Lord

O Lord of all life, O Heavenly flame

Centre and Soul of every sphere

Thy light is truth

Thy warmth is love

Grant us wisdom to make us free

Come, fill our hearts with peace

Direct us, protect us, save us,

Till we reach the other shore of immortality

7. Save Me, O Lord—I

O Adorable Lord of Compassion

I meditate on all Thy attributes

I sing Thy glories and Names

I remember Thee at all times

I muse on Thy creative work

I spread forth my hands unto Thee

My soul thirsteth after Thee

Save me, guide me, protect me.

8. Save Me, O Lord—II

O Lord of Love,

Indweller of my heart,

I pray to Thee,

I fall at Thy feet,

Be Thou my Guru and my guide,

Let me grow in Thy Bhakti,

Bestow on me Thy grace,

Save me, protect me,

Lead me safe,

Across this ocean of samsara,

This vale of tears and woe.

9. Guide and Save

O Lord! Omnipotent

Fountain of Light, Life and Love

The secret of secrets

That abides in my heart

Inspire me

Cleanse and heal

Guide and save.

10. Lead Me, O Lord

O Sun of my Soul, Light of lights

Thou Saviour dear

Great Master, Benevolent Guru

Point Thou out the way

Take my will, and make it Thine

Lead me to my journey's end

Lift up my mind

Let Thy grace be given to me.

11. O Lord, Purify Me

O adorable Lord of compassion and love

Purify and strengthen myself

Purify my heart and mind

Purify my senses

Purify my intellect

Purify my eyes and ears

Purify my tongue

Purify my whole being.

12. Make me Thy Instrument

O adorable Lord of love and mercy

Prostrations and salutations

Make me Thy instrument

Let me plant love

Where there is hatred

Joy where there is sorrow

Strength where there is weakness

Light where there is darkness

Hope where there is despair

Knowledge where there is ignorance.

13. Prayer of an Aspirant

O Omnipresent Lord on High

Ruler of the earth and the sky,

Indweller of all beings,

Salutations unto Thee!

OM is Thy sacred Name,

Bliss-Consiousness is Thy Essence,

Silence is Thy Language,

Thy own glory is Thy resting Abode

May we live in Thy great Harmony?

May the holy forces bring illumination to all

May Peace and Goodwill abide among all beings?

Bless us to be aware of Thy Presence everywhere.

14. This Is My prayer, O Lord!

O adorable Lord

Let my tongue sing

Thy glory

Let my mind be filled with Thy thoughts

Let my feet perambulate around Thee

Let my hands serve Thee

Let my eyes behold Thy beauty

Let my ears hear Thy Leelas

This is my fervent prayer, O Lord!

15. Self-Surrender

Take my life, and let it be

Consecrated, O Lord, to Thee!

Take my moments and let them flow

In Ceaseless adoration of Thee

Take my hands and let them move

At the impulse of Thy service.

Take my feet and let them go

Swiftly and lightly towards Thee.

Take my voice and let me sing

Ever and always Thy glory.

Take my lips and let them move

In repetition of Thy holy name.

Take my silver, take my gold,

Not a mite would I withhold,

Take my intellect, take my reason,

In any way as Thou shalt choose.

Take my will and make it Thine,

It shall no longer be mine.

Take my heart, it is Thine own.

For Thy use as the royal throne.\

Take my love, which I pour

At Thy feet its treasure store

Take myself and I will be

Ever and only all for Thee.

16. Prayer—I

O God, Creator

Guide of all

The abode of bliss and peace

O Merciful friend of the poor

O Master, 0 World Teacher,

O kind and shelter of the world

O Friend and support of our life

Salutations and adorations unto Thee

Make us wise, free and perfect.

17. Prayer—II

O Lord, the Source for everything

Do Thou inspire me with courage

Do Thou fill me with energy

May I be free from defects

May my mind become pure?

May I realise myself as the Light Divine.

18. Prayer—III

O Adorable Lord of compassion

Salutations and adorations unto Thee

Help us to realise the glory of spiritual life

Make us patient in our spiritual effort

Bestow upon us Thy enduring Peace

Give us strength and perseverance

May we live in Thee

May every act of our life be an act of worship unto Thee

19. Prayer-1V

O Lord! Thou alone art Father,

Mother, Friend, Guide and Teacher

Thou art the Protector of all mankind

Thou art the abode of wisdom, love and bliss

Save me from the evil

Guide me along the path of virtue.

20. Common Prayer

O Lord!

Lead us from the unreal to the Real

From darkness to Light.

From mortality to Immortality

From hatred to Love.

From impurity to Purity

From limitation to Infinitude

From weakness to Strength and Power.

From want to Fulness

From bondage to Freedom

From diversity to Unity

From imperfection to Perfection

From disharmony to Harmony

From ignorance to Wisdom

21. General Prayer

O adorable all-merciful Lord

Protect the Poor

Give them bread, clothing and home

Bless the birds, animals

The insects, fish and the reptiles

Protect the cows, dogs, horses, etc.

Convert the atheists into theists

Destroy all the A.H.C. bombs

That are lying in the factories

Protect the crops and the trees

Protect the widows and orphans

Make pure the fallen sisters

Make the invalids healthy.

22. Sivananda's Prayer

O, adorable Lord,

Wherever my mind wanders,

There let your Divine form appear.

Where my head bows down,

There let your Divine feet appear.

Salutations unto Thee, my King.

23.Grant My Prayer, O Lord

Make me pure, O Lord,

Thou art holy.

Give me Light, O Lord,

Thou art Light of lights.

Make me Wise, O Lord

Thou art Wisdom Absolute

Make me blissful, O Lord,

Thou art Bliss Absolute.

Make me immortal, O Lord,

Thou art Existence Absolute.

24. Divine Glory

O adorable Lord

Thou art the germ

Thou art the ovum

Thou art the embryo

Thou art the pupil in the eye

Thou art the optic nerve

Thou art the red corpuscles.

Thou art the protoplasm

Thou art the electron

Thou art the indweller

Who can describe Thy glory, 0 Lord!

25. Thou Art the Prana

O adorable Lord.

Thou art the ether.

Thou art the fire.

Thou art the mind.

Thou art the senses.

Thou art the Prana.

Thou art the soul.

Thou art the alphabets.

Thou art the river and mountain.

Thou art the Nada, Jyoti and colour.

Thy glory is indescribable.

Salutations and prostrations.

Make me dwell in Thee for ever.

26. No 'I' Without Thee

O adorable Lord

Without Thee

There is no 'I'

I exist through Thee

I think through Thee

I move through Thee

I talk through Thee

I see through Thee

I hear through Thee

I eat through Thee

Let me merge in Thee

27. I Am Thyself

O adorable Lord of compassion

If thou art the Himalayas

I am the vibrant atom.

If thou art the garden

I am a flower.

If thou art the ocean

I am a drop or a fish.

If thou art the Virat

I am the tiny cell.

If thou art the Sun

I am a star or ray

If thou art omniscient

I am intelligent.

If thou art the lotus

I am the petal.

I am thyself always

I am in Thy Self for ever.

28. Nothing Is Mine

O Lord!

Thou art ever my Refuge,

Thou art protector of the weak,

Be gracious to Sivananda,

And make him Thy devotee.

I cannot serve Thee well,

My life too I cannot offer,

For it is Thine.

Nothing I see is mine,

That I can offer to Thee, O Lord.

Sivananda says,

I see no way to repay Thy obligations.

29. There Is Only Thou, O God!

There is only one,

There is only Thou,

There is only Thou, O God,

Not the celestial region,

Not the Bhuvarloka,

Not the Tapoloka,

Not the Maharloka,

Not the Satyaloka,

Ale nether world.

30. Thy Drink Is Bliss

0 Lord!

Thy way is Mercy

Thy Name is Love

Thy Light is Wisdom

Thy life is Existence

Thy essence is Satchidananda

Thy nature is Truth

Thy drink is Bliss

Thy language is Silence

Thy wealth is knowledge.

Thy abode is Saint's heart

Thy Seat is Brahma-puri

Shower thy blessings on us.

31. Glory of Lord's Feet.

Thy feet are effulgent

Like crores of sun

The dust of thy feet

Is the bestower of Immortality?

Thy feet is a safe boat

To cross this ocean of Samsara.

Thy feet are worshipped

By Rishi Narada and Vyasa

Vishnu failed to measure

The depth of thy feet

Ganga flows from Thy feet

Let my mind be ever fixed at thy feet

32. Lord Rama’s Eights Brother

O Lord Rama!

You embraced Guha

As the fifth brother

you proclaimed "Sugreeva is my sixth brother

You embraced Vibhishana

As the seventh brother,

Proclaim now, 0 Lord Rama!

"Sivananda is my eighth brother"

I have accepted you as my brother.

I have also announced

"Lord Rama is my brother"

Convey my Pranams to Manni Sita dear.

33. O Spiritual Treasure

O spiritual Treasure!

O sweet divine honey!

O Divine Light of lights!

O celestial Nectar!

O the goal ultimate of Yogis!

O ocean of consciousness-bliss.

Salutations unto Thee

Save me, protect me, guide me!

34. In Thy Mercy Save

O Jewel of my heart!

O King of kings!

O peerless purity!

O Eternity that endures!

O matchless Beauty!

O deathless Verity!

O timeless Eternity!

O indweller of my heart!

Salutations and prostration.

I am Thine, All is Thine.

In thy mercy, save! O Lord!!!

35. Thou Art Beauty and Ugliness

O Lord Thou art in the Church,

In the Mosque and in the Mandir

Thou art the Yogi and the fool

Thou art the river and the ocean

Thou art the sky and the sun

Thou art the benefactor and the murderer

Thou art beauty and ugliness

Thou art the Judge and the thief.

36. 0 My King and Solace

Holy, holy, holy—Lord Almighty

I praise, I worship Thee, 0 God!

O measureless wisdom, ineffable love

Thou art Perfect, ever pure and ever free.

O Holy Light, 0 heavenly flame,

Centre, and soul of every sphere.

My king, my support, and my solace

O Great Teacher, point Thou out the way

0 Master, keep me, help me, help me by Thy grace.

Give me a pure heart to find out Thee

Salutations and prostrations unto Thee, my Lord.

37. Let Me Live in Thee

O adorable Lord,

All wealth is in Thee

All wisdom is in Thee

All beauty is in Thee

All creation is in Thee

All light is in Thee

Let me live in Thee forever.

38.Bring Me into Thy Light Eternal

O Adorable Lord of Love and Compassion,

Beyond comprehension,

Beyond expression,

Beyond the reach of mind and speech,

Beyond time, space and causation,

Light of lights, Life of life,

Embodiment of Wisdom, Peace and Love,

Remove my darkness

And bring me into Thy Light Eternal.

39. Sivananda at Thy Door.

O adorable Lord of compassion,

You saved the fallen Ajamila,

You saved Ganika, the courtesan too,

You saved Prahlad,

You saved Gajendra, the elephant,

You saved Draupadi also,

You saved the Pandavas,

In the hope of Thy kindness and grace,

Sivananda stands at Thy door.

40. Where Shall I Go

Leaving Thee O, Lord,

Where shall I go? '

I have opened the door of my mind,

Please take Thy seat in this mana-mandir

I do not want Mukti,

I want Thy grace and love.

41. Eternal Tree of Shelter

O Adorable Lord of Compassion and love

Thou art eternal tree of shelter

Thou art my refuge and solace

This earthly life is stormy and boisterous

I have come to Thee

When I sit under the protecting branches

I am tranquil and serene

Thou hast given me peace

Salutations, unto Thee my Lord.

42. Do not Test Me Severely

O compassionate Lord!

Do not test me severely

As you tested Chiru Thondar

And Kannappa Nayanar

I cannot pluck the eyes like Kannappa

I cannot cut the son

And prepare meat dish for you

Do not be too cruel

Thou art "Ashutosh".

43. When, My Lord?

O adorable Lord,

When will I enjoy the Bliss of the Eternal?

When will I attain Self-realisation?

When will I serve Thy lotus-feet'?

When will I cross this formidable Samsara?

When will I be in the company of sages?

When will 1 control and steady the mind?

When will I forget the Mayaic world?

When will I merge in Thee?

When will I annihilate egoism and lust.

44. The Palace of My King

Lord is my king

How wonderful is His Palace.

It is adorned with gems

With gold, diamonds and pearls

How enchanting is His Palace!

The walls are made of bliss

The palace is ever cool and lustrous

The sun and the moon are the lamps

It is encircled by Jnana Ganga.

45. To the Cuckoo

My Lord has not come.

I am wistfully gazing.

I am pining and pining.

I have neither sleep nor hunger.

I am sunk in an endless sea of sorrow.

I cannot bear the pain of separation any longer.

My dear cuckoo, explain to the Lord.

My present pitiable condition.

And request Him to come to me at once.

46. Come Thou, Quick

My eyes rain tears.

My heart is aching.

I sing the song of separation.

Where art Thou, my Love?

O Beloved, come Thou quick.

Beloved! Be Thou with me for ever.

O Beauty come! O Beloved, come!

47. My Eyes Rain Tears

Separation of my Lord

Bums my whole body and heart intensely.

The anguish is unbearable.

My eyes rain tears day and night

For me it is the rainy season always.

Scriptures speak of Him as All-merciful

But He is cruel to me.

One day 1 will surely tie Him in my heart

With the cord of love.

Then He cannot escape from me in any way.

Thus sayeth Sivananda.

48. Union with the Lord

For Thee I have renounced the world

I have climbed mountains

I have crossed the sea

I took pilgrimage to Badri and Kailas

Until I found the way

To the Sanctuary of union with the Lord Thee.

49. My Fragrant Garden

I put the seed of divine love in the garden of my heart!

I watered it with my tears:

I nourished it with the manure of Japa, Kirtan:

I removed the weeds of lust, greed and anger,

I fenced the garden with dispassion,

My heart is now a fragrant garden

Wherein my Lord Krishna ever dwells!

50. I Have God's Grace

I pray, I meditate, I sing

Now I have God's power to strengthen me

I have God's wisdom to guide me

I have God's strength to uphold me

I have God's love to caress me

I have God's shield to protect me

I have God's hand to guard me

I have God's grace to sustain me.

51. God's Grace

God gives ulcer of the stomach

To an inveterate drunkard.

This is God's grace.

He cannot now drink even a drop of liquor

A man misses a train

He is saved from a great catastrophe.

There was a derailment that night

This is God's grace

Several instances like these can be cited.

52. Lord Siva's Ray

Lord Siva burnt cupid

Through a ray or spark from his third eye,

He sent six sparks from his third eye

The six sparks became Lord Subrahmanya

He cursed and blessed

Through the same rays.

How can this be?

It can be.

The cat bites its child

And carries it to various places.

The bite is exhilarating for the kitten

It bites the rats also.

But this is a death-blow for the rat.

The same bite is soothing for the kitten

And tormenting for the rat

Similar is the case with Siva's ray.

53. Bhakti

Bhakti is Sanjeevani herb

It will bestow immortality

Sadguru is the spiritual doctor.

Sraddha or faith is the drug

That stimulates devotion.

54. Sadhana and Sadhya Bhakti

Sravanam, Kirtanam, Smaranam

Padasevanarn, Archanam, Vandanam

Dasyam are Sadhana Bhakti.

Sakhya and Atma Nivedan

Are the Sadhya Bhakti.

Sadhya Bhakti is Prema Bhakti.

Sadhya Bhakti is the highest Bhakti.

Sadhya Bhakti is Para-Bhakti.

55. Nava Vidha Bhakti

First is Satsang.

Second is service of saints.

Third is study of books on devotion.

Fourth is Tapas.

Fifth is charity.

Sixth is Japa.

Seventh is Kirtan.

Eighth is universal love and compassion

Ninth is Meditation.

56. God wants your heart

God wants your heart alone.

Any one can become a saint.

Naindev was a tailor.

Raidas was a shoe-maker.

Saina was a barber.

Kabir was a poor weaver.

These are all great saints.

57. Prem, Ram and Kam

Where there is Kam, there is no Ram

Where there is Ram, there is no Kam

Where there is Prem, there is no Kam,

Where there is Kam, there is no Prem

Where there is Atma, there is no Ego

Where there is Ego, there is no Atma

Prem is divine love.

Prem is God.

Kam is passion or desire,

Kam is world.

58. Avatara Like the Sun

The sun appears and disappears

It does not perish when it disappears.

It still shines with effulgence.

Even so Lord Krishna appeared and disappeared.

There is neither birth nor death for Him.

He is eternal and Immortal.

59. Goddess Saraswati

Goddess Saraswati dwells in the tongue of poets and orators.

Goddess Saraswati dwells in the Lotus

She is in the heart of Lord Brahma.

She is in the Sound of Veena

She is in OM

She is in the Rag-Raginis

She is in the Vedas

She is in any kind of sound

She is in the song of nightingale

She is in the chanting of Sama Veda

Her Bija Mantra is Aim


She will grant you knowledge and Vidya

She will cure stammering,

Glory to Saraswati!

Chapter Nine


1. Power of Name

Power of name of God is tremendous,

It makes the senses powerless,

It makes the mind one pointed,

It makes the mind turn inward,

It fills the being with divine essence,

It destroys Vasanas and cravings,

It brings you face to face with God,

Therefore repeat Lord's name always.

2. Name Is Nectar

The Name of the Lord

Is the real bread of life?

Name is nectar and manna.

Name is your solace and refuge.

How can you live?

Without the Name?

To repeat the Name is to live.

To forget it is to die.

3. Lord's Name Is Life

The fish cannot live without water

A wife cannot live without her husband

There cannot be a temple.without light

There cannot be a well without water

There cannot be a garden without flowers

There cannot be a Kingdom without treasury

There cannot be lotus without water

Even so you cannot live without Lord's Name.

4. Power of Lord's Name

Lord's Name is sweet nectar

It saved Ganika, the prostitute

It redeemed Ajamila, the sinner,

It helped Dhruva-Prahlad to see God.

It helped Hanuman to cross the ocean

It helped Tukaram to meet Lord Krishna.

5. Power of Ram Nam

Ram Nam is Kalpataru

It will give you whatever you want.

Ram Nam is Chintamani.

Ram Nam is celestial manna

Ram Nam is divine nectar of Immortality.

Ram Nam is vital Elixir of life.

Ram Nam is your prop, refuge and solace.

Ram Nam is an injection for the disease of birth and death

6. Repeat the Holy Name

Repeat the holy Name of the Lord

Night and day and night and day.

Holy Name bestows immortal bliss,

Sacred Name destroys all sins.

Why do you waste your life in vain

Without His holy Name.

His Name gives peace of mind.

And lifts up the burden of sorrow and anxiety.

Speak a little, and think of the holy Name.

Repeat the holy Name, Sri Ram,

Repeat Hari Om, Om, Namah Sivaya,

Or whatever Name of the Lord pleases you.

Chapter Ten


1. Love Is Divine-I

Love is divine.

Love alone can bring peace on this earth.

Love can conquer the hearts of all.

Love is the greatest power on earth.

Love alone can cement broken hearts.

Love redeems, saves, and transmutes.

Love unites one with God.

Love elevates, inspires and transforms.

2. Love Is Divine—II

Love suffers long

Love endures

Love envies not

Love fails not

Love anticipates not

Love bargains not

Love revenges not

Love is Divine

Love is Prem

Love is nectar

Love is Immortal

Love is Bliss

Love is Beauty.

Love is Rasa. essence

Love is swcetness

3. God Is Love

God is love; love is God

Love melts into bliss

Love sustains all beings here

Love earns for us the Great Seat of Brahmanhood

From love the world has come

In love it exists

To love it returns

Love is the master-key to the Palace of Self-knowledge

Love in its dynamic aspect is service and charity

Absolute Love is Existence-Knowledge-Bliss.

4. Love Is Force

Love is a creative force

Love alone will triumph

Love is the key to the Life Divine

Love is the gate

Which paves the way to Infinite

Love never claims

Love ever gives

Love never suffers

Love never resents

Love never revenges.

5. Love Conquers

Love purifies

Love redeems

Love transmutes

Love conquers

Love reveals

Love illumines

Love inspires

Love liberates.

6. Love Is Bliss

Love is essence

Love is bliss

Love is wisdom

Love is Lord

Love is support

Love is refuge

Love is Life Divine.

7. Live in Love

Love is the immediate way

To truth or perennial joy

Pure love is a rare commodity

Love is a great purifier

It is the life-principle of creation

It was the driving force

Behind Buddha, Jesus, Mira.

Live in Love

Constantly live in the Divine

Cultivate love through prayer, etc.

You will enjoy supreme Joy.

8. Love to Give and Share

To love God is to love all

Love to give

Love to share

Love to serve

Love to do good

Love to be kind

Love to enquire

Love to pray and meditate

Love to realise God.

Chapter Eleven


1. Guru Is the Boat

The Guru is the boat

To cross this ocean of Samsara

The Guru is the passport

To the kingdom of Eternal Bliss

The Gun' is the ladder

To lift you to the peak of perfection

Serve your Guru wet with Bhakti

You will obtain his grace.

And reach the goal of life.

2. Guru

The Guru throws light on the path

He removes snares and pitfalls

He beats and drives away the big devil Ahamkar

He removes darkness of ignorance

He illumines the heart with the lamp of wisdom

He annihilates Maya

O aspirant! Worship the feet of Guru always

Herein lies your Salvation.

3. Guru Like Mother

The child in the womb gives a kick

To the mother.

But the mother does not beat the child

As soon as it emerges from the womb.

She nurses and caresses the child.

Even so the Guru behaves like the mother.

Even when the disciples go astray.

4. Guru and Upanishads

Guru is Sun

Upanishads are the eyes.

For seeing objects

You need sun and eyes.

Even so for attaining wisdom

You need the Grace of Guru

And help of the Upanishads.

5. Blessed Guru's Feet

Just as the Chatak bird looks for Swati drops

The Chakori bird for the moon,

The Chakravaka for the sun,

The Hamsa for the stem of the Lotus,—

So also the aspirant looks to the feet of Sadguru

Just as the drowning man looks to the shore,

The man caught up in the forest at night for the light,

The man pelted by rain for the shelter,—

So also the aspirant looks to the feet of Sadguru

Just as the chaste wife looks to her husband,

The iron-filings to the magnet,

The running river to the sea,

So also the aspirant looks to the feet of his Guru.

6. Guru's Grace—I

Guru is the captain of the Soul

He is compassionate

He holds the aspirant by the arm

He guides and saves him

He blesses him

He clears his doubts

He removes all pitfalls and snares

He releases him

From the bondage of birth and death

He fills his heart with bliss

Glory to the Guru

Jaya Guru.

7. Guru’s Grace-II

Guru's Grace is boundless

He held me by the arm and saved me

The Gum blessed me

He filled my heart with bliss

He showed me the path

He removed many pitfalls and snares

He elevated and inspired me.

He released me

From bondage of the wheel of birth and death.

8. Personal Guru

A neophyte must have a personal Guru first

He cannot have God as Guru to begin with.

He must have a pure mind

He must have ethical perfection

He must be intensely virtuous.

He must be above body-consciousness

Then alone can he have God as Guru.

9. Spark and a Raw Aspirant

A little spark came from the fire

At once it began to examine the fire.

Its potency, its characteristics, its nature,

Is this possible?

No, no, emphatic no.

Even so a little raw aspirant

Begins to examine his Guru at once.

Finds faults and superimposes many defects on him.

He misses the goal and falls into pits.

Chapter Twelve


1. I Live God Absorbed

I grew each day in the love of God.

I am dedicated to the life Divine.

I am absorbed

In the Grace and love of my Beloved.

I live God-absorbed.

I live in Eternal.

I am happy

In all conditions

At all times.

2. 1 Am Not Afraid of Anything

Let the whole world oppose me,

Let all turn out as enemies mine,

Let all my friends, and disciples leave,

Let me be put in prison,

Let me be sent on life-long exile,

Let me be burnt alive,

Let me die of hunger,

Let me be poisoned or crucified,

Let my body be cut to pieces,

Let people come to stab or cut my throat,

Let me remain without any one for help,

Let thunderbolt fall upon my head,

Let me be thrown into the sea,

Let me be trampled under the feet of elephant,

Let me be rolled down from mountain summits high

There is no fear in my heart, no more,

I have powdered Death, Maya and its effects.

I am the Immortal Soul, Sivoham, Sivoham!

3. I Have Slain' Death

I float on the wings of love

I dance in tune with the Lord

I sing the song of Navavidha Bhakti

I devote myself to the Lord

I lose myself in the Lord

I ever utter His Name

I compose good poems in His Praise

I have reached the journey's end

I have surely slain this Death.

4. I Have Slain the Cycle of Rebirth

I burnt all desires

I stayed the little 'I'

I subdued the senses and mind

I rooted out pride, greed and ill-will.

I tore the veil of ignorance

I crossed the voi

Illusion has left me for ever

Ignorance has vanished.

I have slain the cycle of rebirth

There is no more coming back for me

To this world of pain, sorrow and death.

Peaceful and blissful am I now

I am resting in Satchidananda Swaroopa.

5. I Shall Never Return to This World

I annihilated all desires

I controlled the mind

I subjugated the senses

I crushed the egoism

I am free from Mineness

I practised Ahimsa, cosmic love

I reflected and meditated

I have even now attained liberation

I shall never return to this world.

6. I Hail You All

O Ganga, my mother,

O Himalayas, my father,

O Earth, my Bhu-Devi,

O Sun, my Guru,

O Sky, the symbol of Brahman,

O Flower, my sister,

O Food, my life,

O Wind, my friend,

O Fire, my brother,

I hail you all with folded hands.

7. All Is One

I am one with ether;

I am one with bird;

I am one with fishes;

I am one with animals;

I am one with all creatures;

I am one with stones and trees;

I am the All;

I am all in all;

All is One;

All is Sivananda.

8. Look and Find Me

Look at the cup of tea,

There you will find me.

Look at the Sun,

There I am.

Look at a flower,

There you will find me.

Look at a river,

There I am.

Look at the fire,

There you will find me.

9. I Am Siva

The whole world is my body

The rivers are my arteries

The ocean is my bladder

Sun and moon are my eyes

The mountains are my bones

Ganga flows from my head.

Africa and South America are my legs

England is my head

Germany and Canada are my breast

I dance on the waves of ocean

I am Siva, I am Siva

Sivoham, Sivoham.

10. Siva, The Source

This world is a straw for me.

It has no attraction for me.

It is quite valueless for me.

I am the Infinite Ocean of Consciousness.

Countless worlds rise and fall in me.

My effulgence is ablaze.

In the sun and the moon.

My beauty is shining in all women.

Charming scenery, landscapes,

Flowers, rainbow and Himalayan snow-clad peaks.

See! Siva is everywhere.

He is the home of all worlds.

He is the source for light, wisdom and beauty.

(Published in "Peace" September 1955)

11. I Am a Born Siddha

I am a born conquerer

I am a born Siddha

I am a born sage

I command elements

All Devas carry out my behests

The Sun shines on account of my effulgence

Fire bums on account of my power

Yama is terribly afraid of me

Chidananda Rupa Sivoham Sivoham.

12. Vedantic Hill

I stand on the heights of the Vedantic hill.

I entered the heart of Bhuma or the Infinite Wisdom.

Master of destiny am I.

No evil, no human element, no pain, no sorrow are here

There are infinite Good, perfection and freedom,

Perennial joy, supreme peace and sweet harmony,

It is the land of fullness, happiness and felicity,

The law of cause and effect does not operate here.

There is neither sunrise nor sunset here.

It is all eternal Sunshine and effulgence.

There is no smell of mind, egoism or intellect here.

The senses are burnt to ashes

Pure consciousness reigns supreme.

There is neither `I-ness', 'you' nor 'he',

Neither 'here' nor 'there', neither 'today' nor 'yesterday'

It is an abode of ' Ananda Ghana'.

'Vijnana Ghana', Prajnana Ghana'.

Chapter Thirteen


1. Who Is a Saint?—I

A Saint lives in God

He has realised God

He knows God

He has become God

He speaks of God

He shows the way to God

He is God-intoxicated

He is God Himself

He is one with God

He elevates, inspires and saves others

He is a redeemer and a Teacher

Bow to him and obtain his Grace.

2. Who Is a Saint?—II

A Saint lives in the Eternal

He is ego-less and desireless

He loves all

He has no enemies

He is a cosmic benefactor

He is a blessing on the earth

He clears the doubts of all

In his presence all doubts are cleared.

In his presence man becomes holy

By his contact many are saved

The glory of a Saint is ineffable!

3. Who is a Saint?-III

A Saint is one

Who looks upon all?

With an equal vision,

Who folds his hands unto all

In due obeisance,

Who entertains no feeling

Of ill-will to any one,

Who is egoless, desireless,

passionless, angerless.

4. Who Is a Saint?—IV

A Saint is ever ready

In doing good to the world

He takes others' well-being as his own

He is moved with pity

Even at the discomfiture of his enemies

His heart is filled with compassion

He is desireless, angerless and I-less

He ever rests in God

He ever sings Lord's Names

He is free from attachment and fear.

5. Who Is a Saint?—V

A Saint is even minded

He has no enemy

He is free from vanity and passion

He is kind and compassionate to all.

He regards censure and praise alike.

He never utters a harsh word.

He is humble, serene and dispassionate.

is guileless, egoless and des

He is ever contented and happy

He ever sings the glory of the Lord

6. Who Is a Saint?—VI

Contentment is his wealth

He repents not for the past

He is not worried about the future

He possesses no property

He lives in the present

He maintains a balanced mind

Under all vicissitudes of life.

He is ever composed

He is sweet in his speech

He has no pride

He always delights in meditation.

7. Who Is a Saint?—VII

A Saint is beyond all lures

He is beyond indignation,

He has no wishful longings

He is not overwhelmed by lust

He is ever detached and firm

He does not indulge in lie or gossip

He has neither passion nor yearnings

He has neither enemy nor friend.

He keeps his tongue, sex and mind in perfect control.

8. A Saint

A Saint is like a moon

His words are soothing and cooling

He is delightful like the moon

He is like nectar

He makes the aspirants immortal

He is like Ganga

He purifies all.

9. Yogi's Family

Shanti is Yogi's wife

Patience is his mother.

Courage is his father.

Dhanna is his daughter.

Compassion is his brother.

Self-restraint is his sister.

Wisdom is his son.

Forgiveness is his friend.

Truth is His relative.

Such is the glorious family of a Yogi.

10. Saint's Family

Satyam is mother

Wisdom is father

Dhanna is brother

Compassion is friend

Shanti is wife

Forgiveness is son;

Such is the glorious family of a saint!

Chapter Fourteen


1. Four Types of Disciples

The best disciple is like petrol or aviation spirit;

Even from a great distance

He will instantly react to the spark of the Guru's Upadesh.

The second class is like the camphor;

A touch awakens his inner spirit

And kindles the fire of spirituality in him.

The third class is like coal;

The Guru has to take great pains

In order to awaken the spirit in him

The fourth class is like plantain stem;

No effort is of any avail over him.

Whatever the Guru may do, he remains cold and inert.

Be not like the plantain-stem disciple;

Try to be the petrol disciple,

Or at least the camphor disciple.

2. Purity, Truth are Your Real Nature

You can ever remain celibate

But you cannot ever indulge in sexual pleasure

You can ever remain truthful

But you cannot ever tell lies

You can ever do good

But you cannot ever remain wicked

You can ever love others

But you cannot ever hate others;

purity, truth, goodness, Love,

Are your essential divine nature.

3. Atma Is Supra Intellect

Minister is Supra Governor

Governor is supra Collector

Collector is supra Tahsildar

Tahsildar is supra Patwari

Mind is supra sense

Intellect is supra mind

Atma is supra intellect

4. Knowledge Alone Can Give Moksha

If shaving the head can give Moksha

All sheep also should get Moksha.

If fasting can give liberation

All beggars should get salvation.

If remaining in water can give release

All fish also should get release.

If standing in the hot sun can give Nirvana

Negroes should get Nirvana.

If fruit diet can give salvation

All black monkeys also should get salvation.

If keeping vigil can give Moksha

Rats and tigers also should attain Moksha.

Sivananda says:

Knowledge of Atma alone can give Moksha.

5. Marriage

People consider five things before the marriage.

They are:—

A. Age

B. Beauty

C. Character

D. Dowry

E. Education

Marriage of the individual soul with the Supreme soul is the real marriage.

This is ever lasting.

No dowry. No divorce. No quarrel.

It is all perennial peace and eternal bliss.

6. Attain Wisdom

If a man has wisdom,

Why should he need wealth?

If he has cosmic love,

Why should he need beautiful dress?

If he is established in Samadhi,

Why should he need study and discipline?

If he is established in Brahmacharya,

Why should he need tonic and vitamins?

If he is truthful,

Why should he need ornaments?

If he has endurance,

Why should he need armour?

7. Mind Like Fish

If the fish dives deep

It will not be caught in the net

If the mind dives deep

And rests in Atma

It will not be affected

By the troubles of this Sarnsara.

8. A Wicked Man

A wicked man is like poison

He kills the people

He is like fire

He burns the people

He is like an axe

He cuts the throat of the people

He is like dirty water.

He pollutes the people.

9. Fixity of Consciousness

A glutton's consciousness is centred

In his physical body, Annamaya Kosha;

A Karma Yogi's consciousness is fixed

In his Prana, Pranamaya sheath;

An artist's consciousness is fixed

In his mind or Manomaya Kosha;

A philosopher's consciousness is centred

In his intellect, Vijnanamaya Kosha;

An aspirant's consciousness is fixed

In his Anandamaya sheath;

A Yogi's consciousness is centred

In Brahman or the Absolute Consciousness.

10. Clapping and Shaking hands—A nuisance

Clapping the hands during lectures or music

Has no meaning.

It causes distraction.

It is mere noise.

It is worthless.

It is a nuisance and non-sense.

So is Shaking hands too

It does not help to develop love.

It causes disease through contact.

Lunch with friends is mere idle gossip.

All these worldly things must be stopped.

11. Prayer and worship

This body is a temple of the spirit.

Pure mind is the priest.

Selfless service is the worship.

Truth is your prayer.

Cosmic love is the waving of the light.

Kindness is the temple Prasad.

12. Avidya Forest

Avidya is a dense forest.

Avidya is ignorance, absence of wisdom.

Wife, children, etc. are the wild animals.

Guru is the guide.

Wisdom is the light.

Dharma is the path.

Brahman is the happy destination.

13. The Family of Egoism

Egoism is the householder

Mind is his wife

Prana is his servant

Senses are his children.

Body is his house

Soul is the light of the house

Causal body is the cot or bedstead

Desire is the fuel

Thought is the fire.

14. Lady’s Toilet Case

Purity is the best wash bowl.

"Sri Ram" is the best balm.

Modesty is the best rouge

Chastity is the best jewel

Cheerfulness is the best cosmetic

Meditation is the best Hazeline Cream

Prayer is the best lipstick

Study of Gita is the best Essence of Roses

Japa is the best cold cream

Selfless service is the best mirror

Kindness is the best Cuticura Powder

Goodness is the best hair oil

Compassion is the best Cutex

15. Food for the Mind

The physical body needs

Food, water and air.

You can live without food for some days,

You can live without water for some hours

But you cannot live without air

Even for a few minutes.

The mind also needs

Food, water and air,

The food is Satsanga

Water is prayer

Air is meditation.

16. Silence—I

He who observes silence

Possesses a peace

A strength, a happiness

Unknown to worldly people

He has abundant energy

He is ever serene and calm

He can turn out more work

Real silence is silence of mind

Real silence is silence of desires

Real silence is silence of thoughts.

Enter the silence

And rest in the Supreme Silence.

17. Silence—II

A seeker of silence am I.

In silence there are strength, wisdom,

Treasure, peace, poise, joy and bliss.

In silence are light eternal,

Freedom, perfection and independence.

Silence is the centre, ideal and goal.

Silence is deep and unfathomable,

Silence is Brahman and silence is Absolute.

18. One

One life

One consciousness

One matter

One energy

One mind

One world

One religion

One Law

One Dharma

One humanity

One source

One God.

19. One Big Family

There is only one big family;

It is the family of God.

Birds and animals belong to this family;

Trees and rivers belong to this family;

Flowers and stones belong to this family;

Africans and Americans belong to this family;

Ladies and gentlemen belong to this family;

Scorpions and snakes belong to this family.

20. Kill not Creatures

O man! be not cruel

Cultivate compassion

Kill not creatures

Do not make the flesh

An article of your food

It will produce various diseases

It will make you passionate

God has given you

Abundant herbs, fruits and vegetables

Nuts, roots, cereals and pulses

This will make you Sattvic.

21. Ram or Raheem

Ram or Raheem is the same for me.

Krishna or Kareem is the same for me.

God or Allah is the same for me.

Ahura Mazda or Jehovah is the same for me.

Christ or Krishna is the same for me.

I accept and respect all Saints and Prophets.

I respect all Gurus and friars.

I find Truth in all religions.

22. Bhakti's Two Sons

Jnana (wisdom) and Vairagya (dispassion)

Are the two sons of Bhakti

The Lord is the husband of Bhakti.

Jnana without Bhakti is dry,

It is Sushka Vedanta,

Bhakti without Jnana is not complete

Bhakti-yukta Jnana is perfect.

Sri Sankara was a Bhakta-cum-Jnani.

So was Swami Madhusudan too

Therefore become a Bhakta-Jnani

23. Husk Paddy and not Chaff

You must husk paddy

Then alone you can get rice.

If you husk the chaff even for 100 years

You cannot get rice.

Even so, you must cultivate Bhakti

Then alone you will get devotion and wisdom.

By simply studying books on Vedanta

You cannot attain wisdom.

This tantamounts to husking chaff only.

24. Adhikari for Vedanta

The milk of the lioness

Cannot stay in any vessel other than Gold

Even so the tenets of Vedanta

Cannot stay in the heart of any one

Other than a Dheera with pure heart,

Bold understanding and gigantic will.

25. Seven Difficult Things

It is very difficult to get a human birth

It is very difficult to renounce sensual objects

It is very difficult or have strong yearning for liberation.

It is very difficult to get Satsanga and a real Guru.

It is very difficult to control the mind.

It is very difficult to attain Tattwa-darshan

Or realisation of Brahman or the Absolute.

It is very difficult to have Sahaja Avastha.

26. Become a Dheera

A timid man is quite unfit

For the path of Yoga

You must be a Dheera

Like the boy Nachiketa

Like the boy Dhruva

Like the boy Prahlada

Then alone you will attain Self-realisation

A dheera is courageous,

A dheera is vigilant, patient and enduring

A dheera is full of fortitude

A dheera can surmount any obstacles.

27. Pleasure Versus Bliss

Sensual pleasure is attended

With excitement

It is a reflection

Of the bliss of the Soul

It does not give eternal satisfaction

It is illusory

It is momentary

it depends upon external objects

It is mixed with pain and sin

Bliss of the Soul is everlasting

There is no excitement here

It is independent of objects.

28. Pleasure and Pain—I

Pleasure is satisfaction of ego

Pain is dissatisfaction of ego

Love is absorption of ego in the object of love

Hatred is accumulated anger

Lust is black cobra

Sensual object is poison

29. Pleasure and Pain—II

Pleasure is the womb for pain

Pleasure throws a man in hell

Pleasure degenerates the intellect

Pleasure is the cause for various sins

Pleasure generates diseases

Pleasure intensifies Raga or attachment

Pain is an eye-opener.

Pain turns the mind towards God

Pain generates Vairagya

Pain is the best spiritual teacher

Pain purifies and softens the mind

Kunti Devi welcomed pain

Pain is a supreme blessing in disguise

Shun pleasure, welcome pain

Transcend pleasure and pain

And rest in Eternal Bliss of Atman.

30. Pain Is a Blessing

Dhruva had intense pain

Had it not been for his pain

He would not have attained the Dhruva State

Arjuna had severe pain in the heart.

Had it not been for his distress

He would not have become a sage.

Lord Buddha had pain

Had it not been for his pain

He would not have attained illumination

Tulsidas had intense pain

His wife scolded him for his sensuality.

Had it not been for his pain

He would not have become a saint

And written the famous Ramayana.

31. World ls Relative

Sandal oil cools the body and mind

In summer

But it produces cold in winter.

Thorn pricks you

But it is a delicious food for the camel.

Offal is disgusting for man

But it is a palatable food for pigs.

32. This World Is Vast University

This world is an open book

This world is the best teacher

Experience is the real preceptor

God is the only guide

Learn your lesson well in this university

There is a moral background

Pleasure and pain are the fruits

Of your good and evil deeds

Lead the life divine '

And attain God-realisation.

33. Your Real Enemies

Body is your real enemy

Lower mind is your real enemy

Indriya is your real enemy

Hunger is your real enemy

Vasana is your real enemy

Egoism is your real enemy

Real enemy is within you

Slay these enemies through meditation

Aspiration, renunciation and dispassion.

34. How To Develop Vairagya

This body begins in one drop.

It ends in a handful of ash

It is full of impurities.

It is formed of flesh and bone

Reflect on these.

You will develop Vairagya or dispassion

With Vairagya, meditate on Atma,

That is all-pervading and immortal.

And, realise Eternal Bliss and Freedom.

35. Positive Overcomes Negative—I

Absence of light is darkness

Darkness is negation of light

Darkness is not an entity

Even so pride is a negation of humility

Pride is not an entity

Absence of humility is pride

Positive always overcomes the negative

It is a psychological immutable law

Cultivate humility, pride will vanish.

36. Positive Overcomes Negative-II

Love can overcome hate.

Courage can conquer fear.

Truth can overcome falsehood

Kindness can dissolve cruelty.

Faith can expel doubts.

Spirituality can convert materialism

Purity can subdue lust.

Generosity can overcome greed.

Discrimination can overcome infatuation.

Humility can conquer pride.

Nobility can subdue jealousy.

Vairagya can overcome Raga.

Detachment can overcome attachment.

37. Virtue Victorious

Fear knocked at the door,

Courage opened it.

Lo! Fear was not there.

Ignorance knocked at the door,

Wisdom opened it.

Lo! Ignorance was not there.

Passion knocked at the door,

Discrimination opened it.

Lo! Passion was not there.

38. Abhiman

Abhiman is egoism or pride

The monkey has its Abhiman in its tail

A Professor has his Abhiman in his erudition

A wrestler has his Abhiman in his physical strength

A woman has her Abhiman in her beauty

A Minister has his Abhiman in his power

A Sannyasi has his Abhiman in his Kamandal

A Colonel has his Abhiman in his badge

A Doctor has his Abhiman in his stethoscope

A King has his Abhiman in his wealth

Abhiman is Maya's tempting bait

A sage is above all kinds of Abhiman.

39. Way to Bliss

A little more love,

A little less hatred,

A little more courage,

A little less timidity,

A little more tolerance,

A little less intolerance,

A little more giving,

A little less greed,

A little more patience,

A little less impatience,

A little more silence,

A little less talking,

A little more meditation,

A little less study.

40. Anger Has Its Raison-d'etre

If there is no desire

there will be no activity

The whole world will come to a standstill.

But you will have to convert all desires

Into one strong desire Mumukshutwa.

Anger has its usefulness

Mother punishes the child for his correction.

A king punishes the criminal for his correction.

Anger gives protection.

Convert Moha into attachment for God

Convert greed for money into generosity and charity

You will be elevated.

41. Vairagya

Vairagya is dispassion, detachment

Some develop Vairagya through pain and sorrow

Bhatruhari had this.

Some develop Vairagya through fear

Of punishment in the hell.

Some develop Vairagya through Viveka

Nachiketas had this.

Some develop Vairagya through Sadhana

They repeat the Name of the Lord

They do Japa, Kirtan, etc.

And thus develop Vairagya.

42. Self-sacrificing Tree

Look at a tree!

It gives shade to the travellers.

It gives fruits.

The bark is useful.

The exuding gum is useful.

The dry branches are used as fuel.

The trunk is used as planks.

The tree lives to serve others only.

O selfish man! learn lessons from the trees.

43. Paropakara

Paropakara is service to others,

A river does service to others.

It does not drink water itself.

A tree lives to serve others

It gives fruits, shelter, etc.

It does not eat fruit itself.

Cloud gives rain,

And nourishes plants and herbs.

A cow gives milk to others,

It does not drink milk itself.

A saint serves humanity

And brings solace and peace to others.

Draw lessons from cows and trees, etc.

And serve all living beings whole-heartedly.

44. Bring Peace and Happiness

Where there is misunderstanding, bring understanding

Where there is sorrow, bring joy

Where there is darkness, bring light

Where there is pain, bring happiness

Where there is ignorance, bring wisdom

Where there is hatred, bring love

Where there is despair, bring hope

Where there is discord, bring harmony

Where there is falsehood, bring truth

Where there is fighting, bring peace.

45. Sow Love and Joy

Sow love where there is hatred

Sow goodwill where there is ill-will

Sow faith where there is doubt

Sow theism where there is atheism

Sow hope where there is despair

Sow light where there is darkness

Sow joy where there is sadness.

Sow happiness where there is sorrow

Sow knowledge where there is ignorance

Sow good where there is evil

Sow virtue where there is vice.

46. Elevate, Serve and Protect

A haughty Pundit hurts others

And enters into vain discussions.

A rich man gets intoxicated by his wealth

And injures others in various ways.

A strong man hurts the weak.

But a saint with wisdom elevates others,

Serves the poor with his money,

And protects the weak with his strength.

47. Axe and Needle

Axe splits and separates the wood.

Pickaxe separates the earth.

A wicked-man separates the people.

Needle unites the pieces of cloth.

Borax in the hot crucible unites Golden pieces.

A saint unites all people.

48. Be Tolerant

Cultivate humility

Cultivate tolerance

Be ready to appreciate

The opponent's point of view

Make allowance for his weaknesses

Consider him as your equal.

Resolve all differences

In a cool and dispassionate manner

Remove the causes of frictions

There will be peace and harmony everywhere.

49. Equal Vision

The sun has equal vision;

It shines on a cottage and palace.

A river has equal vision.

A saint and a sinner can drink its water.

A tree has equal vision;

It gives fruits for the planter

And the man who cuts it.

Learn lessons from these

And attain equal vision.

Equal vision is wisdom.

50. Ajaghar and Bee

Ajaghar is a huge mountain snake

It is endowed with two virtues.

It never moves about for getting its food.

It is satisfied with anything that comes to it by chance

It can bear heat and cold.

It has intense Titiksha.

The bee has got two virtues.

It does Paropakara, great selfless service.

It collects honey and gives it to others.

It has the spirit of renunciation.

Some Sannyasins practise Ajaghar Vritti.

They will not move about for food.

They take whatever food that comes to them.

O man! Learn lessons from Ajaghar and bee.

And practise the virtues of contentment,

Endurance, selfless-service and renunciation

51. Be Pure

What avails it?

To paint your forehead

To sit on deer skin

To keep beard

To hold Yoga Danda

To put on orange coloured robe

To deliver lectures

To keep Kamandalu in the hand

To eat one meal daily

Or to live on fruit and milk alone

If purity is not in your heart.

52. Siva's View of Life

Life is meant for Self-realisation

Life is a supreme blessing

Live to serve others

Live to give, forgive and love

Live to sacrifice, and renounce

Live to fight for the ideal

Live to know the Self

Live to comfort, elevate and inspire others

Live to wipe the tears of others

Live to serve the poor and the sick

Live to serve the country

Live to serve the saints and sages.

53. My Creed

God is my creed.

Cosmic love is my creed.

Selfless service is my creed.

Brotherhood is my creed.

Sacrifice is my creed.

Renunciation is my creed.

Fellowship is my creed.

Unity is my creed.

Equal vision is my creed.

Equanimity is my creed.

Worship of Truth is my creed.

54. Pseudo Sannyasi

A pseudo Sannyasi pollutes

The noble order of sannyasa

By donning the orange colour robe.

He is impudent, deceitful,

He is unrestrained,

He walks in disguise,

He is a counterfeit monk,

He is a babbler,

He defiles the way.

Beware, be cautious, friends!

55. Prayaschitta

Man does evil deeds.

He does Prayaschitta,

To nullify the effects of evil actions.

Again he performs wicked deeds.

Therefore his heart is not purified.

It is like the bath of an elephant.

Elephant takes bath in a river.

As soon as it comes to the shore,

It again throws mud on its body.

56. Corruption

The cause of corruption is ignorance and greed

Black-marketing is corruption

Taking bribes is corruption

Adulterating articles of food Corruption

Corruption is cancer or canker

It saps the vitality of society

It throws the victim in the dark abyss

It makes a man corpse while living

Corruption is degradation

Corruption is the worst form of immorality

A corrupt man has no Tejas in his face

He is the worst criminal.

The remedy for corruption

Is religious education, Satsang?

Practice of Yama and Yoga.

57. Atomic Energy

Atomic energy is destructive

In the hands of the wicked

Atomic energy is beneficial

In the hands of the good.

Atomic energy can bestow longevity.

Atomic energy can cure

Incurable diseases like cancer, T B etc.

Atomic energy can generate electricity.

Atomic energy is useful! in industry

Atomic energy is useful in agriculture.

58. Vedas, Puranas and Kavyas

Vedas are like the Master;

They command you to lead the Divine Life

They do not use argument or persuasion.

Puranas are like the good friend;—

They plead with you to do the Right,

Using various arguments and

Illustrating them with interesting stories.

Kavyas are like the devout wife;—

They capture your heart,

And lure you into the Life Divine.

Each one has its own place,

And is suited to a particular temperament.

59. The Fruits of Swadhyaya

Devout study of Srimad Bhagavata

Bestows Bhakti and Vairagya on you.

Intelligent study of Vishnu Purana

Qualifies you for enquiry into the nature of Truth.

Pious recital of Srimad Ramayana

Confers progeny and prosperity on you.

Faithful study of the Mahabharata

Destroys all your sins and makes you pure,

What cannot Swadhyaya do?

60. Voice of the Himalayas—I

Voice of the Himalayas

Is a Veda?

It is a Maha Kavya

It is a Purana.

It is an Itihasa.

It is six Darshanas

It destroys the 3 kinds of Tapas

Five kinds of afflictions

It destroys the disease of birth and death.

It is a Kalpataru

It is a Chintamani

It is a Kamadhenu.

It is the Rasa of Rasas.

61. Voice of the Himalayas—II

This book is a living thing

It contains

The wisdom of the sages

The comforting words of Rishis

The immortal music of the soul

The caressing touch of a Guru

The soul elevating message of a saint

The comforting words of God.

Study this immortal book

Practise the instructions

And attain Immortality.

62. Significance of Muruga's Vel, etc.

The Vel or spear represents one-pointed mind

It represents Jnana Sakti also.

It represents that Muruga is the Lord of the Universe.

The cock represents the dawning of wisdom-Sun.

Valli represents Iccha Sakti

Deivayanai represents Kriya Sakti.

Peacock represents egoism or pride.

Sura Padma represents Avidya

Tarakasura represents Moha,

Simha Mukhan represents greed

Ajamukha represents lust.

63. Six Heads of Lord Subrahmanya

They represent the five elements and Mula Prakriti,

They represent also the six virtues of the Lord

Jnana, Vairagya, Kirti, Aiswarya, Dharma and Sri.

They represent the six schools of philosophy

They represent the Four Vedas, Vedangas and Smritis

They represent the six Chakras,

They represent the five senses and the mind.

They represent Iccha Sakti, Kriya Sakti,

Jnana Sakti, Karta-Sakti, Akarta Sakti and Vyomasakti

They represent omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence

Infinity, Eternity, Immortality.

64. Rasa-Lila

The Vrittis of the mind—the Gopis

Joined the Supreme Soul, Lord Krishna

Lust, anger obstructed them

These are the Gopas.

Who stood in the way of Gopis.

This is the esoteric meaning of Rasa-Lila

65. Seven Chakras and Seven Screens

In some temples of South India

There are seven screens.

Behind the seventh screen there is the idol.

What does this signify?

There are seven Chakras in the body

Muladhara, Swadhishtana, Manipura,

Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna and Sahasrara.

Transcend these Chakras

And meet Lord Siva at the Sahasrara.

This is the Significance of 7 Screens.

66. Nada Is Sound

Nada is sound.

Om is Nada Brahman.

Veda is Nada Brahman.

Sound is vibration.

Name is inseparable from form.

The form may vanish,

But the name of sound remains.

Om is the first vibration of sound.

The world has come out of Nada or Om.

In Pralaya all sounds merge in OM.

Sound vibration is gross and subtle.

The quality of Akasa is sound.

Akasa is infinite.

So you can fill the ear with infinite sound.

67. Influence of Sound on Mind

The deer is entraped by sweet sound.

The cobra is enchanted by sweet music.

Rag-Punnaga Varali charms the cobra.

Nada entraps the mind.

The mind gets Laya in sweet Nada.

The mind is attracted by sweet Nada.

Therefore you can control the mind

Through the practice of Nada Yoga.

68. No Mukti Without Knowledge of Music

Music is Sabda Brahman

Music fills the mind with Sattva

Music generates harmony in the heart.

Music elevates, inspires and soothes.

Music brings solace, cheer and strength,

Music brings Bhava Samadhi.

Thyagaraja, Purandara Das, Mira and Tukaram

Have all realised God through music.

Music purifies the heart.

Cultivate taste for music.

Sing Lord's Bhajan and attain union with the Lord.

69. I Am Music

I elevate, inspire and vivify

I comfort, soothen and cheer up people

When they are afflicted

I comfort the lovely and the distressed

I am the most ancient of the arts

I am in the winds and the waves

I am in the nightingale

I am in the cinema stars and musicians

I am in the concert, orchestra and theatres

I am the medium for expressing emotion

I kindle love, and infuse hope

I have countless voices and instruments

I am in the hearts of all men and women

I am on their tongues

I am in the Sama Veda and Radio.

70. No Mukti without English Education

Sanskrit education is very essential

Then alone you can understand the depths

Of Gita, Upanishads and Brahma Sutras.

English translation will lose the force and beauty.

But mere orthodox Sanskrit education

Constricts the heart and makes one a fighting pundit

And narrow-minded.

He excludes the rest and separates.

He makes barriers and dividing walls

His knowledge remains within the four walls of a room.

English education alone can give Mukti

Expansion of heart and tolerance.

71. 2796 Languages

2796 Languages are spoken

In the whole world.

One thousand languages are spoken

By American Indians.

500 languages are spoken

By the tribes of Australia, New Guinea,

And the Papua Islands;

English is the mother-tongue

Of over 200 million people;

200 million speak English

As a second language;

German is spoken by 80 million people;

Swedish is spoken by 6 million people;

French is the mother-tongue of 60 million people;

Spanish is spoken by 100 millions;

Portugese by 60 millions;

Italian by 45 millions;

Russian by 171 million people,

Chinees by 450 millions;

Some suggest that Esperanto or I do

Must become the international language.

I suggest that Sanskrit

Should become the international language.

Chapter Fifteen


1. World

This world is an electro-magnetic force

It is a mass of vibrations

It is a shadow of Brahman

It is an overflow of the bliss of Brahman

It is an emanation of God

It is a manifestation of God

It is a reflection of God.

2. What Is Life?—I

Life is God in expression.

Life is joy.

Life is flooding of bliss of the Spirit.

Life is fight for fullness and perfection.

Life is a battle for attaining Atma Swarajya,

Or Supreme Independence.

3. What Is Life?—II

Life is a mystery.

Life is a battle.

Life is a pilgrimage to the shrine of God.

Life is a voyage to the other

Shore of Immortality.

Life is a song.

Life is a garden.

Life is a flower of which Love

Is the honey.

4. Abundant Life

Divine Life is abundant life.

Abundant life is rich inner spiritual life.

Life in the Eternal is abundant life.

This life is free from sorrow and pain.

It is full, perfect and independent.

It is full of wisdom and Eternal bliss.

It is all-pervading, changeless.

There is perfect Tushti and Pushti.

Here Tushti is eternal satisfaction.

One enjoys all divine Aiswaryas

Ever-lasting peace and perennial joy.

5. What Is Death?

Death is not extinction of personality,

Death is an aspect of life,

Death is the gateway to next life,

Death is separation of astral from the physical body,

Death is Maya's illusory phenomenon,

Death is dissolution of the elements,

Death stirs a man to search for immortality,

Death is the starting point of philosophy.

6. Death and Eternal Life

Mineness is death

Non-mineness is Eternal Life

I-ness is death

Non-I-ness is Eternal Life

Attachment is death

Non-attachment is Eternal life

Desire is Death

Desirelessness is Eternal Life.

7. What Is Matter?

Matter is spirit in manifestation.

Matter is spirit cognised through the senses.

Matter is power of the Lord.

Matter is dynamic aspect

Of the static Lord.

Mind is subtle matter.

Mind is more powerful than matter.

Matter is spirit in motion

8. Real Beauty

Beauty is not in silk dress

In ornaments, and diamond necklaces

In curly hair and shining skin

Possess divine virtues

Be humble, simple and noble

Be generous, be charitable and be self-controlled

Be selfless, desireless and egoless

Serve the poor, serve the sick; Love all

Attain Self-realisation.

Here is real beauty, beauty of beauties.

Atma is Infinite Beauty

Therefore become an Atma Jnani.

9. Real Culture

Real culture is Self-realisation.

Real culture is attainment of Perfection.

Real culture is to be in tune with the Infinite.

Real culture is Yogic union with the Lord.

Real culture is nobility, serenity, gentlemanliness.

Real culture is refinement of the mind.

Real culture is generosity, compassion, self-restraint.

Real culture is tolerance, courtesy and good behaviour.

Real culture is selflessness, egolessness and sweetness.

Real culture is unity, oneness, universal love.

Real culture is sacrifice, service and sublimation.

10. Signs of Culture

A cultured man is humble, gentle.

A cultured man is noble and honest.

A cultured man is pious and refined.

A cultured man is soft and sweet.

A cultured man is truthful and pure.

A cultured man is courteous and polite.

A cultured man is dispassionate and discriminative.

A cultured man prays and meditates.

A cultured man is wise and knows the Self.

A cultured man serves and sacrifices.

11. Real Civilisation

To be civil and modest is real civilisation.

To be refined in manners is real civilisation.

To be truthful and loving is real civilisation.

To be gentle, noble and simple is real civilisation.

To practise Japa, prayer and meditation is real civilisation.

To be self-restrained and serviceable is real civilisation.

To be pure, and contented is real civilisation:

To be humble and straightforward is. Real civilisation.

To be patient and tolerant is real civilisation.

To rest in one's own Anna is real civilisation.

12. Civilisation

To move in Rolls Royce is not real civilisation.

To have sky scrapers is not civilisation.

To have helicopters is not civilisation.

To have abundant wealth is not civilisation.

To have bungalows and Estates is not civilisation.

To have titles and honours is not civilisation.

To become a multimillionaire is not civilisation.

To be honest, humble, pious is civilisation.

To be saintly and compassionate is civilisation,

To be endowed with devotion and wisdom is civilisation.

To have the spirit of service and sacrifice is civilisation.

13. Real Sannyasa

Withdraw the mind from the objects

And rest in Brahman or the Eternal

It is real Sannyasa.

Give up names and forms

And merge in the nameless Absolute

This is real Sannyasa.

Rise above the mind and the senses,

And realise supra-mental experience

This is real Sannyasa.

14. Who Is a Gentleman?—I

He who is gentle and noble

Is a gentleman

He who is courteous and polite

Is a gentleman

He who is sincere and straightforward

Is a gentleman

He who is self-controlled and truthful

Is a gentleman

He who is devoted and disciplined

Is a gentleman

He who is pious and pure

Is a gentleman

He who has equal vision and a balanced mind

Is a gentleman

He who has inner Atmic life

Is a gentleman

A real Arya is a gentleman

Glory to such a gentleman

15. Who Is a Gentleman?—II

He who is courteous and polite

He who is self-sacrificing and self-restrained

He who is truthful, loving and kind

Is a gentleman.

He who is gentle, moderate and pure

He who is free from harshness and rudeness

He who speaks sweetly and acts righteously

Is a perfect gentleman

16. Who Is a Brahmin?

He who has controlled his mind

Is a Brahmin.

He who is merciful and humble

Is a Brahmin.

He who has equal vision and balanced mind

Is a Brahmin.

He who is pure, courageous and truthful

Is a Brahmin.

He who is discriminative, and dispassionate

Is a Brahmin.

He who is serene and self-restrained

Is a Brahmin.

He who is desireless, egoless, and angerlessIs

Is a Brahmin.

He who rests in the Eternal

Is a Brahmin.

17. What Is Sin?

Sin is a mistake.

Sin is ignorance.

Duality is sin.

Egoism is the greatest sin.

Dehadhyasa is sin.

"I am body"—This is sin.

"I do not know Atma"—This is sin.

To forget the Atma is sin.

To identify with body is sin.

To hate another is sin.

To say "I am doer, enjoyer" is sin.

"This is mine. She is my wife" This is sin.

18. Silence

God or Brahman is supreme Silence

Soul is Silence

Peace is Silence

Atma is Silence

Silence is the language of Brahman

Silence is the language of the heart.

Silence is the language of the Sage.

Silence is immense strength

Silence is great eloquence

Enter the Silence

And rest peacefully forever.

19. Moksha

Moksha is freedom from births and deaths

Moksha is freedom from limitations and imperfections

Moksha is freedom from the trammels of flesh and mind

Moksha is freedom from the bondage of Karma

Moksha is freedom from three Tapas and five afflictions

Moksha is freedom from ignorance.

20. Time

Time is Kala

Time digests everything

Time is God

Time is Lord Yama

Time is Purusha

Time is a mode of mind

Timeless is Eternal Brahman

Rest in the Timeless.

I bow to the Time and Timeless.

21. Eye

Eye is the window of the Soul,

It is born of fire Tattwa,

It is the index of the mind,

It is intelligence-metre,

It catches colour vibrations,

It transmits the vibrations to the mind,

For conversion into concepts,

It is the gateway for sensual knowledge,

It gives beauty to man.

It is an organ of perception,

All colours are centered in the eye,

The presiding deity is Lord Surya,

The centre for the eye is in the brain,

The real eye is the eye of wisdom.

Chapter Sixteen


1. Woman-I

Woman is Devi or Sakti

She is Goddess of the house

She is manifestation of Durga

She is creative force

She is the partner of man

She has a mother's heart

She makes a happy home

She is gentle, graceful, soft and sweet

Without her a house is a void

She comforts the husband

World's destiny is in her hands

Glory to woman who is Sakti.

2. Woman—II

Woman is not born

Of the rib of man.

Woman is not born

Of the head of man,

To rule him.

Woman is not born

Of the feet of man

To be crushed by him.

Woman is born

Of the heart of man

To be his life-partner.

To comfort and console him

To help him in his spiritual pursuit.

3. Who Is a woman?

Woman is Griha Lakshmi

She is a mysterious mixture

Of softness, gentleness and gracefulness

She is a compound of service, patience, and love

She is a combination

Of more fat, more polish and less hair

More heart, more emotion and more tears

More rotundity, more curves, more glittering

She is Maya's tempting charm and magic

She comforts and cheers up

Her husband, children and guests

Even Brahma, the creator

Failed to describe her fully

She is some mysterious something

That gives charm to this world

She is Durga, Kali, and Parvati

Without her this world is a void

Nothing appears as a great thing.

4. Man and Woman

Man wants woman

Woman wants man.

Man is attracted by the beauty of a woman

Woman is attracted by the strength of a man.

Man wants woman for his service.

Woman is an embodiment of service.

Woman wants man for her protection

Man finds delight in the company of a woman.

Woman finds joy in the company of a man

Man and woman is a mental creation

Sex is illusory

Sexless Brahman alone is real.

5. Women

Women are more envious than men.

Women are more devotional than men.

Women are more graceful than men.

Women are more gentle than men.

Women are more patient than men.

Women are more beautiful than men.

Women are more soft than men.

Women are more emotional than men.

Women are more talkative than man.

6. Woman vs Man

Woman eats twice as much as man.

Woman has shyness four times as much as man.

Woman has (Sahas) courage six times as much as man.

Woman is eight times more lustful than man.

Sahas is courage, cunningness,

Tears, obstinacy combined.


7. Tele-Woman

There are three means

For broadcasting messages

One is Telegraph

The second is Telephone

The third is Tele-woman

Women also transmit messages quickly

Like telegraph and Telephone

You need not spend any money

This is their nature.

Live in the messageless realm

Where there is neither sound nor ether

And enjoy the bliss of the Eternal.

Chapter Seventeen


1. God

G means Governor

O means over

D means death.

God means Governor Over Death.

2. Think Well Before You Act

The doctor said;

"Shake the bottle before use."

The attendant shook the patient several times,

The feeble patient died immediately.

Always be on the alert.

Hear the instructions with rapt attention

Think well before you act.

3. Learn Any Science Perfectly

The father physician said to his son,

"I am going out for a week

Carefully treat the patients"

A case of earache came,

The son referred to his books

The prescription was

Bore the ear with hot iron,

The son at once bored the ear with hot iron,

The patient had tremendous suffering

And died of shock,

The prescription was intended for treating horses.

4. A Little Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing

The Ayurvedic teacher said,

Bhedikki Eduthatu Valam

Bhedi means Cholera

It means also motions.

Valam means croton,

The teacher meant

Croton is very useful in constipation

To induce good motions.

The student administered it in cholera

The patient died at once.

Na Cheti Matra Vaikuntha Yatra

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

5. The Unfailing Remedy

Patient: Sir, tell me a cure for grey hair.

Sivananda: Daily shaving.

Patient: Sir, please send me a remedy for


Sivananda: Send the defective eye to me.

I will return same after treatment.

6. Monkey and Man

Half a dozen monkeys sat on a mango tree

And discussed certain things.

One monkey said, "Now listen to me,

People say that man descended from us.

This is not at all true.

The very idea is a disgrace for us.

No monkey ever divorced his wife.

No monkey ever starved his children.

No monkey ever abandoned his children.

No monkey smokes, gambles, drinks and dances in a club

No monkey suffers from syphilis and takes 606 injection

No monkey marries a fourth wife at 80.

No monkey takes another monkey's life

With a gun or knife or atom bomb

Be quite sure that he did not descend from us

Believe me friends

Darwin is incorrect in his statement.

7. 840

He who takes bribe is a 420

He who is unfaithful to his wife is a 420

He who tells one thing and does another thing is. a 420

He who plays double dealing is a 420.

He who cheats his Guru is a great 840

A black marketeer is also a great 840

He who poses for a Samadhist or a

Jivanmukta is a very 840

He surely deserves 8 years R.I.

420 is a simple cheat.

840 is a cheat square or double cheat.

8. Double Personality

One Chela wept

And showed his devotion to me

He took money from me

He has never returned same

This is case of 840.

There is always a double personality in man

He is sincere and also in-sincere

One Chela put on extremely

The appearance of a very sincere person

He is also a great 840

He cheated, swindled me

It is very difficult to judge the nature of a man.

Mind is very very complex.

9. God-An Embodiment of Intelligence

Some rats go inside a trap

Eat everything nicely and come back

They are very intelligent.

Monkey Rajagopal removes the spectacles

In the twinkling of an eye,

And returns it if a little bread is given.

Hardwar Monkeys take away the shoes

And return them if gram is given to them.

The bugs suck blood very intelligently

The mosquitoes also do the same.

They inject malarial poison like a dexterous surgeon.

The Post Master steals money in the post office

In a very intelligent way.

Even if there are watchmen.

He who gives light to the intellect

Is God or Brahman.

He is an embodiment of intelligence.

Annihilate the perverted intellect

Know Him and be free.

10. Stomach—A Post Office Letter-box

For many persons stomach

Is like a Post-Office letter-box.

The letter-box is filled with

Postcards, letters, packets, etc.

Even so people do not observe Mitahara.

Moderation in diet

There is no regular time for eating,

They eat anything at any time

They fill the stomach up to the neck.

There is no rest for the stomach.

They get various sorts of diseases.

Diet regulation is of paramount importance.

Then alone meditation is possible,

Good health can be maintained.

11. Aspirations for Beard

In olden days beard was a mark of saintliness

It was an ornament to the Rishis and saints


Some keep beard to save barber's bills.

Some think they will have a good personality

By keeping a beard.

This is a lamentable mistake.

Some keep beard to command respect

As saintly persons

This is a thorough failure

People take them for criminals.

Criminals keep beard

Lest they should be detected by police.

Bearded persons waste their time

In twisting moustache

And dragging the beard.

Beard is a dirty affair.

It is a repository for dirt and lice

12. Gall-Nux Vomica Heart

He or she has a beautiful face,

He or she has a sweet voice,

But he or she has a gall-nuxvomica heart.

There is sharp razor in their hearts.

Let no such man be trusted.

Let no such woman be trusted.

Beware! Beware!! Beware!!!

13. Smile and Smile

Smile a while

And as you smile

Another smile

And soon there are miles

And miles of smile

And life is worthwhile

Because you smile

And you will make others cheerful

Smile is a healthy tonic

Smile is more infectious than typhoid.

Chapter Eighteen


1. Story of Two Disciples-I

A Teacher said to his disciples,

"Here are two pigeons,

Take one each and kill it

In a place where nobody sees you."

One took it to a forest

And killed it in a place where there was none to see him.

The other was wise enough

He saw the pigeon seeing him through its eyes

He returned back to the teacher with the pigeon.

He felt that Aham is always there

To witness the act.

He said to the teacher,

"I cannot find a place where anybody does not see me.

The silent witness is everywhere present.

I felt the law’s presence everywhere.

2. The story of Two Disciples—II

A teacher said to his disciples

"Here are two plantain fruits.

Take one each and eat it,

In a place where nobody sees you."

One took it, closed the room

And ate it.

The other was wise enough

He felt the omnipresence of God

He returned to the teacher with the fruit.

3. Raja Janaka and Pundits

Some Pundits criticised Raja Janaka.

"Raja Janaka is a worldly man

How can he be a Jnani or a sage?"

Raja Janaka wanted to teach them a lesson

He called all Pundits

And gave them a very good feast

Many tasty preparations were served

All the Pundits were rejoicing.

They saw a sword hanging above their heads

The sword was tied by means of a hair.

They all trembled

They all mixed everything and ate hurriedly.

They came to the Durbar

Raja Janaka asked

"O Pundits, what all things you ate today?"

Were they all nice according to your taste?

The Pundits replied,

"Our minds were on hair only

We do not know anything

We did not relish anything"

Janaka said,

"O Pundits! Similar is the state of my mind

My mind is fixed on Brahman alone

I do not know anything of this world."

The Pundits put down their heads in shame

They now realised the state of a Jivanmukta.

4. Compare Ramayana and Bharatam

A teacher asked the students

"Compare Ramayana and Bharatam"

One student said,

"There are 4 brothers in Ramayana,

There are 5 brothers in Bharatam"

Another said,

"Each brother had a wife in Ramayana,

The five Pandavas had one wife Draupadi."

A third said,

"Book Ramayana has a black cover

Bharatam has a blue cover."

A fourth said,

"Sri Rama lived in the forest for 12 years

The Pandavas lived in seclusion for 13 years."

A fifth said,

"Ravana was destroyed through SthreeIshana (desire for woman),

Duryodhana was destroyed through Land Ishana. (desire for land)"

The teacher praised the fifth student

And gave him a gold medal.

Annihilate the Ishanas three

And attain Bliss Eternal

This is the essential teaching of all scriptures.

5. A Poor Man and Kubera

A poor man went to a forest,

And met a Rishi.

The Rishi gave the poor man Kubera Mantra,

For attaining wealth.

The poor man repeated the Mantra.

Kubera appeared before the poor man,

And said "Ask me any boon"

The poor man said,

"Give me four seers of bran for my cow"

The poor man ought to have asked

"Give me Moksha, give me great wealth."

Even so some devotees who meditate

Ask God to give petty things of the world.

O man! Ask God to give you devotion,

Wisdom, Light and Moksha.

Care not for trivial mundane things.

6. A King and the Court Pundit

A king said to his Court Pundit

"Bring a man who is blissful here and there also.

Bring another man who is miserable here and there also.

Bring a third man who is happy here and miserable there

Bring a fourth man who is miserable here and happy there."

The Pundit was in a great dilemma,

His intelligent daughter helped him

"Take this sage before the king

He is happy here and there also.

Take this beggar before him

He is miserable here and miserable after his death also.

Take this wicked rich man before him

He is happy here but miserable in hell after his death.

Take this ascetic before him

Who has emaciated his body?

He is miserable here but happy there in heaven"

The Pundit gained strength now

He took the four people before the king

The king was quite satisfied now.

Chapter Nineteen


1. How to Attain Health and Long Life

Be pure

Be kind

Be truthful

Be dispassionate

Be contented

Cultivate cosmic love

Sing Lord’s Names



You will have wonderful health.

2. How to Attain Longevity?

Purity external and internal

Brahmacharya or celibacy

Timely and wholesome food

Prayer, Japa, meditation

Practice of Sirshasan, Sarvangasan

And Pranayama (Kumbhak)

Cheerfulness and freedom from worry

Are conducive for longevity.

3. How to Be Young at 100?

Mouth hygiene is important

Rinse the mouth after food with warm salt water

Never use tooth-brush and tooth-sticks

Use finger

Take daily cold bath in the morning

Bask in the sunshine

Run in the open air.

Take a brisk, morning and evening walk

Take a balanced diet

Do not overload the stomach

Take fruits and vegetables in abundance

Eat when you are hungry

Practice Asans and Pranayama.

Flush the kidneys with barley water.

Practice Brahmacharya

Abandon worry

Do Japa, Kirtan and meditation.

An old young man will become a young old man.

You will become a centenarian.

4. Cause of Diseases

Disease starts in the mind

It is Adhi

When it manifests in the body

It is Vyadhi

Selfishness, anger, hatred, jealousy

Are the real causes of diseases?

Destroy them to the root

Through Vichara, Japa, meditation and love

You will have wonderful health.

5. Mental Health

Mental health is more important

Than physical health.

All diseases take their origin

In the mind (AdhiVyadhi).

Selfishness, greed, lust,

Anger, hatred, jealousy

Fear, worry, pride

Destroy mental health.

They destroy bodily tissues also.

Any negative thought is destructive.

Entertain sublime divine thoughts.

Hold always positive thoughts.

Be courageous, be cheerful

Be kind, be tolerant

Pray, sing, meditate on the Lord.

Do Japa, Pranayama and Asanas.

You will have wonderful

Physical and mental health.

You will have always

A calm and poised mind.

6. Don’ts in Eating

Eat not when you are not hungry.

Eat not when the mind is excited.

Eat not without mastication.

Work not when the stomach is loaded.

Eat not fried foods.

Eat not devitalising foods.

Eat not incompatible foods.

Eat not immoderately.

Thank You